Scooby-Doo! in Arabian Nights (1994) Movie Script

Do not be afraid, my friends.
This is the only way to fly.
It'll be worth it, Scoob.
Just think, royal food tasters.
All the food we can eat
and we get paid!
That'll be 14 dinar.
Don't worry, Scoob.
It'll be over soon,
I hope.
- 14 dinar, please.
- Just whatever you do...
- 14 dinar.
- Don't look down.
The ride is over. 14 dinar.
Over? Over!
You mean we're there?
And we're still alive?
Oh. I knew that.
Yeah... yeah. You did not
and it's 14 dinar, please.
Come on, Scoob. We made it.
Cut it out, Scoob.
We'll be late for our interview.
Oh, like, sorry.
Like, hi!
Yeah, hi.
We're... here about the job?
You know, royal food tasters.
Like, after you.
Hear that, Scoob?
- Suckers for dessert!
- Yum!
So, you two fellows
want to be royal food tasters.
- You bet.
- Uh-huh!
Do you have any previous
experience with food?
This morning.
Yeah, breakfast!
Well, you look like two fellows
with hearty appetites
and cast-iron stomachs.
- You're hired.
- All right!
We're royal food tasters
We're royal food tasters
Dance later.
Taste food now.
Like, what's this stuff?
That is hummus tahini.
Yeah, but like, what is it?
Mashed garbanzo beans
in tahini sauce!
What's tahini sauce?
Tahini sauce is good! Eat!
We sure were
a couple of lucky pups
to score this gig, Scoob.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yumma yumma yum.
Stuffed eggplant.
Can you imagine quitting this job?
Neither can I.
Like, I finally found my true calling.
Yumma yumma yummy!
Stuffed grape leaves.
That caliph is in for the lunch
of his life, Scoob.
I wonder what he's going
to have for dinner.
Me too.
The last food taster
never made it to dinner.
Like, you won't have
to worry about us.
We'll be plenty hungry
by dinner, right, Scoob?
Yeah. Famished.
You do not understand.
It isn't your appetites
you should be worried
about losing.
Oh no, Scoob.
We aren't supposed to see
if the caliph's food tastes good.
We're supposed to see
if the food is...
You got it, bubbie.
That's Scooby.
Scooby, booby, whatever.
Soon it's gonna be R.I.P.
- Shaggy.
- Are we in heaven?
No. If this was heaven
all those empty plates
would be piled high with food.
Like, that must mean
we're in the other place.
Oh, no! No, Scoob.
I'm too young to die!
No, no! There's still
so many lunches to eat
and breakfasts and dinners too.
Relax. The food wasn't poisoned...
this time.
Oh, boy.
Like, that was a close one.
Yeah, close.
But you're still probably dead.
You ate the caliph's entire lunch.
How are my royal food tasters?
They aren't here
so they must still be alive.
Oh, good!
Well, mustn't keep the caliph
waiting for his lunch.
Today's a big day.
He has his usual share of
ruler-type duties to attend to
plus the important but happy task
of choosing a wife.
My Mighty Majesty.
Prepare to feast your eyes
and your stomach.
That's lunch?
No... sire, that's not lunch.
They are the ex-royal
food tasters.
- Ex?
- Ex?
But we're great food tasters.
We ate everything and...
You guys ate my lunch?
The royal lunch? All of it?
Yeah, and it was terrific.
Great work, dude... uh, sir.
Yeah! What's for dinner?
I'll be in the kitchen
fixing a little snack
if you need me.
Oh, wow. There's a heavy penalty
for scarfing up the royal lunch.
Now... let's see.
What was that penalty again?
Oh, yeah!
Like, isn't that kind of excessive?
How's about we just go to bed
without dinner or TV?
- Yipes!
- Yipes!
Hey, you come back here!
All of you!
I'm sure glad it's you.
They're around here somewhere.
No kidding.
I would have never guessed
they'd actually be someplace
we were looking.
We must be great at our jobs!
We should ask for a raise.
All right, all right.
Just don't let them get away.
Let's try in here.
I wouldn't want to be them
if we catch them in there.
Hey, what are you guys
doing in here?
You know men are
not allowed in the harem.
Except for me, of course.
Yes, my sire,
but... but the intruders...
Forget them.
I've got real stuff to do.
Like choose my wife.
Whatever you say, sire.
Good. Then I say, so long.
Now then, who is it going to be?
Let's see now.
She's gotta be very up
on the latest stuff.
Yeah, music, fashion, books.
She should be cool and with it.
But smart too.
Good grades and everything.
And of course
she's gotta be a babe.
- You!
- Me?
Yeah. Where have you been
all my short life?
Forget where you've been.
All I care about
is that you're here now
and that you will be my bride.
- I will?
- Excellent.
You make me the happiest
caliph in all Arabia.
Oh, no.
Like, I know how
to make you a lot happier.
No way. Really?
Yeah. I mean, gee...
I... I know.
How about a story?
I tell a way cool story.
A story? Cool.
Don't worry, Scoob.
It's all part of the plan.
I'll, like, tell him a real dull story
and put him to sleep
then we can escape.
Story... story!
Well, since you're in, like
a romantic mood
how's about the romantic tale
of Aliyah-din And The Magic Lamp?
I am truly sorry, Princess.
We had hoped
you would be the one
but you are a delightful lady
and will make the right man
an excellent wife.
Believe me. It is not you.
Well, of course it isn't me!
No one is perfect, my son.
She wasn't perfect, Father.
I mean, there was
nothing wrong with her.
But nothing right, either.
There was plenty right
just not enough.
I love my son, Haman.
I want only his happiness.
I know, my lord.
Marriage to a wise woman
who loves him will enrich his life
and give him joy
he cannot even dream of.
That is exactly
what I'm looking for, Father.
Look at him.
Alone, brooding, forlorn.
Look at me. Do I look happy?
No, my lord.
But happiness was within our grasp.
Oh, yes.
Love, marriage,
perfect bliss... all ours.
The Princess of Serandibe
had been promised to my son
upon her birth.
She was a child
of exquisite beauty
and great promise.
The kingdom's future was secure
Yes, sire, I know.
She was gone.
Vanished, like a shooting star.
A great mystery.
A greater tragedy.
Now the very kingdom is at risk.
With no wife, there is no heir.
I have scoured all Arabia
for a suitable bride.
And still, the wedding bells
remained silent.
My son has rejected every
eligible female in the kingdom.
My son can never be sultan
if he cannot provide an heir!
And this he cannot do
without a wife.
The prince must marry
and there will be no more delay.
- Make a proclamation.
- As you wish, sire.
All nobly born females
in the kingdom are ordered
to present themselves
at the palace. Tonight!
The prince will
choose one for his bride.
- But, sire...
- No buts! No exceptions!
Of course...
not, sire.
Only, how will it
be possible to notify
all the eligible ladies by tonight?
You are right.
Make it tomorrow.
Is this necessary, Your Highness?
Surely the prince will find
an appropriate young lady
on his own.
But when?
Soon, it will be too late.
Who could know?
You are right, old friend.
My son will choose
in his own good time
but that may be too late.
It is only Haman, my prince.
You know your father means well.
He only wants you to be happy.
So take your time
and make the right choice
no matter how long it takes.
No, she can't hear me.
Arise, o Lord of the Amulet.
Who disturbs the peace
of the Lord of the Amulet?
This humble, unworthy servant
begs your counsel, o lord.
It is 18 years since I last received
your wise guidance.
And you dare present
yourself again so soon?
But, lord, the plan put into
effect those many years ago
is now preparing to bear fruit.
The abduction
of the Princess of Serandibe
has reached the crisis point
you so long ago predicted.
Of course it has!
The old sultan's health is failing
and the young prince never married.
Soon the throne will be empty.
This insignificant one fears
his meagre magic will fail
if left on its own.
Can you do nothing for yourself?
In the Tomb of Riches
resides the magic lamp.
- Tomb of Riches?
- Of course you don't know.
Its location is revealed
every three years
by the light of a full blue moon.
Whoever possesses the lamp
controls the power of
the genie within.
But take care
that the Tomb of Riches
does not become your own
final resting place.
Only the pure of heart may enter...
and leave.
But, lord...
I know you're not pure of heart.
- Then who...
- If you will stop interrupting.
Aliyah-din can retrieve the lamp.
No other.
Tomorrow, by the light
of the full blue moon.
This happens only once
every three years
and the next time is tomorrow?
Do not question the hand of fate.
And do not disturb me again.
He'll pay.
They'll all pay!
I don't understand
how I can possibly help.
You are the only chance we have.
There is, in a secret place,
a special lamp.
Within this lamp is the last
remaining hope for our sultan.
It has been foretold that you,
and only you
can retrieve this lamp.
It is a great honor
you have been given
as well as a grave responsibility.
I will do what I can.
I promise.
We have little time.
Meet me tonight by the light
of the full blue moon.
Do not be late.
Our sultan's fate is in your hands.
- Look, it's him!
- Isn't he cute?
Maybe he'll pick me. Oh, please.
And why, pray tell,
should he pick you
when he can have me, dear?
Quiet. He'll hear you.
I'm gonna be late!
Oh! Now I'm going to be
really late!
"The prince will choose a bride"
"from all the eligible
ladies of Sheraz?"
Do not get too excited.
He'll never choose you.
I know that.
Wait a minute. Why not?
Just look at yourself.
Oh, how can my father
expect me to marry
some girl I've just met?
It's ridiculous!
Except for you.
Oh! Excuse me.
- You!
- I have to go.
No, you don't.
- I don't?
- No. Never.
Oh, I have to go.
You're late!
Where have you been?
- I'm sorry. I...
- I'm sorry too.
It's just the sultan...
Oh, it doesn't matter.
The blue moon
can't reveal its secret
while it's clothed in clouds.
- What is it?
- The moon!
Down there, child
inside the Tomb of Riches
is the lamp
and with it, your destiny.
Remember, only the purity of your soul
allows you to enter the tomb.
It is filled with
unimaginable temptations.
But take only the lamp!
They're so lovely.
What harm can come
from picking just one?
What is taking that girl so long?
No! It can't be!
She was pure.
The Lord of the Amulet said so.
Why, you're not a flower.
I wonder if anything here
is what it seems.
The lamp!
You're a funny little lamp.
But the wazir says
that you have the power
to cure the sultan.
The lamp.
My lamp! Gone!
Cursed girl.
You have cost me my lamp
but I will not be defeated!
The throne will be mine!
Oh, what's the use?
Are you the cause of my undoing?
No... no.
I only have myself to blame.
And what is worse,
my sultan must also suffer.
And my prince.
Tomorrow he will pick a bride.
And where will I be?
I will be here.
Well, perhaps you can at least
help me see what here is.
"Rub me"?
What can that mean?
Yeah, that was one
long hibernation.
I'll bet I haven't eaten in...
Looks like a bumper crop.
My choppers must be...
out of practice.
Nothing so rare
as a bright yellow pear.
That pear was no fair.
All these treats are a trick
and it's not even Halloween.
Boo-Boo buddy!
Glad you could make it,
my genie-in-training type bud.
Ooh, maybe this time,
I'll get my wisp of smoke.
Then I'll be able to fly, like you.
Yeah. With my tummy on empty
I'm almost grounded
myself, Boo-Boo.
Golly, Yogi,
I don't think we're here to eat.
Hear that, tummy?
Boo-Boo says no yummies.
So... why are we here?
We're here to give her
three wishes.
She's our new master, Yogi.
Three wishes?
Yeah. Think maybe
she'll use one, for say...
a picnic basket that
we could all, you know, share?
Kinda, sorta.
Oh. I don't believe
I've had a good night's sleep
since the Princess
of Serandibe was lost.
Oh, well. After tomorrow,
everything will be fine.
My son will be married.
The kingdom will be secure.
There will be purpose to life.
But I will never get to tomorrow
without a potion
to help me sleep tonight.
"Eye of newt. Toe of frog."
"Wool of bat and tongue of dog."
What drivel.
Now, this could be something.
My poor sultan.
Wasting away over
concern for your son.
Never sleeping
but Haman will help you.
Haman will fix it so that
you'll never wake up.
Powerful stuff.
My sultan.
Haman, my trusted counsel.
Once again, I must trouble you.
Trouble? Never.
I have brought something
that cannot fail
to bring the peace you deserve.
Breathe deeply.
Oh, yes.
That's right. Just like that.
I'm sorry, Father.
I never meant...
It's just all these women are...
I... I... I mean, I always thought
you wanted me to be happy.
That is, I know you
want me to be happy.
But if it will make you happy
I will marry tomorrow.
I'm sure there's one woman.
Oh, Father... I promise.
No more grief.
Tomorrow I will marry.
It's all right.
It's just a potion.
Your father is finally at peace...
just as you will be!
Who needs a genie?
It's working!
Everything is working!
At least the important stuff
is working.
Sleep well, my prince
and may you find
the girl of your dreams.
But only in your dreams.
I must content myself
with your throne.
But be assured...
it will do!
What is your first wish, O' Master...
er... Masteress... ma'am?
I don't think she gets it, Yogi.
No? Well, let me make you comfy
whilst I give out
with the explanations.
Yeah, m-m-maybe
a little less comfy?
Much better! Now, then...
you have three anything-your-
little-heart-desires type wishes
and if you need any more
explanation than that...
I can get you baba ghanoush.
Tabbouleh or hummus.
Lip-smackin' wareb eesh
or finger-lickin' malfouf.
I can serve you breakfast,
brunch, dinner or lunch.
Or could anything be finer
than owning your own diner?
It's my task to get you
whatever you ask.
what are you waiting for?
Your birthday?
Blow out the candles
and make, like a wish.
Now, wow, what do you think?
Pretty good deal, huh?
- Yogi.
- Not now, Boo-Boo.
Can't you see
I'm granting wishes?
But, Yogi, maybe
she doesn't want food.
But goodies are such a good wish.
Maybe for you
but how do you know
it's what she wants?
Because I'm smarter
than the average genie.
Besides, what else
could she possibly want?
Well, I don't know.
Let's ask.
- Hi.
- HI.
Is this your wish?
Come on out, Yogi.
I can't, Boo-Boo.
I'm all out of ideas.
Well... why don't we ask...
what's your name?
That's a nice name.
Mine's Boo-Boo.
That's Yogi.
Why don't you ask...
Great idea, Boob!
Almost as good
as if I thought of it myself.
So... what can ol' Yogi get you?
Just name it and it's yours.
What do you want, Ali?
What's your heart's desire?
Oh, what's the use?
I can never have it.
It's far too much.
Let us genies
be the judges of that.
Well, if I could have any wish
I would save my poor sultan
who languishes near death.
And if I could have another wish
I would make myself
worthy of the prince.
it doesn't really matter.
I'm only a simple, common girl.
And besides, the prince is
probably married by now anyway.
Not just yet.
You mean it's possible?
It's more than possible.
It's a done deal.
That's only two wishes.
You still have one left.
Right, Boo-Boo. Perhaps I could
interest you in a little snacko.
But for me to be worthy of a prince
- I must be a princess.
- She catches on quick.
How do I look?
See for yourself.
And, of course
what's a princess
without a princess' dowry?
How's that for rich?
Not to mention high in
vitamins and nutrients.
That's for the prince, Yogi!
I was just gonna sample it
t-t-to make sure it was fresh.
- Sheesh!
- This is all so amazing.
I don't know what to say.
You don't have time to say anything
if you want to get to the prince
before he gets hitched...
married, that is.
What's the matter, Ali?
Yeah! You gotta get go, go, goin'!
- But how?
- How?
You are lookin' at
the genuine article, Ali.
A one full-service
if-you're-not-satisfied genies.
Oh, thank you!
You're so wonderful!
End of the line, sugar.
A thousand and one pardons,
your honor.
Oh, what's the use?
I can't compete with
the noblest ladies of the realm.
Hey-hey-hey, why so blue blue
when you got Yogi and Boo-Boo?
The prince will never even notice me.
The prince won't even see them
with you around.
You really think so?
Well, I'm still in training.
See, Ali?
It's your turn already.
It can't be.
Get goin'.
And break the proverbial leg.
And who...
might you be, my dear.
Me? I'm...
My lord!
- My lord...
- Scribe.
I'm glad you are here.
You may dismiss the rest
of the candidates.
But... there aren't
any more candidates.
You don't understand, sire.
There were more. Lots more!
They just...
Did they?
How convenient.
You may go, scribe.
I said, go!
Now then, my dear...
your name?
Your name!
I... don't know.
W-W-What is it?
- Who's that?
- You!
Really? How nice.
My name is Aliyah-din, my lord.
A lovely name
for such a lovely lady.
Thank you, sire.
And I do not come empty-handed.
I have an ample dowry.
The most beautiful and
gracious lady in the kingdom
is all the riches I could ever want.
perhaps a simple token.
That lamp at your side,
for instance.
Finally mine!
No longer must I hide
behind foolish disguises.
Now, I alone have the power!
Are we ready for
a wedding-type feast?
Yeah, I guess not.
I am your master now.
You must do as I wish.
As you wish, Master.
For my first wish
I would have you make me sultan
with all the trappings
and majesty of the office.
As you wish... Master.
Guards, seize her and
throw her in the dungeon!
let the real wishes begin.
Oh, my prince!
What is to become of us?
Our lord.
Rescue us from our oppressors
and raise for us from thee
one who will protect
and raise for us from thee
one who will help.
You will be fine, my prince.
Allah is watching.
He will guide me.
His Majesty.
Haman, Sultan of Sheraz!
It has such a nice ring to it.
Now, then...
what to do about those
other two pesky wishes?
Rise and shine, genie.
Yeah, hey-hey-hey!
Is it an earthquake?
Oh, it's worse.
- It's you.
- Yes, it's me.
What do ya need, Master?
Some dramamine?
No, but I do need my second wish.
Yeah... how's about
a little public feast
to... celebrate your sultanship?
Not even a teensy-weensy feast?
How about toasted marshmallows?
What's goin' on?
Not so fast, genie-in-training.
This is where you win
your wisp of smoke.
Yes. Why simply rule Sheraz
when I can rule the world?
Why not?
Here we go again.
Yup. Another power-hungry
evil guy bent on world domination.
Nobody's ever happy with
a kingdom, a beautiful wife
and all the gold they can count.
They're all alike.
If you're quite through
I'd like to make
my second wish now.
Your wish is my command.
I know.
For my second wish
I want supremacy
over the entire universe!
So, you're sure
you wouldn't want
maybe a cheese sandwich
and a nectarine instead?
Aren't you even a little bit hungry?
Hungry? Yes.
Hungry for power!
You'd think some of this hunger
would go to his stomach
instead of just to his head.
Just do as I wish!
Gee, what a grouch.
I wish...
I'm sorry, my prince.
I have no more wishes.
Oh, prince!
I shall return, my darling.
I promise.
Finally! My power is complete!
The world turns at my whim!
Maybe now we can eat.
Now then, about my third wish...
Gee, I hope it's gonna be
a falafel or tabbouleh
'cause granting wishes isn't easy
when your stomach's
always queasy.
A third wish...
What else can I possibly want
now that I have everything?
The lamp!
What do you get for the man
who has quite literally, everything?
A queen to share...
I do not share anything
with anyone!
Of course not.
What could I have possibly
been thinking of?
- For my third...
- And final!
And final wish...
I wish to live forever
so that I may rule the universe
throughout eternity!
Yeah, what is it, my bitty
genie-in-training buddy?
Oh! Really?
You are completely correct, Boo-Boo.
I demand my wish now!
- Uh-uh. No way.
- Nope.
You must obey! I own the lamp!
What's your first wish,
tiny masteress?
I wish that everything
was as it should be.
My pleasure, Masteress.
Guards, arrest him!
You can't do this. Put me down!
I am your supreme ruler!
Not anymore!
My scarf!
I've been searching for you
to return it.
I don't even know your name.
Aliyah-din, you are
the girl of my dreams.
Please say you will
become my princess.
Are you sure you really want me?
How could you think anything else?
You don't understand.
Your love isn't given freely.
You see, I wished for your love.
I was bewitched
the moment I saw you.
Then we both got our wishes?
We will... the moment
you consent to be mine.
Did I hear someone say marriage?
Well, where is she?
This is she, Father.
She is lovely, Son
but you cannot marry
just anyone.
That is, you are a prince.
You must marry a woman
of noble birth.
A wise woman who can
advise you and enrich your life.
But, Father, she will be
all those things and more.
You don't understand, Son.
The succession is only assured
if you marry someone
of noble birth.
I cannot condone this marriage.
What is your wish, O' Masteress?
Genie, I wish to be a princess.
Royalty, nobility...
these are things
that come from within
not from without.
I'm sorry, Aliyah-din
but our love can never be.
- What did you call her?
- Aliyah-din.
Can it be?
Aliyah-din was the very name
of the lost Princess of Serandibe
who was promised to you at birth.
I don't know how it is possible
but your Aliyah-din
is that very princess.
By royal decree
let the marriage proceed at once!
Genie, for my final wish,
I wish for a huge wedding!
With an equally huge picnic-type
wedding feast, I hope.
Your command is my wish.
And fulfilling all your wishes
will be my life's joy.
Hey-hey-hey, Boo-Boo!
You're a full-fledged genie!
What are you gonna do now?
Oh, that's easy, Yogi.
How about...
I just...
I just love a happy ending.
And, like, they lived
happily ever after
like all good stories end.
Boy, that was neat.
OK, story's over.
Wedding time.
Uh, right.
But, like, I could never
get married in this old thing.
Oh, yucky!
Good thing I let the royal
dressmaker in on our plans.
Like, my thoughts exactly.
Your Majesty?
It's you.
It's you, all right.
Are you sure
I'm really your type?
I don't want you to be sorry
that you married me
in the morning.
You're smart,
loads of fun and a babe.
Exactly my type.
Where is that assistant?
Maybe you could tell another story.
Like, great idea!
I mean... great idea.
Well, like,
we're stuck here anyway.
How about...
Maybe something
a little less romantic
like Sinbad The Sailor.
He has lost his mind!
- He's crazy!
- Run!
- Flee!
- Get out of here!
Run! I will get another crew!
Nothing will stop me
from finding my treasure!
Perhaps I should place
an ad in the personals.
Can't wait to
start the vacation I won.
Better get on the right boat.
But which one is right?
Left, right.
This has gotta be it.
It's on the right.
Although it is kind of small.
Did I hear small?
Who said that?
The captain, you son of a camel!
Sinbad the sailor reporting
for vacation, Captain Sir.
You may set sail right away.
Oh, welcome aboard.
Oh, did I forget to mention?
I'm not only the captain
I am the cruise director too.
You will have
the vacation of your life...
or your money back.
No napping on my cruise ship!
You do not want to sleep
through all the fun, do you?
Fun? What fun?
Oh! Whoever catches
the biggest fish wins.
Why, and it feels like
you have got a big one!
Do not let it get away!
Wow! Heavy!
I can taste it already!
Tender, flaky and
no fishy taste either.
Got him!
Gee, he got away.
I guess you win, Captain.
Ruhk's egg.
Precious gems, golden toothbrush.
When do we play
our next game, Captain Sir?
Oh, yes. Game... game.
Oh, I know.
How about a scavenger hunt?
Scavenger hunt?
Oh, boy... oh, boy!
An egg?
Boy, scavenger hunt
sure send you looking
for weird stuff.
Not just any egg! A ruhk's egg!
Oh, they are rare and real b-b-big!
A big egg.
Like I said, weird stuff.
Do not talk! Look!
Aye, aye, Captain!
Thar she blows!
I mean, egg ahoy!
I mean, I found it.
Land ho!
First one to the egg
gets to keep it!
That is my egg!
This'll be a snap.
This isn't much of a competition.
Come on!
Shoo! Scat!
Go away!
Wow! It looks so tiny
in the little spyglass.
It's much bigger in person.
It's mine! All mine!
You sure you want to
eat that all by yourself?
It is mine, mine, mine!
OK, but that's a lot of cholesterol
for a little guy like you.
I really didn't think he could
get it down all by himself.
Captain! Oh, Captain!
There you are, Captain.
Tell that to her.
That's mine... mine!
I must find someplace to hide you.
Shove off! Shove off!
Excuse me?
I said, raise the anchor and
get us out of here!
Bye. Bon voyagee.
Thanks for the egg.
Captain, that birdie's back.
Birdie? Do not be ridiculous.
We are miles from land.
What birdie could...
That birdie.
The ruhk is raining rocks on us.
Yeah! Fun, huh?
What a ride!
You sure run
a great vacation cruise.
Keep a lookout.
The next items
of the scavenger hunt
are jewels from
the Stream of Precious Gems.
Aye, aye, your captainship, sir.
Stream of Precious Gems, ho!
The Stream of Precious Gems
is a roller coaster ride?
I love rides.
Oh, it's marvelous.
Hey, move out of my way!
Get back in line.
Get this line moving!
Sir, I'm sorry but your son
is too short to ride.
He's gotta be at least
as tall as the pirate parrot.
Short? I will show you short!
Now I am tall enough.
Please keep your hands
and arms inside the log.
Oh, yes. Yes, yes.
Anything you say, sir.
Our hands will be too busy
grabbing diamonds and rubies
and emeralds to stay inside.
Remember, whoever has
the most jewels at the end wins.
And I will keep them all.
but do not touch.
Many braver than you
have tried to steal
the treasure within.
But no one has succeeded yet.
Hang on! Sounds like
a big waterfall coming up.
Hey, do not worry.
They always try to scare you
on these rides.
It'll just be a teeny-weeny,
paltry little...
Grab everything!
Uh, Captain?
Do not bother me!
You should be grabbing jewels.
- But, Captain...
- Do not "But, Captain" me!
I said...
Wow! A beautiful recreation
of the legendary
Davy Jones' locker.
And the even more legendary
jewelled football.
Say cheesy.
Mine! All mine!
Gee, it looks like a pretty dull ride.
And way too short too.
The golden toothbrush.
Prized for its 24-karat gold handle
and its very stiff
deep massaging bristles.
Land, ho!
How can you read that sign, Captain?
What sign?
See? You're too close.
Now, isn't that better?
You have found the secret path
to the golden toothbrush!
Does this mean I don't get
to build a sand castle?
Perhaps later.
Gee, that looks like fun.
Get me down this instant!
Well, perhaps not this quickly.
Help again.
You have saved me again!
Now let us get after the toothbrush.
No smooch?
After we get the toothbrush.
There's the golden toothbrush.
- First one down gets it.
- Yes, indeed.
But it is a long way down.
And there does not appear
to be any way back up either.
Well, my friend,
it looks as if this time...
You will win.
Gee, I hope I didn't
get an unfair advantage
over the captain.
Sure is dark, drafty
and foreboding in here.
And wet too.
They think of everything
on these cruises.
"M. Cyclops, Esquire."
Wow! A Cyclops too.
This is gonna be great!
Hello. You must be here
to sell Gorilla Scout Cookies.
I'll have several boxes
of the Peanut Butter
Banana Dreams.
I love those.
I love them too
but that's not why I'm here.
Oh, too bad.
Well, what are you here for?
To see the golden toothbrush.
Oh. Down the hall,
third door on the left.
Nice place.
Thanks. I like it.
Wow! These bristles are stiff!
How much time does one need
to look at a toothbrush?
I give you ten seconds
and not a moment longer.
I can't wait all day.
I'm a busy Cyclops.
Are you done yet?
I say, I've got tickets to Cats.
They were hard to get.
You asked for it. I'm coming in.
Well, two can play this little game
although some of us
are a little big for games.
I admire his commitment
to dental hygienic excellence
but I am not going
to give up that toothbrush
without a fight.
After all, it is 24-karat gold
and the bristles are very stiff
for deep cleaning
and a satisfying gum massage.
You come back here
with that toothbrush!
I just need to borrow it.
Borrow it? That's disgusting!
Listen here, just give it over
and we'll call it square.
Come on!
I just know
this is going to make me
miss the opening song of Cats.
Penthouse. And step on it.
Go away! This is my banana!
Thanks, Captain Sir.
Never mind the thanks.
Where is that toothbrush?
- Mine!
- Hey, what about me?
Get your own golden toothbrush.
Mine, mine, mine!
See here now.
I'm going to get awfully angry
if you don't come back
with that toothbrush.
You have no idea
what happens to me
if I don't brush after every meal.
Well, you're going to have to
come down eventually.
I've got all day.
I've already missed Cats and
I've brought a good book to read.
Look what you have done,
you big gorilla!
Now we are trapped!
Don't worry. I've got a plan.
What time is it?
Time for me to get a new gorilla!
I say.
Amazing how things happen
right on cue in a cartoon, isn't it?
The island... it is sinking!
Raise the sails! Raise the sails!
Well, I guess it's time
to say goodbye.
But these cheap trinkets will
bring back great memories.
My... my jewels.
My toothbrush.
It's great the way
you let the passengers win.
I had a wonderful time
and I'm gonna recommend you
to all my friends.
Nothing. I have nothing!
My boat, my jewels, my toothbrush.
My ruhk egg!
Wait one minute.
I still have my ruhk egg.
I can sell it and not only
recoup all my losses
but have enough money to...
Mama. Mama.
Toodle-oo, Donna and Gordon.
I had a marvelous time.
Let's do this again next year.
My toothbrush!
I have my toothbrush back!
I'm oral hygienically secure.
Protected from plaque,
cavity comfy
safe from morning breath.
I'm not your mama.
I can't be your mama because...
Because she's your mama.
Gee, that was swell.
I am one lucky dude to get you.
Oh, sire.
Let's scram, Shaggy.
You're everything a guy
could want and modest too.
The perfect companion for life.
I can't go.
Didn't you hear? I'm perfect.
Let the wedding begin.
But... but how can you
have a wedding without...
Without what?
Without... without a wedding cake?
Did someone say cake?
Yummy. Looks tasty, huh?
Like, how can I tell until I taste it?
- Wow!
- Yummy!
- It's them!
- Them who?
The ex-royal food tasters.
Like, hide!
What's the problem?
There's the problem.
Great. Cake!
No, you fools!
The ex-royal food tasters!
- Like, hi.
- Yeah, hi.
Well, this cake is just perfect.
Like, let's proceed
with the wedding.
Sire, you must send these fools
to their final reward at once.
Don't worry, Scoob.
At least our last meal was good.
Gee, I don't know.
They weren't bad royal food tasters.
I didn't die of food poisoning
or anything.
You didn't eat anything either.
Yeah, well
the stories were so neat
I forgot I was hungry.
OK, your lives are spared
if you stay on
as royal storytellers.
- Great.
- Not so fast, Scoob.
Like, maybe we could be
royal storytellers
and royal food tasters.
If you two are my royal food tasters
I might never eat again.
And I'm still a growing boy.
Well, at least you'll never
die of food poisoning.
Hey, there are some risks
you've just gotta take.
Say, this isn't bad.