Scooby-Doo! and the Reluctant Werewolf (1988) Movie Script

Tyler County, USA.
A funny-car race is in progress.
A young driver named Shaggy
maneuvers for the lead in his
double-dyno turbo-blaster.
Assisted by his
faithful companions
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy
and cheered on by his adoring
but liberated girlfriend Googie.
Go, Shaggy, go!
Don't be a bust!
Leave all the other guys
in the dust!
Yay, Shaggy!
Okay, Scoob,
hit the skinny switch!
'Coming through!'
Go, Shaggy, go!
Keep up the pace!
Go all the way and win the race!
Come on, get that bucket
of scrap out of the way!
Scrap, huh?
Well, chew on these scraps
little big mouth!
Yikes! Like, it's
time to split, guys.
And I mean split!
Way to go, Shaggy!
Give it the gun!
You're gonna finish number one!
Yay, Shaggy!
Only one car
between Shaggy's car and victory.
But wait, what's this?
Oh, no! It's the steam
powered grease-grinder!
It looks hopeless for
our heroes, but, wait!
Okay, gang, like,
let's do the drill bit!
And so,
as the Tyler County crowd cheers
our young hero Shaggy
accepts the winner's
trophy from Googie.
Al this exact moment,
the scene shifts
from a bright, happy race
in Tyler County, USA
to darkest,
deepest Transylvania.
Horrific home of the world's
most evil menace
Count Dracula.
Where a meeting of all
the monsters of his realm
is being held.
What has this creepy,
crawly conclave
got to do with a young
American race car driver?
This is our story.
What, no Werewolf?
What happened to him?
Where is he?
Yes, Wolfgong,
where is the Werewolf?
A thousand pardons, master.
Stop that, you sniveling
little cape kisser
and tell me where
the Werewolf went!
He's in Florida,
Your Menaceness.
He sent this postcard.
"Dear Drac, having a
wonderful time in retirement.
Glad you're not here.
How dare he retire
just before the
monster road rally!
'He knows all the
monsters in my realm'
'have to be in the race.'
That's right!
How can we pick a
monster of the year
without a werewolf?
And how can I afford all
those wonderful prizes?
Wonderful prizes?
Wonderful prizes is right.
Just for entering the race,
all of our monster contestants
will receive their very own
slimy spa!
'That's right!'
It's custom made
of real wormwood
and it comes with a year's
supply of real worms!
From slimy products.
Remember, if it makes
your flesh crawl
it's a slimy!
And that's only the beginning!
Never mind showing any more
of the prizes, Vanna Pira.
We can't have the race
without a werewolf
and that's that!
There's nothing I can do.
Master, wait!
There is something you can do.
What's that?
The Grimness Book of Records,
Your Evilness.
It tells how we can
get a new werewolf.
A new Werewolf?
Let's see.
It says...
Stop that!
Your breath is
wilting my collar!
Sorry, master.
It says that every 500 years
the moon comes into
perfect position
on three consecutive nights
'to create a new Werewolf'
and it starts tomorrow night!
And look, Drac,
honey, it even shows the one
who is to become the Werewolf.
What kind of a name is Shaggy?
It says he's an American.
Mm, and he's cute!
A cute Werewolf? Bah!
The Hunch-Bunch
will change all that.
Oh, no!
Not the Hunch-Bunch!
Not the Hunch-Bunch!
- Yuck!
- They're so awful!
So horrible!
The Hunch-Bunch!
Ah, yes. Allow me
to translate.
Crunch says,
"Top ho, everyone!"
Greetings, Count.
What's the caper?
It's all here.
You have three nights
to turn this
Shaggy person into a werewolf
and bring him back here
for the big race.
If you fail, it means
unspeakable torture.
Ah, fear not, Your Evilness.
You can count on us.
Come, Crunch!
He says,
"Ta-ta for now."
And so, two horrible monsters
take off on their
sinister mission.
Will our unsuspecting
hero Shaggy
be able to ward off
this treacherous plot?
We shall see.
Hello? Hello?
Someone is trying
to get into my house!
Somebody help me!'
Oopsy! Sorry.
'Doggone it, Scoob!'
'Like, what's
with you, anyway?'
How many times do
I have to tell you
movie monsters are not real?
'Now go out to the kitchen'
'and make some more
popcorn, will you'
'while we clean up
this mess?'
Monsters aren't real.
Monsters aren't real.
Monsters aren't...
what's wrong with you?
Monsters at the window!
I don't see any old
monsters outside.
Ah, but soon there'll be
a new monster inside.
'The moon is moving
into position.'
Come, Crunch.
It's time to create
a new Werewolf!
Oh, no!
Quiet, Crunch!
We must ascend to the
roof and make a hole
to let the moon shine
through on Shaggy.
Well, goodnight, guys.
- Goodnight, Shag.
- Goodnight.
Gee, wasn't that an exciting
horror movie, Uncle Scoob?
- Uh-huh.
- Gosh.
Remember how that monster
crashed through the window?
'And then remember
how he came after everybody'
and ripped up the whole place?
And then, remember
how he caught the hero
and opened his big, ugly jaws
and showed his big, ugly fangs?
'And then, how
he bit right into...'
Where you going, Uncle Scoob?
To get a snack.
'Very good, Crunch.'
Now to the rooftop
and turn Shaggy into a Werewolf.
Shaggy a werewolf?
Roh, no!
Wake up, Raggy!
Oh, what?
This is the exact spot
for the moonbeam.
Cut the hole here, Crunch.
- What are you doing, Scooby?
- Get up!
The monster's gonna get you!
Come on! Come on!
Scooby, let go.
Oh! They're coming
through the roof!
Coming to get you!
Coming to get me?
Oh, bother!
That infernal dog
ruined our plan.
Put that back in place, old boy.
We'll try again tomorrow night.
Monsters through the roof, huh?
- That's right!
- Okay, then...
Like, where's the hole?
Up there!
- Where?
- Right up...
Don't worry, Uncle Scooby.
We still love you
even if you are a wacko.
Dracula calling the Hunch-Bunch.
Dracula calling the Hunch-Bunch!
Where are you?
Where's my new Werewolf?
'Come in, Hunch-Bunch!'
Get off, Crunch,
you monster mush-mouth!
I want to speak to Brunch!
'Ah, yes, Your Evilness.'
'We've had a spot of
bad luck this evening'
but never fear, we'll bag
your Werewolf tomorrow night
or our name
isn't the Hunch-Bunch!
You better,
or your name will be mud!
'Or maybe even... blood!'
'Bleah! There they are!'
Ah-ha-ha, yes!
And with the moon,
we shan't fail tonight, Crunch!
Like, watch the car,
will you, Scrappy?
Scoob and I are just gonna go in
and grab a few snacks.
Sure thing, Shag.
Ah, yes.
Here is the exact spot
for the transformation.
Hurry, Crunch,
we must work fast!
Bleah, bleah!
Honestly, the way
these kids dress nowadays.
Now let me see, we need about
a dozen of these frozen pizzas
and some frozen pies, some cakes
and some ice cream bars.
And some doggy bon bons!
Thank you.
Scooby, stop!
Stop, Scooby!
Bleah, look, the moon!
'Yes, Crunch! The moon
is in perfect position!'
Oh, rot and bother!
Now we've only one more night
to turn the lad into a Werewolf.
Come, Crunch.
Let's reconnoiter.
Shaggy, are you okay?
Mm, yummy!
Master, what are you doing here?
I am not here.
This is my image transmitted
by my new bat laser.
How do I look?
I, um, think you lost something
in the transmission, sire.
Ah. Ah, well,
never mind!
What I want to know is,
where's my Werewolf?
Never fear.
We shall accomplish
our mission tonight!
You'd better get him this time
or you can both
turn in your humps!
Quick, Crunch!
To the copter!
Gee, thanks for taking us
on your date with Googie
to the drive-in, Shag.
Oh, like, confidentially
I don't want to leave
your Uncle Scooby home.
You know, the way
he's been seeing things
that aren't there lately?
Golly, Shaggy, isn't it
just a dreamy night?
Gee, Shaggy,
it's so romantic here.
Movie monsters!
Bleah! Ptooey!
Yes, I quite agree.
They don't resemble us
in the least.
Ah, there's our boy!
Come, Crunch, the moon
is coming into position.
Bleah, bleah.
Oh, Shaggy...
What's that?
It's Uncle Scooby's teeth.
Oh, no.
Here, you guys.
Go get some shacks, will you?
'And, uh, take your time, boys.'
Oh, Shaggy, don't drink so fast.
You'll get the hiccups.
Gee, Shaggy, look at that moon.
'Oh, wouldn't it be
heavenly to put the top down?'
'Oh, Shaggy-kins,
what a dreamy night.'
Shaggy, I told you
you'd get the hiccups
if you drank too fast.
Like, I'm sorry. Besides,
I don't have the hiccups.
That was just one.
It was not just one, it was two.
Well, like, I don't
have them anymore, okay?
Well, okay.
Oh, give me that!
Oh, don't you growl at me!
Like, I didn't growl at you.
- You did, too!
- Did not!
Yes, you did!
And just don't bother me!
But I...
What's going on?
Beats me, old boy.
Oh, for goodness sakes, Shaggy
go and do something
for those hiccups.
Like, okay, okay.
I guess I need something to eat.
That boy, huh.
It's a good thing for him
that I'm crazy about him.
Boy, like, I don't know
why she gets so uptight...
...just because...
...I have
a little case of...
Hey, babsie, what do you
say to a little smooch?
Like, why do girls always scream
at these drippy horror movies?
- Aah!
- Aah!
Some people get
shook up by anything.
You know, I don't believe
how these bird-brains
go so nuts at this
dumb horror stuff.
Yeah, well, you know, your
kids nowadays are really goofy.
'In my day, we had our
heads on a lot straighter.'
What'll it be, pal?
A triple guacamole dip, please.
Coming up.
Oh, like, hold the onions.
I'm with my girlfriend.
Uh, no onions.
Uh, like,
sorry. Hiccups.
Why does he keep changing?
Shh! I must confess.
I'm at a loss for
an explanation, Crunch.
We're back, guys.
Dig in.
Huh, where's Shaggy?
Oh, he went to get
something for his hiccups
but where's the napkins?
I forgot them.
Be right back.
Ah, come on now.
You're pulling my leg.
No, sir.
We all saw him.
It was totally weird.
He changed right in
front of our eyes.
That's right!
It was horrible!
No lie, officer.
There's a real Werewolf
in this drive-in!
A real Werewolf?
Oh, no!
'And he went
toward the snack bar!'
'Come on!'
Hello, what's this?
Oh, it's you, master.
Well, where is my
Shaggy Werewolf?
Shh! Over there,
Your Awfulness.
Excellent! Well,
what are you waiting for?
Go and get him!
Eh, there's one
minor problem, sire.
It seems he has the hiccups.
Big deal!
So what if he has the hiccups?
Oh, no!
A convertible Werewolf!
You'd better cure
his hiccups fast
or I'll put lumps on your humps.
Rest assured, sire
and we'll have him
back at the castle
within the hour.
Here's your triple...
Wait, Crunch!
There's the Werewolf!
After him!
That's him!
That's the monster!
No, not me! Wait!
Grab him!
- Get him!
- That's him!
Wait, Crunch.
We can apprehend him easier
from the bat copter.
Hey, like, I know
I'm not handsome
but I'm no monster!
Like, I give up!
What gives here anyway?
There he is!
Let's get him!
Not again!
Like, this is nuts!
Get him!
Grab that Werewolf!
After him!
There he goes!
After him!
Get him!
There's a monster loose!
There's two of them,
and that crowd thinks
one of the monsters is me!
It is you!
Oh, no.
Oh, no!
I'm a Werewolf!
Scooby, old buddy,
old pal, what'll I do?
Come back here!
You gotta help me, Scoob,
old pal, old friend
old dear good buddy!
Uh, okay.
Rats, we lost him.
He's hiding here some place.
That's the Werewolf!
Come on!
Oh, no! The Werewolf's
kidnapped that girl!
Quick! Let's get
to our cars!
Stop this car,
you yucky monster!
What did you do with Shaggy?
Like, knock it off, Googie.
I am Shaggy!
Oh, no!
Look out!
Oh, Shaggy, you poor dear.
Why would such a
thing happen to you?
Like, how should I know?
Phew! I guess,
we lost them.
Drop the moon dust, Crunch.
at least I lost my hiccups.
'At last! The master
will have his reluctant Werewolf!
'The castle!'
'Ah, yes,
Crunch, the castle.'
'Home, sweet hump.'
'I see the master has installed'
'the new bat copter dome door.'
Ah, there he is,
awaiting our landing.
Get the remote control,
my good fellow
and open the dome.
Oh, bad aim, old boy.
I think we're in hot water now.
Hot water, nothing!
I'm going to put you
both in boiling oil!
Oh, no!
Not boiling oil!
Oh, please, master!
Stop that, you whining wimp!
And bring my Werewolf
in here, on the double!
Yes, master.
Aah! Phooey!
There, there, Dracky honey.
Your face is getting flushed.
How can I help it?
Every time he talks,
he flushes everything!
Oh, it's not his fault.
After all, he's a monster.
Sure, he's a monster,
but that's no excuse
for being a wet schnook!
What's wrong now?
A spot of bother, sire.
It seems we're hung up,
as it were.
Well, can one of you fools
release the cable on the car?
Yeah, I can.
Oh, I do wish
you had consulted me
before you did that, old man.
I say, I wonder which lubricant
he'll boil us in.
Machine oil or motor oil?
Ah! At last,
I have my werewolf!
Bring the revival spray
and awaken our guests.
Yes, master!
Turn it on.
Turn it on.
Roger, old boy.
I'm not Roger.
I'm Crunch.
You're going to be history
if you don't take that
thing out of my face!
That's enough, already!
'Yes, master.'
Where are we?
I don't know, Scoob.
Like, this is too
horrible to be real.
Hey, wait a minute.
That's it!
- That's what?
- That's what?
It's not real.
It's a dream.
Like, we're having a nightmare.
- Really?
- Sure.
A nightmare?
- All of us?
- It has to be!
Get a load of the
rag-and-bone crew over there.
'If they're not
out of a nightmare'
'I don't know what is.'
'Which one do you
think is creepier?'
- He is!
- He is!
And, like, nothing as
gruesome as those two clowns
could possibly be real.
Hey, Scoob, dig the
puss on that chick.
It's so awful, it's funny.
What are you laughing
at, bolt breath?
And look over there.
- Yuck!
- Whoa!
'Raggy's right.'
'That's a whole
week of nightmares, huh?'
He's talking about you!
He means you, gnat nose!
Who are you calling names?
You think that was funny, eh?
Well, you'll laugh
your head off at this!
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
Yikes! If this is a dream,
let's all wake up.
Right. Like,
all together, gang.
On the count of three.
One, two...
I bid you welcome.
Like, we're still asleep, gang.
One more time,
and give it all you got.
A-one, a-two...
Never mind!
This is not a dream!
Permit me to introduce myself.
I am Count Dracula
and I have brought you, Shaggy,
to Transylvania
to drive the Werewolf car
in the monster road race.
Monster road race?
- Transylvania?
- Werewolf car?
Don't tell me that's why
I got turned into a Werewolf!
Oh! I told you
not to tell me that.
You can't do that to Shaggy.
He doesn't wanna be
any old Werewolf.
And he's not gonna drive in
your old road race, either!
Not for a million dollars!
'Are ya, Shaggy?'
Like, n-o-o way!
Ah. But you'll be
racing for something
much better than
a million dollars.
Right, Vanna Pira?
That's right, Count, honey!
Our second-place driver
in the monster road
rally will receive
as a consolation prize
a two-week vacation in...
'Ah, boo!'
'Bleah! Phooey!'
Who wants that?
But our road race winner
will receive,
all expenses paid,
an entire month in...
...the black hole of Calcutta!
Oh, wow!
That's mine!
Like, totally Weirdsville.
And, of course, the
biggest honor of all...
...the "monster of the year"
So, Shaggy, you still refuse
to remain and drive
in our big race?
Like, you got it, sir.
Very well.
Then you may all leave.
You mean, just like that?
Would I lie?
Uh-huh! Yeah! Sure!
Believe me.
You are free to go.
Well, okay, then.
- Goodbye.
- See ya around.
Have a nice day!
Such a pity you can't stay
for the pre-race party.
Too bad.
- And the dancing.
- Too bad.
'And all the delicious food.'
- Too ba... Food?
- Food?
Come on!
Let's get out of here.
Uh, what kind of food?
Yeah. What kind?
All kinds of delightful treats.
Crunch, Brunch, bring our
guests one of our delicacies.
Yes, master.
Hey, looks good, Scoob.
What was that stuff?
- Batburgers? Yuck!
- Batburgers? Yuck!
Hmm. I guess the bats
were a little undercooked.
Uh, listen, like,
thanks a lot anyway
but we don't want to hang around
for your little party,
so we'll just
like, uh, see ya around, okay?
Just a moment!
- Stop!
- I knew it!
Come on, gang!
Wolfgong, drop the cage!
Not on you, stupid, on them!
'Ha-ha! Got you!'
Hey, what's the big idea?
Yeah! You said
we could leave.
Ah, yes, but I had
my fangs crossed
when I said it.
Besides, I can't let you go.
You must drive
in the race, Shaggy.
No way, jagged jaws!
You will drive!
You will!
You will! You will!
That is an order!
You must!
Ah, but you're tired
from your journey.
Crunch, Brunch.
Yes, sire.
My guests wish to freshen up.
Take them to the ghastly room.
Oh, boy.
Like, what a pickle.
Here I am a Werewolf
and stuck in a castle
full of moron monsters.
We've just gotta get
out of here. But how?
Hey, I've got an idea.
Can you see anything, boys?
No, but we must be near
the ground, right, Scoob?
I think so.
What's the matter
with you, Scooby?
Like, wow!
That was a close one!
There's just gotta be a way
out of this crazy house.
A trapdoor!
Let's see where it goes.
Come on, gang!
'Bleah! Going up!'
Oh, bad show, old things.
I did request that you not
try to escape, you know.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
Now do stay put, old dears.
Well, anybody got
any bright ideas?
- What's that?
- 'Over here.'
'Try the fireplace.'
'It's got a hidden door
at the back.'
Hey, guys, there is a door here.
I wonder where this leads to.
Any where'd be better
than this creepy castle.
You said it!
This joint is the pits!
Why, it's even got ghosts!
I guess this is the only
way out, gang! Come on!
Looks like we joined
the party, after all.
Well, like, let's get partying.
I don't know what
this stuff is, Scoob,
but it looks pretty good, huh?
Oh, good.
I'm glad you changed your mind
and joined us.
I see you tried the frog fudge.
Delicious, isn't it?
- Frog fudge?
- Frog fudge?
- Yuck!
- Yuck!
- Frog fudge?
- Frog fudge?
Yes, and do have some
spider web spaghetti.
Spider web?
'And you must
try the plasma pizza.'
'And the wart pudding?'
Come on, Shaggy.
Let's get outta here!
Wait! You haven't tried
a finger sandwich!
Made with real fingers!
Party time for
ghosts and spooks
Vampires witches
ghostly kooks
That whole gang
all go gazooks
Doin' the werewolf rock
Mr. Jangles
rocks all night
Falls apart
about daylight
he's dynamite
Doin' the werewolf rock
Rock if a ghoul
can do it
Rock Scooby-Doo
will do it
Come on Scooby Dog
Rock rock rock
rock ro-o-o-ck
rowdy rockin'
Wearin' out their
Sunday stockin'
Doin' the werewolf rock
Doin' the werewolf rock
that's right
Watch it, buster!
You shouldn't talk
to shaggy like that.
You're cute.
Let's dance!
Watch that!
Oh! Okay.
You asked for it!
rowdy rockin'
Wearin' out their
Sunday stockin'
Doin' the werewolf rock
Doin' the werewolf rock
Hey yeah
- Hey!
- Oh, no!
- Criminy!
- Like, another trap.
'How do we get
out of this one?'
You don't, Shaggy,
unless you drive
the werewolf car
in the monster race.
No, I don't wanna race!
And I don't wanna be a werewolf!
No! No! No!
But you're going
to get squished.
Very well.
If you drive in the race and win
'I'll change you back'
'to your simpering,
normal, nerdy self!'
You will?
And I'll send you
and your dogs
and your tootsie-wootsie
back where you came from!
- Really?
- No lie?
- You promise?
- Trust me.
It's going back!
Yeah! Back!
Oh! Thank goodness!
- Aah!
- What was that?
The sun is up.
Rise and shiny.
Hey, wait a minute.
Like, I always thought
you had to stay
out of the daylight.
That's right, I did.
But no more.
Now I wear sunblock.
This is number 5,022.
'Well, now how about
some breakfast?'
- No, thanks.
- Unh-unh.
We don't want any more
of that yucky stuff
like you had last night.
Yucky stuff?
Oh, no! You will have
anything you want.
Anything except, ugh...
...angel food cake,
that is.
All you have to do
is call tomb service.
When you are finished,
I will show you
the course you are
going to race, Shaggy.
Like, Ciao, is right.
Hello? Yeah.
Like, will you send up
about three dozen
flapjacks, please?
And, uh, six side orders
of peanut butter.
A little bit of toast and jam
and a couple of
dozen of pickles.
And some waffles.
And maple syrup.
And a double garden pizza.
Uh, yeah.
You get all that?
Tomb service!
- Oh, boy!
- Wow!
This stuff is terrific!
Ah, yes, and to think
it's all fashioned
from a special kind of beans.
Beans, huh?
Hey, just what kind of
beans are in this stuff?
Scream beans.
They grow wild
in our torture chamber.
Scream beans?
Oh, that's awful!
Yes, I quite agree, my dear.
I say, Crunch,
remind me to tell chef
his cooking is
out of tune again.
Now, here is the racecourse
you will be driving.
It starts here at the castle
then goes to monster morass
'then to dragon breath tunnel'
'through sand slime
'up horrible hill'
'then down sneaky strip
and back here.'
That's a tricky track.
Yes, but I have confidence
you'll be able to
handle it, Shaggy.
Uh, like, how's about letting me
take the werewolf car
out for a test run?
Uh, well, no.
I'm sorry.
The car is being
modified for you
and it won't be ready
until the race tomorrow.
But we still got our car.
- Yeah.
- That's right.
How about letting us
have a trial run in that?
Well... yes,
go ahead.
Come on, gang!
I say, sire, was that wise?
What if they should
try to escape again?
They won't, not if Shaggy
wants me to turn him back to...
Ugh, normal.
Besides, this is
a wonderful chance
for some good, rotten fun.
Like, here we go, gang!
Calling the Hunch-Bunch!
'Yes, master.'
Ack! Not you, the other one!
Ah, yes, sire?
'They're coming your way.'
When they get
near monster morass
you know what to do.
Ah, you can put your
confidence in us, sire.
Stand by, old boy.
Bleah, heh heh heh!
Like, wow. I'd sure hate
to mess with those babies.
I'm such a dirty guy.
- Rrrelp!
- Let me at 'em!
I'll knock those
crocs' socks off!
Hang on, gang.
I'm gonna try something new.
Say, that's no fair!
I'm afraid the master
is going to be
highly displeased.
You said a mouthful.
And it's very rude to talk
with your mouth full.
Calm yourself, sire.
We'll make things
exceedingly hot for them
in dragon breath tunnel!
Like, there it is.
Yuck. Creepsville.
They're in the tunnel.
Set off the hot flashes now.
Bleah, ha ha!
Say, it's stuck.
Like, don't anybody panic.
You okay, Scoob?
You bet.
What gives?
Crunch, Brunch?
What happened to
the hot flashes?
Um, the timing
was a tad off, sire.
- But, sire!
- Pipe down!
'They're approaching the
quicksand straight-away.'
'Even you two bimbos can't
mess up my fun this time.'
Hang on, gang.
We're gonna plow
right straight
through this dump!
Well, now that's funny.
Here we go, gang!
The last leg of the course!
Alright, split the road!
I go batty over stuff like this.
Gee, Shaggy honey, it's too bad
you can't drive
this car in the race.
I really love it.
I'm kind of stuck on it myself!
Have you made the changes
in the Wolf Wagon I wanted?
Ah, yes, master.
All the controls
are switched around.
Very well.
No way do I want
that young Werewolf
to win the race tomorrow.
But, sire, the lad
drove the course
like he knew every turn today.
Which is why
I've changed the course.
But I'm still worried.
How can I make absolutely sure
he will lose?
Oh, boy. Am I sleepy.
'I'm gonna need
every ounce of energy'
'to win that race tomorrow.'
Don't worry, Shaggy.
We won't let anything
keep you awake tonight.
Right, gang?
- Right.
- Right.
Hm. Keep him awake?
What a wonderful, nasty idea.
Oh, Crunchy and Brunchy.
I got a job for you.
Now, you get a good night's
sleep, Shaggykins.
Hey. Like, how about
a real goodnight kiss?
Yuck! Ptooey!
The old dripping faucet ploy.
The speakers will
blow their minds
as well as their ears.
Yeah! Blecch!
Here, old boy. Hold the
microphone near the water.
I say, prick up
your ears, old thing.
I said near the water,
not in it.
Now then, Crunch,
let's wake up our werewolf
with a resounding
feline flourish.
- Meow! Rather.
- Meow!
- Meow!
- Meow! I say.
Doggone kitty cats.
Huh? What?
Rise and shine.
It's race day, Shaggy, old top.
'Here are your
racing colors.'
'We expect you at the
starting line forthwith.'
Tally ho.
Yeah. Tally ho.
Come on, Shag.
Let's show those old
monsters how to drive.
It's a picture postcard day
for the great annual
monster car rally.
Plenty of lightning and fog.
In just a little while
all the creepy creatures
of my realm
will be racing for the coveted
"monster of the year" trophy.
That's right, Dracky
and I'll be here
to do all the color
like, there's some brown
and there's some gray
and there's some green.
The peasants are pouring in
by the thousands
and are they excited.
'Just listen to that crowd.'
Come on, Shaggykins, wake up.
Please, Shaggy.
You've got to win
for yourself and all of us.
Like, what's the use?
I don't know how
to drive this thing
and who knows what traps
Drac has out there.
Oh, don't worry.
Scrappy and I
will be in your car.
'Now, we'll get a head start'
and radio back to you
anything that looks bad.
You can do it.
You can win.
Oh, but I'm so tired.
If only I could wake up.
There. Does that help?
Like, my battery's charged now.
Attention, ladies
and gentlemonsters
the 753rd annual monster rally
is about to begin.
Boy, Scoob. Like,
this car is weird.
in position number one'
'Frankenstein and Repulsa'
'in the freaky frankenwagen.'
'In position number two'
'Swamp Thing
in the slime speedster.'
'Number three
is the witch sisters'
'in the cauldron coup.'
Get that thing out of here!
'Next is Mr. Bone jangles'
'in his bone bomber.'
'And here comes the Mummy'
'in his Mummymobile.'
'And here is Dr. Jackal
and Mr. Snide'
'in the split-personality
'The Dragonfly
in his dragon dragster.'
And last, but not least
Shaggy the werewolf
in the werewolf wagon.
Oh, no!
There, there, Dracula.
'It's enough to make
a grown monster cry.'
Uh, like, sorry.
I don't quite have the hang
of this thing yet.
Yeah. Heh-heh-heh-heh.
Breaker, breaker. This is
looky lady calling wheelie wolf.
Do you read me?
Come on back.
Loud and clear.
'What's the story, Shaggy?'
'When's the race
going to start?'
Like, any minute.
Can I shoot off
the starting gun now, Dracky?
Huh? Can I?
Be careful.
Just a minute.
I can't have Shaggy fouling up
everybody's car again.
Ya-haa! Look alive!
- Ah!
- Ah!
I got a job for you boys.
Make sure that werewolf car
gets a bad start.
You can rest assured, sire.
'All the necessary
repairs have been made.'
'The race is once more
ready to begin.'
The crowd is going wild
with anticipation.
- Louder!
- 'Yay.'
Let the race begin!
Oh! That Brunchy
and Crunchy!
Pipe down!
'Well, fans'
'the race is underway.'
'The field is tightly packed'
'as the monsters
jockey for position.'
All except
for the werewolf wagon
which trails badly.
Like, this car's
engine is nowhere.
Take the wheel, Scoob.
I'm gonna see if I can
climb under the hood
and fix it.
Oh, uh, okay.
'The monster cars
are still closely'
'packed in. But wait,
what's this?'
'Oh, no. The werewolf wagon'
'comes out of nowhere
to take the lead.'
Take over, darling.
I'll be right back.
This is Vanna Pira again
with some more color commentary.
There's some orange and some red
and some more red and...
I thought you two fixed
that werewolf car
so that it couldn't win.
Ah, yes, master,
but Shaggy unfixed it.
Well, then you un-unfix it!
Very well.
Crunch, tacks away.
Tacks away.
Looky lady calling wheelie wolf.
We got a tacky track attack.
'Detour. Detour.'
Smooth move, eh, Scoob?
Yeah, real smooth.
- Aah!
- Aah!
Calling the Hunch-Bunch.
Did you disable
Shaggy's car yet?
Right-o. Indeed we did.
Our shower of tacks
took him right out of the race.
'And unfortunately, sire'
'it took all the
others out, as well.'
That Hunch-Bunch
would break my heart!
If I had one.
Quit shaking, Scoob.
'Hang in there, boys.'
Yeah. We'll get you
out of there.
Well, this is it.
Like, so long,
ol' pal, ol' buddy
ol' friend, oh-oh-oh!
- Huh?
- What happened?
Great work, guys.
Now get back and win this race
or you're a werewolf forever.
Like, hang on, Scoob.
'Well, monster motor fans'
'all the cars are back
in the race once again.'
All except for
the werewolf wagon
which has regrettably...
...dropped out.
Oh, no!
Were did he come from?
Oh, Dracky, don't you remember?
See, you needed a werewolf
to drive in the race
so you sent
the Hunch-Bunch over...
Never mind.
What this car needs
is a good tailwind.
Right, Scoob?
Tailwind. Yeah.
Oh, no!
Oh, my!
'I've seen cars with tail fins'
'but tail spins, how cute.'
Cute schmoot.
Shaggy's out in the lead again.
Bleah! Oh!
Um, I'm afraid the master
is going to be testy about this.
Testy? Who's testy?
I'm furious!
If you two don't keep Shaggy
from winning this race
it'll be both your necks!
Bleah! Aah!
Don't worry, old top.
We'll get the spider monster
to assist us.
Oh, yeah. Ha ha ha ha!
'What a race!'
'These drivers
are going all-out'
'to get that
"monster of the year" trophy.'
'There goes the dragon dragster'
'shooting out in front.'
'But wait, the Mummy
pulls a dirty trick'
'and retakes the lead.'
'I like that.'
'Now here comes
the cauldron coup.'
'The witches break out in front'
'with another dirty trick.'
'Oh, I like that.'
'Now the slime speedster's'
the cauldron coup.'
'Ho ho ho!
I really like that.'
'The swamp thing
now takes the lead.'
But, Dracky, that's not true.
Swamp thing's not in the lead.
That hairy hunk Shaggy's
way out in front. See?
Hairy hunk?
You know, you're
beginning to bug me.
You nerds bug me, too.
Speaking of creepy-crawly things
where is that buggy hunch bunch?
'Okay. That's 1,000 feet'
'of your best top-quality
A-1 spider web there.'
You got a guarantee on this item
thirty days
or 30,000 monster flies
whichever comes first.
Thank you, old boy
but we're going to catch
more than flies.
Right, Crunch?
Heh heh heh!
Looky lady calling wolf wagon.
Come on back, Shag.
Wolf wagon to looky lady.
Like, what's happening, Googie?
'We got a tennis set
for tarantulas'
'just down the pike.'
Like, thanks.
What's this?
The werewolf car has stalled.
The entire field has passed him.
What a pity.
Oh, no!
Oh, this is terrible.
This is awful.
Look, Dracky, I broke a nail.
Oh, Crunchy and Brunchy!
Oh, I say.
We'd better stop that
young werewolf fellow fast
or the master will have us
for tea, old boy.
To the copter.
Okay. Now!
Here he comes now.
Yeah. Now.
Bleah heh heh heh!
We shan't miss
this time, old thing.
On the count of three.
'Two. Three!'
'Hi there,
fast-car fans.'
'Vanna Pira here
pinch-hitting for Dracula.'
'Everybody's really
giving it all they've got'
'to win that
"monster of the year" trophy'
'and can they drive.'
'I mean, talk about skill.'
'Just look
at those clever moves.'
'Why, it's just
poetry in motion.'
But I don't think it's going
to make any difference
how good the monsters drive
'because that cutey-pie Shaggy'
'is way out in front.'
The only thing that could
keep him from winning now
would be if he got
lost or something.
Lost. Yes.
Why not?
Shaggy's road is the pits
tar pits, that is!
Hey. What's this stuff?
I don't know, Scoob.
Looks like they just
repaved the road.
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
'This is Dracula again,
racing fans.'
'All the monster cars have
gone ahead of Shaggy'
'who took the wrong turn
down the tar-pit trail.'
The tar-pit trail? Oh, no!
That's the road to where
the schlockness monster lives.
The schlockness monster?
I didn't know that.
Hey. What happened to Shaggy?
Looky lady calling wheelie wolf.
'Calling wheelie wolf.'
'Hey, where are you guys?'
Like... Whoa, no!
'You wouldn't believe it!'
Shaggy, where are you?
Come in, Shaggy.
- 'Oh!'
- 'Ohh!'
- Whoa!
- Yieee!
- Whoo-ooh!
- Whoa!
Sounds like it's time
to go on radar pilot.
- Whoa!
- Whoo!
'Well, fans,
now that Shaggy seems'
'to have gotten lost...'
'...the race
is really getting exciting.'
I can't hear you.
The next time I want to be alone
I'll call you guys.
Wait a minute!
What was that car doing?
Oh, I think it was
doing at least 80.
Hm. Her brain
is running on empty.
Road's getting pretty slick.
Better shift to swamp mode.
Ah! Oh, look!
'What a horrible monster!'
- Yeow!
- Whoa!
There's Shag and Uncle Scooby.
Oh, how are we
going to save them?
I've got an idea.
Hit the ejection-seat
button on my side.
But, Scrappy, what are you going
to do with that pepper?
No time to explain, Googie.
Come on.
Okay, big guy
time to clear up
that traffic jam
in your big mouth.
- Way to go!
- Way to go!
'The race is really
heating up now, fans'
'as dragonfly
in the dragon dragster'
'pulls into the lead'
'followed by Frankenstein'
'and Repulsa'
'in the freaky frankenwagen'
'and Mr. Bone Jangles
in the bone bomber.'
'Oh, no!'
'Shaggy again!'
'Wow, he makes the others'
'look like
they're standing still.'
'I'll fix that.'
What's the matter
with all of you?
How can you let that werewolf
make monster monkeys out of you?
Put those pedals to the metal!
They're catching up.
That's more like it.
We're gaining on them!
Oh, no!
The train!
Hang on, Scoob!
We've got to beat it!
Master, there appears to be
a train approaching.
Hadn't we better stop?
Who cares?
Keep going.
But this is madness.
Madness, I tell you.
We'll all get creamed...
...including me.
Step on the gas,
or I'll chomp your necks.
Both of them.
Faster! Faster!
I knew we'd make it.
Oh tell me boy
Is this the Transylvania
Hi, monster racing fans.
Vanna Pira pinch-hitting
for Dracula
who is, uh, whatchacallit,
Not decomposed.
'Oh, yeah.'
'Anyhow, the race'
'is really heating up.'
'Frankenstein and Repulsa
are closing in'
'on Shaggy in the werewolf car.'
Come on, come on!
Step on it!
Step on it!
Okay. Okay.
Not that hard, lead foot.
'Oh, he's pulling
away from us.'
'We'll never catch up now'
and it's all your fault.
I should have listened
to my mother
and married that rich
rattlesnake monster
from Texas.
Don't worry, my dear.
We'll stop
the werewolf car cold.
Oh, yeah? How you
gonna do that, dull skull?
With the same force
that gave me life.
A lightning bolt.
'Now we're cooking,
Franky, honey.'
Come on, come on.
Zap 'em good.
I'll turn up the power.
- Yieee!
- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoa-oh!
- Yieee!
I guess we're pulling away
from them now, Scoob, huh?
'Ha ha ha! Gotcha now!'
Huh? What's with them?
Come on, Franky,
shoot the works.
I can't miss.
'Can't miss, huh?'
We're out in front now.
- Right, Scoob, ol' buddy?
- Yeah.
Might as well slow down then.
With that bridge down,
they'll never catch us.
Hey, how'd you guys catch up
with that bridge out?
Easy, man.
We took a shortcut, you dig?
But that's cheatin'.
Yeah. Cheating.
You dudes got a lot to learn.
In this race, anything goes.
Right. Okay.
If anything goes
then here we go.
Uh-oh. We've been wound up.
Like, hang on, Scoob.
We're gonna unwind.
Hey! Ow! Oh!
That Shaggy kid
is really beginning
to frost my pumpkin.
Me, too.
Come on, sis
let's cook up a werewolf whammy.
One side!
The witch sisters
are comin' through!
Last warning!
Out of our way, small fry.
Who are you calling small fry?
Yeah. Who?
You two. That's who.
Oh, no. Look at us.
We're a pint-sized werewolf
and a half-pint hound.
What could be worse?
That could.
Well, well.
It's a real race once again
as the werewolf car
has shrunk from the battle.
I said, shrunk from the battle.
- Get it?
- Get what?
'Anyhow, the witch sisters'
'are still out in front'
'and here comes
the freaky frankenwagen'
'back into the race.'
'The crowd is electrified.'
'l said, the crowd
is electrified.'
Ooh. I like that.
'And as for the poor
little teensy-weensy'
'werewolf car...'
What's so funny?
Shrunk from battle."
I just got it.
Her mind wanders
and she just goes along
for the ride.
'Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.'
'What's this?'
It's Shaggy's pit crew.
They're the pits, alright.
Ha ha ha!
Just look what that
little mutt is doing.
'He's trying to pump up
that little car.'
How pathetic.
- Huh?
- Huh?
'Well, fans, the competition'
'for the
"monster of the year" trophy'
'is getting even tougher.'
'The dragon dragster
is lashing out'
'at the mummymobile.'
'The frankenwagen
and the slime speedster'
'are in a real flap.'
'And Bone Jangles
and Dr. Jackal'
'are each trying to get
an oily lead.'
I said, oily lead.
- Get it?
- Get what?
Stay with me.
I want to be alone.
Oh, look, Dracky.
'That precious Shaggy
is way out in front.'
Oh, he's so cute in his fur.
I wish I had a fur.
Dracky, honey, will you
give me a wrap?
Oh! You're going to get
a rap, alright!
Pow! To the moon!
Well, well.
'It looks like
the witch sisters'
'in the cauldron coup'
'are making another challenge'
'for the lead.'
Come on, honey
let's give that wimpy werewolf
a double freezy-frost whammy.
You're on, sis.
It'll stop him cold.
Ice cold.
Looky lady to wheelie wolf.
'You've got two haggy hot dogs'
'coming up on your tail.'
Go, ghouls, uh, girls. Go.
Time to cool those two cacklers
right, Scoob?
- Aah!
- Yaah!
You wacky witches!
Why don't you learn
to hit what you aim at?
Huh! I had to ask.
'Hi, horrible hot rod fans.'
'Vanna Pira subbing for Dracky.'
'Well, all the monster cars
are back in the race again.'
'But Shaggy is
so far out in front'
'it's gonna take something'
'really weird to catch him.'
- How weird!
- How weird!
Transylvania highway patrol.
'Pull that heap over
for an inspection.'
Yeah, like, what
are you looking for?
Yeah, look.
None of your lips.
Open this hood.
Aha! Just as I thought.
This engine is stolen property.
Stolen property! Since when?
Since right now!
- 'But...'
- 'But...'
No arguments.
Now get that car off the track
or I'll run you in.
But... but...
'l said, get it off!'
Like, okay.
What the...
'This is Vanna Pira again, fans'
'all the monster cars
have passed Shaggy.'
'With no motor, it looks like'
'he's out of the race.'
And now that he can't win
Shaggy will be
a werewolf forever
and under my power.
But wait, Googie and Scrappy
have just arrived
with a spare engine.
'Shaggy's back in the race.'
Make up your minds, peasants.
'Looky lady
calling wheelie wolf.'
We're going to cut out
for the cutoff and cut a corner
so we can cut in front
of the pack again. 10-4.
Gee, Scoob, I'd hate
to think where we'd be
if anything happened
to Googie and Scrappy.
It would be just awful.
Oh, Crunchy and Brunchy...
Ah, yes, master?
I have a real dirty job for you.
Bleah! Goody!
Ripping! Top-ho!
'Keep a sharp eye out for
our target vehicle, old boy.'
Prepare the sky claw.
Come on, you guys
like, move it over.
Let me past!
Let me past!
Lets see you get past this!
What's Mr. Snide cooking up?
Shaggy, don't get freaked
by that geek.
It's not real. Repeat,
the monster is not real.
Yikes! Are you sure
the monster knows that?
'Just race right through it.'
Like, okay. Here we go!
You're in the lead again.
Oh, boy, what a team,
what a team!
'We could never win
without you guys!'
'Precisely, old chap.'
- Hey!
- Whoa!
Yikes! Hang on, Scoob!
Well, now, it looks like Shaggy
is setting
a new course speed record.
'Unfortunately for him'
'it is in the wrong direction.'
Help! Shaggy, help!
Like, keep cool, guys!
Cool? No, no, no.
What's called for here
is an application of heat.
Hot stuff.
I mean, hot.
'Such as a dip
in lava pit lake.'
Toodle-oo, little crew.
It's bye-bye time.
Oh, no!
Thanks, guys.
Now you better get back
in the race, and hurry.
Oh! Here come those
double dipsticks again.
'No problem. We'll keep them
out of your hair.'
Now get back in that
race and win, Shag
or you're a fur ball forever.
Come on, let's make
like the wind and blow!
Get it? Let's scram.
I say, old top.
Give them the old one-two.
Bleah! Bleah!
The old one-two.
Uh, oh. Dippy and Trippy
are still after us.
Vampire bees.
The most vicious
beasts on earth.
I say, old top
give it the old hive-ho.
Hive-ho hive-ho
To dirty work we go
I say, do shut up
and throw it, old dear.
Hi, guys, what happened
to the Hunch-Bunch?
No problem.
They're off getting a bite.
Yeah, a lot
of bites. Ha ha!
Come on, gang.
Let's get back on track.
Well, fans. The tension
is mounting as the race'
'for the
"monster of the year" trophy'
'gets more and more exciting
by the minute.'
'The mummy has
the bone bomber boxed in.'
'The frankenwagen is creaming
the slide speedster'
'and the witch sisters
are sideswiping'
'I mean, sidesweeping'
'the split-personality special.'
Oh, are they ever going fast.
Yes, it's a tortuous pace.
My favorite kind.
A million-dollar pileup!
Dracky, you've never seen
a million dollars.
So what? It looks like something
I've never seen before.
And there goes Shaggy
back into the lead.
What? Shaggy?
And those two!
Didn't you tell the Hunch-Bunch
to get rid of them?
Oh! Just wait till I see
Crunch and Brunch.
Will I chew them out.
'I'm afraid you'll have
to get in line, sire.'
Ow! Oh! Ow!
'Well, fans, the monster cars
are rolling again.'
And the action
is getting very rough.
'The frankenwagen is in a duel'
'with the
split-personality special.'
'The mummy car is tangling
with the slime speedster'
'and the bone bomber
is taking a licking'
'from the dragon dragster.'
'But Dracky,
Shaggy is way out front!'
Not for long.
He's about to run into
some hard opposition.
We shan't fail this time,
old fellow.
This quick-drying cement
will stop them in their tracks.
- Ooh! Here they come.
- Top-ho!
Now when their car
gets into position
count to three
and I'll let it go.
Uh... Uh, what's after two?
Three, old fellow, three!
Yeah! Three!
Oh, I say, old thing
you're timing was
just a tad off.
Oh, that Hunch-Bunch!
I knew someday
they'd drive him batty.
'Good news, fans'
'the monster cars
are back wheeling again.'
'The cauldron coup
is burning rubber'
'the slime speedster
is running flat out'
'and I mean flat.'
'And the frankenwagen
is tearing up the track'
'but they're still
way behind Shaggy.'
Ah, too bad.
'It looks like
he's going to win'
'and not be a cute
werewolf anymore.'
Not if I can help it.
Is that enough
man-eating plant seed, sire?
Yes. It is the most
vicious plant in the world.
It attacks
the first thing it sees
so don't mess up.
The plan is to sprinkle
the water on the seeds
and run, run fast.
Bleah, you mean
like this?
'No, no, not yet!'
'Not till Shaggy comes!'
'Whoa! No!'
Alright, that tears it!
No more Mr. Nice Guy!
I am going to unleash GK.
Bleah, no!
Not GK!
Oh, no, not GK!
Oh, dear, oh, dear, not GK!
Uh, who's GK?
Ha-haa! Who's GK?
Like, oh, boy, Scoob,
we're way out in front.
Nothing can stop us now.
What's that?
Meet GK.
Genghis Kong, take one.
- Whoa!
- Aaah!
At last! Shaggy is out
of the race for good.
Now, to the finish line to flag
the winning monster.
- Yikes!
- Yikes!
Nice doggie.
Oh! What's that
horrible thing?
A nightmare
called Genghis Kong!
He's got Uncle Scooby.
Hey! You let go
of my uncle
or I'm gonna ring
your gong, Kong.
Easy, Scrappy
I have a better plan.
'It's operation skateboard,
got it?'
Right on!
It's operation skateboard!
'Here they come, fans'
'down the homestretch.'
'Looks like it's gonna be
a photo finish.'
Okay, boss, hold it.
'It's neck-and-neck.'
'I mean, wreck-and-wreck!'
But what's that?
'It's Genghis Kong
coming on fast'
'powered by
Googie and Shaggy.'
Double yay.
Like, time to say so long, Kong.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Let's go.
You said it, Scoob.
Big pace coming up.
'Shaggy wins!'
Oh, no, no!
Sorry? That's not the way
it was supposed to come out.
Congratulations, Shaggy
you are the
"Monster of the year!"
No way!
- But, Dracky...
- Oh, like, that's okay.
I don't want to be monster
of this year or any year.
I just want to be
changed back to myself.
And go home.
Yeah, and go home
like you promised.
- Never!
- But you promised!
I won the race!
You promised!
I am so sorry
but there's just no way
to change you back.
Oh, Dracky,
that's a monster fib.
It tells right here
in the Grimness Book
how to turn
a werewolf back to...
Give me that!
Or right to the moon.
Bang! Zoom!
Great work, Scoob.
Come back here with that!
Hunch-Bunch, get that book!
Bleah! Ha ha!
Old bean.
Like, ha-ha-ha to you.
Ha-ha-ha to you, too.
Ditto, Drack-o.
They're getting away.
Hunch-Bunch, get my dracmobile.
Get my dracmobile!
What took you so long?
Like, step on it, Googie,
they're gaining on us.
I say, master
they appear to be pulling away.
Nonsense! I'll stop them
with the drac vac.
Oh, no! He's got us!
Not if we can make it
to that turn in the road.
Quick, bring me my batplane.
- The batplane!
- Yes, master!
What kept you?
- Sorry.
- Bleah! Sorry.
Oh, no! It's Dracula again!
I just wanted to fang you all
for your visit.
Like, we're sitting ducks!
What we need is a roof
over our heads.
Hang on, gang!
Fools, that won't protect you
against my munchy missile.
Like, quick, Googie,
let's go to jet flight.
So, they think
they can escape Dracula.
Ha-ha, not while I still have
my tombs-day weapon.
The headstone rocket.
What a beautiful nightmare!
'Shaggy and his friends'
'will be twisting and turning'
all night long.
I've got to get this on tape
for my horror highlights.
Everybody say cheese!
Oh, cheese...
Like, what happened?
Where's the storm?
'And where's Dracula?'
And our jet's not firing.
How are we flying?
I know how we're flying.
We're flying first class.
Oh, boy! Like, it's great
to be home again.
I'll eat to that!
Right, Uncle Scoob?
You betcha!
Well, let's make
like shovels and dig in.
- Just a minute.
- Huh?
First things first.
We're going to change you back
from being a werewolf.
Repeat after me.
"Oogly boogly wobbly wye
"no more a werewolf am I
'I'm going to be
a normal guy."'
Like, okay. Ahem, here goes...
"Oogly boogly wobbly wye
"no more a werewolf am I
I'm... going
to be a normal guy."
Oh, Shaggy!
No more werewolf.
And no more Dracula.
What a mean guy.
You know, something was always
eating at him.
You said a mouthful.
Ahh! Oh!
'Hunch-Bunch, help!'
Aah! Hurry up!
Shaggy, don't eat so fast.
You'll get the hiccups
and turn into a werewolf again.
Are you kidding?
Like, no way.
Well, it happened before,
and it could happen again.
Ha ha ha! No way!
Oh, no! Huh?
Oh, Shaggy, you nerd!
Like, that wasn't me.
It was... Scooby!
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
He-he! Just kidding!
That was a good one old buddy,
old pal, old friend.
Oh, honestly...
Oh, come on, Googie, lighten up.
Believe me, we're all through
with those werewolves
and vampires
'and monsters forever.'
That's what he thinks.
We're back!