Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare (2010) Movie Script

The story I'm about to tell you
is Camp Little Moose's darkest secret.
A tale so terrifying, if your parents knew,
they'd never send you here in the first place.
Now, 50 years ago,
right here at Little Moose...
...there was a counselor
named Jerry McCreedy...
...the meanest counselor
in the history of summer camp.
If you were late to flag raising,
he'd yell at you.
If you were afraid of the water,
he'd throw you in the lake.
If you had candy, he'd eat it.
So one day, the campers decided to play
a little prank on old McCreedy.
They put a snake in his daypack.
And while Jerry was out hiking,
he reached for his trail mix...
...and got a handful of slithering serpent.
McCreedy was so scared...
...he lost his footing
and clean fell off Devil's Drop.
Slid all the way down on his face...
...banging his head on every rock.
What happened to him?
They never found the body.
But legend has it...
...the significant head trauma
drove him insane.
They call him the Woodsman.
It's the Woodsman!
That was great, Darryl.
You had them jumping higher
than a tick on a trampoline.
All right, everybody,
that's enough for tonight.
Back to your cabins.
It was a cool story.
I'm tired.
What? I wasn't scared either.
What was that?
I could swear I locked that door.
It's the Woodsman! He's real! Aah!
The boathouse.
It can't be.
Here you go, Scoob,
18 inches of hoagie heaven.
Ooh. Yum.
Now this is what I call camping.
- Good friends.
- Good food.
And most importantly...
- No monsters.
- No monsters.
- Monster.
- Monster.
Oh! Oh! Oof!
Sorry, I was just checking out
this mosquito-proof suit.
Maybe I should try a small.
You guys, quit messing around.
We're here to pick up supplies.
You know how excited Fred is
about taking us to his camp.
I am so excited to take you guys
to my old summer camp.
Like, you don't say.
You guys are gonna love being counselors
at Camp Little Moose.
Did I ever tell you
the time me and Davey Reynolds...
...tried canoeing Schmidt's Creek
without a paddle?
There we were, 10 years old
and not a paddle between us.
Sure do appreciate your business, kids.
Say, if you're heading up
to Little Moose Lake... best get a move on.
Those mountain roads can be mighty tricky
come nightfall.
Where are Shaggy and Scooby?
Look out.
Scooby, are you okay?
Don't worry about him.
He landed on a cushion
of freeze-dried ice cream.
Mm. Rocky Road.
Camp City Historical Museum.
- What's that?
- Oh, just a little hobby of mine.
There's a lot of history in this area.
Myths, legends.
Even a few ghost stories.
You wanna hear one?
- Nope.
- I'm good.
According to my GPS...
...we should be able to see the camp
right now.
Hey, gang, check it out.
Wow, that place is beautiful.
To be honest, Fred,
I wasn't too excited about roughing it.
But I think I'm going to like
Camp Little Moose.
Oh, that's not Camp Little Moose.
- It's not?
- That's Camp Big Moose.
That's Camp Little Moose.
Oh, they've really fixed the place up.
You've gotta be kidding me.
I've spent a zillion summers here
as a camper...
...but now,
I'm finally gonna be a counselor.
It's my chance to pass on
all our camp traditions... a new generation of Little Moose.
This place is a dump.
It's rustic.
Man, I don't care what it looks like
as long as it isn't haunted.
Stop. Turn back. This place is haunted.
Hey, what seems to be the problem?
He's real.
Get out of here while you still can.
I'm going to Camp Big Moose.
- What was that all about?
- Beats me.
But we're gonna find out.
What part of "Get out, save yourselves"
didn't you understand?
How about this one time
we listen to the wild-eyed lunatic?
Come on, you guys.
This is not a Camp Little Moose
Where is everybody?
Just a campfire story, but he was here.
Do you hear that?
Madder than a bear with a bee sting.
- It's coming from down there.
He was laughing
when he threw his ax at me.
I think it'd be a good idea
to cancel the second session of camp.
Way ahead of you, Ranger Knudsen.
I've already notified all the parents.
Camp Little Moose is officially closed
for the summer.
What? You can't cancel camp.
Why, I'd know that ascot anywhere.
Freddy Jones. Get over here
and give me a Little Moose welcome.
- High in the mountains
- Deep in the spruce
- On the shore of the lake
- It's Camp Little Moose
Little Moose, Little Moose, Little Moose
Oh, man.
Ah. The Little Moose welcome
always warms my heart.
- What's this about canceling camp?
- And what happened to the boathouse?
I don't mean to scare you kids...
...but we're having a little trouble
with an ax-wielding maniac.
It was the Woodsman.
Oh, no, not the Woodsman.
Who's the Woodsman?
Like, I don't know,
and I don't wanna find out.
The Woodsman?
Oh, come on, Burt,
you don't believe that old campfire story.
Nah. I swear, Fred.
I saw him with my own eyes.
Ha. It's probably just a prank
by those snobs at Camp Big Moose.
I've heard of camp rivalries,
but this is a little extreme.
You hit the nail on the head, beautiful.
Oh, I didn't say anything.
Well, I wasn't talking to you.
It's best if you folks just head on home.
Let the professionals handle this.
- Somebody likes you.
- Shut up.
But I was gonna be a counselor,
a mentor, a hero.
I'm sorry, Fred, but I had no choice.
No campers means no camp.
Where is everybody?
Camp's canceled.
Didn't you kids get the message?
What message?
One that said
Welcome to Camp Little Moose.
I'm Fred.
I'll be your counselor, mentor, hero.
Good to meet you, Fred. I'm Luke.
I don't know if this is such a good idea,
Maybe we should just put these kids
back on that bus.
Hey. Hey. Hey, where are you going?
You get back here!
So, what will it be first? Horseback riding?
No, no, no, I got it.
Zip line.
Sounds awesome.
Sounds awful.
I feel like Fred's forgetting something.
Like the fact that we have a mystery
on our hands?
That's it.
Like the only mystery
I'm interested in solving... The Case of What's For Dinner.
What do you say we look for clues
in the kitchen, Scoob?
Way ahead of you.
It's okay, Deacon.
You're still on the ground. See? Ground.
Solid ground.
Keep going, Trudy.
You're going to love the zip line.
What's a zip line?
I'm just trying to get cell phone reception.
Okay, Luke, whenever you're ready,
just step off the...
- Platform.
Yeah! Ha-ha-ha.
Oh! Hee-hee-ha! Awesome! Whoo!
Hmm. Something is missing
from my Five-Alarm Chili.
Oh, man, Scoob,
those are the hottest peppers on the planet.
- You okay, Scooby-Doo?
- Delicious.
I don't mean to brag, but I was Little Moose
Fire Starting Champion six years running.
And with a little practice,
you too can learn to master this skill.
Check it out.
All right, Luke.
- Good work.
- Who's got the marshmallows?
Like, if we don't get more firewood,
my chili's gonna be too chilly to eat.
Don't cry, buddy.
There's plenty of wood in the woods.
Oh, onions. Good thinking, Scoob.
Yep, no doubt about it.
These are moose tracks.
Those look a little small for a moose.
Are you sure?
I'm a camp counselor.
Of course I'm sure.
Those are moose tracks.
Shh. I think the moose is on the other side
of these bushes.
- What?
- That moose looks awfully familiar.
Okay, guys, back to camp.
It's arts and crafts time.
Velma? Daphne?
Oh, Scoob. When you went for wood...
...I didn't know you were gonna
bring it back one piece at a time.
Wood man. Wood man.
Yeah, wood, man. That's what we need.
I guess I'll have to get it myself.
I saw smoke coming from the chimney.
Figured you boys could use
some more firewood.
Like, thanks, Burt.
Dinner's almost ready.
Like, man, I hope you're hungry...
...because I'm about to serve up
Shaggy's famous...
...Five-Alarm Hole-In-The-Bowl Chili.
Aha. Mm.
Good morning, Camp Little Moose.
This is your favorite camp counselor
and mentor inviting you to rise and shine.
It's a balmy 67 degrees with winds...
... coming out of the north northwest
at eight miles per hour.
We're expecting a high today
in upper 80s...
... so don't forget your sunscreen.
- SPF 45, recommended...
- Is this guy for real?
...because today is Water Fun Day.
- I'm afraid so.
So let's meet down by the dock
ASAP, okay, Little Moosers?
Hey, campers. Who's ready to have fun?
Like, an extra hour of sleep
sounds fun to us.
I'm up. I'm up.
Okay, gang, here's the plan.
An hour of canoeing, two hours of fishing,
followed by a half hour of swimming.
In there?
Hey, why don't we go up
to Big Moose Lake?
- That lake is sweet.
- Oh, no. Not Big Moose Lake.
- We can't go up there.
- Why not?
Because Big Moose Lake is haunted.
- I'm out.
- Wait a minute.
How can a lake be haunted?
Many years ago,
there was a camper named Neil Fisher.
The other kids picked on him
all the time... he spent most of his days
swimming in Big Moose Lake.
In fact, he spent so much time
in the water...
...he grew gills and fins.
He became the Fishman.
And he haunts Big Moose Lake
to this day.
- Is that true?
- Of course not.
He just doesn't want us to go
to Big Moose Lake.
Guys, we've got a perfectly good lake
right here.
We're going to Big Moose.
We're going to Big Moose.
Hey, you're all wet.
- Ugh.
Boys are so immature.
They're just having fun.
Hey, the sun's going down.
If we're gonna go swimming,
we better do it now.
I get the feeling you're not too crazy
about being at camp.
This is not my idea of a good time... parents thought a little fresh air
would do me some good.
They say I spend too much time
inside in front of the computer.
I'm not exactly the outdoorsy-type myself,
but just give it a chance.
Who knows? Maybe you'll have fun.
Luke, the secret to catching fish
is all about...
I got one.
- Oh.
- Hey, slow it down.
- Whoa!
- Sweet.
- Not sweet.
I can't stand those snobs
from Camp Big Moose...
...with their fancy speedboats
and air-conditioned cabins and...
And hot counselors.
Sorry about that.
Oh, our fault. Totally our fault.
No problem at all.
Ha-ha. Oh, boy, Scoob, it looks like
you're ready to go scuba diving.
A building?
Hey, where's Deacon?
- Did they say...?
- Fishman.
Come on, guys.
Guys, we're going the wrong way.
Daphne, like, reverse engines.
Oh, no!
Hey, guys, how was the canoeing?
Then I saw them coming down that hill...
...faster than a pack of buzzards
on a bobsled.
Like, we almost became Fishman food.
Can you describe this Fishman?
Huge teeth and about yay high.
That's Neil Fisher to a T.
First the Woodsman, now the Fishman.
All of Little Moose's campfire legends
are coming to life.
There really is no other explanation.
How about someone is using
these monsters to try and scare us away?
Why don't you just stick to being pretty.
- Did he just say what I think he said?
- Yeah.
He thinks you're pretty.
Like, Scoob says he saw a building
under the water.
Underwater building.
I'll put it in my report.
If there really are monsters loose,
you kids better head back to town.
This camp is just too dangerous.
Like, you heard the man.
We're out of here, Scoob.
Let's bounce.
We're not going anywhere.
We're not?
If someone's trying to scare us away,
we need to find out why.
The next time they come into our camp,
we're gonna be ready.
We got him.
Now it's time to get some answers.
Ladies and gentlemen,
say hello to the Woodsman.
You're not the Woodsman.
You're that gorgeous counselor
from Big Moose.
I'm Jessica.
If you don't mind me asking,
young lady...
...why are you sneaking around our camp
after lights out?
I didn't mean to scare you guys...
...but some of our camping equipment
has gone missing...
...and, well, I thought it might be you
Little Moosers playing a prank.
Little Moosers don't pull pranks.
We leave that to those snobs
at Camp Big Moose. No offense.
Stolen camping gear? Monster attacks?
What is going on?
Get out!
You don't have to tell us twice.
I think we lost him.
Like, I spoke too soon.
- Maybe he'll give up.
- Oh!
Scoob, now is not the time to stop.
No more roof.
- You okay?
- No.
Me neither.
- Scooby.
- Shaggy.
Like, dude, where did he go?
So, what's the plan, Fred?
We hide here until he goes away.
That's your plan? That is so Little Moose.
I suppose you have a better one?
Yeah. Run!
I told you to get out.
Hold that thought, Woodsie.
Hold on, little lady.
Like, am I glad to see you.
Scooby, cut it out.
Is everybody okay?
Like, ask me again
when we're out of Camp Creepy.
Where's Jessica?
Come on. We have to save her.
Hold it right there, Woodsman.
We got you. There's nowhere to go.
Oh. You took the word
right out of my mouth. Ho-ho.
Here, let me help you up.
- Oh, no. The Woodsman is up there.
- Mm-mm.
No, he's not. He's gone.
Oh, will you look at this place?
Now, that just ain't right.
Hey, what's going on out here?
Yeah, we're trying to sleep.
Like, you kids slept through all that?
Heh. I'm impressed.
Like, this place has everything.
It doesn't have everything.
Personal transporters.
Computer lab.
Cute boys.
We don't have cute boys at Little Moose.
Uh... Hello.
Why couldn't I go to this camp?
About a week ago...
...we noticed that some sonar equipment
had gone missing...
...from the Marine Biology Center.
A few days later... RV disappeared
from the Motorsports Pavilion.
Now they're just showing off.
Most luxury RVs
have GPS locators built in.
I'll ping the area to see
if it's sending out a signal.
In the middle of Shadow Canyon.
Shadow Canyon?
They say that place is haunted
by the ghost of a lost hiker...
...still searching for her way out.
They call her
the Specter of Shadow Canyon.
Legend has it if you hear her terrifying wail,
you're a goner.
Dude, I did not need to hear that.
The stolen RV is in Shadow Canyon.
The missing sonar equipment,
that could only be used in the lake.
If we're gonna get
to the bottom of this...
...I guess we better split up
and look for clues.
Let me get this straight.
There's a crazy man with an ax
in the woods...
...a ghost in the canyon...
...a fish monster in the water...
...and you guys wanna split up
and look for clues?
Yep. I'll take the lake.
I wanna check out that building
Scooby saw.
- Who's with me?
I'll go.
I'm a certified scuba instructor.
"I'm a certified scuba instructor."
- What was that, Daph?
- Huh? Nothing. I'll go with you.
Scuba diving? Sweet. Count me in.
The rest of us will head
to Shadow Canyon.
- Oh, no.
- Like, you can forget it.
Every time someone tells a campfire story,
it comes true.
Scooby-Doo and me are trying to live
a Specter-free lifestyle here.
You can find us in that five-star dining hall
when you get back.
Maybe you should take Deacon with you.
He seems a little freaked out.
funnykiddy rip for
Luke, if the Fishman surprises us,
I'll catch him with this net launcher.
So there's no reason to be...
How am I supposed to be his mentor
if he never listens?
Don't worry, Freddy.
You'll get your chance.
We lost the signal. Now what?
- It must be the batteries.
I just bought new batteries for the trip.
Shadow Canyon's not too far from here.
It can't be too hard
to find one stolen RV.
I wouldn't try and explore that place
without a map or a GPS, young lady.
Many a hiker has lost their way
around those parts.
I hope Fred and Daphne
are having more luck than we are.
Check it out. Tire tracks.
Good eye, Trudy.
That was close.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Thanks to Daphne.
- Anytime, Freddy.
Scooby was right.
There's a whole town under there.
We gotta check that out.
We can't go back out there
with the Fishman waiting for us.
Then I guess we'll have to see
where this cave leads.
Oh, that's right. Probably.
- Yeah.
My parents showed me...
Now this is my idea of roughing it.
You said it.
Aren't you guys the least bit worried
about the Woodsman coming back?
Man, all I'm worried about is whether
to have chocolate on my cheesecake...
...or cheese on my chocolate cake.
Why not both?
Scooby-Doo, you are a genius.
A genius.
I really think we ought to stay here
at Camp Big Moose.
If we go back to Little Moose,
something bad's gonna happen.
Put that down.
What do you guys think
you're doing here?
You don't go to Camp Big Moose.
Scoob, let's get out of here.
Where are the brakes on this thing?
Hmm. Man, that was close.
Whatever you do, dude... not move.
- Got it.
Look out!
Shadow Canyon.
This place creeps me out.
Come on, that RV's gotta be around here
That's weird.
The tracks just come to a stop.
An entire RV doesn't just disappear.
Oh, man, I feel like I got hit by a truck.
Try an RV. You guys found it.
Someone painted the RV
to look exactly like the canyon wall.
Come on. Let's check it out.
Like, I would go with you,
but I don't know which one to follow.
Looks like someone's been staked out
in here for days.
Yeah, smells like it too.
This must be the sonar equipment
that went missing from Camp Big Moose.
What are they using it for?
It's password protected.
Well, that tears it.
Nothing we can do now.
- Guess we better get out of here.
- Let me take a shot at it.
I'll use admin privileges to bypass
the authentication requirement.
Then you can modify the registry
to a temp password.
Good thinking.
This appears to be a sonar image
of the bottom of the lake.
What on Earth are they looking for?
It feels like we've been walking forever.
There's gotta be a way out of here.
Hey, guys. I think I found something.
There's a whole crate of candles here.
That doesn't look like a candle.
- That was dynamite, wasn't it?
- Yes. Yes, it was.
And there's a lot of it.
What would someone
need all that dynamite for?
That explosion just gave us a way out.
Like, did you hear that?
- Nope.
- Hoo-hoo. Good, me neither.
Did you guys hear that noise?
Oh, you mean, like, that noise?
It's the Specter of Shadow Canyon.
Quick, in the jeep.
Like, step on it.
Burt, if you have any more
campfire stories...
...I'd appreciate it
if you'd keep them to yourself.
Scoob was right.
It looked like an entire town
on the bottom of the lake.
I've heard of lakeside property,
but that is ridiculous.
It explains why someone was searching
the lake with sonar equipment.
But what about the dynamite?
How does that fit into all this?
Oh, are you guys really
gonna just sit around here...
...and try and solve this mystery?
Clearly, someone doesn't want us
to be at Camp Little Moose.
We should listen to them.
I'm going to Camp Big Moose,
where it's safe.
Who's with me?
Trudy, Luke,
maybe it's best if y'all go with Deacon.
Forget it. I'm a Little Mooser.
I wanna help you guys catch
whoever's messing with our camp.
Me too.
- Are you sure?
- Yep.
I wanna help solve the mystery.
Oh. You're all nuts, you hear me? Nuts.
I'm out of here.
I better give him a lift up to Big Moose.
I have to get the jeep back anyway.
It still feels like we're missing
a piece of the puzzle.
What we need is an expert on this area.
I know just the person.
Yeah, you kids definitely came
to the right place.
I know just about everything
there is to know about this area.
What can you tell us about a town
on the bottom of Big Moose Lake?
Ah. You mean Moose Creek.
It used to be an old mining town.
But years ago,
they moved everybody out of there...
...dammed the creek
and created Big Moose Lake.
Of course, that's only part of the story.
Oh, boy.
Moose Creek was home
to a notorious gangster named Ricky LaRue.
After pulling the biggest bank heist of
his life, the cops were hot on Ricky's trail.
So the legend goes...
...he stashed his loot
somewhere in Moose Creek.
They locked LaRue up
and threw away the key.
And not long after, the dam was built...
...flooding the town of Moose Creek.
LaRue's treasure was lost forever...
...somewhere down in the depths
of Big Moose Lake.
- Do you mind if we borrow this?
- Be my guest.
But if you kids happen
to find LaRue's loot...
...don't be afraid to spend a little
of that scratch over at Camp City, you hear?
Guys, listen to this.
Before LaRue died, he told his cellmate,
BabyFace Boretti...
...the secret to finding his hidden gold:
"When dawn breaks
on the summer solstice...
...the steeple will point the way."
The summer solstice? That's today.
Or it will be when the sun rises
in a few hours.
Get this. Two months ago,
BabyFace Boretti escaped from jail.
Like, one thing's for sure, man. This guy's
too short to be the Woodsman or Fishman.
He must have an accomplice.
Or stilts.
But why try to scare us away
from Camp Little Moose?
- What does that have to do with it?
- Jinkies, here's Big Moose Lake.
Here's the dam.
And below it, Camp Little Moose.
If someone wanted to get to the treasure,
all they'd have to do is blow the dam.
The dynamite.
But if they blow the dam,
all that water will flood our camp.
Not Little Moose.
All of my beloved childhood memories
will be underwater.
Not to mention Burt, Luke and Trudy.
We have to get back to camp. Fast.
What happened?
Looks like the Woodsman had a
field day while we were gone.
- Burt.
- You're back.
That old boy chopped up my camp
faster than a beaver with a buzz saw.
I was so scared.
I thought he was gonna find us.
I'm sorry, Fred.
If I was a real Little Mooser...
...I would have stopped him
from destroying our camp.
Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, Luke.
Little Moose isn't about the cabins
and the canoes and campfires.
The true spirit of Little Moose is in here.
- And you've got it.
- I do?
High in the mountains
Deep in the spruce
On the shore of a lake
It's Camp Little Moose
Little Moose, Little Moose, Little Moose
Oh, yeah.
Fred Jones: Counselor, mentor, hero.
Guys, I just thought of something.
If the Woodsman
didn't find Burt, Luke and Trudy...
...then he thinks the camp is empty.
If the camp is empty,
then he thinks it's okay to...
Everybody, into the van.
Fred, if you're back here,
then who's driving?
Like, Scoob,
I didn't know you could drive.
I can't.
Like, we're running out of dock.
Scooby, that was amazing.
- Did you plan that?
- Nope. Heh.
Big Moose Lake
is almost completely gone.
Like, presto.
Instant town, just subtract water.
Come on, let's check it out.
This is so cool.
Well, these shoes are ruined.
Gang, look. The steeple.
"As dawn breaks on the summer solstice,
the steeple will point the way."
Somebody's coming.
Shh. Uhn!
- Gotcha.
- Uh... Fred?
We have to stop meeting like this.
You can let go of her now.
Oh, uh, right.
Jessica, what are you doing here?
After the dam blew,
I saw Deacon heading this way... I followed him.
That kid's afraid of his own shadow.
Why would he come down to Moose Creek?
Not now, Scoob.
Guys, in here.
We're locked in.
Deacon, what are you doing?
The name ain't Deacon, toots.
It's BabyFace Boretti.
I admit, I did not see that coming.
That way.
Oh, now what?
Well, I'd love to stay and chat,
but I got a date with a treasure.
Let her go, Woodsman.
I told you to get out,
but you didn't listen.
Now you're gonna pay.
Fred, look out. Uhn.
- Mm. Thanks.
- Anytime.
Uh... Good work, Luke.
Like, how long have we been in here?
Five minutes.
I can't do hard time.
I gotta get out of here.
Like, help.
I'm too young.
I'm going crazy.
Someone, free us.
- Huh.
How'd they get out? Oh-ho-ho.
Jailbreak. Cool.
We got the Woodsman.
The sun is coming up.
Look, the steeple is pointing the way.
The treasure must be right here.
Allow me.
Found it.
It's the treasure of Ricky LaRue.
Hey, fish face.
Like, back away from my buddy.
It's time to find out
who this Fishman really is.
The Woodsman?
Ranger Knudsen?
He was the Woodsman and the Fishman?
Yep. And I've got a feeling
if we searched his ranger station...
...we'd find a Specter costume too.
You think you got me all figured out,
don't you, beautiful?
Oh, I didn't say anything.
I think he was talking to me.
Oh, right.
Looks like we foiled his plan.
Like, not his plan. Their plan.
I got him.
Get this dog off of me! Uhn! Oh!
I can't believe Deacon
was really BabyFace Boretti.
After BabyFace broke out of prison...
...he teamed up with Ranger Knudsen
to find LaRue's treasure.
Knudsen wore the Fishman costume
as cover...
... to search the lake for the lost town
using the stolen sonar equipment.
He used the Woodsman costume to scare
everyone away from Camp Little Moose.
But with the solstice approaching
and us showing up...
...they had to step up their game.
- Exactly.
Boretti posed as a camper named Deacon,
acting as an inside man.
That's why Deacon kept trying
to get us to leave.
He wasn't afraid of the Woodsman.
He needed us gone
so they could blow the dam.
But when we found that RV,
they realized we were getting close.
So Knudsen brought the Specter to life
to try and scare us off for good.
Like, step on it.
Like, I've got one question.
How did Knudsen make the Specter fly?
Zip line.
We would have gotten away with it too
if it weren't for you meddling kids.
...I just wanted to say...
- Shh. Uh-uh-uh. Jessica...
...this thing between you and me,
it could never work.
You're Big Moose, I'm Little Moose.
We're just too different. I'm sorry.
I was just gonna say thanks again
for saving my life.
Oh. Oh, that thing.
Sure, you're welcome.
Smooth. Real smooth.
Wait for me?
In your dreams, Knudsen.
What are we gonna do?
I got a lake with no camp
and you got a camp with no lake.
Huh. Like, Scooby-Doo, that's perfect.
All right!
He wouldn't stop searching
for LaRue's treasure.
He'd sneak out every night
and scour the depths of the lake.
Ranger Knudsen was driven mad
by greed.
They say he still wanders these woods
with an ax...
...completely out of his mind.
- He calls himself the Woodsman.
The Woodsman.
It's the Woodsman.
No, it's not. It's only...