Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood (1979) Movie Script

Faster, Scooby! Faster!
Like, he's right behind us!
This way, Scoob!
I'm coming! Wait for me!
Like, it's the Crabby Creature
of Creepy Crag!
Run! Run, Shaggy!
I'm trying! I'm trying!
Hey, take it easy!
Somebody, heIp!
Perfect. Cut it, print it. That's a take.
I'm not sure I understand my motivation
in this next scene, VeIma.
Come on, Daphne.
How much motivation do you need... run from the Crabby Creature
of Creepy Crag?
-Like, what did he say, Scoob?
-That's a take. "
A take. A take. FinaIIy.
Hi, Shag, Scoob.
It must be time for our scene.
Do you know how many times...
...we've been put through
this barreI-and-catapuIt routine?
-How many?
-Like, a Iot. That's how many.
Oh, is there no end to this disgrace?
Oh, boy, Iike, I guess not.
Hey, Iook at that.
That was NataIie SpIendor.
She's a big TV star, Scoob.
-But you're a star too, Scoob.
And you don't have
a fIashy car Iike that.
-I don't?
-No, you don't.
You don't have a big dressing traiIer
Iike The Groove.
And you don't get fIowers
on the set Iike Cherie.
-I don't?
-And another thing.
When was the Iast time you got Iunch
served to you on siIver pIatters?
-Never. Like, exactIy.
We have to make our own
saIami, cheese, peanut butter...
...marshmaIIow, sardine sandwiches.
Yeah! And fudge.
WeII, no more.
-No more?
-Like, I've had it.
Like, I've Iost it.
Scooby, we've gotta have
a man-to-dog taIk.
I'm a wiId and crazy guy.
WeII, excuse me.
What's that name again?
Don't forget to remember...
There's the network offices.
...we can get everything we want
if you Iet me do aII the taIking.
Okay, Shaggy.
-Hi. We're here to--
-I don't care what you're here for.
You can't drive that piIe of junk
on the-- Hey, is that Scooby-Doo?
Oh, yeah.
It is. Have your driver puII right up
in front. We'II park your car for you.
Now, this time Ieave it to me, Scooby.
Like, excuse me?
Yes, sir, may I--? Hi, Scooby.
-Go right in. So good to see you.
-Thank you.
-And who are you?
-I'm with him. I'm Shaggy.
You certainIy are. But go in anyway.
Hey, Scoob. Caught your show.
You were fantastic.
-They Iove me.
-They Iove you, aII right.
Like, I had no idea
you were this popuIar.
-This is gonna be easier than I thought.
-Hi, Scoob.
-Where to?
-Right to the top.
So this is what we want:
a nighttime series for my cIient...
...five big network speciaIs
and a major movie deaI.
-Now, do you got that?
-Sounds good to me.
Yeah. Like, it sounds good
to me too, Scoob.
The president wiII see you now.
I just hope it sounds good to him.
Yes? Scooby-Doo!
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
You're here in my IittIe office,
of course!
I Iove the way you creep around
after those big, oId nasty monsters.
It's fun. And the way you jump
into Shaggy's arms.
You are the cutest bow-wow.
And you get big ratings too.
That's me.
Is there something you wanted
to taIk to me about, you funny dog?
Like, here, Scoob. Set up this fiIm whiIe
I taIk with C.J. Or may I caII you "C?
I'm sorry.
Like, we'II Ieave it at "C.J."
C.J., you see, my cIient here,
Scooby-Doo, is tired of being typecast... a funny, cowardIy, cIumsy dog.
Like, he's reaIIy not Iike that
at aII, you know.
He wants to stretch himseIf
as an actor of dramatic depth.
No one ever takes him seriousIy.
Give him a shot at Shakespeare.
He can do it, I teII you.
And to prove it,
we've put together a piIot fiIm... show you just what he can do.
Scooby! Are you ready, Scoob?
You'II Iove this, C.J.
He's just what the network needs.
-HeIp, Shaggy!
Like, reIax, paI. I'm here.
He's a great kidder, C.J.
Like, can we try that again, Scooby?
Ready to roII.
Is aII this reaIIy necessary?
You'II Iove it.
Let me just get the Iights.
Okay, Scoob.
Like, do you reaIIy think we can
capture this guy, Sheriff Scooby?
Jesse Rotten Iooks pretty tough.
Don't make me Iaugh.
Scooby? Scooby-Doo, a sheriff?
It's a whoIe new image for him, C.J.
Like, consider the possibiIities.
I am. Oh, my, I am.
I hear teII Jesse's heading
this way Iooking for you, sheriff.
Let him come.
Morning, Sheriff Scooby.
Morning, Deputy Shaggy.
How are you, missy ma'am?
-Jesse Rotten!
-I'm not afraid of him.
So you're not afraid of me,
Sheriff Scooby?
Like, I don't think that was
exactIy what he said, Mr. Rotten.
It was more Iike,
"Ri'm rot araid of rim. "
WeII, you know what
I'm gonna do to you?
Shaggy, caII the sheriff!
I can't caII the sheriff, Scoob.
-You're the sheriff!
-I am?
I'm giving you tiII high noon
to get out of town.
And if you ain't,
I'm coming Iooking for you.
High noon?
But that's onIy two minutes away,
Jesse Rotten.
High noon.
Sheriff Scooby. Sheriff Scooby.
Scoob, Iike, you gotta snap out of it.
You've onIy got a minute
to get out of town, or eIse!
-I'm not Ieaving.
-You're not Ieaving?
Nope, I'm not.
On the other hand....
Come on, Scoob, this is your big chance.
The new image, remember?
-What do you got to say for yourseIf...
...Sheriff Scooby?
-Right. Giddyup!
What's going on?
Sheriff Scooby, come back!
WeII, C.J.?
There are a few rough spots near
the end, but what do you think?
-I don't beIieve it.
-Did you hear that, Scoob?
C.J. thinks it's unbeIievabIe.
Oh, boy. He Ioved it.
That's your star of tomorrow.
Wait. I get it. It's a joke.
You IovabIe IittIe mutt, this is aII a siIIy
joke! You had me going for a secondo.
A joke?
You know, you had me going
for a minute there.
Our good paI and buddy, Scooby
wanting to change his image?
Not do comedy?
It's hystericaI! Oh, what a dog.
What a funny, cowardIy, cIumsy dog.
We Iove him. He's so cute.
That wasn't quite how
it was supposed to go.
I didn't think so.
Like, we've gotta Iet him
know we're serious.
Right. Serious.
And there's onIy one way
to prove it to him.
You're Ieaving the show?
-You're kidding.
-Jinkies. Jinkies. Jinkies.
That's right. I'm Ieaving.
Like, starting right now,
his career is taking a turn for the better.
-Like, I'm sorry, Scoob.
-That's okay, Shaggy.
I don't get it, Scooby.
What's your probIem?
-I wanna be a star.
-You wanna be a star?
-That's right, VeIma.
-But you are a star.
What more couId you want?
-He wants other parts, Daphne.
That's it. Other parts.
He wants to change his image. Like,
I'm gonna make him a dramatic star.
To be or not to be.
That is a reaIIy good question.
Not to mention a Western star... action-adventure star...
...and a singing-and-dancing star.
I see it, but I don't beIieve it.
WeII, Shaggy, I think you've got
your work cut out for you.
Okay, Scoob. Lavonne's taking time
away from her own hit series to heIp us.
She's on a tight scheduIe.
We gotta get this fiImed in one take.
Hi there, Shaggy, Scoob.
How are you doing?
Like, we're ready to shoot, Lavonne.
Hey, you wiId and crazy poochy-poo.
Just Iet me get my skates on.
-You better get yours on too, Scoob.
-Okay, Shaggy.
I reaIIy Iove that dog.
He's such a pussycat.
It's great you're gonna heIp us
with this fiIm. It reaIIy is.
We're gonna caII this fiIm
Lavonne and Scooby.
It's got a nice ring to it.
-Here he comes now.
And there he goes.
Great, Scooby, that's great.
Keep it up!
He'II be doing good
to keep himseIf up.
Duck, Scoob. Duck.
Say, you didn't teII me he was a pro.
Okay, now,
Iet me set the scene for you.
You're in the finaIs for the roIIer-skating
championship of the worId.
The whoIe worId? I'd be too nervous.
CouId we just make it BrookIyn?
Whatever. Anyway, Iike, the other
finaIists have aIready skated.
And it'II take perfect skating
to win the trophy.
-But we win it, right?
-Like, we're ready to roII.
Can someone get the Iights?
And now the last two finalists
for the roller championship of the world.
Lavonne and Scooby.
Okay, remember, Scoob,
this has to be perfect.
Right. Perfect.
Here goes.
Hey, Iook at us. We're skating.
Turn, Scoob. Turn.
I can't!
Scooby, the contest is this way.
No. No, back. Like, stay on the rink!
Sorry, Shaggy.
Turning's not our strongest point.
HeIp! Get us out of here! HeIp!
Looks Iike Scooby's serious
about this new career.
Yeah, we've gotta stop him
before he makes a fooI of himseIf.
I think we're too Iate.
So you see, C.J., our second piIot fiIm
idea didn't work out too weII...
...due to circumstances
beyond our controI.
Like, not onIy were we serious,
we meant every word.
I'm sorry.
Maybe you'd better just
set up the fiIm, Scoob.
Another fiIm?
Oh, my. Oh, aII right.
Oh, yes, sir, C.J.
To give you a better idea
of the broad range of Scooby's taIents.
He's not just a funny, cowardIy,
cIumsy dog, you know.
-Just roII the fiIm, Scoob.
You're gonna Iove this, sir.
Scooby Days. You get it, C.J.?
I get it. I got it.
Groovy, I don't think
you can bring your bike in here.
Hey, this is a drive-in, isn't it?
Get me a soda
and a quart of oiI for my bike.
Hey, you. You're in my booth.
-Your booth, sir, Mr. Groove?
WeII, Iike, I'm sorry,
but this is reserved for The Scoob.
-The what?
-For The Scoob.
Hey, Scoob.
On second thought, Iike,
I think this is your booth, sir.
Forget it.
-Yeah, you.
You Iook Iike an okay dude.
A IittIe rough around
the edges, maybe...
...but it's nothing
we can't fix, you know.
I'm reaIIy cooI.
-Come on, Scoob.
-Sing us another song.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Okay. But just one more.
Lights, Scooby. Lights, quick!
-WeII, weII, weII.
WeII-- Excuse me.
I'II just be a moment.
I needed that.
Why don't you just go back
to your reguIar show?
-WeII, I....
-Go back to his reguIar show?
After what you've seen?
How can you ask that?
After what I've seen, it's easy.
I happen to have a contract with me that
speIIs out everything my cIient wants...
...incIuding speciaIs, movies,
personaI appearances, etc., etc., etc.
"SpeciaIs, movies, etc., etc., etc. "
We'II just Ieave it with you,
so you can Iook it over.
Come on, Scoob.
Oh, okay.
You won't regret this, C.J.
Okay, Scoob. If you're gonna be a star,
you gotta rub the right eIbows.
Like, it's just an expression, Scooby.
Everybody who's anybody is in there.
Get in there and mingIe.
And remember, you're a star.
I'm a star. I'm a star. I'm a star.
I'm a star. I'm a star. I'm a star.
So I said to her:
"Farrah, you haven't been to FIorence,
you haven't been to ItaIy. "
But Warren hasn't read the script yet.
-WeII, I never!
Like, I never either.
Excuse me.
"Top Hat is Not Doggie's Bag. " Cute.
"Scooby-Doo barred
from IocaI restaurant. "
-I am not happy.
-Right, C.J. Not happy.
-Something's got to be done.
-Right, C.J. Something.
Think of a way to get Scooby back
on his own show.
Right, C.J. Think.
-Try not to goof it up this time, okay?
-Okay, Shaggy.
Oh, boy. We're in Iuck, Scooby.
This pIace is fiIIed
with bigtime producers.
So, Iike, get in there
and get discovered.
-Watch it, Scoob.
-I'm okay.
Here we go again.
"Scooby a Washout at HoIIywood PooI. "
Oh, poor Scooby.
Poor us. Without Scooby,
we haven't got a show, Daphne.
He used to be so cute.
Remember that first time we saw him
at GriIIo's pet store?
Oh, Iook at this one.
Isn't he adorabIe?
Yeah. Like, he's cute.
But he Iacks character.
WeII, what about this one, Shaggy?
He's got character.
Yeah. Like, too much character.
I think he's wonderfuI.
-Hey, caIm down.
-Watch it, puppy.
But we took him anyway.
And Iook at this one.
Scooby's first birthday party.
Okay, okay. HoId it down.
Happy birthday, Scoob.
Happy birthday, Scooby!
Not yet, Scoob.
Make a wish first
and bIow out the candIe.
Oh. Okay.
Good work, Scoob.
What did you wish for?
More cake.
He sure Ioved food.
That's never changed.
But who'd have thought Scooby
wouId go HoIIywood on us?
Yeah. Remember aII those
great adventures we shared?
WeII, one thing's for sure.
There's no other dog
in the worId Iike Scooby-Doo.
Remember all those things
Scooby used to do?
Like being chased
by horrible monsters.
And eating those Scooby Snacks.
And what about all those mysteries
he helped us solve?
Hey, Scooby, come on back.
There must be something we can do
to get him back, for his own good.
Yeah. But what?
What's the matter? You're not stiII
depressed about what happened?
-Come on, cheer up.
Soon those producers wiII
be begging to taIk to you.
-They wiII?
-You'II be another GabIe or TravoIta.
-Sure, another Lassie.
We won't stop at TV.
We'II make you a movie star.
Like, just imagine.
Imagine what it wouId be Iike.
Here he comes. It's Scooby-Doo!
Wow! It's Scooby. Scooby-Doo.
My hero!
Look. Up in the sky.
It's a bird! It's a dog! It's a plane!
No, it's a dog. It's Super Scooby!
-Disguised as a mild-mannered typist--
Super Scooby leads the never-ending
fight for truth, justice...
...and a bone in every doggy dish.
HeIp! Super Scooby, heIp!
This is a job for Super Scooby!
It's Lucy Lane!
Super Scooby, the rocket.
It's heading toward Big City!
I'II stop it.
Super Scooby, heIp!
Up, up and away!
That's better.
Like, I bet you can
hardIy wait, eh, Scoob?
In fact, I'II just caII up C.J.
and see what's happening.
What's this?
HeIIo? C.J., pIease.
He's what?
He's where?
Dog auditions?
You won't beIieve it, Scoob!
C.J. is actuaIIy hoIding dog auditions
to repIace you in your show, Scoob.
-Like, isn't that a Iaugh?
Imagine C.J. trying to find
another taIent Iike yours.
Does he think it's easy
to act that cIumsy?
Here they come.
-Right on scheduIe.
-I hope this works, VeIma.
Dog auditions. Dog auditions!
Like, this shouId reaIIy be a Iaugh!
It is the Crabby Creature
of Creepy Crag. How was that?
Very good.
-That was the worst.
-Yeah, the worst.
Can we have the next dog?
You dirty monster.
You scared my brother.
And you scared my sister.
But you're not gonna scare me. Yeah.
Oh, brother.
Can we have the next dog, pIease?
Okay, C.J.
I'm ready whenever you are.
Goodness gracious, it's a big creepy.
Go away, you ugIy thing.
You give me prickIy heat. Bow-wow.
How'd I do?
-How did he do? How did he do?
-You're hired.
-Surprise, C.J. !
-It's us.
WeII, Shaggy, Scooby.
You've decided to go back
to your reguIar show, is that the story?
-No. Better.
Since we know that you,
Iike, hired a repIacement...
...we figured you're serious about
making Scooby a prime-time star.
-That bowIed him over, Scoob.
Here. Like, set this up
whiIe I set C.J. up.
We thought this fiIm
wouId give you a better idea...
...of Scooby's range of taIent, C.J.
From Hollywood,
it's Scooby and Cherie...
...starring Scooby and Cherie.
Scooby, what's that getup
you're got-up in?
-I'm a magician.
-A magician?
Hey, I Iove magic.
Can I be your assistant?
Sure. Step inside this box.
Me? Step inside there?
It's okay. I'm a pro.
I know you're a pro,
but this is my first time.
-Trust me.
-Rokay. " I mean, okay.
Ladies and gentIemen,
the disappearing assistant trick.
Disappearing assistant trick? Wait!
Like, overwheIming, isn't it?
Now here's where they do their song.
-Get him out of here.
-Who is this cIown?
Like, we know you're busy, C.J.,
so we'II just skip aIong to the next part.
There we go, sir.
You'II Iove this one.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
It's a great day for a cruise,
Captain Scooby.
-Like, there's just one thing.
-What's that?
You probabIy shouId have untied
the ropes before we Ieft port.
Oh, yeah.
Stop. Stop the fiIm, pIease.
I can't take it anymore!
How about that? Like, C.J.
reaIIy fIipped for your performance.
That's understandabIe.
-C.J., about that probIem....
-We have an idea.
-Yes, yes? Anything, pIease!
-What kind of probIems...
...couId a network president have?
-Now, Scooby....
-Yes, sir?
Scooby, if you're serious
about this prime-time idea--
-He is.
-I am.
We shouId make it officiaI.
You'II announce it this afternoon
on The Jackie Carlson Show.
Like, whoopee!
Scooby, is it true that you're Ieaving
your Saturday morning show for good?
That's true, Jackie. He's about
to fiIm a major comedy this afternoon.
Oh, no. Not another one.
So can we expect to see you win
an Emmy in the next awards?
It's a possibiIity.
He actuaIIy thinks it's a possibiIity.
And what about your
triple-fudge sandwiches, Scooby?
Like, that's his oId image.
What's wrong with his oId image?
-Scooby can't Ieave us.
-Scooby-Doo, where are you?
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
Here I am.
What is it this time?
You'II be happy to know we found
the perfect vehicIe for Scooby.
A bus out of town?
I hope he's under it.
"A bus out of town. "
That's a good one, C.J.
Wait tiII you see this.
I think you'II be surprised.
I wouIdn't be a bit surprised.
RoII them.
Scooby's Angels?
You Iove it. You Iove it, I can teII!
"Gang headquarters. CriminaIs at work.
Do not disturb.
Dirty work done here. CriminaIs onIy. "
I think we've found
the crooks' hideout.
You aIways were the smart one.
But how do we round them up
without Scooby?
That must be him now.
Just remember,
count three and puII the ripcord.
Okay, thanks.
Scooby, count three
and puII the parachute cord.
One, two....
Better Iate than never.
Stop the cameras. Stop the cameras!
Stop the cameras!
I couIdn't agree with you more, Scooby.
Stop the cameras!
Scooby, I think I've gotten a pretty
good idea of your range of taIents.
-And I've given it a Iot of thought.
And I think you shouId go back
to your reguIar Saturday cartoon series.
Go back? But, Iike,
we wanna hit the big time.
You're aIready big stars.
-Why, everyone Ioves Scooby-Doo.
-They do?
Maybe this wiII change your mind.
We need you. Scooby-Doo, we need you!
Scooby-Doo, we need you!
Scooby-Doo, we need you!
Scooby-Doo, we need you!
Scooby-Doo, we need you!
Scooby-Doo, we love you!
Scooby-Doo, we love you!
-Like, they Iove you, paI.
-They Iove me.
Sure, they Iove you.
The kids of America
have Ioved you for years.
How about it, Scooby? WiII you go back
to your reguIar Saturday morning series?
I'II do it!
For the kids. For my fans.
-What did he say?
-Like, he'II do it. For the kids, for his fans!
"Hooray, America's crying today.
The entire network and the kids
of America thank you. Drop in anytime.
Thank you, C.J.
Like, I thought you might Iike
to Iook at my piIots, C.J.
Mork and Shaggy.
Welcome Back, Shaggy.
Shaggy and Hutch.
Hey! Hey! Like, wait for me, guys.
Wait for me!
Hey, gang,
check out our cool Scooby-Doo yearbook!
lt's so groovy!
It aII started with the senior cIass.
Two of the most iIIustrious members
of the art cIub...
...named BiII Hanna and Joe Barbera.
We combined, let's say, our talents...
...which might not have come out
of one person.
By working together, l think we had...
...more talent there
than an average cartoon.
There was no dog in Scooby-Doo
at the beginning.
lt was called the House of Mystery
or whatever.
We said, "Why not put a dog in there?
So the dog was born, no name yet.
Then Fred saiIed in about midnight
from New York.
He said, "I got the titIe for the show;
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! "
So that started the whoIe Scooby thing.
The two creators turned in their thesis.
Four hip teenagers and their dog...
...traveI around
in their psychedeIic Mystery Machine.
The story;
Each week the gang happens upon
a haunted house or a viIIain.
Just as we thought.
The pIot;
Every episode, Shaggy, Scooby,
Fred, Daphne, and VeIma...
...expose every eerie incident
as just a hoax.
He's a master of disguises
and wanted in seven states.
That explains a lot.
The thing that makes the show work
is the dog.
He eats aII the time.
His buddy, Shaggy, aIso eats.
So you have competitions
between the two of them for food.
They'II eat anything that Iooks Iike food.
Hey, Shaggy, here's the whole class.
l think we'd better split up.
Daphne and l will go this way.
You two go that way.
Did l really wear that years ago?
That jacket with that purse?
Jinkies, l've always been crazy
about a good detective...
...story, that is.
For some reason, l'm still starved.
-Great Dane.
-Did you say, ''Great Dane''?
After all, Scooby-Doo is a dog
and we love him very much.
So we began to work on the dog.
Hanna-Barbera cartoons are
pretty weII-known for their variety of dogs.
Dog? Where?
That Scooby taIk.
Where did he go?
I used to teII the kids;
"You want to taIk Iike Scooby?
They said, "Yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah!
They put the ''R's'' in front of a word,
and that's Scooby dialogue.
They're all great characters.
When l look at them, l smile inwardly
because l love to hear them talk.
Scooby-Doo, where are you?
AIso, they're terrified aII the time.
They cIing to each other,
and they shake and shiver.
They're aIways running in terror
and some ghouIish guy is chasing them.
lt's like every villain
we've ever faced is here.
Jeepers, it's the Creeper.
lt's Jaguaro.
Gator Ghoul and the Tar Monster?
lt's Old lron Face.
Man, you guys know some strange people.
We were using radio, television,
people like that...
...that were doing voices already.
Well, gang, it looks like we're up to
our armor plates in another mystery.
ln the early days, when we started doing
Scooby, Joe was directing all the shows.
And he was there a lot.
Frank WeIker is the voice
of the very handsome Fred.
For VeIma, Daphne, and Freddy,
it was Iike our first cartoon show.
Joe reaIIy taught us.
Good thinking, Scoob.
Shag? Shaggy?
Did someone mention me?
When l auditioned for Shaggy,
l knew they wanted a hippie.
l wasn't too good at doing a hippie.
But they kept calling me back.
The third time, they said l had the part.
Man! Like, wow!
And once he found his "hippie voice, "
the famous disc jockey, Casey Kasem...
...was the number one hit
as the originaI voice for Shaggy.
Scoob and l got the food situation covered.
All of the qualities of a good drama
or a good comedy show...
...they put into these cartoon shows.
Heather North was perfect casting
as the voice for Daphne.
One of the things l like about being Daphne
is when somebody says to me:
''Which one is Daphne?''
and l get to say, ''The cute one.''
Wow, what a night for a fright!
Wow, it's the exchange students.
Look! lt's Batman and Robin.
And the Joker and the Penguin!
Hey, it's extracurricular activities!
We did some terrific artwork
with very scary characters.
lt's the Travel Club, Track, Math Club...
...Car Club and Band.
-Boy, these were good times, eh, Scoob?
-Yeah, good times!
Speaking of old times,
look what l have for you, Scooby!
We were always looking for merchandise
that could be developed from the show.
Scooby Snacks!
The dog that eats everything needed
some gimmick, so the snack was born.
Like, it's time for the final exam !
Where are Scooby Snacks made?
At the Scooby Snack Factory.
Whose father gave money
to start Mystery, Inc.?
Daphne's father.
What does a Scooby Snack taste Iike?
Like a butterscotch morseI.
Where was Scooby-Doo born?
At the Knittingham Puppy Farm.
What coIors were the Ietters
on the Mystery Machine?
There are sure to be more adventures
for Scooby-Doo and the gang...
...before graduation.
Thanks to Scooby-Doo.