Scenes from the Suburbs (2011) Movie Script

When I think back about that summer,
I don't think much about the army.
There was always
some sort of conflict going on.
Towns would attack each other
if a golf course was built
too close to a border,
or if a shopping centre
gave off too much light pollution.
So now, what I really try and think about
are my friends from back then.
It was the summer Winter cut his hair.
I wish I could remember every little moment.
But I can't.
Why do I only remember
the moments that I do?
I wonder what happened
to the other moments.
I wonder what happened to Winter.
- What are you kids up to?
- Nothing. Just a little up dog.
- What's up dog?
- Nothing much. You?
You're under arrest.
Take it easy.
Did you see that freak with the trench coat?
What's wrong with having one?
I have a trench coat.
What's wrong with owning a trench coat?
Serial killers and Columbine people
wear trench coats.
Or people that just like to masturbate
in public every now and then.
True. You don't want to date someone
who masturbates in public.
- So you don't masturbate in public?
- Never. That is a sin.
OK, that's a lie.
Ready? One, two,
two and a half...
Yeah. You're my bitch now.
You like that, boy?
Jesus! When did you get so strong?
I do yoga. Yoga, man.
Corpse pose, downward dog,
you know what I'm saying?
I'm thoroughly impressed.
You guys are in love with each other.
Yeah, that's kind of true.
How do I know
when, like, it's OK to kiss a girl?
When the time is right?
Well, you could just get totally hammered
and fall into her face like this one did.
- No, don't do that.
- No way.
- What was the situation?
- We were at a party.
- Was she staring at you?
- Yeah.
We're just sitting there
and she was right next to me.
- Was she drunk?
- I don't think so.
She didn't act like it.
We were all at a party, so who knows.
That's obviously a big factor,
cos if she was sober
it's much different than if she was fucked up.
No, but, like, how do I go about just...
Delivering the cock to her?
Yeah, delivering the cock to her.
I think there's a missing link
somewhere in there.
So, when the situation comes
and you, like, think it's gonna be cool,
you lean in 60% of the way, right?
And then you let her go 40.
So then it's, like, consensual.
And you're not, like, forcing it on her.
All right?
I learned that from Hitch.
You watched Hitch?
- He loves Will Smith.
- Yeah, he's a good actor.
Yeah. Oh, man, what a loser.
I'm a loser?
What the fuck is on your head?
What are you talking about?
Did you, like, actually pay money for that?
Fuck you guys, this hat's awesome.
God damn!
I'm just trying out a new look.
Nice ass!
When did his brother get back?
I don't know.
I didn't know he got out.
He wants you to move schools now?
He can't just make you go to Westlake.
It's just that he thinks
that I need more discipline and focus.
Why don't you just talk to him about it?
I can't talk to him.
It's like...
It's like he's not even human any more.
He's really weird,
but he's definitely a human.
What he's trying to say
is your brother's a dick.
- Shut up, Paulo.
- Fuck you, man.
I'm just saying he treats you
like you're his little bitch.
Shut the fuck up, Paulo.
We're coming up to the border.
You guys have your IDs?
Here you go, man.
Let's see some identification.
Sorry. Borders are closed
to all Crossvine residents today.
Oakridge residents only.
Go ahead and pop the trunk for me.
So what brings y'all to Oakridge today?
We're going to visit y'all's mall.
- Visit our mall?
- Yes.
- Anything in the car I need to know about?
- No, sir.
- No weapons, drugs, paraphernalia?
- No, sir.
- Is he lying to me?
- No, sir.
All right, turn your car around
and get out of here.
Kyle... you like humanity?
Yeah. Yes, sir.
Well, we're all humans and...
I like humans, so...
Can I be excused, please?
I need to go to the restroom.
Thank you.
What did you do today?
Not much. Just...
- You know...
- I'm right here.
I just hung out with Kyle and...
That's pretty much it.
Winter, I gotta say...
I'm worried about you.
- Bye, kids!
- Bye, Mrs. Mo Capaldi.
- Nuggets on the house, y'all!
- Right on.
Eat up.
That's a sexy outfit you've got on.
Thanks, Zeke.
You don't look so bad yourself.
Winter, get some nuggets
before they're all gone.
Dude, those things are disgusting.
- Hey, you missed a spot.
- Where?
- Where? Right here?
- No.
You came out nice and clean.
There's this one guy, Amir Love.
And his dad was a doctor, Dr. Love.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, sir.
- And guess what his dad did.
- What?
He was a vagina doctor.
My doctor is Asian.
- How long is a Chinaman?
- How long is...
How Long is a Chinaman.
No, his name's How Long.
He's a Chinaman.
I heard Asians sleep
on really hard mattresses.
You guys hear what Sander said, right?
His parents,
from when he was born
till he was, like, three or four,
had this big round bed, and it spun,
and they would leave it on all the time.
And so all the time, when he'd, like,
he'd go into his parents' room, like...
And people would come over
and just make that noise.
And that's how Sander was made.
What was that noise again?
I have something I need to tell you.
You're all characters
in a dream that I'm having.
I'm gonna wake up
and I'm gonna go back to my world.
But I don't know
what's gonna happen to you guys.
No more weed for Winter.
That was a weird dream.
Do not move!
- Stay on the fence.
- Do not move! Let me see those hands!
Let me see those hands!
Open your mouth!
Open your fucking mouth!
Open your mouth wider.
All right, get the next kid.
Turn him around.
- All right.
- Open your mouth!
Your turn, pretty boy! Open your mouth!
Let's see in there. Nice and wide! Open up.
- All right, turn back around.
- Turn around, pretty boy.
What's your name?
What's your name, Mr. Haircut? Come on!
What's your name?
I asked what your name was?
What is your name?
Your little boyfriend's crying for you!
Tell me your name!
Tell him your fuckin' name!
I asked you a question!
What is your name?
His name is Winter Miller.
Winter Miller, huh?
That's a pretty name for a pretty boy.
Thanks a lot, little friend.
- Everyone, move out!
- Come on. Let's go.
Go on, move.
Hey, is Winter home?
No, he's not home.
Well, do you know where he is?
All righty, then. See you later.
- Hey.
- Hey, man, what's up?
What's going on?
I just knocked on the door
and Terrance answered.
- Did he seem pissed?
- He seemed pretty normal.
What you watching?
I don't know.
What have you been up to?
I've tried calling you. Where you been?
Just been taking some time off
by myself down here.
- That sucks.
- No, actually it's been really good.
We've been really worried about you.
I don't need your fuckin' pity.
I appreciate it,
but you both have enough
of your own problems to deal with, OK?
Whatever our town was fighting about,
the feeling of fear and waiting...
it all seems so distant now.
I guess those aren't the pieces you remember.
Now I close my eyes
and try and go back there.
I've seen Winter around some
over the years and he's only gotten weirder.
Sometimes what he's become
changes how I remember him.
Sometimes it doesn't.