School of Life (2005) Movie Script

this is albert middle school my name is duly not a student here my grandfather
teaches you my father teaches here
talk about pressure next year my graduation expect me to be valedictorian
get one of those inspirational speeches like the ones to discipline take English
tour met already killed some of us these have been our companions their faces
severe directly heads informed and lab partners teammates and car pools shared
reluctantly so now we are moving on what will be an equally treacherous road with
nothing to look for it too except for the inevitable alienation from the cool
people who if there is any justice in this cruel world will be waiting on a
sunday in our local restaurants assuming we have enough money to pay for meals
after spending our hard-earned wages on therapy so with this let us step within
the high school
good luck that's my grandfather my dad seemed like the norm and not to be a day
that would change our lives forever
that was a little bit of sunshine
you're welcome this is very inappropriate ready when you just relax
I think we ought to take a moment to feel inspired by the words our
valedictorian Susie Jessa imagine Howard self-appointed to mcs for us to take
over thought they were opening in vegas we are here to present student elected
teacher of the year award this year's award comes as no surprise to any of us
I mean he's been at the school since elected president
you can forget all those legendary stories like when he was caught like a
studio quarters with that is that instructor hundred McGillicutty that was
very she was a big baddies Tommy how to get the most out of the seventh grade
even if it takes me a couple years ways and gentlemen is our unless an honor to
present for the 43rd consecutive year student I can be sure that your award to
mr. started not in water
well after so many years I don't know what to say anymore
mainly because at my age I have forgotten most of the English language
there is one thing that even old age can take away and that is the gift of
teaching the miracles that we see every day in the eyes of those who open their
minds to the world of knowledge miracles can happen
if you let them take it back with a Break let him breathe
somebody get a doctor yet about their 911 right it's okay down here I'm here
I'm here
it takes less than death kilogram had come down right where with my trophy
somebody get into trouble
here it is mr. Chilton Matt it don't die on me but don't die
I don't understand take take your shot shotgun and what shot that Dad
I still wonder what it would have been like to be the thing that's his mom and
I were spread a better memory
the worst part of not being there is the feeling that you could have helped in
some way maybe even changed the outcome
I'll always remember what grandma used to say life is tiny so don't ever miss
the opportunity to spread your wings the summer but times like this i wonder if
maybe a little set best life sucks and then you die
thank you that really helps
ok ok it
and Linda laughing grams
I made a decision that they no matter how old i got I'd stop by see bringing
flowers chocolate covered coffee beans he loved so we know I remembered how
important he was to me good
hi just like this guy was doing for someone he cared about
it didn't take me long to realize that when it came to pay tribute to gramps I
better be prepared to stand in line
any still awake currently you okay
exchangeable in French class
I know your work when I'm sorry i was looking forward to that too
yeah not teacher 11 pentagrams well you know i'll be there
I mean if you need me yeah but your biology key so it's just different
all I know you're not
Stormin Norman let me tell you something kiddo a Warner has won Teacher of the
Year at fallbrook for 43 years
yeah but that was grams well here's a little secret number 44 is gonna be a
warrior to you just watch and see
and that's not important you bet it's important i'll get some sleep okay get
I'm already in the room you just can't see me I'm gonna shadow and convince my
parents didn't even though we got the paper
come on our religious why I just a dream
alright this is my ear I am relaxed and my eyes are open with my lunch
no it's not just testing can be great thanks
hey great kiddo you're all set not like honey
ok ready for a new school year you got everything to me this morning everyone
morning kids the morning probably one of the most amazing things I learned from
again was how to make myself invisible a great day huh
it's gonna be a great year see I'm gone vanished
what are you doing nothing just stretching
ok kiddo let's see who goes first call it the coin toss was my idea
yes no you don't have been hanging with your dad get like that
hey who needs luck this is my year especially at your school
the first day of the new school year is always awkward people know people you
don't know the ones you only dream about chase them i was way too shy even look
at her but hey there's my dad's lucky day
why not lined to right
Ron one chance I had and I blown it big-time right i doing
let me tell you something more impressive woman when you all its gonna
make a lot of funk you know like this stop got it really works at hey with
women are no guarantees but i can tell you this one for me and I fall for a lot
of with no you your history
well I see many familiar faces out there and for those of you I already know
hello and for all you students well how about a nice big fallbrook look I'm
principal bass and i look forward to getting reacquainted with you hopefully
these acquaintances will take place in the hallways and it breaks and not down
at my office if you understand
now my privilege to introduce you to a fine group of educators your department
heads if you could just stand when I call your name please
um mathematics a little welcome back Maggie English Don parks on physical
education and cocaine
I hope Clark this nice babies
alright for science is on the barley great stormin norman water and it's not
an easy job to replace the nikon so we're fortunate to have an alumni of
fallbrook for history would you please make him feel welcome in his first year
mr. Michael Angelo Angelo would like whopper some introductory remarks
ok we tell me cool i think it's important that that you all know I'm
only here until a good fast-food job opens up you know saying
my name is Michelangelo and its principal past mentioned I was once a
student here in 20 minutes you flunk Oh se15 grades you may remember me i was
the shy underdeveloped girl with braces
it's very inappropriate you know education is truly a hero's journey
it seems to be the going to schools a lot like a Star Wars movie you're all
Luke Skywalker's Lucy Skywalker's whichever applies and school is just one
of the many places that you're gonna receive your Jedi training because we
need to get ready to go to battle against the evil empire now evil empire
it's not our school our parents or even the question will meet products in the
cafeteria see the evil empire is a belief is believing that we have
limitations you don't whether you realize it or not every single one of
you is perfect
norman was my jedi master
the greatest lesson that he thought he was that I was my own teacher was my own
master and a lesson that I hope to teach all of you and not worry about what
you're doing because it doesn't matter worry about who you're being you do that
there is absolutely nothing stopping you from going on this world and kicking
some serious ass school now this is your life saver put into a single piece of
paper at heart a little courage and together we can make this world a better
let me take this journey with you
there was a dreaded Shadow falling off my dad
those of us in mr b's class to blast the end of all others after all eternity
dull assembly into a rock the house rally think we'd like to do with history
this guy was nothing like the other teachers step get your email that off
Brad or was it once you have to be one of those darksidegti's you think about
my good buddy said to the one thing you fear most
I'm supposed to read it aloud it says that there is no this is sitting shirt
whoo that was close you see the seating chart is the first thing that separates
the cool teachers from well you know
everyone please note the seating chart on the blackboard where the shackles
people the seating chart exist so that i can learn your name's faster and open
the lines of communication between us and mr. one cavity and of course you can
it not be in the back of course you can
good morning class well I'm glad to see everyone's so happy with where they're
sitting Thank You Seth
that wasn't so hard was it but don't get too comfortable yet
okay sometimes the origin is worth chase mr. d
how do you know any money yeah you're already picking favorites are you okay
people I have one very simple rule in this class you do my homework and I'll
do yours
scratch that i'll do your homework and you do my nails excited
can someone tell me what I'm trying to say don't we do our homework and you to
use yes that's it thank you very much
you do your homework and you do mine
you guys ready to have what is life science
well tell you life science is the greatest mystery in the universe
now who can tell me why that is death because the vastness of the universe the
only evidence of any real life is she on planet earth very good Patti but what
about my I had become the Martians help Eddie what they actually found was a
meteorite that they believe broke off from Mars millions of years ago and they
think that it might contain fossilized microorganisms but now whether or not
that is proof of life is still a mystery
yes Clyde one of the great mysteries i know is that I'm sell for ages now one
man's coming close to solving this one
well this has very interesting Clyde so what is it what is this mystery why you
have to take this boring class
chase you about to tell me about the origin of our history
it means his story stories we're happy to tell the kids that what happened to
nice moves you're on fire
okay what's wrong with that work Brad I don't know
yes you do ok let me help ya Heather would you do this summer huh
anything you can make it up if you want I'm well pleased me to my dad's car and
jumped to my finger
there you go I'm gonna have to report to the proper authorities but good
nonetheless now set
what's wrong with chases explanation of the world history girls has stories too
oh yeah now how would you redefine what we're gonna study you enter her story we
actually have another brandy just a model for you
different special in your own way live it on it okay guys what we're gonna do
is combine the two words his and her story now let's chase mention before the
way in which isn't her story was recorded before he started writing it
down was simply by telling it
people gather around a storyteller would entertain and educate since I know you
all to be true isn't her story and you just that everybody up please
let's go buddy let's get a circle like with me and history all-in-one
I apologize for the interruption
now where were mr. disappeared into his closet may be necessary in a circle and
me sitting right next to chase
it was Moses yes
Moses that said as he looked out onto the red sea parte I've got to get to an
NRA meeting that's nice
how much time do we have
answer that question my friends is not on that clock
how much time do we have
not a lot
that's how much time we have not a lot
this guy was cool and when you look at you
well you felt cool t we know the answer this question i would like you all to
understand that from this moment forward each and every minute every second is
reach everyone but most importantly principal bass comes in here looking for
a brown leather antique high-back chair I was never here
they could have service with guys for lunch and no one would have noticed the
only thing on everybody's mind was mr. do your little bastard and a good
morning to you too many it's not pucks everyone hello fellow educators ok I got
some learners out there really good first morning in my imagination or these
kids reaching puberty sooner than they used to
it's television Maggie pretty soon third graders were beginning boob jobs as far
as language skills
english is officially dead word up dead
my kids are great of course they're great he teach art I don't buy that
come on you guys but there's only half over besides these kids are easy to
reach you just have to relate to them on their own level was misty species many
amazing or what
oh hey all the metaphor lives on never in all my years and I seen a teacher so
quickly embraced by the students with the exception of your father that
yesterday rules
hey wait a minute i don't understand this why are we calling him mr. d
no it's just it seemed so he's just six mr.
for everyone anyone see mr. pete today mr. he was talking to the entire school
stories and grown to almost legendary course jackpot even can support
mysteries class acted like they were here for which they were also missing
we used to wonder
oh I Michelangelo we can get a chance to uh to me me me yeah yeah yeah
after the assembly no yeah yeah boy I'm I'm sorry about your father
you're very lucky man excuse me
that didn't sound right at all what I meant to say was that it must have been
something grown-up under stormwater oh yes it was
yeah that he cast a shadow yeah i forgot time anyone got a way to go but I was
like been Mr met mr. mr. MacMaster warm matte matte he brushed me off
he doesn't even know you oh so you're saying that if he didn't know me that
many would crush me while i am not going to have taken
I just think the guys are shown on the fly
maybe you're right they don't they don't a ghetto not out of the carton house
practice let's just say that if we win a game in any sport this year it'll be a
miracle that I wish we were bad just filed suck
wait a minute i think burncoat is a pretty great coach that I can't even
address that said you felt pretty new girl know what are you doing any your
mother just want to know what kind of day I had let me give you the cliff
notes version if it weren't for mr. key this would have been the most
embarrassing day of my life
have a good one
what I want all of you to do is to imagine that you have three to study any
aspect of life science that you choose anything anything as long as it relates
to life science that can be an interesting plant or an animal that
you've been wondering about what about the female anatomy class there's nothing
funny about the female anatomy Clyde if you can take that topic seriously than
that would certainly qualify awesome right right now once you make your pick
i want each of you to write a description of your respective topics
what our respective topic
well you know that they're the ones that you choose i mean you know i mean each
of you individually
I mean they're you know they're they're all of your each of your topics that
clears it up good now then I want you to explain why
I'm gonna bring great place
it's nothing class just stay in your seats
no it's not that bad just been not that you look bad
it is serious . you can you notification
oh this was thinking private water the first recorded use of mathematics
education battlefields march forth 1944 well mr. trying to make love not war on
your own time creating visits take all the races within your hands do to work
around you better save for later soldier
how much time do we have helped her up and I gotta get to the theater and its
yes to me i was wondering if you can you find pie
excuse me my moon pie can you play him and I going to me if I knew your moon
pie then every student will want to use the microwave
now do you think that's the purpose of the faculty lounge I guess not
okay then amen glad you're here so I look the way I see it
nobody should tell anybody else how to teach but obviously he needs to
understand the parameters in which we work here right
what the hell are you talking about Angelo what about what happen what about
we're just talking about how creative mr. these methods are not maybe we could
all be a little more creative with their own created oh well that's one way of
looking at it
hey here is ok this is where the craziness start mr. you taking the ball
was going all the way to the end
all we need now is a cheerleader
that's not a very healthy lunch
oh that's not really my lunch of course it isn't
I don't want that is you want to a garage door now eats a moon pie
what is your problem excuse me mr. do you so shy I think I'm attracted to that
morning crisis center have a crisis not honey honey take a deep breath chest
don't say it didn't see it what's going on
it's not a shadow anymore it's an eclipse it's a total eclipse I could
live with shadow Matt slow down
what are you talking about Mr D going to anybody
I'll do your homework for a month i think i was being kind when I said we
yes dad are you alright
ok so who wants to go in you you what about you you you know I'd better
calling the game coach
we were about to make history complete the first junior high team that you
don't ever go on strike so let me guess you didn't get the problem of course I
didn't walk mr. demon if I did know I could you do me one favor anything but
you not say Mr D because that's all I over here mr. t mr. diamond today I'm
beginning to hate the letter
how does she's here
large they're the right size for you think so
no don't feel guilty about what I'm stepping out of the shadows
I still here telling me to relax and now to not judge something even before I've
seen it
I know how do you always know exactly what I'm feeling
I don't know the next morning my dad took the trophy back to the school and
finally emerged from the shadow free at last mr. water the record you like to
comment on rumors spreading around the school
what rumor will appear that mr. G has emerged but brother this is raised for
Teacher of the Year I don't really want to comment about that ok everyone
becomes truth this is the first time 44 years any water does not appear on the
children look I really don't want to speculate about that all 44 years must
be an enormous amount of pressure he now does that feel a family tradition and on
President and record left in your hands and hanging by a thread
mr. t is standing on top of you with appearance giant scissors every comment
sir look let me just say that the year is far from over and that change is in
the air
ok that's all I can sit here yes nothing do that was so wrong
we have ok
Jurassic period throwing saurus rex middle finger
ok like bomb
early man extra-crispy here . about John last year all this is the greatest find
of all time
ladies and gentlemen swimsuit edition larger no articles is gonna go on dr.
Keyes brother collection
girls want to go down this very science-y shadow
teachers looks like our way to meet you thanks and parts of Mallory 100
continues on his way to capture and i'll be feel valuable player 11 hours and
seven straight down on your date for biology bathroom okay well maybe trying
nothing that befalls ok if you don't become enlightened
okay Heidi seriously affected that matter that i'm on i'm taking out maybe
yesterday about ok i will try and tell me what makes elbow not surprising that
comes from Koji kitchen for my waters mr. be okay bring on the heat gonna be
generally i'm old ones up here's a bitch
students and teachers alike swirled into the whirlwind of mr. dude you gave me
that one doing not my birthday
thank you
I love to do ok almost everybody
mom you wouldn't believe the game today you want no great loss but you should
see the city it was unbelievable bottom of the night and boom he was like Barry
Bonds wow it's your dad's excited
who needs a hug
you watch late
I know you keep to yourself mister
Michael please come
we should I don't bother you but you do something to me and then I started
thinking that i can only be feeling that sort of you know whatever unless the
other person who's doing it to me is also feeling that kind of something it
does not make any sense to you that makes all the sense in the world
really yeah really does and i would it really
really like they don't have coffee with you sometime or bowling only yeah oh
yeah I'm pretty sure like moving a lot but the fact is I can't
and something
state you are very attractive coming to me nothing to call you teased
I'm not going to know when your specific the go on my parents bedroom that
something happened that night only
Mr D you say please and you said Mr D wonder if I seem sticky I don't know you
tell me how did you know I've been my feelings for a man I've never even met
and somehow you knew I can't hide it anymore Matt I'm in love with mr. t I
distinctly heard you say I think I don't
hey I'm not the one who's being unfaithful
oh great now you're gonna go sleep on the couch
well I guess you're gonna go crazy
might as well dress for it
I don't think my dad even knew what he was looking for that didn't stop him
was a man on the mission unrelenting obsessed
hi catch huh my chair
Oh Carl wants to know what characterizes target genes can anyone help out
everyone knows the answer
fucking the characterized extensions of the cell membrane can teach classes
after school or on weekends
mr. D'Angelo wanted you all to prepare your lessons to go do that order that
emergency up work you'll have to call you back
that's a physical impossibility
hello Ellie I'm so glad I caught you
I've been worried sick again this morning to apologize and you're comin
already at school I was trying to locate a great book that i forgot about we've
got your lunch in your briefcase with you also forgot i know i know i know
this could be a change of clothes and some shoes and some socks too but we
already on the road and we're part of this but you not tell me Elliot
believing everything is gonna be okay I got him mad
the Angelo i'll tell you about when you're gonna need a serious question
your mom white is mr. d
the effect he doesn't everybody and I thought it was gonna be a tough one
humor me well he treats us like we're his friends
I mean his lessons art lessons mystery the pole classes
you know what I mean all I understand is that mystery is the key word here what
am I saying sir with all due respect that's right here in his role of its
secret of his popularity look at this straight a's across the board without
I mean who wouldn't love this guy they're all gone to Harvard telling me
to contact mr. day and have him come in here please
so mad cannot yeah like a training
yeah shower all the fruit loops
very good this is a delicate situation i know it is i need to analysts in a
manner which will prevent you further embarrassment
I know you do I know you don't get the fewest don't worry
clarity is just around come in and see me yesterday I wanted to be the first to
congratulate you seem to have made a little bit of history down at the
National Board of Education really yes you're the first teacher to ever have an
entire class machine straight a's using the standardized tests
oh wow oh and they have said over this little token of their appreciation and
well well I'm not very proud of those kids all very proud of you keep up the
good work
congratulations thank you sir that oh well congratulations thank you
hey thank you oh I like that I think this belongs to you as well
oh yeah
thank you
standardized tests standardized test system you can't cheat on standardized
tests I know
yeah okay and until that the only reason doing is late is because his father
called and needed it don't tell me a roll
hey there hi i got the day off you want to do so
honey please I'm sorry don't you need me
net look I was just doing a last minute lesson plan checking situation and and I
fell asleep honey please I need you right now
Howie I'm sorry okay i want with people on a daily basis you have nothing
you have everything that you seem determined to turn it into nothing
that's not true i just like a job our life in you show up in your pajamas
thank God didn't see you
Ellie go Ellie Ellie down into schools out the casual Tuesday that when that's
over plz shoutout
why did I even think I had a chance to investigate afternoon coach afternoon i
gotta break it out
I'm not a very good coach either why they keep me here on staff
I'm not sure we haven't won a game in any sports I started three years ago we
got basketball season coming up and just buy it from softball games are quite
naturally and you cannot really fast too
ok ok
I think you're really gonna enjoy it
that and
what's happened
shouldn't confuse no not at all go for copy
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
your shot darling
it's getting late you have to go how much time you have a lot don't you mean
I've got montage materials marathon at home
chop-chop snip-snip basically everything my apartment I don't want including in
case you wanted me to share my old boyfriend
hmm then you a the kids got pasted on to finish a finals cool preparing see what
you know that he will connect my please do some paper mache things could be
messy you know Denise I should tell you that I'm spoken for
I don't have everything unless they have you
I'm anyone on that Warner jackass
you're my jackass your dinner awaits
and I night house chasing for the addams family i'll be my room chillin and yet
please try not to come to school in your pajamas makes my life a living hell and
it's bad enough already
checkers major I'll be ready
hey kiddo
listen I'm sorry I embarrassed you in front of your girlfriend she's not my
girlfriend will never be my girlfriend yet my heart hurt
well it's not really your heart one sure feels like it i know it doesn't it'll go
I don't want to do you make it hurts but I feel alive mr. decent but sometimes in
order to be truly alive sometimes need to feel things even if it's well that's
just one way of looking at it but remember how you told me to solve my
problems by putting them on a linear branching logic tree
logic3 yeah absolutely yeah well I kind that that's great but then mr. dealogic
seem to make a lot more sense to me so I think I'm gonna go with that
oh he thinks that I feel better
alright have a good night
he cut down my tree now class in honor of the beginning of our study of human
good morning will be jammas know Clyde no pajamas today but I do have something
that I think you're going to enjoy now class everyone come on up here and
gather around my desk and everyone take a look at this now can anyone tell me
what this fleshy mass is something from the cafeteria
it's a long left side most likely male very good Devin that's right mr. what's
that to thinking let me show you watch this
oh that it's pretty awesome isn't it
and that is going on inside every one of you right now let's try it all together
all right
deep breaths together follow me
Barbie's chalk
oh I'll get you a new box thank you hey guys eat sushi
that's good ok then in out and no one and A two and feel the stretch now
that's good alright
jazzercise there we go sorry we were just studying the lung
thank you for the shock
let's try that again ok here we go everybody shut up
anybody yeah give me out anybody tell me what that was an example of
thinking Thank You chase
ok people will pop quiz thursday may still need to think for a second okay
yeah yourselves basics have a good lunch and carrot because a get-together for me
know where the great humanitarians the world Eleanor Roosevelt she once said
do one thing everyday that scares you
you guys comfortable thank you for your time here it is the moment of truth
why do what my heart is telling me live like a puppy gravel beg for forgiveness
know you think I'm geek
hmm i think it's a deke yeah well he's not I'm not my dad
I'm looking your moon
what what nothing
good morning everyone that I yeah I just got a phone call from a few Evans
parents very unpleasant call maybe feel a little tense but if you come down to
my office after class I'd like to share this tension with you
yes sir
unbelievable baskets for any sign of weakness and a chance on your nuts like
an African rhino
yeah what's my therapist was it might be imprudent hey Matt you've got your moon
pie but oh right
go ahead laugh laugh all you want i owe you a moon after the Germans and mom
made sure dad always had an extra change of clothes the oxygen-rich blood leaves
the heart and I count 10
wait a second mr. Warner that's what we said before you come along
it doesn't yeah yeah actually generate returns to the heart via the capillary
surrounding the alveoli after being here
oh that's probably right i mean that's definitely right i mean very good that's
good look if anyone else has any idea what I'm talking about just let me in on
it okay
hey mr. Morgan your idea thanksgiving is this the real no no no don't tell me I
already know the guy you're looking for you to cross the that's one small step
for man one giant pain in the end
don't forget tomorrow we dissect basketballs and good luck to the front
sorry about the ovens boy I was demonstrating the function of the lungs
in the human body and he evidently became overly enthusiastic about the
lesson and he young like you know pastor well he hyperventilated and any past
that that I didn't call you in here to talk about the amex boy or the fact that
you pushed over national space hero
we have a problem here Matt I'll tell you what I know your father for a long
time and that's probably the only reason why you're not on suspension but if this
keeps up my loyalty won't stand in the way of what needs to happen to keep the
school running away i believe we all wanted to run I know that sir and I'm
sorry I'm not looking for an apology met I want a decision I want you to decide
whether or not you want to be an educator well I can't answer that right
now so don't know
no I don't think you can take a weekend pass
you haven't father's on one you gotta stop holding onto things were as low as
they could get any thought about winning teacher of the year has completely
me to do okay
never before seen such an atrocious performance went up like Fred trucks
it's brilliant because I wanted America coach what you doing in the stands and
and why is everybody cheering this weekend filled out there know isn't it
great mystery has taught me to redefine the term . you have to win to be a
winner when he isn't just winning winning is losing with a winning
attitude because if you lose like a winner and a loss is a victory no matter
who wins
especially if you lose something like that
now this might seem confusing but it's really quite simple because in scores
reaching the following yeah mrs. John
and the audience we got a basket but also to you mr. he said it was only a
joke sportsmanship this expertise jeans I don't understand who is coaching 5 i'm
not guys go
I love who doesn't get it yet do guys we've got about 30 goals that's 30
points coach articles and 30 points
ok so basically you have no chance of winning this game is everybody having a
good time
yeah trying their hardest yeah how much time we have not a lot you're handing
here we've got the best more finely
now this game i need to get all
by comparison
amateur detectives 470 elevated the professionals
and he who used to turn signal when you're tailing someone and if you're
gonna follow this course why not display yourself across mysteries with and save
the gas money
even nature was calling my dad relax go home where it's warm and dry but no he
was on a roll blind when you see push your luck man
oh right like my dad is gonna climb a fire truck ladder the guy who gettin
those big enough onto a bathroom scale it was your energy i might be live here
yeah that's right yeah okay yeah we don't be mad house I don't think that's
any of your business
get your punk ass up yeah look what your reaction to that full number 21 number
21 it to what go home run around in the deep which one of you is me
Oh God
look at my clothes
those fair and square loop our nation was founded on the principle of
democracy and free drink when you got a minute
tell me you want me to trade something for my own clothes assuming you like
myself have experienced social financial reversal only properly continue to
negotiate in the spirit of capitalism why you get that
oh here here but what about these topics . no no thatthat's family are limiting
my great-grandfather gave my grandfather and my might tell you
ok deal but that's not even mine
this respect a cantilever mr. he taught me anything that's a fair deal with a
fair day it will be safe mister
just when it looks like things couldn't get any stranger
this water
I'm Michael D'Angelo I work with my husband DVD where he is you know I
wouldn't worry about him too much
he's been following me since yesterday afternoon following you you know he's
pretty stressed out right now and I don't have something that like to help
clear things up you want 25 min from
so this is your yearbook yeah then you must have known mr. Warner senior oh I
didn't just not storming norming water i want to be him that's Matt's battle to
right there
I should get home thinking when the Beast had learned we were still getting
the paper
thank you no good for me too
ok Michael
here's your Basin back to check up on your little
excuse me
that's right let's go get someone to help you security
Michael not since my own son matty and i had the privilege of knowing young man
so empowered by the spirit of knowledge that he invites miracles northern border
sorry Ellie
I'm it so that high
I dad
it was a scientist I don't think that you've been watching me because if you
had been you probably would have told me to relax
well I understand now that the shadows are gone
you told me it takes less than death to kill a man
well I don't want to keep dying bad and I won't
thanks for listening
hello class today I want you to close your textbooks and put away your pension
papers because today is a pre . i want to know what you guys want to do
anything at all those got an idea that mystique
ok come on everyone out of your seat let's go come on
obsession with mr. Deasy vanishing almost as fast as I guess my dad figure
if you can't beat him
you mind if we join you all tribes welcome
ok cool kids
hear me
she's heart is weak sick though the flash my turn to dust my soul and strong
or higher than ever before
mr. pickle but being drunk breathing life like the wind
party forever now any volunteers like a construction worker cowboy
well mrs. Witherspoon don't give me a minute i want to say something to mr.
D'Angelo I mean to mr. d
then we'll head out get out great work dad in front of chase and kill me you
know i can like that you do yeah what am i doing better i got you back there okay
yeah I'll be there
yeah yeah I guess I missed him i just wanted to thank him for today you'll
have plenty of time for that I think you're gonna be here for a while
chillin you know even if Mr D moved on to another school he'd always be a part
of fallbrook just like grandpa audience you know and i'm mr. beuliss time is his
story may be thinking perhaps me to my grandfather put on a dress but it was
always telling me to take my shot
to make every moment count 21
I guess I never really understood what he meant until I met mr. d
almost useless spectacularly masterminded by our very own mr. do what
did you all be done with this group of boys sounds almost dynamics without
waking up to divert with it
ok here we are getting any other team's basket
Jerry a mistake but something's happened I don't know if it's because we're just
having a good time but every once in a while we pull off a pink in front that's
what kid like him
good morning class
I have test scores
no no groaning you hope did extremely well we get all of us everyone
yes now when I call your names come up here and you get your test out to mr. .
we're not really sure you'll be able to return the school are you can you not
read yeah and you completely spell the name of this glass Iran i take it you're
familiar with the principal's office
I'm on my way
any other comedians
ok class yeah I know we're all I just tell you something about mr. d
he's not gonna let any sickness get with his way you watch and see you just watch
mr. Warner are you okay
I'm good
oh and so are you with your first day of the year
congratulations patty oh and Clyde you didn't do so bad yourself
come on down
my guys with us mr. geet
take your time you're plenty of pencil what everybody around isn't nice
good work
it's gonna be okay
he tried to tell me he hasn't carrier tired like cancer in your ear can see
who's gonna coach the museum too small
what matters
I'm shut up bread like me what I make you think Bigfoot's problem you but this
no problem is going you know what the day wouldn't be very happy to show you
guys fighting you know mr. people here are you students are you talking about
well you don't have to be here to actually be I don't follow
guys look every single day your teachers stand up in front of your classes and
they give you things not just great i give your knowledge what they learned
they give to you and every time you give something to someone you give just a
little part of yourself which means that all of you have a little bit of me miss
Davies and mr. parks and all of you have a little bit
Mr D here guys
you just gotta know where to look and science
your memory yeah yes
she likes me she really likes me
hey coach I have a word with you of course that's what I'm thinking
anywhere you go and i'll be back
well just remember if you go out to put your clothes on
seemed to be having a lot of one-way conversation slightly
I think about why you're such a great teacher as you don't just teach the
students to teach the teachers do
my dad used to always talk about the miracles of Education he was Teacher of
the Year 43 times but you taught me one of two things that even he couldn't and
I just wanted to thank you for that Michael mr. d
amen and a couple of things from you too
so Emma this isn't gonna call the human sacrifices it i'll give you a hand
I am the father of genetics Devon gregor mendel that's right that's absolutely
right i'm Gregor Mendel and I have a big problem
yeah your wardrobe actually you know what that is a problem but i also have a
bigger problem that I was hoping that my apprentices could help me out with I
need to conduct several experiments and I need to use a particular plant now
which plan should i you mean Tommy and the winner is
p plans very good Patti in 1929 the nation's economy was cut to its knees by
what devastating event
nobody knows this who has been teaching you this year
this is history isn't it no my parents anything you need to redefine your
parent that's about you better tell the story the proper term is here and her
what is in her story one more word and all of you will be telling your stories
to the principal I'm on my way
who's going with me
landy so what Mendel I mean what I may we join you
come on him lunch is right back there
hey gonna have to do it to me this afternoon everybody that moon pie you
must have seen my shrink
no but I've seen a lot you have a good day you two going to the game Warner of
course it's our last game of the season right
hey heads up to me I old you want
thanks Joey let's suit up for the game hello hey guys i don't think mr. DeWitt
like this pregame attitude
well who's gonna tell i will now listen guys I got a little addition for
uniforms and I think you're gonna like come here come here I want you to take
these wristbands
come on come on all of you now look guys I know that there's a big part of this
team that isn't here right now but we know where to find dope and we owe it to
miss the deep to get out there and have a great time
now who's got the best for Brian basketball come on and sit on it
i mean we actually could live
yep that's plain rebounding scoring almost winning
Madden companies that are you doing better
no you're gonna fall in front of a crowd this size of the biggest game of you
gotta be something like this that's really works
I don't know the first 11
this is really good to me we could make this thing we can really look like a
little doesn't matter because you guys are so unbelievable
I'm just really proud just what
oh yeah what's the point what I'm gonna get
ok ok we're going to be about 30 seconds left I like to hang onto the ball for as
long as you can before you shoot ok let's lose the ball so what's your
straight work friend Stan defense
the first
it's time we have enough
then take his helmet okay
hey we're playing a game here ok so it's time to step up
I'm ready when you are man come on guys let's go
they have a one more vital and I'm gonna stop you now you gotta get going to get
you off that
yeah and everything not everything Michael money let me to not fair
oh boy alright