Scooby-Doo! And Krypto, Too! (2023) Movie Script

(door opens)
(door closes)
(suspenseful music playing)
You brought your camera, right?
That's like asking if I brought my eyes.
Eyes lie. Cameras don't.
So, there was a struggle.
But how did it end?
Where are they?
-(camera clicking)
-(snarling sound)
Did you hear that?
The last tour came and went hours ago.
We're the only ones here.
I really don't like this.
All right, fine.
We'll come back in daylight,
pose as tourists and slip away from--
(demonic snarling)
What in the...
Come on.
(shrieks, whimpers)
What are you doing?
Eyes lie.
(both grunt)
(Jimmy panting)
What was that?
And what did it do
with the Justice League?
I don't know, Jimmy,
but it definitely wasn't natural.
-It was--
The kind of thing we bring in
Superman and the League
to help us figure out.
But with them missing--
Who do you call
when your heroes need heroes?
(demonic snarling)
Miss Lane? Lois?
Get your girlfriend on the phone, Jimmy.
Tell her Metropolis...
Tell her the world needs help.
(theme music playing)
There is no courage
Without fear of the unknown
And there's no bravery without fright
Most never rise above
The fears of flesh and bone
While some are drawn into the night
Come along
We'll take the less travelled path
The rocky and most dangerous track
For only there can
Mortals begin to know
The special places only heroes go
They say what doesn't kill you
Makes you stronger still
Such wisdom lights the hero's way
When facing monsters
Or just battling your will
Determination wins the day
Come along
We'll take the less travelled path
The rocky and most dangerous track
For only there can
Mortals begin to know
The special places only heroes go
(birds chirping)
Wow. Metropolis is beautiful.
We're not in Metropolis yet.
Come on, Freddy. Hit the gas.
Actually, accounting for wind gradient
and local meteorological phenomena,
we're already traveling
at the safest speed science allows.
Can't argue with science, Daph.
(sighs) Okay, but it sounded urgent.
(Shaggy) Like, speaking of urgent,
we haven't stopped for snacks
in over half an hour.
And I'm not sure Scooby's full enough
to make it all the way to lunch.
Tell the world I was brave.
Oh, for goodness' sake.
Man, now we're talking.
(Shaggy exclaims excitedly)
Make sure you ration those.
It's our last box until...
Hey, look.
"Now entering Metropolis,
the city of tomorrow."
-(siren wailing)
-(woman screaming)
Like, judging by all these old photos,
the city of tomorrow
was a lot nicer yesterday.
I wonder what could've happened.
(all screaming)
(Scooby whimpers)
(Giganta grunting)
(Giganta exclaims angrily)
That was Giganta.
Hey, not nice.
No, that's her name.
Giganta, member of
the former Legion of Doom,
a now-defunct gang of super criminals.
And, like, the first woman
to set foot on the moon.
Yeah, from the Earth.
(Fred) Do you think
she's the reason we're here?
(Velma) Uh, no.
She's more dangerous than mysterious.
Unless you count the mystery
of how she finds shoes in that size.
Oh! Superman.
Like, wow.
Like, whoa...
(laughing maniacally)
(chuckles) You said it, Puddin'. Ha!
(all screaming)
(all) Huh?
That's the Joker.
The Joker and Harley Quinn.
More Legion of Doom members.
Actually, Harley's an associate member.
Why do you know so much
about Harley Quinn?
(cascading music playing)
No mystery there either.
(Fred grunts)
(all scream)
-(laughing maniacally)
-(chuckles mischievously)
(all gasping)
-(all exhale)
-(Daphne screams)
(Solomon grunts angrily)
-(Scooby whimpers)
(growls) Huh?
(gulps, whimpers)
(all screaming)
The Creeper.
Already solved that mystery.
(all screaming)
(Daphne screams)
(all screaming)
And that wasn't even the Creeper.
That was Solomon Grundy.
We're not just stopping
for any ghoul we see.
Well, that's pretty mysterious.
(all screaming)
(Scooby) Huh?
(all gasp)
That was close.
Oh, no. Look.
(Scooby whimpering)
(all screaming)
(all screaming)
-(Daphne grunts)
-(all scream)
(all screaming)
(all screaming)
(all screaming)
(all sigh in relief)
Oh, man, like,
that's gotta be why we're here!
Kind of a mystery,
but still not exactly our thing.
Hey, there it is.
(elevator dings)
-(indistinct chatter)
-(keyboard clacking)
Ah! You can actually smell
the ink on newsprint.
The Daily Planet went all digital
five years ago.
Well, then, that's what I smell.
You haven't changed a bit.
Still overdue for that growth spurt.
Hey, thanks for coming. Follow me.
Lois Lane, meet--
Hang on.
-Editorial, you got incoming!
-(message notification)
All right. Thanks, Olsen.
I'll take it from here.
The kitchen's over yonder.
I like my coffee like I like my stories.
Dark with a twist.
Uh, no, no, Lois,
these aren't the new interns.
They aren't?
Hang on, Olsen.
Let me guess. This is your girlfriend.
What? No, that's Velma.
This is Fred.
Shaggy, Scooby-doo.
-I'm Daphne.
She's my girlfriend.
(both) What?
Of course. Sorry, Olsen.
For some reason, I just thought
Velma was more your type.
And who is this?
Oh. Uh... We haven't met.
Oh, like,
what are you talking about? That's--
Oh. Did not recognize you.
Well, yeah.
Velma wears glasses, and...
Where'd she go?
Ah, there you are, Velma.
I'm sorry, Jimmy,
but have you been telling people
you're my boyfriend?
Of course.
We happened to be at the same camp
together one summer.
When I was nine.
And we were voted "Best Redhead Couple."
That wasn't a real award, Jimmy.
We were being bullied.
Yeah, but we got through it together.
Well, this is all very weird
and embarrassing,
but the clock's ticking, so...
Why did you call us here?
Ooh, right to the question. No hesitation.
You have the instincts
of a reporter, young lady.
I called you here to help us solve
the mystery of--
Great Caesar's ghost!
-(both whimpering)
-Great Caesar's ghost?
Like, dude, a ghost is bad enough,
but the ghost of a salad? Zoinks!
No. There's no salad ghost.
We called you here
because, as you can see,
Metropolis has gone positively Gotham
since the Justice League disappeared
a few months ago.
(all scream)
Without a trace.
Like an illusion.
Here one minute, gone the next.
Uh, with all due respect,
what is the team of renowned
investigative journalists
need with a gang of meddling kids?
I'm guessing there's more.
(Fred) Looks like some kind of phantom.
Or phantoms. Look.
I guess this really is
a Mystery Inc investigation.
And while we'd love
nothing more than to help solve it,
Cheetah's back on the prowl
and Sinestro just attacked
Metropolis Harbor in a yellow submarine.
With Superman gone,
the breaking news business is booming.
Sounds like we're on our own.
If half of what I've heard
about you kids is true, you'll do great.
All you have to do
is unmask this... phantom.
Then find the Justice League
before all these out-of-control villains
destroy the world.
Great. So, like, no pressure.
(both scream)
(all snarling)
(both screaming)
(camera shutter clicks)
(wind howling)
Oh, yeah. Haunted.
(both whimpering)
I know.
There's no way you two
are stepping out of the van
for less than five Scooby Snacks.
But I told you, we're all out of--
(both panting)
(both gulping)
Wow. And I was bluffing.
Mark what you want on the tickets.
Excuse me, ma'am.
We're investigating
the disappearance of the Justice League.
Those no-good do-gooders?
They could stay disappeared,
as far as I'm concerned.
What? Never heard a bad word spoke
about them heroes?
For years I wanted their permission
to park my truck here outside their HQ.
(both exclaiming excitedly)
I hope you got more of these.
Lots of hungry tourists
traipse past here everyday.
But the league said it "weren't safe."
They said we was trying to keep
the sightseers away.
(scoffs) Imagine how they'd feel
about the Mayor's fancy new tour groups.
Tour groups?
(tourists exclaiming in awe)
The ones that phantom's been scaring off.
I should thank him, though.
They run right past my truck,
and, boy, does all that screaming
work up an appetite!
So your business is thriving
since the League vanished?
You got no idea.
Best thing that ever could have happened.
Now, you boys finished
writing up that order?
Like, not even close.
They'll split one order
of Super Fries, please.
(Scooby grunts)
(Velma chuckles nervously)
Take good care of her.
"Her." You gotta be kidding me.
Excuse me?
Of course it's a "her."
I bet "she" has a name, too.
I don't see how that is...
Fancy paint, decals galore...
What are these flowers?
Some kind of secret
experimental camouflage?
What? No, it's just a regular van.
Oh, baby.
-Sorry, sorry. It's just...
You don't know how hard it's been
parking Batmobiles and Arrowcars
and Green Lantern energy bubbles.
I mean, what's wrong with normal vehicles?
Hey, if you need atomic batteries
to catch up to a villain,
maybe you're not cut out for the hero biz.
You got me?
You know, all I hear
is how sad people are
that the League's gone,
but between us,
I couldn't have planned it better.
Planned it?
Yeah, if I had. Which I didn't.
But maybe did I?
I don't know what I did.
What am I doing right now?
Did I plan it? I didn't. Maybe I did.
(laughs boisterously) What a great day!
Can I park it now?
Uh, would you mind parking her
in that big, empty space up front?
You mean, Wonder Woman space?
It's not empty, but...
But for a regular
van owner like you, sure.
You know, I can move some stuff around.
-(elevator dings)
-What did he mean, "not empty?"
I don't know. Strange guy.
(elevator dings)
-He's mistaken.
It was camp, we were just friends.
Let it go.
(elevator dings)
(Scooby groans)
Hey, what happened to you two?
We took the challenge.
Yeah. Like, eat ten orders of Super Fries,
get 15 more.
All of them for free.
(chuckling, groaning)
Huh. That sounds like a really good deal.
Except you have to eat them all
in one sitting.
(exclaiming in disgust)
Excuse me. Are you here for the next tour?
Uh, I suppose we are. (chuckles)
I'm Mayor Fleming.
You probably recognize me
from all the campaign billboards.
Actually, all the billboards
we've seen here
have been painted over
with bright pink polka dots.
Of course. Mad Mod.
Mad Mod?
An art school dropout
with a flair for pastels and villainy.
Just one of the many
super criminals running amok
in my city ever since
the Justice League disappeared.
That's why we're here.
You're the mystery solvers
Lois Lane told me about.
I'm so glad you've agreed to help us.
We started offering tours
of the Hall of Justice
not long after the League vanished.
Has it paid the rent?
Sure, but it's so much more than that.
Being in these hallowed halls
gives people the hope
that one day, our heroes may return.
But ever since this "phantom" showed up,
fewer and fewer people
want to visit this place.
Not that it was much
of an attraction to begin with.
(all gasp)
(grunts) Sorry, I was--
Just do it.
(clears throat)
Ladies and gentlemen,
Lex Luthor,
the President of the United States.
(scoffs) Former president.
Yes. Well, current billionaire
genius CEO of military contractor
and online dating portal LexCorp.
And this is Rex.
Rex Ruthor?
Rat's right.
Anywho. The Hall of Justice.
Pretty lame destination, yes?
So many times I told Superman
to put in a roller coaster,
animatronics, anything.
Uh, excuse me, sir,
but why don't I remember your presidency?
It was short, thank goodness.
Oh, Flemmy.
When are you and I going to stop
all this political bickering
and do something good for the city?
Luthor, the best thing you can do
for Metropolis is leave.
Now, have you given my final offer
further consideration?
He's been pressuring my office
to seize the Hall of Justice
as abandoned property,
and put it up for auction
where he can get it at--
A steal.
Flem. Listen.
A fleet of LexCorp bulldozers
are rolling up as we speak.
All you need to do is say the word
and I'll mow down this miserable mausoleum
of moral mediocrity in minutes.
Were you trying for
that villainous alliteration,
or did that just happen on its own?
Come on, kids. The tour's starting.
Be careful.
There's more to fear within these walls
than phantoms, ghosts and super ghouls.
-(both whimpering)
-Super ghouls?
Did you want me to pull the car up--
Not now, Mercy.
I'm sneering.
(clears throat)
(Mayor Fleming) And behind these doors,
you'll find the Hall of Justice
Trophy room.
These are just some of the mementos
collected by the Justice League
to serve as a reminder
of their many years
of vigilance and service.
(exclaiming excitedly)
The items in this room
are both precious and priceless.
Even these empty pedestals?
Well, there were a few alien artefacts
too sensitive to leave out for the tour.
Nth metal weapons, a Mother Box,
the Phantom Zone projector...
Phantom projector?
It's just the name, Shaggy.
It doesn't have anything
to do with ghosts.
Or projection for that matter.
(growling) now safely locked away
in a secure military facility offsite.
(cell phone ringing, vibrating)
Okay, feel free to explore
and we'll resume the tour in ten minutes.
Hello, Mayor Fleming.
Shaggy, look.
I'm a Superdog.
Like, cute. (chuckles)
But the only Superdog I've heard of
comes with extra chili
and a side of more chili!
Hey! Let go!
Has something happened?
(sighs) Lex Luthor just increased his bid
to purchase the Hall of Justice.
At this rate, the City Council
may not even bother
putting it up for auction.
Luthor will win. Luthor always wins.
He didn't win the popular vote.
And Superman always beats him.
I'm sure he
and the rest of the Justice League
are out there somewhere.
And once we solve this mystery
and find them,
imagine how sore they'll be
when they find out
you sold their headquarters to Lex Luthor!
(sighs) I hope you're right.
Uh, run?
(Mayor Fleming)
You heard him, head for the lobby!
(straining) Shaggy!
(screams) Hang on, Scoob!
(horn tooting)
Like, it is a projection. See?
Projections don't do that!
(Phantom snarls)
(Daphne gasps)
(Daphne grunts)
(Daphne grunts)
-(Fred grunts)
-(exclaiming in fear)
-(Mayor Fleming) Come on!
-(Scooby whimpering)
(both whimpering)
(alarm blaring)
Like, man, you're telling me?
(Phantom snarling)
Like, as long as we're quiet,
there's no way that Phantom will--
(dog barking)
Dude, I said quiet.
Wasn't me.
Well, if it wasn't you, then who?
(dog barking)
(both whimpering)
-(dog barking)
(barking, growling)
(snarling angrily)
It's a...
A Superdog!
(friendly barking)
(all clamoring)
-Hey, over here!
-Over here!
Come on!
Uh, thank you for visiting the, um...
Oh, never mind.
Hey, has anyone seen Shaggy and Scooby?
They were right behind us.
We must have gotten separated.
Speaking of getting separated,
you kids better--
(alarm blaring)
Oh, no, we're sealed in.
On the bright side, so is the Phantom.
-That's the bright side?
-(Velma) Aha!
Follow me.
Just as I thought.
Really great work, you two.
Locking down the facility
once the civilians were evacuated...
To make it easier to
find and catch the Phantom.
Ha. What a trap.
It wasn't us.
You think we'd lock ourselves in
with the Phantom?
(all gasp)
(friendly bark)
(friendly bark)
Aw, what a cute pup!
Oh, look at you!
Do you think he got left behind
by one of the tourists?
Hmm. I'd say he looks more like a stray.
Messy fur, dirty claws,
that hungry look in his eyes...
Shaggy, are we strays?
If you two didn't initiate the lockdown,
who did?
You guys, you're looking at him.
The dog?
Man, that's not all he can do.
He can fly and he's got heat vision.
It's a stray dog, not Superman.
Well, whoever did it,
they just gave us a leg up
in finding the so-called phantom.
All right, so if I were a monster,
where would I--
(barking, whining)
What is it, boy?
Is there something in the break room?
(loud crash)
Sounds like the break room's
already broken.
We'll wait here.
Come on, you two.
(all straining)
Lex Luthor?
Annoying kids?
Rex Ruthor?
(menacing growl)
-(all yelping)
Now that we're all reacquainted,
what are you still doing in the building?
We're locked down.
I know.
I got separated from my driver
in this labyrinth and--
And what?
And I got lost, okay?
Yes, the great Lex Luthor
finally did
what Lois Lane and Mayor Fleming
have been telling him to do for years.
He got lost.
Anyway, I got locked in here,
then Rexie he got hungry,
but this infernal machine
won't take my dollar.
You have to flatten it out.
It's perfectly crisp.
The stupid thing
just won't take my dollar.
I had them printed up
when I was President.
They're perfectly acceptable legal tender.
We can just give you a real dollar.
No, it's fine.
Been meaning to field test this anyway.
(all scream)
Oh, don't look at me like that.
I'll pay them back.
Believe me,
if there's one thing Superman
and the Justice League can expect from me,
it's payback.
Ooh! Chipzees!
Oh, and... I suppose...
if you must, help yourselves.
Like, we thought
you'd never ask, Lex ol' buddy!
Well, I've seen super speed, but this...
(both) Hmm.
(barking excitedly)
That was fast.
That was Krypto.
The Superdog!
(menacing growl)
(friendly bark)
(chuckles) I knew it.
Yes, Superman's best friend.
Imbued with many of the same powers
and weaknesses as the Man of Steel.
He must've been left behind
when the League vanished.
(corn popping)
I wonder who's been feeding him.
Like, apparently nobody.
Wow! A real, live superhero dog.
Who's a good Superdog?
He's such a good Superdog.
I'd be careful.
Kryptonian fleas have serrated metal claws
and can live for several
hundred Earth years.
Oh! (chuckles nervously)
Aw, he misses Superman.
Ugh. Join the club.
I miss him every time I open fire.
All right, enough fooling around.
We have to look for clues.
Oh, good idea.
I think I saw the word "kitchen"
on the directory in the lobby.
-Scoob and I will--
-And Krypto.
Right, Scoob and I,
and our bodyguard Krypto will start there.
Oh, look. (chuckles) One left.
(Scooby chuckles)
Oh, hey,
there's another one under my shoe.
Lucky me.
Let's go, guys.
You know, if you're both good,
I might just let you share in the bounty.
(both chuckle, laugh)
And since you're
so good with tech, Mr. Luthor,
why don't you join me
in the Command Center
to go over the Hall's
closed-circuit security camera footage?
I know what's happening.
You just want to keep an eye on me.
But the joke's on you.
I happen to love
closed-circuit security camera footage.
Race you to it!
Ugh. They're gonna be a handful.
So, what, it was like a...
some kind of "co-ed" summer camp?
Faster than a speeding bullet?
-(barks in agreement)
-More powerful than a locomotive?
-(barks in agreement)
-Vulnerable to Kryptonite?
(whines, barks sadly)
Wow. Just like Superman.
Hey, here it is, "Kitchen."
-(chuckles excitedly)
-(barks angrily)
Now, trust us, Krypto,
clues can be hiding anywhere.
Even inside a freshly-made
Superhero Sandwich.
Isn't that right, Scoob?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh-oh. It's locked.
We're in.
Oh, man, I hope it's the biggest,
coolest super-sized kitchen ever!
(computer) Acknowledged.
(Scooby) Whoa!
(Shaggy chuckles)
Like, this is... super!
It's got everything!
Well, everything except for triple-cream
salted-organic-truffle butter!
(computer) Acknowledged.
Wait, there it is.
You know, Scoob, when we first
got to Metropolis, I was worried.
Me, too.
There were supervillains everywhere.
(computer) Acknowledged.
Joker, Harley Quinn...
Acknowledged. Acknowledged.
-Even those Kryptonian exiles.
General Zod, Ursa and Non?
That's right.
Acknowledged. Acknowledged. Acknowledged.
(Joker chuckles)
(Solomon snarling)
Wait, not now, Krypto.
Where was I? Oh, yeah,
it was really scary and dangerous.
-(Joker chuckles)
-(Harley snarls)
(chuckles) Oh, dear, excuse me.
You're excused.
I have to say, I now feel as comfortable,
safe and secure as--
(both scream)
It's just strange that you never
mentioned him before, that's all.
I can't believe
you're not letting this go.
Seriously, was it serious?
I'm ignoring you.
Is red hair your thing, is that it?
Well, I don't see how laughing
at me is going to help.
Fred, nothing happened
between me and Jimmy Olsen.
(sighs in relief) Phew!
Even though he is a fiery
red-haired risk-taker like me.
And, I mean, he is Superman's pal.
You know,
I have considered dyeing my hair.
Hold the phone.
Is that...
A genuine Batman Utility Belt.
Fred, we know Batman.
It's not like
you haven't seen one up close.
Well, sure, but he'd never
in a million years let me try it on!
Freddy, put that back!
It's full of Bat-gadgets
and who knows what else.
It could be dangerous.
So you're saying,
I'm taking a risk just by wearing it?
I bet old Jimmy Olsen wouldn't do this!
Official, dangerous Bat-gear!
(imitating Batman)
So, talk about a risk, eh, Daphne?
(chuckles) You are ridiculous.
Wouldn't that be "dangerously ridiculous?"
(chuckles) Would you stop?
We have to look for clues.
-I'm vengeance!
I am the night!
I am...
(Phantom snarls)
(Fred screams)
My hero.
Oh, come on.
(snarling menacingly)
(both shrieking in terror)
A calculator?
Loose change?
Laundry chute. Come on.
(both screaming)
Where have you two been?
I was trying to find a cell phone signal.
No luck, by the way.
This lockdown doesn't mess around.
And, well...
You got lost again.
No, I was temporarily under-routed.
So, "lost."
What are you doing with all this anyway?
I'm attempting to hack into
the Hall's computer system
so we can review
the logged security footage.
Oh, right.
I meant to tell you this earlier...
Ha! You think you can just
hack into Justice League computers?
Sweetheart, if that were possible,
don't you think
by now, I, former President Lex Luthor,
billionaire genius, would have--
I'm in.
Several incidents
over the past month of Helen,
the food truck lady,
sneaking into the building.
But she did say
she likes the bathrooms here.
And that must be
the valet attendant that Freddy mentioned.
Hey! That's my limo.
Speaking of...
My driver? When was this?
This is actually live footage.
She's in the building right now.
Mercy? She must have been
locked in like the rest of us.
And she has my bag.
Thank goodness!
Daddy just found Rexie's nom noms.
(loud clattering)
What was that?
Sounds like
Shaggy and Scooby are in trouble.
(screaming, grunting)
What happened?
(Daphne groans)
Locker room...
laundry chute...
terrible, loud screeching...
From the phantom?
No, from you! The whole way down.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
I think we landed in the parking garage.
But on what?
(gasps) Freddy, don't look.
Oh, my gosh, Daphne!
I might really be Batman.
Hey! What're you doing
on Wonder Woman's Invisible Tank?
Invisible Tank?
Invisible Tank.
Invisible Tank?
Yeah. Right between her Invisible Plane
and her lesser-known Invisible Trolley.
Now, if you were aiming
for the laundry truck,
I'm afraid I moved it
to make room for your van.
How are we going to get down?
Let me see, what would Batman do?
I know!
(device beeping)
Jeepers, Fred!
(sniffs) Oh.
It's air freshener.
I'll get the ladder.
-(Giganta's heavy footsteps)
-(Scooby whimpering)
Scooby-Doo, hang in there!
(both laughing)
(Giganta grunts angrily)
(laughing maniacally)
There's got to be another way out.
Like, where did these guys come from?
Hey, Superdog, like, we could use
some little help over here.
(computer distorted) Acknowl...
Like, dude, have I lost it,
or did we just magically transport to...
(computer distorted) Acknowleg...
-(Harley) Huh?
-The Daily Planet?
Oh, no, I think my life
is flashing before my eyes.
(computer distorted) ...nowle...
Like, wait a second,
what if this is all just--
Dude, I was gonna say "indigestion."
How'd you get...
"Danger. You are entering
The Justice League
holographic training simulator, AKA,
the kitchen."
Oh. Holograms?
Like, was that sign there the whole time?
-(car alarm blaring)
-Hmm. (barks)
All right, no need to shout.
Well, if these guys are just
holographic simulations,
all we have to do is reprogram the...
-(Krypto whines)
-Zoinks! It's fried! We're doomed!
(Joker laughing maniacally)
Oh, no!
You said it, Scoob!
Like, there's only one thing left to do.
(whines, barks)
(Harley chuckles)
There you are!
You're all late.
No matter!
Still plenty of time to complete
our tour of beautiful Centennial Park.
My name's Norville,
and I'll be your docent,
if you think that's decent,
anyone who doesn't
can voice their dissent.
Nobody? Good. Let's get started.
Thank you, Docent Scoobert.
Remember, folks, the t-shirts
aren't just for fashion,
they're how we keep a headcount
to ensure we end the tour
with the same number of
paying customers we start with.
But don't worry, we've never lost
more than two or three guests.
(Solomon groans)
(chuckles) Yeah, they're not all gems.
Okay, we've got our t-shirts
and we're ready to begin our walking tour
of these historic grounds
on this super sunny day, but first...
How about a cool drink of delicious,
locally-sourced sparkling mineral water?
Hold still.
Hydration, ladies and gentlemen,
it's good for the soul and for the skin!
You'll all thank us tomorrow,
especially that pale, handsome fella
with the million-dollar smile.
(Harley laughs)
He's talking about you.
Now if you'll follow us,
we'll begin our tour with the famed
Centennial Park Sludge Pits,
just behind those trash cans over there.
We're walking, we're walking.
Yes, the views are spectacular,
please feel free to capture the memories
and don't forget to tag all your photos
with our hashtag, "CheapoTours."
Ooh! (chuckles)
Now hold on there,
let us help you find your light.
Ah, much better.
-(Solomon grunts)
(Harley and Joker scream)
Like, that ought to keep them busy,
right, Scoob, ol' buddy?
Yeah! (chuckles)
How go the repairs, Krypto, my man?
(computer) Acknowledged!
(grunts) Hmm?
Scooby! Shaggy! Are you okay?
We heard the commotion.
A holographic simulator?
See, this is the kind of attraction
I was talking about.
Money in the bank!
(computer) Identify.
I'm Lex Luthor! Does no one know?
(Shaggy) This just keeps getting better.
(chuckles nervously)
What's this?
Displaying archive.
Krypto Collar Cam,
Time Index, March 15, 1740 hours.
Security footage from a camera
housed in the guard dog's collar.
From the night
the Justice League vanished!
This could be very enlightening.
(alarm blaring)
(whines, barks)
I think he wants us to follow him.
Let's go.
Sounds like trouble all right!
(Superman grunts)
Run, boy, take cover, go!
Look man,
there's something behind the tapestry.
The phantom?
Why would a phantom
need to hide behind a tapestry?
This is a holographic recording.
Unless Krypto's camera
saw them there that night,
we won't see them here.
(sniffs, whines)
Aw, we'll find him.
Unless he has something to say about it.
-(Solomon growling)
-(both scream)
Computer, delete Solomon Grundy program.
Solomon Grundy is not running.
Yes, he is.
And, like, so are we.
Why is everybody running?
Because one of the holograms
wasn't a hologram.
(Solomon screaming)
Lex! There you are! I've been--
We're running, Mercy.
Oh, okay.
Uh, ma'am, can I help you with the bag?
No, I've got it!
There's so much in life
To make you jump out of your skin
Every year there's more to fear
Till life starts looking grim
There's no need to scramble
Nothing you can't handle
You're the best example
When you show the world
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
You're no zero
You're a hero
When you face your fear
A cemetery's ordinary
Monsters disappear
There's no need to scramble
Nothing you can't handle
You're the best example
No one holds a candle
Nothing you can't take on
When you face 'em straight on
Get that hero cape on!
It's time to show the world
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to brave!
To be brave, to be brave
(both chuckle)
(screams angrily)
(screams angrily)
There's no need to scramble
Nothing you can't handle
You're the best example
Let us show the world
What it's like to be brave
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to be brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to be brave!
To be brave, to be brave
What it's like to be brave!
To be brave, to be brave
Oh, no, he's got Scooby-Doo!
All right, no one panic.
Grundy may look like
nothing more than a mindless brute,
but, I assure you,
everyone has their price.
Why won't anyone take my money?
He's got them both! Somebody do something.
I know.
(all) Huh?
I need to have a talk
with Batman about this belt.
Grundy's vanished.
You don't think...
No, I don't.
Nope, I don't think so.
-Nope, definitely not. Dream on.
-Not a chance, man.
-(Daphne sighs)
-(Shaggy sighs)
Thank goodness, we're all safe!
(phantoms snarling)
Dude, how many of these guys are there?
This is the end.
I danced with Jimmy Olsen
one time at summer camp.
It was the big goodbye party
and no one would dance with him
and I felt bad
and it obviously meant
more to him than it did to me
and if we really only have
a few seconds left,
I couldn't live my last moments
as a fraud!
Jimmy Olsen? Huh.
Daphne, if we get out of this,
I'll understand if you want to...
(all) Huh?
They disappeared.
As mysteriously as they appeared.
They're not the only ones.
Like, the phantoms have Mercy!
Have Mercy!
She's never around when I need her.
You just can't get good help these days.
Without her messenger bag?
She's been lugging this heavy thing--
That's odd.
What is it, Velma?
It's empty.
All my stuff was in there.
What stuff?
Never you mind.
Well, whatever it was, it's gone now.
Along with your ride home.
We can drop you somewhere
when this is all over.
I do have a van.
Does it have active camouflage?
No, it's a regular van.
Well, then, what's the point?
What's the point of any of this?
Why am I trapped in here
with a bunch of kids
when I have military-grade bulldozers
outside right now,
ready to bring
this infernal building to the ground?
That's it.
What's what?
I was this close to figuring out
the solution to the mystery,
but there was one tiny piece
of the puzzle out of place.
President Luthor,
you just knocked it into place.
(cell phone ringing)
I have to take this. Excuse me.
But Velma called me "President."
Everybody heard it.
No takesies-backsies.
Where have you been?
All right, now that Lex is gone,
we can get to
the bottom of this phantom business,
and find out what happened to
the Justice League.
All we need is the perfect trap.
Say no more.
(all shrieking, groaning)
Like, seeing as Superman's counting on us,
anyone got a better idea?
I think he's trying to tell us something.
What is it, Krypto?
Yes, I got lost again!
And before anyone makes jokes,
I'll remind you,
I have a wristwatch-disintegrator.
You're very good
with science and technology,
aren't you, Luthor?
How do I put this so you'll understand?
"Golly, gee, Fred, you betcha! Jimpies!"
It's "jinkies."
Do I look like I care? Now, up, up, up.
All right, what's the plan?
Are we building a trap, or not?
My driver is missing! Look how upset I am.
Oh, there's no need for a trap.
Krypto figured it all out.
(excited bark)
The Justice League was called away
for an emergency.
That's all.
And what about the phantoms?
Swamp gas.
(grunting angrily)
Swamp gas?
That's the most
ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
And I saw Superman: The musical.
Turns out there's no real mystery here.
So they won't be able to sell you
the Hall of Justice after all.
It's safe for tourists to come back.
Mayor Fleming's on her way
with a group now.
Let's go!
I just got off the phone with Fleming.
She didn't say anything about this.
What about Mercy and Grundy?
Eh, they'll turn up.
They probably got lost. Like you.
(grunting angrily)
This makes no sense.
What about the food truck lady?
And the valet?
Their stories checked out.
Well, I would have liked
to have been consulted.
Well, golly gee, Lex,
you're not really
part of our team, are ya?
And here they are now!
The kids of Mystery Incorporated
and their pal, Krypto the Superdog!
(all cheering)
We had a deal, Fleming.
Nothing to say? (grunts)
I sure hope you're right about this.
Now let's see who the phantom really is.
Lex's driver?
You're letting her get away.
(computer) Acknowledged.
Oh, nuts!
It was a trap!
Would somebody please explain
what's going on?
(clears throat) Everyone get comfortable.
Mercedes "Mercy" Graves,
personal assistant,
driver and bodyguard to Lex Luthor--
I already know all that.
But do you also know
just how tired I am of being all of that?
Of carting your ungrateful rear end
from this board meeting
to that red carpet charity mixer?
Can you just put me down
for two minutes while I do this part?
Thank you.
Where was I?
Ah, yes.
Do you know how it feels to, every night,
see the flashbulbs light up for you, Lex,
then immediately go dark for me?
That was paparazzi
you were supposed to keep away from me!
I wanted them to see me, Lex.
Not just as the chauffeur
of the man who started,
and then dissolved, The Legion of Doom!
That was purely a business decision.
Somewhere, Lex Luthor,
between the Legion of Doom
and the White House,
you lost your edge.
Ha! (scoffs)
Look at you.
Paying back the Justice League
for a few bags of chips?
How did you know about that?
I see everything, Lex.
Which is how I knew
which of our LexCorp-run military
storage facilities the Mayor sent this to!
The Phantom Zone Projector.
With it, I could do something
Lex Luthor never could.
Step one, make
the Justice League disappear!
Step two, move into
their precious Hall of Justice
and convert it into
a new supervillain headquarters!
Run by me, and with free snacks.
Like, where do we sign up?
Guys, supervillains?
Daphne, snacks!
Yoink! A passable plan,
but then the tour groups started coming.
Mercy knew she'd never
have the place to herself,
so she used the projector on a low setting
to create an illusion of phantoms
haunting the old, abandoned
Hall of Justice.
Which terrified the tourists
and sent them running.
Every time Mercy brought you to the Hall
for your meetings with Mayor Fleming,
she'd sneak away and hide,
then turn on the phantom projector
and scare people off.
But what about
when Solomon Grundy got hold of the dogs?
When she thought the dogs were in danger,
she used the projector on Grundy,
sending him into the Phantom Zone,
thus saving Scooby and Krypto!
Wouldn't have figured that out
if you hadn't accidentally left
your empty messenger bag at the scene,
the same bag you've been
hauling this baby around in for months.
So if the projector sent Grundy
to the Phantom Zone,
then that means...
The "illusion" of the phantoms
wasn't just an illusion.
It was the Justice League
trying to break out of the Phantom Zone
where Mercy imprisoned them.
And that means we can bring them back.
Everybody step back!
What are you doing, Luthor?
What I've been planning all along.
And I'm really, really good at it.
Did you think I, Lex Luthor,
hadn't figured out the solution
to this mystery months ago?
What are you saying, Lex?
I'm saying, "Well done, Mercy."
I'm saying I'm proud of your ingenuity,
if not your treachery.
That's right!
I've been two steps ahead of you
from the beginning!
Which is, frankly, very on-brand for me.
But I let you have your fun
as long as it got the Mayor
to sell me this land.
Which she agreed to do earlier,
on the phone,
when you were busy setting this
admittedly brilliant trap.
It was Krypto's plan.
Diabolical. Any chance
you'll switch sides and work for me?
(growling angrily)
Superman said the same thing.
Land, kids.
When I was six years old,
my father said to me--
Uh, "Get out"?
-(Scooby chuckles)
-(sarcastically) Ha-ha.
Before that, he said,
"Son, stocks may rise and fall,
utilities and transportation systems
may collapse.
People are no dang good,
but they will always need land,
and they'll pay through the nose
to get it!
-Remember, my father said--
Rat's right. Rand.
I mean, land!
This land, the former Hall of Justice
and site of the future
tallest building in the world,
the all new LexCorp Tower.
Jimpies! This room needs windows.
(computer) Acknowledged.
Much better.
-Thank you.
-Don't mention it.
(Mercy) Bulldozers?
See, this is my point, Lex.
You're not having evil fun anymore.
Oh, no?
Robot Demolition Squad?
(Lex) Kryptonite powered.
And I have no intention
of paying anyone for those Chipzees.
Oh, Lex, you're back!
Baby, I never left.
Get off, you mangy mutt.
Initiate defense sequence.
Rex Ruthor's a robot.
We have to get that projector
away from Lex.
Where's Freddy?
He left the Utility Belt.
(Lex laughing maniacally)
Shaggy! Scooby!
(Krypto yelps)
(whining, straining)
Oh, no. A Kryptonite heart!
Wow, Daphne. You'd make
a pretty good Wonder Woman.
I prefer Batman.
You're more of a Wonder Woman.
I wish.
It's Fred.
Is that an invisible tank?
If not, it's got
a lot of firepower for a trolley.
Oh, hey. Don't yell into
the invisible headset, J.B.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
I just never knew I could
love my job this much!
Me neither.
(both whimpering)
Never ever let anybody say
I don't protect my customers!
Dude, this is one heck of a food truck.
Say, Scoob, is that making you
as hungry as it is me?
Not now, Shaggy. But, yes.
I see you're still weak
from the Kryptonite.
I know that look.
Ow! Ow! Ow!
(tires screeching)
They just keep coming!
-(Fred) Here.
Then we'll keep fighting.
I've gotta have something here
that can help.
We do.
Fetch, boy!
That's it, Rexie. Fetch!
Fetch for me.
Go, Krypto!
Go, Rex!
Oh, no! Rex's Kryptonite heart!
-(all cheering)
-What? How?
Maybe the only thing
stronger than a Kryptonite heart...
is a Kryptonian one.
(groans, sighs)
You're fired.
Krypto. All right.
Krypto! Oh, yes!
Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?
Only one thing left to do.
(Superman) Good boy.
(all cheering)
Lex Luthor, what have you done now?
Well, League, it looks like we've got
another villainous scheme on our hands.
Well, gang, another mystery solved.
Nice work.
You kids just took down former President
and current dirtbag, Lex Luthor.
And, like, don't forget
dirtbag-in training, Mercy Graves!
Can I get a quote?
It was the perfect plan.
And I would have gotten away with it, too,
if it weren't for these meddling kids!
And the dogs.
Write that down.
Hey, what about Solomon Grundy?
Wasn't he part of the Legion of Doom?
Shouldn't he be handcuffed, too?
I don't think Grundy's part in all of this
had anything to do with
doom and destruction.
He was just trying to make a new friend.
Solomon Grundy pet you on Monday,
pet you on Tuesday,
-pet you on a Wednesday...
-Shaggy, help!
-(Solomon chuckles)
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, everybody back in line.
Hey. No cutting. No cutting.
Sorry, Scooby. Business is up
and Shaggy and I got an arrangement.
Like, dude, one for you, two for me.
So, Daphne, now that this is all over...
Oh, Jimmy.
I'm sorry, but I only want to be friends.
That's just what I was gonna say.
Honestly, I feel like
you've been holding me back.
Wait, you're breaking up with me?
We weren't even--
There, there, Daphne, let it all out.
Freddy's here.
Well, you did a great job, kids.
-You'd all make terrific reporters.
Clark? Where have you been?
Just got back from a top-secret
overseas assignment, Jimmy.
I sure hope I didn't miss
anything exciting.
What are you talking about?
You were just here--
I mean, uh, (clears throat) yeah.
Whatever you say, Clark.
My glasses.
I can't see a thing without my glasses.
Phew! Thanks, pal.
(friendly bark)
Ooh! Thanks.
(theme music playing)