School Spirit (2019) Movie Script

(eerie sound effects)
(eerie music)
(soft, tense music)
I can't believe I'm doing this.
Who graduates and then breaks
back into the school?
You better not be backing out.
I still have one more year
left in this prison.
Give me a light.
CHESTER: Dude, they might
have changed the locks, man.
TODD: Is what we're
doing actually illegal?
CHESTER: I don't know, I mean,
it's definitely not good.
I kind of think
you're a fucking creep
if you want me
to be honest.
Let's just get the ladder.
The Admirals.
How corny.
We could have been
the tigers or the vipers.
(echoed clanging)
Are you sure there's
no oncampus security?
Yeah, dude,
I'm sure.
This place can't even
afford toilet paper.
All right.
Right up there.
(Chester sighs)
All right.
I got a screwdriver
if you need it.
CHESTER: You know,
I always thought
something was watching
us when I was here.
(Chester exhales)
All right.
You see it on your phone?
Holy shit, it works.
CHESTER: Dude, this
is definitely illegal.
I'm not gonna
be a pervert about it.
The girls are
ugly here anyway.
I'm just gonna livestream
it before homecoming,
gonna freak out,
and the whole school
year's gonna be fun.
All right, I'll secure it.
"I'm not gonna be
a pervert about it."
What's wrong with you?
(soft thud)
Todd, this isn't funny.
Quit it.
What the fuck?
Oh, shit!
(dramatic music)
Oh, fuck.
(soft, eerie music)
Good morning, Helbrook High.
Fellow Admirals,
welcome back to school.
I'm Erica Yang,
your Senior Class President.
I'd like to start
with a special message
for my fellow seniors.
Guys, this will be
our final year together.
After this, who knows
what will happen?
We may never see
each other again.
Sometimes I think, whoa,
where did these years go?
All I did was study...
So let's make the best
of our last year.
Take a risk,
get to know that person
you've always
been curious about
and follow through on your
big plans before it's too late.
But also,
early college applications
are due in November.
Let's finish strong.
Go Admirals!
ERICA: Shit.
Just can't get enough
of school, huh?
Or are you stalking me?
Funny you should say that
'cause I think you came to me.
Hey, what's
with the attitude?
You broke up
with me, remember?
Yeah, well,
you broke up with me
sophomore year, so,
I guess I hold a grudge.
Hey, hey.
Look, I know
after this year
you're probably
going off to Harvard
and I'll never
see you again,
but for now can
we just be nice?
I'm sorry
if I was a jerk.
So you can stop
ghosting me?
Sure, but you're
gonna make me late.
Late for what? You got
weekend detention or something?
No fuckin' way.
(Jason laughs)
What could Erica Yang
have possibly done?
Hey, don't tell
anyone, okay?
This may go viral.
I'm serious.
You can't tell anyone
I had detention today.
We'll see.
Maybe you can tell me what
you did on our date later.
(eerie music)
I died.
I know.
I guess you had
to be there.
I'm faster, I'm stronger.
I mean, I'm not
physically stronger,
but like I'm like, um...
Look who it is.
Isn't that the Princess
Miss Perfect of the school?
Is she having
detention with us?
Hey, you can't sit there.
It's my seat.
That one's hers.
Are you lost?
You know this is
detention, right?
I'm aware.
LIZZY: You're wrong about
like almost everything.
Hey, look who's back.
Hi, guys.
First weekend
of the school year?
I am impressed.
Mouths shut, eyes up.
Everybody take a seat.
(Mr. Armstrong clears throat)
Welcome to the first
Saturday detention of the year.
I am your Vice Principal,
Mr. Armstrong.
You know the drill.
Phones in the bucket.
Please give me your
full name for attendance.
Lizzy Whitmore.
Morning, Mr. Armstrong.
Elizabeth, I see
you're still incorrigible.
Russel Jones,
Mr. Armstrong, how are you?
That's enough.
The name will do.
You already know my name,
just write it down.
Are you messing
with me already,
you little prick?
I don't think you're
allowed to call me that.
VIC: It's against the rules.
I got kids in detention
telling me about the rules.
I'm gonna make something
really clear for you, Victor.
Nobody gives a flying
monkey turd about you.
I say and do whatever I want
to delinquents like you.
So, say your name.
Victor Castro.
That wasn't so hard.
Brett Callaway.
Oh, I don't have mine, sir.
Are you messing with me?
You kids can't
go two minutes
without looking at
one of these things.
It's a disease.
I remembered that
phones aren't allowed
so I didn't
bring mine, honest.
If I find out
you're lying to me,
I'm gonna suspend you,
you understand?
Yes, sir.
You're a nice kid.
I don't want to
see you back again
with these idiots.
LIZZY: Come on, what did I do?
And last
but not least,
our very, very
special guest for the day,
Ms. Erica Yang.
Who lucked out
with weekend detention
after her shameful,
shameful crime.
Whoa, what did she do?
Hey, that's nobody
else's business.
ERICA: I can't keep my phone?
can't keep your phone.
You're in detention now,
things are different here.
You know, I have to say
that you're very, very lucky
that Principal Morgan wants
young ladies like you to succeed
because if it were up to me
you would have been expelled.
I would have made
an example out of you.
What's this?
I was going to
do some homework.
This isn't study hall.
He's gonna make us write essays
about how awful we are.
Wrong again, Elizabeth,
since clearly
it doesn't do shit.
As of today,
when you're in
my detention... get to clean
the school.
Hi, yes,
thank you so much.
You can't make us do chores.
Oh, yes, I can,
yes, I can.
The first order
of business
is that you're
going to be removing
all of the gum
from the undersides
of all of these tables.
That's disgusting.
Yes! Yes, it is disgusting.
So please don't stick
your gum on things.
Circle of life.
Also, if you'd like
to use this bleach,
you can remove
some of the graffiti
that's under
the tables as well.
This is illegal.
I'm not doing this.
Oh, yes, you are.
You're gonna
dance on up here,
you're gonna
grab one of those,
and you're gonna
get to work.
Make me.
Dude, just let it go.
Was anyone
talking to you?
MR. ARMSTRONG: I don't know
what the confusion here is.
I'm in charge and when I give
you an order, you listen.
(clicks tongue)
Like how your
wife listened
when you begged her
not to leave you?
I'm sorry,
your exwife.
You guys, please.
[angrily] Yeah,
yeah, that's fine.
That's fine,
yeah, you're right.
You're right,
you're right.
I'm the Vice Principal,
I shouldn't be touching you.
I'll just give you
four more Saturdays.
For what?
MR. ARMSTRONG: What's that?
What's that?
You want eight?
it's just that easy.
All I have to do
is write it out
and then you suffer
the consequences.
If you want
to be a fuckup...
...I'm here
to support you.
Everybody get to work.
Not in the mood.
(eerie music)
(marker squeaking)
(music intensifies)
All right, uh,
I'm gonna go to my office
and work on some emails.
Anybody who leaves
this room is suspended.
We're still on lockdown because
of those two missing kids,
so unfortunately for me
I am responsible for you,
but I trust that
that doesn't mean
that I have to babysit
you the entire time.
Yes, Mr. Armstrong.
God, I thought
he'd never leave.
Took longer than
he usually does.
RUSS: I can't believe
Todd is still missing.
I can, that guy's an idiot.
Feels weird without him.
How long has it been?
Since the beginning
of the year, I think.
Maybe the ghost got him.
LIZZY: Oh, my god, please
do not start with that.
VIC: I keep trying
to tell people.
Helbrook is haunted.
ERICA: You don't actually
believe that, do you?
Yeah, what if I did?
You tell me.
Why do students go
missing every year?
VIC: The School Spirit
comes and takes them away.
You heard
about that, right?
BRETT: I mean, yeah,
I've heard stories,
but I always just
assumed it was a joke.
ERICA: It's not a joke if people
are actually disappearing.
Well, you don't
have to worry.
Why is that?
I mean, isn't the legend like
the ghost only takes bad kids?
Well, then we're all dead.
(nervous panting)
RUSS: What did you mean,
uh, bad kids though?
Like how bad?
VIC: I heard it's an old lady
in an Admiral costume,
and she only takes boys
so she can rape them.
That is so stupid.
What do you mean,
like, a strong old woman
who's really horny?
It's like
a dead zombie lady.
Apparently, she was some uptight
teacher from like 10 years ago.
The kids pulled
a prank on her.
They dumped a bunch
of cold water on her.
Nobody knows exactly.
But she had a heart attack and
died right there on the spot.
The kids freaked out,
so they covered her up
by putting her in an
Admiral mascot costume
and hid her
body on campus.
And since then, she's
been haunting the school
and taking revenge
on bad kids.
Speaking of bad,
what was all that "You're lucky
to not be expelled" talk?
What'd you do?
I really prefer
not to talk about it.
Are you worried
we're gonna judge you?
We'll judge you more
for not telling.
BRETT: I think we're
all a little intrigued.
I bet she
didn't do anything.
Yeah, right?
She's probably here to write
some report on us fuckups.
Speak for yourself, okay?
I plan to get
all As and Bs.
(Russ laughs)
BRETT: Is that true? Are you
just here doing research?
Why are you
all so curious?
What did you do
to get detention?
What didn't I do?
Drinking, smoking.
You sound like
you're proud.
I'm just living
my best life.
Not all of us want
to go to Harvard.
She gets detention on purpose
so she doesn't have to go home
and be with her
alcoholic mom.
Screw you.
Oh, please.
Why don't we just
get back to work?
Mr. Armstrong might
come back any minute.
Oh, sweetie, no.
He'll be gone for a while.
How do you know that?
No, it's true.
He's in his office
right now getting drunk.
LIZZY: Even he knows.
an alcoholic.
I just can't get
away from them.
Speaking of which,
hey, Russ, can you get
us that booze again?
RUSS: Should I?
The vibe in here
could use a little help.
You still got that
weed in your locker?
You guys, Mr. Armstrong
seems pretty tense today.
Maybe we should
just take it easy.
Dude, come on, you're
always such a buzzkill.
You're one of us now.
You're about
to get initiated.
Fuck yeah.
We'll get her lit.
Then she can tell us
why she's here.
(clears throat)
Those guys are so reckless.
They're even worse
when you're here.
I get it.
Everyone thinks
I'm this perfect student.
Well, you are.
I'm actually really
amazed that I'm speaking
with the Erica Yang
right now.
BRETT: Yeah, twotime
Admiral of the Year.
Highest GPA,
senior class president.
You're the gold
standard at Helbrook.
I don't know about that.
And your speech
was incredible.
My speech?
Yeah, at the
beginning of the year.
It was inspiring,
I really took it to heart.
You know, about it being
the last year and taking risks
and not having regrets.
(Brett laughs)
It's actually the reason
why I'm here right now.
Oh, no,
what'd you do?
Actually, never mind.
Now I'm doing to you
what they were doing to me.
I was really surprised
to see you here.
Mr. Armstrong said that
you almost got expelled.
It just seems impossible.
Was he being
serious or was it
Oh, mother!
Are you okay?
Man, this day sucks.
Maybe we should just
get drunk with them.
I'll go get you
a first aid kit.
I think there's one
in woodshop.
I'll be right back.
Are you gonna be okay
in here by yourself?
Yeah, of course.
LIZZY: Okay, so,
avocado pipe or vape?
I don't care, I just
want that scotch again.
Or is it whiskey?
Wait, what's the difference?
All alcoholics.
(echoed clanging)
Hm, the School
Spirit is upon us.
I hate you.
VIC: You guys get the booze
and we'll meet back here?
Wait, where are you going?
VIC: Don't worry about it.
LIZZY: What, so
you're invincible?
You just can't
get in trouble?
I need to take a shit.
Can't argue with that.
LIZZY: Same as before?
RUSS: Yeah, let me check.
LIZZY: Okay.
Okay, don't get
the good stuff.
He'll notice that,
it's the same as my mom.
Like when the stuff she
gets all the time is gone,
she just assumes
that she drank it.
(somber music)
VOCALISTS: Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust
The sun it sets
(Russ sighs)
(soft thudding)
(music stops)
(echoed clanging)
(tense music)
(disgusted exclamation)
(clears throat)
(grunts, glass shatters)
(dramatic music)
Oh, my go
(sharp slicing)
(sharp slicing)
(echoed clanging)
(eerie music)
(door opens)
BRETT: Hey, I can only
find a few BandAids.
I think it coagulated.
Oh, can I take a look?
Were you guys
holding hands?
Aren't you with that guy
from the basketball team?
No, actually we broke up.
Oh, I see.
(door opens)
Oh, what don't
you guys understand
about meet back
at your locker?
I was waiting there
like a dumbass.
Where's Russ?
I don't know.
I didn't see him.
Yeah, no, he didn't
come back here.
You don't think he
got caught, do you?
No, Armstrong
would be in here
screaming like
a maniac if he did.
So, uh, do you
want to hit the vape
or are you determined to
become an alcoholic too?
Would it make you
happier if I didn't drink?
Then let's
just hit the vape.
All right.
Are you two down?
I don't think
this is a good idea.
Oh, my god, you think
everything is a bad idea.
Yeah, what if Mr.
Armstrong surprises us?
He won't, he doesn't
care enough to.
Wait, hold up.
Are you two
going to snitch?
No, I don't snitch.
I won't tell.
I don't know
if I trust 'em.
One of you needs
to do this with us,
so we know you guys
aren't narcs.
I can't use
that stuff, really.
Well, then
it's gotta be you.
Have you been high before?
Of course she hasn't.
You don't know that.
VIC: All right,
well then hit it.
Prove that
you're not a cop.
If you want to do it,
we won't tell,
but just don't
make Erica do it.
No one makes
me do anything.
Fuck yeah, woman
power, I like that.
(Vic laughs)
Let me see it.
ERICA: What do I do?
LIZZY: You just hold down
that button and inhale.
Wait, let's make a deal.
If I do this and prove
that I'm not a narc or whatever,
then you guys absolutely
can't tell anyone
that I was here
today at all.
That's fine.
What happens in detention
stays in detention.
I promise.
LIZZY: Holy shit, we're about
to get high with Erica Yang.
(soft music)
ERICA: They think I have
community service.
LIZZY: You really do
keep a lot of secrets.
So what?
Your parents wouldn't
let you eat dinner?
Not until I finished
all my homework
and passed their
madeup prep quiz.
That's crazy.
All my dad does
is watch sports.
And all my mom does is
feed him while he's doing it.
At least they
leave you alone.
Yeah, but they're
fucking losers.
BRETT: Doesn't mean
you have to be one.
Are you
calling me a loser?
What? No.
No, I wasI was just saying
we can make our own path.
You know, we can
choose to be winners.
Thanks, buddy.
I already know.
I'm gonna be
a firefighter
when I'm done with this
high school nonsense.
You know what?
You're not so bad, Erica Yang.
Thank you.
I think.
I thought you
were this total square,
but like at least
you're aware of it.
What does
that even mean?
Like it's
not her fault
she's got all this
pressure on her.
VIC: What do you
know about pressure?
Hey, I know about pressure.
We all have pressure
to be something.
So, what did you do
to almost get expelled?
I'm still not
telling you guys.
Dammit, are you kidding?
ERICA: It's really not
something cool or interesting.
I'm not interesting or cool.
I got bored on Wednesday,
so I pulled the fire alarm.
Pulling the fire alarm
is kind of a serious thing.
VIC: I agree.
All right, whatever.
You know, we had to miss
a test that day because of it.
LIZZY: Okay.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
BRETT: Eh, you guys
should open the door.
All right, I'll do it.
I got this.
We believe in you.
(echoed clanging)
Have you ever
smoked weed?
(Brett laughs nervously)
You could be
a little contact
high right now.
VIC: You need to lighten up.
LIZZY: We should corrupt him.
I think you should stop
telling me what to do.
It just takes the
edge off, you know?
ERICA: Where do you
think your friend went?
Oh yeah, Russ, uh...
I don't know.
That dumbass probably ditched.
It's why he's in detention
in the first place.
Hey, are you okay?
You look
you look worried.
No, I'm just...
ERICA: I was just thinking
about the School Spirit.
LIZZY: Oh, Jesus, come on, dude,
look what you've done to her.
ERICA: Wait, shh!
LIZZY: Okay.
(echoed clanging)
Do you hear that?
Dude, she's tripping.
Okay, come on, now you
guys are gonna freak me out.
(approaching footsteps)
(Mr. Armstrong clears throat)
VIC: Armstrong!
LIZZY: Fuck!
LIZZY: Can you smell it?
VIC: I can't tell.
I don't know why you guys
always get the scented ones.
You can definitely smell it.
Oh, shoot.
What is going on here?
Why is this door open?
ERICA: We were just about to
clean the desks with bleach
and then I
accidentally dropped it.
Now, don'tdon'tdon't
clean it with your hands,
this stuff is toxic.
Now you need to
get a mop and a
and a bucket.
ERICA: Uh, where is
the mop and the bucket?
Is it in the
janitor's closet?
Wait, wait,
freeze, freeze.
Are you guys
smoking in here?
Is this you trying
to cover this up?
I'm sorry.
It's just so funny,
the idea that
we'd be smoking
while we're
in detention?
(Mr. Armstrong laughs pitifully)
Are they smoking?
I think what you're
smelling is the bleach, sir.
That or alcohol.
I feel like
I smell alcohol,
but we haven't
been drinking.
What did you say?
I don't know,
I smell it.
All right.
You get the bucket
from the janitor's closet
and clean this up.
Yes, Mr. Armstrong.
Wait a minute.
Where's Russel?
LIZZY: You haven't seen him?
Why would I have seen him?
Where the hell is he?
VIC: I mean, I
I think it's safe
to say he ditched.
I told you guys
we're on lockdown.
I'm just gonna have to literally
lock the building doors
since I can't trust
any of you twerps
to do a single
goddamn thing.
Clean this up.
That was awesome.
LIZZY: Oh, my god.
Dude, I cannot
believe you said that.
Did you see the
look on his face?
He totally
backed down.
Of course he did.
All right, dude,
you're not a cop.
Thank you.
I would have been
in so much trouble.
See, I told you guys
I wasn't a snitch,
but did you see
how close that was?
Come on, let's
go get the mop.
Ooh, okay.
Hey, you two,
no sex on campus.
The School Spirit
will come and get you.
Grow up.
(tense music)
I feel like I'm slowly
doing a backflip.
I can't believe
I'm stoned.
Brett, we can't tell
anybody about this.
I won't.
You really have to
stop letting those guys
pressure you into doing
things that aren't you.
They're not so bad.
I mean, they're
not great students,
but they're
not bad people.
Have we had
a class together?
Um, yeah, we've
we had class, um,
but I kind of just like
to stay in the background.
I get that.
Sometimes I wish
I was a nobody.
Don't say that.
A lot of people
look up to you.
Or they should.
(echoed clanging)
ERICA: Maybe we
shouldn't have gotten high
and told ghost stories.
There's no such
thing as ghosts.
ERICA: I can't tell if I'm
high or if I'm hearing things.
You're definitely
just hearing things.
It's an old building.
(Erica shrieks)
Oh, my god!
Jason, you scared
the shit out of me.
Great, that
was the point.
What are you guys doing?
I thought you
had detention?
Oh, we do.
We were just
getting the mop.
You gotta clean
up or something?
Something like that.
Whoa, hey,
are you stoned?
No, what?
Are you?
What are you
doing here?
Are you the
School Spirit?
What? I just had
basketball practice.
I just came by to see
if this was for real.
Come on, Erica, we
should go get the mop.
JASON: [firmly]
No, seriously, are you stoned?
(laughs, hushes)
Did this guy
make you smoke?
What? How dare you?
ERICA: [angrily] No one
makes me do anything.
All right, well,
let's go for a walk.
BRETT: No, she can't, we have
to get back to detention.
Not like this she can't.
Come on, Erica,
we really should
get back now, okay?
It's cool, bro.
Okay, we got a
long history together.
Way too much
history together.
Let's go, Erica.
I'll meet you
back at the library.
I can walk!
(Erica giggles)
That shit smells.
You think Armstrong was
serious about locking us in?
Let me get something
from my car first.
JASON: I don't understand,
who's watching you guys?
ERICA: Mr. Armstrong, but
apparently he's an alcoholic.
Don't tell anyone.
So he's giving you guys weed.
(Erica giggles)
No, no.
It's a long story.
Where are we?
I don't know.
We're just chilling.
So, I was just getting ready
to tell everybody at school
I saw you here
at Saturday detention,
but I was gonna give you
a chance to stop me.
How about I tell you a secret?
Go on.
Even though I
ghosted you all summer,
I was still checking your
profile every 11 minutes.
Now we're
getting somewhere.
So, what are you saying?
(soft music)
I don't know.
JASON: What, what, what?
I'm so...
JASON: Yeah?
I'm so high,
and really, really hungry.
JASON: Uh, all right.
Well, hey, hey.
We'll feed you later.
ERICA: No. I'm going
to the vending machine.
Right now?
I'm going to pass out.
I'll be right back.
(jostling bar)
That fucking drunk
actually locked us in.
ERICA: Mm, pretzels...
maybe not.
(exhaling heavily)
(echoed clanging)
Chips, chips, chips, chips.
Oh! Chocolate and peanuts.
That could be good.
That's a good call.
[spacey echoing]
That's good.
Who wants a bunch of nuts?
Oh! The chocolate.
That seems like
that's the one.
All right.
Oh, there we go.
(coins bounce on floor)
Oh, shoot.
(breathing heavily)
(door opens)
JASON: Just give me one second!
Ah, woo!
Erica, quit playing.
You just trying
to get me back
for scaring you earlier?
Jason Irving
takes the ball himself.
Oh! He breaks the ankle
of the defender!
Oh! Oh, he breaks
another one!
Somebody get a medic!
What's this?
Erica Yang is
waiting at the rim?
Watch out, Erica.
You about to get
crossed up!
What the fuck?
(blade clangs, exclaims)
(vending machine door jostles)
If you're trying
to scare me,
I can tell you
that's a turnoff.
This isn't funny.
Okay, I'm going to
give you two minutes
or I'm going back
to detention.
(creaking, scraping)
I just cleaned it up
with paper towels.
Oh, fantastic.
Where's Erica?
You didn't just leave her
by herself, did you?
She's baked right now.
I don't know.
She was doing
her own thing.
What does that mean?
You haven't seen
Erica, have you?
But Armstrong for sure
locked us in.
All right.
I'm leaving.
LIZZY: What do you mean,
"she's doing her own thing"?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Haven't you done
enough for today?
If you're so worried
she's stoned,
why did you bring the vape pen
in the first place?
The fuck is your
problem, bro?
You're bringing everyone
down to your level.
Does it make you feel
like less of a screwup?
Don't talk to her like that.
You don't know me.
(door opens)
(door closes)
There you are.
I was...with a friend.
VIC: Did this guy try
to make a move on you?
I was...with Jason.
The exboyfriend!
Are you hallucinating?
'Cause there's no one
in the building.
It's locked.
He must have gotten in
beforehand, right?
Yeah. We were hanging out,
and then I left
for a second,
and when I came back,
he was gone.
Well, he's gotta
be here somewhere.
Unless Armstrong caught him.
But that is really weird,
Russ left without a word, too.
Stop being so dramatic.
He ditches all the time.
No he doesn't,
not when we're together.
VIC: Okay, so then, the
School Spirit probably has him
chained up,
sucking him off.
He's probably loving it
right now.
Dude, why is it that
every time I try
to get serious with you,
you automatically
say something stupid
and never fucking
answer the question?
It is really weird
Jason would just
ditch me like that.
Did you see him?
I, uh, I just got the mop
and came back here,
I assumed you guys
wanted to be alone.
Should we tell Mr. Armstrong?
For what?
I mean, he probably
did catch somebody,
he's just staying lowkey
after preppy here
called him out
on his alcohol breath.
(soft, tense music)
(tapping at keyboard)
(sighs heavily)
Okay, look.
Let's just stay in here
for the rest of the day,
especially if Mr. Armstrong's
already drunk
and weird things
are happening.
Nothing weird is happening,
other than it's past lunchtime
and that idiot
isn't back yet
to let us go on break.
LIZZY: No, I'm gonna go
grab my phone from his office.
ERICA: Maybe I should go with you
and look for Jason.
Does anyone ever listen
to me when I say stuff?
We hear what you're saying,
it's just that what
you're saying sucks.
Erica's trying to keep
a low profile today,
and the school's on lockdown.
Everything just seems
dangerous out there.
Dude, I was playing around
with the whole
School Spirit stuff.
The zombie teacher lady
isn't real.
You're starting to sound like
a real pussy, you know?
And, what,
you're the tough guy?
What'd you say?
Speak up.
You want people to listen,
I'm listening.
We don't need this right now.
I can admit
I'm a little scared.
Maybe I'm getting
a little paranoid.
But I also know you're
not that tough, Victor.
Why don't you stand up
and say it to my face?
You can bully me
all you want.
I know why you do it.
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?
Get up!
You think you're
better than me?
You wanna see a tough guy?
What is this?
sit your ass down.
What did I do?
Out in the hallway.
I need to make a phone call.
Elizabeth, shut your mouth.
Please, I didn't do anything!
Wait! Mr. Armstrong!
(door closes)
(muffled arguing)
My high is definitely
wearing off.
VIC: All right.
I'm done with this shit.
I'm figuring out
a way to get out of here.
LIZZY: Dude, can you just chill
for one second?
I think we should stay together.
Don't get it twisted,
Erica Yang.
We're not friends.
I know when Monday comes,
you're gonna act
like you don't know me,
so I'm gonna go
do my own thing.
Oh, and don't forget.
I know you were here today.
I know you got high
in detention.
Vic has his own stuff.
He gets like this sometimes.
You think he'll tell anyone?
No, no, he's not like that.
I think we should
go get our phones.
LIZZY: So what's up
with you and Brett?
ERICA: Nothing.
I just met him today.
He's really into you.
He's a nice guy.
He's got that infatuated,
yearning look when he sees you.
(Erica sighs)
Don't pretend you don't notice.
You and I are different,
but we're both girls.
I know you know that I know
that Brett likes you.
And you like him too,
(eerie music)
What the fuck is that?
Dude, what are you doing,
where are you
ERICA: Shh! We still
need our phones.
(footsteps clicking)
Mr. Armstrong?
We're here to get our phones.
ERICA: And the keys.
LIZZY: Mmhm.
Aww, shit!
Oh, fuck!
I don't see our phones
or the keys.
It's not in his bag.
LIZZY: You're in detention
for cheating?
How do you know that?
It's on Armstrong's
detention email.
That's your big secret?
(exasperated sigh)
(echoed clanging)
You know...
Brett had this worried
look on his face
when Mr. Armstrong
was taking him away.
Like he knew something bad
was going to happen to him.
(door creaks)
The blood.
It disappears
into the wall.
(hollow knocking)
What is happening?
This is when we get
the fuck out of here.
(jostling door)
So it's true.
There's some zombie teacher lady
taking bad students.
LIZZY: If that's true,
then where does Armstrong fit
in all this?
Let's just find Vic.
Is that...
Mr. Armstrong?
Is that you?
What'd you do with Jason?
Where's Russ?
And Brett?
LIZZY: You know you can't
keep us here!
We're not bad students!
It's not our fault
that this school sucks!
Oh, shit. Run, go!
(tense music)
I'm sorry, I can just
never keep my mouth shut.
(girls running, panting)
(footsteps approach)
(dramatic music)
LIZZY: Okay, in here, in here.
See? Not so dumb after all.
ERICA: I can't believe
this is happening.
I'm forever going to be
associated with this.
LIZZY: You know what?
I'm getting really sick
of you complaining.
Why do you care so much
about what people think?
Can we go out this way?
Why are these bars here?
Are they to keep us out
or keep us in?
We need to get out of here.
We can't just
hide here forever.
What room are we in?
The chemistry lab.
Great. So we can, like,
make a bomb or something.
Is he still out there?
Didn't they say, like,
don't mix something
with something else,
or, like,
it'd be really bad?
Is there sulfuric acid?
(door closing)
(eerie music)
So dumb.
I always thought I'd be
the first student from Helbrook
to make it to Harvard.
LIZZY: No one from this hell
hole has ever gone to Harvard?
That's why I slaved away
every year,
created this whole
Harvardbound image,
sucked up to every teacher
so I could get
letters of recommendation.
it isn't over.
We're getting out of this.
It's over.
I'm not getting
any recommendations
from Helbrook.
Just 'cause you were
caught cheating?
what I actually tried to do
was bribe Mr. Armstrong
to go into the system
and change a couple
Aminuses I had to As
to get the max GPA.
I guess I assumed
he'd take it.
I was wrong.
The guy actually cares.
If I knew all this
was going to happen,
I wouldn't have tried so hard.
[whispers] Come on, man,
you fucking got this,
you got this, don't be
a fucking pussy.
(breathes heavily)
Fuck this, man!
I'mI'm sorry, I was just
trying to find my friend.
(blade resonates)
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no!
(dramatic tone)
(muffled scream)
Do you hear that?
(muffled scream)
(muffled scream)
Is that...
someone calling for help?
(muffled screams)
Is that Vic?
Where's that coming from?
ERICA: I think it's coming
from the ceiling.
What are you doing?
Help me up.
(muffled screams)
Are you crazy?
What if that thing's
up there?
(muffled shouting)
Look, please, I'm not...
No, no!
(ominous music)
No! No!
Lizzy, no!
I'm going out there.
I'm gonnaI'm gonna
pull the fire alarm,
and then the fire department
will have to come and save us.
Be careful.
Hey, open up!
Oh my god,
open the door!
Is that Brett?
Please, Mr. Armstrong's
out here, he's lost his mind.
Is Vic with you?
No, I don't know,
just let me in, okay?
Go pull the fire alarm first.
What are you doing,
why are you locking me out?
LIZZY: Pull the fire alarm,
you're already out there!
I don't want to die!
Erica, please.
Just let him in.
LIZZY: Okay, okay,
just let me put this down.
You still have
to lock the door.
I can do it.
(lock thuds)
(eerie music)
Where's Vic?
BRETT: You know what
Vic didn't mention
about the School Spirit?
The old teacher
the kids left to rot
in the cellar on campus?
It's that...
she had a son.
LIZZY: I fucking knew
something was up.
His name wasn't
on the detention list.
BRETT: I was trying
to tell you guys
just to stay in the classroom.
I don't get why you guys
can't just
treat Helbrook with respect.
You know, Helbrook
doesn't receive
the public funding it needs
because of the students'
poor performance.
Did you know that?
Although, if someone were
to get into Harvard...
that would really change things.
But when I heard
that you cheated,
I was really disappointed.
And what was that,
You're Helbrook's
greatest student.
The perfect Admiral.
Tell me you didn't do that!
BRETT: Tell me you didn't
screw it up.
Tell me you're not just
one of the bad kids.
Tell me!
Hey, fuck face!
(grimacing, acid sizzling)
(alarm blaring)
(shattering crash)
(breathing heavily)
(rustling, grunting)
Where am I?
BRETT: Oh, hey.
Sorry, just a moment.
Sorry if I was
a bit angry earlier.
This day really
didn't go well.
My mom warned me.
She used to bring me to Helbrook
when she was teaching.
She kept me in here
to protect me
from the bad kids.
I was homeschooled
as a boy
but ended up making
this place my home.
It's neat, isn't it?
This morning,
I was shocked.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Erica Yang,
weekend detention?
I was just gonna watch,
but then I thought,
"Hey, remember
that thing Erica said?
'It's the final year,
and after this, we may never
see each other again, so...
let's not have any regrets.'"
I always wanted
to talk to you.
(tense music)
I just love your face.
I've been following you
since freshman year.
Ever since you won that
math contest for Helbrook.
Mom and I were so proud.
You're the brightest star
we ever had.
You always treated the school
with honor and respect,
and that's all we wanted.
until today.
(Brett whimpers)
You worked so hard!
We were all rooting for you,
why did you betray us?
I didn't.
I made a mistake.
Well, he must have
tricked you, didn't he?
(fly buzzing)
I guess the pressure
was getting to me.
No, you can't succumb
to pressure, Erica!
Especially peer pressure,
Take today, for instance.
If I didn't stop Russ,
he was gonna get you to commit
underage drinking on campus.
And I couldn't stop you
from vaping,
but I did stop Jason
from taking your virginity
while you were
under the influence.
Thank god I came today.
It would have ruined
a good girl like you.
(Brett weeps)
That's so sweet.
At least Mr. Armstrong
won't be telling anyone
about your bribe, huh?
I don't usually
remove faculty...
...but there were some
extenuating circumstances today.
I sat in detention
with these guys last year
and tried to convince them
to be good, but...
some students
are just hopeless.
I can't believe
anyone cares so much.
Of course I care, I...
I wish more students cared.
I agree.
Thank you, Brett,
for looking out for me.
I'm sorry that you live
in the cellar.
It must get lonely.
I don't mind it.
I really had a nice time
with you today.
I did as well.
It's a shame.
I felt like we were
really getting along.
I felt that too, actually.
ERICA: I think we
could have been friends.
Hung out,
studied together.
Maybe we could even have...
gone to a dance together.
Have you ever been to a dance?
No, I'mI'm not allowed,
(lights click off)
("All My Life,"
KCi & JoJo)
Isn't this nice?
I have to use
my imagination a lot.
You and I have gone
to many dances together.
Well, you don't have
to use your imagination.
I'm right here.
Well, my mom doesn't want me
interacting with the students.
But I'm not one
of the bad ones.
It's me.
Erica Yang,
Admiral of the Year.
Studied hard so
I can get into Harvard.
I thank God
that I finally found you
All my life
I prayed for
someone like you
And I hope that
you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that
you do love me too
I said you're all
that I'm thinking of
May I have this dance?
(Brett stammers)
And I promise to never
fall in love with a stranger
You're all I'm thinking of
I praise the Lord above
For sending me a love
I cherish every hug
I really love you
You're good.
Hey, Brett?
I know you've
watched over the school
all of these years, and...'re an expert
on how students should be.
I guess you could say that.
But, do you ever...
(blade clangs, Brett grunts)
...think about yourself?
(eerie music)
Want to know the craziest
part about you?
That you think I would
ever, ever want to dance
with a psycho like you.
Are you fucking kidding me?
By the way,
I cheat all the time.
I hate school,
but I do well anyway
because it is
life or death for me.
You don't know
my parents, Brett,
so don't act like
you know a thing about me.
ERICA: One more thing:
I'm not your angel.
I've had sex with Jason
27 times already,
and I've given three
different guys blow jobs.
Sorry about it.
(blade resonates)
(Erica breathes heavily)
(clattering crash)
(siren wailing)
(police radio transmission)
Hey, heyare you bleeding?
Are you hurt?
No, it
it's not mine.
Where did you come from?
What's your name?
My name is Erica Yang.
I was in det...
I was on campus for my
weekly community service.
And that's when
I heard my friends
calling for help
inside the building.
(eerie music)
I tried to help them.
I did the best that I could.
Elizabeth and I
did our best to escape,
but I was ultimately
held captive
by a psychotic murderer.
Even in that moment,
all I could think was,
"I've worked so hard
to get here.
I'm almost done with
my Harvard application.
I can't get derailed.
Don't let me die."
I persevered
and I survived.
I think this whole experience
has made me stronger.
And now, I've gotta get back
to my college applications.
Hey, at least I've got
one heck of a personal essay
to write.
(dark music)