Schlafkrankheit (Sleeping Sickness) (2011) Movie Script

Oh no.
Good evening.
Don't you have your passport?
I don't know...
She has no passport?
This is our daughter
Drive to the side.
Left it at the airport?
That's what we needed now.
He's only acting up.
Do you have any other legit paper?
My student ID.
Show me your passport.
No Visa?
- Of course not.
There's no place for a visa.
Without a visa, I can't let you in!
This is my daughter.
I've been working here for years
And what is she doing here?
She's going to visit her family.
We're coming from the airport
You can't enter without a visa
It must be in the trunk.
They just want money.
They'll find something else.
Where's the problem?
Do you work at the hospital in Ndounge?
Ndounge is my village.
My son Gregoire was born there.
Is this your wife?
- Yes, that's my wife.
Good evening.
And the young lady?
- This is my daughter.
Welcome to Cameroon!
How can we solve the problem?
- You tell me!
A small gift could help.
No, no.
No problem, my friend!
I need to go to Yaounde.
Take me with you, then we talk.
I'm sorry,
This is against our principles:
No transport of armed men.
He's a cop!
No army, no police.
This is against our rules.
If a policeman asks you
you can not say no.
But, I can.
I'm not even armed.
It's not the only weapons,
the uniform too.
We must remain neutral.
And if I take it of'?
Then you are naked.
Two minutes, okay'?
I'll have it back.
- No, not necessary.
What's in there?
- Nothing.
It's not loaded.
- It's not loaded.
Ah, it's not loaded.
It's not possible...
Are you okay, Joseph?
- So so, madame.
Thanks Joseph, it's fine.
It is really heavy.
All presents to me?
Good evening.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
How are you?
- Good.
- Thank you.
What's up tomorrow?
I don't know.
Shall we do something together?
What have they done to hen'?
You can't send her to boarding school
for two years and expect she's as before
She isn't in the mood.
I understand her somehow
I will really miss this place at least.
Really, it's not only you...
For me it's also quite a change.
I find it also difficult.
I can hardly imagine it either
We don't have to go back.
Get rid of your clothes
The water's really nice
You'll love it.
- I don't want.
There's no risk with the water,
that current keeps it clean, really.
Don't you trust the doctor any more?
I stopped trusting him long time ago.
Well, are you coming?
Or shall I throw you in?
Please leave me.
you have 15 seconds from now on...
Leave me!
Enough now!
- My dolly!
I found it.
Are you coming?
Today I ate dinner with my
Dutch colleges. I told them
that I miss you and that
I love caressing your belly
and our child would understand
Suaheli even before birth.
They wanted to comfort us
and told me their love story.
They met in a refugee camp in Angola.
They helped with a mabuc epidemy.
Mabuc is an aggressive virus,
You spit blood and die within two days.
The town was under quarantine.
If you wanted to survive you had to
avoid touching things and people.
We were scared.
We were eating drinking and
sleeping separated.
Then it happened:
Wamma examined a man, a college.
She didn't notice anything and took of
her gloves. But the man had spit blood
without telling anybody.
Two hours later he died.
Repeatedly she asked herself: what
did I touch in the cottage,
why did I take of the gloves?
Imagine how lonely she was.
And her lover couldn't hug her
I thought of you and knew we
would have touched each other.
I'd love to touch you now but we're
separated by 5000 km and a moskito net.
Soon you'll be here, we'll be happy.
Beautiful. -Yeah it's beautiful.
Always when we disagree
I remember this letter.
It has saved us several times.
I feel lonely too.
- But you're getting emails? -Yes.
Look at this guy!
This is for you.
Try it on.
You do.
Graduation gift.
But I won't graduate.
What will you do then?
Bank apprenticeship.
No, thank you.
She makes the best ratatouille.
It is her secret.
You must absolutely keep her
Magic potion?
- No, only spices.
We'll leave the sofa here.
You can have it.
Thanks, but my wife
is very picky.
When will your family come?
- In two weeks.
Too bad I'll miss them.
Your children will love the house
They had a pool in Luanda.
- We don't have one!
Who's this man?
This is my house!
Don't worry, he doesn't want it.
What is it you don't like?
DVDs, Madame?
Music, action?
Nice price.
- No, thank you.
Are you hiding?
- No, not at all.
How are you?
Are you going to it here?
May I join in?
My colleague Dr. Elia Todorov.
Gaspard Signac.
You take the butter from their bread
- They've got enough butter.
I'll only spread
Foie grass and caviar.
And when you're gone?
My successor will build new hospitals
and buy Toyota's for Ruhemba
and his friends.
No, no Toyota's.
Fat Mercedes SUVs.
It will be difficult to replace him.
- I know.
What are you doing here?
Aren't there enough problems
in your country?
Which country are you talking about?
Bulgaria or France?
No, Japan.
- Shut up, Gaspard.
It doesn't matter for me, Ebbo
But I'll miss Vera
You're the most beautiful woman here,
you must not leave us!
I thought you were
more into local attractions.
And what kind of attractions
are you looking for in Germany?
Selling books to intellectuals?
It's not a bookstore for
intellectuals. it's a small town.
Can you imagine him prescribing
malaria prophylaxis to tourists
in a small town?
You don't mean that!
Why don't you work for me?
I have projects.
I don't understand
how you can refuse my offer!
What are you talking about?
You haven't told hen'?
- No.
Nothing? But she's interested!
- No.
She has no interest.
You're making a huge mistake.
We're going back,
don't understand that?
Helen needs us.
Leave it! I'll invite you.
I've too much money anyway.
- Well, then.
Out of the question.
- No!
Isn't that South African wine?
- Yes.
Here is standing Medoc.
Medoc is a French wine.
- Yes.
Why do I pay 40000
for South African wine?
It's a good one. It's expensive.
Well. What more could you say.
He's sleeping again.
What do you get paid for, Joseph?
What do I pay you fol'?
I don't pay for sleeping
I'm sorry, sir.
I was in the garden.
Listen, Joseph: If you sleep,
you can rather stay at home.
We don't need a sleeper
but a guard.
But I didn't sleep,
I was in the garden.
Do I look like an idiot?
Feel better now? -No.
I hoped she'd graduate.
Eventually they do what they want.
Graduation is useless for her.
She'll find out by herself.
Does white skin still work'?
You don't need to lie with me
if you don't want.
If it gets too boring in Germany,
I'll come back.
I've got your bag.
You want to come along?
- You forgot it.
You should give it to Jim.
Did you tell me that?
Of course I did.
Excuse me, this isn't allowed.
I ask you, Madame.
It is time for boarding now.
Please, Monsieur.
Please, Monsieur.
This is the contract you
signed three years ago.
They should just exclude everything
if you want to destroy the project.
How shall we continue
with 300.000?
That's 25% less.
You need to talk to them!
Last week we had
three patients in Lolodorf.
- Four.
How many do you have currently in Campos?
Of course, we have less
than last year.
It changes monthly!
It varies...
How many cases? Six?
Two years ago it was 60!
You know the statistics.
How should I
justify a larger budget?
The epidemic is under control
Frankfurt knows that.
How can you trust a statistic?
- It's your own statistics!
But how can we be sure?
Dr. Velten, you leave,
but the problems remain.
For Dr. Todorov, Dr. Miko
Dr. Onyango, Dr. Pambi and me.
You are forcing me to lay-offs!
What are you actually doing with
the money from the "international Fund"?
Dr. Onyango wanted to expand
the tuberculosis program for years now
Why do people come here, although
they could be treated in Campos?
Your hospitals
could be profitable.
Thanks for the advice!
- You're welcome!
I think sustainability should be
the long term goal for us all.
But perhaps
we rush into things.
Perhaps Frankfurt can
extend the transition period.
This program designed
for to 2 years.
Now it's 5 years
That's long enough
for a transition.
Anything else?
Thank you.
What are you doing with your cal'?
How much do you want for it?
I think Dr. Todorov
will take it.
Do you want the cal'?
- I'll have to think about it.
He doesn't want the car!
He can have a new company car.
This one is for my son.
Tell me the price and
you'll get your money tomorrow.
I'm not gone yet, Mr. Ruhemba.
Maybe I even stay.
Why should you?
If you cut our budget further,
you'll have no work at all soon.
Call us, you'll have the money tomorrow.
- Agreed.
This will be the car of my son!
- Good-bye.
We will bring you to the hospital.
You are in the first stage
of sleeping sickness.
We can help you
but you must be treated immediately.
Can you contact your family?
I don't know.
Someone has to take care of you.
This is very important.
Do you understand?
Atypical adenopathy!
Will you?
I'd treat it with Melarsoprol.
You worked too long for MSF.
We don't give Melarsoprol to anybody.
It is torture.
How many relapses do
you have every year?
It's up to you
to change all that.
I had a Swiss colleague
who was killed by a hippopotamus.
In Congo, on the Kwilu river.
For years nobody had seen
hippos there.
People said, the pharmacist
had been transformed into the hippo.
Out of revenge: My colleague
had slept with his wife.
I've seen strange things over there
You don't believe
in metamorphosis?
You're more black than I am.
I'm a development worker.
I must believe in metamorphosis!
I'll be missing the river.
I don't know where he is.
Where is that guy?
We had an appointment.
I have 5000 Euro in the pocket
and he won't even answer the phone
Don't worry, the car is yours.
He shall call me once he's back.
This isn't professional.
The house is empty.
Nothing more to steal.
Thank you.
Is your wife still in the village?
She doesn't like the city.
And the children?
- In the village.
Okola isn't very far.
Too far to walk.
I can't let this plantation
go to the dogs.
I'll buy it.
And I need a partner.
I'm a doctor, not a manager.
And what have you done here?
You are manager.
It's more fun
to negotiate with starbucks,
than with corrupt assholes
in the ministry.
Gaspard, hello.
You look stunning. Come on!
Ebbo, Tamasha. We study together.
- Very pleased.
These girls
will revolutionize the country!
And how will you do that?
Ask Gaspard!
I believe in African women.
The men here are no good.
What are we doing here then?
- We?
We just help a bit
- Yes please.
Do you work here?
- I'll leave the country.
That's not true.
Gaspard knows me better
than I do myself.
Gaspard knows everything better!
- That's right!
I want to study in Germany.
But the embassy doesn't help me
with the scholarship.
The universities here are really bad.
It's not better in Germany.
- Of course, it's better!
Won 't you help hen'?
A beautification for any
German campus!
And you can't
find anything in France?
Me and France.
L gotta go...
I have a thousand things to do.
- "Thousand things."
Don't leave us alone.
I'm sorry. Good bye.
Goodbye, Victoria.
Stay a little longer please.
Damn, Ebbo, relax.
Tamasha is a friend of Victoria.
They're at college together.
She looks great.
Where is the problem?
This is not my thing.
They're not hookers, man!
Think about it!
And down by the river, the cascades,
the hippos and fishermen...
But why shouldn't I tell you...
It is such a special place...
But why shouldn't I tell you...
Yes. Yes.
I'm looking forward to seeing you
Yes. Yes.
Well, me too.
Yes. You too.
3 years later
Since 1960 over 500 billion
U.S. dollars flowed to Africa.
Is it the situation better today?
Development assistance
enriches the upper class and
deprives them of any
democratic responsibility.
A state that does not
dependent on taxes,
doesn't need to build
efficient institutions.
Our feelings of guilt
hinder us from seeing the
negative consequences
of development aid.
It's a fact:
Financial aid and debt relief
prevent the democratic and
economic development in Africa.
This must come to an end!
Trade, not aid
will defeat poverty.
Only the market is able to
solve the problems of Africa!
Thank you.
Only the market is able to
solve Africa's problems.
Are you going?
- Yes.
Do you want to you stay?
But yellow fever is no longer
existing in fact.
There are fewer cases
But the disease
shouldn't be trifled with.
Worldwide, there are at most
10 cases known.
The risk is much higher.
And for your visa
you need the vaccine. - OK.
About malaria:
There are three drugs.
Malarone, Doxycycline and Lariam.
Lariam you take
only once a week.
Lariam is hell.
The stuff initialized an
awful depression for me.
In the Third World you
can get depressed from many things.
There's Doxycycline,
it's cheaper than Malarone
But no medicine
is 100 percent safe.
And why should I take it then?
It reduces the risk of infection.
And makes depressed.
Oh man!
What's going on?
- May I have a smoke?
Give me a cigarette! Please.
But don't complain afterward
I'll quit.
- Oh yeah?
I'm serious.
Is it true?
You can tell me.
What should I tell you?
Are you fucking him?
Why doesn't she say anything?
Do they really have bigger dicks?
His is huge.
Oh yeah?
What's your problem?
I was just a question.
I'm a scientist,
I'm interested in facts.
Just a question, which I
can't answer. - What's it about?
He wants to know if Africans
have bigger dicks.
Yes, that's true.
The WHO recommends
King Size condoms for Africa
Didn't you know that?
But once we're
in Europe, and eat like you,
they start to shrink.
And since when are you in Europe?
I was born here.
Hello! Did you have a good trip?
Are you the drivel'?
- Yes.
From the hospital?
- Yes, I'll take you there.
Excuse me.
This can't be the right
car to pick me up.
This car is safe.
Who sent you?
You can trust me.
Who has sent you?
You're not from Vanga.
Give me my suitcase!
This car is safe.
Ask my colleagues.
I'm not a bandit.
Don't worry.
No matter who you are, I refuse
to drive 500 km in this old banger
Open the trunk.
Open the damn trunk!
Open it!
What will you do without a drivel'?
- Let that be my problem.
I can find a better car for you.
Do they know it at all?
No, it's fine.
I found a room
And what do we do now?
You want something?
- Thank you.
The pills are awesome.
- I don't need.
Thank you. I have no problems.
Only 500.
Good evening.
- Good evening, sir.
What kind of cigarettes do you have?
- I & B and Benson.
I'll take L&B.
How much?
- 600
600 for a pack of cigarettes?
This is our price.
- Do you think I'm a tourist?
Even in France
they cost less than 10 Euro.
600 francs are less than one Euro.
I'm sorry.
I thought 600 would be...
- No problem.
It's over there
Can't you come along?
- No, it's right over there
Good day.
Is this the home of Dr. Velten?
Is he at home?
Good day.
I have an appointment with Dr. Velten.
Dr. Velten 's not here
I'm Alex Nzila.
The WHO has sent me.
Dr. Velten 's not there
The date
was confirmed a few weeks ago.
He knew I would come today.
Can we call him?
Wait here.
Dr. Nzila?
Good day.
Monese. Welcome to Vanga!
- Thank you.
What can I do for you?
- I'm supposed to meet Dr. Velten.
He'll be back in the next few days.
Maybe tomorrow.
Where is he?
Dr. Velten is a busy man
Since it may happen that he
forgets something. Like all of us.
But don't worry,
We'll do what we can to help you.
It's about the evaluation of
your program against sleeping sickness.
We have sleeping sickness here.
- I do hope so!
Of course we have the sleeping sickness.
Come on.
Stage 2?
Yes, stage 2.
Is this the only patient?
- At the moment, yes.
It should be 50 patients
every month here.
Well in average.
There are variations.
Already tomorrow
new cases may occur.
This is a chicken farm!
You're kidding.
They are only for food
You know, Dr. Velten's program
has been very successful.
So we have fewer cases.
We are very happy!
- Oh yeah?
You live in Paris?
- Yes.
And where're you from'?
From France.
I must speak with him.
This is difficult.
- Doesn't he have a phone?
One can try.
The connectivity is very bad there.
It only works on the heights.
But he's surely back tomorrow.
In the meantime
I'd like to check the accounts.
That requires preparation.
I'll speak with the account secretary.
I also want to interview
the staff.
Most of them work outside.
How are you?
Just stay there!
If you're leaving now,
you don't need to come back!
He could be in Ngambe,
in Douala or Yaounde.
Honestly, I don't know.
Can't you just check
the accounts for now?
Don't you understand that
I'm doing an evaluation?
I'm not an accountant!
I'll check the business plan
not pharmacy bills!
Where is he?
Does he have a second project?
You cover for him
A blind man sees that this
project no longer exists.
You should really
speak with Dr. Velten.
I would love to
speak with Dr. Velten!
Lie down please.
Breathe, breathe calmly.
Lie on the side.
When did it start?
- 5 minutes ago.
Lie on the side.
Everything will be fine.
She's around 25.
I know!
The Spinal is initiated.
But I'm the only doctor here!
If your grandma knows how to do
a caesarean, send her here!
I don't like to cut people.
Has the spinal been done?
- Yes.
And why's she still crying?
- It'll stop soon. Come!
I'll go in now. Hold on.
Did you give her glucose?
- Yes.
Could you take the phone
out of my pocket?
Don't worry, it's going fine.
Everything will be alright.
Are you there?
I'm here now.
I stand by the patient.
Did you give her glucose?
- Yes.
Are we ready?
- Yes, we must hurry.
She has lost much blood.
We are doing the caesarean now.
Everything will be fine.
Below the pubic bone?
How deep?
Are you okay'?
Where are the toilets?
Over there
Thank you.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
How are you?
How's the baby?
Everything OK.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Doesn't matter.
I have caused a lot of
trouble for you.
A caesarean is routine for me.
But she's your wife?
In our profession you must
be able to exclude the private.
I'm really sorry.
You should take care of her child
Don't worry.
We are all sick sometimes.
I hadn't expected someone like you.
You come from Paris?
- Yes.
How long have you been doing this?
This is my first job.
Oh yeah?
Tomorrow you'll feel better.
Good night.
Are you better?
- Yes, thank you
That was hard!
Elizabeth makes breakfast for you.
And I'll be back in the afternoon.
Dr. Velten?
We absolutely must
start with the evaluation.
But you need rest first.
- I really want to start.
The problem is,
I need to do something.
But in the afternoon I have time.
I've only two days left.
What shall I write in my report?
One patient can hardly be
described as an epidemic.
Our team does screening
in a village today.
We can stop by there.
Will you give me five minutes?
- No rush.
He doesn't find a name.
Ebbo, we need a name!
It takes time.
You had 9 months.
I thought it will be a boy.
And what should he have got?
Look at her,
then you'll find a name.
My colleague, Dr. Nzila from Paris.
My mother in law and
My father in law.
Dr. Nzila.
How does an African come to Paris?
- I was born there.
And your parents'?
- Even they're French.
My father is from Congo.
- Congolese! What are you doing here?
He tells me how I should work!
Do they send Congolese
to tell us what to do?
And? What's the name?
You have to talk to him.
- And why?
What can he do without your help?
It's not a large amount.
- Not a big amount?
Why don't you give it to him?
I build a house for you.
I buy cars, televisions,
pay for the education of
your unusable kids. And you?
What have you done for him?
Your phone!
She's certainly worried.
- You r wife
My wife is in Germany.
That was my daughter.
She'll come next week.
I haven 't seen for three years
She doesn't know anything of Jo
and her new-born sister.
Maybe she's happy about it.
You have no children, right?
I'm gay.
Oh yeah?
- Yes.
Don't tell anyone here please.
They would imprison you right away
Or get the medicine man.
Do you know a good one?
Unfortunately not.
That's not possible.
Are you sure?
You want to look yourself?
No, but maybe my colleague wants?
- Your team is certainly competent.
I don't know, they see
strange things sometimes.
Come on, have a look.
We need patients!
Dr. Nzila will think
we've made up the epidemic,
to get his money!
Tomorrow, we'll examine soldiers.
Then we'll find something.
Let's go.
Nothing to see.
We'll find a few cases for you.
But I don't know
whether it'll meet your criteria
I really don't know
what I shall write in the report.
The epidemic is under control
Otherwise I'd be a bad doctor
Why did you want an evaluation?
Do you want water?
I wanted to have the subsidies.
Shall we go?
What would you do in my place?
I'd stop funding
and send the responsible
back to Europe.
I think it will turn out like this.
Don't you think?
Your decision. My destiny
is in your hands.
Did you tell him that we're
hunting? -Yes.
Good day.
Will you introduce me?
Dr. Alex Nzila,
my partner Gaspard Signac.
- Thank you.
Well, what do you say?
Great, right?
If the state builds the road.
- The road will be built!
In ten years, when we are dead.
Have you ever hunted at night?
It's a beautiful place.
Yes, it's beautiful.
Well, a real mass.
Would you spend your holiday here?
- Don't start it again, Ebbo.
You know Africa better than me
Things take time here.
Yes, I know Africa.
And I tell you:
We're in deep shit!
You have to understand him.
He is an exceptional person.
You rarely meet someone like him.
Shut up, Gaspard.
Haven't you understood
why he's here?
Why are you here?
- I make an evaluation.
You've already said that.
Shall you throw him out?
No, I'm writing a report.
A report...
You don't want your hands dirty.
Nobody does
a better job than him.
Why are you bothering
how he does it?
Are you insane?
Give me the gun!
Do you want to threaten me?
Don't know.
Do you feel threatened?
What are you doing?
Fuck you, Ebbo.
And you?
Do you know why he needs you?
Why don't you admit it?
You are looking for an excuse.
You're too cowardly to run away.
You are pathetic!
I'll go back, do what you want.
Are you coming?
We'll stay here.
I never wanted to end up this way
Shall we go back to the forest?
Now is the best time.
We should go home.
We'll pick you up afterward
Are you alone?
Where is he?
Where is he?
At the river.
Show me.
Come on, show me!
I'm thirsty
No, I can't drink that
Where is Velten?
The doctor?
Come on.
Come with me!