School of the Damned (2019) Movie Script

Where the hell is my car?
Five minutes.
Five minutes?
You said that 10 minutes ago.
Be honest, how long?
I'm guessing five minutes.
Five minutes?
All right, brilliant.
Thank you, bye.
This way, both of you.
Are you in here?
I'm leaving.
You don't have to
worry about me anymore.
I won't come back.
Come on.
Get out.
Come on.
Fix gearbox.
Mr. Middleton?
Mr. Cassidy.
Oh, right.
Um, one second.
Difficult times.
Difficult times ahead.
Lots of pressure
on young people.
On everyone.
And yet, you thrive.
Impressive as always.
I am nothing but hopeful for
the trial exams coming up.
I am sure everyone will do well.
I'm going to hand over to
Mr. Cassidy for the notices,
but first I would
like to welcome
our new member of
staff, Mr. Middleton.
Sir, is Mrs. Holmes coming back?
She hasn't been in.
Was she in an accident, Sir?
I heard she had an affair with
the caretaker in
the science lab.
Mrs. Holmes
departure was a blow.
We will miss her
tremendously of course.
But I am sure Mr.
Middleton will look after
you all with equal
skill and attention.
I asked you a question Tiny.
What are you laughin' at?
What are you laughing at Tiny?
I, I wasn't.
Let me through.
Why's he doing this?
Somebody should stop him.
Tony, tea?
No, it's just Tony.
Yeah, thanks.
Is something up?
I'm sure it's all in hand.
You know this uh, new
system, how do you know...
Mr. Middleton, this isn't your,
you should... your
nose is bleeding.
Come on, let's get you to the
nurse. How did this happen?
I got lost. Who's
teaching that class?
I can't have you bleeding
all over the halls.
Who knows where you've been.
Come on.
Nurse's station
is just down here.
Dr. Bennett will
fix you up fine.
Not to take anything away
from nurses but I am a doctor.
It's the old archaic vernacular
that sort of refers to
us as nurses, you know?
School nurse, go and
see the school nurse.
All that stuff.
Tell you what though, you
won't find anything better
than that green shit to
plug your nose bleed.
They've been using that
stuff since the 70's.
That is the pinnacle of nose
bleed tech right there, boss.
You got any paracetamol?
Oh, yeah plenty of that.
You're talking my language now.
Nose bleeds and headaches
are my bread and butter mate.
That's what I do.
I'm a bit over qualified.
Sorry about this.
Talk amongst
yourselves for a bit.
Yep, I give up.
Who knows how to
work this thing?
Um, yeah, you'll do.
Thank you.
Do we know who's sitting there?
Glad I bumped into you Georgie.
I wanted to have a chat
about Friday's incident.
Make sure you're okay.
I can't, Sir.
I'm supposed to be in English.
I'm sure you can catch up.
Quick talk in my office.
"And Jack found that the hall"
"was filled with more gold than
he could ever have imagined."
"He picked up some coins and
stuffed them into his pack."
He's bad.
The bad man.
Sarah, do you
think this as well?
Sarah, we've spoken about this.
Use your words.
Why is he bad?
Something should
happen to the bad man.
If you do bad things,
bad things should happen to you.
Like drinkin' alcohol.
Or smoking.
He is a little bad.
Uh, stealing is wrong.
Stop him.
Well, it's just a story.
He can't really...
What did we say about this?
I suppose that's the
end of story time.
If you behave I will
finish the story.
I'll work from memory I guess.
Then uh, Jack
remembered what his mom
had told him about
stealing so he just
put everything back
where he found it,
and he began his slow
and steady descent home
from where he came.
The end.
Sarah did this?
You're telling me a
seven year old girl
threw you to the ground...
No Sir, I often throw myself to
the ground to prove a
point to my opponents.
If I'm willing to do
this to myself, right?
So, you are saying Sarah
threw you to the ground.
I didn't say that.
She started it and then some
prick pushed me to the ground.
I didn't see who.
Ah, good.
So you did fall?
You tried your shtick
on an easy target,
simply embarrassed yourself.
Circumstances spared you from
otherwise unseemly behavior.
So I'm not in trouble then?
Yes, yes.
I would like you to write
down three nice things
you've seen people do
for each other today.
Give it back to me tomorrow.
Like what?
Literally make it up Georgie.
Your behavior will change.
You seem all right.
I'm gonna try not to
hurt your feelings.
It's not about my feelings son.
It's for your own good.
Off you go.
It's done.
He doesn't
understand how it works.
He doesn't understand.
- What's this?
- What the fuck's his problem?
- Trouble.
- Jesus.
Is he just this...
Please, please.
He doesn't understand
how things are here.
Okay, thank you.
On you go.
Books in a pile please.
Heard you go lost earlier?
Thought I'd show you around?
Um, yeah.
Okay uh, English here.
You know that already.
Uh, reprographics
is down that way.
You'll wanna make
friends with them.
You'll regret it if you don't.
Uh, so you've got history,
R.E., I.T.'s over there.
Cafeteria is down
through that way,
but don't eat the food.
Why not?
Trust me.
Uh, about that one kid's face.
The big one?
Literally the only kid
with a bruised face.
Uh, Georgie.
What's his um, what's
his second name?
I'm just uh, I'm just
figurin' everyone out.
Helps with my memory.
There, there was an incident.
There was a fight, right? I
mean, who was the other kid?
He must be a monster to do that.
There's no fights here.
But there was a
fight this morning.
Uh, there's not usually
uh, fights here.
It happens, you know?
Uh, I guess Georgie
caught a few blows.
Caught a few blows
in break, right?
It's just that I
saw him assembly,
before the fight, before break.
Um, his face?
Uh, Friday.
He fell.
I know how that sounds.
Really, really he did.
Um, Georgie's new.
All right.
Like you.
He doesn't know how
things are here.
Uh, shall we?
After you.
Um, science is,
is, is kinda around that corner.
Uh huh.
- Um, um...
- Shall we go this way?
We'll go this way, sure.
Here are some students.
Anything to be concerned about?
The usual stuff.
I checked in with
the boy from Friday.
He's completely unaware
of what she did.
He acknowledges that he fell.
I thought we were
done with this.
She doesn't like bullies.
I know.
I think betas need to
accept their position.
That's what causes the problem.
Well, what about fairness?
Don't you think people have
the right to strive for more?
They're not good
enough to have more.
If they were they
wouldn't be betas.
Bit late aren't we?
A headache.
As I was saying.
Okay children, line up.
I know we don't enjoy
this but if we don't take
our medicine you'll just
be like normal children.
If you don't let me do this,
you won't get any better.
Why can't you be
more like Sarah, hey?
Malachai, please come on.
I saw that. Do you need
any help Ms. Murphy?
No, Mr. Marquand thank you.
Please just go about your work.
You behave yourself
you little shit.
Hey, you shouldn't swear.
Please, go.
I can handle this.
No, I don't like him.
It doesn't matter
that he likes me.
Sarah, I don't like you
talking to me this way.
Use your words please.
I, I have to go to the nurse.
Sarah's in charge.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't the
spaz-tactic four.
You need to be a lot
nicer to Ms. Murphy
because she's bloody gorgeous.
What are you staring at?
You know, it's rude to stare.
I said it's rude to stare!
All right.
Okay, off you go.
Mr. Middleton?
Can I borrow you for a second?
Thought we could catch up a
bit since you're free now.
How was your first day?
It was good.
It was easy, really.
It's not what you're used to?
Of course I read your file.
We don't have to
discuss it here.
It must have been difficult.
Do you know what
happened to um...
You testified.
I didn't have a choice.
Must've been pleased.
Everyone getting
what they deserved.
Any lasting effects
on your part?
Of course.
Wasn't claustrophobic
And sometimes I think the
thought of being trapped,
stuck in a vehicle,
rudderless, no help,
screaming without a voice.
Was there anything else?
No need to worry
about anything here.
Certainly nothing as
brutal as the last school.
This isn't that kind
of place you know?
Students are different.
- Oi!
- Interesting case that boy.
He's new as well.
He'll come around.
This place takes
some getting used to.
Conditioning sticks, Tony.
Duty calls.
- Give me your money.
- I don't have any.
I said give me your
money. Shut up!
- We don't want any trouble.
- Shut up.
Give me your money.
I don't have any.
Put your bag down.
I don't wanna fight.
Put your bag down!
Come on.
Now jump.
You heard me, jump up and down.
Go on, keep going.
Come on.
Yeah, it sounds like you
have money to me mate.
Go on, hand it over.
Yeah, this was a test.
Your friends are cowards.
I'm done with this shit.
Move out of my way.
It's okay Sarah, he's gone now.
I'm worried about you Sarah.
If people find out
about what you've done,
what you've had
the others doing,
I don't think I'll be
able to protect you.
I know this is
hard to understand,
but maybe you should let
some of these things go.
I can't...
He's new.
He can be trusted.
He was lost, that's all.
He won't be like Mrs. Holmes.
I can see that he'll
understand you.
I'd like to have a word
about your janitor.
I understand.
Murphy shouldn't have
said anything until I...
You shoulda said
something before Murphy.
Now, I told you what
would happen if you failed
to manage the group
discreetly and productively.
I know, everything's
entirely under control.
This is a highly unique
and costly experiment.
One of which all of us
would like kept firmly
out of this very
public showroom.
I won't let you take them away.
You think about
keeping these incidents
to a minimum Mr. Abott.
Do you have a...
Come in.
Oh, I'm sorry you're in
the middle of something.
No, no.
Not at all, please.
Tell me um, do you bring your
own lunch, out of interest?
Yeah, I do.
Wise choice.
I wouldn't recommend
the cafeteria.
You can't get everything right.
You're missing a button there.
Well spotted.
Hopefully this tie will
hide it for us, eh?
Um, could you?
Yeah, good.
How can I help?
I wanted to ask you
about Georgie Berzel,
and I wanted to know if you've
heard anything from home.
I was gettin' worried so I
was actually gonna call...
You can't call
Georgie's home Tony.
Why not? I just want to make
sure everything's okay.
It's complicated.
I don't want you putting
yourself at risk.
Ironically, I can't
do it at home.
Chemistry department made this.
Plenty of mints.
Why would I be at risk?
Because teachers who overstep
their bounds can put
themselves in a difficult spot.
Give them an inch,
they'll take a mile.
For anyone to understand
that it should be you.
I saw some children.
I mean, not one of
them could've been
over 10 years old and they
were here on the grounds.
Class eight.
Exceptional class.
We house them here in the dorms.
We look after them,
help them thrive.
I'm sorry, dorms?
Class eight are a series
of unfortunate cases.
Numerous parental issues.
Um, criminality, abandonment,
chemical dependency
whilst pregnant.
Very noble of you.
One does what one can.
Everyone needs all
the help they can get.
You don't have to worry
about class eight,
but our other students...
Severe dyslexic.
Reading age of 10.
Young carer.
Has a part time job
to make ends meet.
Mom's new boyfriend
just moved in.
Not a great guy.
Wander into the bookies
in the next town,
he's there any day of the week.
They're doing fine because
they get attention.
The squeaky wheel gets
the grease, right?
Isn't Georgie one
of these cases?
He will be fine.
You spotted an
issue with the boy.
You're perceptive.
That's why I hired you.
Trust me Tony, I
know what I'm doing.
I'll speak to Georgie myself.
See what I can do.
Don't forget your mint.
Come then, in you come.
Silent reading, 10 minutes.
Hello Sir.
I forgot my book, Sir.
It's okay, it's okay.
Just go and see the nurse.
I don't know about this Sir.
Shouldn't I just be
doing lines or somethin'?
Quiet Georgie.
Yeah, but I could get
AIDS from doing this.
Go home Georgie.
How's your um, you know?
Yeah, fine.
- Yeah?
- Thanks.
It looks kinda cool you know?
Like, you've been in
a fight or somethin'.
Not that that's cool
or anything but,
- you look nice.
- Yeah.
I know.
I'll see you later.
Oh, come on.
Yeah, it looks like they
disconnected the battery.
If you'd have asked
I'd have told ya,
it's not a great place
to leave your car.
It's the carpark.
Where else am I meant
to leave the car?
You know how to fix it?
I'm sure I can work it out.
Who disconnects a battery, huh?
Bored kids.
It used to be a real problem.
It's been fine for awhile
but the last few days...
Well, not as bad as before.
But not great.
Hey, how long have
you been here?
I don't know.
About six years.
What was it like
when you got here?
It was pretty crazy actually.
So what changed it?
His wife died, he moved here.
Now he's like a dad
to 400 students,
and his two daughters.
Okay class, injection time.
Abott come in, this is Bannon.
All of Class Eight are gone.
Repeat, all the Class Eights
are gone.
The children are missing.
This is Abott.
Turn that damn alarm off.
What are you doing here?
Someone's been after me.
I don't...
You shouldn't be here.
It's not safe.
You should be at home.
You stupid, stupid boy.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Listen to me.
You, you don't have to.
You don't have to.
Sarah, please.
What did I do?
God, stop!
God stop!
Please, stop!
What have you done?
What have you done?
It was so funny.
No, no, you need to see it.
Calm down mate.
Whatever guys.
Focus please.
I said focus!
Stop it.
Focus, guys!
Any change?
What's making them go on strike
or stop or whatever this is?
I'm punishing Sarah for
what she did to the boy.
And what's worrying you?
It's affecting the
rest of the school.
What are you doing?
Has anyone seen Georgie?
I have an urgent
concern about a student.
Yeah, he was absent
from class today.
His attendance has
always been south of 73%.
Yeah, but I don't
have any reason
to believe that he
was bunking off so...
And the fact he's
done it before?
Better decisions.
Better decisions will
help that boy.
I'm sorry, what
is going on here?
He's young, he's pressured,
he's gonna lash out,
he's gonna get angry.
He's a fucking teenager.
That's not it.
You're pushing
him out aren't you?
I've seen it before.
You're gonna expel him.
All that we needed
to do was sit down,
have a conversation
with his family.
- That's not how it is.
- Put him on the right track.
Special case. You can't save
everyone Tony.
- Oh, really?
- People are people.
- We do what we can,
- Fantastic.
- Nothing more.
- I haven't heard that before.
He's dead Tony!
He is dead.
His heart.
A hereditary condition.
That's bullshit.
Fuckin' bullshit.
Calm yourself, Sir.
You are a teacher
and a professional.
And if ever by
some unlucky chance
anything unpleasant
should somehow happen,
why, there's always Soma to give
you a holiday from the facts.
There's always, there's always
Soma to calm your anger,
to reconcile you to
your, to your enemies,
to make you patient
and long suffering.
I think it sounds
like a great solution
to the world's problems.
Reading a chunk of
the book and adding
a sentence on the end doesn't
make much of a presentation.
I'm not finished yet, Sir.
What do we think of this?
Stop it.
What do we think of the role
of Soma in this society?
It makes the place better...
Raise your hand if
you wanna speak.
It makes the
place better doesn't it?
Does it mean everyone
could be well behaved and
happy without suffering, Sir?
Yeah, but don't we need
a little suffering?
Doesn't it have meaning?
Isn't the goal to
have everyone succeed, Sir?
But is it real?
Who can describe how this might
not be considered genuine?
It's an opiate for the masses.
That's the argument isn't it?
It means a drug that
pacifies the people,
keeps them quiet and
stops them noticing
the realities of their world.
Everyone ends up better off,
but there are those that will
tell you that it's hollow,
that it doesn't mean anything.
Carry on.
In the past you could
always accomplish
these things by
making a great effort,
and after years of
hard moral training...
Isn't Soma
the best way to do that?
You swallow two or
three half gram tablets
and there you are.
I think you value
what you work for.
Okay, imagine you have two boys
and one of them
is given a knife.
He's just given it as a gift.
The other boy digs for the ore.
He melts it, he hammers
it, he forges it,
he shapes it into a tool.
It's an ugly tool.
It's a misshapen tool but
it is a tool nonetheless.
Which one of them do you
think is gonna cut himself?
Go on.
Anybody can be virtuous now.
You can carry at least
half your...
Morality with you
in a, in a bottle.
Christianity without tears.
That's what Soma is.
I've been meaning to speak
to you about this matter.
There's been an
incident at the school.
I've spoken with Georgie's
doctors this morning.
His family has had a history
of problems like this.
Georgie was, difficult.
He wasn't here long.
But we shouldn't let
his death be in vain.
We can learn from this.
We need to ensure we focus
on the little things.
Don't let anything slip
through the cracks.
Georgie was on a bad path.
We shouldn't pretend otherwise.
It may be that he was
spared the worst of it.
Everybody works
for everybody else.
No exceptions.
No changing the rules.
Georgie couldn't cope with this.
It isn't why he died.
But in his memory, it's a lesson
that we should keep in
our hearts and minds.
Something's going on and you're
gonna tell me what it is.
Did I ever tell you what
this place was like
before I came here?
Stop dodging the question.
It was chaos, really.
A war zone and yet...
Take a walk with me.
There's something I need
to discuss with you.
Do you know why
I hired you Tony?
Because I'm qualified.
There's no shortage
of qualified people.
What's more they don't
bring the baggage you have.
No, I hired you
because I could tell
you saw the bigger picture.
That there was
more to what we do
than just marking exercise
books and giving out detention.
We change lives Tony.
Many, many lives.
How many students
have passed through
your class since you started?
I don't know.
Hundreds, maybe thousands.
Out of all of those, who
do you remember the most?
The ones who do best?
Those I hardly remember.
It's the fights I remember.
Children who treat you care
and help like it was cruelty.
I guess you're right.
But what if you
could change that?
Just give them a little nudge
towards accepting your help?
A conditioning of sorts.
What does that even mean?
I would like you to
consider a more senior role.
There's a colleague here,
you haven't met her yet.
When you're ready, I think
you could both benefit
from working with our class
of exceptional students.
I think Georgie was an
exceptional student.
I don't think you ever met
a truly exceptional student.
Out of all those thousands,
not one like our group.
What about the rest?
The ones like Georgie?
You think I don't care?
You're just like her.
Your predecessor.
Mrs. Holmes.
Focus on the students
in front of you Tony.
They need you.
Georgie didn't deserve your
help and he never wanted it.
Okay class.
So, we all know what
we're doing today
which will be finishing
off your pictures.
Should be fun.
Where did you get those Sarah?
Smoking is bad.
Where did you get those?
Sarah, where did you get...
Mr. Berzel?
It's Tony Middleton.
I'm Georgie's teacher.
All right, come in.
Thanks for you call.
That's okay.
Oh uh, do you want a drink?
No, I'm fine.
They uh, they won't
let me bury him.
They haven't finished
pokin' and proddin' him.
He really did do his homework.
Is that Georgie's?
Oh, yeah.
That's uh, that's how he
came to be at your school.
He was always a bit
of a pain in the ass.
My marriage failed.
That was my fault.
His mom got sick.
I tried me best but I
just wasn't very good.
Left him to his own
devices most of the time.
He was independent.
This is what got him expelled.
He uh, stabbed some
kid in the hand.
I don't know why I
got it for him really.
Pound shop stuff.
I had hoped he'd get
into technical drawing
or something artistic, useful.
Get himself a career.
There you go, you can have that.
No, that's...
Give it to someone
more deserving.
- Take it.
- No honestly I...
Take it.
Take it.
- Okay.
- Take it.
- All right.
- I insist.
Give it to someone
who can use it.
Had um, Georgie
been sick before?
I mean, he started to
get these nose bleeds.
Headaches, but that can't be it.
That's not your heart is it?
I'd hoped he'd started to
turn himself around as well.
He, he'd begun to...
He asked me how my day was.
He never asked me
how my day was.
Why did he do that?
Heart attack.
I'm so sorry.
I was thinkin' out loud.
I haven't really slept much.
I'm so sorry.
It wasn't a heart attack.
His heart was crushed.
They have no idea
how that happened.
I'm goin' for a piss.
You told me you could
handle it on your own.
People are dyin'
daily because of you.
I can manage this,
I just need time!
Well your staff
are not my concern.
Murphy was one of mine
and she was pregnant
so that's two deaths on
your hands this time,
not just the one.
Yes she was pregnant
and she smoked,
that's the point.
- Oh no fuckin' shit she smoked.
- The children won't tolerate
what they perceive
as immoral behavior.
All that's left of her is
that bloody foot
in a pile of ash.
It'll take days to scrub
her shadow off the wall.
If she hadn't
smoked it would've been fine.
- But you keep sending me
- Jesus.
- These questionable agents.
- That's a leg.
You told me it'd
be fine and you were wrong.
What are you doing?
Who was that?
English department.
I'll deal with this.
No, no, no, no, you've
had your chance Abott.
Show me where those
little freaks are.
Is there anything I can
say to change your mind?
Oh, I can't move.
I can't move.
Sir, I can't move.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I can't stop it.
- What are you doing?
- I can't.
This, this isn't me.
Abott, Abott?
Don't make me do this Abott.
I can't, I can't...
No please!
Abott I'm warning you!
I'm warning you, I
haven't finished.
Please Abott!
Don't let it, no, no, no.
No, no.
Abott, Abott no.
Please, Abott I beg of you.
Please I'm warning you.
Abott, don't do this.
No, no.
Abott I'm warning you.
Others will come.
Let them.
Others will come!
It's okay.
It's okay.
You were wonderful.
You were wonderful.
Let's go see Dr. Bennett.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
She killed Georgie didn't she?
It's okay.
You'll be okay.
Oh my God.
She's your daughter.
Both the girls are mine.
This one's special.
What's wrong with her?
She's perfect.
But you.
Because of you this
is all falling apart.
I'm gonna have to stop you.
You can try.
Shut up!
Son of a bitch!
You sneaky biting fuck.
People are gonna figure
this out, you know.
I can't stop now.
She changes things.
Changes people for the better.
If class eight can
focus their abilities,
think of the potential.
The children, they're happy.
They learn.
They die.
People are dying!
I tried to stop the deaths.
I'm thinking of
the bigger picture.
I'm thinking about everybody.
Where do you think all the
fucking nose bleeds come from?
It's bullshit.
Come on.
You know what to do.
The conditioning sticks, Tony.
The children stay the course.
But not just the children.
What's happening?
Good girl.
Only when compared with the
mundane can one observe it.
The rest settle for betas.
Even epsilons are useful.
Not here.
We create Alphas.
From the chrysalis they
emerge, spread their wings,
shorn of human
frailty and fault,
ready, able to lead,
to achieve...
A new student for you
today Mr. Middleton.
Andrew John.
Two first names for this one.
Take a seat Georgie.
It's Andrew, Sir.
Keep up as best you can.
A drug that pacifies the people.
A drug that keeps
the people pacified.
It keeps them quiet
and stops them
from seeing the
reality of their world.