School Town King (2020) Movie Script

Klong Toey yo
Klong Toey yo
Slum, slum
What do you want it to be about?
What should it be about?
Make it about Non. Can you?
-About Non?
-The relationship between you two.
Yo! Ey!
We got the two of us
Ey! Ey!
Ain't give a damn how they look on us
Followin' my dreams
Ain't carin' 'bout the rest
Be gettin' up fo' school ain't a jest
Gettin' up at eight o'clock
I'mma be a jock
Our life be strugglin'
Yet I've come this far
And know what my dreams are
We got the two of us
Errbody knowin' we got mo' than wit in us
Nothin' like sittin' back n' bein' slack
Go see what we got done
It's just the two of us
Remember that son of a gun
I'mma slum kid at heart
Born on land they say to be a slum
Ain't give a damn how they look on us
Just wanna rap so ya know us
Know what ya can
Know it fo' as long as ya can
This be Non, he cool
In Community school Me be here
At Tat Tong, I'm Book, I'm Book
Come and take a look
Come see
How dope we be
Just want y'all to come and see
Here we be on massive land
Non said how witty, let's expand
Now where we be
Rama 4 road is what you can see
I'll treat ya street food, come with me
Where we be goin', we goin' to Big C
I'm tellin' ya this is Klong Toey
It's got good things, guaranteed
Tellin' ya it's damn fun like totes
Come see my wit just like dotes
We be rappin' all day long
What'd it be like
I ain't ever got it
Followin' it, rappin' it
Today we be partyin' by the port so lit
Got this 18 wheeler here tellin'
We crazy legit
I tell ya' we be drivin' like drifts
Rain ain't be fallin' yet
I'd be rappin' so swift
Come see yo, I'm rappin' now in the dark
Time check, its 20,08
My rap be all legit
Come see just once aiight
Now we be rappin' middle of a street light
Man ain't it dope
Klong Toey we be unite
Never at odds aiight
Come see yo
How you findin' it
Here's an ambulance on the right
Come see and get it
Goin' to the hospital yet
I'm sittin' here chillin'
My rap might get you stumblin'
Got lotta topics to be tellin'
Look and think 'bout
What'd be necessary 'bout doin'
Look and think 'bout it
Think and think 'bout it
I tell ya
Them ladies wanna give the sweets
I ain't good lookin', I ain't rich
I ain't got lots
But them ladies wanna stay till death
Don't forget that
Whatta your thoughts, if that be alright
How ya seein' it, what else don't ya get
I want ya to know about it
Think again about it
I'll tell ya I'll reggae rap for ya
What's it like, come and see
What's it like, ain't gettin' it right?
Thinkin' this and that
Prolly ain't gettin' it
Gonna show ya tho' ya
Prolly ain't gettin' it
We be totally dope
Them ladies wanna give us them hopes
Ain't that right?
I'm Thanayut Na Ayutthaya. I go by Book.
In the rap world, Elevenfinger.
I'm 18.
I live in Romklao at Klong Toey.
It's underneath the expressway.
Elevenfinger comes from
me being born with 11 fingers.
Friends called me Eleven Fingers,
Handicap, or Extra Finger.
I started listening to hip hop
when I was in middle school,
and when I started rapping,
I needed an a.k.a.
So, I took this chip on my shoulder
and made something out of it
to get people to remember it
in a different light.
Hi. I'm Nontawat Toma. I go by Non.
I'm in elementary school.
I meant middle school, 8th grade.
I live at Klong Toey in Community Block 6.
My a.k.a. is Crazykids.
I wanted it to be named as a crazy kid
since I can be stubborn
and I still have to ask my mom for money.
I've tried to earn money for her
but just don't know whatta do.
I play soccer, but I'm not good at it.
No matter what, I never do it well.
Book came to play soccer one day
and someone said he raps.
I asked for his autograph, but he said no.
I think he told me
to find a pen or sumpthin'.
After we got to know each other,
we started talking and made deals.
We've known each other since that day.
See what it's like
I tell ya it's all in the head
When I rap
That kid be lookin' like gimme a fist bump
Do it, let's see
I'mma rap in a ghetto land
I tell ya it's freakin' dope, man
Non, take it away
Oh! What should I rap about?
-Ay! Anything
Me, I'mma kid from the slums
-Me, I'mma kid from the slums
-From the slums, heck!
-Me, I'mma kid from the slums
-Kid from the slums
The ones looked down as scum
Let yo' mouth run, beware of karma
-I have today 'coz of my momma
What you see here
is the community of Klong Toey.
People most likely
know it as Klong Toey Slum.
Currently, there are 26 residential
communities with 12,000 households
or over 70,000 people.
It's considered
the largest slum in Thailand.
The Klong Toey area and its surroundings
have drug addicts and dealers.
There are about 50 spots
under surveillance.
The special narcotics unit
and army task force
have assembled in unification
to clear out the Klong Toey area.
They are focusing on ten spots.
This area's known to be notorious
for illegal drugs,
theft, juvenile troublemakers,
and gambling.
Outsiders don't know
what Klong Toey is truly like.
I think there are many facets to it,
both good and bad,
they should know about.
A music genre can have
an impact on changing society.
If we make music that's beneficial,
music that reflects their lives,
I think people will listen to us.
So, in all of my songs,
I try to add elements
of Klong Toey in most of it.
Klong Toey
Ah, yeah, yeah
Poor, foul
Vile, gangster
Damn cynical names that be given
Poor, foul, vile, gangster
Words used by those in oblivion
Society be denotin' us
Klong Toey as the grass root
Findin' us bad
And seein' our worth just as moot
We all be happy, no matter rich or poor
Even we are in the slum
We ain't put people down on the floor
The slums are a place loathed by the rich
Forcin' us into poverty n' havin'
To withstand bein' pushed into the ditch
We're looked down worse than
A dog got us amused
But who we are, we ain't guilty as accused
We can be poor
But our heart ain't run short
Our heart
Our heart is the team of the Thai port
We can be poor
But our heart ain't run short
Our heart
Our heart is the team of the Thai port
The national flag and Thai anthem
are symbols of patriotism.
Let's all stand upright
to pay respect to our flag
and take pride in our independence
and the sacrifices of our Thai ancestors.
"Thailand embraces in its bosom
all people of Thai blood."
Prepare to pay respect.
Good morning, Teacher!
I'm gonna beat the blazes out of you!
What's with you?
Is it that bad?
You never listen!
Do it again!
Y'all squash all of us, us from the slum
What good do y'all have, we won't succumb
Y'all say we be livin' off for free
Yo sorry, ya barkin' up the wrong tree
Y'all say Klong Toey only got thieves
Excuse you, y'all houses are of deceive
Y'all say Klong Toey be full of hounds
Excuse you, our souls only be kind ground
I ain't been on the mic yet, God
Coz' out there still be full of frauds
I ain't dyin' today
Nor diggin' ma own grave
I'mma still be watchin'
The government at 6 pm errday
Y'all always be sayin' we all be so ghetto
Yet y'all still be relyin' on luck
For the lotto
We all be enjoyin' the fun and grinnin'
Keep yo' mouth runnin'
Yo' head gon' be spinnin'
Ya say I got nuthin' better
To do all I do is rap
Say why can't I when ya be usin' an app
We all be foolin' around like clowns
Why not when y'all be on a merry-go-round
I'm proud my hood be in Klong Toey
Wherever I go before
I'd hear the song Choey Moey
Y'all wanna know what song be sung
Tell 'em this be the song Klong Toey Slum
This song bein' plain fo' lotta fools
I be goin' to a community school
I'm proud bein' born in this poor pool
Better than those politicians
That are ridicule, yo!
Have you ever rapped onstage?
No. I wanted to and asked
my teachers, but they said
there's no need to.
-So, I said, "Never mind."
-How come?
I dunno. I told them
I wanna rap to show my skills
and they said
bring your skills here,
bring your butt over here.
-So, do you actually want to rap onstage?
-I do.
But your teacher won't let you.
I tried asking only one teacher, though,
so when I was turned down,
I didn't ask again. I didn't dare to.
My friend said for a million views,
you get $300,
but the teacher said one view gets $0,03,
so a million would be $15,000.
I'd give $4,000 to my parents.
With the rest, I'd buy my own house.
What if you become popular?
How dope!
A youth rapper from Klong Toey
who's just 13
came out to rap about
his reflections of the problems
as a kid from Klong Toey.
I'm happy.
I didn't know that
this many people watched it.
The number of views really exploded.
I'm dazed.
Can I get your autograph?
Non, can I get your autograph?
I've followed you since kindergarten.
Can I get your autograph?
Sign for me first.
-You're totally dope!
Yeah, you're really dope.
I watch it ten times a day.
Come on, lemme hear it.
-Let's clap for the rapper-to-be.
You want me to rap?
Rap just a bit!
I only hear this song "Choey Moey".
You're on the news! Darn famous!
Go search for "Klong Toey Slum".
Sing it. "Klong Toey Slum".
You found it on the Internet, aiight?
Hey, finish rapping.
Fool, famous, are you?
The rapper's crying!
Why does Non cry all the time?
Why are you upset?
I'm proud my hood be in Klong Toey
Wherever I go before
I'd hear the song Choey Moey
I'd like to give our thanks.
Wow! It's a large banknote too!
Everyone, he's a great role model.
An excellent youth model.
I'm super happy,
especially about the clothes.
I chose it myself. It goes well together.
Take a picture for Facebook first.
Who granted it?
-Who granted it? It's Mr. Deputy's grant.
-Mr. Deputy.
How much is it?
All of it cost $100.
Right now,
Mr. Deputy is your sponsor, right?
Get Mr. Deputy to sponsor me.
-He won't say it.
-Make one for me too.
-Hey, listen first.
Remember what you said
before your rap blew up?
Now that you're famous,
you'd better keep your word.
You gave us your word. You better keep it.
That's for sure.
They took you shopping?
No wonder you weren't at school.
I'll try on the shoes first.
-Try all of it on.
-How much is it?
-This one?
-Hundred dollars, plus the socks.
-What about this?
-Twenty dollars.
Are you fooling me, you fool?
Why the hell would I?
-All of it was paid for?
-By whom?
-He's totally loaded.
He's a politician dude.
Slum, Slum, Klong Toey Slum
I have seven siblings.
I live with my stepdad,
mom, and younger siblings.
The rent is already $50.
The electricity needs to be paid for.
It's still overdue.
It's already been a few months too.
What do you fear most in life?
I fear that I won't succeed
before my mom dies.
I want to buy a house.
So that family won't have to struggle.
As for those who still
haven't made the payment,
which is probably not that many.
For 11th and 12th graders,
you'll have to make the payment on 9th
when we have the meeting
Let's not have karma against each other.
Let's not have karma against each other.
The enlightened,
the awakened, the delighted.
The enlightened,
the awakened, the delighted.
Attention, students. Pay your respects.
Just like last time,
we spoke about the economic system,
such as which country stands where.
Here's our recording room.
The other room's where we live.
This is the studio
used to record songs and stuff.
Whenever anyone records a song,
they use this room.
My mom left me here since I was little.
My parents lived together,
but I didn't have a chance to see them.
When I was little,
I stayed with my grandma.
My mom died from pulmonary edema.
She was struggling without money.
-Who are you closest to?
-My grandma. She's the most understanding.
Dad tends to scold.
I talk to grandma since she's kind.
I never talk to Dad.
I feel there's still a gap.
He hopes for things he couldn't do himself
and wants me to achieve them.
Like getting a degree.
It's already half-past eight.
My dad wants a degree.
Why did they call us in?
I have no friggin' idea
why I'm being called in.
It's a scolding, for sure.
What did they say?
They said that my parents
need to come to talk about
whether I will continue my studies or not.
Now, they can just be carefree
without having to listen,
but when it's time
to graduate from high school,
they have to go further, right?
Will what he says realize?
Will he be able to continue
or just stop here?
Is he just going to drop his studies now
and go rap, is that it?
Should that be it?
A high school graduate
can only do so much.
Whatever he's been saying,
it's daydreaming.
How should I say it?
I want to go on a nationwide tour.
How do I say it?
-Just give it a try.
-I'm thinking about it.
A nationwide concert tour.
I'll probably say
I'll say this instead. I'll say
Full of ignorance yet tellin' me I'm vile
Who gives a damn
Y'all ain't feedin' ma smile
Full of greed, ever ready steppin'
On those worse than you
Go ahead do it, did ya forget
There are people better than you
Above the sky, there's the galaxy
Above you, there, you see me
Can't win yourself over
Losers don't talk to me
I got a fighter's soul runnin' through me
A real man be real
Winnin' with intellect over enemies
Just think about
Thanos bein' full of might
Against Iron Man's brilliance
Never losin' a fight
A winner ain't gotta be the lead part
A true winner be one winnin'
Over their own heart
Ma pierce be on full thrust
See ma pierce go till the edge
Bitch, don't make a fuss
Ya still be gettin' sledged
Out with wit, make dem bars legit
Ain't gotta ask if ya stuck
By will or word
I'mma go way overboard
Heck piece of dirt, go figure
Hear out ma rap, don't flip the picture
Ya be sayin' screw, screw
And diss what ya configure
Is there a microphone?
Thank you.
Hello. Hi.
I just want ya to know
-There's sumthin' I wanna say
-Sumthin' I wanna say
If ya wanna go, feel free any day
I ain't got no money
Ma looks be funny
I'm damn poor
I'mma say this all sincerely
Idiots, I'mma diss 'em one by one
I'mma diss 'em one by one
I'mma go one by one
I'mma make ya get what I been sayin'
Fillin' it
Fillin' it, fillin' it, who da heck
Checkin' us out
Really what doubts ya got in check
Fo' real what doubts ya got
Once ya face me I tell ya be cryin'
I ain't give a damn where ya from
Ya better go back is all I'm sayin'
I was told to freestyle
Ma rap be all blazin' fire
I ain't give a damn there be 21 viewers
Yo' rap be dirt
Better look above ya evildoers
Don't look down coz yo' rap
Is damn dirt, tramp
I ain't at home fo' those that itch
Look at ma style, I ain't a copy of no one
This got ya boilin' inside by a ton
Hold up, listen to me. I'm damn cool, amen
I tell ya I was born in the Tupac gen
I listen to Tupac n' Eminem
Yo' rap such smut, ain't makin' an emblem
Hear ma rap flowin' like fire
Ain't give a damn where ya be from prior
I'm with Non, we be impervious
Yo' rap be dirt, ain't it dubious
Ya ain't got brains nor ability
Yo' rap be dirt, go get ya some capability
Before I rapped,
it's like I was invisible.
At school, I didn't stand out at all,
but after I took up rapping,
people were suddenly interested in me.
They looked at me like,
"Hey he's all confident and fly."
I felt all dope.
Then girls approached me more
because I was more confident.
Yo. Hey, guys. Today,
I'm at the house of Mr. Famous.
I ain't ever asked fo' money from around
I earned on my own makin'
Momma's heart pound
Hear my music on everywhere,
I'm tellin' ya
Let's do a match the day
You've got your own moolah, tramp!
Children. Hi, everyone!
Kids, this is part of Thai culture, okay?
It's one of the national values, right?
It's Thai culture,
and this is a Thai puppet.
How can you be the nation's bright future?
Both children and adults.
Today is Children's Day.
It's Children's Day.
How many times have we celebrated it?
Sixty years, kiddos. Sixty years.
I had the chance to go to Children's Day
festivals since I was probably 5 or 6.
My mother was a teacher and likely
brought me along to school,
so I was interested in studying
since I was small.
My parents were both strict.
A soldier and a teacher.
At home, you had to study
and read textbooks.
At school, you did your homework,
then went back home to study,
help out with chores, and during tests,
tried to do your best,
memorized the textbooks.
Every time there was a test, what could
you be proud of giving to your parents?
When I was a student,
I would give my report card to my mom
and show her my grades.
Fortunately, I did well.
I either got first place or second place,
and they were happy.
Even if my parents weren't rich,
they were able to raise four children.
And that's how I became
the person I am today.
Having three or four of us wasn't
much of a struggle because we studied
until all of us graduated with a degree.
Today our nation has to move forward.
Let people say what they want to say.
Let the adults have their problems,
but it shouldn't
affect the children, correct?
Children need to study.
Children need to go to school.
-Oh, sweet child, you have a duty
-Second, uphold traditions
Third, listen to your parents and teachers
Four, speak politely and sweetly
Oh! Yo!
Idiot, don't you dare
-When you see me, you'll be scared
Give it up for Book!
Can the staff help
replace the mic too? It's all wet.
Society be denotin' us
Klong Toey as the grass root
Findin' us bad and seein'
Our worth just as moot
We all be happy no matter rich or poor
Even we be in the slum
We ain't put people down on the floor
The slums are a place loathed by the rich
Forcin' us into poverty n' havin'
To withstand bein' pushed into the ditch
We're looked down worse than
A dog got us amused
But who we are, we ain't guilty as accused
Klong Toey
Klong Toey
Klong Toey
Ma Klong Toey got its gems
If ya ain't believe, come once to see 'em
Ma Klong Toey got kindness no matter
How ya diss us, we be flowin' blindless
Klong Toey be generously defined, my love
Be genuine, never leavin' old folks behind
Klong Toey got them good folks
Plus green fields, it ain't a joke
The results are out now,
and the winner
for the high school section is
The high school first. High school.
-For the high school, it's
Okay, and the runner-up is Got.
And now is the time
for the middle school section.
And the winner
for the middle school section
-Not yet, not yet, not yet.
-Wait first. What's your name?
-It's Non.
Non, is it?
Did they mean the one over there?
Is it a different Non?
Ah, it's Non!
-Let's bring out
-It's another Non.
It's this Non. This one.
I'd like to invite
Professor Kiattikhun to come up, please.
Dr. Sunt Hattheerat,
the president of Duang Prateep Charity,
and Mr. Prateep too.
Is it already 2590?
Sign for me.
You must all be good kids, okay?
Listen up. I got this on my own.
I'm super proud!
It's not like I want to show off much.
Just put it in, right?
No need to arrange it.
It'll do it. Just stuff it in. That's it.
The ends are crinkled, though.
Take it. Keep it for seven days.
-Why seven days?
-If it gets lost, you can show it to them.
This is the account number,
so others can transfer money to you.
How are you feeling? Turn right.
-Man! A cramp
Mom! Where's Mom?
Guess what I got you, Mom?
No way. I'm not gonna tell you.
Guess what I brought you!
Take it.
-You're rushing.
-You're rushing.
-Yeah, I'm going out again.
It's done.
Hey, Wan! Don't mess with my stuff.
This is mine, Wan!
Give this to Mom.
It's a fake note.
A fake one, right?
-Just toss it away?
-Mom, scissors.
-You're teasing him.
-Let me drink too. I'm thirsty.
What do you do first?
-Let me drink too.
-Mom, take Wan to the dentist too.
Give Book some to drink also.
Hurry. Give him some.
-Where? Non, let me see.
-Here, this is a 20 baht bill.
Bro, come look at this.
Here, I ranked third in my year.
My GPA is 3,68, see.
This is master's level
for religious studies,
and this is a doctorate.
I've trained for
Student Leadership in Democracy.
This one is for participating
in studying Art Supremacy
from the Suphanburi College of Fine Arts.
These are from The Rapper.
This is the first one from The Rapper.
This is the second one.
See. Ain't it cool?
He used to study well in Grade 9.
He ranked third in his year.
Yeah, it's good.
He'd go to school earlier than his friends
and come back later than his friends.
He'd say he is going to study.
He did everything.
Things to help out at school,
like volunteer work.
Others went to school and studied.
He wore his Scout uniform
to help the patrol guards.
In the evening, he'd assist the teachers,
helping them out with this and that.
Watching over the kids crossing the road.
When he was in tenth grade,
his studies gradually declined,
which I think was due to
him losing interest.
Not being interested.
It was giving importance
to one thing over the other.
Which wasn't right.
I want him to be the way I would like it.
Like he should relax with his rapping.
Too much of anything can make you
change direction.
He doesn't have anything solid yet.
Rap star, I'mma rap star now
I never forget, I got ma view in sight
The day I started rappin'
Seems like just last night
It ain't fo' no one, it ain't for dough
I do it fo' the feels
I'm still the same bro
Dough gonna flow, flow in the end
I'mma take the lead
I ain't followin' no trend, yeah
When I stepped up to be student president,
I felt, while I was standing there,
I felt excited
because it was my first step in life.
I didn't think I'd be the president.
I grew up with the words "illegal drugs".
I never thought that one day
I'd be searched by the police
as I left my house,
wearing my school uniform.
I feel like I'm suffocating.
I'd like to change my social circle.
I don't want people to look at me
and judge me on my living conditions,
where illegal drugs are sold.
I study hard every day
because it's a rule in our family.
My family has expectations for all of us
to get at least a bachelor's degree.
It doesn't have to be a master's degree
since it can be expensive.
How do you think
a bachelor's degree can help you?
From what I understand, a degree
helps to get a good salary.
You can start by earning $500.
If we don't spend excessively,
we'll be okay.
What's the meaning of knowledge?
Its meaning is written down
below each question the teacher asked.
The answers are all in the textbook.
-And you apply it.
-That's right.
There are these two books.
So, you answer according to the textbooks.
That's right.
These are the 12 national values.
Each morning,
students recite it with a leader
that follows I mean,
that leads and the students follow.
So, the first one is, "Love the nation,
religion, and the King."
Second, "Be honest,
sacrifice, and persevere."
Third, "Have utmost gratitude
to your parents."
Fourth, "Have determination
and diligence to study."
Fifth, "Preserve the nation's culture."
Sixth, "Do not break
any religious virtues."
Seventh, "Know the democracy
of the citizens."
Eighth, "Preserve discipline
and Thai law."
Ninth, "Follow the King's words."
Tenth, "Never be without,
be self-sufficient, and make a living."
Eleventh, "Be strong,
both physically and mentally."
Twelfth, "Be mindful
for the greater good."
These are the values that
the students recite every day.
My view on being a good kid?
It's by respecting others
or respecting each other
and having the will to learn.
Being someone who actively tries
and someone who doesn't cheat.
A good kid is the same as
the five Buddhist virtues.
A bad kid is the same as being a thief.
They aren't reliable.
Kids have a duty,
and if they don't behave,
they're irresponsible.
At school, it's those who don't study,
while outside of school,
they are druggies or thieves.
Outside of school.
Here, it's $25.
K-crystals. It's bright.
Twenty-five dollars.
Here's powder. Fifteen dollars.
The K-crystals come with a straw
since it's hard to find.
You gotta go to 7-11 for it.
People like to snatch
the straws from the milk boxes
without buying it.
Pry this open and stuff it in.
What about your shirt?
Here. You can pry it open here.
My dad likes to wear chinos
and would pry open his jeans
and stuff it in here,
but his are beads, so it's easy.
If it's packaged, it'll only be powder.
If it's crystals, be careful,
it'll pop out.
Since I was eight, I sniffed glue,
wandered about, and cleaned windshields
with older people.
-How old are you now?
They told me to find money for drugs,
and I had to because I was addicted to it.
After a while,
I couldn't stand it,
so I ran away and lived on my own,
with my mom.
When I turned ten, my mom died,
then my dad was arrested,
so I had to live on my own again.
I sometimes slept on the streets
in front of the Klong Toey market,
but I couldn't go on like that for long.
I went back and stayed with May.
When I got back,
I ended up with the elder guys again.
One guy, Art, lives in Block 1.
After a while,
his sister had a crush on me,
so I stayed with her.
After being with her, I thought about
quitting drugs but couldn't,
so I've been doing it all along.
I do it to relax,
but it doesn't happen. Once you do it,
you start thinking about other things.
At times, when I'm stressed out,
I'd snatch my girl's phone and play games.
But most of the time,
she doesn't want to give it to me
and she'll yell at me.
I ran away from the police one day.
That was in Yenakart Road.
They came to our home.
I was selling drugs in one of the alleys.
The police came running toward us
and barged into our house.
I got seven stitches
because I jumped from the second floor.
I don't know,
if I die, who my grandma will live with.
She said to let her die first
since it's better than
wasting her tears on me.
I really have no idea who will die first.
I worry about earning money
and I have a wife now.
To this very day, I'm still
financially dependent on her.
Have you ever thought about
where you will be in 15 years?
-Think about it.
-If I think about it now, in 15 years,
I'll either be selling drugs
or be in jail.
It's currently 1 pm
Actually, our event is scheduled
to start at 1 pm
Because we got to work
with younger people.
That's right.
And today we get to
discuss our ideas.
How was today?
It's quite happening.
It feels like going back to school again.
-Let's get this angle too.
-This way, okay?
Want to go wait inside?
Come if you dare.
Cool or not, did you see me rap?
American feels.
One, two, three, don't ya dare with me
Else ya'll get a boot from me
There we go.
The phone fell down the stairs.
It's a Samsung Hero, don't worry.
Gather round. We can do it.
Ooh la la!
Are you being funny? This is serious.
Be quiet. This is serious.
This is serious. Don't play around.
Okay, we can do it! Charge!
This will be my first event
where I get to talk about things
I never spoke about
and rap about things
I want others to know.
The outcome, even if I make mistakes,
it's still about what I wanted to say,
so I hope they'll listen.
Ain't no one in the world
That ain't different than us
Ain't no one in the world
That ain't jealous bruh's
Wait until the lights go out
and then leave, right?
It's the second section of our event.
-Just now, we
I'm nervous and excited for you!
We have a performance for you.
So, he won't just give a speech,
he will tell stories through rhymes.
So, this performance
was inspired by his perception
of the problems of inequality
in our Thai society.
He says that this problem
actually exists collectively
in children, students,
and even working adults
who have to encounter problems
because of inequality.
He's the one
who constantly comes out
to talk about inequality.
He also grew up
in the Klong Toey community.
He debuted with his rap song titled,
"Klong Toey My City",
and the song "Equal" too.
Lastly, he's also known as "Slum Rapper".
I'd like to present to you
the performance from
Thanayut Na Ayutthaya, or Book,
Go ahead and open it. Open it.
Hey! Can I get some noise from TEDx?
Kid from the slums
Known far and wide, even overseas
I'm never gonna forget ma place of birth
Just like a gorilla
In the Congo jungle of trees
If I be soarin'
It'd be that nest I once perched
Kid from the slums
Known far and wide, even overseas
I'm never gonna forget ma place of birth
Just like a gorilla
In the Congo jungle of trees
If I be soarin'
It'd be that nest I once perched
Missin' family I've grown apart
Missin' narrow alleys I know by heart
Missin' times makin' music without a hire
I'mma be on tour far away
From home than heart's desire
I'd be downin' J.M. on the beach sand
Gettin' all woozy yet workin' a plan
Next year, gotta earn up till 100 grand
Wanna see my family be smilin' some
My dad be workin' 'round the sun
There'd be times I wanna hire
Just for a day
To let him see ma concert is all I desire
I apologize for wantin' to quit school
Throwin' all the efforts I had pulled
I wanna tell Grandma don't be sad 'bout me
I'mma be back with ma earnings
That make us smile with glee
Kid from the slums
Known far and wide, even overseas
I'm never gonna forget ma place of birth
Just like a gorilla
In the Congo jungle of trees
If I be soarin'
It'd be that nest I once perched
You know, I think that if people
commit to dropping out of school
and not studying anymore,
staying in the studio, and only do music,
there's a chance to be famous.
It's English songs
'cause the English songs that I listen to
get over 100 million views.
There are some that get ten or 20 million,
but most of them
are usually over 100 million.
I also think the language is common too.
-It's different, right?
With a common language, anyone
in the world can listen to it, right?
So, rapping in Thai alone,
people won't understand it.
At least if I make a song,
a song that's around two minutes,
I'll use English.
Mine is getting stronger.
-Non, let's say
-If I can afford a plane ticket,
and we can go to America,
but like, I don't know if we can
survive there, would you go with me?
-Of course.
-Oh man.
Let's go and see Eminem.
I'll take you there for sure. I promise.
If I become really famous,
like the entire country knows me,
-they might respect me.
-The school asked me
Are you going anywhere first?
I just came back from school.
-What are you doing here?
-Filming these two.
-My first choice is getting into U of SW.
-See, it's U of SW.
Boston in America!
I want to go.
What a big dream.
Yeah, it's big dreams
that are often achieved.
Go for it. I'll show you
I'll get into U of SW.
Okay, let's do it.
I also tutor outside.
-You tutor outside too?
I don't focus on that.
I focus only on my achievements.
It's different, right?
She has a different style.
I focus on the brain,
using knowledge to pass exams.
-For me, I believe it's the achievements.
-It's different styles.
Man, it's a fun competition.
It's exciting!
If only Non would study hard in school.
The teachers say Non only raps
and he's failing his classes.
They really said it.
-All the teachers say it.
So, tell them, "What the hell, Teacher?
You better take a look at me."
You need to be realistic.
You can't just dream.
Well, this isn't a dream, right?
I really want to speak to the principal.
For real?
Adults shouldn't only look at a kid
as being good
or bad at something.
They should look at that kid
Adults should know that
what a kid is good at
might be the only thing that he can do.
It's not always black or white.
I'm telling you I'm better than everyone
at school. My G.P.A. was 3,8, 3,9.
But when I started rapping,
my grades went down.
I said, "So what?"
People told me that I'm a bad student,
and I'd ask them,
"Can you rap better than me?"
My teacher said, "You're a bad student."
I told them to look at my report card
and see how good I used to be.
I'm a bad student
because I focus on the thing I like.
"Can you make it to the news like I did?"
I asked them that,
and they said they couldn't.
We're good at different things.
Even the District Deputy can't make it
to the news like Non.
We have our own strengths.
Although we're making less money,
we're far happier because
we do what we like. Believe me.
Who didn't finish their food?
Not me.
nine, ten.
Therefore, it's five meters.
Because L is the length of the area.
Are you listening?
If you can't solve this problem,
you're in trouble.
W is equivalent to 300 newtons.
The height is according to the picture.
Find the answer to X.
I couldn't understand anything at school.
It's not like rap. Rapping is practical.
But with studying, it's just jotting,
jotting, and jotting, and memorizing.
So, for me, it's like,
"Damn, I need to memorize it."
How can I memorize it
when I don't get to practice it?
Then there are unnecessary classes
that we don't like.
As for art, which students like,
there's only one hour of it
in the whole week.
But we have science class every day.
So, for students who don't like it,
it's quite a drag. It's tormenting.
Do you know why
you have to take these classes?
It's for a better future. They say that.
There's sweet and bitter.
Got your report card already?
Not today. It takes five days.
I'll show you how it's done.
Oh, you're still filming?
I'll be done in five minutes.
I'll be done within five pours.
All done.
Whoa, there's Bluetooth, too.
What Bluetooth? It's a water bottle.
This song. Let's go with this one first.
How come you chose this song?
It's dope, it sounds good.
-It sounds good?
-It sounds good.
-I don't know its meaning.
-You want to write songs, right?
-Do you think it will take time?
-I have no idea.
-Super-duper long.
No, really, I'll tell you everyone's
natural pace for studying is different.
You can start with singing.
There's no need to worry
about how other people
start learning English, okay?
My advice is,
if you want to be able to read it,
try writing it down in karaoke style.
-Write it in Thai?
-Do you know karaoke?
Try listening to each line
and write how each word sounds.
Is it doable?
And this one is "like", right?
And this one?
It's rap.
I didn't even study English at all,
but I can rap.
I'm starting to know how to read.
I might have studied a bit, but not a lot,
but I can read English because of rap.
I practice reading it.
Very good.
I forgot again. What does "with" mean?
I go with you.
-"With" means together.
Go ahead and write it.
Just ask me the ones you don't know.
It's like one classroom
should just teach social studies alone.
No timetable needed.
Just complete six hours of lessons.
Let's say, go study for six hours
in an entire day, yeah?
Or it can be five hours.
You study five hours a day.
Let's say you study for five hours.
This classroom is social studies,
this one's maths,
this one's history.
You can go study
whichever lesson you want.
You can even repeat classes.
-Your attendance is signed by the teacher.
-You submit proof of class completion
and you're done for the day.
-Yeah, that sounds good.
-This is way better.
We don't need a timetable.
Let's wear normal clothes to school, too.
My way of practicing meditation
is very easy.
Find a comfortable place to sit,
sit down with your back straight,
and place your hands down,
anywhere on your body.
Breathe in slowly.
Do this for ten to 15 minutes a day
or do it before you practice singing.
Next, let's do breathing exercises.
-The way that I breathe
-Enough. Enough already.
But we want them to understand
the message that we're sending.
Do you think raw crab sticks can be eaten?
The crab sticks aren't dry anymore.
Want it?
Try this. I'll peel it.
Here, let me show you how to eat it.
Do you know how to eat it?
-Do you know how?
I'll show you how it's eaten.
Hey. Patience!
Peel it like this first.
Really. This is how it's done.
Like this. Eat it like this.
Try it.
What are you eating?
-What's in your mouth?
Is it yummy? Of course, it's free.
This stage, it's ours.
Fourteen people. Can this part be seen?
Yes, it can.
A blogger's there.
-Did you bring it or
-There are six people.
There's a lot of hype.
They're all raising their hands.
It means people are coming.
"I'm going because of Klong Toey Gang."
Yay! Thank you!
Non, is this it?
"This is Klong Toey Compton."
Like this, right?
"Winner," too.
What have you sold already?
Bracelets, gold,
How much did you get so far?
All of it
All of it would be about $330.
Exactly $330.
What's left
is about $200.
$160 is left. Oh, wait
And the bracelet
that was sold to your friend,
when will you get paid for it?
-Later tonight.
-I see.
I'll go and withdraw it
once it's transferred.
This Sunday will be more than a match,
it's a battle!
It's the pride of their hometown.
Believe me.
Once there's money,
I feel like hosting an event.
Even if an event were held a week ago
and I have $600 now, I'd do it again.
I'm the first to wear it.
It looks ordinary, huh?
What the heck! It's my event.
Stupid idiot!
The schedule might be moved up
because someone pulled out.
Come to RCA.
I'll pick you up from the main road.
Buy tickets here.
Whoever comes late will lose their chance.
Post an announcement on our page
so that the event will run smoothly.
-It's fair for those who came early.
-That's right.
Ya be a rapper
All ya doin' is bein' a dapper
I tried to find someone wit bigger guns
Than you, man, I'm not that great
But hey, it's you that I ate. Screw you!
Ya say my rap is flat, I'm whack
What about you, screw you!
Diamond, who? I beat him once
He's now black and blue
Questionin' who I lit with fire
Kno' when there's a job hire
Ya betta get wired
Hittin' mama up for dough,
Will you remember tho'?
Sayin' I be beggin'
What ya sayin', I be wonderin'
I be doin' this from the age of 13
I tell ya, age ain't a thing, idiot
Now what da heck's wrong wit ya?
Sayin' I ripped off someone's style
Ya piece of dirt
I'll use whatever I want wit ya
None of this ain't gonna affect
Ya ain't gettin' ma respect
Not givin' a damn 'bout anythang
Right here got the best, dang
Thanks a lot everyone. Come again!
See you next time. Get home safe.
Middle fingers unite!
Thank you.
-Can I hug you?
-Hey, no worries.
It went well!
-It was so much fun!
-It's fun!
I'm into this ambiance,
the vibe, the energy.
Next time, it will be even better.
Let's do Rayong next.
Let's do it.
No matter how pricey it is to get there,
I'll make it.
-Good luck!
-All good.
It was fun, really.
See you.
The best, the best!
-Thank you.
-I'm off. Safe travels.
Get home safe.
Were you a good student?
-How were your grades?
-Man, not flunking was good enough.
I took it day by day.
I didn't continue my studies.
It's not that my family
couldn't support me financially,
I was lazy.
My brain couldn't take it.
So, I started to work.
How come you didn't like studying?
-Did you like studying?
-Why? It wasn't interesting?
-It wasn't fun.
It didn't seem important to my life.
Just adding, multiplying is enough.
Why learn anything further?
I hung out in drag car racing circles.
I wouldn't sleep. At that age, it's about
going out with the gang, fooling around.
But I don't want to tell him
much about my past
because the more he knows,
the less he listens to me.
It's the same with my dad.
He also had expectations.
He wanted me to work
in a state enterprise.
By the time I came to my senses,
I was too old.
For me, it was too late,
but Book can still turn his life around.
It's gone to hide on the roof.
A water monitor came into the house.
it's on my roof.
Here, here, here.
It can't find a way down. It's head.
Come down!
-Don't be scared.
-Please bring wealth to our home.
Bring in money and gold.
Huh? It crawled onto my roof.
-Right here.
-It's coming down.
Bring us good fortune.
Let the good flow in.
Can you see? It's on the pole now.
-How did it get up there?
-Look! On the pole!
Hey, come here!
Did it lose its tail?
No idea. It's missing its tail.
This is a public announcement.
This is a public announcement
to inform the owners of 28 households,
including those living in the 28 houses,
you must move out within four days.
Find a temporary place to stay
until the end of January.
You have four days to move out.
They want us to move where?
I don't even have money for rent.
It's what you said.
So where will we stay?
No idea. They want us to move out
by the end of the month.
How many days are left?
Prepare to pack up.
We can switch after school, okay?
Go into the school.
Let's go.
He ate it all up.
There's nothing left for anyone else.
Mom, it's chicken
in the rice cooker, right?
Move it up. Move it up. Move it!
I'll remove it for you.
This is an announcement
for those who brought over potted plants
and placed them along the train tracks.
The plants are obstructing the train.
Please remove them.
It's an inconvenience
for our staff to remove them.
We're asking for everyone's cooperation
in the Klong Toey community
Blocks 4, 5, 6. Thank you.
Can I help carry it?
Be careful, Non.
I told you to put the remote up high.
There aren't any channels.
See? I told you.
I told you to put it somewhere high,
so why put it here?
-I placed it where I usually do.
Blame Wan!
Yeah, it's the third, fourth,
fifth time the cable guys fixed it.
This is my chair. I'll carry it out.
-Mom, don't throw out the toys.
Mom, they'll renovate our house, right?
Is he okay?
Mom, the car fell over.
You don't need the projector, right?
You're not using it anymore, right?
-Is it OK? Is it?
-It's OK.
Book, which file?
The Dao Khanong Temple School file.
Got it.
Non, come on.
I'm rapping alone?
You crazy? We prepared the track.
I'm not in the mood, dammit.
Not in the mood?
Then go. Get yourself together.
Go ahead. Do it alone.
-You do it alone.
You outta your mind?
Fool, professionals don't act like this.
Dumbass, we agreed on this.
Don't fixate on the venue,
dammit. You can rap anywhere.
You even used to rap in the toilet.
Don't get caught up
in being famous, idiot.
It's not that. I'm just not feelin' it.
So when I got the chance,
I used to rap alone.
I'd learned through my life experiences.
I released more and more songs.
Then after a while,
TV channels contacted me.
There were all sorts of news channels,
both local and international,
contacting me.
I was surprised but really glad.
At 3,20 p.m.,
assemble here before you go home.
-You can go.
-Yay! Let's go.
Non, where's your PE uniform?
They want students
to pay attention in class.
Retaking exams is not beneficial.
I'm not against it.
The teacher felt bad for you. That's why
you only had to do one assignment.
-But that's not the point.
-What do you mean? That wasn't it.
-It wasn't a lot.
-No way. It wasn't a small task.
Your classmates studied hard all semester.
They had to do way more work.
-It isn't fair.
-You're only interested in rap, dumbass!
He pays attention in class.
He isn't misbehaving
like when he's outside.
You need to know how to get by.
Just go to class, study,
turn your work in, and that's it.
But he doesn't come to class
and doesn't turn in assignments.
He won't pass
if he doesn't turn any work in.
-In the end
-I'm in the same spot this year.
Those who dropped out to take the GED's,
I check up on them,
and none of them end up studying.
So you told your mom?
She already knows from the report card.
-Is she stressed?
-Non, don't worry.
-So what did she say?
-Think positive.
-She scolded me, but
-Hey, think positive.
-She scolded me and also hit me.
So, I
-She said this year, I need to pass.
-You'd better think positive, bro.
You're trading one thing for another.
You gained something
and lost something, got it?
You lost one thing but got ten back.
You lost your studies
but what you got back is rap.
I never knew Book rapped.
What got into him?
What the heck was he singing?
I was really puzzled.
I just never heard of it.
I'm 65 already.
I was puzzled by what
he was singing. I couldn't get it.
School stresses him out.
His heart isn't there.
He used to study well, right?
Nowadays, his teacher would call
and tell me,
"Book's studies are dropping."
"Grandma, do you know he's been absent?"
I knew. He tells me every time
he's going somewhere.
He doesn't lie. That's for sure.
Do you actually prefer him studying?
Well, finishing 12th grade isn't far off.
Finish it first.
But he enjoys Youngohm a lot.
-It's just a phase.
-He enjoys it so much.
-Really enjoys it.
-It's just a phase, believe me.
-Yeah, he does.
-I've been there.
-He'll go to their gigs.
-Back in my day, I'd like someone.
Then, after five years, they'd disappear,
and I'd like someone else.
Then, three years later,
I'd move on to the next one.
-He's into them.
-It's just a phase.
I've followed him
even before he was popular.
-He goes to see Youngohm.
-Believe me, it's just a phase.
Once this guy is over,
he'll move on to the next.
Another trend will come.
You'll forget this fella
and idolize someone else.
In time, the artist would be rich.
But if you follow the wrong path,
you'll end up drowning.
They won't care about you.
Just like the government?
He expects me to be
whatever he imagines. He expects me
to do what he didn't get to do.
Things like getting a degree.
He's waiting to see it.
I don't like adults' idealisms.
They think studying
is the most important thing.
To me, what's most important
is following your dreams.
People have dreams.
Choose your own dream and make it happen.
How many students do you think
drop out of school each year?
A thousand? Ten thousand?
A hundred thousand? That's about right.
One of my friends quit school.
He told me the reason.
He said he couldn't take it.
The teacher scolded him,
said he was irresponsible,
underachieving, and unruly.
The education system labels dropouts
as irresponsible,
underachieving, and unruly.
But this very system never blames itself,
that it's the reason
why students are dropping out.
Some children killed off their dreams,
encaged their attitudes,
encaged their high ambitions,
and stayed in school in sorrow
just to get this one degree.
You know why?
All they want
is for their family to be proud.
Hey, I passed!
I passed by five points.
I passed
by a tiny bit. I'm not gonna boast.
-What about yours?
-No idea.
You failed!
You passed!
-Seven plus seven plus seven.
-Plus seven.
-Seven plus ten.
-That's correct.
Plus five.
You got 1,00.
Yay, I got 1,00!
You've been following him around.
Let this bro handle you.
Come! Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
That's right.
Following around a kid's life,
a slum kid.
This ain't nice to follow.
S. SIRI TRANSPOR Do we need visitor badges?
Hi, Teacher.
What are you here for?
I'm resigning from school.
You'd need to see a teacher.
Which room?
Which room?
This one.
What will you say
if they ask why I'm quitting?
About what?
What will you tell them?
-Where's the teacher?
The teacher's here.
What if they ask why I'm quitting?
-It's here.
-The woman or the man?
The man in green.
Tell him you're here for my resignation.
I'm so nervous, I'm about to quit.
I'm so nervous.
What will I do for a living?
I'm just kidding.
My dad's still in there, right?
The papers are here.
The papers are here. They're here.
Man, no one quits school
with as much hype as me. No one.
I'm uber extreme.
It'll be good if this film gets out.
Others will see that sometimes
our lives need to start from zero.
Counting now,
from grade ten to 12, if you start
from zero, it would be around ten or 20.
Ten to 20. Now, I'm back at zero again,
which is fine
because our lives have to start from zero.
Kids, have a listen to "Cool Enough".
Go listen.
Let's go.
-Let's go. All is done.
-What is?
-Let's go!
-How come we're leaving?
Well, they'll issue a document for you.
Come on. Let's go.
-It's done?
-Yeah, let's go.
I'm leaving. I've quit!
Who quit? Who's leaving?
So, when will they issue the papers?
They said they'll issue the documents?
They're validating whether you
passed everything in grade 10
and grade 11. If not,
they won't issue a document for you.
Oh, so, then what?
They're checking. They'll give me a call.
What did you tell them?
There's no need to tell them
the reason for quitting.
-If you want to quit, just don't show up.
-No need to shame yourself.
-What did you ask for?
I asked for a validation document.
-Oh, then why--
-They have to check first if you
Why ask for the documents?
Why not tell them I'm here to quit?
Well, they have to check first.
-Why not just say I wanna quit?
-They have to check first
if you still have any zeros.
Stuff like that.
Else, they won't issue it.
Overall, the teacher said
there are around 13 subjects.
-Thirteen subjects.
-Altogether, yeah.
What about the transcript?
-What transcript?
-The ninth-grade transcript.
That's already available.
They won't keep it.
-Then get it.
-Hey, let's go home.
Well, I want it.
-They'll call and tell me.
-So, you told them you'll come and get it?
So, you told them and they'll check,
and the document will be issued first?
You want to quit. What do you mean?
What else do you need from the school?
If you want the ninth-grade certificate,
they can give it to you right away.
But if you want the 10th
and 11th-grade certificates,
-they need to check.
-So I haven't quit yet, right?
Not yet
I told you, if you want to quit,
then just leave. There's no need for this.
But here, you want to leave
-and get a validation document.
-To get into other places.
Right. So if you don't need anything,
then take the ninth-grade certificate
and just leave.
-There's no need for a resignation letter.
The teacher will call and tell me.
They'll call me.
Come. Come in. What's wrong?
I went to get
the validation document already.
To validate what?
The validation document, you know.
-You quit already?
-Not yet.
So you'll retake the exams?
They'll call and tell Dad.
I don't want to study here anymore.
I'm not going on the 6th, okay?
I don't know about that.
Your dad called and told me
to wait for you and then talk about it.
No. I don't need the chance
to continue my studies.
I want to quit.
He didn't say that.
He said you'll get the chance
to continue studying,
so study.
You still have 13 subjects left
to be retaken, right?
Teacher, it's all done.
What grade do you think you'll get?
-None. Passing is enough.
-Not more than Not more than 2,00.
-Passing is enough.
At least there are only two zeros.
You still have zeros? Nuts!
One point 1,75.
-No! 1,70.
-You're really something, you.
What do you do now after school?
-What do you do now after school?
If there isn't any work,
then I play on my phone.
-That's it?
-What do you mean by no work?
-Like homework.
-I see.
-I live ordinarily, nothing like a rapper.
-What was that?
-I live ordinarily, nothing like a rapper.
You're no longer a rapper?
I don't want to be one anymore.
I want to be ordinary.
Why? 'Cause someone's filming you?
Nah, it's like, I don't know.
I want to, but
I should finish my studies first.
My mindset has changed.
It's considered good. You did well, kid.
-You did well.
-It's damn beautiful, honey.
Mom, tell them
how many zeros I got before.
Totally countless.
Totally countless.
Wow, Non.
It's good you still got some fours.
-Grandma, it's embarrassing.
-Eat up.
Stop running your mouth.
I'm gonna
and throw this spicy paste in your face.
You always have problems communicating.
What the hell?
-Many graduates are crooks.
How is it good?
-Graduates are crooks?
-Tons of them.
-Tons of them are unemployed.
There are tons of unemployed graduates.
Who told you, huh?
-They'd be hired if they do your job.
-They choose their jobs.
Anyone can do it.
A second grader can even do it.
It's not that they're picky.
They all want to do what they like.
Want me to be an engineer? That's crazy.
Speak politely while eating.
Be considerate to the rice god.
-Be considerate
-That's it.
There's enough noise from outside.
-I said the other day
-About doing what you like?
-Like the people here. Look at them.
-Well, I don't like what they like.
It's about doing the things you like.
Dad, don't try to force me.
Be the new-gen dad, got it?
They let their kids do whatever they want.
You'd have graduated by now
if I could really force you.
If I were you,
I wouldn't dare say a thing.
I'd be afraid
that something will come
flying at my face.
What if you could change
-the education system?
-There's a lot to change, a lot.
You know who is talented
and what their talents are.
So you should encourage them
instead of dismissing them
when they bring something up.
Like, "These kids are into this stuff?
Go away!"
If you push them away, where will they go?
What can you do
so they can do both things?
The more you push away kids this age,
the more they'll resist you.
It's as if the system doesn't support them
and the grown-ups turn a blind eye.
Why is that?
It's the style, you know.
Thailand is conservative.
Why do you think Book quit?
You want my opinion, right?
There's no one else to blame but him.
He doesn't have enough patience.
I'm not blaming the teachers,
the school, or his friends.
Or else,
people will say I'm siding
with my own kid.
What I just said is a part of it.
But in the end,
it's the kids themselves
who need to be more patient.
Hey, why are you shooting?
Wan! You'll break it.
Army Gen. Commander Apirat Kongsompong
and Lt. Gen. Commander
Narongbhand Jitkaewtae of Division 1
are the ceremony presidents
of the Housing Handover.
Following the residential
renovation project
for the poor and underprivileged
given to the Klong Toey community,
there are 40 households
of which 17 are completed.
All are within the Bangkok area.
The landscape in the different areas
has a pleasant scenery,
especially the park
that is made from a landfill.
Have you ever seen
a reeking landfill turned into a park
that can be enjoyed
leisurely and used by the elderly?
Which house?
The eighth one.
Sir, it's this house.
This block.
Which one is yours?
Mine is 12th.
-Shooting a program?
-Yeah, for the news.
Please, go ahead.
-See, do I look like them? Do I?
-Man, what made you dye it?
-I'm going to cover their song, right?
-What made you dye it?
I'm going to cover their song, look.
-You dumbass.
-What's wrong? I'm gonna cover their song.
-You're done with school?
-You're not studying anymore?
So, I'll cover their song,
then dye my hair back.
Why the hell
didn't you finish school first?
It's your damn future.
Dreams can be realized at any time,
but studying is only once.
I want to do it now.
I also had the same thought at first.
Studying can wait, but after
listening to my parents, damn.
I'm really stubborn, Non.
-I really feel for them, damn.
-How come?
Mom said she finished
grade six and Dad finished high school.
They want me to finish higher than that.
They said, "Can you do that for me?"
-So, I said I'll show them.
-Finishing high school, you mean?
Higher than that. My mom finished
grade six and Dad finished high school.
-So, a degree?
Any degree.
Only a bachelor's is enough, dumbass.
-Man, they really want me to do it.
-It's possible.
They said, "You only live once.
Can you do it for me?
I only ask for one thing, nothing else.
"I only ask for one thing. You can do
drugs, go ahead, but finish your studies."
It's tough, you know?
Yet you're joking about it.
You only live once.
Dreams can be realized anytime.
"Now, you don't have to be ashamed
of living off of your parents."
Like what they say,
"Do what Mom dreams of first."
I was so touched when she said it.
I couldn't make a joke, man.
It's the first time
she spoke seriously, damn.
Me quitting doesn't mean
I'm giving up, okay?
It's like giving up though if you quit.
In the end, it's not those who study well
that will remain standing,
-it's those who can support themselves.
-I didn't say that you should study well.
You only live once.
You gotta make your family proud.
Those who study well, good for them.
I think they can support themselves.
-They can go further.
Like those who are good at English
can be tour guides, damn.
How much does a tour guide make?
-Quite a lot.
if you were to ask
whether I want to finish my studies,
I want to.
I didn't want to, but I'd
want to make them proud,
but I can't do that.
I can't be what he expects.
I just want him to understand me,
the things I do.
I never let him see me cry.
I never ever said,
"Hey, try and understand me, too."
I never said it
and always kept it to myself.
Sometimes, I want to
stop thinking too much.
If you were to ask if I
want to do something else
that would make my dad proud,
I do. It's not like I want to
make music or what the heck ever,
but I've come this far now,
I can't drop it.
If I dropped it, I'd lose everything.
Holding it all in, man, it's such a pain.
Our lives gotta start from zero
It's real life, ain't no cartoon show
If ya feelin' down
Look at those behind ya
On the day ya failed, tell ya'self
Ain't give a care
If the sky ain't on our side
Show it the middle finger
Nothin' be stopin' this tide
I say life ain't ever gonna be easy livin'
Born to make a mark
Not just be only breathin'
Successful people face no failure
Heck as if
Gotta have enough grit
When standing at the edge of a cliff
Bein' at the bottom
Ya think it's worth the try?
Some climb without makin' it
Some fall down and die
Bottom of a cliff got a lot more than that
Ya be all hands on
There be experience to gain at
At the edge of the cliff
Be those laughin' a fit
Actions be proof for those who be legit
Lots fixate them lives with death
Why be scared, life's all 'bout makin'
The most with every breath
Sadness, sorrow, happiness all normal
Do what you like come bring it
To the external
Our lives gotta start from zero
It's real life, ain't no cartoon show
If ya feelin' down
Look at those behind ya
On the day ya failed, tell ya'self
Ain't give a care
If the sky ain't on our side
Show it the middle finger
Nothin' be stopin' this tide
I say life ain't ever gonna be easy livin'
Born to make a mark
Not just be only breathin'
I'mma kid from the slum
An ordinary high schooler wholehearted
It's so different between now
And when I started
I ain't ever thought I'd come this far
Was a kid at Internet cafes
Now on the news near and far
If ya know what ya like don't care 'bout
Anyone head straight on
Ya gotta rely on yourself
Even if your will be gone
Introspect on days you're feelin' done
Crossing the finish line
It's you who'll be the one
I went great lengths to follow
My dreams at Internet cafes
I knew ahead of startin' that my life
I be the one who has the say
I never expected anything in return
I just did it followin' my heart
I rap coz I like it
Stepping out of the box not giving a fart
Whatever ya like
Before the day your life departs
Know there be reciprocity in what you do
Never forget
Taking care of family is what I do
In a million there be one success
Come, I'll show ya there be two
It ain't odd I'm not into studyin'
Coz 20k-30k ain't enough fo' hustlin'
No matter if you're following dreams
Or doing whatever
If ya really got it in ya
Takin' care of your family ain't a matter
Nothin' be easy
Ya lose some coz winnin' ain't forever
Ya lose some n' gain some
Depends if ya brave, ya witch
Depends if ya brave, ya witch
Our lives gotta start from zero
It's real life, ain't no cartoon show
If ya feelin' down
Look at those behind ya
On the day ya failed, tell ya'self
Ain't give a care
If the sky ain't on our side
Show it the middle finger
Nothin' be stopin' this tide
I say life ain't ever gonna be easy livin'
Born to make a mark
Not just be only breathin'
Our lives gotta start from zero
It's real life, ain't no cartoon show
If ya feelin' down
Look at those behind ya
On the day ya failed, tell ya'self
Ain't give a care
If the sky ain't on our side
Show it the middle finger
Nothin' be stopin' this tide
I say life ain't ever gonna be easy livin'
Born to make a mark
Not just be only breathin'