Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child (2016) Movie Script

My father used to say: "Do not trust the man who wants something from you."
My father used to say: "Do not trust the man who wants something from you."
He also said that had not met anyone -
- which would not have needed something from somebody.
Maybe that's why he never seemed to pain.
Maybe that's why he fled to their problems.
All I know is that he lost his purpose.
That's why I travel the universe ends of the earth.
To find him again.
CHAPTER 1: State of Indiana
My father injured in battle seconded Trinity system.
He made a small mistake, and almost the entire group died.
Father accused of negligence caused by the abuse of substances
The evidence was not sufficient.
He received a pardon for the award-winning fighter pilot career due.
It did not help. He was never the same.
Our family was not the same.
You chose to come here.
I did not want to come here, I came to see you.
After all, we are now together.
Do you miss home?
-I'm at home. -I mean real home.
I do not. Here, it's great.
Mother says that you're running from.
I have not talked to your mom for a long time. He does not know what's going on here.
I'm part of something new and make history.
-Luomme a whole new world. -Surkean the world so far.
Drive the detour. You will love this.
-Sanotaan, You got that. -No. Once again, Dad. I can do it.
-Time runs out. -Last.
Give it here. Then bunker will have to check.
Is there a bunker games, a hot tub or a bowling alley?
Is a bunker supplies and food. -Tyls.
I hate these flies.
Do you know why they are called? Trpsiksi.
Light for me. -They are the star flies.
Do you understand? Exor brought them on board space.
-Where the safety of bunkers required? -Exor called them.
Accidents or something unexpected can happen.
-Kenraali and others in need of asylum. -Why are they important?
Crises is needed leaders.
Otherwise it will lead to anarchy. Into chaos.
Civil strife. People sekoamiseen.
-Like the zombies. -That way.
Is it good? Relax your shoulder.
Focus on your breathing. Which side you shot past?
-Right. -Kummalle side you aim?
A little to the left.
What about the wind? -Onnistuu.
Are you sure? Squeeze the trigger.
-Good girl! A great shot! -The best ever.
The best teacher.
We go to the bunker, and then take you to the city. Rominya will come to you.
Father, I do not need a baby sitter. Why can not I be a convoy with you?
It is a military base. Even duller than the bunker.
I'll be back in a week. You can call at any time. I'm in the clouds above you.
-Saavatko prisoners salary? Be ere.
They pay their debt to society work.
-When the debt is paid? -Tuollaiset can not do it ever again.
Can anyone hear me? The prison is attacked!
We've lost control! They kill everything in their path!
-Travek, what time is it? -It is time to wake up.
Good morning, Lieutenant.
-No. Down. -Yls, and shine.
Your blood is more than usual alcohol.
You have seven reports in the infrastructure.
-And three new posts. -Play messages.
Location: squadron.
Sommerville, you were the night at the base.
-Mikset call me by? -You son of a bitch.
-Haluamasi stuff will pay double the price. -Remove message.
-Location: Country. -Kane, you had to be with Indi's.
-He gifts on fire ... -The next message.
Location: Osiris.
I called late, because I thought that you are offline. You then.
-Iltaa, Mr. Sommerville. -Poimimme these greenhouse.
-Ain't not it good? -Delicious.
I need promised to take a trip, otherwise I can not get by.
It sucks, unless you intend not to stop me from having fun.
It is a day trip is conscious of the mountains. I have the details.
You want to give promised, so we waited for you.
He waited.
A new neighbor would arrive, the sound heard from yesterday.
-Heill is a boy, a nice Indi's point of view. -Pojat are annoying.
-My girl. -iti played.
He wanted to talk about the trip to Europe with a new boyfriend Todd.
-Who the hell is Todd? -I do not know the answer, sir.
Travek, restore the connection.
I can not. Communication on the surface is temporarily lost.
It's been a help.
-When the connection is restored? -No information. But I assure,
-that will do our best. -Yeah, sure.
Travek, please send a message to my daughter as soon as possible. Give permission tour.
Send it today.
-Do you know any disruption in prison? -We yet, sir.
-Travek. -Yeah, Lieutenant?
Todd -Selvit who it is? -Yes, Lieutenant.
Exor was the unquestioned leader of what became the planets to colonize.
Hundreds of millions under its administration are doing the work were confident.
Therefore, the general could not tell them about the project, which was given to him- -
- in prison, far below.
-Salattu connection. -Vankilaan is attacked!
We've lost control! They kill everything in their path!
Prisoners were able to free! They are everywhere!
End of message.
When we met only once, he told me that my name was reminiscent of his home.
I should have understood that interested her own place maailmassa- -
- more than its people.
General, the outer cities have been destroyed. Kill all the creatures on the surface.
This is our responsibility. We created them.
Point of no return.
Colonel, how would you solve this ethical?
Save as many people and we will tell the truth.
If the share is revealed, it will hurt the company.
Generations of the sacrifices and legacy would be gone.
How long can we be without communication?
The staff does not hear about this a couple of days.
-That's situation has been resolved. -Settled?
It is about the hundreds of thousands of people.
-Perheemme are there. -Miljoonia life is vaarassa-
-if the company dissolved. -What is the worst, which we are to blame?
It would be just one of the charges, -
- but our grandchildren remember us about it.
We must not fail.
Of course not.
Notice of meeting shall be convened.
We have to take into account that the prison might be attacked.
The prisoners have been lethal over etolanidivirusta.
If we try to search for people on the surface, -
- they allow the virus to unleash the capital of Osiris.
Sommerville, Kane. I need to send a message Indille. Can it be done?
Not at the moment, sir.
Any table that were monitored for 23 hours.
Insulate them, if stores have something unusual.
This can be successful.
I need reports from the capital and from prison by the week.
Data is encrypted.
Encrypted whose orders?
I'll tell you the truth, because we are friends. Then you're on your own.
For you were lied to. The virus is not.
-Vangeilla is deadly etolanidivirusta. -Ridiculous.
Bio-weapons are not allowed in here, let alone be preserved in jail.
The prison is the research department of the new planets diseases.
So the virus was made here?
We did jail now, but we are for research purposes.
We created the beast called "ragged".
The intention was to create beasts enough and send them to siirtokuntiin- -
- to kill, and to assimilate native varieties.
The prisoners hijacked three merchant vessels and require access out of the system.
The virus can destroy all the settlements of the galaxy.
Given the nature of the risk protocol 84 need to be introduced.
It means the destruction of the colony.
When the prisoners realize that we need to use the protocol -
- starting point for negotiations are better.
Hostages is not. Ragged fled the facility.
The city has a running carnage. They are on their way to the capital.
they -Antoivatko time limit? Time shall be 23 hours and 11 minutes.
It's a cover story. Blow reactors 23 hours.
They lose only mine, a couple of the city and the prison.
Every human being on the surface, we put there.
-Kenraali know very well ... daughters are in the capital.
Did you transfer me here, even though you knew about this?
RISK was minimal. -Annoit me to bring my family here!
We explored all the avenues.
We, your family and all the people on the surface are going to be okay.
Hangar closed in 20 minutes. No one gets away from the station.
We need to be calm and confident. We will come through.
We will come through.
You are his only hope. I hope you're still a great pilot.
Tune missiles!
Warning. G-Force limit exceeded.
Warning. G-Force limit exceeded.
Warning. Emergency Override.
Warning overload. Ejection seat fired.
Who are you?
The same it, because I am aiming at you with a gun.
Tell me what are you doing, just because you fell from the sky.
I fled.
The prison is here, not in heaven.
I'm not a prisoner, but I'm doomed. If you stay here, so are you.
-Is that a threat? -No, but a fact.
-22 hours to get all die. -I mean creatures?
What's creatures?
Tell your issues, maybe I'll tell my own.
The prison is a hostage situation. Prisoners threaten to blow up reactors.
-It takes place in 22 hours. -Niink up there told?
Thus riot. I was a nurse in sector 2.
In prison, there is no longer anyone. Either you lied, or you're lying.
I'm not a threat to you. Let's forget this. -Istu!
I do not cope alone. You do not when they are on the move.
Help me! For access to each other is of no use.
-How can you help me? -Tell what's out there!
Offer something.
The planet explodes 22 hours.
You told me already. Good luck, you will need it.
I need to save my daughter!
He is 11 years old and alone in the capital!
Help me!
Without me, he'll die!
No one on top does not care a damn about anyone here!
I get a military grade security bunker.
If I get to the capital and I can find my daughter, -
- I'll give you shelter.
What does it sound like?
You have to trust my word.
It is difficult here. Trust must be earned.
-I do not have time for that. -Hey!
You want to go to the capital.
Osiris is over there.
Go to the east.
A nice jacket.
Your life ended in a conviction. You're no longer people.
Humanity is no longer worth to you.
You can help just by focusing incessantly tyhn- -
- and by serving the prison, as well as the needs of the colony.
Ruoassani have this kind of hair every day.
Warden goes keittin- -
- and put a hair in my food.
You see, Vim? Every time.
The route clear.
Carmel is in seclusion. He is the key. Do you remember his drawings?
The only problem is to disconnect heksonikalvo emergency switch.
Did you catch all that?
-Emmek need to lead? -It is easy to share.
Sukissamme are cotton fibers. Anyone of us can do it.
Carmel went to the last out of his mind in seclusion.
We need to doubt the accuracy of the information is true.
He could jerk off a lamppost.
We can not get spektraalitunneleihin. They are under pressure.
We can not get access to the film, so why talk about it?
Carmel has already been introduced into one noticing.
-Paskat. That's why we need to act immediately.
-What's cell? -He does not know.
-They all look the same. -He does not know, because there are crazy.
-Hulluus is common here. -This is our only chance.
All the isolation cells to get to the full, that any of us can correct.
We have access to the system Guard's seat.
Htavaamme all the cells.
Is Bostokin group still involved?
-They have not decided. -Of course.
This is all against actions of suicide.
-They want more time. -Where?
Mr. Carmel.
Why is love so much insulation?
Is this you?
Think about the next step. Many find God here.
In desperation, they noticed that they no longer relevant.
They pray mielikuvitusolentoa and pretending forgiven.
It is a way to deal with guilt.
If heaven exists, -
- must be in hell.
I do not believe in a -
- but my job belongs to faith.
The belief that this place will be hell on earth.
Perhaps you think that I have for the first time in such a place.
First time, -
- I face like you velttomunaisen rkyttjn.
Yes, I think.
This site has no equal.
-Edes Unsin the law does not apply here. -Pitisik I care?
Should. But you do not care.
That's why you're here.
Insulation is over osaltanne, Mr. Carmel.
Do you understand?
Do not you think that my life has been tough? Did I not experienced the same choices?
Lift him up.
Next time you point me to pay tribute, goddamn it!
Get that filth off! Directly in the lower cages!
Do you know how many people will not return to isolation?
How many we lost? How many people will not return?
Kreat, how long is your sentence? Is it 57 years remaining?
In this place? Brother, you can not get out of here.
Vin and I were not able to get out Here- -
- unless we do something.
Now or never. During the day, it is dark.
Please, Kreat.
Bostok is a mess.
Are you mess, Vim?
Let's burn this place to the ground.
Gather the troops. Do not leave me in the lurch.
Good day, the warden Mourdain.
What do you think of the report? Progress is great.
The material is excellent. The staff is dedicated to the cause.
Photosynthetic skin, regenerating limbs.
They can be introduced in a few months.
The report on the top section was reflected in certain features.
still standing by at a good level?
What's wrong, warden? -No anything I could not handle.
Let go!
I'll kill the cockroach itself.
-Sir, the problem mess. -I know. Tell the guards to stay away from.
I did not think that we have a controversy, Sy.
I just wanted a date.
-Avatkaa is. -Sir ...
Kill him!
Further away!
-Stop it! -Loitommas!
Do not let me stop, Mr. Lombrok.
Do you want to show your position? Let's see what you can do.
Guards! If the audience behaves, let it enjoy the show.
Let me out! I'll do anything!
Stop it!
Gentlemen. I came to wish you a good trip.
You are pioneers.
A new era explorers.
Remember that you can not be included in society.
What do you want?
-This. -Start!
You have found intention.
I am your soul a conqueror!
You will understand the Phoenix Bird legend, -
- when you rise from the ashes of your past.
This, too. Lord Lombrok.
You must give sedatives. You can hurt yourself down here.
Why Nurses with an assault rifle?
You know, that we do not have enough time to the capital in time.
We do the leg.
Am I missing something?
Behind the mountains is a base.
-What do we do there? -Mietitn it at the time.
What do you know beings?
-Etsivtk are you? -Yes.
This will be fun.
My teacher read to us once a strange poem about love.
I do not remember it other than the fact that it agreed to the two completely.
I was hoping for better vehicles. Witch-bangers have not seen the moment.
-Why have not closed their seats? -Where's the rest of the kvisimme beers?
Hey honey. Would you like to follow?
Come here, cutie.
Where the hell have you been?
-How's it going? -Finely. What about you?
Whose bus is in the courtyard?
-Why do you ask? -We need a ride.
It is theirs.
Do not go there.
Wait for them to stop, otherwise you will not leave here.
Suck it, baby.
Sit down. They are completely confused.
Drink something.
Using two.
-How hard? -Kovinta.
-Water. -We do not have water.
Of course not.
Why did you choose a nurse, Sy?
I like helping people.
Most turned out to help the bastards.
The first roll!
-Have you noticed the same? -I important places.
-You are better than me. -Perhaps.
Let's take a new race.
-Didn't he listen? -The best out of five.
Is your bus to your yard?
-We have something pending. -We need a ride to Osiris. Immediately.
Funny guy.
-That's see. -Pyydn produce him every night.
What mulkkaatte? Play the dominopelinne it strange.
Continue your game!
Music! -Soita!
-Go to help. -Pidtk us taksifirmana?
-What is your name? -Kane.
-You are not local. -Fill this?
I am far from home, because I need a ride.
Me and my friend at the bar.
I adore you on my knees! You are perfect!
You are a perfect couple.
You belong to magazine cover, you do not come here.
Do not be shy. I want to take him home.
No can do. We take the waiter, we are not him.
-Pahoittelen. My friend is menkat. -Visit to sit.
Good cop part of the routine. You would have only offered a drink.
You look like soldier.
-Saatte 10 000 trip. Cucumber is a knife.
Are you trying to still negotiate?
He escaped Exorin troops. He's trying to find his family.
-Really? -Is it true?
Cut his throat. Are you going to pay for it 10 000?
No! He's lying, I heard him say, 20.
He said 20.
-Saatte 20 000. -Jee! Let him go.
-There you go. -Is bus armor okay?
Ammutaanko us?
It is not an old prison bus.
It is Gracie, that is my mother.
You will have to come in to my mother. It will take care of you.
Does 20 000 round trip?
-Let's go. -Not yet.
Do you want aboard with me? With Mother?
-You keep this kiss. -Polvelle.
Breathe for 20 seconds.
If you hit the table with a knife, the matter has been agreed.
That put the head pulley.
Blimey, in you must kick.
You are talented. The thing is agreed.
We need weapons. We like to travel safely.
Drop by Hopper and Mandel. It will cost more.
-How far away are they? -Half an hour away.
-Near. -Lnkytmmek more or we go?
CHAPTER 4: inevitability
Do you know what terraforming is, Mr. Lombrok?
A hostile environment is made suitable for human use.
Unfortunately, many native varieties of the planet do not cooperate.
We needed a cheaper way to get rid of them.
I'll tell you this because you need to understand -
- where you can go to participate.
Our friends next door met with just one luottopelaajistamme.
Many of them are former fellow prisoners.
If his body lasts, he will join their ranks.
He will become something that he was not a human being could not.
He becomes an evolving creature -
- is able to accommodate even the most difficult conditions.
I know what change requires clear. Do not put against.
Do not be afraid of it.
Let yourself become a monster -
- who lives in your soul.
For this requires clear minded, more than any before.
You have to remember that this is another opportunity.
I take solace.
-Bostok? You did it. -We have to go.
-Saitko henkkarit? -Here. You got special.
-Nurse? -Avasin the cells!
-There were other doors, and ... what?
I let the devil loose.
Guards! Report!
Software movement! -Pois in the hallway!
-Will Vimist one of them? -I know only what I saw on the screen.
We need to get Osiris before dark. Let's go.
-I can come with you. -What?
What do you mean? We have to stay together.
What are you going to do? Where do you go, Sy?
I'm going to the opera.
You do not want to opera, sung there.
Do not turn your back on me, Sy.
Good luck.
-Let him go. -You will die there.
Far sinut.
Goodbye, Vim.
Two years earlier,
Normally, this will be 20 years of high-security prison in class.
Perhaps you 15 years.
But I doubt it.
Despite our efforts, they describe you as a monster.
The service highlights the offense.
a betrayal of the trust which the people gave to a your position.
You are an example. Eye for an eye, and so on.
I wish I had better news.
It does not matter anymore. Nothing is not.
Can I trust them?
-Who's paying? -I.
I do not like Exor-jacket. We base one of you.
How much?
Mandel did not want to do business with.
Ask Mandela, the sum of which would make him happy.
30 tons.
-30 happens. -30. Agreed.
May I ask what you're doing with weapons?
-You ask. -Kysyin courtesy.
Nice friends you have.
It was a good trade.
Nettosimme properly.
30 tons.
Come here, blimey!
What is that?
I saw something.
Check back yard!
They are everywhere!
Where are the recoilless is? Do not say that we sold them.
They do not stop! To Download!
I killed one!
We die!
So the whole place is the date in 12 hours.
All living.
Kuolemmeko we all?
-Yes. -Hirviit not mentioned in the prospectus.
Do you ever wonder how you ended up here?
There are plans.
With so many plans, but here we are.
Not really. I know exactly how I ended up here.
Are you talking about fate, Sy? The stars and the shit?
-I believe the consequences, I do not fate. -Nin is, big man.
No regrets. To the rear of the crane just to get ahead.
Coming to this street shit on the planet.
-What are you laughing at? -I like it here.
The same words, cherry pie.
Space, clean air and food that has not been made in the lab. This is paradise.
Mom said that people do not change, only their view of the past.
Light a man on fire, so he has a warm rest of his life.
How about you?
Do you like the desert?
I liked it a lot more in the past, but this was a new beginning.
And this was the farthest from Earth.
Starfleet certainly pays well.
It pays pretty well.
But the career destroyed my marriage, -
- will never heal my shoulder, and I barely know my daughter.
But the pay is good.
Detectives threw us into the courtyard, so we were forced to extreme measures.
Detectives? Are you related?
She is the sister side of me.
That's why we seem different. -And pussaamme in a different way.
It excite you? Little sokeritankoni.
What do you do there? For a living.
I replied, infrastructure and supervision of the city's development.
About everything. From the capital, mines, from prison.
-Vankityleireist. -Vankilasiirtokunnat changed everything.
The settlements grew rapidly thanks to forced labor.
-We would not be here without it. -That might be a good topic for the meeting.
But they captivate -
- came to see me destroyed. Distorted beyond humanity.
We rode rides to prison once. We saw the bad stuff.
The prison is supposed to be tough. It's a penalty.
It is a brave choice to turn their backs on everything that represents.
Do you have a family, Sy? Children?
Then you do not understand.
I have to say this. What if your daughter is not there?
-What? -He's in there.
Then we go to the bunker and we're safe there.
I promise that. As soon as my daughter is safe.
What if he does not?
Even in the case.
We will become the same, happy family. I will be an uncle.
-Bill how long the Osiris? -Try a couple of hours.
Calm down, we had time to blast creatures.
Nobody ryttyile Billy. This will be fun!
Blimey! A huge toad is attacked Mother!
on the third floor -Asun! -Do not touch the bussiini!
Bill and Gyp, protect Mother. Sy, me.
Now or never! Let's go!
If he's not there, we will return here immediately.
-Kane, I hope you find him. -Search your daughter. We respect your privacy.
-Let's go, Gyp! Pace of the lap!
Let's go!
Open the door!
No electricity, we go stairs!
Let's go!
-Don't be a staircase. -Ozmin, is that you?
-Ozmin, downstairs Kane here! -How do I know that?
-Kane apartment 38 -Have you seen India or Rominyaa?
I went to the door, no one answered. They do not come here.
World is out of his mind. -Tulemme up.
-I do not own staircase. -Very thoughtful.
Stay safe. And aiming lower.
Come on! I'm gonna get you, Toad!
Oh ass!
Indi! Away from the door!
Dad, I'm here! -I love you.
-Are you okay? -Rominya said to wait there.
Where is Rominya?
-He went home. -Clear.
-Kane, we have to go. A friend of Sy, he will help us.
Stay right next to me. All is well, but we have to run now.
-Kane! -Let's go!
What is that?
Moving on!
Bill! Where are the drugs?
-Let's go. Dad, we do not get anywhere!
-What do we do now? -Let me think. Indi!
Father, at the bottom there is a bus! We'll get there!
-We have to jump. -We are too high! Sy!
Give me your hand!
Open it up!
Bill! Gyp! Open the hatch!
Open the door!
Open the door!
-Come on. -Catch!
I got a grip.
Let's go! Are you okay?
Stay low. Run!
Gyp, we have to go!
Did you catch all the creatures and what happened here?
-It is important. -Ymmrrn, Dad.
I'm sorry that I'm the world's worst father.
Sorry, the relationship with your mum did not work.
I loved him a lot. I still love.
I'm sorry that I could not get otteluihisi.
Softball, football and laulutunneillesi.
-It is okay. -I am sorry. You are awesome.
-I need to know that you forgive me. -Of course, I will.
If we will deal with, things will change. I promise that.
Gyp, 1.6 kilometers away to the right! The bunker is in an old mine shaft.
Beware, the creatures can be anywhere.
Door code is 14286. Sy, did you hear?
-14,286. -Gyp? Sano!
-14286, clear. -14,286.
84 The protocol started.
General, Apex Ridge bunkers approaching bus.
Sy! We got company. Three o'clock. Stay low.
-What does it do? -Selvitt wherever we go.
Gyp, do not turn.
-Thn in no time. We can not change.
Dad, what's happening? -Indi, stay low!
It needs four minutes in order to survive outside the explosion area.
We turn to when it leaves. The time is 4 minutes 14 seconds.
Goes tight.
-And if it does not start? -We do not have to worry.
-Father! -Kriydy into a ball.
Into a globule. Stay as low as possible.
-How can your daughter? -He's scared.
RSS feed, can you see it? -He flew over us.
-He leaves. -Turn!
-Indi, are you okay? -Yes!
Towards the mountain top and bottom of the gas.
-Ehdimmek? -Yritmme.
We are close! I see a scrap yard!
Do you remember the route bunker? When we arrive, we run.
Indi! Stay low!
No goodbyes. No last words.
I knew immediately boarded the bus, -
- that I would never see his face.
Stay close to me, Indi!
-I want my father! -I know.
I did not want to leave her.
But doomed to a life sentence would not allow it.
His head not to lose him now forward.
They are here!
Run, Indi!
Ran how far any ...
... or hid -
- fate can not escape.
Run, Indi!
-14286, Indi! -I know!
-Six. -Keep hurry, Indi!
Plutoniumydin revealed.
The calculation in progress.
9, 8, 7, 6...
-Time is up! -5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
RSS feed of what's happening to you? Variables on one of them, Indi.
-What do I do? -You do not feel safe with me.
Find something sharp.
Sakset. Anna ne.
-What are you doing with them? -You do not feel safe with me.
Bring them here.
No! I can not do this alone!
I need your help.
-I need your help. -I can not.
You protect me, as the father said.
I can not do this alone!
RSS feed, I do not have anyone else! -No!
Charlton hospital. Attribute.
Nurse Lombrok. Why you will be punished in this work shift?
How are you?
People drink whiskey in that bar. I wonder why I'm not one of them.
-Is something coming? -Kolari, three victims.
-Olitko the first time the opera? -Yes. It was so bombastic.
His daughter died in an accident. The accident caused the man is coming.
He is very drunk but stable. Operating room 1!
Kiara Kai and loved it.
It was great. Such should be the family.
Do it while you still can.
I take blood pressure.
Everything is...
-Kiara? -He leak.
-We have a problem. Nurse, leave the room.
-She's my wife. -Teemme everything possible to save him.
RSS feed, you need to come with me. Breathe.
I love you a lot.
Bleeding. If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.
Squeeze his hand! Please, darling.
We're losing him.
Where is my daughter?
Is he...
she died?
-I am sorry. -Where is my daughter? Where Kai is?
I am sorry.
I'll get someone with whom you can talk.
We begin CPR!
You are an example. Eye for an eye, and so on.
My father used to say: "Do not trust the man who wants something from you."
He also said that had not met anyone who would not have needed something.
I think we are what we are, when you have to.
The transmitter is out there.
Tag on it? Displays the parent Model.
It is activated by hand. Someone has to be here.
-This must be done the hard way. Initiative from a nearby bunker.
-Haen equipment. -Clear.
-Whitmore? -So?
-Child. -Stay there! We are looking for you!
Before there was a large vessel of this place in orbit.
-Where did it go? -It is on its way to Earth.
-It was called home. -What do they claimed happened?
They said that -
- prisoners rioted and sabotaged the reactors.
It caused the core to melt.
-tuple survived? -Not one.
So we thought we were.
-Do you want to die here? -I do not want to die!
Takes us on a flotilla creates unnoticed.
Otherwise, you will pay with your life.
Sy, we go home.
Goodbye, Dad.