Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2018) Movie Script

Scoob, I take back everything
I ever said about birthday clowns.
Nothing's scarier than...
Like, man, why are Scoob and I running
from the monster instead of anyone else?
It's pretty much default behavior
at this point. How's it comin', Fred?
Almost done. Counter-weighted
pulleys, titanium weave mesh,
and now, my most escape-proof trap yet.
I call her "the Marionette."
SCOOBY-DOO: Incoming!
It's not ready yet, Shaggy.
No problem. We'll just ask
the killer puppets to take a time out.
Jinkies! The world's greatest Detective.
Batman, what are you doing here?
I go wherever puppet-related
crime rears its ugly head.
Well, thanks for the assist.
You should be hanging out in malt shops.
Not loitering in condemned buildings.
Like, Batman just told
us to get a milkshake.
I think we should listen.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, to the malt shop.
But, we're here to solve a mystery.
Leave the sleuthing to
professional mystery solvers.
It's not safe here for you kids.
Hey, no one calls us kids.
Actually, a lot of people call us kids.
Most commonly paired
with the word "meddling."
We are mystery solvers.
And we are... [PUPPET LAUGHING]
This vindictive ventriloquism ends now,
you pernicious puppeteer.
Zoinks! He's a ghost.
Not possible.
There's always a rational explanation.
Rationalize later. Trap now.
Trap. Right!
Oh, where's the lever?
I need a light.
A light.
Great, you just trapped Batman.
Fred, think, if Batman's
in the trap, then where's...
Afraid of a little fire, huh?
Looks like you've met your match.
- Whoa!
Split up and head for the exit!
Well, gang. It seems like we've finally
gotten to the bottom of this mystery.
It all started when we got
an anonymous e-mail
asking for our help
with a rash of bizarre thefts,
all committed using puppets.
This could only mean the abandoned
theater of Puppetto the puppeteer.
Locals claim his ghost
began terrorizing them
when they voted to tear it down.
Then I noticed Fredo using his hands
and feet to steal jewels.
We also found something else
at the crime scenes.
Banana peels.
And Puppetto was frightened of a lit match.
But the real Puppetto
was a trained fire eater.
He also phased right through Batman's hand.
Which can only mean that Fredo
and Puppetto are really...
A monkey and a space alien?
Hmm, obvious in retrospect.
Not just any monkey/alien.
This is the Martian Manhunter
and Detective Chimp.
The superheroes?
But why would two good guys
resort to stealing?
For once, I have no idea.
You passed the test.
A first for me.
Batman? What test?
To see if you were ready
to join our organization.
Bravo! Good show, and all that, what?
BATMAN: Mystery Incorporated, welcome
to the Mystery Analysts of Gotham.
[GASPS] The world's pre-eminent
crime busting organization.
This is a lifelong dream.
What made you choose us?
We've been aware of your
team for some time.
This was your initiation.
I knew something about
the crimes felt staged.
Hats off, milady.
Like, man, talking animals freak me out.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Our next meeting is in a week.
In the meantime, I could use
your help on a few cases.
I've made all the arrangements,
if you'll follow me.
Jinkies, Batman needs our help?
Sayonara, my masked mutton head.
Not so fast, you malignant mind boggler.
We've danced this dance before, Riddler.
It always ends with you licking your wounds
in a padded cell at Arkham Asylum.
True, you beat me one on one, Batman.
But riddle me this,
when is a villain like a mathematician?
Answer, when it multiplies.
Did someone mention a dance?
I'm gonna make a nice bat gumbo out of you.
I anticipated your malevolent
mathematics, Riddler,
and brought some additional
allies of my own.
Aquaman, Question.
Thanks for your assistance.
Could I ever refuse a call from the Batman?
Crab cakes. You brought him?
He's so annoying
with all those deuced questions.
And how are you, Aquaman?
Besides, he really creeps me out.
Have at thee, you reptilian rapscallion.
CATWOMAN: Poor thing.
Must be hard to see in that mask.
Let me scratch some eyes out for you.
Let's wrap this up, Question.
We're due at the monthly meeting
of the Mystery Analysts of Gotham.
- A party, eh?
Meeting. [GROANS]
- Not party.
- Anywhere I go is a party.
A party? So there will be dancing.
Aquaman, use your hydro-kinesis.
My what-the-what?
Your water controlling powers.
Yes, my hydro... [MUMBLING]
Safe to say, that's a wrap.
Then, to the Mystery Analyst meeting.
Let's get going.
It's secret invite only, Aquaman.
You're not a Detective.
Not a Detective?
Why, I'm a wiz at sleuthing
out hidden undersea currents.
That's oceanography,
not criminal investigation.
Plus, I can identify 900 species
of fish on sight alone.
That's ichthyology.
And who's better at detecting those nasty
hard to reach volcanic fissures, eh?
Me, that's who.
Again, oceanography.
But thanks for mopping up.
Some pals.
Leaving me to do all the work.
Edgar, do all the work.
Detectives only, eh?
SHAGGY: So, dude, there will be
dinner served at the meeting, correct?
You just cleaned out a truck stop
mini-mart on the way here.
No, I saved one box of cookies for later.
[CLEARS THROAT] Which is now.
Like, dude, no fair.
You know what's the real mystery here?
Batman himself.
I mean, who is he, really?
Under that mask, he could be anyone.
Technically, not anyone.
Given Batman's observed
height and proportions,
combined with the necessary financial means,
I've narrowed Gotham's ten million citizens
down to a mere 6,052.
Maybe you can ask him yourself.
'Cause we're here.
But which door is it?
There are dozens.
FRED: No sign of a keyhole.
Or a doorknob.
Wait, Fred, stop the van.
Man, that is really bad haiku.
Or good haiku.
I can never tell.
Not a poem, an anagram.
Word jumbles, makes those long
between-mystery miles just fly by.
And look, there's a gap in the bricks.
Welcome, Mystery Incorporated,
to the Mystery Analysts of Gotham.
In a word, jinkies.
Some of our members you've already met.
Are those Chocos?
Um, yes.
This is The Question,
our resident conspiracy theorist.
Jinkies, what happened to his face?
Now, that would be telling.
Never mind, we're good.
BOTH: Uh-huh.
And our expert in Meta
Human Criminology, Black...
Canary. Oh, wow, I'm a huge fan.
Huge fan.
No autographs, Ascot.
BATMAN: Everyone, please take a seat.
This seat's taken.
See what I did there?
I'm taking up the exact space of a chair.
[SIGHS] And how could
we forget Plastic Man?
A Martian Mindwipe would do the trick.
As I was about to say,
whenever any of us have a particularly
baffling mystery, we present it to the group.
Speaking of mysteries, it's tradition for
new members to pick our next case to solve.
VELMA: A filing cabinet?
Isn't that a little old school?
It's our "unsolved cases" file.
A drawer for each hero.
That would be Plastic Man's.
Yeah, I like to build up a bunch
and solve 'em all at once.
Jeepers, Batman only has one unsolved case?
Ruddy show-off he is.
A case even Batman couldn't solve?
Not open for discussion.
But we wanted to... [RUMBLING]
I am Sir Arthur...
Quirot of the Cleveland Yard.
You are all under suspicion.
Aquaman? What are you...
I shall ask the questions here.
Where is the body?
I know one of you is the guilty party.
And I never forget a face.
Although, you seem to have forgotten yours.
Just so you know,
I'm rolling my eyes.
You can stay.
[BEEPING] - By the hordes of
H'ronmeer, a crime alert.
Probably someone stealing televisions.
You'd know a thing or two
about that, wouldn't you?
Look again, that's a scientific storage
facility used to hold materials
that are especially dangerous
or toxic in nature.
That sounds serious.
Maybe we should investigate.
As new members of the
Mystery Analysts of Gotham,
I move that Mystery Incorporated
take the lead on this case.
Well, gang, it looks like we have
another mystery on our hands.
MAN: [EERILY] Batman.
[ECHOING] Batman.
VELMA: Batman, everything okay?
What? Oh, yes. I'm fine.
THE QUESTION: Hmm. A dozen companies have
used this storage facility over the years.
Sounds like whoever did
it is still in here.
I'm not sensing a living being inside.
So, whatever is in there isn't...
[GULPS] ...alive?
Strange, the alarm seems
to have been tripped intentionally.
As if someone wanted us to come.
By Jove, this is starting
to sound intriguing.
Mystery Incorporated, this is your case.
How do you wanna start?
Huh? Oh, right.
[STUTTERING] Like we always do.
Split up and look for clues.
Everyone take the one on your left.
Looks like it's you and me, doll.
Okay, fine. You two
search the north section.
Velma, Detective Chimp, you take the south.
Oh, do try and keep up, won't you?
Oh, yeah? You try and keep up.
Mentally, I mean.
Shaggy, you're with Question
and Martian Manhunter.
Search the east section.
Like, sure, I'd love to search
for an undead science thief
with a faceless man and a space alien.
That never gets old.
And Scooby, you go with Batman and Aquaman.
Search the perimeter storage units.
I'll get him to spill the bat beans
about that unsolved case yet,
my canine compadre.
Outrageous. [LAUGHING]
Me and Ascot.
So, Batman, now that we're alone,
confide in your old chum A-man.
What's in that old file of yours?
Did you lose another Robin?
Just drop it, Aquaman.
These devices were activated recently.
Radioactivity could do that.
Like, all this investigating
is making me hungry.
- Now, where did I put that last Choco?
- Mine! [CHOMPS]
Dude, do they have manners on your planet?
[SWALLOWS] No. I'll search ahead.
So, Ms. Canary, what do you know
about Batman's unsolved case?
Not much, Ascot.
No one knows what it is.
Just now, he seemed worried.
Worried or guilty?
VELMA: Someone broke into this storage unit
and it looks like several vials labelled
"Isotope 29" have been stolen.
Three, to be exact.
You can see the indentations clearly.
Clearly, there were four.
There's a ring where it was
standing alongside the others.
But clearly, this was
radioactive in nature.
The specific chemical makeup is unknowable.
And clearly, it was Isotope 29.
The label ink left
a faint imprint in the tray.
Reversed, of course.
Ruddy show-off.
Is it me, or is it getting cold in here?
So, what was that about
stealing televisions?
Oh, my real name is Edward O'Brian.
Folks used to call me...
Eel O'Brian?
The most slippery thief ever
sought by the Gotham PD?
You're a criminal!
Correction, doll. I'm a
used-to-be criminal.
Ever since an accident made Eel O'Brian
the stretchiest man alive,
I'm 100% hero.
Are you okay? [SHIVERING]
The cold messes with my stretching.
You go ahead, I'll catch up.
And let's keep this between us.
It's kind of embarrassing.
MAN: [EERILY] Batman.
Something is in here.
MAN: [ECHOING] Batman.
I can handle this alone.
You should all head back to headquarters.
You did this to me.
Do you remember, Batman?
Now, I'm back.
Back to make you pay.
You and all of Gotham.
Zoinks. Like, what is that?
A ghost!
Who or what are you?
You may call me The Crimson Cloak.
Is that the thing from your case?
What's this have to do
with the missing vials?
Now's not the time, Canary.
Have at thee, you felonious phantasm.
BOTH: Huh?
None of you shall escape.
Everybody, run!
Scoob, old pal, it's been nice knowing you.
Hey, what did I miss?
Yes, what's happening?
Plastic Man, those barrels are combustible.
- Cover us.
- I'm on it.
Aquaman, Canary,
put that fire out before it spreads.
Chimp and Question,
check for any innocent bystanders.
- Follow my lead.
- Of course, my siren sister.
What can we do to help?
You and the others need
to get some place safe.
Meet me at the malt shop
on the corner of Spears and Ruby.
- But we were just...
- Go, I'll be in contact soon.
WAITRESS: So, what are you kids having?
Like, five chocolate shakes, my good woman.
What are the rest of you guys havin?
Four more, please.
I've been looking for you
hippie mystery solvers.
Detective Harvey Bullock, Gotham PD.
What's going on, Detective?
Fred Jones,
I'm investigating a robbery
at Gotham Chemical Storage.
Wouldn't know anything
about that, would ya?
Have you tried splitting up
and looking for clues?
That always works for us.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure it does, cupcake.
Here's a clue for you.
This was taken at the scene of a break-in.
Whole building destroyed.
Wait, who took that photo?
Anonymous tipper.
That's your gang's little
flower power van, ain't it?
We're not a gang.
Like, sure, collectively we often
refer to ourselves as "the gang."
But we're not a real gang.
I mean, we're a gang,
but not technically a "gang" gang.
And we weren't involved in that theft.
Where you been the last couple hours?
Uh, I'm afraid we can't tell you that.
Well, ain't that convenient?
We're mystery solvers,
how can you suspect us of a crime?
Seen it before.
Cop spends so much time thinking like
a criminal, he starts acting like one.
Actually, that's a well-documented...
and completely unsound phenomenon.
All right, you kids are coming
with me after I search your van.
You can't do that.
BATMAN: That'll do, Detective Bullock.
I'm sure Commissioner Gordon
would be interested to hear
you're arresting citizens
without a warrant.
Gee, I can't seem to find it.
Must've left it at the precinct.
Come back when the donuts
are fresh, Bullock.
This ain't over, Bats.
I'll be keeping an eye on you.
Bet on it.
What can I get you, Batman?
Buttermilk over ice, please.
[SIGHS] That was close.
BATMAN: I got here as soon as I could.
The others are out working the case,
but Bullock complicates things.
Batman, what happened earlier?
And who is that Crimson Cloak?
An old villain?
A new one.
I've never seen him before.
What does that mean?
Is he wearing a disguise
or some sort of illusion?
It doesn't seem possible.
I've checked and cross-checked the entire
criminal database in the Batcave computer.
Batcave? As in, the actual Batcave?
Jinkies! When do we get to see that?
BATMAN: You don't.
Gentleman Ghost, Clayface, Joker.
Anyone who could do this
is either in Arkham Asylum
or Blackgate Penitentiary.
Batman, you have to tell us what happened.
FRED: We're all part of
the Mystery Analysts.
We help each other solve cases.
Yeah, it's what we Scooby-Doo.
Your unsolved case.
No one outside yourselves
has seen the contents of this file.
It was during my first year
as a crime fighter.
I'd intercepted a report
of criminal activity at a secret lab.
That malevolent mastermind Professor Milo
had been conducting
a teleportation experiment
that had gone horribly awry.
You won't thwart my experiments this time.
BATMAN: I easily subdued Professor Milo.
But his two henchmen, Doctors Leo Scarlett
and Wade Magny, weren't so lucky.
It's out of control!
We didn't know!
Batman, help us, please!
BATMAN: I finally pulled both of them free.
Or so I thought.
I had saved Dr. Magny,
but Leo Scarlett...
Thank you, you...
You saved me.
BATMAN: It was my fault.
He was the only innocent life I ever lost.
So that's your unsolved case.
Sometimes, I could hear
a voice in my dreams.
But I never thought it was real.
Now, to see what he's become...
How could he be back?
Because it's a real ghost.
Yeah, a ghost.
Don't worry, Batman.
Mystery Incorporated is going
to help you solve this case.
Wherever it leads.
Like, where's Professor Milo?
He's the most likely suspect.
He met his fate in a rodent-related
incident a few years ago.
Don't ask.
Did Leo have any family?
Only Leo's father, Sam Scarlett.
A world class scientist in his own right.
After the accident, he swore revenge.
But he was a broken man.
Wait, something just hit me.
Velma, give me your notebook.
You said the other henchmen's name
was Dr. Wade Magny?
But look what happens
when you rearrange the letters.
How could I have missed that?
Word scrambles.
You know it.
Like, who's Edward Nygma?
I don't know.
The man who would become the most
twistedly clever criminal I've ever faced.
The Riddler.
ALL: The Riddler?
All this time.
I never realized he was involved
with Professor Milo.
We have to question him.
Do you know where he is?
I do, but you need to stay behind.
Are you kidding?
We've explored tons of spooky places.
You've never been any place like this.
VELMA: Arkham Asylum.
This should be a fascinating insight
into the supervillain psyche.
Like, Batman was right.
We should've stayed behind.
I'm man enough to admit it.
I'm dog enough.
BATMAN: Scooby.
When is a dog not a dog?
When it's pure bread.
I've come to get answers, Riddler.
I know you were working with Professor
Milo the night of the accident.
Took you long enough.
But before I answer your questions,
you must answer mine.
When you say my name, I vanish.
What am I?
I got it, a coward.
Let's vanish.
The answer is silence.
Ooh, I like this one.
Silence it is.
We're runnin', not screamin'.
Time to break your silence, Riddler.
How did you get mixed up
with Milo and Scarlett?
What happened the night of the accident?
Fresh out of school, I was
brilliantly evil, but too young.
I hadn't figured out the whole
supervillain thing yet.
So, you came up with a fake name
and joined up with Professor Milo's gang.
I convinced the rather impressionable
Leo Scarlett to join up with me.
But the machine wasn't ready.
This was as much your doing
as it was Professor Milo's.
I'm not the one who failed
to save poor Leo Scarlett.
Thank you for saving me,
by the way, Batman.
Enough! Crimson Cloak, what is he?
Perhaps he's fate.
You failed to save Leo's life,
now he's come for yours.
So, I leave you with a final riddle.
What's black, white and red all over?
Everyone knows that. A newspaper.
Wrong! The answer, dear Batman,
is the last thing you will ever see.
The black of his shadow,
his white-hot fury,
and a descending red shroud of your doom.
This is a dead end.
Lest you think me a complete monster,
you'll find his remains,
the sleeve of his lab coat,
laid to rest at Arkham Cemetery.
On the grounds of this very asylum.
Let's go.
BOTH: Ooh.
Like, who knew Arkham had a cafeteria?
Bates burger, Hanni-bowl, Pasta Al Capone.
Sounds scary, but it sure looks delicious.
What do you say, Scoob?
[SLURPS] Let's seek asylum.
Shaggy! Scooby-Doo!
Where are you?
Sorry, Batman, they run off sometimes.
A lot, actually.
Okay, every single time.
Flight is a natural
response to the unknown.
We'll find them.
Leaving so soon, Batman?
Jeepers! It's the ghost!
What do you want,
you pestiferous poltergeist?
Why, your demise, of course.
How fitting it should happen here,
among all your enemies.
[GASPS] He's turned off the power.
But the cell doors
are electronically operated.
That means...
Batman, what was that
you said about running?
- It's a natural response.
- Yeah, that. Run!
You may have to be crazy to get in here,
but you'd be even crazier to leave.
Ooh, that's a lot of puddin', puddin'.
You weren't going to eat
that salad, were you?
Ivy gets real upset
when folks ain't nice to plants!
Garnish. Purely decorative.
We'll just put it back
for the next evil mastermind to enjoy.
Zoinks! Like, man, where
did that come from?
Beats me. Beats you too.
Oh, so it's like that, is it?
Food fight!
Get them, Georgia.
Like, we're pinned down.
We'll have to eat our way out of here!
Let's roll!
Shagg, Scoob. [WHIMPERS]
Like, the villains are all out.
We know, they're right behind us.
We can't let them escape into the city.
Everyone out, quickly!
You don't have to tell us twice.
We need to seal off the outer exit
before they get out.
Oh, that was close.
If those criminals had escaped,
it would have been a disaster.
Man, the real disaster
is all that food going to waste.
Yeah, I wanted seconds.
- Guys, look.
- VELMA: Arkham Cemetery.
FRED: This must be the place
Riddler was talking about.
Like, I have a plan.
How about we don't open the spooky crypt?
Zoinks! A ghost!
No. It's another dead end.
- Scooby.
- Mmm-hmm.
Like, Scooby-Doo found something.
VELMA: A footprint.
Good work, Scooby.
Someone opened the hatch.
Like, that someone is still there.
Guys, it's just Detective Bullock.
Hey, you can't search our van
without a warrant.
This time I brung one.
And that ain't all, hippies.
The Mystery Analysts of Gotham.
I may not be you super freaks' biggest fan,
but I thought you'd want to know
about one of your own goin' bad.
Batman and his mystery pals
let out half the inmates.
Inciting a riot? Is this true?
We didn't do that. It was the ghost.
Oh, ghost. Right.
I was just about to search
their van, but be my guest.
VELMA: The stolen Isotope 29?
THE QUESTION: Hmm. Curious.
You said a mouthful, if you had a mouth.
Those were not in our van.
Someone put them there.
Detective Bullock, I personally
vouch for Mystery Incorporated.
We're working together.
Then I'll take that as an admission.
There is an explanation for this.
I'm sure there is,
but there are procedures to follow.
And right now,
you and the gang are prime suspects.
And you have been acting
a bit off of late, old chap.
Arrest them all, including the Bat!
As a former crook,
I have to admit this does look bad.
We haven't done anything.
We were framed.
Come along quietly.
Don't try anything stupid.
Like this?
- To the Batmobile?
- No time.
You heard the man. Paw to the metal!
Oh, groovy.
The guilty always run.
Detective, we'll bring them in.
We've been chased by a lot
of things, but never superheroes.
Whoever is at the wheel
is driving like a madman.
Indeed. They need to be stopped
before someone gets injured.
Let me show 'em the proper hand signals.
- Scooby, turn left!
- Left. Copy.
He doesn't know directions.
Duh. He's a dog.
- Where are we going?
- They call it No Man's Land.
You kids make a run for it.
I'll hold them off as long as I can.
Scoob and I got this.
Dudes, where you've been?
We throw this killer tailgate party
and you guys are just showing up now?
Like, game starts in five minutes.
Hmm. Not cool.
Here, down these quick.
Can't bring food in the stadium.
What are you doing?
No one puts ketchup on a hot dog.
Mustard and relish only.
Like this.
There's no possible way
that should have worked.
Just go with it.
Here's to crime. [LAUGHS]
What? Hippies have invaded
our sacred sanctorum!
And the Caped Crusader was at the wheel!
Come on, you nefarious nobodies,
let us A-listers show you
how to skin a bat! [LAUGHS]
[LAUGHS] Is there room in this wacky race
for the mountebank of menace?
Is that the Joker?
BATMAN: And Penguin.
This is insane.
We can't outrun superpowered heroes
and villains in the Mystery Machine!
We won't have to.
Get in the car, I'll cover you.
Like, he wants us to jump?
From a moving car?
Into a moving car?
Oh, that was fun.
Come on, gang!
We lose more Mystery Machines that way.
Stop this, Batman,
before you go down in flames.
You first.
Sorry, Bats, end of the line.
[GRUNTS] Curses, the batwinged boob
and those beatniks
have blown the belfry. [SQUAWKS]
But as car chases go, it was a gas.
Ugh. I need new friends.
BLACK CANARY: Well, look what we have here.
New plan. Let's bash some bad guys.
I'm down.
Sorry for the tight squeeze.
We're almost there.
It's all good, except for
the Batarang I think I'm sitting on.
Try not to shift your weight, then.
Could be an exploding one.
Where are we headed, Batman?
Someplace you can lie low
until we can clear your names.
And yours. By helping us,
you've become a fugitive as well.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Jinkies! We're in the Batcave.
DAPHNE: As in the actual Batcave?
Based on the bat guano
I just stepped in, I'd say yes.
I have some investigating to do.
Please, make yourself at home.
Like, it definitely has
the whole cave thing going for it.
But the giant penny and Dino
don't exactly scream Bat.
Those do.
FRED: Wow! Batman's first uniform.
VELMA: And Robin, the Boy Wonder.
DAPHNE: Batgirl's got the cutest cape ever.
SHAGGY: Like, those flashy threads
can only be Nightwing's.
Look, Scoob, who knew Batman had a dog?
I did. [GIGGLES]
That's Ace the Bat-Hound.
These are all of Batman's sidekicks.
Former sidekicks.
That one, the press report.
REPORTER: Detective Bullock
you can't actually believe.
Mystery Incorporated is
behind these crimes?
This all started right after
they arrived in Gotham.
And this time, we got it all on camera.
BULLOCK: Norville Rogers, better
known by his gang call sign, Shaggy.
ALL: Shaggy?
REPORTER: ON TV: There you have it, folks.
Undeniable proof that Mystery
Incorporated is guilty of...
FRED: Really has his trademark slouch.
DAPHNE: And his toothpick arms.
And his soulless, beady eyes.
Like, okay. We get the picture.
But it's not me.
Of course not. There is
no possible way that's Shaggy.
He walked right past a box of donuts.
You don't suppose Detective Bullock
and his men could be...
No. Stay here.
It's too dangerous for you kids
to be out on the street.
Where are you going?
Back to where this all started.
Milo's lab.
Something about that event
still doesn't add up.
You mean, we have to stay holed up
in this cave without sustenance?
Or anything to eat?
There's a supply of food in...
Ah, the Bat dehydrator.
It's been shrunk.
What horrific device could do this to food?
It's evil. Evil, I tell you.
It allows me to eat
high-caloric meals on the go.
[LAUGHS] It's like eating
a full course meal.
In one moisture-free bite.
Ugh, I've never eaten
so little and felt so full.
Oh, instant gluttony.
But Batman, we wanna help.
This mud isn't native to the area.
Find out where it came from.
You're letting me use the Batlab?
Of course. We are partners, after all.
Indulging in a bit of
Bat sleuthery, are we?
Aquaman, not a good time.
But I heard about all the trouble
you and your hippy sidekicks are in.
I want to help.
They're not hippies, and you're not...
Not a Detective, I know, by Neptune.
I'm here to lend my fists, not my wits.
[SIGHS] Fine. But follow my lead.
Outrageous! I shall call this,
"The time I helped Batman defend
a gang of juvenile delinquents."
MAN: [EERILY] Batman.
Are you okay, Batman?
Did you hear a voice?
Sorry, old chum.
My hearing's as sharp
as a swordfish, but...
I heard that.
Question, what are you doing here?
Following the threads, same as you.
They all lead here, but it's a dead end.
It can't be. It's the only way
to clear Mystery Incorporated.
THE QUESTION: The gang isn't
behind this, I'm sure of that.
Well, look who's finally learned
to have a little faith.
And for a change, you're not ending
every sentence with a question.
I can't tell you how annoying that was.
Pull it in for a hug, my blank-faced buddy.
Guess I picked up a few bad habits
working with you and Batman.
Why, you've even developed
a sense of humor.
Of sorts.
This is a night for rejoicing.
That'll have to wait, Aquaman.
There's evil afoot.
Crimson Cloak has rebuilt
Milo's teleportation machine.
Welcome, Dark Knight.
Okay, that is scary. Can't be real.
It isn't. But I suspect I know who it is.
Leo Scarlett's father, Sam.
Give yourself up, Mr. Scarlett.
This won't bring Leo back.
Let me help you, please.
That name means nothing
to the Crimson Cloak.
Then what is it you want?
Why, you, of course, Batman.
THE QUESTION: Batman! Aquaman!
BATMAN: Question! No!
Don't worry about him, Dark Knight.
Fear for yourself.
VELMA: Now to see if I can identify
the soil from this footprint.
Oh, okay, that was weird.
Guys, something strange...
is going on.
Jeepers! The mud's alive!
But how?
So, like, we're in a battle
with possessed dirt.
Clearly, the chemicals in the stolen
isotope spilled into the ground,
resulting in stimulation of the silicon
particles which... Ah, who am I kidding?
There's no rational explanation for this.
It must be linked with the case somehow.
SCOOBY-DOO: You think?
We need Batman.
MAN: [EERILY] Batman.
Awaken, Batman.
You wouldn't want to miss
the final moments of your life.
Leo, listen to me. I...
Leo is gone.
There is only The Crimson Cloak.
I'm sorry. Let me help you.
You didn't save me.
And no one will save you.
Behold! I have repaired what you destroyed.
Suffering sand dollars! I know
you're a ghost, but pull yourself together.
Great Scott, that's it!
How could I have not known?
BOTH: Fred. Plan.
Okay, okay.
Shagg, Scoob, you're...
BOTH: The bait? Shocker.
Turn the dehydrator on.
It's only dust.
This is all starting to make sense now.
There's only one villain
who could be responsible.
Watch this.
- No way!
- I don't believe it.
Believe it! We've got to warn Batman!
- VELMA: Batman.
He's been captured. We have to help.
How? We're wanted by every police officer,
villain, and superhero in Gotham.
- Hmm.
- VELMA: What is it, Fred?
Plan B.
And "B" is for "Bat."
Aquaman, keep him distracted.
Will do, old chum.
I'll masterfully misdirect
that malevolent miscreant.
Hey there, buddy.
Let's not be too hasty with those buttons.
After all, theft is one thing, but this...
CRIMSON CLOAK: No loose ends.
Ah, yes, loose ends.
That reminds me of the time Mera
made her famous squid entrail casserole.
Oh, unfortunately,
the squid had gone bad and...
Uh-uh-uh. No tricks, Dark Knight.
And now, dear Batman,
it's your turn to be scattered everywhere.
So ends the world's greatest Detective.
And what's left of Gotham City
will be the criminal underworld's
to do with as it pleases.
FRED: Desist with this depraved
disintegration, you diabolical despot.
The Bat Gang has arrived.
ALL: Prepare to face the
hammers of justice!
Like, um, what's next?
Now, that's what I call an entrance.
More distractions!
Jeepers! He's turned into Bat villains.
What do we do?
Like, isn't someone supposed to say
"holy something" about now?
Oh, um... Holy surrounded by Bat villains!
Mmm. Not quite.
Try... Holy Custer's Last Stand, Batman!
How are you so good at this?
- Huh?
- Have a taste of the Bat dehydrator.
BULLOCK: There we go. Good job, guys.
Make sure you get every grain.
Looks like we missed the party.
THE QUESTION: We all did.
Took me a while to dig myself out
from under all that rubble.
FRED: Now, for the unmasking...
Only there's no mask to pull off this time.
Allow me.
Observe, The Crimson Cloak
is actually Clayface.
His real name is Basil Karlo,
an actor who was transformed
into living clay
and can mold himself into anything.
Or anyone.
That's why my telepathy didn't pick him up.
But for what motive?
I picked up a corrosive bacteria strain.
My body was breaking down,
getting harder to maintain my shape.
It was easier to split into several parts.
BOTH: Been there, done that.
But how could a teleportation machine help?
I was offered a cure.
Just another acting role, I guess.
All I had to do was help him by stealing
the isotopes and framing you kids.
Help who?
The real culprit behind this entire plot.
The Riddler.
ALL: The Riddler?
Once he had the machine,
he would hand over a cure.
I suppose he was just acting, too.
All right. Guess you kids
ain't guilty of anything.
Except maybe bad taste in fashion.
BULLOCK: Okay, let's get this ball
of mud back to Blackgate.
DAPHNE: I almost feel sorry for him.
BATMAN: He'll be fully rehydrated, once
he's securely back behind prison walls.
Now, see here, old chap,
how could Riddler have orchestrated
so complex a plan from Akhram?
Because The Riddler was never at Arkham.
Wow! I don't understand.
Okay, I'm completely confused.
Batman to Arkham.
Arkham here, Batman.
BATMAN: Check inmate in cell DC-140.
The Riddler is still in his cell.
Check again.
What? Arkham to Batman.
It's not The Riddler. It's...
Another Clayface decoy.
Then where is he?
Closer than you think.
I believe you kids are
owed a true unmasking.
ALL: The Riddler?
Okay, now this is getting redundant.
Incredible! How long was he
posing as The Question?
Ever since our fight at the bank.
So Clayface pretended to be The Riddler.
Giving The Riddler the chance
to ambush The Question.
A perfect shell game.
Blazes! How did you suss
that out, good man?
I didn't. I was too distracted
by The Crimson Cloak
and my own sense of failure.
It was Aquaman's keen observational skill
that noticed Question's changed demeanor.
What the what? Oh! Right.
Yes, of course, old chum.
Don't mention it.
We Detectives have to stick together.
Like, it feels weird that we didn't solve
the crime or do the wrap-up, even.
Yeah, maybe you were right
to begin with, Batman.
We aren't ready for the big leagues.
Actually, you've more than earned
your place on the Mystery Analysts team.
I wouldn't have reopened
or solved this case at all
if it weren't for you meddling kids.
Okay, Riddler, it's time to get you
back to your cell at Arkham.
And to think, I almost got away with...
Oh, wait. I did get away with it.
What are you talking about?
One last riddle.
How is this moment like
the end of a boxing match?
Because the gloves are off!
After him!
End of the line, you warped wordsmith.
You and your goons are outnumbered.
This game has just begun.
You should know that the answer
to every riddle is an even bigger one.
RIDDLER: With this device, I can riddle
your precious city into oblivion.
It can vaporize entire sections of Gotham.
I need only pick a target,
press a button, and zap!
It vanishes forever.
First up...
Say goodbye to City Hall.
- THE QUESTION: Riddle me this.
- What?
What just hit you?
Answer? The Question.
Question, lower the shield!
[GRUNTS] It's not working.
Ah, we need to shut it down.
I'm afraid it's on a chain reaction.
It cannot be stopped.
Batman, you'll have to destroy it!
MAN: [EERILY] Batman.
That voice. How can I still be hearing it?
I don't hear anything.
Me neither.
- SCOOBY-DOO: I heard it.
- You did?
And see it.
Bangers and mash!
It looks like a man.
I know who it is.
We need to reverse the polarity.
Impossible! It's too late, Batman.
It's not impossible. I can help.
Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Detective Chimp,
flip every other relay to reverse phasing.
I just want to say this really tingles.
And not in a good way.
MAN: [EERILY] Batman.
Can't get leverage.
Hurry! It's about to overload!
- AQUAMAN: Batman?
I'm... alive?
Leo Scarlett. Welcome home.
Your first encounter with the machine put you
in tune with the teleporter's frequency.
But only when you were near
the isotopes used in the original device.
That's why I kept hearing him
at the crime scenes.
MAN: There you are.
Professor Scarlett.
Thank you, Caped Crusader,
for saving my son.
I can't give you back the years you've lost,
but I'm sure you have many more ahead.
So, Bats, how does it feel
to have your unsolved case solved?
It feels... good.
But I couldn't have done it
without my friends.
Especially Scooby and the gang.
You realize that leaves him
with a clean slate of solved cases, right?
There'll be no living with him now.
As if there was before.
BATMAN: Mystery Incorporated,
you filled those suits well.
Aw, shucks. [GIGGLES]
Ah, finally, we can relax.
Nope, afraid not.
Tonight is our last night in Gotham.
Then until our next adventure.
It's been an honor, Mystery Incorporated.
Actually, there's one remaining
mystery that we've finally solved.
The biggest question of them all,
"Who is the Batman?"
And we finally figured out the answer.
Oh, this should be good.
Batman is the warmest, kindest,
most big-hearted soul we've ever met.
A great big teddy bat.
Then I hope you'll keep that to yourselves.
The criminal underworld
would have a field day if they knew.
Your secret's safe with us.
No promises.
I almost forgot, a bat snack for Scooby.
- You've earned it.
- Yeah!
- Hmm.
Holy Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Batman!