Schapelle (2014) Movie Script

Worst possible conditions.
So far the air crane
is not being used
but it remains on standby.
The total cost of bringing
the air crane to South Australia
has been put at over
a quarter of a million dollars.
You said to remind you
you've got heaps to do.
I'm just going to go
for a few more.
I'll see you at Mum's tonight.
This time tomorrow... Bali!
Hey, don't drink it all.
The last sip gets a wish.
Well you know what my wish is.
Take more than bloody prostate
cancer to knock me off my perch.
Katrina? It's Pel.
I'm going to be a bit later,
much later, picking you up.
I'll call you when I get to
your place, OK? Yes,
of course I'm pissed off.
You got that much right.
Dad, could you not? Right.
Just got to fix the ripped
plastic on your boogie board bag.
Dad. Yeah, and I'll
cut down on the brewskis.
I'm meeting the girls
at Mum's soon.
No, no. Meet them at the airport
first thing.
I can't. Yes, you can.
First thing when you get home,
you sign back
up at that beauty school.
And you finish your course.
You don't worry about me.
I can get to the doctors
and all the rest of it, right?
Yeah, I said I will. I mean it.
Take care of yourself.
She's supposed to be here by now.
I had to glue her boogie board
plastic. What's it matter?
Don't get cranky with me.
I'm just worried she might have
broken down.
Well if she did she'd cope.
She's not a kid.
Bloody ex-husbands.
Don't rack up too many of them.
I'll try not to. Good to the kids.
That's the main thing in a man.
It's close. Half an hour.
It's on its way.
Oh, 30? Jeez.
Yeah, she should
have called her 29.
20's going to be OK, but 30?
That's the hotel.
Oh, bags that deckchair.
Show me.
Mm. Very nice. Look at the beach!
I hope the plane doesn't crash.
Stop saying that!
Sorry. So you got your Lomatil
and your gastrolytes and all that?
Yeah, and my hankie
and my lunch money and...
You're not too big for a smack.
Go check on your brother.
Make sure he's set his alarm.
Up at four, girls.
Oh, thanks heaps, Schapelle.
Yeah, really.
Give me a break, guys.
They were the only tickets
I could get.
James? Have you set your alarm?
Mum's only told me like 28 times.
OK, 4am.
That's what time I go to bed.
We're going
to have a good time, OK.
You'll need to carry
this to oversize
once we're done here.
Yeah. And you'll transfer
in Sydney
to the international airport
but your
baggage is checked through to Bali
on the Australian Airlines flight.
Alright. Here are your boarding
passes. Enjoy your flight.
Thank you.
Come on. You're not getting
on that plane till I get ya.
Big smile, Katrina, otherwise
I'll fire you from the fish shop.
Oi! Thanks for the extra beers,
Bitch. As if we've had too many.
Welcome to Bali.
Could you put your bag up here?
Is that yours?
Is that yours?
No, no, that's mine.
Please. Put it up.
Can you tell me your name, please?
Schapelle Corby.
Can you open it, please?
Can you open this one, please?
Where's Pel?
Why not?
Because there's something...
Do you know what it is
in that bag?
Can we inspect, please?
This bag is yours?
This board is yours?
This is also yours?
Is this yours?
This isn't mine.
Do you understand?
It's not mine.
I'll check.
Could you not?
Sample for testing.
Do you know what this is?
I can smell it,
but I've never seen it before.
You should find out whose it is.
Maybe someone out there...
Narcotic. Positive narcotic.
Do you have a permit from
to import marijuana
into Indonesia?
What? Sorry, what?
Do you have a permit from
to import marijuana into
I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know,
I don't know, I don't know.
She doesn't know. I don't know.
You sign this, please,
to say it is your bag.
We can't read Indonesian, OK.
You should fingerprint this bag of
whatever it is.
Breathe out.
Is this Mercedes?
Yes, it is, who's this?
It's Katrina, Schapelle's friend.
Where are you guys?
They've got Schapelle and
they're saying that she's got drugs
in her bag. What?
And it's real and they've got her
and she's terrified.
Say it again?
I don't...
I don't know what to do.
Corby. Schapelle Corby.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
4.2 kilos of narcotics.
She had it in her bag.
No, it's not hers.
It's not hers.
She doesn't take drugs.
She doesn't have anything to do
with drugs. It's not hers.
My bag wasn't locked.
Anyone could have put it in there.
Somebody else's. Not hers.
They've come here for my birthday.
A holiday, OK?
It's not hers.
Don't sign anything, Pel.
No, I'm not. I keep telling them.
Excuse me!
Close that.
Stop them!
Stop them taking photos!
Get them away.
Get them away from her.
Spread your legs.
Hello? Merc? I can't understand
what you're saying.
For God sake, Mercedes.
It must be bad news,
just tell me what it is.
Jesus. Jesus fucking wept.
Like, where does
it even come from?
I never.
Never even seen it before. Fuck!
They need to fingerprint the bag.
Fingerprint the bag of marijuana,
Oh, please just go home, Mick.
I can't tell you anymore.
What are you even doing here?
I've got
to be bloody somewhere, haven't I?
So, Merc's getting Pel a lawyer.
Yes. Yes.
Someone planted that bloody stuff
on her.
That's how the system works.
First up, we've got
to play it their way.
First up?
My little girl cannot stay in
a jail. Not for another night.
Look, it's all about money
in that bloody country.
Someone will be on the take.
I can find out...
Who that is... Sshh.
That'll be them, that'll be them.
Where's my bloody phone? That's
the newspapers you hang up on them.
The last thing she
needs is a media circus.
The last thing I need
is your advice.
Rosleigh Rose speaking, hello?
Hi, Mrs Rose. Jess Thompson here.
I'm from A Current Affair.
Can I...
So I open the bag and got
the shock of my life.
It was not your brother's? No.
Not anyone else that you know?
No. No. No.
I don't know how it got there.
Someone else put it in there.
We have to find out who.
Oh. I told you that if your sister
is innocent I will do all I can to
help her. Yeah, you did.
Thank you, Lily.
One thing, Schapelle.
When did you last see
inside your boogie board bag?
At Mum's, the morning we left.
We showered at 4am
and met in the garage
and my friend Ally gave me back
some flippers that she'd borrowed
and I opened my bag and I threw
them in and everyone saw inside.
So I'll get out Monday, right?
Once you show them that it
was all just a big mistake.
It's not that simple.
So what happens if you can't
prove that it wasn't mine?
It is the death penalty,
You must come out.
The only thing I did wrong
is not lock my bag.
Is the marijuana from Australia?
Has she admitted to the crime?
What it's it feel like, Schapelle?
She is innocent. We are hoping to
hear from the airport in Australia
soon so that she may be released.
Has she been set up?
Yes, she has been set up.
Do you think someone could be that
stupid, that crazy to do this?
Schapelle, is there anything you'd
like to say to the Australian public?
Help me.
Help me.
And tell my
Mum and Dad that I love them.
What we do know
is that a 27-year-old
beauty student
from the Gold Coast faces
the death
penalty after Balinese officials
opened Schapelle Corby's bag and
found 4.2 kilograms of marijuana
leaf inside a large plastic bag.
Has Gold Coast Mick got a girl?
How would I bloody know?
Schapelle Corby is being accused
of importing the largest ever
of marijuana by a foreigner
into Bali.
Is she related to Mick?
Well, his daughter's got some
bullshit made-up name like that.
Can I just ask about
this girl in Bali matter?
My office is being
pressured by her lawyers.
Do you have any information?
Is she innocent?
Could she have been set up?
Minister Downer, we're tracing
any networks she had abroad.
The Indonesians are
compiling any intel on
intercountry narcotic distribution
she could have been engaged in.
It's a good test of our
new understanding with
the Indonesian police.
So back to my question.
I would urge extreme caution in
providing public
statements of support.
From what I've seen to date,
in all probability, guilty.
So first we will need CCTV footage
and X-rays from Brisbane
and Sydney. Vasu.
I'm sorry, who... who is this?
Sorry, traffic.
This is Vasu, my business partner.
He's going to be your case
coordinator. Pleased to meet you.
We call him Mr Fix-it.
Mr Fix-it. Continue, please.
But the baggage weight will
prove that I didn't do it.
And the fingerprints.
I mean, her fingerprints
aren't going to be on the bag.
No. But the drugs
were in your bag.
That, pure and simple, is enough
for the prosecution to establish
a case against you.
The director of narcotics just
told Indonesian journalists that
you last visited Bali
earlier this year.
Well, that's bullshit.
And it's on her passport.
The last time that she
visited Bali was four years ago.
Shouldn't she get
a blood and urine test?
We can wait a few more days.
Because he doesn't believe me.
No, no, no, no.
Tonight on A Current Affair...
I don't think there's anybody
who thinks she's innocent.
Certainly none of the Indonesian
or prosecutors or detectives.
Well, she's keeping...
Oh, no. She's a good, strong girl.
What are you doing?
They don't care about Schapelle.
The government is doing
bloody nothing.
This lot's flying me
up there to get her home.
They're just using you for the
ratings or whatever it is they do.
Oh, my God. No. No.
Oh, my God.
Either we don't have footage from
Bali customs the day you arrived or
we don't have cameras here.
No cameras? I thought
they would see that, see me
lifting up the board, happy.
You have to have cameras.
Qantas has given us your baggage
weights. That'll prove everything.
It was for 68kg in total.
In total?
You checked in as a group,
Oh. Shouldn't they be
weighing stuff separately?
There's no legal requirement.
Great, so you've got no good news.
Can I use your phone, please?
She's been framed.
And when were you last in Bali?
I was over there last
month ago, actually.
I'm having cancer treatment
and wasn't feeling too bad,
so I thought best go when I could,
to see my eldest daughter early for
her birthday.
So does she live there?
No, she bloody does not.
When was the last... Did you see
her on the morning of the trip?
Dad, it's me.
I'm just wondering
what the oncologist said.
Never mind me. Got to get you home.
Merc's doing that.
Don't worry, you just...
Don't stress, OK?
Dad, you've got to say something
otherwise I'll think you're not there.
Um... you know that
big Russian book I was reading?
I finished it the day you...
In one bit this old bloke
looks at all his kids and realises
they've all got bits of him,
bits of his characteristics.
One of them had resilience.
I'll look it up.
Or get two for the price of one. That's
right - two phones for the price of one.
Only at Mad Ron's.
I declare this ad
officially launched.
Cheers! Cheers.
Thanks for the ad guys
and for you guys
from the stores for being here.
Here's to selling
more phones and enjoy!
Thank you.
Hey, why don't you
do the next one while
you're on fire, huh?
Because your phones are so hot.
Yeah, right.
Schapelle, the customs
officer believes you're lying.
- They didn't even ask me to unzip it.
- Hey, Ron, there's that chick.
I've opened it and gone and
seen it and thought, "Oh, my God,
"I'm in trouble." Inside the bag
was marijuana with an estimated
street value of over $80,000.
Do you think she's innocent?
Poor girl if she is.
Never defended a criminal
who isn't.
She's never been
in trouble before.
She's a lovely girl.
Back to the coalface, hey.
Alright, mate. See you guys.
She had her bag unlocked,
with her name on it. Bye.
Indonesian police have confirmed
that Queenslander Schapelle Corby
could face the death penalty
in her Bali drug smuggling case.
Your husband
doesn't own a surf shop?
I said it all in the press
conference yesterday.
No! He doesn't.
And he never has
and neither have I.
And we don't live in Bali,
we're just here for a few months.
Please, please.
How often does she come to Bali?
Mum, my God.
Are you looking forward to
seeing Schapelle? Yes, I am.
Have you spoken to Schapelle?
Yes, of course I have.
What have you brought her?
What was your reaction when
you heard the news?
Are you hoping to take her home?
Come on, mum.
Yes. She'll be coming home soon.
Please. Move away.
Excuse me, get out of my face.
Get out of my face.
Oh, my little girl.
Oh, Mum.
Oh, my God. This is...
This is...
Oh, God.
I'm not going to cry, alright?
I want to but I'm not going to.
You won't stay here.
Merc's pushing
to get you into the proper jail.
Jeez, that didn't sound too good,
did it?
He probably thinks we're mad.
Is dad...
He's still on his injections.
He's good, he's good.
I'm so sorry.
Whoever done this to you,
they're going to pay, big time.
Thanks for being here.
Sort of like going
on summer camp, right?
Oh, thanks. Mattress, at last.
You want to give
aunty Pel the picture?
Oh, thanks.
I'll put it up in my office
It looks like the same time.
I'll see you tomorrow, OK?
I'll bring you some notebooks.
- Say "bye Aunty Pel."
- Bye, Aunty Pel.
Love you. Love you, Pel.
Love you, Pel.
I love you.
We are still searching for
to just get us over the line,
a reasonable defence so that if we
have to
appeal her sentence down
the track we can...
What sentence?
Oh. Mum.
She'll be home for my birthday.
Unfortunately they've appointed
Ida Bagus Wiswantanu
as the chief prosecutor.
He's handled about
200 narcotics cases and claims
that in 90% of those cases
he's obtained
the sentence he was after.
And the judge is the one who
sentenced the Bali bomber to death.
I mean, I'm just saying Mum...
Alright, Mercedes.
We need to give the judges
a door to walk through. Alright,
what about the fingerprints?
Why don't fingerprint inside
the bag that the drugs were in?
We will keep trying
but the police will say it isn't
crucial and the prosecutors
will say have evidence
without fingerprints.
She said the boogie
board bag was hers
and the drugs were inside the bag.
The other way is if
she pleads guilty
and gives them names.
How can she? Hmm?
What names?
What names could she possibly give?
She can't just make up names.
Schapelle, come here.
You want to know what
everyone is thinking?
That you're really
covering up for your dad,
your old man.
What? All fellas are bastards.
Schapelle's trial starts in under
two weeks and we have a board
full of calls. Yes, Roger.
The brother-in-law
owns a surf shop.
Why bring your own boogie board
when her brother could have loaned
her one? Your thoughts, Samantha?
I mean, who ever heard
of taking dope to Bali?
They've got all they need
up there.
See, that's a good point.
Why would anyone take drugs to
I think I'm going to have a nice
and a glass of
that Heathcote shiraz.
Poor girl if she's innocent.
What if that was my sister?
The death penalty hanging
over her head? Yeah.
My PA reckons I should
do something, help her.
Like what? Raise money for her.
They're collecting money for her all over
the place. I'll do another workathon.
Don't you ever just
want to be normal?
What, like you? Yeah, like me.
I'm very normal.
I'm very, very normal.
Mate, I'm more normal than you.
Come on.
It's too much.
It's filthy.
They can't make her sit in
this filth for hours on end.
It's a disgrace.
A total bloody disgrace.
Are you nervous about your
first day in court?
What will you say to the judge,
She acted suspiciously
when she walked over
to pick up her bags.
She refused to open it
when she got to customs.
She said the marijuana was hers.
Does the prisoner understand?
I understand but it isn't true.
When I asked the boy
to check the bag
she said, "No, it's mine",
and I thought maybe
I made a mistake.
She is just a nice young woman.
There's nothing.
Can you open the big one, please?
Can you finish it, please?
Please, open it.
No. Why not?
Because I have some...
Do you know what it is in the bag?
It's marijuana.
How do you know that?
Because I
can smell when you open it.
Do you agree?
No, he's lying, your Honour.
Which parts are untrue?
I surrendered my bag
without being asked.
Can you tell me your name, please?
Schapelle Corby.
I was not suspicious
looking or acting restless.
I was happy because
I was on holiday and I love Bali.
Then I was surprised,
first because the zippers
were closed in the middle which
close them together at the top.
Then I see a plastic bag and
half open and I'm like,
whoa, a strong smell came out.
He didn't ask me to open the bag.
I don't remember saying anything
or hitting anyone's hand.
I don't know anything about drugs.
Can I please ask
aren't there security
cameras in customs so I can prove
that I willingly opened the bag?
Why did you come to Bali?
Because my dad's really sick
and he's about to go into intense
treatment and so I saved up $1300,
my mum gave me $500
and my dad gave
me $600 because I needed a holiday
before my dad got really sick.
Byron Bay.
Mooney Beach. Corby. Visitor.
Who? Do I know them or...
You're here.
I almost didn't come out cos I
get these visitors and I don't
know who they are and...
I'm so sorry.
What are you sorry for?
You got nothing to be sorry for.
You look so sad.
I'd change places
with you if they'd...
I asked but...
I don't know what to do.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
Schapelle... Schapelle,
how are they treating you?
Schapelle... Schapelle, what will
you say to the judge today?
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
How long has Schapelle
been involved in drugs?
How much did you get paid to
write these terrible signs?
No-one seems to be trying to find
out who put the bloody
stuff in her bag.
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
Get away.
You seem pretty
upset about the whole...
No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
Are you alright?
They want me dead, mum.
I gave the flippers to Schapelle.
She took them from me and opened
the boogie board bag.
She put them into the boogie
board bag, so you
could clearly see inside the bag.
Did you see the transparent bag?
No, I did not.
Thanks, guys.
I got a PI to look into her
but he couldn't find anything.
A few rumours but you know me,
I don't put stock in rumours.
Look, instead of doing
the children's hospital or whatever
this year I thought maybe you could
join her legal team. Run it, maybe.
What are you willing
to throw at it?
Could raise 40, maybe 50 grand.
Her supporters are out there
selling stubbie holders for her.
If her main defence
is two friends and a relative,
then she's currently fucked.
I'm in.
Only if she's innocent. Serious.
Only if I know for sure
she didn't do it.
Well how are you ever
going to know that?
Sorry. My problem is huge, right?
It's the customs officers against
everyone and they are accusing me
of something so small -
me opening the bag without being
asked and it's the death penalty?
And then how can
I even stay in here?
I can't.
I'd rather die.
Look, I have to ask
the same thing that...
Were they your drugs?
Do you know who put
the drugs in your bag? No.
Is there anybody in your family
doing drugs, in the drug business?
Would you just excuse us
for a minute, Schapelle?
I'm worried about the when,
that's all.
When do you feel for her?
I feel for my kids,
I feel for my wife.
Come on, man, just tell me
what you think, your instincts.
It's innocent.
You're sure?
Right, Schapelle. We're doing this.
He's one of the best on the Gold
Coast and he's worked in Asia.
We will do everything that we
possibly can, everything to get
you out of here,
as long as we've got
your permission to put our own
Jakarta team in if we need to.
I tried to get a phone from Mad
Ron's near Tugun
just before I left
but they knocked me back
because my credit was so bad.
Happens to the best of people.
I've crashed and burned
a few times myself.
When we get you out of here, love,
you can have all the phones
that you want, I promise.
Thank you. Thank you.
Leaving aside your legal expertise
and Robin's as the top criminal
lawyer on the Gold Coast,
in my opinion there is no way
to get Schapelle out of there
unless we convince the public.
Thank you.
Right now
about 50% think she's guilty,
so we shift that and then we get
the public to work
on the government.
All of Hoolihan's is at your disposal,
what's that, like seven, eight lawyers?
Yeah, to take care of
the Australian side.
Now, there are probably over 100
Australian drug dealers currently
serving in prisons
around the world.
We don't like drug dealers,
we don't even know their names.
We just assume that they are
guilty and we let them rot.
So on top of creating a defence,
we have to make everyone believe
that Schapelle is unique,
that she is innocent.
We make her someone
Australia loves
so no way would anyone ever
put her
The first thing is we start
controlling the flow
of information.
We build up a trusted
group of journos.
You've got 60 Minutes, that's good.
I'm thinking Alan Jones.
He's a direct line to the PM
and Derryn Hinch in Melbourne.
We use them to drip feed
the information we want the
papers to pick up on because we're
all about whatever it takes to get
her out of there -
whatever it takes.
Why would anyone be crazy enough to
decide to fly 4.5 kilos of cannabis
out of two airports? When you walk
through any international terminal,
even if you are carrying scissor,
small scissors, they can see it.
How can they not see
4.5 kilos of cannabis?
Now, the space bags were
made in the USA, yeah?
Then sent to a Melbourne
warehouse, not available
for purchase anywhere
in Indonesia.
That's one for the other side.
Why don't airline passengers know
the weight of their
individual bags,
Derryn? A girl could lose
her life because of this.
DNA. Shit, is that the dope?
Sampled by one of our people.
Schapelle signed a consent giving
permission for DNA to be tested.
Let's do it.
The AFP can't facilitate
it and the Indonesian police
just aren't willing to help us.
Course not. Up to 50% of
Australians think she's innocent.
It would be 100%
if they knew the facts.
Alan, your listeners should ask
themselves why would anyone bring
marijuana to Indonesia?
This is a perfect country
for growing dope in.
Why would anybody import it?
Well the cops in Queensland
did say from the photographs
it looks like hydroponic from SA.
Value about 20 to 30 grand in
Australia, up to 80 grand here.
South Iceland would be more
SA is still too close to
There's no CCTV footage because of
so-called technical problems, isn't
that a bit of a coincidence,
I don't call him Mad Ron.
I call him our white knight.
I thought I was going to
have to sell our house to
pay for Schapelle's legal fees.
The court heard from
an expert witness today,
an Australian criminologist, whose
expert opinion is that Schapelle
Corby has none - none - of the
characteristics of a drug smuggler.
So then the only thing
that we've got
going for us is that
the bags were unlocked? Yep.
And that's not enough.
I'm not
supposed to be in court today.
I'm supposed to be seeing
a doctor.
I'm supposed to be seeing
a doctor.
Why are you seeing a doctor?
Schapelle, Schapelle,
how are you feeling?
Schapelle... Is it true...
Schapelle Corby's family have
denied rumours that she's pregnant
but confirmed she is suffering
from anxiety and depression.
No shit. She's going mental.
She's an innocent young girl
facing the death sentence.
Without the support of
the Australian public
I'm worried she'll go insane.
The crucial thing here is not...
We can't just sit here, mate.
I'm not doing another drop to
Queensland until we sort this out.
It's best to protect the rights of
an Australian citizen and make sure
all the correct facts
are presented
to a court.
Maybe, Schapelle, you could write me
a little note for my granddaughter.
She's in grade 6.
Oh, that's lovely.
Ta, love.
Take a photo of youse. Dave.
So let me get this straight.
You are the provine us
the Corby suitcase or the board bag?
Not won't. We are unable to.
Unable to because you're
under pressure not to?
I don't know,
from the AFP, Foreign Affairs?
Qantas doesn't
require the X-raying
of luggage destined for the hold
on domestic flights.
But if it's international
you X-ray?
Oh, for the US and UK
yes, 100% are X-rayed.
For Indonesia?
I believe it's about
one bag in 100.
I'm sorry. I'm late.
What I'm saying is that
Qantas didn't X-ray the bags,
so anything could have happened
to them after she checked in.
Very alarming news there, Robin
Tampoe, and yet another reason to
bring this poor girl home
to her family and friends.
If you arrive somewhere and
you find drugs in your bag, then
how can you prove
they aren't yours?
The Australian Government
needs to help Schapelle.
Look, it's very important to have
a sense of realistic expectations
of what the government can do.
Good. Good, good, good.
And there's more.
We set up
this hotline out of Bulan.
Asking anyone who knows
anything about Schapelle
that can help her case to call in.
Every lawyer on the phone.
We've had hundreds of calls.
They got a call from a guy willing
to take Schapelle's place in jail.
He said he'll do whatever
sentence she gets. Even death.
Oh, my God. And then it happens.
We received this letter
from a guy who claims he knows
who put the drugs in her bag. No.
Oh. A prisoner out of Victoria
who claims he overheard the
conversation in prison.
A prisoner?
Well, prisoners are people.
Can we get the prisoner from
Australia to here to testify?
We thought this was going to
be a big no, so I had all my
staff working on this for the last
five days and they found out that
Indonesia and Australia apparently
have this treaty assisting
each other in criminal matters.
So we're pushing as hard as we can
to have this prisoner, John Ford,
brought here.
It's an obscure agreement, never
been used. Big tit legal team.
They're asking us to
shift someone who's
currently imprisoned in Victoria
to act as a witness in Indonesia?
Anything that can be done
should be done, unquote.
This is Victorian Department of
Corrections. Victorian Police.
Immigration. Indonesian police.
Indonesian immigration.
Will he have immunity
in Indonesia?
Mick, she's on the cover
of every magazine in the
country apart from Horse & Hound.
It's pandering to public opinion.
We feel nothing but compassion
for the poor girl and will do
all we can to bring her home.
You do policing, I'll do politics.
I wrote you something.
It's a poem.
You don't have to do that.
This is really nice.
You have a good heart, Ron.
Court tomorrow.
What's my headline this week?
Wasn't it,
"Help me Australia"?
Help me Australia.
So thank you to everyone
for all of your support.
Thanks to the legal team.
We'll get her home.
Wouldn't it be just lovely
to see Pel walk in here,
right now,
like it's all been a bad dream?
Schapelle had a good day
in court and we really got
something to celebrate today.
The Australian Government will be
sending up the prisoner from Victoria
who will testify for Schapelle.
John Ford is the witness
we've been waiting for. Yay!
Schapelle Corby
is the innocent victim of domestic
drug trafficking in Australia
by what I regard as petty
criminals and cowards.
It's called a mule,
where the criminal
puts the drugs in someone's bag.
But what you say you heard, this
were before Corby
travelled to Bali?
The ones about the drug
trafficking operation
between Brisbane and Sydney, yes,
but then after Corby's arrest
I had a conversation with
the two other prisoners
who were laughing that Corby
had been sprung
and that the drugs Ronnie
was expecting had got lost.
What are the names of
these two prisoners?
Terry and Paul.
Can you give me their last names?
No, I cannot. Why not?
I don't know their last names.
How do you know that Corby
is not part of a syndicate?
That'd be silly, your Honour.
No-one smuggles drugs into Bali.
It's just not cost effective.
And then there's
the death penalty.
You've named three men.
But who is the one who put
the marijuana in Corby's bag?
I can't recall his name.
Did you do this to have
a free holiday to Bali?
The judges were smirking.
I know. Look, even the journos were
smirking but look he said some good
things. It was a disaster.
We're getting trashed
and we just need...
We need to put more pressure
on the fucking government
and a $1 million reward to the
person who proves her innocent.
We have no time.
Businesses, individuals,
they could chip in $1000 each.
It's a minute to midnight.
Every time I hit that media scrum
I think someone's going to kill me.
Health problems?
Um, vomiting and still got
if you really want to know.
Schapelle, we need an adjournment.
Your verdict is coming up
but we're clutching at straws.
Now, listen, I'm going to tell you
how to stall.
Schapelle, how are you feeling?
Schapelle... Schapelle...
How are you feeling?
Schapelle, are you alright?
How's your sister doing?
Is she holding up alright
in the cells?
Schapelle, how do you feel?
Schapelle, look this way...
What medication are you on?
Oh, my God, get some air
in her bloody face.
Get back, ya, prick.
Give her some air.
Go on.
You've heard your friends
say we won't comply, so piss off.
Do something.
They just caught nine kids
at the airport here.
Had heroin strapped
to their bodies.
What's that mean for Schapelle?
Nothing. She's innocent.
And what about
your bloody lawyers?
They talking to the judges
or whatever? Just sit down.
These kids, they'll get
the death sentence for sure.
Judges will think, oh, yeah, may
as well give it to Schapelle to.
For God sake, Mick, sit down
and shut up. Sort yourself out.
I'll die before she's out of here.
I'll never see her.
Oh, shit.
Shit. Shit.
Shit. Shit.
Where's that card?
Tell us why you should not receive
the death penalty?
Do you have
any proof that you did not put
the plastic bag
in your boogie board bag?
All I know is I've never had
anything to do with drugs.
I don't like drugs.
I wouldn't even know
where to get drugs from.
Then how and why is that
plastic bag in your bag?
There's nothing I can
say to prove to you that
I didn't do it, but I didn't.
It's not mine.
I wouldn't threaten my life.
I love my family.
I love everybody.
Please, it's been six months.
Please use all the evidence and
let me go home. Please.
OK, look. Ask Alan to call me back
when he's finished his shift, OK?
No, that's cool, man.
It's nice to talk to someone who's got
nothing to do with the case, you know?
No kidding. What, now?
Triple J?
Yeah. Yeah,
I've got a radio, yeah.
OK, thanks. Hey, listen to this.
We are getting a heap of
calls in response to this
email to our website about
the Schapelle Corby case.
Right now we're looking at the
theory that the baggage handlers
put the dope in Schapelle's bag.
I worked with one,
a baggage handler.
They put it in the back of
passenger bags and shipped the
marijuana between states.
Why would they do that?
Because it doesn't go through
any of the customs areas.
It's coordinated for a shiftworker
who's working
when the plane lands.
That's it! Thank you, God.
Why didn't I think of that?
Baggage handlers.
Baggage fucking handlers.
I plead with
the Australian public and
airport staff
who know of the interference of
baggage handlers at domestic
airports to come forward now.
Qantas are putting internal
whistleblowing programs in place
to find the person who
turned this innocent girl
into an unwitting mule.
Minister, she could get the death
penalty because of you.
What if she was your daughter?
After a week of Qantas questioning
all their baggage handlers
and with
the whistleblower program in
place they've not had one report.
That's not how the public's buying
this. They know this is right.
And why would criminals
go to that much trouble?
Why not just use a Greyhound bus?
Why would a baggage handler open
someone's bag,
put on a camel's head
and then ride around the tarmac?
It's just the shit they do.
75% of the Australian public now
believe that Schapelle is innocent.
When is the verdict due?
Next month.
But the prosecution recommends
their sentence tomorrow.
It could be death.
The government has
to bring her home now.
Do you have any idea
of the mountains this
government had to move to get
that prisoner up there to testify?
The fucking legal hurdles that
had to be jumped?
It was Herculean.
If this government doesn't
I will spend a lot of money making
sure that you lose the next election.
In answer to your earlier
question, she's not.
She's not my daughter.
Schapelle was in court today, huh?
I hear no
death penalty for Schapelle.
recommend no death for Schapelle.
Can you go back to your cell,
please? Just life sentence.
27 years and then
you couldn't get old.
Well, I'm not guilty so I
won't be getting a life sentence.
Can you back to your cell, please?
If you know whose drugs they are,
now is the time you must tell.
Well, it's the case
that's captured
Australia's interest like no other
since the Lindy Chamberlain trial.
At only 27, Schapelle Corby
will learn Friday next week
the decision that will
determine the course of her life.
Tonight we're trying to determine
how months of legal argument has
swayed Australian opinion
and now to how your opinions
at home have been expressed
throughout tonight's program.
The results of our phone
poll so far, as you can see,
92% have voted her not guilty.
8% have voted her guilty.
Final results of the viewers'
poll will be shown on the Today
Show tomorrow morning.
Well, in the end what will happen
in the Schapelle Corby trial will
rest with the three judges
in Bali.
Just make sure the judges
do the right thing.
I still can't get over it,
going live right around
the country back home on the tele.
Do you know what she said
about it all going live?
She said,
"What if they want to watch
The Bold and the Beautiful, Mum?
They'll be that cross."
I mean, it could be that you're found
guilty and you have to serve some time.
Maybe seven months.
I don't want to get your hopes up.
The other day you said
maybe four or five years.
It's just...
I just don't want you to come
crashing down
if it's not what you want.
If I get jail time I don't want
you or Mum or Dad
to come and visit.
Because I'll be so upset and
the media scrum will
be crazy and...
60 Minutes has got us this villa
that we all go to,
however it goes.
Dad too?
Sure. That's good.
You guys go there.
Maybe I'll join you.
What if she gets 20 years?
Tomorrow we know.
You've done your best.
I've done mine.
We've created reasonable doubt.
How many of these phones do
you need, huh? Turn them off.
Every jury trial, and I've
been there a zillion times,
you worry, you lose fucking sleep.
Sometimes you
just got to not care.
Rose thinks she's
bringing Schapelle home.
I'm going home.
...those sort of people are really looking
for a decision today that hopefully
will get her out.
Of course that's up to
the Indonesian judges.
Whenever I've come
to the Gold Coast
in the last few months there have
been lots of rumours circulating.
Do you think
Schapelle's coming home?
It's a good day today because
my little girl's coming home.
Mercedes, are you expecting her
to come home?
Schapelle Corby left Kerobokan
prison about 30 minutes ago
accompanied by a police escort.
She is due to arrive at Denpasar
court in under ten minutes.
Schapelle, how are you going?
Schapelle, Schapelle...
Schapelle... No drugs in Bali.
No drugs in Bali.
Love you.
He says the suspect answered,
"That's marijuana".
How do you know?
She answered, "I know
because I can smell it."
The female walk with the male
answered, "The bag is mine."
Oh, fuck.
Then the suspect
admits the good is hers.
When the team was asked,
"Where did the marijuana
come from",
she did not want to admit
where the marijuana did come from.
The drug problem in Bali
is a serious offence.
Please stand.
Schapelle Corby.
We have decided that the
Schapelle Corby,
has proven to be guilty.
20 years?
20 years!
How dare you?
You took the word of a liar!
You judges will never sleep.
Liar! Liar! Schapelle, you will
come home. I'll bring you home.
It's OK, mum. It's OK.
Get out of her way.
Get away!
It's OK. It's OK.
Love you.
It's OK.
Yep, understood. I understand.
Yeah, completely.
OK. Thank you.
Well, the good news is
the prosecutors are disappointed.
So they should be.
You know what an achievement it
was getting the death sentence
taken off the table for starters?
We could get 15 years on appeal
then ten.
You know what's
going to happen, Lily?
I gave her the defence,
so I'm going to get the blame
because they're going to
want to go at someone.
We will appeal, Robin.
Not me.
I'm resigning.
That's it.
Might even take out
a full-page ad in the newspaper,
apologising to the baggage
Sorry, guys, made it all up.
Felt like a good idea at the time.
Hey, are
you Mad Ron from Queensland?
Yep. Can I ask you a question?
Why would anyone bring grass
here to Bali?
Cause it's too humid in Bali
to grow high-quality dope.
For very high quality it has
to be grown some place dry.
Police! Open the door!
Holy shit.
Malcolm McCauley?
My God. The things you find.
Look at this.
Tell me about your
involvement with Schapelle Corby?
I don't know Schapelle Corby.
But these were clearly taken
before she was arrested in Bali.
Can I borrow your specs?
Why are you having a picnic with
Schapelle Corby or whatever it is?
You knew her
before she went to jail.
This is taken in the prison,
or whatever it was called.
There's a bit of garden
there but it ain't no picnic.
I was up there on
holiday and I just
visited the girl to wish her luck.
And also to get her
autograph for my granddaughter.
Lots of other tourists
were doing the same.
All your dad's friends are
close, Schapelle, real close.
You'll be out of here real soon.
My word.
I just want to let you know that
nothing's ever going to
come from my end, ever.
You keep strong, we keep strong.
Do the right thing.
Look out for each other.
Before this visit I didn't
know her from a bar of soap.
We know that you were delivering
to Queensland all last year.
Schapelle Corby was
arrested in October last year.
Complete coincidence.
Seems strange but there you are.
Do you know anything about
the exportation of drugs to Bali?
There's nothing.
No, I don't.
Wouldn't have a clue.
I'm under the hammer
and you're late.
It's close. Half an hour.
It's on its way.
I had a visitor in here yesterday,
some guy who had spent 11 years
in here once.
I frisked him actually, in case
he had a camera or something.
Kept going on about how
he knew how to get me out.
And how was that?
He kept telling me to plead
Whether I am or not he kept
plead guilty.
What did you say?
The drugs weren't mine.
It wasn't mine.