Scooby-Doo! And the Legend of the Vampire (2003) Movie Script

Just a little to the left,
a little more. Perfect.
this concert is not a good idea.
Relax, Grandfather, everything will be fine.
Come on, we're ready for Matt Marvelous'
sound check. You'll love him.
Well, I don't know....
Rock our world, Matt.
Oh, okay.
Matt Marvelous?
Well, I can barely hear him.
Just wait.
See? This guy rocks.
Well, if you say so.
If he didn't rock, he wouldn't be
a finalist in the contest.
Oh, no. Daniel!
What the....
What's going on?
Let me go!
The vampire legend is true.
This is the life.
Yeah, it sure is.
Now that the mystery
of the sea serpent smugglers is solved...
our vacation should be smooth sailing.
Great form, Daphne.
Yeah, I'll say.
Oh, boy, this should do for an appetizer.
Hey, everybody. Come take a look.
Sydney Harbour.
Wow! We're finally in Australia.
This is going to be the best vacation ever.
And no vacation would be complete
without the Mystery Machine.
This guidebook says Sydney
has the best restaurants...
in the entire southern hemisphere.
Like, that's great, Velma, but Scoob
and I have got the food situation covered.
Doggie bags.
That's right, Scoob. Doggie bags.
Better eat now, guys.
We've got sightseeing to do...
and pictures to take. Say "Vegemite.""
What an incredible view.
You can see the whole continent up here.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
is the world's largest free-standing bridge.
Like, that's a long way down, huh, Scoob?
What's with the groovy ceiling
on that place?
That's the Sydney Opera House.
It's the city's most famous landmark.
It looks like an old-fashioned sailing ship.
That's the idea, Shaggy.
Oh, wow!
What is it, Daphne?
I finally found what I've been looking for.
Bondi Beach.
Lunch is served!
Be right there, Freddie.
Come on, gang!
Everything's going to get cold.
Let's catch this wave.
I'm hungry.
What a sheila.
I'll say, mate.
Come on, Scoob, he's just a little guy.
No need to get all crabby.
Come here, you guys. I've got a great idea.
How do you guys feel
about exploring the outback?
Sure, Australia's not all beach.
The outback's the wild, inland part.
My guidebook says it makes up
almost 85 percent of the continent.
Like, I know what the outback is...
and I don't want to go ""out back""
to look at dust and trees.
Come on, Shaggy, I'm sure
there's more to see than that.
And I've got 17 rolls of film
to capture it all.
What if you could hear great music
while you were there?
In the middle of nowhere?
Not ""nowhere."" There, look.
The Vampire Rock Music Festival!
That sounds like a lot of fun, Freddie!
Vampire Rock is located right
in the middle of Australia.
We can see a lot of the outback
on our way there.
Scoob and I don't think it's a good idea...
going to a place where vampires rock.
That's asking for trouble.
That's just the name of the place.
And there's no such thing as vampires.
And I'm sure a festival that big...
will have every
concession stand imaginable.
Licorice pizza, chocolate-covered
corn on the cob, tutti-frutti ice cream...
not to mention some great local food.
Real music lovers.
Like, who ever heard
of Australian vampires, anyway?
The rules of the contest are very simple.
It's for unsigned bands,
no one can enter more than once.
And as I've told you again and again,
each contestant only gets three minutes.
But the Bad Omens' best song lasts five.
Daniel and I have set the rules,
and rules are rules, Jasper.
Can't you bend the rules a little?
Especially for such an upstanding group
of young people?
This better be important.
I've got things to pierce.
I'm trying to find a new shade of eyeliner.
You were saying?
Come on, Russell,
now that Matt Marvelous is gone...
it's obvious the Bad Omens
are the best in the contest.
Why not just declare us the winner now?
Yeah, obviously.
Jasper, get out of my face
or the Bad Omens won't perform at all.
You're making a big mistake, Russell.
I didn't have to come back here.
Especially after what happened
to Wildwind last year.
But I am back. And I intend
to have my group win this time.
I'm warning you.
Let's get out of here.
-How much of that did you hear, partner?
Jasper's never going to get over
what happened to Wildwind.
I can't believe it's been almost a year
since they disappeared.
From what you said about last night,
it sounds like they're making a comeback.
Maybe it's true what they say.
About Wildwind being turned
into vampires?
Come on, that's just a local myth.
What do you think happened
to Matt Marvelous then?
You saw the vampires
with your own two eyes.
I don't know what I saw, Russell.
Well, the crew looked
all over Vampire Rock.
There's no sign of Matt or your vampires.
Maybe my grandfather was right.
Maybe we should postpone the festival.
No way. We've both worked too hard
to quit now, Daniel.
You're right. And the show must go on.
This kidnapping makes me nervous,
Russell. Very nervous.
There are the Scooby Snacks!
Aren't you guys ever going to stop
playing that game?
Like I said before, nothing to look at
but dust and trees.
You'd be surprised, Shaggy,
the outback is full of life.
Oh, boy, I'll believe it when I see it.
Just a few more miles, I mean kilometers.
Anyway, we're almost there.
It's amazing that they're having
a music festival way out here.
There it is, Vampire Rock.
-It's spectacular.
Man, we really are
in the middle of nowhere.
It says the locals call it Vampire Rock
because they believe the Yowie Yahoo...
Iives in the rock's caves.
The Yowie Yahoo?
An ancient Australian vampire.
We were wrong, Scoob.
There are Australian vampires.
Next time I agree to go to a place
named after a vampire...
I need you to do me a favor, Scoob.
Like, talk me out of it.
Are we in the right place, Freddie?
Uh-huh. This is it.
What is it, Scoob?
Like, very funny, Scoob.
You almost had me going there.
Like, what is it now?
It's the Yowie Yahoo!
Come on, you two.
We don't have time for games.
It's no game. Scoob and I saw
the Yowie Yahoo right over there.
I already told you guys,
there's no such thing as a vampire.
Then what's making all that noise?
Whatever it is, it's moving closer.
Well, do something, Freddie.
It's the vampire!
Do you guys hear that?
Come on, gang, there must be
somebody else around here.
This way.
Hey, the Hex Girls!
I knew those tunes sounded familiar.
It is you.
Boy, are we glad to see you.
What are you doing here?
Well, we were on vacation.
And we thought
we'd check out the festival.
Cool. We're opening the festival.
How long have you guys been here?
A couple of days. Why?
Have you seen anything strange
since you arrived?
Like what?
Like what? How about big,
creepy and scary....
I was wondering why the music stopped.
We came to make sure you were all right.
Of course we're all right.
Why wouldn't we be?
Just checking.
Are you going to introduce us
to your friends?
Yeah. Daniel and Russell,
these are our friends from America:
-Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy--
-And Scooby-Doo.
Welcome. Sorry we interrupted.
We're trying to clear up some trouble
before the festival starts.
What's going on?
The finalists in our unsigned-band
contest are disappearing.
Well, that's not good.
Did you say, ""disappeared""?
The groups are bailing
as quickly as they arrive.
They hear Matt Marvelous
has been kidnapped and go...
from ""g'day"" to ""good-bye.""
Kidnapped? By who?
Maybe by a big, creepy and scary....
Daniel, I warned you
terrible things would happen.
Who was that spooky old man?
That was my grandfather,
Malcolm llliwara.
I meant spooky in a good way.
You'll have to forgive him. He's very upset.
I understand.
I'm pretty upset myself right now.
What did your grandfather mean
by ""terrible things""?
The Yowie Yahoo.
You mean the vampire who lives in there?
Yeah. Him and his vampire minions.
Minions? You mean he has help?
Well, so they say.
But there's no such thing as vampires.
Don't you mean rock star vampires?
That's Wildwind.
I've seen groups like Wildwind
in my parents' record collection.
Yeah. Check out
the makeup and costumes.
This poster must be from a long time ago.
Nope. The members of Wildwind are
only a couple of years older than you.
Wildwind wanted to bring glam rock back.
They did an amazing song
at last year's unsigned-band contest.
Dark Skull played guitar,
Stormy Weathers played bass...
and Lightning Strikes was on drums.
Wow! So you saw them perform?
I sure did.
They deserved better than third place.
What happened to them?
After they lost the contest,
they went up to Vampire Rock to camp.
They were never heard from again.
They just disappeared?
The locals believe the Yowie Yahoo
turned them into vampires.
I'm with the locals.
That would explain
the big, creepy, and scary....
All right, Shaggy, we get your point.
There's no such thing as vampires.
You said it yourself, Daniel.
Well, maybe not.
But Daniel says he saw Matt Marvelous...
get kidnapped by three vampires
who looked like Wildwind.
I never actually said, ""vampires.""
Do you have a better explanation?
Whoever or whatever they were,
they were pretty convincing.
Now I don't know what to think.
When did this all start, Daniel?
Ever since I was a boy, my grandfather
told me the Yowie Yahoo...
Iived in Vampire Rock.
I never believed him.
But in the past few months...
there have been a lot of strange lights
and sounds coming from up there.
I'd love to find out what's really going on.
Well, gang, it looks like we have
another mystery on our hands.
A mystery?
We'll need to investigate this
from the inside.
And the best way to do that
is to go undercover as a rock band.
If we're lucky, the Wildwind vampires
will try to kidnap us next.
I don't want to be that lucky.
That's a great idea, Freddie.
I'm not so sure about this.
They may be our only hope.
I guess it could work.
Especially if it keeps...
my pick to win the contest
from getting kidnapped.
And who's that?
Two Skinny Dudes.
They haven't shown up yet.
I know you've never seen them perform,
but trust me, they're the real deal.
So what do you say?
Well, okay. But don't say I didn't warn you.
Scoob and I wouldn't mind
sitting this one out.
Maybe the group should be a trio.
Come on, you chickens.
Luna, Dusk and I will help you
look the part.
Yeah, there's a wardrobe room backstage.
This is going to be fun.
I knew coming to a place
called Vampire Rock was a bad idea.
How do rock stars walk in these?
Pretend they're high heels.
I'm not good at those either.
I don't know how well we'll play,
but at least we look the part.
I hope we don't have to play at all.
I thought you loved to sing, Velma.
Not in front of so many people.
I get stage fright.
Well, I get vampire fright.
Hey, look at this.
Stage makeup, actually.
So the audience can see you better.
Matt Marvelous was a musician.
Even so, I doubt he'd wear this color.
It's glowing white.
And look at this, it's a footprint.
From a hiking boot to be exact.
Wow, that's strange.
How so?
The print is sticky like glue.
But it's not glue exactly.
I don't know what it is.
You're the new competition?
Yeah, we're taking Matt Marvelous'
place in the contest.
You must be Jasper Ridgeway.
And you must be the Bad Omens.
Russell warned, I mean, told us about you.
Whoever heard of band with a dog in it?
Why don't you amateurs take a break?
Yeah, it's time for a real band to play.
Let's go, gang, we need to set up camp
for the night anyway.
Camping? How primitive.
I choose to travel...
in a fully furnished, air-conditioned trailer.
Russell told us about another band
you used to manage, Wildwind.
Yes, they were true superstars.
I had such high hopes for them.
Until that fateful night last year.
I don't like to talk about it.
It's just too upsetting.
Well, back to the trailer.
I can't take this heat any longer.
Enjoy your rehearsal.
Stupid golf cart!
Nice to meet you, too.
Let's get out of these costumes
and start looking for clues.
And get you into more comfortable shoes.
I think we may have just met
our so-called vampires.
The Bad Omens?
Jasper Ridgeway seems the kind of guy
who'd do anything to have his band win.
You think he put them up to it?
The makeup the Bad Omens were wearing
looks like the stage makeup I found.
Maybe we should talk to Daniel
and Russell and find out more about them.
I bet Jasper's trailer could tell us
a thing or two.
Yeah, let's check it out.
Shaggy and Scooby, you see
what you can dig up around here.
We'll leave no snow cone,
I mean, stone unturned.
Jasper wasn't kidding when he said
he travels in style.
We've got to get a look inside.
How are we going to do that?
We need to lure him out.
And I've got a plan.
Wait, this is brilliant.
I'm going to go off
into those bushes over there...
and imitate the call
of the wild kookaburra.
But, Fred....
Hold on, Velma, I'm on a roll.
Now, Daphne, I want you
to disguise yourself...
as an aboriginal medicine woman and--
Or, we could just use the front door.
Or that.
All clear.
This is better than a museum.
Whoa. Totally retro.
You're telling me.
Look, it's a waterbed.
Seems like Jasper can't let go of the past.
In more ways than one.
Come on, girls, we've got to work fast.
Jasper could show up at any minute.
There's so much stuff in here...
it's going to be hard to tell the clues
from the collectibles.
Jinkies! I think I already found one.
Great work, Velma.
This looks exactly like the costume...
Dark Skull of Wildwind wore
in that poster.
The costumes for Lightning Strikes
and Stormy Weathers are in here, too.
So Jasper Ridgeway has reproductions
of all the Wildwind costumes.
They call this Australian bread ""damper.""
But it's sure not putting
a damper on my appetite.
What's next, old buddy?
Now I'm not hungry at all!
What the....
What is that?
Gosh, what happened here?
What's with all this smoke?
It burns my eyes.
It smells so sweet, like cotton candy.
Cotton candy?
Shaggy and Scooby?
What happened to the Bad Omens?
The Yowie Yahoo and
the Wildwind vampires...
showed up and band-napped them.
Scoob and I thought we were next.
There goes our prime suspects.
You actually saw
the Wildwind vampires, Shaggy?
We both did.
What did they look like?
Exactly like the guys on that poster,
only scarier.
And they had those creepy red eyes.
Yeah, red.
Well, whoever it was,
they kidnapped the Bad Omens.
Kidnapped? Not again.
The Bad Omens can't be kidnapped.
They need to win the contest.
It's a good thing you weren't here.
Those vampires would have flown off
with you, too.
I wish they had.
Now I'll be plagued by guilt.
I should have stayed with them
instead of going back to my trailer.
What happened here?
My band is gone!
What are we going to do?
There's strength in numbers.
Let's get the Hex Girls and Russell,
and then camp in one group.
Russell already went home,
along with all the other festival staff.
I wish I could say the same thing.
And if the vampires come back
when we're sleeping, what then?
We can take turns standing watch.
And you guys have the first tour of duty...
which starts now.
Would you each do it for a Scooby Snack?
Or maybe two Scooby Snacks?
There might be room in my tummy
for a Scooby Snack or two.
How about you, Scoob?
Yeah, Scooby Snack!
Everyone get some rest, because
you're being watched over by the best.
Not again!
It's the vampires!
The vampires are in a motorcycle gang?
You're not vampires. Who are you?
Two Skinny Dudes.
Like, me, too.
We're the band Two Skinny Dudes.
I'm Barry and this is my brother Harry.
Finally. I've heard so much
about you from Russell.
Glad you made it here all right.
Why wouldn't we?
Some of the other bands
have been kidnapped.
By vampires.
If you weren't kidnapped,
where have you been?
Exploring Vampire Rock.
We liked it so much,
we decided to camp up there.
But we didn't see a single vampire.
Matt Marvelous and
the Bad Omens sure did.
The other finalists got so scared
they all drove back to Sydney.
That means we're the only ones left?
Does this mean we win the contest?
Not quite. We had a last minute entry.
What do you think?
Keep working on it.
What's all the racket?
Did you find my band?
No, but we found another one.
Jasper, meet Two Skinny Dudes.
Two Skinny Dudes.
Russell tells me you're the next big thing.
You boys have a manager?
Why don't you come into my trailer...
and let me tell you what I can do
for your careers.
Jeepers. He works fast.
Jasper seemed to forget about
the Bad Omens pretty quickly.
We should get going.
We've still got two missing bands
out there...
and the concert starts tonight at 6:00.
What's with all the noise?
How are we supposed to rest
for the show tonight?
In other words, would you mind?
I pulled up more research on vampires.
Anything on how to avoid them?
You can ask my grandfather.
He knows all about the local legends.
Especially the Yowie Yahoo.
Let's see.
""Vampires hate sunlight.
""They can't cross running water.""
And get this: ""The more people a vampire
puts under his control...
""the greater his power becomes.""
That would explain why the Yowie Yahoo
is having Wildwind kidnap people.
That is, if you believe he's real.
It also says, ""Vampires don't appear
on film when their pictures are taken.""
Maybe they're just camera shy.
Here we are, Fred. Up there.
Ahead on the left.
Grandfather, these are
some friends of mine.
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby.
Yes, I saw you at the festival.
They're here to help with our problem.
What's the deal with the smoke signals?
There's a tribal council meeting
later today.
I'm letting the others know.
You could just use the phone, Grandfather.
We've always used smoke signals
to announce tribal council meetings.
The smoke smells really good.
What are you burning?
The wood is from the red gum tree.
We use its flowers to make honey.
That red gum over there is in full bloom.
It is good of all of you
to take me to the council meeting.
Daniel was telling us that you know...
all about the Yowie Yahoo legend,
Mr. Illiwara.
Please, call me Malcolm.
I can tell you many things
about the Yowie Yahoo, young lady.
But, you may not like what you hear.
Can you tell us what happened
to Wildwind?
Wildwind foolishly went up
to Vampire Rock after dark.
They were easy prey for the Yowie Yahoo.
Just like all the people attending
the festival will be.
So what can we do to keep him and
his rock-star pals away?
According to legend, the only thing
that can destroy a vampire is sunlight.
According to legends, Grandfather.
It's believed they also fear the dingo.
They could be your distant cousins,
Scoob. See if they'll help us out.
Don't bother me, Scoob!
Looks like vampires aren't
the only monsters around here.
That crocodile almost had
his very own Scooby Snack.
Thank goodness he didn't.
I scheduled your group to perform tonight.
Right after the Hex Girls.
We hope you'll come, Malcolm.
I can't.
Not when I believe the festival
shouldn't take place at all.
I know how you feel, Grandfather.
But I've got a show to do.
They're answering
one of my smoke signals.
It's my friend on the other side
of Vampire Rock.
We're almost there.
Can you show me how to do that?
If the vampires come back, I want
to send an S.O.S. ""Save our Shaggy.""
One, two, three, four!
-There really is a Yowie Yahoo.
That's what I've been trying to tell you.
No. Not now!
You're ruining our encore.
The Hex Girls are in trouble!
Now what?
They must be heading to Vampire Rock.
We need to go after them.
Great idea, Fred!
While you're gone, Scoob and l
will practice our number.
Weren't the Hex Girls terrific?
We'll be taking a short break.
See you real soon.
What are we going to do?
Maybe my grandfather was right.
Where's Russell?
We've got to cancel the rest of the show.
Not yet.
I've got a plan that will end this
once and for all.
Now here's what we do.
I knew Vampire Rock was big,
but not this big.
It's going to be harder finding
the Hex Girls than we thought.
We need to split up.
Daphne, Velma, and I will head this way.
Shaggy and Scooby,
you circle around in the other direction.
Vacation has really brought us
closer together.
It's a shame to split up now.
Vampire Rock seems to be just that.
Solid rock.
There's got to be a way in somehow.
You were saying?
We've walked all the way
around this creepy rock.
What was that?
Quit kidding around, Scoob.
Dingo dogs!
Secret passages always lead somewhere.
Right now, we should be experiencing
total cave darkness.
But we're not, so....
There must be light coming
from inside the cave.
Over there!
Wow! I was expecting a vampire's lair
to be more....
I don't know, spooky.
It's like an underground warehouse.
These lanterns didn't light themselves.
Right, Velma.
They're only big enough
to hold a few hours worth of oil.
That means, someone had to be here
a little while ago.
They also used the equipment.
This fan is still warm.
And so is this light.
This equipment's been used all right.
The question is why?
And where?
And by who?
No coffins?
Fred! Velma!
We can't run. We can't climb.
How are we going to get out of here?
Good try, buddy, but we need a miracle.
Like I said, a miracle.
Or Daphne doing a dive off a cliff.
-That's a 10!
-Thanks, guys.
What a mess.
You think Daphne's in here?
If she is, she's not alone.
I'm going to check down here.
My glasses.
I lost my glasses.
Thanks, Freddie.
I was getting worried.
Now I am worried.
Velma! Did you find Daphne?
Wherever Daphne is...
she's a lot safer than we are.
And he was hanging upside down.
Then he took off after me.
Come on,
we've got to find Fred and Velma.
Or they could find us.
Fred! Velma! You're all right.
Not if we don't get out of here.
I need a vacation from this vacation.
It's the Yowie Yahoo!
Come on! Everyone over the bridge!
If there was ever a time
not to be calm, this is it!
Scooby! Get back here!
The Yowie Yahoo sure is full of hot air.
Freddie, are you okay?
Now I know how my socks feel
in the dryer.
I feel the same way, Scooby.
It's the dingo dogs!
They're getting away!
They've got to get inside
before the sun comes out.
Scoob, tell your cousins,
""Don't leave us here with the....""
Yowie Yahoo!
Hang on tight, guys.
Fred, do we have a choice?
The sun is almost up.
The Yowie Yahoo has to get inside
Vampire Rock, too.
If he doesn't, the sun will destroy him.
Scooby, you did it!
You defeated the Yowie Yahoo.
He sure didn't go quietly.
How about that, Scooby?
You're an honorary dingo.
Dingo? Hooray!
But what about the Hex Girls?
We could just ask the vampires
where they are.
Quick! Over the bridge!
Don't worry, gang. I've got you!
As long as you've got us and they don't!
The sunlight destroyed the Yowie Yahoo.
Why isn't it destroying Wildwind?
You want to stop and ask them
or keep on running?
No thanks.
We just crossed running water.
The vampires shouldn't be able
to follow us.
Didn't those vampires read the rule book?
Nice work, Daniel.
I didn't think anything
would stop those vampires.
That's because they're not real vampires.
If they were,
they wouldn't have been captured on film.
Jolly good work.
You've snared the vampires.
Now we can find out
what happened to the bands.
At first we thought
the Bad Omens were behind all this.
But when they disappeared,
we had to search for new suspects.
Well, I'll be. Two Skinny Dudes.
That's two vampires. Who's the third?
Russell, you were my partner.
This doesn't make any sense.
I'm with Daniel.
Nobody say anything.
That's fine.
We can do all the talking and still
get to the bottom of this mystery.
It took us a while
to put all the pieces together.
When we saw Jasper getting so chummy
with the Two Skinny Dudes...
we thought he might be the third vampire.
I could never wear all that makeup.
I've got very sensitive skin.
You managed the Bad Omens, Jasper.
We thought you took
some of their makeup...
so you and the Two Skinny Dudes
could copy Wildwind's glam rock look.
We also paid a visit to your trailer
when you said you'd be there.
You were nowhere to be found.
That's not a crime.
Okay. Confession time.
I wasn't in my trailer...
because I was meeting with
the Hex Girls about being their manager.
I didn't want the Bad Omens
to find out what I was doing.
But that doesn't explain why you have
costumes like the ones Wildwind wore.
Wildwind was the greatest band
I ever managed.
I had those costumes made to remind me
of all the good times we had together.
I wish I knew what happened to them.
Why don't you ask them yourself?
What the....
Okay. Now I'm really confused.
Me, too.
Recognize them now?
I don't believe it. Wildwind, you're alive.
We should have won
that contest last year.
When we didn't, we decided to disappear.
We thought disappearing mysteriously
would help our careers.
Then we remembered the contest rules...
meant we couldn't enter again.
We planned on making
a triumphant return...
at this year's unsigned-band contest.
Right. That's when you made
a plan to get around those rules...
and make sure you'd win
this year's contest.
With Dark Skull already posing
as Russell...
Stormy Weathers and Lightning Strikes
became the Two Skinny Dudes...
an unsigned band in the contest.
The three of them took advantage
of the local legend surrounding them...
and disguised themselves as vampires.
They planned to kidnap
all the other bands in the contest.
Then, Two Skinny Dudes
would be declared the winner.
But the crowd wouldn't see
Two Skinny Dudes close out the festival.
Instead, Wildwind would come on stage
and perform.
They hoped the attention
from closing the show at Vampire Rock...
would make their careers take off.
I'm starting to get it.
But if they're not vampires,
how did they fly?
Easy, Shaggy.
Their mountain-climbing equipment.
They rigged it to the stage so they could
swoop down and kidnap the acts.
This is all very interesting.
But will somebody please tell me
where the Bad Omens are?
That's one answer we don't have.
We sent them and Matt Marvelous
on diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef.
All expenses paid. They were thrilled.
You should have just asked us.
I've been wanting to leave since I got here.
We didn't really kidnap anybody.
What about the Hex Girls?
They weren't your competition.
But you were.
We knew you would come after them...
giving us the chance
to send you on your way as well.
Where are the Hex Girls now?
Don't worry.
We're fine.
Thorn, Dusk, Luna! You're all right.
Those creepy guys took us back
to their hideout in Vampire Rock.
They offered us a free trip if we
would leave the festival, but we refused.
So they took us into the outback
and left us there.
They knew we'd keep looking
until we found you...
making us miss our chance to perform.
And leave Two Skinny Dudes
as the only group left in the contest.
How did you find your way back here?
We wandered around the outback
for hours, until Malcolm found us.
The way they were dressed,
I first thought they were vampires, too.
There are no vampires, Grandfather.
Daniel's right, Mr. Illiwara.
Wildwind is definitely human.
They used smoke whenever they flew,
so no one could see their climbing ropes.
You helped us figure that part out, sir.
They burned wood from the red gum tree,
making sweet smoke like your signals.
And like, that's why we also found
a boot print made from red gum on stage.
What about the Yowie Yahoo?
We've got an explanation for that, too.
I'm sure you do.
Wildwind spent a lot of time
perfecting their act.
They're masters of special effects.
They used pictures of the Yowie Yahoo
to help pull off their hoax.
They placed the pictures
on holographic disks.
When light was shined through the disks...
three-dimensional images
of the Yowie Yahoo were created.
These images could be beamed anywhere
to help Wildwind with their plan.
To make the Yowie Yahoo
even more realistic...
they added fire, wind and explosions.
So because he was just a projection...
the sunlight reflecting off Scooby's tag
made the Yowie Yahoo disappear.
Bingo, Shaggy.
Thanks to Scooby,
we were able to solve the mystery.
I'm sorry, Daniel...
for letting my belief in the vampire legend
get in the way of your show.
Wildwind had us all fooled, Grandfather.
And we would have gotten away with it,
too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.
Since all the other bands in the contest
are eliminated...
that makes you guys the winner.
Does that mean what I think it means?
And now I'd like to introduce the final act
in this year's Vampire Rock Music Festival.
But first, did everyone have a good time?
I said, did everybody have a good time?
I'm not having a good time.
Come on, Velma, this is going to be fun.
But there's so many people. Besides,
we don't even have a name for our group.
And now, help me welcome
the Meddling Kids!
Meddling Kids?
Works for me!