Scorched Earth (2018) Movie Script

In the middle
of the 21st century,
Mother Nature finally unleashed
her fury in a cataclysmic event
known as the Cloud Fall.
Ice caps melted so
quickly that entire cities
were wiped out within months.
Once the rains began, it was
flooding on a biblical scale.
It destroyed almost
the entire planet.
Pockets of respite
on high ground
allowed those few who
survived to start again.
50 years after the
Cloud Fall, two things
essential for survival that had
been taken for granted for so
long are now rare commodities--
Air and water.
In this new barter economy,
there were two currencies--
Water tabs to purify poisonous
rainwater and pure, powdered
silver, an essential
component in air filters
that can delay eventual
death, like black lung.
New and rudimentary
authorities began to keep
people safe as possible.
Vehicles that burned
fossil fuels, or belchers,
were illegal.
Those that drove them
were guilty of the most
heinous crime possible.
The new authority offered
rewards to bring these outlaws
to justice and bounty
hunters roamed the wasteland
looking to claim those rewards.
What are you doing?
I can't survive out
here without-- ugh, ugh.
Sometimes I
think you don't even like me.
She's picking me up and dragging
my ass across the wilderness
Seriously, what the fuck
is up with a coffin?
Whoa, Womack, when did
you get so sensitive?
OK, OK, just take me in.
Just take me in.
I've had it.
Just take me in.
Come on.
Chavo, where's Chavo?
East, east, they're on the east.
She got wind of some
pilgrims down by the docks.
See you next time.
There's no next time, Gage.
That is the point.
Hey, where are you going?
Aw, look at that.
It stopped raining.
Drinking water?
That's it?
But I helped you.
Gage, I'm going to die out here.
Looks like you're
going to need it.
There's a burner on the way.
But I helped you!
I helped you, Gage!
Where are you going?
I'm going to die out here.
Suck wind and die, Gage.
Damn it.
Look at you.
Who have we got here?
Look at how pretty you are.
Look, we have an advance permit,
issued by the
territorial authority,
guaranteeing us safe passage.
We are on a pilgrimage.
And if we don't make
our destination,
a bounty will be
issued for your head.
Oh I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
I feel stupid.
Forgive me.
Well, I bid you all a good day
and wish you a safe journey.
Thing is, if you all
disappear without a trace,
how they going to know
who to put that bounty on?
There's no authority out here.
Now if the rest
of you cooperate,
you just might live
to see another day.
And you-- what's this?
Well, that's an
unexpected surprise.
I'm going to grind
this up and put it
in my own personal air filter.
And I'm going to think
of you every time
I suck a fresh breath.
Get the usual--
Filters, water, tabs.
I know someone paying top
dollar for able bodies.
Hey, who's out there?
Hey, Chavo.
God damn it.
Go to hell, Gage.
I will, I promise.
There's two ways
we could do this.
That's one of them.
Hey, hey-- she's over there.
Go around.
Where the hell are you going?
Oh, big mistake.
Nobody runs out on
you, right, Chavo?
Look, scumbag, I'm just trying
to get by like everybody else.
Thing is, you've been
a really bag girl, Chavo,
and that makes you very
attractive to a scumbag
like me.
Listen, I'll let them all go
if you give me a walk, Gage.
Nothing compared to
what I could get for you.
You know that.
I'll blow her head off, and then
I'll kill the rest of them.
I'll do it, you know I will.
And then you can tell
that to the Authority.
You hear me?
Loud and clear.
Thank you so much.
I'm really going to need
you to stay out of my way.
Not necessary.
Damn it.
No, I just lost half a bounty.
Well, I'm sure once we
tell your employer what
you did here, they
will reinstate
the full value of the reward.
Wow, man, you really
are as naive as you look.
Where are you going?
You've got to help us get
him to medical assistance.
Not my problem.
A warm welcome to the two newest
members of the community of New
There are viable hempseed that's
going to be critical for us
in the years to come.
Is saying that there will be no
spike in toxin levels expected
this week, but that's
still no excuse
to be leaving a
sealed environment
without a backup breather.
So one last thing,
we've been getting
reports of increased
outlaw activity
in the surrounding areas.
So keep an eye
out for strangers,
not just for yourself,
but for your neighbors.
The Territorial
Authority wants us
to report potential activity--
Meeting adjourned.
You can count it, if you want.
There's only water tabs in here.
Where's the powdered silver?
Yeah, the Authority
didn't send any.
I don't know why.
Water and air scrubbers running
for the rest of the month.
Right, so the
Authorities set the bounty
at 300 tabs and two grams
of silver for Chavo,
and then doesn't
send the silver.
I mean, you could
tell me the truth.
You'll get what's owed.
I just need a little more time.
You've got enough to get by.
And health of the hardworking
people of this town.
Tell me, what are you
going to do when all
the belchers have been retired?
I'll come looking for you.
You're just trash
like the rest of them.
What makes you so different than
the bounties you drag in here?
I'm still above ground.
Well, would you look at that?
They did send the
silver after all.
I taught you never to sit
with your back to the door,
especially when you're
breaking into someone's home.
Yeah, you also taught
me collecting bounties
was a noble profession.
I wouldn't play with
that, if I were you.
It's concentrated acid.
That'll cut through you like--
Well, concentrated acid.
I saw what was left of Chavo.
Nice shooting.
My aim will never be
as good as yours, Doc.
Aw, that's all in the past.
Since this, I'm happy just
being a simple country doctor.
It was fun though--
Taking down fossil
abusers with you.
You seen the latest bulletin?
Sure, Tom Jackson, 5,000 tabs.
Biggest bounty the
Authorities ever offered.
Even Grubbs is talking
about raising a posse
and taking a shot at it.
Jackson's nothing special.
I taught you better than that.
He's consolidating.
He took over this settlement.
Place called Defiance,
built from the ground
Made it a safe haven for
lawbreakers, most of them
Someone with your
talents could clean up.
You'd have to be crazy to try.
You're wondering if you
can take them alone.
You can't.
Why not?
Leaves their bodies hanging
from the gate as a warning.
Just forget I ever
brought it up.
Yeah, but you did.
He wouldn't let a bounty hunter
within 10 clicks of Defiance.
Maybe not a bounty hunter.
What do you mean?
You look like you
wearing Chavo's hat.
Got Chavo lying on a slab
right in front of you.
So that's your plan?
I've already killed
everyone she's running with.
Who's going to know
the difference?
Anyone that knows your face.
This is what most
people ever see of me.
No, but if it gets me
into town, then maybe--
Maybe it can delay
how long it takes
you to get yourself killed.
If I leave now, I can
be there before nightfall.
It's not funny.
It's a little bit funny.
You really need to lighten up.
I'll see you soon.
Please don't do this.
You around once in a while,
even just for a couple of days.
I'll be extra careful
crossing the river.
It'll just even out
the odds a little.
On the house.
Who's that?
Chavo, you can tell by the hat.
Empty bottles and a wasted name.
You can change the
rules, my baby,
but you can't quite
change the game.
If the feeling ain't
the same anymore,
my baby you can hear me call,
but you cannot see me cry.
And I sing all my lullabies,
but they never put me to sleep.
Excuse me.
On someone in the
middle of a performance,
especially when that
someone is my lady.
Well, thing is, I
don't know who you are
or that that was
your lady, how was I
supposed to know that
my exit would have such
an impact on your fragile ego?
My name is Thomas Jackson.
This is my town.
Have a drink with
me, Miss Chavo.
Come on, just one drink--
Single malt.
I'm not in the habit of
owing anyone any favors.
Oh, there's no
obligation, I promise.
Simply join me for
a nice civil chat.
We may find that conversation
mutually beneficial.
All right, Let's see what
you have to say, Mr. Jenson.
That's Jackson.
Are you a gambler, Ms. Chavo?
Isn't everyone?
Now please don't
take offense to this,
but do you have
anything worth betting?
300 tabs enough?
That'll do.
You don't mind
if I deal, do you?
Is there another option?
Have a seat, Mr. Lear.
This'll take a moment.
So what brings you to
our little metropolis?
I heard bounty hunters
weren't welcome here.
I'm sure you saw the gates.
Territory and Authority
overreach stops right there.
People have to earn
their place here.
So what would you say
is your best asset?
I'm a good listener.
Is that so?
I am very aware of your
exploits, Ms. Chavo--
Living in the wasteland,
raiding pilgrims
who were unlucky enough to
get caught up in your web.
I mean, hell, there
are 12 dead last month.
There are not a lot of people
to go around these days.
I have my reasons.
I have big plans for
Defiance, and anyone
who comes here to work for me.
You're a good salesman, Mr.
Jackson, but I'm not buying.
Sometimes it's good to
admit when you've been beat.
All in.
Ah, that's how
you want to play it.
Well, would you look at that.
What a deal.
I could really use
someone like you.
Like I said, just
passing through.
It's too bad.
You'd really fit in around here.
As you can see, Mr.
Lear, I'm a little busy.
You want to see this.
Excuse me, Ms. Chavo,
apparently there's
an urgent matter
I must attend to.
Anything Ms. Chavo
wants is on the house.
Please find her a nice,
clean room for the night.
This way, ma'am.
A message from the
Territorial Authority
tells us that Tom
Jackson and his men
are expanding their raids
into nearby settlements
and fortifying Defiance.
We are one of the closest towns.
It is only a matter of time
before he ends up here.
So we need to stop him
before this happens.
It is our duty to
protect our territory.
I need volunteers to come
with me to take him in.
What about the reward?
I hear there's a heavy reward.
Bringing these men to
justice is its own reward,
wouldn't you say, Doc?
No, I wouldn't.
Who's in?
Good, grab whatever
gear you need.
You know, even when
the levels read low,
it's still good to have some
kind of respirator with you.
You've got a lovely
singing voice.
You don't want to ruin
that with a black lung.
Where are you from?
What do you care?
South-- the old Arizona.
I spent some time
there when I was younger.
Were you in the
militia, like Jackson?
Jackson was in the militia?
Well, after my parents
died, me and my sister
were put into one
of those work camps.
She was a lot like you--
What does she play?
She doesn't play anything.
I'm sorry.
What brings you here?
I mean, you've made quite
the impression already.
Must be doing something right.
I've never seen
Lear look so pissed.
I'm just passing through.
What about you?
I lived in a
village with my family
and Jackson found us
there, took me with him.
Why don't you leave
if you're unhappy?
What makes you
think I'm unhappy?
You didn't do that to yourself.
Look, I'm sorry.
Listen, everyone
I ever knew or loved
was killed by Jackson's man.
What's left out there for me?
Even if I wanted to
leave, he wouldn't let me.
Even if you wanted to?
So what's your strategy?
Do you have one?
Because if not, you're walking
these men into a death trap.
We have the element of surprise.
Surprise, that's it?
This isn't like busting kids
for pissing in a clean creek.
Jackson's men are
ruthless killers.
Why don't you leave it
to people who are better
suited to this kind of work?
What are you going to tell
these kids when their dads
are dead because of your greed.
That'll be me, because
you'll be dead too.
Don't let your ego get
in the way of common sense.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
It's a fine line between
ignorance and arrogance.
You know what?
I'm done with this.
Oh, I'm so sick and tired of
you constantly controlling me.
I'm my own person.
You seem to have forgotten
who's keeping you alive.
Hey, Chavo!
It's Zee, remember me?
Yeah, sure I do.
Good to see you.
What the hell, Chavo?
When we were buck naked
busting in the barn last month.
Hey, I only remember
the special ones,
and apparently, you're not that.
Hey now, hold up.
You're not Chavo.
Hey, come here.
But you got Chavo's hat.
You got her bandana.
And you definitely
got her attitude.
Now why you want people
thinking you Chavo?
I don't get it, but
that look in your eye
tells me that it would
be dangerous for you
if people knew.
That's right.
All right, well,
how about I keep
my mouth shut and
you keep yours open?
Do I have a choice?
Not here, please?
Give it to me.
Jackson, get down.
Let's take a look
at this asshole.
Wow, ruthless.
Huh, so what the
hell was that about?
It seemed like he knew you.
He's a Sheriff in New Montana,
been after me for years.
Keeps sending second rate
bounty hunters after me.
He was a scumbag
by all accounts.
Ah, you did the good people
of New Montana a favor--
Your one good deed for the day.
Drag him up.
Think you're pretty
smart, don't ya?
Compared to who?
Well, you don't have me fooled.
You were in that alley together
when it went down tonight,
I saw you.
What about it?
Well, how'd he get it?
What happened exactly?
Shot in the back.
Shot in the back.
That's real funny, because
my medic took a look at him.
He said cause of death
was knife to the heart.
I asked myself, how
the fuck does he end up
getting knifed in a gun fight?
Maybe he upset someone.
You seem to get
upset quite easily.
You're lying.
I want the truth.
You don't want the truth,
you want an excuse.
I don't need an
excuse with you, Chavo,
or whoever the hell you are.
You really are dumb.
He was raping me.
He dragged me in the
alley and I shived him
before he got what he wanted.
I used his body to save my skin.
He was already dead.
What did he care?
Wait a goddamn minute,
this does not change a thing.
Let it go.
Sleep well, Ms. Chavo.
We'll talk tomorrow.
So did you have a little
trouble sleeping last night?
Not at all, I slept like a baby.
You had one eye on the door all
night just hoping I'd drop by.
Am I right?
Somebody was snooping
around the office there.
You know, if you keep
staring at me like that,
I'm going to start thinking
you're sweet on me.
If you plan on sticking around,
you better start
showing some respect.
To who?
I could fake it, if you'd like.
You're probably used to that.
You know, you hang your
balls out there like that,
they're going to get busted.
What did you
think was going to happen?
Jackson, you and
me need to talk.
From the spring at Valley Gorge
and you agreed that I could
use that water for my farm.
Yeah, don't pretend
you don't remember.
I'm not stupid.
So tell your pissants to
stay away from my gorge,
or there'll be a couple
less people sucking in air?
Do you understand me?
Look, it's none of my business,
but you're coming
across very aggressive
and I'm a little concerned you
haven't thought this through.
Who the hell are you,
his fucking mother?
And yeah, it is none
of your business.
Thank you, Ms. Chavo,
but the man is right,
I do need to deal
with this personally.
Oh now, Mr. Bradshaw, I
sincerely hope we don't have
to resort to violence here.
Stay right there.
I mean it.
Now clearly, you have the
upper hand here, Mr. Bradshaw.
I'm not dumb.
So I have a proposal.
I promise that my men will stay
away from your land from now
on if you promise not to come
here again making threats.
Do we have a deal?
OK, deal.
I won't come by
here making threats.
No, you won't.
I appreciate the back-up.
Have dinner with me tonight.
Wow, that's-- you look great.
Thank you.
I had this uniform handmade.
It's a replica of
Simon Bolevar based
on a painting I saw in a book.
What do you think?
It's impressive.
Do you know who Bolevar was?
Some guy, I'm guessing.
He was a nation builder.
He was a man with far
reaching vision, unafraid
to forge his own destiny.
He's my inspiration.
Apparently, he was particularly
adept at recognizing
loyalty amongst his underlings.
He was also very
good at ferreting
out traitors in his midst.
New blood trickles in
every day, any one of them
could be secretly
gunning for me.
It's the law of averages.
Are you sure you're
not just being paranoid?
No, far from it.
Find Mr. Lear,
tell him I'll meet
him in my office in an hour.
Goddamn it.
I've met a lot of men like you,
but they never lay down roots.
Ms. Chavo, I'm certain
you've never met a man like me.
You see, I have hopes,
dreams, aspirations.
I have a vision for the future.
Have you ever used one of these?
I can't say that I have.
It was the preferred
close combat weapon
on earth for nearly 2000 years.
Could you imagine?
Perfect heft, balance--
I could slice someone
clean through.
I wonder what's for dessert.
Hey, here.
And that's the
entrance right there.
Good morning.
He has something to say to you.
Go ahead.
I apologize.
Apology accepted.
Good, done.
Well, that was some evening.
Very exciting.
Anything to do with that
abandoned silver mine
eight clicks east from here?
I was out for a ride the
other night and there it was.
That's when I knew why
you guys were here.
Smart move.
But hey, it's none
of my business.
Have a seat.
There are some
open silver mines.
Must have been active
before the cloud fell.
And they're right there,
ripe for the picking.
So why not start digging?
Those old excavators
are out of commission,
can protect our interests from
attack like the other night.
From some smaller settlements,
but it won't be enough.
However, Mr. Lear--
For the last three
weeks, a group of pilgrims
have been traveling
across the plains.
On their route tomorrow, they're
going to hit a brickyard.
It's the perfect
place to snatch 'em.
But it won't be easy.
These pilgrims are
getting smarter.
Once word gets out
that we have an almost
unlimited supply
of silver, everyone
will be gunning for us.
So let's make it your business.
I'm prepared to cut you
in as a token of my thanks
for that night.
One of your considerable talents
could prove very useful to us.
Isn't that right, Mr. Lear?
Well, I'm flattered, but I'm
not sticking around that long.
You keep saying that,
but you're still here.
Best of luck, gentlemen.
Mm-- now we're negotiating.
This is exciting.
Never pegged you for greedy.
Would you accept 10%?
No, but I'd do it for 15%.
Oh, this is exciting.
Let's break out the good
stuff, the real stuff.
A toast to new friends.
Hi, you wanted to see me?
Look, Melena, I've seen
the way Jackson treats you
and you need to get as
far away from this place
as you possibly can.
This scarf is the only thing
I have left from my other life.
I wanted to give it
to you to thank you.
What do you have
to thank me for?
You're the only person here
who doesn't treat me like I'm
someone else's property.
What is it?
Mr. Jackson
says it's time to go.
I have to go.
They're coming.
What is that?
Told you it wasn't
going to be easy.
Well, obviously we need
to take the turret out.
Where the hell are you going?
Where is she?
Oh, that took care of that.
Round 'em up.
Get your ass in there right now.
Credit where credit's due.
Well, I have a
vested interest now.
Keep your mouth
shut and be patient.
This is just the beginning.
Once that silver starts to roll
in, everyone in the territory
will be crawling to us to
recharge their filters.
I have the Sheriff of New
Montana dangling from my gates.
If we need more people, we
know where to find them.
We will rule this territory.
Ah, that's disappointing.
Thank you, Ms. Chavo.
Serenade us, my dear.
I'm OK.
Love is a
madness, I can't get away.
It hurts me to love you,
and it hurts me to stay.
This sweet sadness is this all
I get for picking the dark horse
and placing my bet.
Well, if I can't
make you love me,
and if I can't make
you pretend, no, no, I
can't make you want
me, baby, then there's
nothing else to recommend.
I guess it has to end.
Hey, I wanted to
give this back to you.
No, I want you to have it.
Please keep it.
Listen, you need to
get out of town tonight.
I'm not Chavo.
I'm a bounty hunter.
And I'm not here
to join Jackson,
I'm here to take him in.
Where am I supposed to go?
Head to New Montana.
It's a better way of life.
Should I take him
in dead or alive?
If I didn't have to
drag your sorry carcass
all the way across the
territory, trust me,
you'd already be dead.
Bounty hunter, huh.
So where's Chavo then?
Dead, I assume.
You've done better than most
of 'em, I'll give you that.
Not many can do that.
I really thought we
understood each other.
Well, then you're a bigger
fool than your sidekick.
OK, let's think this
through, shall we?
You take me in, they pay
you a nice huge bounty.
Trying to chase down the next
big fossil abuser, getting
black lung in the wilderness.
Or, you stay here,
join me 50/50 partners.
What do you say?
Is that your sales pitch?
Could use some work.
The thing is, this
isn't about the bounty.
It's personal.
Try anything and I'll kill you.
I'm a light sleeper.
See, I knew there was
something off about you.
Guess I was right, huh?
I'm might have to start
listening to you more often,
Mr. Lear.
How did you know?
Remember me?
Thanks for tipping me off.
Untie me, sweetheart.
I'd like to have my
hands free for this.
Now, what is with
all the hatred?
You killed my sister.
Your sister?
When was this?
Down South.
Ah, well, down south
was a long time ago.
How do you know it was me?
That scar on your arm?
That's where she bit you.
Oh I get it now.
Right, let's string
her up in the pallet.
Wait, if you wouldn't
mind, Mr. Jackson,
I've got a better idea.
I know exactly what
to do with her.
Bring her back to
me in one piece--
The truck, not
the bounty hunter.
And make sure she's dead.
Are we clear?
You won't have to
worry about that.
You ready for a
little road trip, Gage?
Damn it.
Just a minor
technical glitch, Gage.
We'll be back on
the road in no time.
You know it was
never personal, Womack.
You know that, right?
Personally, I'm enjoying
the hell out of this.
All right, listen,
we can make a deal.
I know where Jackson's got
more tabs and silver than you
can use in three lifetimes.
I'm not intrigued.
You paused.
I did not pause.
And I am not intrigued, OK?
Damn it, listen.
Before long, there
won't be a free person
in this entire territory,
including you, Womack.
That doesn't concern
either of us anymore, Gage.
You're about to die and I've got
the black lung, thanks to you.
Wait a second.
On second thought, Gage,
this is where I drop you off,
What are you doing, Womack?
Slight change of plans, Gage.
You're going to love this.
Hey, hey, Womack,
think about it.
Whatever you're doing,
you think about.
Think twice.
Going down.
Breathe, Gage, come on, damn it.
Come on, breathe.
Come on, breathe.
That's it.
Cough it up.
Keep coughing.
Cough it up.
Keep coughing.
Doing good, that's it.
Get it all up.
Keep it coming up.
Come on.
Am I dead?
Not anymore.
I thought maybe you were the
ugliest angel I'd ever seen.
I don't even know
how I got here.
Yeah, just take it easy.
They did quite a number on you.
Get some rest, OK?
You're not going soft, are ya?
I wasn't sure I was going
to see another one of these.
Beautiful, isn't it?
My dad used to say the
sunsets weren't near so
pretty before the cloud fell.
Kind of ironic.
I really thought I
could bring him in alive.
I keep saying, at
least you got out.
They probably think
you're dead, so they
won't be gunning for ya.
I'm going back.
At some point, your
luck's going to run out.
He killed Beatrice.
What makes you so sure?
He's got a scar on his
arm where she bit him.
Besides, he's coming here next.
Why bother with New Montana?
He found a silver mine.
He's going to need
hands to work it.
He'll be running this
territory in no time.
Well, I'm coming with you.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Oh, you don't think
that's a good idea?
Do you know what I
think about you not
thinking that's a good idea?
I think you're coming anyway.
I think you're right.
Well, look who's back.
How many men did you say he had?
He lost five taking
the pilgrims,
but I'm sure Womack stayed.
So 12.
Well, all we need now is
the element of surprise.
Take these masks.
Here's the map,
head to New Montana.
The people there will
take care of you.
Thank you.
You Tom Jackson?
No, what you want?
Well, I think someone from
here has misplaced this,
figured I'd return it.
He's the man in charge, right?
Wait here.
Getting kind of
crowded out here.
What the hell is this?
Where'd you say you found this?
You Jackson?
On the edge of the Wastelands.
Followed the tracks, led here.
I thought you said
you finished her off?
I pushed her off the ravine.
I watched that
thing smash to bits.
There's no way she survived.
There's only one
way to find out.
She is full of surprises.
How did you--
How many's that?
I counted seven.
Five more.
Son of a bitch.
The mine-- if it was me,
I'd be going after the silver
stash while they stall us.
I'm going out there.
Cover me.
You don't know
when to quit, do ya?
You know how to
drive one of these?
Not really.
Push that down
as hard as you can.
Point this in the
direction of New Montana.
Don't stop for anyone.
Think we're good?
I'm going after Jackson.
I know where to find him.
What kind of coward shoots
a cripple in the back?
You should have walked away when
you had the chance, old man.
I'm not much good
at walking away.
I never was.
It's time to pay for
what you've done, Jackson.
Is this still about
that little scar?
I have a lot of
scars, sweetheart,
but you can't go holding
grudges in this world.
I think perhaps
I'm just an outlet
for all this misplaced rage.
Did you read that in a book too?
I did, actually--
Clinical psychology.
Oh, they'd have a
field day with you.
Look, I don't know what you're
trying to accomplish here,
Well, as long as you're
dead, I don't really care.
I can see that
your mind is made up.
Shall we begin?
You having fun?
Wait, wait, wait--
It's over.
Your crew's all dead.
I don't suppose there's
a doctor around here?
Our team medic is face
down in the dirt over there,
so you're shit out of luck.
Do you mind if I drink of water?
You go on ahead.
It's going to be the last
thing you'll ever do.
Ha, that's funny.
Hey, Gage, ever hear
of a military tactic
called scorched earth policy?
You know, we could
have made a great team.
With my ruthless efficiency and
your stubborn refusal to die.
Chavo says goodbye.
No, no, no, no, no, Gage!
You're the ugliest
angel I ever saw.
Is he dead?
Can we get out of here?
Give me a second.
I'm going to cut these
poor bastards down.
You OK?
I feel like one
of your bounties.
Trouble is, I'm not worth much.
To me, you are.
What was that?
Did you say I was to you?
You did, I heard you.
Well, then you're
hearing things.
You are going soft.
I knew it.
Try to sleep.
You definitely said it.
I did not say it.
Saw the devil
on a one-way street.
He was checking out
my wanderin' feet.
Didn't speak, didn't
make no sound--
He said, get yourself
New Montana bound.
Going home-- I catch
a flamin' stone.
Going home-- cutting
deep and high,
watch my grief tumbling
out of the sky,
tumbling out of the sky.