Scissors (1991) Movie Script

Where have you been?
Come on. Come on.
I have a doll for you.
A real antique.
I sorry, she's in horrible condition.
She's a real challenge.
How much?
Ahh... 20 bucks.
If you fix her up, and I'll buy her back
at a good price.
I don't know how you keep
track of anything in here.
Whoever heard of order
in a secondhand shop?
My home is something else again.
Nothing but the finest antique.
Mr. Kramer,
you could be arrested for that.
Do I know what I'm doing?
Why don't you have dinner with me tonight?
You peromised you'd stop asking.
What's wrong with asking?
Besides. Who knows? I might get lucky.
Evening, miss Anderson.
You dirty bitch!
I'll be back.
What happend?
- Everything's ok.
- I'm ck.
- Ok. I've got you. Ok.
- Ok.
What happend?
Our neighbor,
she was hugged in the elevator.
Watch her a minute.
Did he rape you?
No. He tried, I'm fine.
- Did you get a good look at him?
- No.
Here... it'll help.
I called downstairs for the police.
- Is there anyone you'd like me to notify?
- No.
Did you ever see the man before?
No. I don't know.
He was just there.
I found this in the alleyway
against the wall. Yours?
- Yes.
- See what's missing.
My wallet's gone... the keys to
the apartment... and the scissors.
Scissors? What kind of scissors?
Big scissors for cutting cloth.
I stabbed him with them.
- Where?
- In the right arm.
- Did he molest you sexually?
- No.
- Do you require seeng a doctor?
- No.
Can you describe the assailant?
He's big reddish beard, dirty jacket.
Your name?
Angela Anderson.
- Do you live in the buiding?
- Yes.
How long?
- 5 moths.
- 7 months.
Live alone?
Officer, she's not in good shape.
Can't we postponed this?
Your name?
Alex Morgan.
The actor. And in the case you're
wondering, I'm his brother.
Our derectives will want to speak with you.
Your telephone number?
We'll be in touch.
I'll get her passkey.
They'll never catch whoever it was.
They never do. I doubt if they'll even try.
At least you got your purse back.
- That's a hell of a way to meet your neighbor.
- I keep to myself.
- Clever girl.
- Where are you from?
Tulsa. I need to go. Thank you both.
I'd have that lock changed, miss Anderson.
Let me take you to your apartment,
make sure everything's all right.
I tried to get you a new lock,
but the locksmiths are closed.
You'll have to wait until morning.
- I can't. He stole my keys.
- Did you have a chain inside the door?
Don't worry miss. The police have
a 24-hours check on the building.
If the guy comes around
here, they'll catch him.
I'll get the light.
Looks like the dolls have taken over.
Where do you sleep?
The dolls are my hobby.
I sleep on the sofa.
My name's Betty, what's your name?
My name's Alex.
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintace.
Well, well. What's this?
Miss piggy's great grandmother?
Don't do that.
I am sorry.
- Do you want something to drink?
- Yeah, thank you.
Your brother said you were an actor.
Thank you.
Well, are you an actor?
Yes, I uh... L'm in an
afternoon television soap.
I play the psychotherapist. It is a living.
Mmm... well, um... I'm going
to leave you alone now,
but if you get scared,
I want you to call me.
This is my number. Will
you do that?... good.
Oh, uh... don't forget to chain the door.
Thank you.
You're wellcome.
Morbid sensation, not unpleasant. Someone
there, I call out his name, "Billy!"
And who is Billy, Angie?
There is no Billy. No Billy!
I don't know Billy! I don't know Billy!
Fine, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
What's new with me?
You'll be fine. You can sit up.
There's nothing we didn't know before.
We're not getting anywhere with this.
I'm leaving.
All right. Let's talk about repression.
Purpose of repression is
the avoidance of pain.
This is accomplished by withdraw
form objectionable ideas.
These ideas aren't dead or nonexistent,
but merely out of sight for the time being.
Why you don't tell me something
that isn't a cliche?
Right, right, all cliches. But the fact remains
something happened to you in your childhood
that your mind finds intolerable and
has been denied conscious remembramce.
Look, I don't know what this has to
do with me now. I am 36 years old.
All my friends are married and have
children. I've never even been...
Come on. Say the word.
You won't be punished.
Ah yeah sure, say the word.
It just opens some magic door to love.
My first sexual experience was with some
guy who followed me into an elevator...
threw me on the ground, and said
"spread them." That what I tracted.
Is that what sex is going to be for me?
You know the difference between
sex and sexual violation.
Let's examine the positive side
of what happened.
In the face of real danger, you managed to
control the situation.
You defended yourself.
It's a very important insight.
I want never to see that...
bearded man again.
Your fears are perfectly normal, Angie.
- That's funny.
- What?
I'm perfectly normal.
What's the chance of your getting
an assignment today?
Oh, I don't want to work.
Keeping yourself busy is the best therapy.
I really think you should go to the agency.
See you next time.
Hi, sweetheart.
I've left my briefcase with miss tachen,
and I'll do it on station in 15 minutes
hey, listen. I've got an idea.
Why not stay home and play with me instaed?
Forget about politics for a day.
Really? Stephan, you in
the middle of the day?
See you later my little satyr.
Ck. 477 madoson, third floor.
See Donna. You'll be fine.
Ok. Take care.
- Hi, Bob. Got anything for me today?
- Hi, Angie. No sorry.
I want to work.
Sure. Maybe tomorrow.
In fact, I think there is a job coming up
tomorrow... if it happens, I'll call you.
Who is it?
Alex Morgan. Your neighbor.
I'm sorry. I'm really busy right now.
We're having a few people over.
We've run out of ice.
Come in.
Feeling better?
Still... shaky, I guess.
Still looking over my shoulder.
- Why don't you come join us?
- Yeah.
I promise I won't let
anybody to you but me.
I like to talk to people. Lnfact I
don't mind talking to people at all.
Good. Come on by.
We'll see.
You're always be hungry.
What's that one?
90% butterfat, terrible for your skin.
Well... look who's here.
It's a good thing, the guy on the elevator
didn't see her looking like that.
Oh, she's the girl who was attacked.
- That's her. Beautiful, huh?
- Thanks for coming.
I thought you ran out of ice.
Well, it got you here. That's what counts.
Here, let me introduce you.
Miss Anderson, you're very hot tonight.
Angie Anderson, Nancy leahy.
I heard about what happened to you.
It must have been awful.
You really can't trust
this city or its people.
If it weren't for my business,
I'd never come into it.
Nancy's an interior decorator. Brilliant.
She just bought one of my paintings.
For a penthouse she's working on.
Alex, darling really I have to be going.
Would you make walk me to the elevator?
Good-bye, miss Anderson.
Be sure to take care of yourself.
They used to be make quite a pair.
Almost seemed like it might go the distane,
till Alex cooled in her.
Left her holding a big tourch.
Poor little Nancy.
You paint?
Yes, I do. Come on. I'll show you.
Something wrong?
No, they're beautiful.
The girls come and pose fore me
several time a week.
They're good.
Ls this the one you're working on now?
Can I uncover it?
That's the one I want you to see.
How did you do that?
Part imagination, part espinage,
and the fact that you're very
careless with your blinds.
Because you fascinate me.
I'm going.
Don't! You can't hate the painting.
It's you, isn't it?
Angela, I know more about you than your
therapist or Alex will never know. Stop!
What do you want from me?
You don't even know me.
I've known you for months,
I've watched you. I know you intimately.
Don't let this Porsche I'm in fool you.
I'm still a man. Ask them.
You're a virgin, aren't you?
Angela! Angela, come back! Come back.
Oh, my god, Alex! It's him!
Alex! Alex! Alex!
It's him. It's the man from the elevator.
That man with the red beard.
Take it easy. Just take it easy.
Frank, come here.
Angie, this is frank Brady.
He's an actor on the soap.
Hi, pleased to meet you.
- Oh, my god!
- Angie, Angie.
Angie, it's all right.
- Come in. Please. Please?
- Ok.
I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
You didn't. Don't worry about it.
I want to talk to you about your brother.
He's driving me crazy.
Yeah. He's good at that.
How long has he been in the chair?
About a year.
We were driving back from the cape.
I was driving. There was an accident.
That what I can say.
I've had in all kinds of specialists.
And did the best I can.
It's amazing.
- What?
- You're identical, but you're so different.
Yeah. We've always been different.
Cole was always the smart one...
The genius with no ambition,
never wanting to settle down
till the accident made him.
Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah!
- Would you dinner with me tommorow?
- No
- lunch?
- No
- breakfast?
- No
a hotdog in a park?
Why do you want to be with me?
Because I like you. Because
I've seen your dolls.
And you take broken things,
and you make them beautiful.
Please. I can't stand to be touched.
I can't make love with a man.
You are not a lesbian?
Why you make him think you are a whore?
It was an easy out at the moment.
Anyway, it got rid of him.
And that's what you really wanted?
Rid of him?
I don't know. He's really nice,
he's fun, he's handsome.
For some reason, he keeps
coming on to me. But I stop it.
I want him to touch me, but I stop it.
So you see, Angie, repressed thought it
maybe you possess a sexual instict.
Do you possess a sexual instict?
Certainly. Of course I do.
How do you know?
How can I help knowing it?
If I see a pretty girl, I want to kiss her.
I'll findle her, I desire intercourse.
If I don't have it at regular intervals,
I'll find myself thinking sexual thoughts
and craving sexual satisfaction.
And you, Angie, are no different than me.
Save for a few mental
barriers, we're the same.
I'd like you to touch me.
That's because you know nothing will happen.
You trust that, therefore you trust me.
I think I'm attracted to
you, and that frightens me.
- Why?
- Because you're married.
Who frightened you the most, Angie?
Me or my wife? Or is it Alex Morgan...
- I told you that.
- Or his crippled brother?
He scares the hell out of me.
- Or ass-pinching Mr. Kramer? Or is it Billy?
- There is no Billy.
But you told me there was!
So I payback the tapes?
Come on Angie! You talk about this Billy
but not what or who he is... she is!
- Is Billy a woman, Angie?
- No
- how can you be so sure?
- Because I know.
Because why? Comon on Angie, do the work!
Why? Why? Why?
Because woman don't have red beards!
I thought I told you...
all right put her on.
Ann, dear, I'm with a patient.
Three days? Of course I'll miss you.
That's the price I pay for
being marrid to a politician.
Yes. I'll be sure to
watch you on television.
I'll tape it, I promise.
Sorry Angie.
Do you really are happy, aren't you?
- You don't have any children, do you?
- No.
You see, it's never perfect, Angie. Never.
How about us doing it here, bitch?
We can do it right here. What you say?
- What'll it be, miss? What can I get you, lady?
- Water?
Anything else? Anything else?
Was dark in the movie house Angie. How
could you be sure that it was the same man?
- Because I felt the scissors at my face.
- Why didn't you call a policeman?
All I could think to do was to run.
I left, I ran out, and I called you.
I wasn't there. If you really
certain that the man...
return back, you should
have called a policeman.
It would have been logical to do.
My god, you don't believe me.
I do believe you.
But also believe that are many red-bearded
men living in the city, and many of them...
go to the movies and some
try making out with pretty girls.
Why you've hanging up Angie? I'm trying
to help you. Do you understand me?
- Yeah. - Your experience
in the elevator was traumatic.
I don't underestimate the
shock of that encounter.
But we can't let this thing
become an obsession.
I want you think about it is possible that
your own panic is attracting these encounters.
I don't understand.
We'll talk about it. We'll
talk about it tomorrow.
- Angie, all right?
- Ok... thanks.
Hi, sweetie.
He's kissing her... long sensuous kisses
while he fondles her tits.
If this develops into something.
You just might end up on the street.
Don't worry. That's not gonna happen.
What if Alex was to walk in that door
and see you standing?
I'd get down on my knees, and I'd cry
"lt's a miracle! It's a goddamn miracle!"
What's the matter?
I can't do this. I'm no good at this.
It was me. I was just too eager. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Can we have that dinner tomorrow night?
Angela. Angela. I'm coming over.
I'm coming to see you.
911 emergency. How can I help you?
911 emergency. How can I help you?
Here I come, Angela. We got to talk.
Cole, don't. Don't be stupid.
Leaving the blinds open was stupid.
Please Cole. Come down.
Angie, this is Bob. You got a job
for tomorrow. Write this down:
"Richard Bailey. 434 west 23rd street."
It's 2:00 o'clock.
2:00 o'clock. Ok, thank you.
That was a close call, huh? We got a job!
Hello? Anybody here?
It's a sort of fun being bigger
than the city, isn't it?
People say that it's an
ugly city, but it's not.
It's provocative and challenging.
Those flagged buildings
scattee through the area...
They're my buildings, and hopefully one
day, the whole city will look like that.
My buildings are conceived to filter
cut dirt. And sound from the outside.
You never get fading rays of the sun
will never ruin your furnature.
Our polarized windows that
can turn night into day...
are designed so that
the rooms never heat up.
But maintain a liveable temperature...
and protect you from the
prey eyes of curious neighbors.
And if day is bleak outside,
your mood is automatically buoyl by
our lighting sensors... watch.
Or if it's a mello, contemplative
mood you desire, watch again.
And what's even more beautiful...
Just listen a moment.
Silence. Yes blessed silence, while
outside, the city surges and pulsates...
with nerve shattering sound.
The sanity and the health of this city...
depends on the evolition of
just this kind of building.
Yes, you are now standing in
a Richard baily apartment,
designed to save our city and you.
Bailey's resident.
Hello... hello!
Mr. Bailey!... Mr. Bailey!... sir!
Excuse me Mr. Bailey!... Mr. Bailey!
Help me!
Yes, hello?
Who are you?
Why you...?
Who are you?
Why you do this to me?
What I do? I didn't do any thing!
Midnight?... midnight?... midnight?
Come kitty!... midnight?... midnight?
Midnight?... midnight?
Honey I can't see you.
Midnight?... midnight? Where are you?
Angie?... Angie?
It's ok babyl... it's ok!... it's ok!
- You seen Angie?
- No, why?
Well consider spending half
your time playing peeping tom,
I thouth you may could
give me a report on her.
Fuck you! You want know about her,
go knock on her door.
I did. All I hear is the cat. Cat's been
yelling all day. Angie doesn't answer.
Jesus! Take easy Jerry!
What do you want from me?
Maybe she left town.
She would bever left the cat.
How do you know what a psychologically
disturbed person would do?
Beside we had a dinner date.
Oh! Of course. I'm sorry.
Who stands up a star?
I'm thirsty. I want Bobbie.
I sleepy. I want sleep in bed.
- My name is Betty. What's your name?
- Angie.
Angie. That's a pretty name.
- Look for the bird.
- What bird?
- Look for the bird.
- What bird?
I'm thirsty. I want Bobbie.
What bird?
What bird?... where is it?
Birdl... bird!... bird!
Where is the bird?
Oh yeah, of course it is. Of course it's
here. Of course it's in the bedroom.
You killed him! You killed him!
You killed him!
I didn't.
- You killed him! You killed him!
- I didn't. I did not.
You killed him! You killed him!
- I didn't do it.
- You killed him! You killed him!
- You killed him! You killed him!
- I didn't.
You killed him! You killed him!
You killed him! You killed him!
You killed him!
- You killed him! You killed him!
- Who told you that?
- You killed him!
- Who told you that?
- I didn't do it... I didn't do it... I didn't do it...
- You killed him!
- You know I didn't do it.
- You killed him! You killed himl...
Voila. The mystery's solved.
She left town for a few days.
This doesn't make any sense.
Why would she send me a telegram?
Why she didn't pickup the phone and call me?
She doesn't say anything about cat to feed it.
I'm sure she laid out
plenty of food for the cat.
Then why is it crying?
All things cry and make a
fuss when they're lonely.
- Didn't you know that?
- Oh, god.
Angie, you in there?
Hey... help me.
Now we'll go home.
Something's going on up there.
Mind your own business.
Mind your own business. Come on.
- Come on.
- All right.
I'm... I'm sorry.
She had the lock changed.
I didn't get a key from her.
Then break the door down.
I don't know, your brother said
you got a telegram from her.
I don't care. I'm telling you, she
wouldn't leave her cat like that.
I can't break down the door. I don't
have the right. Sorry, I only work here.
You're really making a hell
of big thing out of this.
The card I left for Angie, it's gone.
It was under her door. Someone took it.
Well, maybe the cat took it.
I think you took it.
Alex, this is your TV
sense of reality talking.
Wait a second, Cole! What happening to us?
Where's all this anger coming from?...
are we enemies? Do you hate me?
I suppose you're going
to tell me you love me.
You're my brother and I've give you.
All you care about is your next-door
neighbor and her goddamn cat.
I'm worried about her.
I'm not. Her telegram's all
the explanation I need.
I guess that makes me some kind of nut.
Isn't it going to get old crowded in here?
Nancy... Alex just left.
He's gone looking for the girl.
Well, I wish him luck.
It's a big bleeding city out there.
Hey. It's ok.
I'm let you out of cage.
You gonna give me a minute. Ok?
Come on, I'm gonna set you free, come on.
Here we go.
Ck, don't be scared, it's be ok.
Oh... get off me!
It's ck. Fly! Fly! Fly!
Yeah. Here midnight. Come on midnight.
Yeah, atta babe. Ah yeah.
Come on, it's ok. It's ok.
I'll got you something to eat.
And there is no problem in this great city
that cannot be solved.
If we just have the Patience, willingness,
and energy to set about doing it.
We are in the center of
fashion, commerce...
Hello, Dr. Carter?
Just a moment, please.
- Dr. Carter, this is Alex Morgan.
- Angie's friend. Yes Mr. Morgan?
I'm sorry I called so early.
That's all right. I'm an early riser.
What can do I for you?
Angie left town and I got
a telegram from her.
Yes. I received a similar telegram.
She left her cat without food and water.
- That is unusual.
- She mentioned something about Tulsa.
Do you have her Tulsa address?
- No
- or phone number? Does she have a family?
Mr. Morgan, I frankly doubt that Angie
come from Tulsa at all.
Dead mother and father, rich legacy, I believe
it all to be a contrived fantasy background.
Angie's a very sick girl.
Sick enough to leave the cat she loves
so much to starve to death?
I don't buy that, doctor.
- Maybe you should call the police.
- I'm going to. Thank you very much.
What are you doing out there?
What are you doing in here?
There's a law against breaking
and entering. Didn't you know?
What you want?
I lived in your shadow long enough.
I want my dignity, Alex.
You took it away a long time ago.
I'm taking it back.
You bastard. You sold your
life for a goddamn handout.
You son of a bitch!
Right! The son of the same bitch who bore
you, greased your way with her slimy love,
made it all so easy for you... who opened
the doors to all the good things in life
and spared you all its sick little whores.
You right brother. We're sons of
the biggest bitch who ever lived.
Don't worry about me. I don't need you
anymore. I don't need anybody.
I can make it on my own. But you, Alex...
You're in terrible trouble.
Your audience left at intermission.
Me, Nancy, that little piece that lives
here... We're all out of your life now.
- What's that suppose to mean?
- Just what I'm saying.
I feel like taking a whole
botlle of sleeping pills.
Jim certainly would be
happier, and so would madge.
After a decent interval of mourning,
they could marry if they like.
Mr. Kramer.
- Well, it's the perfect solution, isn't it?
- I got to work. I got to work.
Dr. Carter.
Dr. Carter, I need to talk to you.
Dr. Carter.
Alex... hi Alex.
Mr. Kramer. Mr. Kramer.
I want to buy a doll, Mr. Kramer.
Angie, Angie, no, put'em down, put down the
scissors. Please. Don't kill me, Angie!
Angie! Angie! No. No Angie!
No, no, no, don't kill me.
Don't kill me, Angie! Please.
- I didn't. I didn't.
- Angie! Don't... don't kill me
I didn't kill you. I didn't. I didn't.
I didn't. I didn't do it...
Put down the scissors. Angie,
please. Please, don't...
Stop it right now. Stop it.
- Angie. Don't kill me, Angie!
- No.
No. No. No. No. No...
Where? Where? Where?
Oh you're gone.
Silence. Yes, blessed silence.
This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy went home.
This little piggy had rosty beef,
this little piggy had none.
And this... all the way home...
- Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!
- This little piggy had rosty beef, this little pi...
Yes. Yes. Yes...
Angie... this piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had rosty beef,
this little piggy had none.
And this...
Oh Billy, more, do more Billy. Do more.
What are you doing here?
Where's Richard?
Where you usually find him. In the bedroom.
You killed him.
Yes. Two days ago with a pair of scissors.
I used to watch you come here for months.
I had a key made from the
one I found in your bag.
One night I even dared to come in and listen
to you making love. You sounded fulfilled.
- Why?
- Morbid jealousy.
You killed him because...
I was seeing him?
For seeing him? No!
For screwing him, yes.
- You're crazy.
- Absolutely
the phone doesn't work.
You won't get away with this.
I'll going to the police.
No, you won't.
You're much too ambitious to risk
at all that your political career,
everything for both of us, down the drain.
You're pretty good at getting
into people's heads, aren't you?
Top of the class at Berkeley.
It's not going to work.
They're gonna to find you.
No darling. They'll find her.
- I know her, she's one of your patients.
- Angie Anderson.
Positive schizophrenic, complex
father fixation, repressed sexuality...
All of wich makes her a perdect
foil for this little drama.
But she'll go to the police.
She knows the truth.
Does she? I think she'll be this way for
long long time.
What is she doing?
Angie finally found her ignorant Billy.
I learned through hypnosis that her
incestuous stepfather sported a red beard
and was murdered by Angie's mother
with the pairs of scissors.
It's amazing... red beard, a few sound efects,
some screws and bolts... a little production...
And Angie just slipped
through the looking glass.
Your boyfriend's genius provided
the perfect theater.
Even the bird cooperated.
Memorized his lines like a trouper.
Stop. Stop it Ann. Stop it, stop it
I love you, Ann. The past is out the way.
We can go on.
I'm willing to continue our life together.
Are you willing, Ann?
And pretend none of this happened?
Oh, no, I want you to remember
that this did happened,
and I never want you forget it.
Now helping me in, we've got
loose ends to tie up here.
We've still the scissors to locate.
I didn't think she'd have the
guts to put them out of him.
And I didn't think she'd the guts
to stab me in the elevator eader.
You take the powder room,
and I'll check the bedroom.
Ann, help me, find the scissors.
Angie! Angie, open the door. Angie!
Angie, daddy wants you to open the door.
Come on Angie!
Open the door.
Angie, pick up the doorknob
and open the door, come on.
Pick it up.
Angie, daddy's not mad. He's not, he's
not mad, but open the door Angie.
Come on.
Over there. Pull up over there.
You're ok?
It's Alex, it's Alex.
- Angie!
- Alex?
Everything's going to be all right.
Everything's going to be fine.