Scooby-Doo: Return to Zombie Island (2019) Movie Script

Like, it's coming!
Come on, gang. Down here.
Are you sure, Fred?
It doesn't look
very safe down there.
It's gotta be better
than what's out there.
Where? Where?
Where? Where?
Out there.
- No.
- Werewolf.
You guys hide in the alley.
I'll go get help.
It's a dead end.
Or it's gonna be for us. Look!
What are we going to do?
What we always do, Daphne.
Solve this mystery.
Just as I thought.
Old man Wither's son,
young man Withers.
- Of course.
- Great job, Fred.
Once again, you and the Mystery
Machine have saved the day.
But what about
the other monsters?
I think it's time
to round 'em up.
But first...
Now, for a little Monster Mash.
These are the good ol' days
Any day when we're together
These are the good ol' days
A holiday
Wouldn't feel any better
Come on, one more time
Save me, I'm unravelin'
Find out what it all means
This mystery
These are the good ol' days
Any day when we're together
These are the good ol' days
A holiday
Wouldn't feel any better
And now, for the unmasking.
Of course,
it's the whole Withers family.
And we would've
gotten away with it, too,
if it weren't
for you meddling kids.
- Great going, Freddie.
- We all did it together.
We're awesome.
And don't forget
the Mystery Machine.
Thank you.
Freddie! Freddie!
Mystery Machine!
Where are you?
Freddie, are you okay?
Yeah. I... I must've dozed off.
I had a terrible dream that
I lost the Mystery Machine.
Oh, man, what a nightmare.
Um, Freddie.
The Mystery Machine is gone.
Ah, that's right. I sold it.
Don't worry, Fred.
You aren't
the only one depressed
about Mystery Inc.
closing up shop.
I've got an entire section on my Big
Blog of Mysteries called Unsolved Capers.
And I guess, now, they'll
forever remain unsolved.
Which, to be honest,
makes me a little crazy.
- You have a blog?
- Yes.
Which you know,
because you've all subscribed, right?
Listen, I know things
haven't been the same
since the sheriff lectured us
about staying out of trouble.
Uh, of course, some things
haven't changed at all.
Forty-one, 42.
Forty-two sandwiches.
I bet I can eat 'em
in 42 seconds.
Well, I don't know
about you guys.
But I'm itching
to solve a mystery.
But we don't have
a mystery to solve.
Maybe we solved them all.
Eye-witnesses report a
mysterious, ghost-like creature
that floated through the scene,
promising horrible doom and
destruction to all onlookers.
They say
the vegetable cannery's
haunted by a laughing
green gargantuan.
That's true. Every night
the ancient ghost materializes
and asks passers-by
how to program a VCR.
- What's a VCR?
- I don't know.
Well, gang,
looks like we've got
an embarrassment of riches.
Nope. No, siree.
The sheriff told us
to stay out of trouble.
From now on,
the only mystery I care about
is how to get
the rest of the ketchup
out of this bottle.
- Ketchup.
- But Shaggy...
No buts.
We've been to every haunted
house, park and carnival
north, south, east and west
of the Mississippi.
- Plus the Mississippi.
- Oh, yeah, the Riverboat Wraith.
Well, we've had it up to here.
I guess we have used you
as live bait a few times.
A few times, daily.
Well, maybe you do
deserve a break.
Okay, Shaggy and Scooby,
you've made your point.
No more mysteries.
we've heard that before.
We're gonna need
more than that.
Raise your right hands
and swear.
- That's a menu.
- Oh, they know.
Repeat after me.
We, like, solemnly swear,
to, like, not solve
any more mysteries, man.
We, like, solemnly swear,
to, like, not solve
any more mysteries, man.
And a promise is like a promise
that can't be unpromised
unless the promiser,
gets permission from the promisee.
You dig?
And a promise is
like a promise that can't be unpromised
unless the promiser...
Uh... Yeah.
Court adjourned.
All right. It's official.
Mystery Inc.
is closed for business.
Good. Best to leave the mystery
solving for the professionals.
You guys have been
running around,
looking for trouble
for so long,
you've forgotten
how to just be kids.
Opening lemonade stands,
playing kick the can,
talent shows in the barns,
sock hops,
potato sack races, eh?
He's not wrong.
- About the sock hops?
- About everything.
What you need to do is treat
yourself to a vacation.
Get away from the city.
Go have some fun.
You know, that sounds
like a great idea.
Maybe it'll take
my mind off of her.
- Seconded.
- Where could we go?
Oh, I know.
Maybe an amusement park.
No way, no how.
No amusement parks
that ended up being haunted.
Or zoos with demon animals.
- No...
- Opera phantoms.
Right. In fact, no theaters
with phantoms of any kind.
We're gonna stay right here
and watch our favorite show
on that TV.
Hello, sweeties.
It's me, Elvira.
Your spook-tacular hostess
with the mostest.
Back with more
cinematic turkeys
that really put
the horrible in horror.
I never understood
why you two chickens
love watching
these terrible movies.
Because these cheesy monsters
are the only kind
that Scoob and I
aren't afraid of.
Okay, before we start tonight's
monstrous marathon of mediocre movies,
I got a spine-tingling
treat for you.
My spine's tingling already.
An anonymous sponsor has offered
to provide my most fang-tastic fan
an all expense-paid vacation
to a tropical paradise.
Hey! An island retreat
sounds fun.
It sure does.
Like, nothing bad's ever
happened in paradise.
I'd wish you good fortune,
but you're already out
'cause I've seen our next
movie, Predator Jones.
It'll take
your breath away.
If you're lucky.
Drum roll, please.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my agent.
Uh, where was I?
Oh, right. The hapless rube...
Uh, I mean,
vacation winner is...
Is the suspense killing you?
Con-bat-ulations to...
Shaggy Rogers.
Shaggy is allowed to bring up
to three guests along with him.
And one pet.
Pet? Really?
Uh... Oh, that's
what it says here, folks.
All right, after the break,
I'll answer your questions.
See you soon, sweeties.
We're going on vacation! We're going on vacation!
Huh. That's awfully convenient.
I... Uh, no. Never mind.
We promised not to look for another
mystery and I keep my promises.
I choose to believe
it is in no way mysterious.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
I wonder when we get to go.
No mystery there.
Like, right now.
Yeah, now.
Man, I could get used to island life.
How about you, Scoob?
Yeah, it's the best.
Yep. It sure is nice
out here on the open sea.
No mysteries,
no worries.
Ah! It's not there.
There is absolutely
nothing mysterious going on.
Whew. Yeah,
you promised the sheriff,
not to mention
Shaggy and Scooby.
Hey, Fred, what are you doing?
Me? Uh, nothing.
Not thinking about the stuff that
I promised not to think about.
You guys good?
Don't worry, Fred.
We get it.
It's hard to think about
anything but solving mysteries.
Why, I was about to
try and solve the mystery
of how all these trees
in this tropical paradise
don't look tropical at all.
But then I reminded her that
we promised Scooby and Shaggy
we wouldn't
solve any mysteries.
Big or small.
I mean,
look how happy they are.
I know.
Why don't we ask
the ferry captain
how long
before we reach the island?
Then all we'll need to worry about
is how much fun we're having.
Great idea.
Excuse me, Captain.
Where did you say this island
was that we're going to?
The darkest reaches of Davy Jones's
Locker, if you ask me.
And I thought
I was having a bad day.
You seem scared, sir.
Are you all right?
I'm past scared or all right.
Tomorrow is my last trip
to the island
on account
of... the zombies.
Gee... If I cared
about solving mysteries,
I might be thinking
about that other time
we went to an island
filled with zombies.
It's too bad I'm no longer
using my Big Blog of Mysteries.
Why one might find such
information about that encounter
on the "unsolved" page.
But, of course,
there's no need to do that.
I'm sure when the captain
refers to zombies,
he's just using slang.
He's probably
just talking about them.
I think we may have reached
our sausage limit for the day.
I agree.
We're here.
But mind you,
I'll be returning tomorrow
for the last time.
Just before
the sun sets low.
You'd be wise
to be back aboard.
Or else...
Or else we'll have
way too much fun.
Am I right, gang?
Thanks for the ride.
See, it actually
does look tropical.
No need to worry at all.
And look,
native islanders.
I bet they're here to give
us a real island greeting.
Hi, I'm Fred. And, uh...
Get out.
Hmm, that's odd.
Did he just say
to get out?
I choose to believe that it's
some sort of island greeting,
- like aloha.
- Gotcha.
Get out to you too.
Get out.
Yes. Get out, everyone.
Oh, so friendly.
I just love island life.
Get out.
Thanks. That's what
we're trying to do.
Get out
and get to relaxing.
Yeah, uh, get to relaxing.
Get out.
You must go
before it's too late.
The island is infested
with zombies.
And if you don't leave,
you could become one too.
Did you say zombies?
Well, then if I was a person that
was curious about such phenomena
I'd probably
want to investigate that.
But since I'm not,
I guess I'll, uh...
I'll just go now.
This is a terrible van.
I'm just saying
as vans go,
this one's pretty basic.
One color, no flower decals,
no name written on the side,
I mean...
What's it even called?
The van.
Hmm. Boy, can
those two relax.
Yeah, I guess small talk
isn't our thing, is it?
Usually we're trying
to figure out
how to escape some monster
or who did what, where.
We've never really
just sat around and talked.
Well, maybe we should start.
Who saw
the big game last night?
So, Velma,
uh, what's your
favorite thing to do
besides solving mysteries?
There is nothing else.
Scooby, how are you, buddy?
Look out!
- That's weird.
- What, Velma?
It looks as though someone
deliberately cut this tree down
and pushed it
into the road.
And from the looks of it,
it seems like they used something sharp.
Like a claw.
Uh, like something we don't
have to worry about.
Absolutely. I mean,
trees fall all the time.
Even trees made out of...
- Plastic?
- Listen!
Dudes, I know
there's mysterious stuff
around every corner,
but you promised.
You're right, Shaggy.
And we are going to keep
our promise no matter what.
Right, gang?
Right. No matter what.
Right. No matter what.
Now, how about
we get back to that vacation?
Anybody else hear that?
Sorry, that's my phone.
Anyway, looks like something's
slashed my van's tire.
- Good.
- What?
Uh... Nothing.
Eh, probably some sharp rocks.
- Or claws. I mean, a nail.
- Mmm-hmm.
Right. Nothing
out of the ordinary.
I guess we'll just have to
hike the rest of the way.
Ah! What a great way
to start a vacation.
Right, gang?
This is really going great.
Moonstar Island Resort?
Haven't we stayed here before?
I'm sure it's just
part of a chain.
I think Daphne's
thinking of Moonscar.
The island we visited
with the zombies.
And the cat people. And danger.
The island
that's clearly not this one.
are you guys suggesting
that there's something
mysterious going on here?
- No.
- Not at all.
- She was just, uh...
- Reminiscing.
Yeah, about that summer when I
was working at that TV station
for my school project.
Like, yeah, we know.
I was determined
to find an actual
supernatural case
not just another guy in a mask.
We searched everywhere,
including Moonscar Island.
we know all this.
There we met a series
of very unusual people.
Lena, Simone, Jacques,
and who could forget
Snakebite Scrubbs.
Not us.
'Cause, like,
we were there.
We arrived at a house
that looked
a lot like this hotel.
But then we were
attacked by zombies.
But we found out
that the zombies
were actually victims
of the cat people.
who had been draining innocent
bystanders of their life force
in order to stay alive
for over 200 years.
The cat people
were originally villagers
who survived the pirate
Morgan Moonscar
when he landed on the island
to bury his treasure.
The villagers had called
upon their cat-god or something
to get revenge.
So he changed them
into werecats.
They were going to
steal our life-force, too.
Something they could only do
during the harvest moon.
But we were able to stop them
and they melted into nothing.
You know, I was
never really satisfied
with how that whole thing
turned out.
Since we're back,
we could break
this thing wide open.
Break? As in break a promise?
Besides, this says Moonstar.
Not Moonscar.
Plus, did you see
the palm trees and the sand?
The only thing we have to do
on this island, man, is relax.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
It's my pride and joy.
And you are?
I'm Shaggy Rogers,
the contest winner.
Shaggy Rogers?
Wonderful name.
I'm Alan,
the hotel manager.
We've been expecting you.
Welcome to
Moonstar Island Resort.
Why don't you
sign our guest book,
while I check you in.
Hmm. I'm sure there's a
perfectly reasonable explanation
for the guestbook pages
being ripped out.
Isn't there, Alan?
Now, if you'll follow me,
here at Moonstar,
we take pride
in our luxury accommodations,
and the safety
of our guests.
As you can see,
we have the highest
security standards
to make sure you have
a pleasant stay.
Wow. That's a lot of cameras.
Only for your protection,
I assure you.
Why would we
need protection?
Gee, Fred, it sounds like you're
asking about something mysterious.
You wouldn't be doing
that, now, would you?
No, Shaggy, not at all.
Just curious.
This is my wonderful staff.
The finest of the fine.
The cream of the crop, as they say.
That's Jack, Linda,
Mona and Bugbite Stubbs.
They'll be here to help you,
should the need arise.
Why, those names
don't sound at all
like the other names
from the other island adventure
that we're not talking about.
Well, when you hear
something suspicious,
I guess the best thing to do
is ignore it.
Huh? Everyone seems so...
Yes, well,
that's because we have...
But soft!
What light
through yonder window breaks?
It is the east,
and you are the sun.
It's a pleasure
to make your acquaintance.
Oh! Nice to meet you too.
Say, you wouldn't happen to have a
place to eat around here, would you?
All this excitement
has me and my buddy famished.
Yes, and it's all free.
Yes, and we serve only the
finest of fine cuisine.
an unlimited supply
of gold wrapped Scooby snacks.
Am I in heaven?
Yes, and heaven
is just offstage right.
All you can eat.
We'll take that as a challenge.
- Right, Scooby-Doo?
- Challenge accepted.
Now, are there any
questions, concerns?
- Ow!
- I don't know, Daphne, any concerns?
Maybe about what might
be on the island?
Something lurking
in the shadows?
But we are not worried.
Not even a little bit curious
about what the ferry captain
told us on the way here.
And what is that?
Oh, he mentioned
something about the island
being filled with zombies.
We mustn't talk about that.
It is the island's, uh,
greatest mystery.
Which means...
Maybe we should, uh,
join the guys for some food.
Oh, boy.
I think I hurt my neck on that
last go-around on the buffet.
Well, might I suggest
a nice, relaxing massage?
Yes, you might.
I'm up for anything
nice and relaxing.
Me too.
We've got a five star masseuse,
who will work any knots
out of your food-laden bodies.
Uh, shiatsu?
No, Great Dane.
This bathrobe is the comfiest
thing I have ever felt.
What do you think, Scoob?
Wow. This is nice.
I can feel the years of fear and
anxiety floating away already.
Look, Scooby-Doo,
our masseuses are here.
It's time to loosen up
the old muscles.
Oh, fabo.
I know, not much to look at.
You really have your work
cut out for you, huh?
Wow! Your hands
are really cold, dude.
Ooh, freezing.
Scooby, I know that the gang
is having a hard time
not jumping at shadows
and solving mysteries,
but I think
it's for the best.
Maybe... Aah!
They should get a massage, too.
Ow! A little softer, would you?
I have really sensitive skin
due to over nutrition.
Not me. Dig in.
Just a little lighter, please.
I'm extremely fragile.
And over here,
we have our shuffleboard room,
pool room,
and finally, garage.
You sure have
thought of everything.
Yes, and we have
so much more in store.
No, it couldn't be.
Sure sounds like her,
but it's not.
It just can't be.
All right, hold on, Fred.
Don't open that door.
You promised.
Are you all right?
Massage. Attack.
Cold hands.
I'm afraid your friend must have
hurt himself during the fall.
I can't understand
a word he's saying.
No. They're saying
that during their massage,
two zombies appeared and
attacked them with cold hands.
How could you
possibly know that?
Oh, I'm fluent
in panic-Shaggy and Scooby.
Then the legend is true.
Got a case of someone who has
an overactive imagination.
- Huh?
- Huh?
You heard the part
about the zombie, right?
Of course,
but as a woman of science,
I know there is
no such thing as...
There isn't?
No, of course not.
So it stands to reason
that what you saw
wasn't a zombie at all.
But what else
could it have been?
Well, since it was
at the spa,
I can only assume it was probably
other guests with mud masks on.
Mud masks? Really?
It does make more sense
than flesh-eating,
undead monsters.
Daphne's right,
it was probably nothing.
I mean, if there was
a real zombie lurking around,
Scooby and Shaggy
would be nowhere near...
Hey! Where's Scooby and Shaggy?
Like, I know
where this is going, buddy.
First, there's nothing
and then...
There's something.
I say we hide out here.
And only venture out
to grab some food.
Speaking of which,
I've got my emergency
hiding snack satchel
for just such an occasion.
Good thinking, Shaggy.
I know. Like, no one
will ever find us down here.
Hey! Haven't we
been here before?
Cat people.
Cat people?
But that doesn't
make any sense.
We're on a completely
different island.
please tell me
that's your stomach.
Not again.
Scooby? Shaggy?
How long are we going
to keep this promise
to not solve any mysteries?
I mean, there's a lot of strange
things happening around here.
And I'm dying to figure out
what is going on.
Bad choice of words.
You're choosing words
and I'm barely
keeping it together over here.
I mean, did you see the way the
staff reacted to the word "zombie"?
I know.
But we can't let
Scooby and Shaggy down.
They've followed us
through a million mysteries.
The least we can do is stick our
heads in the sand and avoid this one.
I know you're right,
but it's so hard.
Maybe after we find
Scooby and Shaggy
we can occupy our minds
with something else.
Like shuffleboard
or whatever you're
supposed to do on vacation.
Sounds like a plan, Velma.
Scooby! Shaggy!
Scoob! Shaggy!
Find anything,
She's not out there at all.
It's just a trick of the light.
- She?
- Uh, I mean they.
They're not out there.
Did I say she?
That's weird.
But, no, not like,
this is a mystery weird.
That should do it.
What's gotten into you two?
Like, what we've been saying.
Zombies. They're everywhere.
We must run. Hide.
Boys. We've already
been through this.
There's no proof that zombies
are haunting the island.
Let's be reasonable.
It's coming from outside.
Do those look like mud masks?
Kind of.
What are we going to do?
We're doomed.
Let me try that again.
What are we going to do?
We're doomed!
So much better.
I'm sorry,
I must have fainted.
What are we going to do?
I was wondering
if there was any dessert or...
Dessert? At a time like this?
There's a horde of zombies
outside this hotel
and you want to eat
chocolate pudding?
Chocolate pudding?
That sounds great.
- I'll take one.
- Me too.
How can you think
of eating at a time like this?
Don't think...
- We don't even have pudding.
- We brought our own.
Regardless, the zombies
are gonna be here any second.
Or, maybe minute.
Half hour, tops.
Aren't you
professional mystery-solvers?
Can't you solve the mystery
that's happening right outside?
We'd really,
really love to help.
But we promised
Scooby and Shaggy
that we wouldn't
solve any more mysteries.
And a promise is a promise
is a promise.
Remember, guys?
I mean, uh, the only thing
that could break a promise
is the person that they
promised the promise to
saying that they could
break the promise.
I get it. I don't.
That's right. The people
that made us promise
just have to say it's okay
for us to break that promise.
What? Who cares about promises?
There are zombies outside.
We care.
We made Shaggy
and Scooby a promise
and we're gonna stand by it.
We hereby exercise
the takesies-baksies clause
to release you of the promise
to stop solving mysteries.
- Oh, thank you, guys.
- Oh, finally.
Now, the zombies!
First things first,
we need to secure
the perimeter.
- I'll get the doors and windows.
- And Fred...
I know. It's trap time.
Lucky for us,
zombies aren't the fastest
movers in the world.
Um, should we be worried?
Negative. Everything is
going exactly to plan.
- It's quiet.
- Maybe they're sleeping.
I get sleepy when I eat turkey.
Maybe they ate
some turkey brains?
Oh, no! They're all
pushing on the front door.
Right where we want them.
Now, Fred!
You did it.
I can't believe that worked.
Say, do you smell something?
Mm. Smells like barbeque.
What's happening
to the zombies?
They're... They're melting.
Uh-huh. Just as I thought.
These aren't zombies.
They're witches.
'Cause melting.
No? Nobody else?
Jack is a zombie?
He's not the only one.
Mona? Linda?
I'm aghast.
Aghast, I tell you.
No, Alan,
I don't think you are.
What do you mean, Velma?
It should be obvious.
Would you like
to start us off, Daphne?
My pleasure.
It first started when Shaggy
and Scooby won that contest.
It was way too coincidental,
and in fact,
was probably planned.
And then the trees
leading up to the island,
looked like they'd be
more at home in a swamp
than in a tropical paradise.
But there are palm trees
on this island.
How do you explain that?
Plastic palm trees.
And then,
remember when we arrived?
and Mona couldn't help telling
Shaggy and Scooby, "Yes, and..."
That's an improv technique
taught in acting classes.
Yes, and...
she also told them
the buffet was stage right.
Which is also a theater term.
That's right.
And when Jack
quoted Shakespeare to Daphne
it was from one of the most common
monologues used for theater auditions.
But soft!
What light
through yonder window breaks?
Plus everyone
was way too good-looking.
The men have perfect jaws,
the girls perfect hair.
It's almost too perfect.
And don't forget the cameras.
That's right.
There were cameras
all over the hotel.
And the most
important clue.
The guest book.
There were pages
ripped out of it.
Pages that had the signatures
of previous guests,
including us.
This isn't
a tropical island at all.
This is Moonscar Island.
Or as I called it in my blog,
Zombie Island.
But the name of the hotel,
it's totally different.
Not exactly.
They changed one letter
and they didn't even
do that very well.
So what does that all mean?
Isn't it obvious?
That this isn't just a hotel,
this is a location,
and we are in...
A movie.
Cut, cut, cut, cut!
You ruined everything.
Thank you.
You're right, Velma.
This is a movie.
And I'm not just
Alan, the hotel manager,
I'm Alan, the film director.
Alan Smithee?
Sure. And this was
to be my greatest masterpiece.
Something that felt true,
that felt real.
But now, it's ruined.
But why us?
Well, as you know, the only thing
studios care about these days
are franchises, like those
found-footage horror movies
that spawn a bazillion sequels.
So I thought
I could do my own.
In my research
for the next big thing,
I happened upon your website,
the Big Blog of Mysteries.
We have a blog?
As I was saying...
There is a section
called Unsolved Capers.
The most popular part,
if I don't mind saying so.
And in it, it has all this
stuff about a reluctant werewolf,
and the tale of Zombie Island.
But Zombie Island
wasn't unsolved.
The cat people disintegrated
while the zombies went back
to an eternal rest.
There is nothing
about what you just said
that sounds solved.
But you only
used the zombies.
What about the cat people?
Cat people, werewolves...
Those costumes
are too expensive.
Zombies, however,
are as cheap as a bucket
of plastic prosthetic makeup.
So I decided to make a movie.
But first I had to figure out
how to get you
back to the island.
I'd read about Shaggy and
Scooby's love of TV's Elvira.
The horror hostess
with the mostest.
And since all Hollywood
weirdos know each other,
I called her up
and asked her to help sell
the whole vacation
getaway ruse.
You're the anonymous sponsor.
Guilty as charged.
Then I needed
to introduce the zombies
in a way that would
put the audience on edge,
but not convince you guys
of the coming threat.
So you cut the tree down
to block our way here.
And slash the tour van's tires.
Uh, no, actually.
I don't know what that was.
Another mystery.
Maybe, just maybe
an unsolved one.
Uh, yeah, well...
The first time I had the zombies
attack, was at the spa.
But I was hoping
to have a sequence
of being chased by the zombies,
maybe a grand finale
involving the hotel.
But no,
you figured a way to trap my
zombies before I could finish.
I would've
gotten away with it, too,
if it wasn't
for you meddling kids
and your incredible talent
for solving mysteries.
Months of research
down the drain,
I even found this weird little
pendant on the island
I thought was a good omen
that the movie
was going to happen.
Simone's pendant?
Fat lot of good that did me.
Well, it wasn't very nice.
You had us all pretty worried
that something nefarious
was going on.
Yeah, and come to find out
the only thing nefarious
was you.
I'm sorry. I truly am.
I thought
with your amazing performances,
your good looks...
I suppose so.
...and comedic timing...
All right! High five. really was going
to be an amazing movie.
But now, I'll never be
able to finish the film.
Oh, no.
Don't cry, Alan.
I mean, what you did was wrong,
but we can still
do the movie.
We can?
Of course, we can.
How hard can it be?
Memorize a few lines here,
look scared there.
- Uh, you mean it?
- Why not?
We are supposed
to be having fun, after all.
And that will give me time
to finally figure out
the "white whale"
of Unsolved Capers.
The mystery
of Zombie Island.
Then, ladies and gentlemen,
let's make a movie.
Few tears gets them every time.
In this scene, you discover
the treasure of Morgan Moonscar
and must open it,
in order to return
the evil zombie spirits
back from whence they came.
That's not how the story goes.
The zombies were just victims
of the cat-people.
Hello? "Based" on a true story.
Uh, is it just me,
or now that Velma
can solve mysteries again she's,
sort of, looking for one everywhere?
One time, I swore off gluten
for a year, and after that,
I ate more gluten in a day
than I had my entire life!
I think this is like that.
What's "gluten"?
Now, it's cold out.
You're wet and shivering.
But we're not... wet.
It's her! She's back!
Oh, I've missed you so much!
I can't believe it.
I can't believe it's you,
where have you been?
Freddie, are you okay?
Uh, Fred, that's not
the real Mystery Machine.
You don't know.
Maybe she got stronger,
and broke out to find me!
Afraid not, Fred.
Fred, gang, meet Seaver.
He's our stuntman.
Seaver had this beautiful
piece of machinery
built for the climax
of the film.
We're gonna jump this thing
over the hotel
while being chased
by a zombie hoard!
Yep! I've been driving it
back and forth over the island
since we came in
on that ferry yesterday.
The ferry?
Ha! I thought
I was hallucinating!
Why didn't you tell us?
Because of the promise.
I was so desperate
to solve a mystery,
I started thinking
I was just making one up!
I almost thought
I was going crazy!
But now that I know
I'm not going crazy...
can I drive it?
No, you may not.
It takes a trained professional
to drive this thing.
But... you can ride shotgun while
I park it in the ferry overnight.
I'll let you boys handle that
while we head to our next scene.
What's our next scene?
Oh, you'll see.
And, action!
I'm hungry.
Nah, no, no, no. Scooby, no.
The line is "I'm scared."
Try it again.
I'm hungry.
No, no, Scoobs.
It's "I'm scared."
The line is "I'm scared."
It's not "I'm hungry,"
It's "I'm sca..."
What? Uh-huh.
Okay, Scooby, you know what?
I just found out...
there's no more food.
I repeat,
there is no more food.
All right, Seaver.
Just run straight through the glass.
This action camera will capture
everything in perfect high definition.
Fred, what do you think
you're doing?
I appreciate Seaver and all,
but I don't need a stuntman.
I can do my own stunts.
I'm a man of action, after all.
No, Fred, you're a man
with an ascot.
There's a huge difference.
Listen, I really appreciate your
commitment to the role, Fred.
But, what would happen
if you got hurt, huh?
You're one of the stars.
If you couldn't continue,
the movie would be over.
I guess you're right. I...
I am pretty important.
Of course I'm right.
I'm Alan Smithee. Have you seen
how many movies I've done?
- No.
- Well, it's a lot.
There's a whole bunch of them.
You have to trust me, Fred.
You ready, Seaver?
And, action!
- Oh!
- Fred, don't!
Missed it. Oh.
Boss, we have a problem.
What kind of problem?
Like, I think we had
a wardrobe malfunction.
We're going to need
bigger pants.
In this scene,
the zombies have you cornered.
All you need to do
is stand there and look scared.
Let's practice.
Okay. Look scared.
Yeah, sure.
I'll fix it in post.
Places, everyone!
Look out!
Alan, are you all right?
Uh, yeah. But, what happened?
It looks like someone
deliberately cut the rope.
But, why?
And is that...
cat hair?
The palm tree.
Simone's pendant.
This is it, Velma!
One of the unsolved capers!
It's happening. I have to go!
Fred, I don't think she's okay.
We've got bigger problems,
It looks like we have
another mystery on our hands!
Uh, could you say that again?
Maybe with a little more oomph?
Um, sure.
Well, gang...
Hold on, hold on,
I'm not ready.
Okay, I'm good.
In three, two, one.
Well, gang, it looks like we have
another mystery on our hands.
Cut! That was great.
Really great.
Next scene.
Velma, Velma! Are you okay?
I'm better than okay.
I'm finally going to get to the
bottom of the Zombie Island Mystery!
But we already have!
It was just a movie
Alan wanted us to be in.
Keep up, Blake.
Not that Zombie Island.
The other one.
The one where
the cat-people appeared
and tried to suck
our life-force!
There is no way they were real!
It defies the laws of science.
But it was, Velma!
We were there!
No. It's got to be
something else.
Something rational.
And now that they're back,
this is my chance
to find out what is really going
on or my name isn't Velma Garbo.
Your name is Velma Dinkley.
Not since I became
a movie star.
Wait, the cat people are back?
I know you're out there.
Come on, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Okay, this is the last shot
of the day.
The magic hour!
We'll start up the weather machine
and have the zombies attack.
All you have to do
is run the other way, okay?
Run, run!
It's just a cat, Scoob.
Nothing to be worried about.
Like, nevermind!
I know I should
be freaking out,
but this is adding some serious
production value to the picture!
Stay back.
Ugh, stay back!
I'm allergic!
Sorry, boss. We quit.
What? Come back,
you can't just leave!
What about the art?
What about sacrifice?
We can't keep this up.
Are those cats?
No. Those are...
We have to get out of here.
No! We have to finish the film!
The film?
We're being attacked
by immortal cat-people
and you're worried
about the film?
Who cares? There's gotta
be a way off this island!
The ferry.
I'll meet you there.
He's right.
The last ferry leaves at dusk.
If we hurry, we can get on it,
and get off the island!
Come on!
Oh, no! What did you do?
We can't leave.
Not until we finish this movie.
We have to finish!
Alan's lost it.
And we've lost our only way
off this island.
I won't lose another one.
Not again.
Not this time.
Not this time!
Fred, don't!
Well, I'll be!
Maybe he'll be a stuntman yet!
Don't worry, baby.
Freddie's here.
I don't see him!
Everyone, get in
the Mystery Machine.
Don't worry about me.
Someone grab a camera
and film this!
Freddie, do something!
Why would the cat-people
need Simone's pendant?
Why, indeed.
Like, they're gaining on us!
Uh-oh, what was that?
Bad luck. Real bad luck!
Look out!
Fred, "U" turn. Now!
What now?
There's only one way
out of this, Fred.
Do you think I can?
I know you can.
Freddie, what are you doing?
Hold on, gang.
Oh, I need an exterior shot.
- Whoa!
- Yikes!
That was amazing!
Let's do it again.
Way to go, Fred!
You were both fast and furious,
and thanks to my
high-flying drone,
we got the whole thing
for the movie!
I think there are bigger things
to worry about than the movie.
Hurry, everyone!
Head for the hotel!
She's my honey
And I'm her man
She plays my heart
Like a baby grand
She's the sugar
In my tea
Can't you see
We were meant to be
Sweet as candy
And as pure as gold
She's got me in a tizzy
It's true
I'm all hers
Buddy, heart and soul
I only wish she felt
The same way too
She's my sweetie
And I'm her fan
But she's hot and cold
She's a rubber band
Comes on strong
But won't cross the line
But I'd wait forever
To make her mine
Sweet as candy
And as pure as gold
She's got me in a tizzy
It's true
I'm all hers
Buddy, heart and soul
I only wish she felt
The same way too
She's my honey
And I'm her man
She plays my heart
Like a baby grand
She's the sugar in my tea
Can't you see
We were meant to be
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba...
Welcome to Moonstar Island Resort's
finest dining establishment.
For the discerning
immortal Cat Person,
we have the finest fish caught
within the surrounding swamps.
Please take a seat.
A wonderful
treat for you to eat.
Bon appetit.
It rhymes.
Like, what kind of cat
doesn't like fish?
Looks like they're on a roll.
Where did you come from?
Come on, guys.
What do we do now?
They'll be after us in no time.
We need a good place to hide.
Why is everyone looking at us?
How rude.
Because, you two
are the best hiders we know.
Good point.
I think we know just the place.
Everyone in, quick!
Are we sure about this?
Sure enough.
Where are we?
I remember this.
This is where the Cat People
tried to siphon our life force,
the last time we were here.
But, we stopped them, remember?
Maybe these are...
Maybe, maybe not.
Nothing ever felt right
about our previous adventure
but I could never
figure out why.
Hey, Scoobs. Move around
here, get some footage.
You okay, Scoob?
Now, why is there a hole in
the middle of this cave?
Why are there holes everywhere?
It looks like someone's
been digging for something.
Maybe the Cat People
needed a litter box.
They must be looking for
Moonscar's lost treasure.
But, why would mystical immortal
creatures need a treasure?
My question, exactly.
Look at this.
It's the moondial.
The Cat People were waiting
for the harvest moon to rise
in order to steal
our life force.
That's weird.
The cat symbol on the moondial
looks just like Alan's pendant.
That's all well and good
but if the Cat People are real,
then the rest of
the legend is true too.
If we don't
get out of here, we're dead,
or at least undead which
also sounds pretty bad.
I think I figured out what's going on
with the Cat People and more importantly,
I think I know
how to stop them.
But it's too late,
the harvest moon has risen.
That means we're all
going to turn into zombies.
This once,
I think you're right.
I need brain.
No, stay back.
Stop. We didn't know
the curse was real.
It wasn't even my idea.
As I suspected.
The greeters and the ferry captain from
when we first arrived on the island.
What? You're
not zombies at all.
And, you aren't
soul sucking Cat People.
Bravo! Bravo!
I really couldn't
ask for a better performance.
That was amazing.
I didn't
know you had it in you.
But how?
Well, it was easy, really.
After we found out
they were making the movie,
I figured whoever was trying to sabotage
the film must be doing it for a reason.
When we saw the holes in the cavern
and the pedestal, it all made sense.
Someone from the island must be
looking for Moonscar's treasure.
And who were the only people
that were on the island
but not part of the movie?
These three.
But, how did you know they'd be
frightened by the zombies?
Well, if they were so convinced
that Moonscar's treasure existed,
which of course it doesn't,
they must on some level
believe in the curse.
So, we left a pendant to draw
them further into the crypt.
And dressed as zombies
to scare them into my trap.
Which totally
worked by the way.
But, the gold?
Good old gold foil
wrapped Scooby Snacks
courtesy of
Alan Smithee productions.
There are still a
few things I don't understand.
Just a few?
Yeah, like how
did they control the cats?
With this. The four of them used a cat whistle
to guide them into doing their bidding.
Four? There's only three of us.
Like, no way!
There's the scary black cat, the one that
punctured the roof of the Mystery Machine.
That attacked
us in the hallway.
Scooby, tight close-up.
This big, right here.
Maybe, just maybe,
there really is an immortal
Cat Person left on the island.
Maybe you didn't stop them all
the last time you were here.
Maybe, they still exist.
Roaming the island
for their next victim.
Save that tape. That was money.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm not saying that because based on
a true story will sell more tickets.
Yeah, you're right.
That's exactly what I'm saying
and it's gonna
go right under the title.
And, here are your
escorts right on time.
We would have gotten away with
it too, if it wasn't for you...
- you...
- Meddling whippersnappers.
And don't forget talented film
director, Alan Smithee.
We haven't forgotten.
You'll get yours, Smithee.
I'm sure I will.
But not before you.
Have fun serving
15 to eternity in prison, lady.
Ugh, and I got so
close to finishing this film.
All I needed was
a boffo finale.
At least,
you gave it a try, Alan.
Would you look at that?
I wonder what they are doing.
The legend stated that the cats were
the guardians of Moonscar's treasure.
Could it be?
Oh, boy!
It's gold!
I can't believe it.
I'm rich!
Like, really, really rich.
With all that gold,
you can make a sequel or maybe a trilogy.
Yeah, a trilogy.
Are you kidding me? After this flick,
I'm done with the movie business.
But I thought
directing was your dream?
I've got a new dream.
One involving retirement on a tropical
island where no one gives you notes,
and bets your future
on a weekend box office.
It's been a pleasure working with you
kids, it really has,
but I'm retired.
What a vacation, huh, gang?
Maybe the best vacation ever.
How so, Velma?
I finally get to cross off one
of my unsolved capers.
Unsolved? But, the Cat People
from last time...
...must be the same people looking
for the treasure this time.
And the original zombies?
Swamp gas.
I think it's best
to let her have this one, Fred.
Point is,
we can't stop solving crimes
because we might get hurt
or step on some toes.
It is in our blood.
It is our destiny.
You know, Velma's right.
We should never have made you guys
promise to not be who you are.
Besides, without burning off
calories running from monsters,
I think I gained a whole pound.
Who knew being afraid
was such good exercise.
So what do you say, gang?
Mystery Inc. forever?
Of course, I'm in.
But if we're gonna do this,
we're gonna need
the real Mystery Machine.
Ah! I should have never sold
it in the first place.
And we'll do whatever
we can to get it back.
Mystery Inc. forever!
Oh, I can't believe it!
what are you doing here?
When I heard about some teenagers
and a dog getting into a mess
with some crooks
dressed up as cats,
I thought I'd come
take a look-see.
Turns out, I was right.
You kids are solving
mysteries again, aren't you?
I thought we'd agreed you
weren't gonna do that anymore.
But, Sheriff...
We just have to
solve mysteries.
It's the only thing
we're good at.
Why won't you let us be who we were
meant to be?
You know, you don't
need to cry, Daphne.
I'm sure you can
do something else.
But there is nothing else.
It's our life's work.
Well I guess if you have to.
Thanks, Sheriff.
And a few tears
gets 'em every time.
Well, since I can't
talk you out of it,
all I can do is
tell you to be careful.
There are a lot
of people out there
that won't take too kindly to
you meddling in their business.
Understood. Thanks, Sheriff.
All right, then. Why don't
I give you a lift home?
Maybe in a little bit.
Like, being a zombie
works up an appetite.
It sure does.
Hello, my little freaks.
Welcome back to the show.
Next up, we have a zombie flick
that's sure to make you meow for more.
Hold onto your
tails as we watch,
"Zombie Teenagers and
The Island of Doom."
Ugh, seriously?
I mean, that's the title?
On an island
surrounded by water...
A group of gullible teenagers
will face a terror
that isn't human.
And... action!
- I'm hungry.
- Cut!
I'm hungry.
Ugh, Fred, not again.
- Action!
- Like, listen.
I know there's mysterious stuff
around every...
Cut, cut!
You ruined everything. Everything!