School Ties (1992) Movie Script

you made me cry
when you said
ain't that a shame?
my tears
fell like rain
ain't that a shame?
you're the one
to blame
you broke
my heart
when you said
we'll part
ain't that a shame?
my tears
fell like rain
ain't that a shame?
you're the one
to blame
oh, well
although I'll cry
ain't that a shame?
hey, David!
Davey! Davey, come here.
Hey, Edie,
he's not going off to war,
only Massachusetts.
Here, Davey.
For the trip.
Edie gives
something away.
Call Walter winchell.
I'm having a heart attack.
You go up there
and become a gentleman.
Not like this riffraff.
We ought to be kicking
his skinny butt
for breaking up
the team.
You want to stay here?
If I had your brains,
I'd go, too.
His brains?
Any brains.
Yeah, look
who's talking.
I don't know.
I don't know
about that place.
You know
it's not this place.
Aw, shit. Kocus.
So what?
Night before last,
his sister gave me a hand job.
It was her idea.
Yeah, right.
Hey, bear.
Hey, kocus.
We was thinking about going in,
eat something.
Nah, I don't think
it'd be a good idea.
Why not? They let
Jews in there.
Your sister
can come in,
only she'll have
to wash her hands.
You got a Jew friend
with a real smart mouth.
Yeah, I guess I do.
So it don't bother you
they killed Jesus.
Don't bother me.
Didn't know the man.
It still bothers the shit
out of me, you sheeny bastard.
Hey! Take it
to the alley.
Don't let him
do that! Come on!
Get the Jew!
Hey, al!
Give 'em hell, kid!
You're late.
Look at me.
God damn it, David.
I had to.
You get
an opportunity like this,
and you pull this shit?
I had to.
Two presidents went
to this school--
a pipeline
to Harvard university.
They're going to think
you're some hoodlum.
They might send you back.
Take a look at this place.
You want this life?
He called me
a sheeny bastard.
What was I supposed
to do, walk away?
That's right. Walk away.
You can't fight your way
through life.
You never
got into fights?
Sure, I got into fights,
but nobody
ever handed me Harvard.
We're going to miss
the bus.
We'll make it.
Who'd you fight with?
O.k., kids.
You can fit in,
or you can hack around
with a chip on your shoulder.
All right.
All right.
I'll fit in.
Listen, they came to you.
You didn't come to them.
You don't have to explain
nothing to nobody.
Understand me?
All right.
All right.
Say goodbye to your
brother and sister.
Goodbye, Sarah.
Bye, David.
Bye, petey.
You kids wait over there.
Change your shirt.
What'd the other guy
look like?
Mein lihbe kihnd...
Gei gezunterheit.
Come on, pop,
you're sounding like grandpa.
You should be so lucky.
Got to go, dad.
Go. Make us proud.
Bye, David!
Hi, coach.
Welcome to cabot.
I had a little accident.
You all right?
Yeah, it's nothing.
Let me get this
for you.
How was your trip?
Fine. I slept
part of the way.
Good. How's your dad?
Fine. He's pretty worked up
about all this.
Excited, I mean.
Sure, he's excited.
What father wouldn't be?
The guys on the team,
they're looking forward
to meeting you.
Good. I'm looking forward
to meeting them, too.
this is a high school?
Yeah. It's your
high school.
Thanks for the lift, coach.
I'll get your bag.
Thanks. I'll see you
at practice.
Now, just a minute.
Uh, I meant to ask you...
Do you have
any diet problems?
Diet problems?
Yeah, is there anything
that you can't eat?
I can't eat turnips.
Turnips. I can't
eat them either.
I better let you
get settled.
These kids, they'll be
a little curious about you.
I'm curious about them.
Nobody ever comes here
for just their last year.
It's an unusual situation.
They're great kids--
don't get me wrong--
but they're privileged.
They take things for granted
you and I never would.
Just play your cards
close to the vest.
That's my advice.
What do you mean?
I mean don't tell people
more than they need to know.
See you in practice.
All right.
All right.
Give me that!
No, come on.
I got it!
You finally got here.
Chris Reece,
your roommate.
David Greene.
This is
rip Van kelt,
Jack Connors,
Charlie Dillon.
We're the big men
on campus.
It's true.
So where
you from, Greene?
Scranton, P.A.
That's in
america, Connors.
No shit.
You're the first ringer
St. Matt's ever hired.
Hey, Dillon.
No, he is. That's
something of an honor.
Aren't you honored, Greene?
I hadn't really
thought about it.
You must be the best high-school
quarterback money can buy.
Dillon, why don't
you lay off?
Don't pay
any attention to him.
Want some peanuts?
No problem.
Even in Scranton,
a prick's a prick.
Hey, you don't have
to be so sensitive.
Come on. It's not
required here.
There was talk about me playing
quarterback this year, so...
I've got to ask.
Were you in an accident?
I got in a fight.
Fist fight?
Kind of a...
Going-away fight.
Like a rumble?
Yeah, like a rumble.
Over girls
and stuff?
Well, there's this place
that we all hang out at,
and these motorcycle guys
wanted to come in.
And we wouldn't let them.
They were
on your turf, right?
Everybody knows not to go
on someone else's turf.
Who knows what evil
in the hearts of men?
The shadow knows.
Crime does not pay.
The shadow knows!
Mcgiv! My roomie!
Meet my new roommate.
This is David Greene, our new
quarterback. This is Mac.
How do you do?
Football is a game
for cretins,
bug squashers,
and criminals.
Don't you agree?
Mac wants to play,
but he's too frail.
So we let him
be student manager.
That's it! I'm going to kick
your smelly ass
back to greenwich!
I guess you didn't
get a school tie yet.
Here. You can
wear this one.
I got extras
'cause I'm always
dragging them
through the soup.
Mind if I ask...
How'd you
wind up here?
I'm not supposed
to talk about it.
All right.
Well, let me guess.
Coach mcdevitt
paid you a visit?
He told you you could qualify
for an alumni scholarship?
Good guess.
How did you know?
St. Luke's has whipped us
for three years in a row,
and the alumni
are pissed.
They want to win
real bad.
Not too much
pressure, huh?
I want to get
a good seat in the back.
It's a little different
than the public schools.
You got to go to chapel
three times a week,
but it's not bad.
No kidding?
Hey, what are you guys
doing tomorrow?
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
crown him
the lord of life
who triumphed
o'er the grave
and Rose victorious
in the strife
for those
he came to save
his glories
now we sing
who died
and Rose on high
who died eternal life
to bring
and lives
that death may die
of St. Matthew's,
welcome to the finest
preparatory school
in the nation.
Welcome especially
to our new boys.
I am Dr. Bartram,
your headmaster.
The rest of you may...
Conceivably remember me.
It's the annual joke.
Make the most of it.
193rd fall term.
No, I was not in office
when the first one began.
Some of you
new boys may find
that academics
and discipline
at St. Matthew's
are very demanding.
I will point out that much
of what is policy here,
including our cherished
honor code,
has been established
not by me or your teachers,
but by your
fellow students
to be enforced by your own
tribunal of prefects,
as it has been
for the last two centuries.
We judge ourselves here,
and we judge ourselves
by the highest standards.
You, my boys, are among
the elite of the nation,
and we strive here
at St. Matthew's
to prepare you for
the heavy responsibility
that comes
with favored position.
Today, more than ever,
this country
needs an elite
that cares more for honor
than for advantage.
More for service
than for personal gain.
To that end, let us
beseech the help of god,
in whose name we pray.
Our father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come...
smokey Joe's cafe
smokey Joe's cafe
one day while I
was eating beans
at smokey Joe's cafe
just sitting
digging all the scenes
at smokey Joe's cafe
this chick came walkin'
through the door
that I had never
seen before
at least I'd never
seen her
at smokey Joe's cafe
and I started shakin'
when she sat right down
next to me
ba da na da na
da na na
na da na na
da na na na...
decent hi-fi, Mac.
Bought it from a friend.
How much?
He wanted 40 bucks,
but I jewed him down to 30.
30? I'll give you 25.
He's always trying
to get something for nothing.
And he's not
even Jewish.
Evening, gentlemen.
Evening, sir.
Whose music is that?
I use the term advisedly.
That's the great sound
of the Robbins.
No. I mean the man
who would purchase such swill.
That would be me.
That would be I.
Have you a name?
And you?
Mr. Cleary.
I happen to be
the new housemaster.
Turn it off, please.
The cultural environment
in which one lives
ought to be as important
as the air he breathes
and the food he eats.
Surely in your day
you had your own music.
Yes, and my day
has not passed.
Dave brubeck.
Ray Anthony.
Les elgart.
Mitch Miller.
Les Baxter.
Roger Williams.
We'll have
no problem.
Gentlemen, we all
have to live here,
but we're not going
to bring the jungle
into my house,
thank you very much.
Greene, where'd
you get the balls?
You are in, David.
I hope all the teachers
aren't like him.
Most of them are o.K.
Who'd you get
for history?
He's tough.
I got him, too.
How about French?
We'll talk about
the French resistance
and get some sleep.
You shower
morning or night?
Hurry. We'll just make it
before lights out.
What a beautiful day.
will be a breeze.
Well, well.
My musical
upstairs neighbors.
Do sit down.
Monsieur renard
is cutting back
on his
teaching load,
so I will have
the pleasure
of teaching
this section of French 4.
Cela, messieurs, est le dernier
anglais que vous allez entendre
pendant cette heure-ci.
Ayant etudie francais
pour trois ans,
yous devriez pouvoir entretenir
des conversations.
N'est-ce pas...
Monsieur mcgivern?
Oui, monsieur.
Oui, monsieur,
vous avez raison.
Oui, monsieur,
j'ai bien compris.
Qu'est-ce que ca vent dire,
oui, monsieur?
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't understand.
En francais,
s'il vous plait.
Je suis...
Desole, monsieur.
Mais je n'ai pas parle
ni entendu le francais...
Donc, uh, uh, uh.
C'est affreux.
You know how
a team works, don't you?
I get the picture.
I wasn't
the quarterback you wanted.
You're our
number-one backup.
But if
I want to play,
I better play
It's our weakest spot now.
You'll make
a great halfback.
You can run
and you can block.
You got
all the stuff, kid.
I'll give it my best.
I'm counting on it.
Listen up!
New face
on the varsity this year.
David Greene.
Greene comes to us
from Pennsylvania.
Hi. Played
Led his team
to a league championship
in a mighty tough league.
This year, we're concentrating
on our passing game.
Mcgivern's handing out
some new plays.
If captured, eat them.
If still alive,
meet here tomorrow.
Study them tonight.
We'll run 'em through
Today, let's get out there
and warm up.
Hit it!
Hi, coach.
Hi, Dillon.
How was practice?
Where's Greene?
He was gone when I got back
from the library.
Save a place
for him, huh?
Just like this.
Get off me.
Thank you, dear god,
for your bountiful gifts.
I'm keeping up.
Holding my own.
How about French?
Hate the teacher.
Everybody hates
at least one.
Don't let it bother you.
I'd better study.
We'll talk next week.
Don't forget Saturday.
Rosh hashanah.
You haven't forgotten?
I got a game against
Winchester, pop.
It's a very holy day.
It goes back longer
than any of us.
You show respect
and get to temple.
Davey, do you hear me?
No excuses.
O.k. Sure.
Don't worry, pop.
I'll speak to you
next week.
O.k. Bye.
Go! Go!
St. Matt's, 3rd and 5
on the Winchester 41.
Hut 1!
Hut 2!
Hut 3!
Oh, yes! Yeah!
That boy's
very good.
What's his name?
Van kelt.
The boys call him rip.
He's the team captain.
I think he means
the boy who threw
the pass, Dr. Bartram.
Oh. That's David Greene.
there go the mustangs
on the field
to bring us a win today
they'll never know
what hit that line
when we begin to play
don't let
our colors down, team
we'll sing them
a victory cheer
root for
the old mustangs today
home of the proud
and brave
the score is tied
7 apiece.
St. Matt's ball, 3rd and 7
on the Winchester
40-yard line.
Set! Set!
Set...hut 1!
Touchdown, St. Matt's!
We've got ourselves
a quarterback!
We found
our quarterback!
Lights out!
Lights out!
You go ahead, dear.
I'll be right there.
Who is it?
David Greene, sir.
What are you
doing here, Greene?
Praying, sir.
I should imagine your god
allows prayer
during daylight hours.
I couldn't get away.
It's rosh hashanah.
The beginning of
the Jewish new year.
I know what
rosh hashanah is.
It ends at sunset,
if I recall the custom.
but it wouldn't go over too well
if I said
I couldn't play.
My scholarship
depends on football.
Yes. I saw the game.
You seemed
thoroughly concentrated
on the task at hand.
Thank you, sir.
You people are very...
Determined, aren't you?
we have to be, sir.
I seem to recall
a blessing.
Blessed are the meek,
for they shall
inherit the earth.
I wonder how meek they'll be
when they do.
Are you finished here,
Mr. Greene?
Yes, sir.
Then I suggest you
sneak back to your room.
I shall overlook
this evening's infraction.
Mr. Greene.
Was it worth it--
breaking a tradition
just to win
a football game?
Your tradition
or mine, sir?
I can do
French to English.
He knows that,
so he gives us
English to French.
The pig won't last.
I'll bet you anything.
He won't last?
I flunked that test.
You know, I'm getting
sick and tired
of these goddamn bells.
Hey, throw it back.
Sign him up!
Henry viii
assumes the throne.
1649. Mr. Smith?
Uh...charles I
was executed.
Correct. Which resulted
in the establishment
of what?
Uh...a commonwealth,
Mr. Gierasch.
Very good. Mr. Dillon,
when did Mary, queen of Scots
lose her head?
Close. You were only
a century off. Mr. Greene.
And what occurred
during the years
1553 to 1558?
Mr. Collins?
The reign of
bloody Mary tudor.
Yes. Which resulted
in what, Mr. Reece?
of the protestants.
was restored.
How come, Mr. Connors?
She married
Well, more or less.
August 9, 1593?
The birth of izaak walton.
A personal favorite.
Mr. Dillon.
A literary event?
Publication of
the king James Bible.
You care to try
for three, Mr. Dillon?
I remind you,
Mr. Dillon,
this course
has no shallow end.
Sink or swim.
If I don't get
total tit tonight,
I'll cut my throat.
Sex is my only reason
for living.
Then be careful
you don't cut your hand.
Life isn't over
yet, Mac.
You can't tell
from one interview.
When the Princeton guy says
they might accept
a "c" in French
and you're flunking French,
life's pretty much over.
isn't the only school
in the Ivy league.
Would someone explain this
to our friend
from Scranton?
Mac has to go
to Princeton, all right?
Five generations
of mcgiverns
have gone to Princeton.
If I don't get in,
it means
the others had cocks
and I just have a wee-wee.
Excuse me if I have
trouble sympathizing.
Harvard wants
monthly reports on me.
How about you, Greene?
It's touch and go.
I'm getting a "c"
in French.
Don't sweat it. Dillon's
brother graduates this year.
All the backup Harvard
quarterbacks, they're thumbs.
I wouldn't go
to Harvard.
All those Jews
and communists.
Yeah, and that's
just the faculty.
You're both
so full of shit.
What do I care if
there are Jews at Harvard?
You don't have to room
with them.
That's not
the point.
You don't have
to be with them.
Why would you want to?
I don't want to.
Then don't go
to Harvard, Dillon.
How would you ever know?
If you were with them?
are you kidding?
How would you
not know?
It's kind of hard
to miss a hebe.
Oh, god. Girls,
eat your hearts out.
Oh, no!
Never mess with my hair.
I can't believe
you did that.
Oh, no way! You're dead!
Hurry up, fellas.
three coins
in the fountain
each one
seeking happiness
thrown by three
hopeful lovers
which one
will the fountain bless?
three hearts
in the fountain...
don't forget to make room
for the holy ghost.
each heart
longing for its home
there they lie
in the fountain
in the heart of Rome
which one
will the fountain bless?
which one
will the fountain bless?
three coins
in the fountain
through the ripples,
how they shine
just one wish
will be granted
one heart
will wear a Valentine
make it mine
make it mine
make it mine
You can roll
your tongue back up.
God, she's beautiful.
Sally Wheeler.
Dillon says
she's his girlfriend.
Is she?
I guess so.
That's the word.
which one
will the fountain bless?
which one
will the fountain bless?
Isn't that
your new quarterback?
That's David Greene.
He must be half nigger.
He can really dance.
Introduce me.
Excuse me.
You move as well
on the floor
as you do
on the field.
Sally Wheeler,
David Greene.
I'll be back
in a minute.
There's no rush.
I saw you dancing.
I saw you dancing, too.
With Dillon.
Dillon's a great guy.
He's fun.
So do you think
he'll go to Harvard?
You do that
in your spare time?
Worry about Dillon.
I don't have
any spare time.
my darling dear
love you all the time
this is
a great song.
a fool in love
with you
would you like to dance?
Yeah. I would.
earth angel,
earth angel
the one I adore
love you forever
and evermore
I'm just a fool...
Are you two
going steady?
No. Our families share
some woods in Maine,
so we've known each other
since we were,
gosh, around 5.
We're thrown
together a lot,
so everybody thinks
that we go steady.
But everybody
thinks wrong.
I know how it is.
My family shares some
woods in Pennsylvania,
only they share them
with 300,000 other people.
You must think
I'm a spoiled brat.
I think you're so pretty.
I must sound
like a real nosebleed.
Don't tell
your roommate, o.K.?
Wait. How do you
know my roommate?
I don't. I just
don't want her to know.
I think
you're pretty, too.
Thanks for taking care
of my girl.
Try the punch.
with you
I fell for you
and I knew
the vision
of your love's loneliness
I hope and I pray...
Maybe he won't show.
I think
I'm going to puke.
My stomach hurts.
You'll be o.K.
It's 25% of the grade.
That's crazy.
That's just not right.
I wonder who
he'll call on first?
Take a guess.
This is it.
It all comes down
to this one day.
No, it doesn't.
My mouth's
all dried out.
Who has a lifesaver?
Shit, I can't
do this.
En voyant
les marbres d'Elgin.
Mon esprit
n'est pas assez fort.
La mortalite--
"n'est pas assez fort."
Trop complique.
"Est trop faible"
c'est meilleur.
Mon esprit
est trop faible.
Oui. Continuez.
La mortalite
pese lourdement sur moi
comme UN sommeil
sans le vouloir.
Pas "sans le vouloir."
Ce n'est past
grammaticalement correct.
Comme UN sommeil
Et chaque sommet
Et raide de la difficulte
de dieu--
pas "de dieu,"
monsieur mcgivern.
De la difficulte divine.
De la difficulte divine
me dit--
que je dois mourir
comme UN aigle malade
qui regarde le ciel.
c'est une douce luxe
de crier--
repetez. Douce luxe.
Douce luxe?
On attend.
On attend.
Douce luxe.
Merci. Continuez.
c'est une douce luxe
de crier--
crier c'est ce qu'on fait quand
on a tres peur!
Pleurer! Pleurer!
Au revoir,
monsieur mcgivern.
That asshole cleary.
Such a sadistic
Mac was doing
all right.
Is he going
to be o.K.?
Just let him alone
a while.
He really took it.
You're not kidding.
David, your sister's
on the phone.
Hello, Sarah.
What's up?
I didn't even know
you had a sister.
Who is this?
It's Sally Wheeler.
Hi. Where are you?
The dorm at school.
Are you studying?
Yeah. Chemistry.
I hate chemistry.
Me, too.
You ever go
to skip's diner?
David, have you
seen mcgivern?
No. Haven't you?
Not since French class.
It's lights out.
Where is he?
Check with Dillon
and Van kelt.
All right.
See you later.
Hi. Skip's diner.
Yeah. It's, um,
it's in town.
It's kind of a hangout.
I thought if you weren't
doing anything tomorrow night,
we could go.
What time?
He hasn't shown up.
I'm going to
go look for him.
Et chaque sommet
me dit
que je dois mourir
comme UN aigle malade
qui regarde le ciel.
Mon esprit
n'est pas assez fort.
La mortalite
pese lourdement sur moi
comme UN sommeil
sans le vouloir.
Et chaque sommet
Lights out!
Come on, Mac, buddy,
where are you?
Mon esprit
est trop faible.
La mortalite
pese lourdement sur moi
comme UN sommeil
et chaque sommet
imaginaire et raide
de la difficulte divine
me dit
que je dois mourir.
Hold on a second.
I'll get the lights.
Mon esprit
est trop faible.
La mortalite
pese lourdement sur moi...
Comme UN sommeil
Et chaque sommet...
Imaginaire et raide
de la difficulte divine
me dit
que je dois mourir.
We have to tell
Maybe he got drunk.
Mac never drinks.
He hates the taste.
Think he went home?
Cut it out, Reece.
Isn't that French class?
Come on, let's go.
Ay. Chihuahua.
Mon esprit
est trop faible.
La mortalite
pese lourdement sur moi...
Mon esprit
n'est pas assez fort.
Hey, come on.
Giv? Hey.
Get some help.
De la difficulte divine
me dit...
Que je dois mourir
UN aigle malade
qui regarde
le ciel.
Shh, shh, shh.
c'est une douce luxe
de pleurer...
Shh, shh. It's o.K.
It's o.K.
Shh, shh, shh.
They're getting
the boy.
Please, gentlemen,
go back to bed. Please.
You did this!
You did this!
You rode him
until he broke!
David! Walk away!
Just walk away, David.
You wouldn't
let up!
You did this!
I'll get you,
I'll get you,
That was horrible.
David, you--
you can't go after
a teacher like that here.
That's the end
if you do.
If I told my friends
back home about this,
they wouldn't
believe me--
over a failing grade
in French.
Good grades,
the right schools,
the right colleges,
the right connections--
those are the keys
to the kingdom.
None of us goes off
and lives by his wits.
We do the things
they tell us.
Then they give us
the good life.
Hope we like it
when we get it.
What will happen to Mac?
He's not coming back.
I heard of nervous
breakdowns before,
but I always thought
it happened to women,
you know,
who were 40 years old.
I never realized
it could happen to a kid my age.
When I was a sophomore...
There was this senior--
William whitten.
He killed himself.
Hung himself
in the gym.
He didn't
get into Harvard.
I want to go
to Harvard.
I'll be god damned
if I croak myself if I don't.
I envy you.
'Cause if you
get what you want,
you'll deserve it.
And if you don't,
you'll manage.
You don't have
to live up
to anybody else's
You are who you are.
That's really what
draws people to you.
It's not that you're
the cool quarterback.
You're the most popular
guy on campus.
If my name
weren't Dillon,
that would be different.
don't forget my last name's
son of Grayson Jr.,
brother of Grayson III.
I'm a Dillon.
I'm a part of
those right connections.
People don't care
about that.
Oh, you'll see.
Come on.
Evening, sir.
Evening, sir.
You don't smoke?
No. I tried it,
but it didn't take.
You're too good.
Is that to impress
the mothers?
What mothers?
Of all your girlfriends.
Nah. Too many to try.
You were
talking about, um...
in Scranton.
Oh, yeah. Garbage day.
We had to haul
our own trash to the dump.
Don't knock it.
One day my father and I
see these two guys.
One's got a rope
around his waist,
and he's holding
a net bag.
His buddy's lowering him
into the pit.
What for?
They were scavenging
for tin cans.
Who'd want to do that?
That's what I said
to my old man.
He gave me
this long, hard look,
and he said, "Davey...
It's an honest living."
I never forgot that.
You're so different
from the other boys.
How's that?
The other boys,
like Dillon,
you know
everything about them
in two minutes.
But you...
Four minutes, easy.
You have a serious side.
Let's go.
Come on,
move it!
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa!
Good night, David.
Can I call you?
You'd better.
We'll finish off
our coffee
and then finish off
St. Luke's.
I'll drink to that.
Don't inspire me
to increase my bet.
History has proved
that you can't beat St. Luke's.
This year's going
to be different.
You haven't seen
our secret weapon.
Hello, hello. Hi, mom.
Mom, dad, gray,
is David Greene.
Pleased to meet you.
Mr. and Mrs.
Pleased to meet you.
Hello, David.
David, you've
met Sally.
Going to punish St. Luke's
for their arrogance?
Severely, sir.
Stop eating.
You'll be
playing soon.
Wheeler had the misfortune
of attending St. Luke's.
You're at the end
of your winning streak.
Not today.
Join us for dinner
no matter who wins?
Thank you.
Loser pays.
You're on.
We should get back.
Let's go.
We'll see you later.
Nice to meet you.
He's very cute.
Really, Grayson,
who found the boy?
He applied--
just like
anybody else.
Riding in the new
black thunderbird,
St. Matthew's
oldest living alumnus--
Franklin Benson,
class of 1875.
Ladies and gentlemen,
prior to the start
of the second half,
each year
at homecoming
three alumni are named
to the St. Matthew's
football hall of fame.
Until the announcement
is made,
not even the honorees
know who'll be named.
This year's inductees
to the hall of fame are...
From the class of 1951--
the youngest member
of the hall of fame,
Grayson Dillon III!
Glad you're in.
Oh, my!
I can't believe it.
Grayson is currently
attending Harvard
and plays football
for the crimson.
St. Matt's ball.
2nd and 12
on their own 10.
Red dog!
Set! Hut!
Yes, sir!
Fake off tackle right.
Pass to the front.
Left to Reece.
3rd down
and about 12.
They're looking
for a pass.
Give to me
on the right side.
I know I can.
David, my father's here.
All right.
Fake over
tackle right.
Throw to Reece.
Left formation.
Dillon takes it.
Right draw. Ready!
Hut-1, hut-2,
All right!
Oh. St. Matt's fumbles.
What the hell's
going on?
I send in a play,
that's the play
I want to see.
I am the coach.
You got that?
Go out there
and bring
this game home.
St. Luke's ball.
3rd and goal.
3! 28!
Blue! Set! Hut!
All right!
Damn it, Dillon!
St. Matt's ball.
3rd and 5 on St. Luke's
30-yard line.
Greene! Greene!
Go! Go!
It's good!
St. Matt's
is on the scoreboard.
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!
David, give me
another chance.
I know I can
get 6 yards.
Let me make up
for that fumble.
Coach calls the plays.
We're going to win this
right now.
Left draw.
Quarterback keep.
On 2!
Dillon, block your ass
off for me.
Down! Set!
Let's see
the dessert cart
since dinner is on
Mr. Wheeler here.
I consider it
a moral victory.
Could have gone
either way.
There's no column
in the record books
for moral victories.
How do you like
our little club?
It's unbelievable.
In Scranton,
a club is three guys
with an old buick.
Good arm.
Good sense of humor.
Not a bad combination.
Hello, Grayson.
Oh. Tom keating.
How are you?
See the game?
Wouldn't have
missed it.
That quarterback's
the great white hope.
Shake his hand.
David Greene, Mr. Keating,
one of our trustees.
Son, on behalf
of the old guard, many thanks.
Good to be a winner again.
You know the wheelers.
Nice to see you, Tom.
And my boys
gray and Charlie.
Of course. Gray.
Congratulations, gray.
Quite an honor.
Call me in the city.
We'll get together.
I'll do that, Grayson.
Have a nice evening.
I'd like to introduce you
to someone. Do you mind?
I believe Tom keating's
had a drink or two.
He does have
that problem.
Excuse me.
I see Mrs. Bartram
left unattended.
Oh, please,
don't get up.
How about a dance?
If one of these young men
will dance with Sally.
Oh, David.
David, do you mind?
I'd like to have
a word with this guy.
Would you
like to dance?
Son, you played
a good game today.
Not as good
as some people.
Don't sell yourself short.
That was a key block.
Without your block,
David couldn't
have scored.
Fine game, wasn't it?
Man 1:
Who'd have thought
on 3rd and 1,
they'd make
that play?
Man 2:
It was a great
football game.
I have a secret.
I think about you
more than I ought to.
Oh, that's too bad,
because if you
think of me
as much as
I think of you,
we're both going
to flunk out of school.
Am I all sweaty
and red in the face?
You look like an angel.
Charlie, listen to me.
Don't let
your brother's award
take anything away
from your day.
No, of course not.
I threw a good block,
he got into
the hall of fame.
People have different
natural abilities.
In other words,
I should accept my mediocrity.
You are not mediocre.
You wouldn't be
at St. Matt's if you were.
What are you looking at?
Poor Dillon looks
like he's dying.
If you mention
Charlie Dillon once more,
I will sit down
in a huff.
I will, too.
Dillon, Dillon, Dillon.
Charlie, Charlie.
You guys beat St. Luke's.
Nobody thought
you had a chance.
Come on, enjoy it.
I'm enjoying it.
Can I go now?
Yes, you can go.
Thanks for taking care
of my girl.
Stop saying that.
I'm not your girl.
What the hell is this?
You don't listen
very well, do you?
Come on, Sally,
you're embarrassing me
in front of my friend.
Let's go have a talk.
You're embarrassing me
with my friend.
Charlie, I'm sorry.
It just kind
of happened.
Screw your friend.
no. Let him go.
I know him.
He needs some time
to cool off.
I'll speak to him
To the Victors.
Where's your friend?
What friend?
Do I get a drink?
Oh, absolutely.
Scotch and soda.
Dewars and soda.
You ever meet Cal Reynolds,
class of '35?
How do you do?
St. Luke's, class of '35.
That's why he looks
so down in the mouth.
I wish we had found
that Greene kid first.
Why? St. Luke's would
never have taken him.
Probably not.
Why wouldn't
St. Luke's have taken him?
Greene? They wouldn't
have enrolled a Jew,
not even
for a championship.
A Jew?
Holy shit.
Have I ever told you
how nicely
you keep a secret?
Yeah! Whoo!
I can't believe
I dropped that pass
in the end zone.
Neither can I.
That's it. Punish me.
Forget it, Reece.
We won!
Yeah! Whoo!
We won!
Hey, Dillon,
what a block, boy!
I taught him
everything he knows.
Oh, god save me.
You played a great game.
Well, we beat St. Luke's.
That was the grand plan.
Mission accomplished.
The old-boy network
got together
and bought us a victory,
but, uh...
The joke's on us.
What joke?
Oh, you didn't
hear the joke?
All right.
Let's hear the joke.
True story--
last weekend there
was a religious revival
at Madison square garden.
Bishop fulton sheen gave
such a stirring address
that afterwards 10,000 people
converted to catholicism.
Then Billy Graham got up,
and after an hour
of inspired preaching,
10,000 people converted
to protestantism.
to end the program,
pat Boone got up,
sang there's a gold mine
in the sky,
and 20,000 Jews
joined the air force.
What's the matter, David,
don't the Jews
have a sense of humor?
Yeah, it turns out
our golden boy here
is a lying,
back-stabbing kike.
You kike! Kike!
You son of a bitch!
I'll kill you!
Get the door.
Damn it!
Come on! Come on!
I don't want
to fight him!
Go ahead! Deny it!
Go ahead! Deny it!
Deny it! Deny it!
I don't want
to fight him!
Why? It's true!
It's true.
He's a hebe!
Hey, come on.
Stop it!
All right, enough!
Come on!
You going
to keep your face
in a book the rest
of the year?
What do you
expect me to say?
That it's no big deal.
If that's true,
why didn't you
tell me before?
I mean,
I'm your roommate.
You never told me
what religion you are.
A methodist.
You're methodist,
and all the time
I didn't know it.
That's different.
Really? How's it different?
It just is.
Jews are different.
It's not
like the difference
between methodists
and lutherans.
I mean, Jews...
about them's different.
O.k., let's get it out.
You think Jews are dirt.
Come on.
If you're going
to be like them,
then admit it
to my face!
Say Jews are
come on!
Come on. I...
You know, the first day
I came to this place,
I thought I was dreaming.
I knew it was only
going to be for a year,
but I thought,
"man, what a year."
I'd get into Harvard.
It's not easy when you come
from podunk public high school.
You guys were my friends.
We were winning games.
I met Sally.
I didn't want anything
to mess it up.
I didn't want to be told
that I couldn't
be a part of it
because I was a Jew,
It's happened before.
You could have told us.
It wouldn't
have made a difference.
Sure, Reece.
I knew that
the first night I got here
when I heard how
mcgivern got his hi-fi.
He jewed him down.
It wouldn't
have made a difference.
One moment, please.
I've graded your take-home
They weren't all that bad.
Mr. Connors, especially,
wrote a near-flawless
I noticed, Mr. Connors,
like the rest of the class,
you signed
the honor code agreement.
Which indicates a promise
not to cheat in any way.
The use of
a published translation
would be cheating,
would it not?
I used
only the dictionary.
If you say so.
Your translation,
was a quantum leap over
your previous efforts.
Well, maybe it's 'cause you're
such a great teacher...Sir.
Pick up
your graded papers.
Dillon. Dillon.
Would you grow up?
Oh, Reece,
you're so mature.
Garcon, plus d'eau,
s'il vous plait.
Excuse me. There's
no salt on this table.
I need salt
for my fruit.
Someone's not doing
his menial job.
It's so hard to find
decent help these days.
Can't you move
any faster?
I'll show you
how fast I can move!
David, come on.
David, come on!
It's not worth it.
It's not
worth it, o.K.?
Look, my name
is Richard Collins.
What's yours, Reece-berg?
David, I'll work
your table.
You can take mine,
all right?
You need this job
as much as I do.
Come on, Greene.
Don't blow it, o.K.?
All right.
I'm open!
I'm open!
Pass it up!
Mcgoo, pass it up!
Lights out!
All right. Come on!
O.k., elcee.
Keep kicking-- good girl.
Kick harder.
Reach forward, Betsy.
Come on, now. Kick.
Elcee, nice going!
Betsy, keep pulling.
Nice going, Anne Marie.
May I help you?
Yes, ma'am. I have to
talk to Sally Wheeler.
You have a visitor.
What are you doing here?
You wouldn't talk
to me on the phone.
Sally, take this
discussion outside.
Yes, miss Jones.
Did you have
to come here?
I had to hear it
from you.
You have no idea what
you've put me through.
My mother died.
She's saying
my grandmother
would turn over
in her grave.
You could have said
that on the phone.
My friends...Just
keep pestering me.
All they say is,
"what's it like to kiss
a Jew? Does his..."
Go on.
"Does his nose
get in the way?"
Nice friends.
Well, at least
they're honest.
All that stuff you told
about life in Scranton?
You didn't say the one
thing you should've.
That's not right.
I was afraid you wouldn't
want to be with me.
Would you?
Don't look at me
that way.
It may surprise you,
but you're not the first
Jewish boy I've met.
You're the first
who ever denied it.
I'm the same guy, Sally.
I know.
No, I'm sorry. It just--
it can't happen.
No! It can't happen.
It just--
not now.
You lied to me.
I didn't lie to you!
I lied to my father.
I lied to myself.
I have to get back
to practice.
Go ahead.
Pull all the way through
to the end!
All the way through.
Good work.
All right, trust act...
Jackie, suspend
cause and fissures.
What are you
asking me?
Suspend cause
and fissures.
Mcgoo, mcgoo,
All right.
I either know
this stuff now
or I'll
never know it.
Sack time.
Oh, man.
Rip, you sure
your notes are right?
Yep. Now all I have
to do is remember them.
Please sign
your reaffirmation
of your honor code
in the place provided.
This test will comprise
30% of your final grade.
You may begin.
Oh, shit!
God bless you.
Time's up, gentlemen.
Papers to the front.
Well, that wasn't
so hard, was it?
Well, my, my, Mr. Connors,
you usually don't have
this much to communicate.
You were bound to ask the right
questions sooner or later.
Dismissed, gentlemen.
What's with rip?
He must have gone down
in flames.
Sure, and I guess
you aced it, right?
You're dead.
You are dead!
You are a fink!
Connors, you jerk!
Hold up.
Hey, wait up!
Be seated, gentlemen.
I regret to announce
that someone in this class
cheated on yesterday's exam.
Everyone signed
the honor code.
Therefore, we have a rather
bleak situation confronting us.
Today is Saturday.
Your next class
is on Monday.
If the cheater
does not come forward
or is not identified
by then,
I will be forced
to fail the entire section.
Need I remind you
what that means?
Isn't that unfair, sir?
Only one of us cheated.
We've all been dishonored
by this person.
I won't tolerate it.
How can you be sure
someone cheated?
I'd prefer to keep
the evidence to myself
for the time being.
Can't you throw out
the old test
and give us
another, sir?
And pretend
that no one cheated?
But someone did cheat.
Whoever has done this has
robbed you of your honor.
If I ignore it...
You will have robbed me
of mine as well.
I leave it
in your hands, gentlemen.
Some s.O.B.
Better answer.
Look, someone must
have seen something.
Come on.
And do what?
Gierasch dumped it
in our laps.
I worked my ass off
for four years.
Because of one liar
my life's ruined?
Whoever did this,
admit to it.
You can't let him
fail the class.
There's time.
I wish I could
get it out of my mind,
but I've got this
appalling feeling...
I have a good idea
who did it.
Maybe Connors
can enlighten us.
You like having teeth,
You've slacked off.
Cleary all but accused
you of cheat--
cleary's a sick shit!
So are you,
you four-eyed runt.
I've been in more trouble
than any of you.
When have I ever not
admitted to something?
Admit this.
Come here, you little runt!
Come here!
Come on! Come on, Jack!
You bastards aren't
pinning this on me.
Just fine. Very cool, mcgoo.
I'm sorry he's offended,
but this can ruin
everybody's lives.
Look, we got three
of the prefects here, right?
You guys got
to handle this.
Let's sleep on it.
We'll meet tomorrow morning
in the founders' room.
Whoever's guilty,
you better think
about what you're doing.
We have to talk.
I know it was you.
I can describe
the crib sheet.
That's gierasch's
Have you seen it
since you used it?
If I cheated and you saw
and didn't report it,
you'd be
in violation, too.
I know, but I can't let
the whole class fail.
He's bluffing.
He won't fail anybody.
Gierasch wouldn't bluff.
David, you-- you don't
understand the way it is.
A thing like this,
you don't know
what it can do to you.
My family expects me
to measure up to something
that's impossible.
I can't do it. I try.
Set it straight.
David. David?
I-I'm begging you.
I'm sorry.
I was a prick.
I was
a prejudiced prick.
This has nothing to do
with that. Just confess.
All right. All right.
How much
do you want, o.K.?
Nothing for nothing,
How much
for your silence?
Either you tell him
or I do.
Son of a bitch!
Why don't you just
stay where you belong?
I guess, um, all I want
to know is, um,
how many think
I could have done it?
You screwed up
a couple of assignments.
Yeah. So?
What are you pulling,
What about
this French test?
Cleary says
he cheated.
If he cheated before,
why wouldn't he cheat again?
I told you I didn't cheat.
Can we believe you?
Nobody's ever cheated before.
Maybe we should--
all right, lay off.
It wasn't Connors.
This isn't easy
for me to--to say.
I know it'll disappoint
some of you, and I'm sorry.
I should have told
the truth yesterday.
I know who cheated.
It was Greene.
Yeah, Greene.
I saw him do it.
You're a liar!
I saw him cheat.
Don't squirm.
Admit it.
I gave him the choice
of confessing.
Hey, come on!
I saw you!
Guys, come on!
Word of honor,
I saw him cheat.
Let's go to
gierasch's office.
We'll tell him
the situation.
Situation? I turned him in.
He's denying it.
Tell gierasch.
will throw it back at us.
We have to decide.
Would you both trust us
to be fair?
Of course
I trust the class.
Why should he trust us?
Why shouldn't he unless he's got
something to hide?
Do you?
David, don't do it,
all right?
I got no choice, do I?
It's how it's done, right?
This is the way it's
always been done.
All right.
You guys decide.
Look, it's one guy's word
against the other.
Maybe we should go
to the head.
We can handle this
Let's just do it.
What's the big deal?
Have we heard
from everybody?
I submit
Dillon didn't cheat.
Why not?
he didn't have to.
He's going to be
fifth generation at Harvard.
Not so with Greene.
was supposed to be
fifth generation
at Princeton, too.
So nothing's
for sure, mcgoo.
Let's go over
this again.
As I see it, there's
an objective fact.
One's lied in the past,
and one hasn't.
David never lied
about anything.
Yes, he did.
He lied about
being a Jew.
No one
ever asked him.
Because no one had any idea
because he lied.
Gierasch says the crib sheet
was block-printed.
No way to tell
who wrote it.
He said the reputation
of the school
and the honor code's future
is on our shoulders.
Screw the school.
What about us?
The school has its honor,
our lives are ruined.
My life's screwed
if I don't get into Yale.
I need my grades.
A scholarship's
almost certain.
I can't tell my father
I failed history.
We busted our butts
for four solid years.
Now one person's
killing us.
It's got to be Greene.
Rip, what do you
want us to think?
I don't know.
I mean, what's so different
about him, anyway?
It's like my dad says
about Jews--
right away he tried
to ingratiate himself
into our crowd.
That's bullshit.
He wanted in without
hazing or any work.
He was a senior.
Jesus, can we keep
the Jewish stuff out of this?
We have to talk about it
because he is Jewish, stupid.
Mcgoo, you're a bigot.
I resent that.
Resent all
you want, asshole.
You were the first one
to start needling him.
Hey! Hey!
I confess.
I admit, you know,
I'm an anti-semite.
I crack Jew jokes.
I think they're
greedy, pushy...
You want to know
something else, guys?
David Greene's the first one
I've met up close.
What's your
point, Connors?
He was a good guy.
That guy wouldn't cheat.
So you think
Dillon did?
Yeah, I think
Dillon cheated.
That makes
two of us.
I can't
believe this.
Me, neither.
You want to dump Dillon
for a dirty Jew.
It's 1 A.M. are we
going to decide this?
Not unless
we can be fair and impartial.
What's with you,
Everybody knows
what Jews are like.
How many
do you know, mcgoo?
Had any to your house?
I only have to
know one--
the guy who took Dillon's
place on the team.
Sneaks off with
Dillon's girl.
in the back.
He's not even
paying his own way.
Wake up, guys!
Can't you see
what's going on here?
You want to nail Greene
'cause he knew how you feel.
Is anyone else
tired of this?
Let's just vote.
Hands or secret ballots?
Secret ballots.
If we're doing it,
we'll do it in the open.
As head prefect,
I've been asked--
It's the finding
of the class--
the majority of the class--
that the guilt lies
with David Greene.
Mr. Greene, you're requested
to turn yourself in
to the headmaster.
All right.
I'll honor your traditions.
I'll go
to the headmaster...
And I'll lie.
Thanks, bud.
Good morning, Mr. Greene.
We were beginning to wonder
if you'd changed your mind.
You know why I'm here?
To confess
to cheating.
That's right. I cheated
on the history exam.
No, David.
You did
no such thing.
I saw Dillon cheat.
He was my roommate
for four years.
Thank you,
Mr. Van kelt.
You are excused.
I'm sorry.
I did break
the honor code.
Yes. As did
Van kelt.
But the honor code
is a living thing.
It cannot exist
in a vacuum.
We absolve you both
on that account.
Mr. Dillon, however,
is expelled.
David, you represent
the best
of what we hope for
at St. Matthew's.
Please don't think
of leaving.
Then it's settled.
I'd like to forget
this ever happened.
No, sir.
You're never going to
forget it happened,
because I'm going to stay,
and every day you see me,
you'll remember it happened.
You used me for football.
I'll use you
to get into Harvard.
Excuse me.
You know something?
I'm still going to
get into Harvard.
In 10 years, nobody's going
to remember any of this,
but you'll still be
a goddamn Jew.
You'll still be a prick.