Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost (2019) Movie Script

Here! The chest.
Now, Vincent.
Get ready,
we've almost got him.
Now! Do it now.
Vincent, we did it.
Mortifer, did...
did we...
Yes. We got him.
That's all 13.
It's done.
"Done"? Hardly.
Evil's minions
will stop at nothing
to open this chest
and release once more the plague
of their 13 masters upon our realm.
- We have a duty, Mortifer.
- Of course.
We need to split up if we're
going to have a chance.
- Give me the chest.
- No, it's too dangerous.
- I won't let you.
- Then run. I'll distract them.
Go! There's no time.
Oh, no! No!
Once upon
a demon chest
Where evil spirits manifest
The best of friends
began a quest
And set out like
a thing possessed
In every corner of the land
With a kid named Flim Flam
and a van
And steely hearts
at their command
They faced their fears
and made their stand
They thwarted
evil Maldor's thirst
And broke
the shadow demon's curse
And off
to Marrakesh traversed
To rendezvous
with something worse
From witches
quoting magic rhyme
To speeding up
the sands of time
Into Demondo's
comic crime
They fought
and caught the demon Slime
Phantazmo, Rankor, Zimbulu
Do these sound like
good guys to you?
Well, thanks to our
intrepid crew,
Into the chest
they each withdrew
But now their hunt
is nearly through
Their final mystery, pursue
And capture
one last bugaboo
The 13th ghost
of Scooby-Doo.
There he is!
- Hey! Watch it!
- What are you doing, Fred?
He's getting away!
Daphne, you should never
run on a moving escalator.
- Safety first.
- Can we at least walk?
Um, better not chance it.
Now, what?
Relax, everybody.
The real trick of leadership is
seeing the whole situation from above.
Like the very top of,
say, uh...
a human pyramid.
That's how you get the best out of
your team and plan your next move.
You see?
Great work, Scooby.
Come on, gang!
All right, we're right behind ya!
Oh, yeah.
We got him.
- Follow me.
- Um...
Shouldn't we booby-trap the
doorway in case he tries to escape?
Daphne, I think I know when and
when not to booby-trap a doorway.
Let's go.
- Uh-oh.
- Zoinks!
Now let's see who old
Farmer Morgan really is.
- That's odd.
- Let me try.
Ow! Stop that! That's my face!
Looks like this ghost went a
little heavy on the spirit gum.
I don't understand. If it's not
a mask, then that means he's...
the real Farmer Morgan.
That doesn't make sense.
Farmer Morgan is selling
the mall half his farmland
for their big expansion.
If it goes out of business,
he'll lose millions.
So, like, why does he want
to shut this place down?
He doesn't.
Morgan didn't stage
the mall haunting.
Mrs. Malvo, the owner did.
And I would've gotten away
with it, too,
if you'd left the meddling
to these kids.
But then why
was he running?
I'm afraid of teenagers.
Hold the phone.
You mean...
we were wrong?
The term is
"criminally negligent."
How many times do I have
to tell you kids?
is a tough business.
Even for the pros.
There's no room
for mistakes.
You're almost 18.
After that, if somebody like
Morgan presses harassment charges,
you're looking
at prison time.
Like, gulp!
But this business is too
dangerous for slip-ups.
- Case in point.
- Huh?
She's getting away!
It's over, kids.
From now on, there's only one
mystery-solving crime stopper in this town.
And he wears
a badge.
Also this cool hat.
Let me be
absolutely clear.
If I see you driving that Mystery
Machine of yours one more mile,
I'm putting you away.
Also, we do have
a leash law in this town,
so, you know. Thanks.
I don't understand why we
have to unload everything.
I can't believe I just sold
the Mystery Machine.
Freddie, no one said
it would be easy to retire.
It sure looks easy
for those two.
This is
the life, Scoob.
No more mysteries,
no more ghosts,
and no more year-round
fancy attire.
Hey, I like your style.
Thank you.
This just doesn't
feel right.
I love my Mystery Machine.
I feel like I just sold
part of myself.
I know how you feel, Daphne.
But it's not like
we have a choice.
Besides, it's already done.
We've already closed
all our cases
and have absolutely
no unfinished business.
- None whatsoever.
- Eureka!
How much for
the crystal ball?
We have a crystal ball?
Um, I don't think...
Like, put that thing away!
Oh, man.
I know that glow.
Shaggy? Shaggy, is that you?
Did that thing just...
Kids, I've been trying to reach
you on this thing for months.
Daphne, Shaggy,
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
We're here.
What's up, Vincent?
- "Vincent"?
- I think he prefers "Mr. Van Ghoul."
No, "Vincent" is fine.
Listen, I found him.
Or rather he's found me.
Oh, no.
- You mean...
- The 13th and final ghost.
You must come at once
to catch him,
so we can seal
the chest of demons forever.
Hurry, I can't hold
him off any long...
Like, I guess we've got some
unfinished business after all.
Who is Vincent Van Ghoul?
What's a chest
of demons?
And will you take
a personal check?
- No!
- All right, it's just a question.
Daphne, are you gonna tell
us what's going on here?
We said we'd never
talk about this.
We have no choice.
Vincent's in trouble
and it's all our fault.
"Our fault"?
Listen, something happened.
That summer you were
both away at camp.
- Real ghosts?
- Don't be silly.
Ah-ha, there it is.
Ugh, how did I ever think
this was practical?
This is insane.
I can't believe you
never told us about this.
The whole experience
really traumatized Scooby.
He almost had
a nervous breakdown.
So we decided,
never to bring it up again.
But you said
there were 13 ghosts,
and you only
caught 12.
Didn't you think with one
still on the loose
that it might come up
again someday?
Listen, if you're worried
about Scooby, don't be.
He's conquered
his demons.
Twelve of them, at least.
What do you think?
Whoa. Who are you?
What are you two wearing?
Not nearly enough.
Relax, boys. We've
handled 12 of these.
Will one more kill us?
Like, dude, that's
the question, isn't it?
Well, we'd love
to help you, Daph,
but I just sold
the Mystery Machine, so...
Don't worry.
I've got it covered.
You have a van, too?
It's not a van.
It's a strategic, all-terrain
mobile command unit.
- It looks like a van.
- It was a van,
then Vincent had
a few upgrades installed.
Don't worry, Freddie, there can
be only one Mystery Machine.
What does it stand for then?
Let me guess.
"the Miss-tery Machine"?
Um, no, but that's way better.
Let's call it that.
Okay, whatever, everybody
hop in and, uh...
Oh, wait, wait.
This is a stick.
I can't drive
a stick.
Everybody in.
We're burning daylight.
Grand tome? Please, it's barely 800
pages and most of it's the index.
- Velma.
- What do you want me to say?
It's full of nonsense like, "The
chest of demons can only be opened
"by the living."
- That's true.
- Of course, it's true.
Because the dead
don't open things.
They don't do anything.
They're dead!
Anything about
the 13th ghost?
Well, according
to what you've told me,
the one that got away
is Asmodeus. King of demons.
The most powerful
of all evil spirits.
Oh, man, like we should've
gotten rid of that crystal ball
when we had the chance.
Oh, it's just an old story.
- What the...
- There's no such thing as ghosts.
You think we were born cowards?
the reason we're always on
edge around ghouls and goblins,
even fake ones, is that
we've seen and fought 12
of the real thing.
Hang on, gang.
What's going on?
Whoa, what's happening?
I thought someone was
tailing us, but I guess...
I... I hope
he's got insurance.
- Insurance follows the driver, right?
- Yes!
Well, then we've
got a problem.
Shaggy, Scooby, pull it together
and deploy countermeasures.
Here goes nothing.
It shoots oil slicks?
Take that.
That ought to keep
him busy.
It has a smoke screen?
Somebody really doesn't
want us on the road.
Well, why didn't
they just say so?
That's a pretty
sharp turn back there, Daph.
Maybe you should slow down.
You know, safety...
That was awesome!
This will be
faster anyway.
Vincent lives here?
Only during winter.
He's a snowbird.
More like a snow bat.
That's odd. The door's open.
Come on, gang, let's...
Let's follow Daphne inside.
- No way.
- I'm with you, Scooby-Doo.
Like, no way are we stepping
through those doors.
Okay... Say, guys.
- Would you do it for a couple of...
- Ahem.
One. You start with one
and then we haggle.
Where did you two
learn to haggle?
Flim Flam, of course.
- Flim Flam?
- The little huckster who used to travel around
catching ghosts
with us?
About 3'6"? Sold us all
those bottles of snake oil
we unloaded
at the garage sale?
We never mentioned
Flim Flam?
Vincent Van Ghoul?
The chest of demons?
The Miss-tery Machine?
And now a whole
other member of the gang?
There's a lot
you never mentioned.
Excuse me,
I believe we were haggling?
Look, I'm gonna say
one Scooby Snack,
you're gonna say three and
then we settle on two, okay?
Let's just cut
to the chase.
Like, easiest
negotiation ever.
- Thanks, Daphne.
- Uh, I'm Fred. Not Daphne.
This place
gives me the creeps.
I thought you didn't
believe in creeps.
I'm starting to believe
in a couple.
The place looks deserted.
If Vincent took off, maybe he left
a clue as to where he's headed.
Let's split up.
Scoob and I will check the pantry,
the kitchens, and the snackatorium.
- "The snackatorium"?
- Like, I'm sure that's a thing.
Where's your sense
of discovery?
You better keep an eye
on Lewis and Bark over there.
Got it.
What's that?
That's strange.
I wonder...
What do you think
it means?
They work like phones.
Vincent called us
on this crystal ball
which means he was calling
from another crystal ball.
So maybe...
It's a homing beacon.
The two crystal balls
are connected somehow.
- So...
- All we have to do is follow the glow,
and we'll find Vincent.
Fingers crossed.
Come on.
- Oops, sorry.
- Oh! Sorry. My fault.
- No, you first.
- My fault.
Go ahead, I'll follow you.
Like this sure beats searching
the dungeons.
Right, Scoob ol' buddy?
Yep, as I suspected.
This pulley system must run
throughout the entire castle.
All right, Miss Skeptic.
But that doesn't
explain the howling wind.
Oh, hey, see if you can find some
soup in there, would you, Scoob?
What is it? Low sodium?
Like there's nothing to get upset about.
We can always add salt.
Oh, just bring it here.
Like, hey!
Would you two
knock it off?
We're supposed
to be looking for clues.
Velma, no!
Guys, I found
the howling wind.
It's just a recording played on
a network of hidden speakers.
I knew something was up
as soon as we arrived.
Stop fooling around,
you two.
We need to find out
what the speaker leads to.
I don't get it.
We were led here, but I don't
see Vincent or his crystal ball.
It's a dead end.
There's always a way out, Daph.
You just have to look for it.
Hand me your flashlight.
Ugh, I left it in the van.
Aha, there you go.
You said it. It is a van.
Of course, it's a van.
I just didn't want you to feel
like I was moving in on your turf.
Which I am.
Look, I've been through all
this already when you were away.
I know how to "see the
whole situation from above,"
and "how to plan
the next move." I'm fine.
Well, I'm not. I mean, there
must be something I can do.
Don't do anything.
But, Daphne, I only want to...
No, I mean, don't move.
I think I see something.
A secret passageway.
We're back in business.
Come on.
Once Scooby has
the scent,
he'll lead us to
the source of the...
Like I don't need
it Fredsplained to me, Velma.
I'm in. Let's go.
All right, Scooby.
Got the scent?
Like, just let me know... Yikes!
Keep it up, Scooby!
Let me down, Scooby!
- Like, what is it?
- Just a false alarm.
Scooby, it's only a couple of...
Well, I'm stumped. This
one really is a dead end.
Maybe we should
head back upstairs.
No, the ball led us here.
This is where
we're supposed to be.
It's probably obvious.
I bet it's about
to hit us right over the head.
Did you hear...
Like, mind if we drop in?
We've looked everywhere, and
there's no sign of Vincent
and no clue as to
where he might've gone.
- What is it, Scooby?
- Vincent. Vincent!
Help me get the lid off.
Oh, Daphne, Shaggy,
thank ghoulness it's you.
Hello, Vincent.
And Scooby-Doo,
oh, how I've missed you all.
these last few weeks.
It's Asmodeus.
Like, we know.
We read all about him
on the way here.
No, I mean, there
in the shadows.
Now, kids,
open the chest of demons.
Yes, the chest.
Bring me the chest.
You don't
have to tell me twice.
Like, where is it?
- Didn't you bring it with you?
- We thought you had it.
No, I left it with you.
And I mailed it back to you
when school started.
- Where did you send it?
- Your real house.
In the Himalayas.
That wasn't my house!
It was an AirBoo 'N Boo!
Give it to me!
It's not here. If you want it, you're
gonna have to go find it yourself.
Where did he go?
To find the chest.
As long as he holds it,
it can't hold him.
We must find it
before he does.
It's all my fault.
Through here.
King Solomon's private vault.
The chest of demons.
I think I hit something.
One of the most important
archaeological discoveries in history.
Vincent, we are going
to be famous.
No, it's too dangerous.
The chest exists.
The demon chest in which
Solomon trapped the 13 ghosts
that plagued
the ancient world.
The evil contained in this box
was never meant to be released.
Vincent, what's wrong?
The lock.
The crowbar must've...
So, what happened?
Mortifer and I tracked down and
trapped all 13 of the ghosts
in the chest of demons.
And that's where
they remained.
Until these two
let them out.
Well, at least, we've caught
12 of the ghosts.
Who did they turn
out to be?
Crooked real estate agents?
Disinherited step-children?
Vengeful lighthouse keepers?
Velma, we keep telling you.
They are real ghosts.
- Uh-huh.
- And one is still on the loose.
The 13th and most powerful.
How I had hoped he'd vanish
from this realm for good.
I faced him once
before, of course,
but Mortifer
was by my side then.
Whatever happened
to Mortifer?
We said we would protect
the chest with our lives.
And that's what he did,
brave soul.
He paid for
my foolishness then
just as you're
paying for it now.
Like, speaking of paying.
I hope this portrait
was cheap.
It doesn't look anything like you.
Well, sticking around here
jabbering would be a grave mistake.
We have to get to the Himalayas
before Asmodeus finds the chest.
But how?
Uh, cranapple, please.
Peanuts or cookies?
Uh, one of each?
Oh, my.
This sure is a neat jet,
Mr. Van Ghoul.
Thank you, Fred.
You'd think I paid
dearly for it.
But you'd be wrong.
Dead wrong.
See, Daphne? I don't
mind being chauffeured.
As long as it's a highly-skilled
professional at the wheel.
Uh-huh. Say, have you
met the pilot yet?
You should introduce
Don't mind if I do.
Like, come on in.
It's "Captain Rogers"
up here, young man.
Not for vanity, but because
when you got 10 tons of steel
and the lives of every
passenger in your hands,
it's best to think of
yourself as the office,
not the man.
Also, a little bit
for vanity.
Uh, Stewardess?
That's "flight attendant."
Whatever you say,
One thing's bugging me,
Castle Van Ghoul...
The rigged shutters?
The recorded howling?
- That's right! Was that...
- My security system.
Keeps everyone away.
I knew it! Not that
it wasn't convincing.
- But ghosts aren't real.
- I wish that were true.
But fear not, Velma,
before we are finished,
I promise you will change your
mind about ghosts and goblins.
Pshht, hello,
like, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Captain Rogers.
We are now entering
Himalayan airspace.
If you look out to the
right side of the plane,
you'll see a ratty old
haunted temple.
Funny, I don't remember
seeing that courtyard
the first time
we flew in here.
Of course, we were a little
busy crash-landing at the time.
Nope. Hang on. I got it.
This time. Oh!
Ah, drat.
Hang on, I got it,
I got it this time. Drat.
Daphne, my Air Boo n' Boo host
just scream-mailed me back
on my DiePhone.
The package from Shaggy was never
delivered by the ghostal service.
What? One too many puns?
Three too many.
Maybe four.
Where is everybody?
It's a supernatural
capital of the world.
News reports say the whole
village has been evacuated
due to demon infestation.
Hey, don't we know
that guy?
He's the 13th ghost. You
just met him at my castle.
No, not him. Him!
I like his style.
That's it. He was at
our garage sale.
He was there.
Oh, yeah, Bernie Alan.
I still have the check
he bounced.
And he's here now?
That's quite a coincidence.
In my experience, Vincent,
there is no such thing.
My opera glasses.
We better keep a close eye
on this Bernie Alan guy.
But not too close,
okay, gang?
We've got a runner. Looks like
he's headed for the temple.
Vincent, you, me, and the boys
are going to follow that tourist.
Velma, Fred, take
the Miss-tery Machine
into town to look
for Shaggy's...
Scare package.
It's possible the post office
has been holding on to it.
But of course,
the dead letter office.
Mail goes in,
but it never comes out.
Sorry, force of havoc.
Eh, habit.
Just like the rest
of the village.
Looks like Asmodeus
got here first.
Come on.
We laughed at Vincent,
but he was right.
This place is creepy.
The sooner we find Shaggy's
box, the sooner we can leave.
He looks lost.
I don't fully understand
what we're doing.
Is this all because
of a bounced check?
No, no, you said it yourself.
It's a pretty strange coincidence
this guy showed up here.
I think he knows
something we don't.
Why don't we just
ask him?
Like, the man's a notorious
check bouncer.
We'd never get the truth.
Hey, that's right.
Vincent old buddy,
why don't you cast the
truth-telling spell on him?
That ought to
get us some answers.
Right, of course, um...
Let me see.
Did you hear something?
Oh, like, that's just
Scooby's stomach.
He hasn't eaten anything
in over seven minutes.
No, I believe
I heard it, too.
It came from down
the road.
Oh, no, he's gone.
Come on. We've got to...
Excuse me.
No, Scoob, I think
Daphne's right.
It wasn't you! It... It was...
You've gotta be kidding me.
- Like, run!
- Wait.
This is crazy. First the guy
from our garage sale shows up.
Now the car that tried to run us off
the road on our way to find Vincent?
What's the connection?
And then there's
the bigger question.
What's that?
Why isn't it
coming for us right now?
Oh, no.
All that motor revving...
He was starting an...
Say, Daph,
now can we...
Oh, my...
I don't think we'll ever finish
checking all these labels.
Hey, come on. Don't give up, Velma.
You can do it.
Velma, Velma, Velma!
- She's the one who...
- Why are you doing that?
You're right.
I don't know what
my role is anymore.
Huh? Huh.
- Okay, that was weird.
- I'll go check it out.
Wait, it feels like a trap.
Oh, Velma.
I think I would know
if I was walking...
What's going on here?
What's going on here is that I'm
asking the questions, trespasser.
Fine, but first I have
a few questions for you.
Oh, okay, shoot.
Not sure why you didn't just
check the package registry first.
Seems more efficient,
but what do I know?
According to this, Shaggy's
package was being held here
until this morning.
This morning?
I can't believe we missed it.
We'll just have to keep looking
for the chest of demons.
Wait, wait, wait.
Chest of demons?
Well, why didn't you say so?
Come with me!
I'm getting too old for this!
Well, the good news is that
we made it to the temple.
Like, I think I already know
the bad news.
Looks like those winters at
my uncle's cabin in Aspen
are finally gonna pay off.
Everybody on.
Tree, tree, tree.
Vincent, now would
be the perfect time
for a door-opening spell.
Kids, there's something I...
Come on, Vincent,
like, "Open sesame!"
Hurry, before it's too...
You want your chest of demons?
All right.
Prepare to enter
the realm of darkness.
Can we just
go in? I'm freezing.
Is that the chest
of demons?
- Sure looks like it.
- Well, thank goodness, it's still closed.
Oh, Fred, you're not starting to
believe that nonsense, are you?
Velma, what are you doing?
Fred, it's just a box.
Just an empty old...
Are you insane? It's...
Double-lined with a vacuum seal
to keep your cold stuff cold
and your hot stuff hot.
It's a cooler?
Of course, it is.
Just a plain old cooler.
Oh, well, if you're looking
for something fancier,
we've got it all.
Chest of Demons coolers,
Chest of Demons lunchboxes,
phone chargers,
you name it, we got it.
And it's all celebrating the
relic that made this village
the tourism capital
of the Himalayas.
At prices so low,
it's demonic.
Come on, Fred.
Uh, I can probably cut
you a deal if you buy four.
Or three?
- Two.
- Have you ever actually sold one?
Once, a long time ago.
Sorry, but we're looking
for the real chest of demons.
The real one? You
mean up at the temple?
At least, it used to be there. No,
you wouldn't want to go to that place.
Trust me.
- Why not?
- Uh, you're not ghost hunters, are you?
In fact, we are.
Now say you've got
trouble with a capital like the one in "tormented"
and "terrified"
and "truly trick-or-treatify."
- Huh?
- I'm talking about ghosts.
I'm talking about goblins,
ghouls, and beasts galore.
To fight off fiends,
and freaks, and more,
you need a monster
weapons store.
A laser-guided harpoon gun
will take down that leviathan.
This silver-bullet cannon, yes, for
stopping werewolves with success.
A garlic bomb applied with speed
will vex a vampire guaranteed.
So, monster hunters,
come on down,
you'll soon be saying that you found
the lowest rental rates around.
Here at Benny's Monster Town!
I'm guessing you haven't
seen our commercial?
Nope, but, man,
you got some terrific rhymes.
Well, with all the superstitious
tourists coming through here,
I'll bet you do
quite a business.
What can I say?
Fighting the undead,
it's a living.
Whoa, neat.
Give her a test run.
- You can drive stick, right?
- Of cou...
Just kidding.
It practically drives itself.
Now, what can I
interest you in?
Nothing, I don't believe
in ghosts.
What do you believe in?
Just because science
can't explain ghosts yet,
doesn't make them
any less real.
Nah, nice try.
You're a good salesman,
but not that good.
We believe in facts,
not fantasy.
Right, Fred?
- I said we're leaving.
- Whoa, hey, hey, hey.
Listen, it's really dangerous
out there after dark.
Thank you!
Can you believe
that guy?
Whew, I know,
what talent.
And between the souvenir
shop and the monster store,
he's got two jobs.
I don't even have
one anymore.
What are you
talking about?
Daphne's the leader.
Shaggy's the pilot.
Scooby digs up clues
and serves cold drinks.
And you're
the resident skeptic.
What do I do?
You saw me on that scooter.
I... I can't even do
background hijinks right.
Well, at least, you're honest.
Unlike that salesman
back there.
Selling the same stories about
things lurking in the dark
trying to nab us.
Let me tell you, if something
was trying to nab us,
I'm pretty sure we'd...
Velma? Velma?
that was "snow" picnic.
Why does
it smell like wet... Oh.
Like, relax,
we're still alive.
Are you sure, Shaggy?
How very lucky
the door gave way.
We could've been crushed.
We're completely
sealed in.
And, dude, how are we
supposed to get out of here?
I have an idea,
follow me and watch out.
Places like this are always
filled with booby traps.
I don't suppose
anyone has a rope?
Looks like we have
to find another way out.
Like, come on, Vincent. Don't you
have a spell that can make us fly?
Oh, kids,
I'm so sorry, I...
Are you seeing
what I'm seeing?
So somebody left a candle burning.
Big deal.
"Candle"? Who lit
that candle?
I'll give you
three guesses.
I'll give you one.
What is it?
It's the chest of demons.
Like, Asmodeus has it.
Ow, my hip.
And he's getting away.
No, he's not.
Come on, gang!
I'm gonna miss this.
The intuition calls you
Like a demon in the night
The premonition telling you
Be ready for the fight
Lurking in the darkness
Just waiting to surprise
Fighting for your life
or fighting to survive
in your mind
Saying that
you're running out of time
in your mind
It's superstition
Scared and on the run now
Past the point of no return
You hope that
all these shadows
Closing in
still let 'em lurk
That when you hide
Your terror only grows
Building up inside until
you feel it's all you know
in your mind
Saying that
you're running out of time
in your mind
It's Scoobystition
Watch out
for superstition
Look out
for Scoobystition
Watch out
for superstition
Look out
for Scoobystition
Watch out
for superstition
Look out
for Scoobystition
Watch out
for superstition
Look out
for Scoobystition
Like, namaste.
You're just in time for the
complimentary hour of guided meditation,
Let me relieve you
of your burden.
Oh-ho! Okay, so you're
not yet ready to part
with those earthly possessions.
No problemo.
Don't mind Brother Scoobert, he's
observing the last year of a ten-year vow
of silence.
- I am?
- Well, he was.
Better restart that clock,
buddy, old pal.
All right, first you'll need to
pretzel your legs like a lotus.
And no, I don't know what a lotus is.
But who doesn't
love a good pretzel?
Am I right?
Man, I love pretzels.
Now, you'll need to free
up your hands for this bit.
So, Brother Scoobert,
if you wouldn't mind.
Now, is that any way
to achieve inner peace?
Speaking of peace,
it's time for your mantra.
Like... Om.
Om, oh, my gosh.
We haven't got you a robe!
What are you,
a size six?
Seven and a half.
Seven and three-quarters.
- Thirteen!
- Thirteen? Zoinks!
You're a big one, dude.
Ahem, now slip your arms
through the sleeves.
Namaste! Namaste!
Namaste as far away
from you as possible-ay!
Hmm? Ow, my tailbone.
You got the chest!
That would chain him, right?
But the darkness is right on our
heels, if you know what I mean.
We've got to get
out of here.
Scooby, start digging.
Yeah, you got it.
Like, it's all iced over.
What we need right now is a good
old-fashioned snow-melting spell.
I've tried to tell you.
Ever since Asmodeus showed up,
I haven't been able to cast
a single successful spell.
I'm having wizard's block.
Give me that chest!
You have to try, Vincent.
It's our only chance.
Spirits of the Scorpio, reveal your power.
Let it flow into this realm
with heated glow and melt
this blasted icy snow.
What's wrong, old man?
No powers?
What... What happened?
Like, it worked.
You got us out, Vincent.
- Vincent!
- Daphne, you're safe.
It worked.
How'd you do it?
If I told you how
the trick was done,
it would no longer
be magic.
But if you destroyed your ball,
how are you broadcasting now?
I always carry
a spare.
Listen, I don't have
much time.
I'm just calling
to say goodbye.
Yes, Scooby.
You kids need to run.
This is between Asmodeus and me
now as it should always have been.
No, Vincent. We're a team.
We can't...
I must. I'm sorry I
brought you all into this.
Do not fear.
I have the chest.
For now.
There's still time for you to get away.
Take the plane.
Save yourselves!
No. Vincent...
What on earth?
Hi, guys,
mind if we drop in?
- What happened?
- Something...
Like, where are your glasses?
I don't need them.
I see everything clearly now.
Yes, everything.
I think Velma just had her
first real ghost encounter.
I think
she's still having it.
Say, where's Vincent?
He's in the temple with Asmodeus
and the chest of demons.
Well, then let's...
No, Fred, it's over.
The doors and windows
are frozen shut.
By the time we make it in, the
chest will already be open.
the sheriff was right.
We're out of our depth.
Because of some frozen doors?
Come on! We've fought
harder things than this.
No. Daphne's
on to something.
I mean, what's the point?
Ghosts exist.
And they're about
to take over the Earth.
There's nothing
we can do about it.
Yeah, like, we're pretty good
against guys in rubber masks,
but when the monsters
are real...
We're just not equipped.
Aw, Scooby, don't cry.
Actually, Fred,
those are tears of joy.
You took the Scooby Snacks with you and
we haven't seen you in, like, hours.
It's true.
It's all true.
Oh, Freddie.
Like, boo? Boo-hoo?
Just take 'em.
Oh, uh, and here
are your keys.
You keep them.
I don't know what made me think I was cut
out to be a leader in the first place.
Okay, that's it.
That is it!
I've had enough of everybody
feeling sorry for themselves.
So you're
a little hungry, right?
If you want your situation
to change,
you have to take action.
- Here.
- A snow burger?
Like, wow.
So you were wrong
about ghosts.
They're real
and out to conquer the world.
Are you just
gonna let them?
No. No, I'm not.
- As for you...
- Don't bother.
Look at yourself right now, leading
your friends back from the cliff's edge.
You were born for this.
You're heroic, and kind,
and above all, honest.
Oh, really,
is that what you think?
Well, then, it's time you
knew the truth, all of you.
I lied!
Last summer, I went
to cheerleading camp.
Oh, that makes sense.
You think I'm some
kind of leader, Daph?
Well, you're
only half right.
I'm a cheerleader.
I've been down in the dumps,
because I thought
everyone had a job but me.
But now I know
what my job is.
What it's always been.
I'm the one who believes
with all his heart
in the rest of you.
What is going on?
Daphne Blake,
for goodness' sake,
it's time for a decision.
Hit the brake or undertake
a plan with great precision.
Like, wow, his day
has really taken a turn.
So, everybody,
rise and shine.
Get on your feet
and get in line.
Let's bust a move,
and bust a rhyme,
and catch some ghosts.
It's busting time!
What'll it be, Daph, are
you gonna rally your troops
and take this demon
out to lunch?
Or are we just going
to call it quits?
Fred, I can't...
Daph, you're the one
who drives stick.
You're the one
with the plan,
who always sees everything
from above,
and knows exactly what
the next move should be.
"From above."
Okay, gang.
We're going to the airport.
Yay! Oh.
This clutch.
I can't...
What are you looking for?
My spare glasses.
I'm pretty sure
I left a pair in the van.
Oh, here they are.
Oh, yeah.
This clutch! Every time!
I can't...
Get it to make...
Oh, uh, that's
not the clutch.
You mean, this is not the...
It's the emergency brake.
That pedal over there
is the clutch.
Not a word about this
to Daphne.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm.
You can really taste
the demons.
Ah-ha! I had a feeling
you'd be back.
You know what? I was a lot happier
before I believed in ghosts.
Oh, what changed
your mind?
Doesn't matter.
What does matter
is that right now,
up in that temple,
somebody's about to release 13
of the most terrifying ghosts
upon the face of the Earth.
So, we'll need
one of everything.
Wow, okay, um...
let me just
have your... Ah...
Uh, no, right, of course,
time is of the essence
if you're gonna... Wait.
Did you say "13 ghosts"?
Pshht, like,
we're 5,000 feet, open her up.
Like, the autopilot's
'cause it's engaged.
cockpit humor for ya.
But seriously,
I don't think I can jump!
That's okay.
I'm going to push you.
- Oh?
- Like... No!
They did it.
Now let's hope they can
stall Asmodeus long enough
for us to get there
with all this hunting gear.
And stall Asmodeus long enough for us
to get there with all this hunting gear.
- I just said that.
- Huh? Oh, sorry.
I said,
"And stall Asmodeus
"long enough for us to get there
with all this hunting gear."
Forget it! And don't
touch anything back there.
You think we really
should've brought him?
He's the only one who knows
how to use all this crazy junk,
so, yes.
Looks like we've got a bogey
at 12 o'clock.
How do you...
This guy.
- You know him?
- Not really a him,
so much as an it.
Here it comes.
Everybody, hang on.
- Don't look!
- I'm not!
- Not you.
- Yak, Yak, Yak.
- Who asked you?
- No! Look out!
He's gaining on us.
Go left! Go left!
We can't drive on that.
Trust me.
That was amazing.
You ain't seen
nothing yet.
And the piece
de resistance.
Whoa, that was incredible.
How'd you know
how to do all that?
Well, it's not my first time in a
strategic altering mobile command unit.
Now we just have to figure
out a way to get inside.
Leave that to me.
Scooby, did you take off
your parachute?
Uh, yep.
Uh, nope.
- Scooby...
- Shh!
Like, would you two
keep it down?
I'm trying to hear what Vincent
and Asmodeus are talking about.
Then take it. Strike me down and
take it, if that's what you wish.
I won't.
That's right, because the chest
can only be opened by the living.
You need me.
Nonsense! Now hand over
the chest!
We have to do something.
- Unbelievable!
- Yeah, this stuff melts anything.
Come on.
I would've thought all this
toying around was beneath you.
Maybe the great king of demons
isn't quite the fierce monster
we thought he was.
Let us be done with this.
I've lost everything to you
in this decades-old fight.
Starting with my best friend.
- If Mortifer were here...
- Well, he isn't, is he?
He's gone forever.
And soon, you can join him.
I am the 14th ghost.
Oh, dear.
There is no 14th ghost.
that's what you think.
No! Ahh!
The chest.
- Is that Asmodeus?
- Nope, but a ghost's a ghost.
Huh? Hi.
- It's doing something.
- Velma, now!
Use the Vacuu-Spook.
Huh? No, it's me!
Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby?
Ha! Nice human pyramid.
Did you say "Daphne,
Shaggy, Scooby"?
Flim Flam?
I thought your name
was Benny.
Oh, no. Benny owns the shop.
I'm just the eye candy.
Flim Flam, is it really you?
Of course, it's me!
Like, dude,
you've grown up.
I was long overdue
for a growth spurt.
Daphne, your hair
is totally different.
Shaggy, I've never seen you
wear a shirt that isn't red.
- Hiyah!
- And Scooby-Doo,
you haven't changed one bit.
You know, I thought
that red van was familiar.
Well, I guess the gang's
all here.
Except Scrappy.
What's a Scrappy?
Come on,
we've gotta find Vincent.
Vincent's here, too?
Was nobody gonna
pick up a phone?
Flim Flam? Oh, this is quite
a reunion.
But I'm afraid it's too late!
The world is doomed,
and it's all my fault.
That's crazy! We've all
fought the 13 ghosts.
If it really is the end,
we're all responsible.
No, you don't understand. The portrait
hanging in my family's castle.
It isn't of me
but my ancestor.
The first to bear
the name Van Ghoul.
He was the most powerful sorcerer
the world has ever known.
But power corrupts.
Little by little, he used his
magic to twist the will of man
into his service.
But the powers of good
conspired to relieve my ancestor
of his self-appointed throne.
He was defeated,
stripped of his mortality,
trapped in a specially-crafted
inescapable prison.
Where, unfortunately, he had nothing
but to wait and grow his already
substantial powers.
In life, he was called
Asamad Van Ghoul.
But now he goes by...
I'm the last of
the Van Ghouls.
And as such, the crimes of my
ancestor are my responsibility
and mine alone.
I'm sorry I never told you.
Old fool!
It's finished!
The chest is mine!
Ugh! Oh!
He's releasing the ghosts!
We're too late.
What kind of attitude
is that?
We've got spirits
Yes, we do
We've got spirits
How about y...
You know what?
Bad timing.
Velma, now!
Use the Vacuu-Spook!
What are you doing?
Mr. Van Ghoul,
something's bothering me.
Is it the smell?
In the last day, I've seen everything
I believed turned upside down.
Ghosts and demons
were real.
So I decided to play
by that set of rules.
- What are you saying?
- I'm saying that rules are rules.
And the first rule
of the chest of demons
is that it can only be opened
by the living.
Why, that's right!
Yes, it is.
I think it's time we see who
this king of demons really is.
It... It can't be.
I saw you die.
You saw an illusion.
I was always good
with illusions.
The magician
that tricked the wizard.
- But why?
- I wanted the chest, Vincent.
But you wouldn't
let it go.
You thought
it called to you.
You never saw
for what it really is.
An artifact.
Ancient, beautiful,
and priceless.
Priceless? Then how'd
you come up with 10 million?
That's your asking number,
isn't it, Quinch?
Bernie Alan?
Boy, are you a bad penny.
More like a bad check.
"Bernie Alan"?
Ha, I think not.
Vance Linklater.
Undercover Interpol detective
and amateur figure skater.
Swarm, boys.
We've been tracking old
Quinchie here for months
ever since he began reaching out to
the world's wealthiest collectors
about selling them the
legendary chest of demons.
But the trail went cold
after your garage sale, kids.
So, lucky I was in town
for the upper Himalayas Men's
Interpretive Semi-finals.
Like, if you're a cop, then, like,
why did you run away from us?
I'm afraid of teenagers.
So it was only about profiting
off the sale of an ancient relic.
It was never about
releasing the 13 ghosts.
Like, speaking of which,
where are they?
What was with
all that vapor?
Yech, old sandwich.
Oh, man!
- What is it, Shaggy?
- I think I shipped Vincent the wrong chest of demons.
This... This one's the cooler
I bought off Flim Flam.
Told you I sold one.
That still doesn't explain
the lights and screaming mist.
That's just part of the premium,
total-immersion package.
Well, you kids
have been a great help.
You should think about
solving mysteries full-time.
Wait a second.
We're not done here.
Oh, yeah.
Huh? I would've gotten
away with it...
...if it weren't
for you meddling kids?
- That's better.
- I'm sorry, old friend.
For impersonating
my ancestor?
And for this.
That's my ride.
Don't look so shocked.
- We've gotta stop him.
- Oh, just let him go.
No, that car's engine, if he
keeps running it like that...
The avalanche! You're right!
Mortifer, you must listen.
The engine...
Sounds fine to me.
So long, Vincent!
Mortifer, you fool! Stop!
He's at peace.
Asamad Van Ghoul
can finally rest.
I... I don't understand.
Well, it might have something
to do with this translation.
"Asmodeus will not rest
"until he achieves
his revenge."
Only the ancient Sanskrit word for "revenge"
looks a lot like the word for "redemption."
Asamad Van Ghoul
had a lot of time
and a chest of demons
to consider his misdeeds.
He wasn't looking
for vengeance.
He wanted to be redeemed.
If I had to guess,
I'd say the 13th ghost,
your ancestor, was watching out
for you like a guardian angel.
And now that you're safe,
he can finally rest.
Yes, that's right.
I'm sure it is.
Like, are you guys nuts? That
was just a big glob of...
I'm sorry about your friend.
It's all right.
I can always visit him
in the ghoul-ag.
He's gonna be fine.
See, Daph, you got this
leadership thing in the bag.
All you needed was
a little encouragement.
A cheering section!
You're not about to whip
out the pom-poms, are you?
I mean it.
I'm sorry if I never
saw it before, Daph,
but you're the engine that
makes this whole team run.
Aw, I may be the engine,
but you'll always
be the driver.
You think that, uh,
Captain Rogers
will let me fly the plane?
As long as you stay
away from the emergency brake.
- So, after all that...
- Indeed, my healthy skepticism is back.
Hopefully for good.
What about all that stuff you
said about Asamad Van Ghoul?
Those stories have been central
to Vincent's entire life.
I didn't wanna take that
away from him.
So you made it up.
Okay, fine, the 13th ghost
turned out to be fake.
But what about
the first 12?
Mass hallucinations from
high-altitude oxygen deprivation.
I mean,
it is the Himalayas.
Okay, but what about
your close encounter?
Yeah, what do you think grabbed
us and flew us up that mountain?
I'm glad you asked. It was
dark and I lost my glasses.
Ski lift.
- Oh, give me a break.
- Oh, come on.
Clearly, we wandered
into the path of a ski lift,
and our clothes
got caught.
I could pull up a dozen
articles about similar incidents
on my phone
right now.
Okay, fine, I'll prove to you
that ghosts are just stories.
The real chest of demons.
Can you believe it was in
the van with Shaggy's luggage
the entire time?
- What are you doing?
- Are you nuts?
Yeah, Velma, I mean,
what if you're wrong?
Ugh, fine.
- What?
- Nothing.
Oh, hey, Shaggy, here's
that case you asked for.
Lotsa Luck
Joy Juice.
Aw, Flim Flam,
I remember this stuff.
Told you
it could melt anything.
Like, are you sure
you don't wanna join us
on our trans-haunt-tlantic
Nah, somebody's
gotta stick around
and tell the tourists
the tale of Asmodeus.
The demon king who
almost ruled the world.
And make a tiny profit off
the merchandising, I suspect.
Don't worry, Vince, I'll leave
old Mortifer's name out of it.
Thank you, Flim Flam. I'll
see you when I'm in town
for my coven's
next meeting.
And for ghoulness sake, Flim
Flam, please, stay out of trouble.
No promises, Vinnie.
That's my boy.
So long, sports fans.
Everything okay?
Yeah, just thinking about
our impending retirement.
Well, as my last official act
as leader, I'm calling it off.
- Huh?
- This is what we do best, Freddie.
I'm not ready to give it up, just
because we made one tiny mistake.
And by the way,
I'm still not convinced
old Farmer Morgan
was totally innocent.
I agree! First off,
the guy's boot prints were all
over the ghost's secret lair.
- Second...
- Imitation yak jerky?
Imitation yak jerky,
Hang on a second.
Shaggy, if you're back here,
who's flying the plane?