Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico (2003) Movie Script

El Chupacabra!
El Chupacabra!
All right, you got mail.
"I would love for you and your friends...
"to enjoy a relaxing stay
with my family here in Veracruz.
"It'll be great
to finally meet my American pen pal."
Sounds great!
And I can practice my Spanish.
Jeepers! You have mail.
I thought I'd catch you at your computer.
So, what do you think?
Of course. I'd love to go to Mexico. Yes!
I mean, si!
Let's ask Velma.
Jinkies! You have mail.
The art, the museums, the pyramids...
I'm there!
Great! Let's check with the guys.
Zoinks! Like, you have mail.
Mexico? Tomorrow?
Like, let me check.
What have we got tomorrow, Scoob?
Let's see. Daydreaming at 10:00...
napping, snoozing, relaxing...
Like, sorry, guys, looks like I'm booked.
Reah, rooked!
Do you realize we'll be there for
the annual Day of the Dead celebration?
Like, what's that?
A holiday in which families gather
at the cemetery...
and celebrate their ancestors...
who are allowed to come back to Earth
for two days.
Cemetery? Sounds scary!
Not at all.
Just a bunch of kids in costumes,
lots of skeleton-shaped cookies and candy.
Basically, it's non-stop eating.
- Sounds like Halloween!
- Exactly!
- So, what do you say?
- Can't talk now, guys.
Like, Scoob and I gotta pack!
Looks like that's everything.
Like, what'd I forget?
Are you sure this is the place?
Yeah, this is it.
- Like, looks kind of...
- Quaint?
Hola, mis amigos!
- Welcome to Mexico!
- Hi, how are you?
Nice to meet you.
- You must be Fred.
- That's right.
And you must be Alejo.
Let me introduce you
to the gang. This is...
No need.
They're exactly as you described.
Daphne, Velma...
Senor Scooby.
Is this Shaggy?
He doesn't look like he could eat you
out of house and home.
He's got a high metabolism.
Please, let me introduce you to my family.
Isn't this where you live?
No, these are just the guest cottages.
You will each have your own.
This is where we live.
Welcome to my family's hotel...
La Villa Bella.
It's beautiful!
What does "bella" mean?
La Villa Bella is very, very bella!
Reah, rery rella!
Let me show you around.
This is my wife, Sofia,
and my mother, Dona Dolores.
And in the pool is the rest of my family.
Jorge, Oliver, Natalia, Cristina,
Fernanda, Carolina, Mirelia, Gabriella...
and Sebastian.
And this is Chiquita!
Are they all your children?
No! Only Jorgito.
The rest are just visiting
for the Day of the Dead festivities.
Here in Mexico, family is muy importante.
You must be hot and tired
after your long trip.
Please feel free
to join the children in the pool.
I think Scooby
has already won someone's heart.
My older brother, Luis, manages the cafe
with his fiancee, Charlene.
Lemme grab y'all a cup of caffay
lay-chair-a whilst you take a load off.
You can see why I fell...
how do you Americans say,
"head over heels" for Charlene.
I met her on my last trip
to the United States...
at Mister Smiley's Fantastic Funland...
and I've been smiling ever since.
You know, cafe lechera
is famous in Veracruz.
First, one server pours you thick coffee...
then the custom is to bang on your glass
with your spoon...
until another server arrives
to pour hot milk in your glass.
Ain't that a hoot?
I just love these loco customs.
"Loco," that's "crazy" in Mexican.
I mean, Spanish.
You know, some days
I grind so many coffee beans...
I swear the little suckers
are coming outta my ears!
It didn't take long for Scooby
to start living la vida mocha!
This lunch is really wonderful,
Dona Dolores.
Whoever came up with the whole
fiesta tradition is okay in my book.
It is often followed
by another tradition...
la siesta, an afternoon nap.
Even better!
Reah! Reven retter!
The purpose of fiestas and siestas
is to provide sustenance and rest...
for another tradition: Hard work.
Traditions, like, who needs 'em?
Forgive me for interrupting your meal,
Dona Dolores...
but I need to discuss
some urgent business with your sons.
As you wish.
Excuse us, please. This won't take long.
Diego Fuente used to do business
with my late husband.
I don't trust him, never did.
He is a... How do you say in America?
- Liar?
- Con man?
For the last time, I told you, no.
Now, please leave. We have guests.
I apologize for the disturbance.
Please, finish your meal.
That man is as stubborn as a bull.
He wants to buy our father's land
and he won't take no for an answer.
Maybe it is not such a bad idea, Alejo.
Putting all your assets
into land is foolish.
We made a promise to Papa
before he died...
and I don't intend to break it now.
So, how will you be spending
your first day in Veracruz?
We were hoping to watch the preparations
for the Day of the Dead festivities.
If anyone's still alive to honor the dead.
Don't y'all know
about the big ol' monster?
You must have noticed by now
that our hotel is relatively empty.
That's because a monster
has been terrorizing Veracruz...
and the nearby villages.
Right after I sent the e-mail to you...
the monster showed up near the plaza
and nearly got Jorgito.
I immediately e-mailed you again
to warn you, but you must've already left.
Did you say monster?
Yes, the locals call him "El Chupacabra."
I've read about him.
He's Mexico's version of the Bigfoot.
That's right.
I am not a superstitious man, but I saw it
with my own eyes down by the wharf.
I will never forget it.
He stands nearly 10 feet tall
and walks on two hind legs.
He's covered with thick fur...
has the face of a hideous monkey...
with huge paws and sharp fangs.
And his eyes glow green
like those of a demon.
Calm down, everybody!
The Chupacabra's only a myth!
Yes, let's forget about El Chupacabra...
and make the most of your first visit
to Mexico.
Why don't we all get a good night's sleep?
Yes, there's nothing to worry about.
Alejo's right.
But just in case, double lock your doors.
Say your prayers.
And whatever you do, don't go outside!
Like, whoever heard
such a ridiculous story?
A 10-foot hairy monster
with big feet and sharp teeth?
Sounds like something out of a cartoon!
Like, pleasant dreams, Scoob.
See you in the morning.
Like, it's gonna be a long night.
Did you hear that? Sounds like
something outside the window.
Probably just a little bird or a squirrel.
El caba-choo-choo!
I mean, la kooka-babka!
El popa-choopa! No, I mean, help!
No, Scoob! He's trying to break in!
Like, we're trapped! Let's get out of here!
- What happened to you two?
- And what was all that noise?
Like, that big Mexican Bigfoot
was trying to get us!
Oh, no! Where's Daphne?
Oh, no, you don't.
This is no time to be chicken.
It's all for one and one for all.
Like, I've always felt
teamwork was highly overrated.
Okay, guys, on the count of three,
we'll charge the door.
Ready? One, two...
We thought these were the eyes
of the El Chupacabra.
Sorry, guys.
I was afraid to go to sleep and thought
some Latin rhythms would calm me down.
Looks like Alejo's stories riled everyone.
Like, anybody got a bandage?
I don't know what you heard, guys,
but I think we're safe now.
Let's all try and get some...
Wait a minute! What's this?
Footprints! Big ones.
Don't look, or we'll never get to sleep.
Notice how they lead
to the cottage window...
then reverse direction
and head off towards the hotel?
We must've scared whatever it was away.
It was brave enough
when we were separated...
but got scared at the thought
of a bunch of us to contend with.
Not a very courageous monster.
Whatever it is, it's gone.
Maybe now we can all get some sleep.
We're gonna need it.
We've got a big day tomorrow.
Yeah, sightseeing
and chocolate bean tamales!
Can't wait!
That's not exactly what I meant, Shaggy.
We've got a mystery on our hands.
...and whatever it was, we scared it away.
I got up early, and using my mud mask...
made a cast of the footprint
from Bigfoot's big foot.
It's huge!
And look, it is speckled
with some kind of gritty black stuff.
Is it dirt?
I don't think so.
I don't know what it is.
Whatever it is, please do not mention it
to my mother or Sofia.
Or Charlene. I don't want to scare them.
In fact, I better alert the security guards
to be especially vigilant.
If word of this gets out...
we will lose the few tourists
we have managed to keep.
El Chupacabra could ruin our livelihood...
not to mention everyone else's
in Veracruz.
Don't worry. No matter how huge...
ferocious or bloodthirsty this vicious
Chupacabra monster may be...
We'll get to the bottom of the mystery.
You can count on us, right, gang?
Muchas gracias...
para su hospital...
y muy deliciosas...
What's so funny?
You just thanked my family
for their generous hospital...
and delicious comets.
I almost forgot.
I know this is silly, hon.
But it's a good luck charm.
With that big ol' Bigfoot thang out there,
y'all can't be too careful.
Promise me you won't never take it off.
Si, I promise, Charlene.
As you can see,
there aren't many tourists here...
since the Chupacabra incident.
This place is usually very busy
this time of year.
I've got an idea. Why don't we ask
the locals about the monster.
Good idea, Fred. We can videotape them.
Great! I'll be the reporter.
And action!
A seesaw...
a jungle gym...
a merry-go-round.
At first glance, this modest playground
looks like any other.
But the children here in Veracruz
are fearful...
and have good reason to be.
El Chupacabra. Imaginary Bigfoot?
Or big scary monster
that could bite your head off?
You decide.
What does El Chupacabra look like?
A gorilla!
A bear!
An alien!
What does El Chupacabra do?
Eats goats!
Destroys crops!
He's a bully!
What does El Chupacabra sound like?
Like a coyote!
Like a ape!
Like my Uncle Flaco!
What does he smell like?
Like sulphur!
Like garbage!
Like my Uncle Flaco!
Will he show up tomorrow
at the Day of the Dead festivities...
or will he remain as elusive
as the Loch Ness monster?
Or the perfect boyfriend?
This is Daphne Blake
in Veracruz reporting.
Back to you, Velma.
And cut!
"Back to you"?
Yikes! What does that mean in English?
Leave today or you won't see tomorrow!
Is that right, Alejo?
Unfortunately, your translation is correct.
Looks like someone wants us
to make like a pinata and beat it.
We better get out of here now.
Hold on, you two.
We came here today to get to the bottom
of this Chupacabra mystery.
And no one's going to scare us away
until we do.
Like, Freddy, it's too late for that.
Looks like they need
some friendly persuasion.
Would you each do it for a Scooby snack?
How about two Scooby snacks?
Great! So far, it appears as if
the Chupacabra is nocturnal.
Now that it's getting dark, we should do
a thorough search of the town.
Maybe we'll get a clue to help us
find the monster...
or at least the van vandals.
The girls are right.
Alejo and Luis,
why don't you investigate the hills?
The girls and I will search
the west part of town...
and Scooby and Shaggy
can search the east.
The mystery machine
is actually on the east side of town.
Why don't we do
a thorough search of the van...
and if everything checks out okay...
keep guard right here?
Escucha! Listen!
Just an owl. Don't be a baby.
It's just a statue.
Yes, of Quetzalcoatl,
the feathered serpent.
I've read about him.
He was revered by the Aztecs
as the god of all things good.
Bienvenido. Welcome.
Good, you speak English.
Yes, of course. Please, come in.
Are you a medicine man?
I prefer "curandero"...
but, yes, medicine man,
shaman, and healer all apply.
How can I help you?
We were hoping you can tell us something
about El Chupacabra.
Like everyone, I have heard the stories
about the big-footed beast.
But there is nothing in the ancient lore
about a monster such as this.
Our animal friends don't harm people
for no reason.
Then how do you explain the attacks?
The only evil force in this land is greed.
But what does this have to do
with El Chupacabra?
Recently, people from the north
offered huge sums of money...
to build businesses here
and attract tourists.
The locals turned down the offer,
but when the strangers left...
they vowed to return.
- I see.
- You do?
The answers to all your questions
can be found in the past.
And did I also mention
you're in grave danger?
No, I think you skipped that part.
You're in grave danger.
We better get back to the others
and warn them.
Be careful, my friends.
In Mexico,
things are not always as they seem.
If you have any more questions,
check out my website...
As I said, expect the unexpected.
Muchas gracias para sus palabras...
sabias de avestruz.
What did you say to him?
I just thanked him
for his wise words of advice.
Thanks for your wise words of ostrich?
Teenagers. Go figure.
Let's head back. We're getting nowhere!
Luis, come quick!
Do you hear what I hear, Scoob?
Like, that's not gonna help much.
We better get outta here now...
or we're gonna be
an El Chupacabra fiesta plate!
None of this looks familiar.
Are you sure we're going the right way?
That's Polaris, the North Star.
We should be headed
in the opposite direction.
Trust me. I know where I'm going.
We're sunk.
- Alejo! What happened?
- I was attacked by El Chupacabra.
- Didn't you hear me calling for help?
- No.
Something hit me over the head
and knocked me out.
When I woke up, you were gone.
The Chupacabra is still out there...
and we've got to find the others
before he does.
Like, the next time we go on a trip...
remind me to pick someplace
a little less exciting...
like maybe a librarians' convention?
Zoinks! The brakes aren't working!
- Yikes!
- Rikes!
Look out!
Hold on tight, Scoob!
Like, how do we stop this thing?
Okay, Fred, how do you say
"hopelessly lost" in Spanish?
It looks like the woods get thicker
up ahead.
Do you suppose
we'll meet any wild animals?
We might.
Mostly coyotes and jaguars and boars.
- Coyotes?
- And jaguars?
- And boars.
- Oh, my!
Let's get out of here!
Sorry, guys.
No, we're sorry.
We were hoping to find you close by,
but not that close.
We thought we heard
El Chupacabra. Listen.
That is nothing to be afraid of.
It is just a coyote.
There are lots of them around here.
They are more afraid of you
than you are of them.
Then why is it headed in our direction?
Maybe it is not running towards us,
but away from something else.
- Yeah, but what?
- Like maybe that!
Jinkies! El Chupacabra!
I think we lost it.
Oh, no! The Mystery Machine!
It's gone!
But its brake fluid isn't.
Someone must've tampered
with the brakes on the Mystery Machine.
We've got to find Shaggy and Scooby!
- Shaggy!
- Scooby-Doo! Where are you?
Jinkies! Perfect timing!
If you and Scooby
hadn't shown up when you did...
we'd be Mexican history.
Yeah, but now that we're safe
from that creepy Bigfoot...
you might want to slow down a little.
I'd love to slow down,
but I have some bad news for you.
- What's that?
- Like, I can't!
The brakes took a break!
- But I have some good news, too.
- Yes?
We're out of gas.
Right in front of a gas station.
What are the chances of that?
Must be the good luck
from my Charlene's medallion.
Well, gang, all set.
Here, Luis. I got you some ice
for that blow to your head.
- It must be pretty swollen by now.
- What happened?
I am afraid my brother
was attacked by El Chupacabra...
and received quite a hit on the head.
It knocked him,
how do you say, "out cold."
Here, let me help. Where's the bump?
I don't see anything.
Right here. I can manage.
Thank you, Daphne.
Where to now, guys?
The curandero said to look to the past,
but what exactly does that mean?
What better place than a museum
to learn about the past?
Perfect! And we should be able
to get there by morning.
Is it morning already?
I could sure use more sleep.
I could sure use some of Charlene's coffee.
Reah! Roffee!
Guys, look!
"Coming soon to Veracruz."
"Mister Smiley's Latin Adventure"!
Looks like the one we have back home.
Only this one's got a Spanish accent!
If we don't solve the Chupacabra mystery,
the only tourist attraction I foresee...
is one big empty ghost town.
The curandero said to look to the past...
so we might as well start
at the very beginning.
Interesting. Half-man, half-beast.
Look, guys! Like, ancient scooters!
Leave it to Shaggy to come to a museum
and immediately find the toys.
- Jinkies! This place is creepy!
- Good morning!
Are we enjoying ourselves in Mexico City's
national museum? Super!
And would we like
a private tour of the museum...
which begins with a special live,
multimedia show...
about the Aztecs? Super!
Please follow the green directional arrows
on the floor to the special VIP Auditorium.
Please watch your step.
Continue down front
and be seated in the comfy chairs...
made of rich Corinthian leather.
Okay, super!
Let's turn back the hands of time,
shall we?
The war-like Aztecs
had many barbarous rituals.
For example, warriors sacrificed
thousands of captives...
on the altars atop the pyramids...
often ripping out their still-beating
hearts to offer to the gods.
Super. And now I'd like a volunteer
from the audience.
- How about you?
- Freddy?
- Daphne!
- She's gone!
You've been warned!
Please follow the arrows...
to the clearly marked exit doors
to your right. Super!
Excellent idea!
Just like what we had in mind: Exiting.
- Right, Scoob?
- Reah! Rexiting!
- Not so fast, you two!
- We can't leave here until we find Daphne.
And her kidnappers.
Where could they have gone?
Why would someone
want to kidnap Daphne?
Look at this. It looks like
some sort of ripped label...
from one of the warriors' costumes.
I wonder what that means.
Let me see that.
Look! A trap door!
I wonder where it leads to?
My guess is that it will take us
right to Daphne and her kidnappers.
It sure looks like the perfect getaway.
Speaking of getting away...
Come on, guys.
There's no turning back now.
Great, a dark spooky tunnel.
I hate dark spooky tunnels!
Look, here's a door.
- We must be at the pyramids.
- I've read about these.
The pyramids were created
by the Olmec Indians...
who built Mesoamerica's
first great civilization.
It's the Pyramid of
the Feathered Serpent...
the good god we saw a statue of
at the curandero's tent.
Look! At the top! It's Daphne!
Where am I?
Daphne, don't move! We'll be right there!
Like, if the Aztecs were so brilliant...
why didn't they invent an elevator?
Reah, relevator!
Boy, am I glad to see you guys!
- What happened to you?
- I'm not sure.
I was blindfolded the whole time
by that fake museum guide...
and her warrior friend.
Let's get out of here
before they come back for you.
That's odd. This statue wasn't here before.
What's going on?
Hello, mis amigos.
I am Paco, the magical talking eagle.
I protect the pyramids here
at the place of the gods.
That's the worst Spanish accent
I've ever heard.
I know, he looks like a character
from a tacky theme park!
These evil tourists
have destroyed a sacred idol...
and angered the gods.
We did no such thing!
This eagle is lying to you.
Do not believe their lies.
When the cage lifts,
you must run them out of here...
before they completely ruin the ruins.
If you don't,
the gods will seek revenge themselves...
and ay caramba, mis amigos,
you don't want to see that!
Quick! In here!
There's tons of spiders down here!
No, guys, actually these are scorpions.
Gee, thanks. I feel much better now.
Don't worry about the scorpions.
I'm sure the rats'll take care of them.
Jinkies, we must be in the ancient tombs!
Don't worry, Shaggy.
Everything in here is dead.
Like, how comforting!
Look, we can disguise ourselves...
by wearing the traditional clothing
of the native Indian skeletons!
Just act natural.
It's the vandals trying
to disguise themselves...
by wearing the traditional clothing
of the native Indian skeletons!
Senor Fuente! What's he doing here?
Trying to attack you.
I am, amigos, mi Paco!
IAy caramba! Ay caramba!
Magical eagle!
I didn't buy this animatronic imposter
for one minute.
I guess the curandero was right.
Things in Mexico aren't always
what they seem.
Come on, we better get out of here...
before these mysterious mischief-makers
try and top themselves.
How awful to witness something like that.
You are so strong, Dolores. Like a bull.
Some people have all the luck.
Why can't the Chupacabra
carry off my future daughter-in-law?
What's going on? Are you all right?
Where's Charlene?
Please calm down, both of you.
There is nothing to be upset about.
El Chupacabra has run off
with your fiancee!
We'll never see her again!
Please, somebody tell us what happened.
It all started just moments after you left.
We were in the cafe,
your mother, Charlene, and I.
El Chupacabra broke down the door...
picked up Charlene in his arms
and ran off with her!
This is terrible. I never should have left.
Jinkies! And she's still missing?
Yes. We've been looking for her
since yesterday.
The villagers are continuing the search.
Here, at the cemetery, and up in the hills.
I am El Chupacabra! I am going to eat you!
All this talk of El Chupacabra
is not good for the children.
Now, forget all about
this scary monster nonsense...
and play with your skeletons
among the tombstones.
I must go join the search.
Yes, but it'll be more productive
if we first get all our facts straight.
I think the village is being terrorized
for a reason.
Somebody wants him to scare
everyone off and get us out of the way.
But what's to be gained from that?
El Chupacabra is scaring off the tourists,
making businesses suffer.
If the Oteros are forced to sell...
Senor Fuente gets what he wants:
The Oteros' land.
Good point.
But what does that have to do
with El Chupacabra?
The footprints leading away
from the cottage...
suggested El Chupacabra was scared off
once Shaggy alerted the rest of us.
Some monster.
He was okay scaring Scoob and me...
but chickened out
when there were more of us.
Maybe he's a fake.
I don't think
we can rule out the supernatural.
If the creatures at the pyramids
were special effects...
they were pretty special.
And very effective!
Real or fake,
somebody's been following us.
Yeah, they're anticipating our every move.
- But how?
- Let's look at my videotape again.
Wait! Freeze the frame!
Look, whoever wrote "manana,"
the Spanish word for "tomorrow"...
forgot the tilde.
What's a tilde?
It's a symbol you put over the "n"
to change the pronunciation.
Without it, the word would be said
incorrectly as...
"manana," instead of "man-yan-a"...
a mistake no real Spanish-speaking person
would ever make.
Looks like your Spanish lessons
are finally paying off.
Muchas gracias.
So the bad guy doesn't speak Spanish.
Maybe. But there's always the possibility
there's more than one bad guy.
Velma, did you save the torn label
from the fake warrior's costume?
Sure did, but I still don't know
what it means.
Sorry to interrupt,
but it's time for us to pay our respects.
- We're all ready to go.
- Please feel free to join us.
My homemade mango salsa, your favorite.
And from Charlene,
a cup of her cafe lechera.
Maybe if he knows where she is,
he will send us a sign.
I am the ghost...
of Senor Otero.
Don't be alarmed.
As you all know, today is the day...
we spirits return to Earth...
to commune with the living.
Mama, please, wake up!
I have learned that El Chupacabra...
is the result of an evil curse...
placed upon our land.
The only way to break the spell...
is to get rid of that land.
Once the land is sold...
El Chupacabra will vanish forever...
and Charlene will be returned, unharmed.
That doesn't look or sound
anything like my father!
Someone is playing a trick on us!
Can I see your medallion?
Just as I suspected.
It's a tracking device.
Let's see if it works in reverse.
Now, stop that now! Now, be quiet!
Do you hear me? Quiet!
Please! Ignore the stupid dog!
Pay no attention to the man
behind the curtain.
Leave the cemetery at once!
It is cursed! The whole town is cursed!
Sell the land
and everything will return to normal!
Can't you see? Many of them
don't understand your foreign language.
Speaking Spanish might help!
I don't know how to speak Spanish!
Why can't everyone just learn English?
Like, not so fast, senor.
It's Mister Smiley!
We suspected that "mile" and "enter"
were part of bigger words...
and look, we were right!
"Smiley Entertainment."
When Mister Smiley
was unable to convince the locals...
to sell their land for his new theme park,
he turned to the Otero family.
Their hotel is built on
some of the best real estate in Veracruz.
When they refused to sell,
he wouldn't take no for an answer.
So he terrorized the tourists
with the Chupacabra attacks...
hoping to ruin the Otero's hotel business
and force them to sell.
And then he did everything he could
to prevent us from revealing his scheme.
Smiley was the perfect person
to pull it off.
Please. You're only encouraging him.
Being the head of a theme park...
he had access to the best special effects
money can buy.
Like, not to mention
the animatronic animals...
like our magical eagle friend, Paco.
Ay caramba!
And by kidnapping me
and framing us as vandals...
he was able to derail our investigation...
and create bad publicity for the pyramids.
...soon to be his chief competitor...
for the dollars of tourists
all over the world.
Our deductions make perfect sense.
But if Smiley is behind
the Chupacabra attacks...
then how do we explain that?
That sure doesn't look like
a special effect to me!
- It is the monster!
- El Chupacabra!
Like, this is gonna be bad. Real bad.
You don't scare us,
you big Bigfoot wannabe!
They caught the monster!
We caught something,
but "monster" might be a little strong.
Well! We certainly weren't expecting that.
Were we?
Please, leave her alone!
She only did what I asked her to do.
I'm the guilty one, not her.
Hardly. It takes two to tango.
I'm afraid she's right.
Smiley didn't have to pull my leg
to be part of his scheme.
I love him.
You see, I worked as an actress
and stuntwoman at his theme park.
When I visited one day,
it was love at first sight.
Speaking of love,
where is my fiancee, Charlene?
I'm afraid
you won't be seeing her ever again.
Pick up the pieces of your shattered life
and find someone new.
I can't accept that!
Papa, I asked for a sign, Papa.
Anything to show us
where Charlene might be.
Please don't let your firstborn son down.
Look! The gifts we left for him are gone!
The only thing that's left
is the cafe lechera...
that Charlene made for him.
- I don't understand.
- I'm beginning to.
I was afraid of that.
I seem to recall someone mentioning
coffee grinds...
coming out of their ears
from working in the cafe all day.
Charlene, I thought you loved me.
Would you wake up
and smell the cafe lechera...
you pea-brained romantic!
I never loved you, I loved your money!
I mean, if we got married,
your inheritance would become mine!
Then I was fixing to drop you
like a hot tamale...
and share my riches
with my little honeybunch here.
But that goody-goody brother of yours
had to complicate everything.
Mister "I want to respect father's wishes,"
over there.
Thank goodness you're all okay.
You mean you knew about all of this?
Please, let me explain.
I admit I tried to convince you
to sell your land.
But I finally accepted that you would
never go against your father's wishes...
and I respected that.
But these two characters...
don't understand things
like loyalty and family.
When I heard of their
harebrained Bigfoot scheme...
I tried to track you down at the pyramids.
Not to harm you, but to warn you.
I understand. Please accept my apologies.
And please accept our apologies, Luis.
I have to admit, there were times
when we questioned your integrity.
We were wrong.
I can see how misunderstandings happen.
From now on, I will try to look
beyond the surface to what lies beneath.
What happens now, hon?
We go to jail! What do you think happens?
We could've made billions if it hadn't been
for those meddling kids!
I never trusted Senorita Charlene,
that bruja.
That means, "witch."
Alejo, I have something to confess.
Yes, brother?
Hermano, when you called out for help...
I did hear you,
but I was paralyzed with fear.
After losing Papa last year...
I panicked at the thought
of losing my only brother.
So I lied and said
the Bigfoot knocked me out.
I'm sorry for being a coward, Alejo.
I pray it never happens again.
There are worse things
than being a coward.
Like, I've made a career out of it!
So I guess there never was
a real Chupacabra.
- I wonder how that myth got started.
- Like all myths, I guess.
Since the beginning of time,
men and women have loved to tell stories.
And what better reason
for creating them...
than to explain the many things
we don't understand...
and maybe never will?
Like how they can pack so much flavor
into one piece of fruit?
At least our ancestors had the good sense
to create a way...
to work off all those calories.