School Bus (2016) Movie Script

Anju, Anju get up
Wake up
Hands of my leg
What's the time? -6:15 Come on
Why worn uniform so early?
Should go to school, no?
Why? So happy on that
Get up
Bed-sheet was brought last month
Won't come out from
cupboard by itself and walk out
l don't know madam
l have not seen
That will be inside
the cupboard itself
Each day missing each item
And no one is seeing anything
Shamala, clean this
Today no need to go for games
l have written it in dairy
Aju, did you finish the breakfast?
Finishing it
Shamala aunty's house is beyond
that hill, is it what you told?
Then why came here
after leaving from there?
Enough, come
Yes sir, its all a team work
ln the first quarter, the
sales will be higher than this
..not this one
Don't you know what to say?
That charcoal pencil's, which
was given to me..Yesterday
But it was my gift to you
What is it? -lts the money forthe
gift which we gave yesterday
One minute
Did you like the pencils? -Yeah
on September4th its my birthday
Mother told will open on that day
By the time the exam will be over
lts the balance, give it to father
lts coming
lts brand new, blood
will eject on touching it
lts the same brand used
by the serial killers
Where is this from?
One of my uncle is a commando
ln the American army
Commando Simons he has gifted it
But the same brand is
present in our kitchen also
Go man its a weapon which can't
be used without a license
What man?
Go man
A spy
Who, he? Whose spy?
Speak low, fellow
Got it?
What happened to face?
Yesterday on jumping for a catch
Father slapped for
putting leg on the wall
At the moment when the
bell rings for the lunch break..
Since they have told,
Paulose had brought this..
ln my class no one
will do such a thing
To practice a drama
only we brought this
A drama?
What do you mean?
To whom did you ask permission?
On the arts days, it was
to dedicate to all teachers
On that day by asking permission
to all, plan was to perform
Which is the drama?
For that why is this helmet and all?
He is the one who is acting as hulk
On seeing him since
no one gets scared
Thought of putting a helmet
Does your parents know about this?
No, if they come to know thought
sometimes they might tell all
Was kept as a secret
Then the surprise will be lost, no?
See creativity and all is very good
But if principal finds it
you did this without supervision
We only thought of
giving a gift to you all
Lucky having kept
that knife separately
lf whisked, they would have
chopped us into pieces with that
My fear was, whetherthey
would say to act the drama-
- which was practiced
But still Kevin, from where
did you get an idea so fast?
Did Lakshmi mam buckle you up?
From your class Adhil had told
Didn't buckle up had
called to discuss a matter
Will she tell on going home?
No, she won't tell
Anyway can return all this
back, it was taken out laboriously
Why? As it didn't workout
today, there is a tomorrow
No need of it again, its dangerous
What if they had any doubts?
Yeah, that's correct
l'll give the knife -Eh?
Can't take from kitchen, no?
My goodness again if
that thing is found missing-
- perhaps mother will
chuck out Shamala aunty
Will give the knife made
of shoe used to cut Cinnamon
Works out well with a single chip
Tomorrow itself l
should give them surprise
Will give man, but should
be careful when doing it alone
lts not a silly matter
Brother, tell the rest
How many times its repeated last
time also has told the same thing
But still say it
By around 6 o'clock
we will stop the trade
By the time lady fingers and
beans will slowly start to droop
Soon after that straight to jungle,
by swinging on the creeperjumps to lake
Then for one to one and a
half hours will be in the water
Till that time what will
you do in the water?.
There are lot of games
to be played in the water
Deep dive into water
is the main item
On the rainy days then
it will be in the rain
That is the bath of the day -Look
Shamala aunty, he walks in the rain
Aren't you scolding?
Yeah, this is perfect fit
Perfect fit? Do tell me how
to leave the breath, okay
On certain days we'll be sleeping
on 'Erumadam' (tree house) itself
What is a 'Erumadam'
A tree house
By early dawn we are woken up by
horn bill, Cuckoo bird and Drongo bird
On some days can see
elephant, leopard and tiger
To wish good morning
Here, this belongs to sir
No need of pants when this is worn
lsn't this one new? -lts lose for
me for brother it must be correct
But still
lts okay
When l reach this size
all will forget about me
Then doesn't elephant, tiger
and leopard attack us?
Not on a visit but what
is the need of staying here?
Last time also it was the same, tell
not to make it a regular practice
Joe, they have not asked
Forthat boy to buy and
give some sort of vegetables
On saying will be here in
Cochin for two or three days
l was the one who told to stay
l only said l don't like that
ls it a dislike on that?
Or is it because l have
taken the decision?
That is the problem always
Don't make this into a
quarrel on male- female equality
Later don't regret on it
Anyway let the kids
sleep in your room
Then, tomorrow Vakachan Appapan
and Mary Kochamma is coming-
- to discuss the matters
ln the mist of that, he
shouldn't roam in here
On saying coming,
what does it mean?
On coming will they
return tomorrow itself?.
No, will be there for two days
When father expires that
person is of that stature
Such contempt is not required
Tomorrow itself that boy can be
send back the issue is solved is it?
Anju, where is the home work?
Tell to that Reghu, don't call over
the phone, lightening is there
Yeah, send that boy down stairs
What a hex is this?
Who has turned on the T.V?
Turn off the phone
lts a day when stock comes
Sometimes might call from the shop
Sit there!
Take the daughter's slipper
Papa, ate orange?
Where did you go?
To tell regarding the matter of
generator to Reghu chettan
When there is lightening is it?
Come here!
This boy is..!
l haven't called him and all
When telling he wants
to come along
Never mind
Was the helmet for this?
To avoid the sting from bees
Shall l also help?
Honestly l came to join in your gang
l moved out from Samir's gang
l won't cheat, promise
48 hours observation
James had called
spoke to the doctor
This is not for the first time, students
from 7B trying to spoil my students
Why did you go there?
To take the honey
For what?
To drink
Why is that honey so special?
Because its too tasty
Did two of you only go there?
Kevin, Amal
But again l don't know
how to handle this boy
On that day on seeing that
as students made a fuss
l was warned on account of that
Then last week quarreled with a
student named Adhil in the class
Then why wasn't l
informed of all this?
l tried talking and then
had send writing in the dairy
Each time comes
up with certain promises
Shift him from my class, please
Not father or mother
Both of them
After the class call and inform them
l'll tell parents of Navaneeth
also to come here
After sometime will
be kept on ventilation
When the ventilation is removed..
lf it happens like that
then the police will come, no?
Surely will come before that his
father and gang will come, to catch him
They are criminals by family
My brother has told
now it seems slightly better
Long back when a
guy attacked their uncle-
- they chopped off his
fingers one by one
That too, when all were watching
Tomorrow when your parents
come, also inform them to be careful
Then if possible bring
along two orthree people-
- who are strongest in your family
Really its better to be caught by police
Okay then
Otherwise will do a thing,Aminda
act as if having fever
Sometimes won't scold on
having fever, out of sympathy
Can understand on
touching on the fore head
Aminda, got Rs. 5 -For what?
Give five numbers of this
Now will get, including for
this one also
Aren't you warned not to go there?
Put it in the pocket, while
thinking can eat this
While scolding you
won't feel that hurt
Tomorrow while going to school
Father and mother will
be insulted by others
Perhaps father of Navaneethan
might attack also
Everyone will say its
all because of me
As it was about to die, only to
save l had put that frog in the bag
And why l had to fight with Adhil..
He called me son of a..
Because of calling like that
But since he is the class topper
all will believe what he says
Will believe what is told about you
At that time itself
Vakachan Appapan
l knew it will be resolved
only at the court
Fellow, its easy to say court
opponent is own brother
Remember that, first
we'll go and talk to him
lf the things are resolved
diplomatically let it end
There is nothing to talk more
than this, l have told my stand
Before mam speaks to
mother, you bettertalk to mother
Later when mam calls father
and mother can be prepared
But still its a matter of three cents
Now all of a sudden
on saying should-
demolish the wall recently
constructed by him
House-warming was recently done
Man, what will the compatriots say?
That too immediately after he has
taken charge as the collector
Yeah, if it were after six months
Till that time what should
l do Mary Kochamma?
Right now a buyer has come
for me, l need to sell it now
How much is the loan on this flat?
Nothing is required just give rupees
fifteen of three cents, l'm okay
This is the problem
on verbal agreement
Things written down
should be documented
That's the mistake
which father has done
That's true
lf he had donated that to some
orphanage, then brothers won't quarrel
With a clerks job, through the hard
way gave education to you people
Now having big talks,
including we brothers
He was the one who
supported us do you know that?
Saying father hasn't documented,
when did you all grow up?
Appapan, l didn't mean
in that sense
The reason why l'm by your side is
because yourfather loved you more-
- than your elder brother
ls my phone over here?
Always playing the game
That's why phone's
charge doesn't last
Reduce the sound
Yeah, Aasha l won't come
today, close at 7:30
My heavens, daughter!
What happened?
Daughter, Anju
Bring some water
Shamala, bring it fast
Madam yeah coming
What is this man?
My goodness, Anju daughter
Give it to me!
Mother, a red light
came and touched here
Heard a music also,
after that l fainted
Holy Mother!
Fellow, don't we have
to consult someone?
Had consulted, doing
to get the attention
Hey fellow..!
Take some rest for some time, okay
Shamala, just clean this
Daughter, this shouldn't be..
No, never mind
Did you do it?
Then what about the dairy?
Tore off that page
Tomorrow, Aminda aren't you
coming to school?
Not Aminda, alone you too
lt will be understood by all that
l escaped when you go alone
That's not possible, l need to go or
else at last l'll be told to call parents
l've send message to your mam
She replied also saying take care
For three days when
we are not seen-
-sometimes all might
forget that issue
lf so, l'll be safe -Whatever Aminda
says tomorrow l'll go to school
Then if you want to see
me, come to jail and see
And before that if Navaneethan's
father and gang kills me..
But, when the bus comes
tomorrow, what to say?
Our grandfatherfrom Manimala
expired mothertold after we got ready
Right now, we are going there
lt was that uncle who
was seriously bed-ridden, no?
Yesterday, which you told?
For the next 3 days we'll be there
Didn't you inform madam?
No need aunty, thank you
Till 3 o'clock we'll
spend time in the town
Then when the bus comes, we'll get
down at home, then no one will know
lf anyone asks during en route,
say as Vakkachan Appapan expired
We left early from the school
Brother, move to the front
Tickets please
To where?
Vakkachan Appapan, expired..
To where?
Thevara, two Thevara
Don't you have the card?
Move back
Come on tickets..
Two Palimukku
Has got the rain coat, no?
My son is still in the hospital
lf this incident, effects
his health in any way
Then l won't consider its a
school or a boy who is 12 year old
All will go through the mill!
We understand mister..
l should know at the moment
when he comes to the school!
Don't you know its a staff room?
By the way if you feel
like protecting him
l know where to go and nab him,
for which l'll go to any extend!
Hello, did you hear?. -Yeah
Getting scared on seeing him
lf he gets you, you won't be
spared, he is a guy like that
Not at all like Navaneethan
Anyway man, for few
days don't come here
Out of 18 people, with 12
of them father is on a hitch
And those people without a
hitch they talk to father-
- favorable to us, no chance
Why can't we say
everything to mother?
Mother, is too unpredictable
Sometimes too much of love
sometimes equally problematic
That's during when there
is some tension in the shop
But still..Can't predict
Why is father quarreling
with everyone?
He is only close to people like
Vakkachan Appapan
That's because father
created an issue during father's-
-elder brother's housewarming
What problem?
No, nothing
Come on tell
Kids shouldn't know such things
Amindo! -No
Then tomorrow onwards
l won't come along with Amindo
That night during the housewarming
when all left all elders had drinks, no?
At that time father
quarreled with uncle
Raja, look at this
Why are those kids here at this
time? -l have also noticed
Look, saw that?
Both not going to school
Don't look back fast, behind
the security is looking at us
l said don't look!
Don't run
Stop there
Stop don't run, stop there
Hey fellow
Stop there
Look, father's car
What to say when caught?
As Vakkachan Appapan expired..
ls it Gulab Jamun?
Don't know
When he started the
compound wall construction-
-could have secured
an injection order
No problem on checking
the site plan-
- will know the division
which Joe's father had in mind
This will clearly come in favor of us
But still since its the
collector on the other side?
Does court have
any bias to that side?
What can we do when
collector does injustice?
On the civil case there
is no consideration like that
Court will find it as a land
issue between the brothers
Did you go through
that Marine Drive, today?
ln front of that Subash Park
between 12 and 12:30 time?
No, is it?
Was good..
Father is talking like that of uncle,
not because he doesn't like uncle
l know you also like uncle
But there are certain things which
grandpa has given to us in our name
Those things you both
should get after several years
What if uncle takes it
not even by asking us?
We should ask that
to return, shouldn't we?
Now if he takes your toy,
won't you ask him to return?
Only that is done by father and me
Not that we are hurting uncle
Did uncle take the toy?
Reached? Now ask
the name and details
For how much rupees did you offer?.
200? For PS 2
That's all right, tomorrow
itself l need the money
This person has send
okay, he is from Ernakulam itself
Why is this eaten half?.
At that time brothers had come
Which brothers?
What man?
One minute
Where is this gooseberry from?
One minute okay, let me think
Asking where to meet?
Tell can meet near your flat
While coming from school
What happened boy?
Do you have any problems?
l'll tell Jikku chetta(brother)
Down stairs..
Navaneethan's father..!
There is no one there
Amindo, come and sleep
What is it?
No, he is a child snatcher
How do you know that?
Knows on looking at him
We have only got rupees 12 with
us, to return home we need Rs.18
Just move back
Peanut please
Push off man
You want it in between, no?
What's wrong with you?
Are you mad?
You want to know that?
Who is this guy?
Will stay here without moving
He might leave after some time
That one
There was a phone call to school
saying one of our uncle has expired
Because of that we had to
leave before the class finishes
Mam, had given the money for
auto to her but on reaching here
lt was lost somewhere but
when we return and ask mam
Will be late and mam will scold also
Where is your house?
At Kakkanad
lf you can give aunty's number
l'll tell fatherto call you tomorrow
No need of all that
How much is the auto charge?
Mam, gave Rs. 200
Where is the auto stand?
Over there
Have you gone in
an auto, before like this?
Shall l tell fatherto call?
lts okay, you may go
On saying eighteen
rupees is enough?
Should come tomorrow
and day after tomorrow, is it?
Or give the mobile
number of your mother
Shall l say you have started?
What is mother's name?
But that is..
Hi, l'm Radhika, actually
why l have called is..
Your kids are near me..
Hey stop there..
Stop there..
Stop l say..
Where are these kids looking?
What are they up to?
Two tickets
Thank you
Both of you come
Stop there
Aju, open the door!
What to do?
Aju, are you opening the door
or not? Aju, you open the door
Aju, please
Open the door
Aju, son open it
Anju, Anju!
Just move back, l'll open it
Give the bag
Hold it
Amindo, l'm scared
l'm going Anju
Or else they all will kill me
My God!
Aju, telling you to open
As Vakkachan Appapan
expired, came early from school
What?.. Who?.. When?
Where is Ajoy?
Ajoy is..-My heavens!
My God!
12 year old boy is found missing
near the Saritha theater
Has gone to the Market road area
The dress is Trinity
lnternational school's uniform
Blue and white check
shirt and grey color pants
Boy's name is Ajoy Joseph
Traffic party
Palarivattom control calling
Answering control
Has ran away our Joseph's son
That is great
Babitha, Aju has eloped
Christ, by chance
will he come here?
Last time when met during
Thresiamma's death anniversary
That boy didn't even smile at me
at that time, l have noticed him
These days its very
bad, lucky if received alive
Even otherwise its
good Joseph got busted
On the issue of three cents
he quarreled with his brother
That too on the day of
his housewarming
By the way buddy, don't
we have to pay a visit to there?
She is busy with textile
shop, no? So the kids will go astray
All though we don't have any
job, kids are all at home, okay
Seen this boy anywhere
in this photo? He is missing
No sir
Okay go
What's the name? -Jayesh
Please come
During that time was Jayesh there?
l was, sir
He jumped from there and
straight away ran to the top
l was coming in return
Saw a boy running
Didn't know this was the case
So, would have to record the
statements of people who saw
All should come to
the station now itself
Sir, don't say that its the
time when movie gets over
With this trip only
can earn something
How is it possible? You are the
witnesses, should give the statement
Sir, would have to
train from the beginning
Brother, Kaloor
lf so, we haven't seen anything
That's our statement
Then there is no problem, no?
Jayesh, isn't this a matter
of a small child?
Sir, we are also running on the
matter of small children at home
At any cost you should
come to the station now
You send someone here, at
that time we'll write and give
Get down
Take another vehicle and go
From this stand, there
are no more trips
Fellow, park to the side
Sir, what is this?
You fellow, where is the boy?
Sir, l don't know anything
Then why fellow, to give the
statement why so much hitch?
Shucks! People who
saw last are answerable
Within ten minutes
lf all doesn't report to the station
Will come with a court order and all
will be nabbed including the vehicle
No union can bail you out
Understand fellows?- Okay sir
Come sir
Since this is the first posting of sir
otherwise this is not my tongue
Now we can..
Straight away will go to that boy's flat
No, the time to return
from school is over
To meet Kichu, to there
No, there is no need to come
l've just asked
Perhaps will be there
in some friends house
Yeah Anju is here
Yeah l'll call Achaya
Haven't we told won't be there
Within half an hour Roy will
call back MLA is my junior
Let me see whether l
can get our councilor
Fellow, its not MLA or
councilor what we need now
A person who will stand
with us, you call your elder brother
Look, this isn't the time to
show obstinacy and hatred
When collector gives a direct order-
-entire police in the
city will start operation
On getting delayed
its more dangerous
Okay then leave it
l'll call myself
No need..
What is wrong..
No need father, no
need to come now
lf there is any emergency l'll say
Tell to brother also
No need l'm all right
Right now, there is
Soffi aunty and all
lts okay, l'll call
Actually since two days they haven't
gone to school, Aparna didn't you know?
Doesn't she have to
take care of things at shop?
School is answerable
after collecting high fees
Not only that daughter, you
shouldn't have missed Sunday masses
There are certain things in it
Take the tea, for sir its without
Sister any information?
Why girl, couldn't you also go?
Parents are tensed here
By the way Anne chechi marriage at
Kuruvillankunnu is tomorrow, no?
How is it in such a situation here?
Thatjourney can't be avoided,
we are coming in your car, okay
That's okay
Yeah, l'll call
Hello, hello
Aju, where are you?
At the bus stand
What are you doing there?
Here, l'm..
You come here quickly all are
upset here for not seeing you
ls it so?
Yeah, police and all has come
For what?
To enquire about you
Your relatives have also come
Heard all are questioned
Once if you are found going to
produce you before the court
For what?
That is..
lsn't it to punish taken to court?
Why to punish me? l have
not done such a big mistake
l also don't know clearly for what
Heard what everyone
was saying over here
Did Navaneeth die?
Okay anyway l'll go downstairs
and tell, you wait there itself
No need
Hello, hello..
Myself and Deepak
uncle are going out
Mother is downstairs,
close the door and study
lf caught, told all will kill me
Was that what brother
told for the last time?
Didn't he tell where he is going?
Daughterthink hard and see
ls this drawn by brother?
Was this drawing done before or
after that incident at the school?
This was drawn by Amindo earlier
During these days, wasn't there
any difference in Ajoy's behavior?
As usual returns from school
Does the home work
lt was like that
Parents should come to school
Class teacher had told that, it
was send by writing it in the dairy
Since for three to four days as
there were some family tensions
l didn't notice that
But we, instead of wasting time like
this shouldn't we investigate outside?
May be he might have done on an
impulse, what's there to get from here?
Since how long are you here?
For 6 years
Came to take care of Anju
Which Anju?
Daughter, Angelina
Where is the house?
To the North
Then why comes here to stay?
Husband hails from there
He is dead
Son, is there
He is on with vegetables..
How is this boy?
ls he always disobedient?
No sir, he is an innocent boy
That's why he eloped, no?
Not that sir, he had
something in his mind
l'm sure, if l could sit and talk to
him, l would have understood it
But on thinking l couldn't do that..
Shamala, serve tea for all
Joseph's cousin's wife
From Kolamkulam family
Any problem with the hand?
For me?
lf so, serve the tea for all
This will take time
As you know him, do
you think he'll come back?
Now eight hours is over, that boy
could have told when that call came
After all he is a boy, might
have thought on telling-
- its like cheating the
friend at that time
Anyway at least now he has told
Yeah mother
No, right now l'm outside
What is it?
Call Raju's vehicle and go there
l'll reach
Okay l'll come
They are going in
their maximum speed
Yeah, doctor will reach there
now, l've called and said
l'll come forthe time
being mother you handle it
Have you got enough money?
What is it man?
Simply disturbs sleep at night
Go man
Who is it?
Sir, he must have left
the place on some vehicle
Looks like there is no
use of checking in Cochin
Saw anyone?
Why to see? A guess
But still to flee in a school uniform
lts noticeable, no?
On getting inside a crowded
bus and on saying parents-
- are there at the front
side, then no one will notice
Angelina had told he
didn't have money with him
A boy who can make this much
issues can't he make rupees ten or fifty?
Sir, there are people who
had seen at Subash Park
Otherthan that no other information
Anyway we'll start with one
more round of fresh combing
Somewhere he should sit, no?
My dear sir, saying out
of 25 years of experience
Won't get him in this district
But still..
Has passed the
information everywhere
Can decide in the
morning what to do next
Sir, should also leave, no?
So, till then..?
Not saying won't do the search,
our night patrol team is now..
Look, today night if anything
happens to him in this district..
..will you answer it?
Only if you are sure,
can give such an answer
Only then all go to sleep
You don't get angry
Mohan chetta..
Did you see he
running from theater, no is it?
Just enquire on what those
people said, who had seen that
While running he had fallen down
His legs are wounded, if he is lying
somewhere with a fracture
Are you answerable?
Sir, can't sleep
Brother, right from dawn
we are also on duty
On lathi charge, picketing
and minister
On saying its delegated
to night patrol, its done so
At the moment we can
only do that much
Sir, you may go
No, Mohan chetta..
We'll once again
l'm the one who is saying, sir
Don't let all to lean on us
Come man
There is a special order to continue
the combing for next 48 hours
Sir how are you related to collector?
Both their T.C should be
collected tomorrow itself
Again no need of this school
What they might say is, he has done
this because we didn't care much
Can easily wash their
hands by saying like that
Joe, are you sure
that is not the reason?
Scolds on finding the mistakes
That's for him
l don't know whether rule of your
modern parenting is different -Joe!
Please, no quarrels between us
The high light is those
things which weren't done
Has not cuddled, never used
to ask the events at school
Doesn't play with them
Always in an orderly manner
lf he had come to me with a grief,
no matter no one else supported
l would have been there, l
don't need to establish all that
Joe, but he didn't return
To both of us
lf he comes he wasn't sure that,
we would say it doesn't matter
No matter, what all
census are taken-
-no matter what all things
we had given to him
As long as he doesn't
feel that surety
Right now l'm praying
for a second chance
To reach to his age and talk to him
To see his fears and to
believe his fantacies
At least in front of him not to
become a lady who is aged 32
Second chance
Our childhood which we had
lost somewhere in between
The innocence of that to regain it
by being with him, a second chance
Nothing else is there, there is no
other rule in parenting, other than that
But a situation has emerged
as he would be never seen again
For me to understand that
For me to desire that
The time is 5:28
lmmediately after he called
ln this he is not on uniform
Which means after the
phone call within 15 minutes-
- he has changed the dress
The fear is begging
alms mafia is too strong
Someone is there with him
When Aju called
what did Kevin say?
What is done now is wrong and
return to school at the earliest
ln this school, which is the
place which you like the most?
When school gets over,
the school bus
Who among you gave this to Aju?
Come on tell uncle is
not going to tell anyone
What is all this sir?
Lucky, this is being held
What if kids say most liked
place is a seesaw or a swing?
What do you think
where Aju might have gone?
To somewhere he gets
peace of mind -Which means?
Where there is no exam,
no scolding, no punishment
Where there is no police to follow
To one of such places
Which is that place where
none of these are present?
lf l knew that l would have
gone long back, uncle
Why l have told him
not to come for few days
That was out of fear that
Navaneethan's father would hurt him
But l didn't think that
he would flee on hearing that
Uncle, he should be brought back
Okay isn't it?
Pull over the vehicle
l'll reach immediately
Yeah, l'll call and say that
That that of half kg
No need to pack
A male baby
Congratulations sir -Thank you
God..Okay straight
away go to Perumbavoor
En route from my home
a good lunch with river fish
l want the list of those people who
had visited that flat since last 3 months
Boy, telling you to go inside
On wearing washed
and ironed dress
Come sir, its kept ready
ln seventh standard he is the
one who invented naughtiness
When did he return from Cochin?
Shamala's son..
Where is the house?
Over there
ls she the mother?
We four of us had gone to
Cochin to sell the vegetables
While standing at the bus stand
to return Kanan saw Aju
He cried saying he wanted
to come with us-
-he told or else he'll
flee to somewhere
Then Kanan took him along
Get inside the vehicle
Show where they are
You wait here
Sir, when someone told
police had come to the house
Kanan, along with
Chandru and Aju ran away
Who is Chandru?
My brother
Three of them were playing
near that bamboo forest
When Kanan and Aju ran, he
might have ran along with them
He is like that
Where did they run? -To forest
Which forest?
'Aayeram Kolli Kadu'(jungle that
killed thousand people)
This is the spot where
we are standing now
Which means the starting
point of children
To deep inside forest is
92, 500 hectare
Approximately 2,30,000 acre
They might have
gone to any direction
On entering inside, going to right
or left that concept is not there in jungle
Overthere its entirely left and right
We had searched in the
beginning 5 kilometers of radius
By the time it was dark
What is our next step?
As per the time which
is told by those boys
-Two and a half hours might
be over since they went inside
Even if they move in normal speed
By this time
Chances are they might have
reached somewhat deep inside
But still our problem is
in which direction to go?
Sir, how not to go?
Not possible at night, anyway
There is a rule like that
Animals hunts prey after the sunset
Morning at what time to start?
Sabu, just explain it
To recover the body l'll send
two people in the morning
Only that is possible
As per the census 27 leopards
More than thousands of elephants
Equal number of other wild animals
They won't finish this night
That's your belief
Bu t we should go at the earliest
lf its to fold hands and watch
then what is the use of us?
The breeding season of king Cobra,
can't say from where the attack comes
During this time even the
tribals are scared to enter inside
So, its the fear?.
That's because of
knowing the jungle
The guts which you are showing
now, the meaning of it is ignorance
That's because its the beginning
Sir, what he says is..
Mohan chettan just keep quite
So, are we waiting here now
to see those kids dead?
To tell that to them..
Whose job is it?
Lets go in
Watcher, knows the
jungle like a palm
Chinna, when can we start?
Sir, the time is not good
But what about those kids?
Sir, jungle had taken them
Anju? -Vakkachan Appapan
and Mary Kochamma is there
Leave me fellow
Go and give to someone else
Leave fellow
Move back you fellow
Can't you understand on saying?
What is it?
He is bribing me to
go inside the jungle
On saying no, he wants to beat me
Joesph! No
lf it were your son won't you go, will
you say this excuse at that time?
l don't intend to go, you give case
lf anything happens to my son?
Move back fellow
Sabu, remove the tent
We are going back
Should see what he can do
Remove everything -Remove it
Will teach him
ldiot, has come to offer me
Sir please sir
Two of you go there
Man, just shut up
Jacob Mathen, Ernakulam collector
l know sir
Starting early morning, no?
Sir, they have some inconvenience
Since its a risky time
That's why
Not bothered about 3 kids who
are inside, during risky time?
Fellow, before calling anyone
else, could have called me, no?
l'm there, no?
l want to know the
decision right now
lf its no, then l have to
do lot of things
Every half an hour report the
movements to base camp - Sir
Sabu and team will
move to South -East
We'll look on the outer area
We'll halt at the watch
tower of Jayadevan sir
A naturalist who stays inside jungle
and does research on animals
A bit inside, might be helpful
to us when he is with us
Okay delay not
Approximately we have
ten hours with us
When a person is found missing
inside the jungle after 24 hours
Can't get
That is the calculation
lts called zero hope
lnquest form, if the body is received
on that spot itself may conduct inquest
Sir, be careful
Any surety on it was through
this way they went? -Slowly
This is elephant corridor,
don't make noise
See this
Has covered 18 kilometers inside
No trail marks have been spotted
No other movements are observed
Since the animals are active
the speed is 20 kilometers
Looks like we are on the right track
Has spotted a location
mark, must be drawn by children
Has drawn it so that the
route doesn't go wrong
Sir..! -No, on knowing they
might say will return
We should start now, this
is a visual half an hour back
They are heading
to North-East direction
On reaching there its deep
forest, before they enter into it..
Should walk and go
Jeep won't go
But sir, on walking and going
Without any protection
On walking knowing the pulse of the
jungle, then jungle is the protection
lsn't it like that Chinna?
Chinna, take all that
This is theirfootage
This is the footage, on the same
spot afterten minutes after they left
lts a miracle that they
had reached so far
But the moment they enter the
deep jungle, then we can't go inside
After that, don't expect any miracles
Before that, the nature should
give some indications-
- and we should be taken near them
Look, drink water only
in dire needs
The next water body is bit far
One more kilometer
Can't go beyond that..
By then if they aren't found..
Will get
l'm sure
Hey, together, don't walk in gaps
We are moving to more interiors
from here on wards won't get long sights
And it'll be very silent..Only
we are not seeing animals..
What is it?
Nothing madam, nothing
Hey don't go to that side!
Sir, we have got a child from here
ls it Aju?
No Chandru
How is his condition?
No problem sir
There is a minor injury on the leg
Has given the first aid
Seems bit of scared
When some animals
attacked, looks like has ran
Did they say anything about Aju?
Three of them ran to
three different routes
Told Aju has ran to the deep jungle
We've got Kanan, inform on
receiving any information -Okay sir
What's next?
We can't go inside further
Zero hope, sorry
Can't return until dawn
Fix the tent
Even if escaped from animals
By this time he must be lying
somewhere fainted, without getting water
That too, can't say how deep it is
Even if its like that some
animal will drag him inside
To recover the body?
No way
As you know its full of
tigers and elephants
lf its tiger will take it deep inside the
jungle and keep on top of some tree
Will start to eat only after
the body starts to decay
lf its elephant, on
the ground itself and..
On starting by around 6:30
can return before evening
Can't return back on
the route which we came
He will come
And we'll return with him
Joe, don't try to convince me
He won't come
l know
He is gone
To where he loved
He has gone
On going back, Anju
will ask where is Aminto
l should have something to tell her
To make her believe
l should have something
Like what Kanan has told us
The routes he traveled
The sights he saw
Adding all that, l'll tell her a story
The story of Aminto
lt was my biggest wish
to come to a place like this
On becoming friends with animals,
drinking water in the river
Eating fruits on the tree
l've drawn all this
Good, had that
problem in the school
Mam had told to bring the parents
l fled
lts like that
On having a wish to come to jungle
Jungle will take us here
l feel like staying here
for some more days
On reaching here
l'm not afraid of anything
To police, to school or
to Navaneethan's father
Close the eyes
Now open the mouth
Thank you Kanan chetta
Don't you want to draw more?
Everything is inside,
l haven't gone only heard
Bit difficult
Want to go?
Kanan chetta!
Then, Amindo had gone like that
Deep into the forest
While standing in our school library,
there 's a jungle at a distance, no?
Deep inside it
To somewhere
Uncle had seen that at that time
There is a secret on jungle those
gone to jungle had never returned
Those who had gone to deep
jungle, had not expired either
They have guardians over
there which we do not know
He is here
he is safe
But how much portions have
you missed, for model exam?