Score, The (2001) Movie Script

I wanna smoke.
I wanna smoke.
Fine. Smoke.
Smoke all night.
Be still.
Do not turn around.
Do not turn around.
You will not be hurt.
- Bonjour, Nick.
- Bonjour, madame.
Boss, hi.
- Jean-Claude.
- So, the trip was good?
- So, how are we doing?
- Great.
We have many reservations
for tonight.
Good. How many covers
did we have last night?
- Over 150.
- Good.
- Bar was steady.
- How was the music?
- Great band.
- Good. Good.
Scotch on the rocks, please,
little water.
Yeah, sure.
Monsieur Max.
Where-- Where Nicky?
Voila. Back from Bermuda.
Did you have a good trip?
Well, not as interesting
as yours, I'm sure.
My God!
Let me get a look at you.
You look like shit.
What's your secret?
set up number two for us.
Yeah, sure.
Just give us a little room.
Thank you.
For sure.
There we are.
Oh, God.
- It was pretty tight out there.
- Good. It'll keep you sharp.
I got a minor development.
- We lost the buyer.
- What do you mean, "lost"?
Well, she's in a brass casket
six feet underground...
never to be heard from again.
Well, I fronted 20,000
in expenses.
Now I'm due that,
plus 250 for my end.
You don't think I'm not
gonna take care of you?
I'm not gonna cover
your expenses and all that?
It's not about covering my expenses.
It's the money. Find another buyer.
Of course. But Jesus Christ,
shit happens.
This thing's gonna drag out.
You've got to be patient.
Wait a minute.
How about this?
Four big ones
in your hand.
Four million dollars
in your mitt.
- Four million?
- More than you ever dreamed of.
More than we ever,
ever did together.
Four million.
What are you into?
Well, I spotted this item
which was really exceptional.
It was European antiquity,
and it was in the hands
of this real dumb prick...
that didn't know what he had.
And unfortunately...
it's become detained
in transit a little.
You don't wanna know where?
It depends.
Depends on what?
- On what you're gonna tell me.
- Okay.
It's in the Montreal
- No way. I'm sorry.
- Oh, yeah. Wait a minute.
I got a guy--
I got a guy inside.
He gives you the whole layout,
handles security, everything--
You used to tell me, "Steal outside
the country, in the States, Europe.
But Montreal,
live in Montreal."
I said a lot of dumb things
in my day, didn't I?
- But that's--
- Right.
Let's just find another buyer
for this. I gotta open the place.
Okay, but I'm not finished
talking about this.
- Come on.
- You're making a large error here.
Not bad.
- Yeah?
- I just landed.
I got the delivery.
Got the bag?
- Yeah. Right here.
- Where's Johnny?
He got it in Istanbul,
right through the neck.
- Jesus. He was a good kid.
- Yeah.
Good and dead.
So you wanna talk,
or you wanna see what I got?
How can I be sure
you're okay?
I suppose I could fuck you.
That would work.
Hey. You okay?
Yeah. Great.
- How was your trip?
- I don't know.
They're all starting to look
the same. They really are.
And the pasta in Rome
is not as good as yours.
And the ass pinchers.
They used to look
so charmingly European.
Not as good as me?
Come on.
It really must be
what it is about you I like...
because you most definitely
are not common.
- What if I were?
- What if you were what?
A little more common,
you know, and around more.
How much more?
Like, "all the time" more.
And I was just a jazz club owner
and not that other thing.
How would you feel
about that?
Hey, are you saying
what I think you're saying?
I think that's
what I'm saying.
Hey, baby, you know I've never
asked you to change anything for me.
I know that. I'm just asking you,
how would you feel about that?
I don't know.
I suppose I'd have to give it
some serious thought.
Then you'd better start
giving it some serious thought.
Thank you.
So I'll see you when I see you?
See you when I see you.
Excuse me.
Can you help me, please?
Can you help me?
- Place Norman?
- Yes, yes.
You go to the corner,
make a right. Go two blocks--
- Two.
- Two blocks, then a left one block.
- Again, please.
- Two blocks this way...
one block that way
to the left.
- And you're right there.
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Nick.
What did you say?
I said, "Thank you, Nick."
I'm Max's guy in the customshouse.
We should talk.
Okay, bye-bye. Thank you.
Thank you. Bye.
- Where's Max?
- He's in the sunroom.
Nicoli, Nicoli.
Have you lost
your fucking mind?
My mind? Years ago. Why?
- What did you tell this kid?
- What did I tell who?
Your inside guy
with the retard act.
He was in front of my house.
He knew who I was.
Wait. He must've followed me to
the club and made you from there.
Tell him he pulls a stunt like that
again, he'll end up in the hospital.
Wait. Do you think I'm gonna set
you up with a jerk-off heister?
You gotta admit that this kid did
a pretty good dog and pony show.
I don't care who is he. Don't expose
me like that. You know better.
He's got it all pre-wired.
- You go in, turn the key--
- I told you, I'm not interested.
You're never gonna get another
chance at a score like this.
- Why are you pushing this?
- Four million balls.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
He's pushing it
because we're running out of time.
If I'm gonna work
with a partner on this...
we gotta start putting
our heads together right away.
- What are you doing in my house?
- Take it easy.
- All I'm saying--
- Who the fuck is this kid?
- What the fuck do you know?
- I've been on this for three weeks.
I gotta know if you're the guy
that Max says you are.
- I gotta go.
- Nick, wait. Wait.
I didn't come 500 miles just to--
Jack Teller. Nice to meet you too.
What the fuck?
You're not smart enough
to know where your dick is.
We decided that you were gonna
sit tight until I called you.
- Is that correct?
- Okay.
I thought I could help you sell him
on it. I thought he was already in.
Don't be so fucking creative.
Just get the fuck out of my house.
When you guys get your shit
together, give me a call, okay?
It's a lucky thing
you came my way
I'm about to tell you
something you should know
All you have to do
is let the plot unfold
Desire is clear
When you are near
You're about to give in
Don't tease me so
I think you know
You're about to give in
And if you listen
we can both find peace
Inhibitions that you
thought could not be there
God! Jesus! Take it easy.
Listen close. Leave town
tonight. Don't come back.
I see you again,
I break your fucking knees.
I see you around Nick,
I'll kill ya.
It's a dangerous fucking game
you're playing here.
Are we clear?
Yeah, we're clear.
How did it go?
Not as planned.
- What do you want?
- Some fucking respect for starters.
I mean, what are you thinking?
Now, I'm on a job here.
Now, if you just don't wanna come
in on it, that's fine. Say "no."
But don't send some third-rate
rent-a-thug to brush me off.
You can do it
like a professional.
Yeah. You okay?
He's right here. Don't worry.
Just go home.
I'll call you later, all right?
That's okay.
I didn't come here
to cause any trouble.
I didn't.
Coming up to you on the street
like that, that was a stupid move.
Sorry. Why don't we
just call it even?
I just wanna say one thing to you,
then I'll go away.
We don't have to bother each other
anymore if you don't want.
I have been casing this place
for a couple of weeks now.
It's a little bit complicated,
but this is a very doable job.
I can handle the system in there
if someone can break into this box.
Look, I don't know you,
you don't know me.
I know that's not
the best way to do things, but...
I am very good
at what I do, okay?
And I take it very, very seriously.
You can check it out with Max.
Now, if you are the guy
that he says you are...
then we should check this out.
Just--Just take a look at it.
That's all I'm saying,
'cause this is a very big payoff...
for very acceptable risks.
Just take a look at it.
Go look for yourself.
I like your place.
You got good taste.
Oh, Jesus.
It's nice and dark in here.
Fucking everything.
Why don't you jump
for some lights in this place?
Every time I come in here,
it's like hide-and-go-seek.
How are you?
Now, you gotta tell me the--
the magic word.
All right, I'm gonna do it.
Good, good. Jesus, sweetheart.
You're a sweetheart.
You're making sense.
But because of the risk involved,
my end's gotta be six million.
I got a nut down here
that just said six million.
No, no. Send paramedics.
I think-- Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Six fucking million dollars?
What happened to four?
I'm doing it in my backyard. I'm
not gonna go like that. I'm sorry.
If you want me to do this,
you gotta pay me what's right.
- It's gotta be that way.
- I always pay you what's right.
You always think you do.
I always know what you pay me.
It's not always right.
I need this for this.
I like your style.
Yeah, well, okay.
I understand.
That's what I have to do. I wanna
pay off the club, the mortgage.
I wanna own this place
free and clear.
I want it to be mine.
I live the way I want.
Because after this,
no more jobs.
This is the last one I'm doing.
I'm quitting for good.
How many times have you
told me that in 25 years?
I'm gonna believe that
when the pigs eat my brother.
- Right?
- I'm done. I'm done. No more.
Well, okay.
I hope she's worth it.
Here's numb-nuts.
Nice house, nice club.
You must be really good.
I don't wanna have to do this,
but raise your arms.
- Be my guest.
- He's all right.
Is this a social call?
What are we doing here?
I will explore this with you...
but I run this operation
down to the smallest detail.
If you have a problem with that,
we can all go home right now.
Is there a problem with that?
That's fine.
You will tell me everything you
know, then I will design the plan.
If I smell something about the job
or you that I don't like, I walk.
If I think for one second you're
not living up to your end of it...
or if you hold out on me
in any way, I walk.
- Understood?
- That's fine.
Tell me what you wanna know.
- First, what are we looking for?
- You know what a scepter is?
It's something
that a king holds.
Right there.
It was made in 1661 in France
for a special coronation...
for a girl queen.
- It's priceless.
- Not to us, it's not.
What can you give me
on its specific location?
I can give you the whole
building, okay? I got floor plans.
I've been clocking the security
patterns for over three weeks.
All right.
Paint me a picture.
Okay. He fixed me up
with the job.
Not me but Brian,
the guy on the street.
Yeah, I remember.
Is he traceable? Phone number?
Address? That stuff?
It's totally tight. The guy's
a charity case, a favor.
The guy truly doesn't
even exist on paper.
He just shows up.
He's the assistant janitor...
midnight to 8 a.m.
The security's pretty basic.
At night, they lock the place down.
They bar the ground floor windows.
You can only enter in through
one place, out by the truck court.
Thank you, Hubert.
Thank you.
Manpower's very light. They got one
guy sitting in a booth outside...
just keeping an eye
on things.
On the inside, everyone comes in
through a standard metal detector.
It's tricky bringing things through,
but I've got that figured out.
All the guards know me now,
so no one really looks too close.
- Okay, thank you.
- All right.
Once I'm inside,
I can go anywhere I want.
Hey, Laurent.
Everything gets run from this
one little central command console.
They've got fixed video systems in
the elevators and in the hallways.
They got a couple magnetic doors,
but it's all very basic.
Lots of overtime.
Not so much now.
Now, the head janitor's
this old guy, Danny.
He loves Brian.
Loves him.
I've got this guy completely
wrapped around my finger.
He'd do anything for me.
And most of the time,
he's got me working with him.
Kind of low-level shit,
just helping out.
But I can get away from him plenty.
I got all kinds of reasons.
I've sketched half the place
already. I've copied a lot of keys.
I can get you access to basically
any room in the place.
Where's the scepter?
Well, see, that's the kink.
Now, get this.
It was arranged to be
brought into the country...
inside the leg
of an antique piano.
And it was so simple.
Then they impounded it.
I mean, can you guess why?
Fucking bugs.
I mean, the whole shipment
was contaminated with termites.
Asian longhorn beetles.
We got fucked by bugs.
These things
burrow into the wood...
so they were in the crates
of most of the shipment.
So they took the goods out
and delivered most of them.
But the piano is made of wood too,
so they impounded it.
They took the whole thing
and put it in quarantine.
Medium security,
third-floor lockup.
They're really scared
of these things...
and they can't send
them back to France.
So they decided
to burn everything.
Now, I'll tell ya...
I didn't know which one of the
fucking legs this thing is in...
but half of me was tempted to grab
them all and make a break for it.
I mean, I don't know if this
thing's gonna melt or what.
I mean, I was dying.
I had to improvise a little.
- I-I saw something in the fire.
- We're just burning stuff.
No. Look, look.
I saw something in the--
Piano. In the piano,
I saw a-- Look.
- I saw something.
- Jack!
There! There!
What is it?
So everybody's freaking out.
Nobody knows what this is
or what to do with it.
They don't see this kind
of excitement down there.
So they call some supervisor.
They get him out of bed.
He comes down,
he takes one look at this thing.
He doesn't know what the hell it is,
but he knows it's worth a lot.
He tells them, until they can
sort it out, put it in the basement.
- And that's what they do.
- Don't worry. Don't worry.
- Don't worry about it.
- I want to see, Danny.
- Can I see?
- No. Come on. Let's go now.
Okay. Bye-bye. Bye.
The basement
in the customshouse...
is the most secure lockup
in eastern Canada.
It was built as a bomb shelter
during the Cold War.
All their important stuff's there--
state's evidence, narcotics...
confiscated weapons.
That scepter is in a safe
somewhere in this room.
But the thing is,
there's no-- there's no cameras.
If there was, I would've seen
an angle on the video monitors.
So if we can put you inside that
room, you can work on it all night.
We'll need pictures of the safe
or a model number from their files.
Then we're gonna need plans--
infrastructure maps...
blueprints, schematics,
anything we can get our hands on.
That's all I got for now,
but give me two days.
We just gotta find a way
to get into that basement.
You gonna let it go, or are we gonna
drive around pissed all night?
Why don't you kiss my ass?
- We're about set up. You ready?
- Hold on.
- Wanna give me a mark?
- Not yet. Not yet.
How you doing?
Stay off the air
until I call.
Three-three, two-six...
two-nine, three-two.
I repeat: 33, 26, 29, 32.
Copy that. Three-three, two-six,
two-nine, three-two.
Make a right.
Proceed east about 20 yards.
You should see
the next opening.
I'm at a wall here,
a cinder block wall...
where you told me
I have to go.
Are you sure about that?
It shows a straight shot on here.
It's not my imagination.
I'm right here in front of it.
You wanna come down here
and see for yourself?
Right. Okay, okay. Hold on.
All right,
just give me a second.
- Can you read me?
- Make a left. Go about 20 feet.
You should run
into a parallel tunnel.
Make a right. You'll be
right back on course.
Take the tunnel
about 150yards due west.
You'll reach a "T" junction.
Tell me when you're there.
About 300yards.
- Came to the end. Made a right.
- Head Northwest.
Check that. Northeast.
One second. Hold on.
- Are you with me?
- Going west. Going west.
- I'm going west. I'm in a circle.
- Make a right. Go 40yards east.
Then make a left turn.
Go about--
Make a right. Head back.
You got maybe 500 yards to go.
Straight ahead 20 feet, and you
should be dead under the room.
The tunnel will keep on going.
But look up.
You should see the access ladder.
I'm at a shaft.
I'm gonna climb up.
What are you doing?
Still climbing.
This looks like it.
I'm done.
What the hell is this?
Hey, you got a utility crew
all over the entrance.
You're gonna have to find
another way out.
Where are you?
I'm at De La Montagne
and Ottawa.
De La Montagne and Ottawa.
Got it. We're on our way.
This should be it,
right here.
We're here.
I'm just trying to find you.
There. He's right over there.
Okay, you're all clear.
I'm coming out.
Anybody home?
- Champagne.
- Yeah.
- Nice touch.
- Nice dress.
You like? Thank you.
So, you asked me a question
a couple of days ago.
And you gave it
some serious thought?
I forgot the question.
Here's my answer.
You're not holding up
your glass.
I'm sorry.
My father was a lawyer--
very smart man--
and he would always say
that a deal is only good...
if it leaves both parties feeling
as if they gave up something.
Is an answer coming soon?
'Cause the glass is getting heavy.
I will change my life...
I will move here...
I will love you...
and believe that this is
the best decision that I've made.
But I will not move here
if it means that one day...
I might have to talk
to you through glass.
I won't move here if it means
spending my nights worrying.
So if you can promise me, as of
right now, that you're through...
then we can drink
to making changes.
I-- I said you could drink now.
I know.
I wanna do all that.
I just have to tell you
that I'm gonna do one more thing...
- and that's it.
- Oh, fuck.
Everything you said is great.
It's perfect.
I just have one more thing
I have to do.
You put that out there when you
knew you couldn't follow through.
I put it out there because--
I am following through.
- This is my last one. I promise.
- Sure it is.
I promise you
it is my last one.
Then quit. Quit now.
- What does "one last one" mean?
- It means we don't need anything.
I didn't need anything before,
and I don't need anything now...
but what I wanted
was to be with you.
And what I didn't need was exactly
this kind of painful bullshit.
My life wasn't perfect before,
but at least we were clear.
Give me some--
I'll see you when I see you.
Hey, what are you doing?
Somebody put fingerprints
on my window, Danny.
- You don't need to do it.
- I like a clean window, Danny.
It's all right.
We missed you last night.
You feeling better?
- Yes, thank you.
- Sure?
Yes, I'm okay.
Thank you, Danny.
- Take your time. Okay, bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
That's your safe.
Traeger standing jeweler's safe,
this year's model.
If it's new, it's gonna be tough
to get the schematics.
I've got all
this year's books.
- Really?
- Yeah. What else?
Okay, the system's
Ironclad Security.
They're a big commercial
industrial outfit.
They handle a lot
of the government buildings here.
Now, this building's pretty old.
The lines are all over the place.
They're easy to find. I can cut in
three or four different places...
and let you in from there, but I
need the engineering pass codes.
I've been looking.
They don't keep them in here.
They'll be at Ironclad.
I don't know what to do.
What, are you
calling someone now?
- What? Who is this?
- It's me. Turn down the music.
Hey, Nick, I am fucked up.
My mother's totally
out of control.
Listen. Listen carefully.
Ironclad Security.
- Big outfit.
- Yeah.
I need engineering pass codes
for the customshouse.
I don't know, man.
my concentration's shot.
I haven't slept in, like, a month.
Wait. What customshouse?
You're not pissing
in our own pool, man.
You have always said you were never
gonna do a job here in Montreal.
- I know. I know. Can you do it?
- Steven!
Who are you talking to
at this hour?
I am having a fucking conversation
with a friend of mine, Mother!
- Are you-- Are you okay?
- She is a ghoul.
Now, tell me
exactly what you want.
Just one second. Here's someone
who can tell you what we need.
Just tell him what you need.
I need separate disarm and reset
master codes for the whole system...
and I need the individual
sector bypass codes...
so I can shut down one zone without
lighting off the whole board.
- Okay?
- Yes.
- You got that?
- Got it.
Now, listen, I'm gonna
need this within 48 hours.
If you do that,
I'll double your last price.
Dude, give me a Kaypro 64
and a live dial tone...
and I can do anything.
Oh, now you are going to die.
This is someone
you work with?
And you're giving me
a hard time.
Thursday, 8:07a.m.
Hi. I got your message.
One of the stewardesses is sick...
so I have to cover for her
on a New York run.
We have to talk when I come
through in a couple of days.
End of messages.
Just lock it.
- You work here?
- No. Here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on in.
Want some coffee?
Jeez. Is this
what we're dealing with?
Page 720.
- Where can I get one of these?
- You gotta know the right people.
Traeger floor safe.
Here it is.
Solid steel body.
Filled door
with aluminum and cobalt.
Half-inch hard plate.
Double dial.
You're gonna need two,
three hours to drill through that.
- You can't drill this.
- Why not?
'Cause this is a newer model
and it's got these glass packs.
See the glass pack here? See?
Drill through that, the glass breaks
and those bolts spring into place.
You're fucked. They're locked.
Forget it.
You can't break it
with a bulldozer.
I've never seen anything like that.
What do you have in mind?
I don't know, but if somebody
built it, somebody can unbuild it.
Yeah, see, when I shut this down,
you'll see this light go off...
but up in the booth,
nothing will register.
- Is that your box?
- That's it.
That's a fucking monster.
That's three times the size of this.
Even bigger than that.
See that over there?
You can see it better over here.
That's an active infrared post.
I don't know.
That wasn't on the system specs.
That's gotta be some independent
loop they set up just in the cage.
I'll take care of it.
All right, just calm down, okay?
I'll be over in a few minutes.
I gotta take care of something.
I'll drop you off.
My mom's only out
for about a half an hour.
I was cruising around Ironclad's
server at the root COBOL level...
when someone counter-cracked me,
hacked into my machines, my data.
For three minutes,
I was fully exposed.
Now I have to fire wall my whole
operations all from scratch.
- Can you tell me that in English?
- Sorry.
I was a few keystrokes away from
pulling those engineering codes...
when I bump into a guy
on the other end.
- And what's on the other end?
- Ironclad's computers.
My guess is he's some
low-level systems administrator.
So, we switch to a private
chat room, and he sends me this.
Can you believe that?
The guy comes into my world
and calls me an asshole.
- Can you get me the bypass codes?
- I type, " How much?" He types...
" Engineering codes for
the customshouse basement?"
I say, "You guessed it,
Blue's Clues."
And he says, " Fuck you."
And I say, " No, fuck you."
And he says, " No, fuck you."
I'm like, " No, fuck you."
Then he's like, " No, fuck--"
Can you get me the bypass codes?
The guy wants 50 thou
in exchange for the codes.
- Fifty thousand.
- Yes.
Get the account number.
I'll wire the money, and he'll
deliver the codes through you.
The guy won't go for a transfer.
He wants cash
and he wants to do it in person.
- Anything else?
- No.
You set it up.
I'll let myself out.
When this score's done, I'm gonna
brute this creep with everything.
By the time I'm done with this fuck,
he won't be able to hide in Bolivia!
Look at all these people.
Who sets up a meeting
in a public park?
- You see him?
- Still looking.
Got him.
He brought backup.
Okay, I got him.
Hey, how ya doing?
Good to see ya.
Shake my hand. That's right.
You my guy?
- Who's this?
- Cousin.
Cousin? Okay. See the guy
over my left shoulder...
back there on the bench,
reading the paper, the big one?
That's my cousin, okay?
So we've all got family here,
which is nice, I think. Yeah? Okay.
Let me give you that. Look inside
and make sure you're happy.
No, don't take that out.
Hey, man, don't give me orders.
I get orders all day, okay?
Can't count the money
in a public place.
That's why you don't
set a meeting in a park.
Just for future reference.
Just flip through it in the bag.
We're about set to go here.
You ready?
What the fuck is that?
He's gonna give me the numbers, and
I'm gonna read 'em into this mike...
to a friend of mine
who's gonna check 'em out.
Did you think I was gonna
write it down on a cocktail napkin?
- Okay, ready.
- Okay, you're on.
First set: 3-1-7.
- 3-1-7.
- Got it. 3-1-7.
Steven, 3-1-7.
Confirm 3-1-7.
Just be a second.
Are you guys maternal cousins?
- First numbers are clean.
- They're clean. They're clean.
You tell the hack
at the other end of that wire...
he tries to get in my system again,
I will fry him, okay?
Why don't we worry about
next time next time, okay?
Let's get this done before
people start looking at us.
- Give me the second set.
- 9-4-6.
- 9-4-6.
- 9-4-6.
Repeat: 9-4-6. 9-4-6.
- Take it easy. Relax. Have a smoke.
- I don't smoke.
Me either, so good for us.
You guys local? You live here?
Why are you asking
so many fucking questions?
- They're good.
- Second set is good.
What's the third one?
This is taking too long.
I'm gonna fucking lose it.
Shut up, Eric.
They have to verify the numbers
off the server. It takes some time.
Just relax, Eric.
Can you help me out? It's turning
into amateur hour out here.
- Fuck you, asshole.
- What are you doing?
One of them has a gun.
Burt, big guy's got a gun.
Steven, how's it going?
We're losing these guys.
- I'm working it, man.
- Steven, want some lunch?
I'm on the phone, bitch!
- You all right?
- We're fine.
Don't anybody move.
Eric, look at my hand right now.
If you take that out, I'm gonna take
this out, be a big fucking mess.
Put it away, Eric.
There's kids all around.
What are you thinking?
Put it away. Take a deep breath
and just put it in your back pocket.
Put it away.
- They're all good.
- Last set of numbers confirmed.
Last set of numbers confirmed.
Let's get out of here.
Next time, don't bring a gun.
Listen, I thought
I might need one, and I did.
- Now we've got the codes.
- Don't bring a gun.
I called. They said you hadn't
checked in yet. No.
So what time you getting in?
Come on, honey.
Don't stay at a hotel.
Just come over to my place.
I'll cook some--
Yeah. Yeah.
I was just saying come to my place.
I'll cook something.
You know, we'll talk, okay?
I'm thinking 'bout a place
I'm waiting for the day
When I will make my getaway
Because as any fool can see
There's nothing here for me
But hurry up, boy
bring that water
Don't do things
you shouldn't oughta
He's good.
When you gotta be there?
I'll go in in a couple hours.
I'm okay. I'm doing fine.
Listen, tell me something.
Tell me something.
All the years
you've been doing this...
what's the biggest gamble
you ever took?
On the job.
You know, biggest long shot.
I don't take long shots.
I know you're careful.
You know, I'm careful too.
That's not what I mean.
I mean--
When you were starting out,
when you were just getting going...
you must have taken
some fliers here and there.
Done something that was
a little wild. I'm just curious.
Never took long shots.
I'm gonna say something to you.
You're smart, you're talented
and you know a few things...
but talent means nothing
if you don't make the right choices.
There's talented people out there
who never see daylight anymore.
Last thing, it takes discipline...
because this whole game
is one big long shot...
and if you don't have the discipline
to stay away from the fliers...
or from the gambles or whatever else
you wanna call a stupid move...
then, my friend, I'm afraid to say,
one day you will go down.
It's inevitable.
You want my advice?
Make a list of everything
you want now...
and plan on spending the next
Slowly, piece by piece.
I see what you're saying.
But still, I'm looking at you,
and you got all this already...
and you're sitting here with me,
working with a partner...
in the city where you live, on a job
that's gotten more complicated...
than you thought it was gonna be.
So I know you're still
taking a shot at something.
I gotta go.
See ya tomorrow.
The maintenance crews
come in the tunnels by 6a.m.
I gotta be back in the hole by 5:30.
As soon as the guards leave,
you gotta tell me right away.
- You can't be late.
- I'm not worried about my end.
I'm wondering how you're gonna
break that safe in half an hour.
You know, I mean--
- Is that even possible?
- Just physics.
- How long is that gonna take?
- Twelve, fifteen minutes, tops.
Fifteen minutes, tops?
Okay. Okay.
Then if you're on the box by 5:00,
the prize goes in the bag by 5: 1 5.
- You got no problem at all.
- 5: 1 5, 5:30, I'm back in the hole.
- You reset the system.
- That's perfect.
I'll pack up my shit.
I can meet you here.
- We can go to Max, or I can--
- We're not gonna meet back here.
- I'll meet you at Max's, then.
- No.
You'll finish out your shift.
I go to Max. He does his thing.
He pays us off.
We never see each other again.
Forget it. Just forget it.
I'm gonna come with you to Max's.
- We'll deliver it together.
- No, you're not.
Listen. I've done this
down to the last detail.
Don't put me on the sideline
when it's time to collect.
- Don't do it.
- Listen to me.
You do anything out of the ordinary,
you're gonna get made.
Do you understand that?
Be smart. Finish out your shift.
- You're the boss.
- Okay.
Steven got these from a supplier.
They're throwaways.
Totally untraceable.
People are talking. They say Max
is in trouble with Teddy Salida...
and he's pulling off a big job
to get rid of him.
That's what they say?
Maybe you should
walk away from this one.
What are you doing down here?
Jesus Christ,
you scared the shit out of me.
What the hell are you
doing down here?
Did you involve
Teddy Salida in this?
- What? Teddy Salida?
- Yeah.
- Why would you say that?
- I see these guys outside.
They look like
they might be with him.
How much you into him for?
Four million.
Look, how do you think
I got all this?
They gave it to me
and the house in Bermuda?
What's the matter with you?
What's he know?
- About what?
- About what we're doing.
Nothing. I told him I found
something that would go for eight...
and that we'd
split the profits, that's all.
What are you actually
selling the scepter for, Max?
$30 million.
Max, what were you thinking?
What was I thinking?
The same thing you were thinking.
How are we gonna get out from under
all this bullshit we've been living?
The chance came. Took it.
- It's gonna work out fine.
- No, it's not.
- What do you mean, it's not?
- It's not. It's a mess.
- It's not gonna work.
- Wait. Wait a fucking minute.
This is absolutely clean, Nick.
What are you worried about?
Jesus Christ, it's my ass
on the line anyway, not yours.
I'm not taking
the biggest gamble of my life...
so I can hand my money over
to Teddy Salida.
You think you're not gonna get
your fucking money?
Look, there's two things
you gotta know.
One is you're gonna get
every fucking red cent.
And, yeah,
Teddy knows a little.
- He knows?
- He does a little, I said.
- So you did lie?
- Yeah, lied! Shit happens, man!
Christ Almighty!
I lied for you and I lied for me.
I had to say something
to get you to suit up, like always.
I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna do it.
It's a tiny door. Open the door.
Take the shit.
Close the door. We're out.
There's too much bullshit
around it.
What's that?
The buyer.
Real simple. You call him
when you get the scepter.
He'll meet you at the airstrip
There's a little town called
St. Croix.
You give him the scepter,
he gives you the cash.
You take your cut
and you wire me the rest.
I'll give Teddy his,
and you're clean.
It's too risky.
You don't know
what you're doing.
You know how long we go back?
Twenty-five years.
I'm gonna tell you something.
For the first time in my life,
I'm scared.
I don't know why it is.
I was never scared before...
but I'm scared now, Nick.
And you're right about Teddy.
He's gonna blow me away if he can.
If I don't get him his money, he--
Man, he--
Hey, don't-don't-don't-don't
let me slide on this one.
I can't afford it, man.
I can't--
I can't scrap it out anymore.
I gotta have some slack.
All right. Okay.
I hope you're not fucking me up.
I'm going down to check the power.
- How much more equipment you got?
- Here you go.
- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
- It's okay, Brian.
- Come on in.
- It's my radio.
- Hey, what's all the commotion?
- Don't worry, Danny.
- They're beefing things up.
- What for?
- A few cameras in the basement.
- Like we're gonna lose it, right?
- Lose what?
- That thing in the piano leg.
- The big gold thing?
- Some French national treasure.
- It's called a scepter.
- Some expert saw those pictures.
Now we're getting calls
from the central office.
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, we got a problem.
They got a camera over
the main door here, covering that.
They got a camera here,
looking right across the middle.
They got one special
just on the box...
sees this entire cage.
This camera looking at the box...
how high is it from the floor
and how low is it from the ceiling?
Probably 1 0, 1 2 feet up
off the floor.
Four feet down from the ceiling.
I think we're fucked.
So let me--
When I'm here...
you'll cut the feed when I get
across here, then you'll restore it.
Then when I'm ready here,
you'll cut it again...
and I'll go to work here.
I don't know about that, man.
They know what it is so now they're
gonna move it as soon as they can.
We're not gonna get another chance.
We gotta go now or we don't go at all.
Hi, Doug. Hi.
- Hi, Henri.
- Hi, Brian.
- Okay. Thank you.
- No problem.
- Hi, Danny.
- Hello, Brian.
Oh, look at you.
What fancy new shoes.
Yeah. Yeah, my mom
got those for me.
- Oh, your mom gave you those?
- I think you got a girl.
No girl, Danny.
You're a stinker.
Well, you and your new shoes can
give me a hand up on six tonight.
We're gonna wax
the whole cafeteria floor.
You hit the garbage.
I'll get the stuff.
I'll meet you there,
what, 1 5 minutes.
Fifteen. Okay.
Okay, I'll get the garbage, Danny.
Okay? Bye-bye, Andre.
You look good with those shoes.
Yeah, thanks. I know.
Watch your step out there, Brian.
I will. Thank you.
Okay. Okay, Danny.
- Guess what time it is.
- I don't know.
Yes, you do, Danny!
It's lunchtime!
All right, I'll tell you what.
What do you say we keep on working,
finish the other side, hmm?
No, Danny. Why?
Then we can blow off the rest of
the day and grab some pancakes.
It won't take us long. Just throw
a little extra thinner into the mix.
It'll go like butter.
Danny, I am sorry.
It's okay. Just leave it.
I'll mop it up.
- I'll go get some more.
- You don't need to--
- I will get some more.
- All right.
- You know where? Ground floor?
- Okay.
You know the closet?
Set to go. Set to go.
Are you there?
I'm on my mark.
- I'm on. Are you there?
- I'm here. We're running late.
I know. I hit a snag.
I'm already all set up, though.
Just give me one second.
All right, I just gotta punch in
these codes. Just sit tight.
I got it.
Hang on one more beat.
It's clear.
Get in there.
I'm inside the first cage.
Repeat: I am inside the first cage.
You're all clear.
- I'm set. Kill it.
- All right, on my mark.
I'm here.
There we go.
Perfect. Tell me when
you're in second position.
- How ya doing down there?
- Almost there.
Do you know where is Brian?
No idea.
I'm ready.
I need a second here.
Hold on.
I'm all set. Cut the cameras.
I'm all set.
Cut the cameras.
Gotta go. Got to go.
What's up? What's up?
I got company.
I got company.
Hang on one second.
Just sit tight.
I'll be right back.
Jack, where are you?
Jack, come in.Jack.
Jack, are you there?
I'm pulling out.
Repeat: I'm pulling out.
- I'm back. I'm back.
- It's too late.
- I'm pulling out.
- No, it's not. We're good.
Get ready to go.
On my mark.
Go, go, go.
What the hell's wrong
with these machines?
Hey, stop banging on it.
Check the connection.
- You see something?
- I don't know.
Call them.
Call Ironclad.
- And look like idiots?
- I don't care. Call them.
Maybe it's some of the equipment
down in the basement.
Okay. Thanks.
Someone will be here
in a few minutes.
Where are you, kid?
Make a move, make a sound,
and you are dead.
Do you understand me?
Turn around.
Be quiet.
I wish you had not
come down here, man.
Get over there. Turn around.
Come on. Let's go. Turn around.
Walk over there.
Open the door.
Open it.
Get inside.
Look at me.
You're a good man.
I don't want to hurt you.
But if you start making noise or
try to open that door, I will do it.
Do you understand me?
Stay in there and be quiet.
Everything will be fine.
I don't wanna wait.
I want you and Tommy
to go into the basement now.
Come on, Andre.
I'm watching this.
Laurent, please.
Tommy, get Philippe. We're gonna be
checking out the basement again.
Hold it right there!
- Are you crazy?
- Take it off and put it down.
- Aw, come on.
- Take it off and put it down now!
- Don't do this.
- Take it off and put it down!
- Please, don't--
- Don't fucking argue with me.
Take it off and put it down.
I can't. I can't.
I'll put the next one in your knee.
I don't have time to fuck around.
We can work out the details later.
I am leaving with that scepter.
Now, take it off
and hand it over right now!
Put it down. Slowly.
Now, step back.
Back up.
- Take off your mask.
- What?
Take it off!
I don't have time to play games.
Take it off.
Throw it over there.
Step in the middle.
Step in the middle.
That's right.
We wouldn't be here if you'd thrown
me some respect at the beginning.
- Just a little bit.
- This is a stupid move.
- It is? Why?
- We all come out ahead.
What are you doing?
Just go up there and finish--
It's a long shot.
I should play it tight.
You know what I think
of your bullshit advice?
I think that's you trying to talk me
into taking a sucker's share...
on a score that I set up
from the beginning!
You think I'm stupid, that I don't
see what you and Max are doing?
I mean, what is he giving you?
Five, six million?
Tell me that's not true.
See, that doesn't work for me.
I appreciate your help,
but you should've made me a partner.
Now I gotta take a shot.
Just sit tight. Just sit tight.
Everything will be fine.
Now you got a choice. You can
either head for that tunnel...
or smile for that camera.
Andre, what's happening?
Get down!
Go to the basement!
We're being robbed!
We're being robbed!
Henri, quick! Go outside!
Wait for the police!
Let's go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Over here! Over here!
- He's in the tunnel!
- Where is he?
Find him!
- Back there!
- Okay!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
- Andre!
- Oh, shit.
- Andre, is there a fire?
- It's okay.
- Where's Danny?
- Just get out!
- Okay.
- Just wait outside.
- Just wait outside!
- Okay, bye-bye.
Wait, Brian, wait!
Get back, Brian!
It's Brian! It's Brian!
- Have you seen Brian?
- He's okay! He's outside!
No! My God, it's him!
It's okay now.
It's okay.
Attention. The bus to Albany,
New York leaves in five--
- Hey, did you make it?
- Fuck you.
Come on. I'm just checking
to make sure you got out okay.
I knew you'd give 'em the slip.
I'm almost home, too, here,
by the way.
Oh, you are, huh?
You sure about that?
Look, whatever you're thinking
about, just forget it, okay?
This is over now
and you just gotta deal with it.
It's not over yet 'cause you don't
know where you're going, and I do.
- You don't know shit!
- You know where you're going?
I'm five minutes from being gone.
You can't imagine where I'm going.
- You got nothing.
- You know what I got.
You just can't deal with the fact
that I beat you.
Oh, yeah? What have you got?
Huh? What have you got?
You know what I've got.
Let me ask you something.
When did you start thinking
you were better than me, huh?
You still there, ace?
Okay. Nicely done.
Nicely done.
Now let's talk about this.
Okay, let's see. How'd you put it?
'' Deal with it. It's over.''
No, I don't think so. You want me
to list the ways I can burn you?
We either work this out right now,
or I will take you down.
Oh, yeah? How?
My shop, my tools, they're gone.
Me, my friend, I'm just
a taxpaying jazz club owner.
You? Every cop in the city's
looking for you right about now.
So if I were you, I'd quit
making threats and hit the road.
Nice working with you, ace.
Okay, bye-bye.
Montreal was stunned
by the daring predawn robbery...
of the old city's historic
A priceless scepter was stolen.
A senior night janitor...
identified this man...
as the prime suspect
in the burglary.
He was spotted leaving the scene
moments after the robbery...
and is now the focus
of a massive manhunt.
A second suspect vanished
from the scene without a trace.
Police have no solid leads.