Scorned (2013) Movie Script

Does love die
When we are gone?
Or will two hearts
Be there forever?
Can stolen love live
To be returned?
Does love die then
Or do we want to know?
Does love die?
Does love die?
Morning, Kevin.
Who do you love?
What are you doing?
I'm loving you the
way you love me.
What do you mean?
Gave you a little bit
of meds while...
Ow. Ow.
you were sleeping.
That'll keep you
calm and cooperative
and a little loopy.
Don't worry about that.
What, is this the fourth one?
You know, I didn't want to put
your cell phone in the dryer.
You text a lot,
but you really should use
your delete key a
little more often.
All right, give me that.
What are you...
You want to tell me something?
What's that?
What are you... okay.
okay, this is cute.
that's my phone.
- Okay.
- Uh-huh.
are a cheater.
I got you.
What's this say?
"I'm going 2 tell Sadie
it's over this weekend. "
When were you going
to tell me, honey?
When were you going
to tell me it's over?
After we were making
love a million times?
After I sucked your dick?
- Whoa, shush, shush. All right.
- What part of this weekend...
what part of this weekend
were you going to tell me?
I know, okay?
I made some texts,
and they're fucking stupid texts.
Yeah, they're stupid.
Here's one stupid text for you now.
That's a dumb thing to fucking do.
I'm going to read this
to you real quick.
Last Friday, you text,
- "I miss your magic pussy. "
- You got to...
What's magic about it, honey?
Does she pull rabbits out of it?
What the fuck happened to my head?
You scorned me, Kevin.
Oh, baby, I'm... I'm sorry.
- You took my heart...
- I'm really sorry.
and you...
- you broke my heart.
- I'm sorry.
And you did it with my
best friend Jennifer!
I'm sorry, baby.
You're the girl
I've been dreaming of
- You're the girl...
- That one's on me, rainbow.
Thank you, handsome.
That's, like, the second drink
he's given you on the house.
Well, when you got it, you got it.
Let the bartender know I'm the
one without the boyfriend.
Yes, well,
I'll be without a boyfriend
after this weekend.
He'll be my fianc.
I... I just don't see Kevin
as the marrying type.
Yeah, well, clearly you've
never slept with me, honey.
No, but really,
I have this gut feeling
that Kevin picked this weekend
and planned it all out
to propose to me.
Sadie, I...
You guys have been
together for, what,
less than six months?
You really think you
know him that well?
Oh, I knew I wanted to marry
Kevin after our first date.
He's the one.
When you meet the
love of your life,
you'll just know.
I guess.
Listen, Sadie, I really like Kevin.
I do,
but you guys fight an awful lot.
I think...
your mommy is jealous.
I think you have a
massive crush on me,
you want me to marry you,
but unfortunately
neither of us are gay.
Jen, you're my best friend.
I love you so much.
And if...
when I get married...
I want you to be my maid of honor.
When you tell me about
the way I smile
The way I present my sexy style
You're the one that
gets me all confused
You're the one I love
and the one I choose
When you tell me about...
Baby, I love that you're rich.
I love that you're deep.
So you don't love me for my mind?
The crazy part, yeah.
Well, you're in luck,
'cause I feel like getting
crazy this weekend.
Well, don't get too
crazy there, Sadie.
I'll have to lock you
up in that prison.
I hate passing that place.
Always creeps me out.
I promise to visit
you every Sunday.
Just for you and me
Just for you and me
Oh, my first love
Little did I know
That one can never know
Our love
Will always be...
Baby, I love this place.
- We need to stay here till Christmas.
- Christmas?
Let's just try to make it
through the weekend.
- You're so funny.
- My first love
My first love.
Kevin, you know I love you,
not just for your money.
Mostly for your gorgeous hair.
Looks like a storm's rolling in.
That's going to be so romantic.
Oh, God.
You're going to get cancer.
I don't inhale.
Besides, they're not
as bad as cigarettes.
These never bothered you when
we first started going out.
You clearly haven't learned
that girls put up
with a lot of things
before they lock you in.
I'm your girlfriend now.
Things change, you know.
I choose to defy you.
Does that turn you on?
this does.
I have a feeling this is going
to be a whiskey weekend.
You know what I mean?
Capital idea.
Now, I bet you...
want to fuck me right now.
Wait. You're right.
You're going to have
to catch me first.
Come on, old man.
This is good for me,
'cause I want to do
the Ironman next year...
- Come on!
- ... and this kind of cardio
is exactly what I need.
Trying to kill me.
- All righty.
- I win.
I guess since you won,
you qualify for the victory swim.
Come and get it!
What's this?
Kevin, do you love me?
Of course I love you.
Even though I'm crazy?
I love you 'cause you're crazy.
I think we should get out.
No, no, I don't care.
I don't care.
If lightning strikes us right now,
it'd be God's way of keeping
us together for eternity.
Let's live a little longer,
shall we?
You know what you get, don't you?
What are you doing?
- You're the winner.
- Oh, my God.
On the behalf of the community,
we'd like to bestow this award upon you.
You just came three minutes ago.
Well, I'm not Superman.
Yes, well, I am your Kryptonite,
but I need to go dry our
messy, messy clothes.
- Okay?
- Okay,
- Leave me alone for five minutes.
- Yeah, all right. Fine.
We'll be right out here.
tell me how much you love me again.
Okay, I love you again.
I'm serious.
You know how much I love you.
Do you think we're going
to grow old together?
Sadie, you having a
girl moment right now?
Is that what that is?
Can you really be happy having sex
with just one woman for
the rest of your life?
As long as that one
woman was you, yeah.
For the rest of your life?
Starting today, the only pussy
you'll ever have is mine?
As long as you're attached to it.
you'll never cheat on me?
Honey, you're too cute, all right?
Now cut it out, would you?
Stop being so serious.
Come over here and kiss me already.
What's a fella got to do?
Where are my cigarettes, honey?
You give me so much grief
for smoking cigars,
and you smoke that shit?
You know how much I hate
that medication you take.
We've had this argument.
Yeah, I know, and for good reason.
Psychs are paid by
pharmaceutical companies
to prescribe that shit.
It's a total scam.
I think meds make
people more crazy.
Some people need it.
You've never been manic.
You don't understand.
If you want me to get off my meds,
get me pregnant.
I'd stop taking 'em
if I was pregnant.
I think we'd have to be
married first for that.
Is that a proposal?
I know what you want.
I'm going to give you
what you really want.
- All right.
- You're gonna love this, baby.
You guys like it
- when girls are angry...
- Ow.
and pissed off when they're
giving you head, huh?
- Really? Come on now.
- Yeah.
That's how you like it.
- You pervs like it like this.
- All right, that's...
Ah, God!
God! What the fuck?!
Ah, my eyes.
God damn...
get me some water.
No. No water.
What the fuck happened
to my fucking head?
You scorned me, Kevin.
Oh, baby, I'm... I'm sorry.
- You took my heart...
- I'm really sorry.
and you...
you broke my heart.
I'm sorry, baby.
And you know how much
that was going to hurt me.
I knew.
I'm stupid.
I'm really sorry.
I was just...
You know what?
You know what?
I love you.
I love you.
Do you know what I was going
to tell you this weekend?
This weekend,
I was going to tell you
that we're going to have a baby.
I took a pregnancy test last week.
I am growing an innocent little
baby right here in my tummy.
And you know I could
never abort a baby.
I could never harm an innocent life.
- I'm going to be sick.
- You know that, right?
- That's why I...
- All right.
I stopped taking my lithium...
for you.
- For you and the baby.
- I didn't know you were pregnant.
That's right, 'cause you only cheat
on girls who aren't pregnant.
That's right.
You are such an ethical man.
I knew you had character, honey.
I knew you had character.
- Um...
- Go ahead, apologize.
Tell me you're sorry.
Tell me what a big fucking
mistake you made.
I'm sorry.
That was a big mistake.
Yes, it was.
But you know what?
- I can fix it.
- Yeah.
I sent Jennifer a text
message from your phone.
You told her we broke up
and I had a friend
come and pick me up
and you have the house for
the rest of the weekend.
And she was so excited about that.
Oh. Hold on.
Hold on.
You just got a message.
It's from Jennifer.
I'll read it to you word for word.
"I can leave tonight after work. "
Then she wrote an X and an O
and an X and an O, etcetera.
Those are hugs and kisses.
I think she really likes you, honey.
I really do.
Oh. Another message from Jennifer.
- "I can't wait to see you, Kevin. "
- Come on.
"PS, I'm going 2 B wearing
something extra naughty. "
Whoo! My goodness.
You two are frisky.
You promised me a weekend.
We're just going to
have a friend join us.
Remember that time when you asked me
if I would be willing to do a threesome?
That's the thing about
threesomes, of course.
You got to do it all together.
You can't do it separately.
- Fuck!
- Ooh.
I got to learn how to tie
ropes a little better.
- You fucking...
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. You know what?
You know what?
Come here. Come here.
You're going to take this
whole damn bottle right now.
Right now.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, my fucking head.
- Oh, my fucking head.
- Yeah.
I'm about to bash your head in
again if you don't calm down.
Okay. Oh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I really think I should get
you a cigar or something.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
Honey, this is going to be so romantic.
Now, honey,
you shouldn't be drinking.
it's not good for you.
You shouldn't be drinking, smoking.
There's a baby in you now.
Baby, my mama drank and smoked
all through my pregnancy,
and I turned out all right.
Want some more Vicodin?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Here's one right here for later
and one right here for now.
Hey, no! Ow.
There we go.
That's better.
Please, you got to stop.
You need to stop asking me that.
Look at how supportive I'm being.
I set up the candles.
I got the flower petals here.
I swear to God, you men never
appreciate anything women do for you.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
I certainly hope
I end on "He loves me"!
Me too.
"Follow the rose petals. "
"Follow the rose petals," Bootsie.
Go to sleep here, little Bootsie.
Mama's got a hot date.
Don't mind if I do.
"Take your clothes off. "
"Come in on your hands n knees"?
Your naughty little puppy is here.
Hello, sexy.
Take the gag off.
Take the gag off.
Take the gag off of me.
Kevin, you're such a freak.
Don't use the handcuffs.
You don't need to
use the handcuffs.
Bad dog.
You're a cheater, Jennifer,
just like Kevin.
Sadie, this is crazy.
Yeah, it is.
We were friends.
You were going to be my fricking
maid of honor, for Christ's sake.
I know.
I know, but we can talk
about this, right?
I'm really sorry, Sadie.
I know how this must look.
Sadie, there's something
important you need to know.
I'm sure there is,
but I don't want to hear
anything from you right now.
Kevin likes his women clean.
Don't you, Kevin?
Oh, I prescribed him some medicine.
He probably passed out again.
Sadie, what are you doing?
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Come here.
You know what they used to do
to cheaters in the medieval days?
For one, they used
to cut off their hair.
- No. No.
- You hold still,
or I'll pop your fucking eye out.
- Please don't.
- I have to.
Please stop.
I want to explain everything to you.
It should have been you
in that hospital, not me.
Jen, you look so beautiful.
Kevin, she's all ready for you.
Isn't she pretty, Kevin?
You got to let us go.
This is...
this is crazy.
As crazy as you two
loving behind my back?
I'm trying to make you feel better.
No more guilt, no hiding.
I'm going to watch.
That way, neither of you are doing
anything behind my back anymore.
It's all out in the open,
no lies, no deceit.
Don't you two feel cleaner now?
Sadie, we don't want to do this.
You don't have a say in this, Jen.
Did I have a say when you started
loving my boyfriend behind my back?
You are a...
skanky whore.
Look, look, are you okay?
you know I love Bootsie.
Oh, my God.
You two remember
that woman who tried
to dry off her poodle
in the microwave?
She should have read the instructions,
but women never do.
For Christ's sake, Sadie,
this is a little dog.
You can't do this.
I think 10 minutes should suffice.
Just cut the bullshit.
You two...
you two started the bullshit.
Now, what I want you to do
is oral her
right now,
or I will start this microwave,
and her little doggy will
cook from the inside out.
two, one.
Okay, okay. We'll do it.
Just don't hurt the puppy.
Eat her pussy.
Do it now.
It's okay, Kevin.
Just do it.
She taste as good as I do?
You better answer no.
Be nice to have some
music right about now.
Step a little
bit closer, baby
Now, do you like
what you see?
Better not be telling
her you love her.
You only love me, remember?
Look a little
bit wiser, baby
I see nervousness
in your eyes
if you want to
approach me, baby
You need to learn
to be smooth and sly
Tell me what you
really want from me
I've heard that
pickup line before
If you think you've won
my goods, baby
Then I'll lead you
to the fucking door.
Sex always makes me hungry.
Don't pass out on me, Kevin.
Oh, God, now I have to go easier
on those drugs I'm giving you.
I just love eating outside.
I'm so glad it stopped raining.
Watery tacos get all
mushy and nasty.
Here you go, honey.
Why don't you have some?
Eat it!
Well, neither of you told
me how good my food is.
I'm practically an expert
at making tacos.
- How many times I made you tacos?
- A lot.
Mm-hmm. Mmm.
I'm pretty sure these are my best.
You like 'em, Jennifer?
Well, speak up, honey.
I can't hear you.
I said yes.
These tacos are good.
Okay, Sadie?
You goddamn psycho!
- Shh.
- Can you hear me now?!
Your tacos are fucking great,
you crazy, fucking bitch.
Did you understand that?
You need to relax.
I'll relax when you stop
this shit and let us go.
And can I have my fucking
clothes back, please?
Shh. No, no, no.
- What the fuck are you doing, Kevin?
- Don't make her angry.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Listen.
- Huh?
Don't piss her off.
It's a fucking game.
All right, calm down.
Let's just enjoy a nice dinner.
Let's get back to the tacos.
You know, I use a lot of spices.
I make 'em real spicy.
If you use a meat
that's not the best,
covers it up real well.
You want some more
guacamole on your tacos?
No. I'm fine.
Here we go.
Come here.
I love guacamole.
Sadie, this is fucked up.
Eat it.
You know what I was just thinking?
I should start a taco stand.
That's what I should do.
I'd have to think of a
real good name for it,
something catchy.
Bootsie's Taco Stand.
By the way, Jennifer,
have you seen Bootsie?
I haven't seen that little doggy
since I started making dinner.
Where are you, little doggy?
Bootsie, where are you, honey?
Oh, there he is.
Come here, doggy.
There's the little guy.
Did you guys spit out your food?
I spent an awful lot of time
working on this dinner
for you guys to spit it out.
Aw, now, how could you think
I'd cook up little Bootsie here?
I'm not some kind of animal.
How fucking long is this
going to go on, okay?
As long as it needs to.
I told you, Kevin, you scorned me.
You too, Jen.
This little dog,
on the other hand,
didn't do nothing to me.
He's a good puppy.
There you go.
There you go. Oh.
All units be advised,
we had an escape
from the correctional
facility in Logan County.
Suspect believed to be dangerous,
heading north.
Five on the way.
Dispatch, we've got
no sign of escapee,
and we've covered two
miles south of 105.
Now wake up, Kevin.
I want both of you to hear this.
Look what I found.
All kinds of stuff in this house.
Going to tell you guys a story
about when I was in the hospital.
They thought I was sick.
They wanted to cure me.
They explained to me that...
to change one's behavior,
you must change their
thinking pattern first.
They said that...
electricity was good for that.
They said it would cure me.
I don't know about that.
After their shocks, I'd just...
get so mad.
Mostly I'd just stare
out the window,
sometimes for hours.
If I really misbehaved,
they'd take me into this room,
and they'd give me shock
after shock after shock.
There was a certain point,
I guess I just stopped misbehaving.
I don't know if I was cured,
but I certainly didn't
feel like doing the things
that made 'em give me the shocks.
You two have misbehaved.
You need to be cured of
wanting to fuck each other.
All you need is...
a little electricity.
Oh, shit.
I forgot.
Could bite your tongue clean off
if you don't have protection.
Sadie, please let us go.
Shh now.
It's all right.
Come on, you just...
please, you don't need to...
- Shh.
- Come on.
What's that?
Oh, baby, you got a text.
It's from your mother.
Awful timing.
She's asking how we're enjoying
our weekend at the house.
I will respond for you.
"Sadie n I are having
an awesome time.
By the way,
are u still sucking Dad's dick?"
I put a little happy face.
Oh, Kevin, honey, come on.
You never did have
a sense of humor.
You fucking cunt!
You did all this because of
a fucking stupid affair?
It was nothing!
Jesus, Kevin, you're so hostile.
I'm just trying to help you.
Think of me as your doctor.
Oh, honey...
you peed your pants.
It's okay.
It happens.
Well, how do you feel, Kevin?
Do you feel like sticking your
dick into Jennifer anymore?
Let us go.
Oh, sure, yeah, honey.
I'll get right on that.
Would you like me to call
911 too while I'm at it?
I was in the hospital till I was 18.
I think you two are
getting off pretty easy.
Hasn't this gone on
for long enough?
What more are you
going to do to us?
I don't know, Jennifer.
I'm a girl.
I don't read the instructions.
I'm just kind of winging it here.
What the hell?
How do you fucking smoke
these things, baby?
They taste like shit.
Who the fuck is that?
Help! Help!
We're out here by the...
You two don't go anywhere.
Have a cigar.
Hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned.
Hi there.
Is Kevin here?
I mean, I saw his car.
Yes. Actually, he...
is in the shower.
Oh, I'm sorry, dear.
I live next door.
I'm Rita.
I'm Sadie.
Nice to meet you.
- I'm Kevin's girlfriend.
- Oh.
Actually, his fiancee.
It's a secret.
Shh. Don't tell anyone.
Dear, I don't want
to bother you two.
I just want to leave
some of my chili.
It's been Kevin's favorite
since he was a kid.
- Has it, now?
- Yeah.
Well, how did you know
that chili is my favorite?
Rita just came over and
brought us some chili!
Why don't you come in
and have some with us?
Oh, dear, I've already
butted in too much already.
No, no, no.
Rita, I insist.
- Oh.
- Bootsie!
All units, suspect last seen
heading north of 415
toward Hilltop Road.
That's a copy, dispatch.
We've got units covering
the whole county.
We've also got the state
police assisting.
Why do dogs like to find
the muddiest puddles?
I swear they're just like men.
Oh, I don't know what
I would have done
if Bootsie got away.
He's never been to this house.
You run along now.
I have a gun in my bedside table.
I'm swing to go get it.
Meant nothing?
Just shut up and get the gun.
I love onions in my chili.
Won't you please stay
and have some with us?
Listen, dear, I still
remember what it was like
when I was a young girl.
You two don't need an old
coot like me around.
Tell Kevin I said hi.
Looking for this?
All right, just...
Honey, you told me the gun
was in the drawer, remember?
Just put the fucking gun
down, okay?
- This has gone far enough.
- No, it hasn't.
Just come on!
Just stop it!
Kevin, get back downstairs.
Cumbersome motherfucker.
I'll never see him again.
I promise you that, Sadie.
I have to teach you
to try not to escape.
For God's sake...
Don't you know there is no God?
Or else why would he
let me do this to you?
No, please.
- Hey!
- Don't.
- Hey!
- No. No.
- Please!
- Don't fight it, cheater.
I have to punish you
so that you learn
not to loosen your
fingers like Kevin did.
Come on, Sadie, look at me.
It's me, Jen,
your best friend
since second grade.
I've learned my lesson,
I swear to God.
I told you.
There is no God.
That's why I have to do this to you.
You've lost your mind.
I don't see you in you anymore.
I don't know you.
You know, you're right, Jen.
Yeah, we're friends.
We were friends!
Ah, no.
How can you fucking do that to her?
Did you want to say something?
How can you do that to her?
Well, she's passed out now.
She doesn't feel anything.
You seem awfully protective of her.
I'm going to fucking kill you.
That's no way to talk to
the mother of your child.
No, I'm going to see to it
that you don't run away again.
Do you remember our
favorite movie, baby?
You got it on DVD.
Oh, we saw a lot of movies, Sadie.
Oh, I think it'll come to you.
Kathy Bates was very good in it.
"Misery. "
What's the scene that
everybody remembers?
You... you can't do that.
- It just creeped everybody out.
- No.
I think they called it hobbling.
You can't do this.
What I can't do
is have my man
try to run away from me again.
That's what I can't do.
- No.
- I'm sorry, honey.
This is... this is going to hurt.
You're not going to...
I'm sorry.
- Jesus, fuck.
- Oh!
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry, Kevin.
I don't think I could
break the other one.
How the hell did she break
both of them in the movie?
I feel like I'm going to be sick.
Been asleep for almost an hour.
Where is Kevin?
He's upstairs.
I felt really, really bad
after I crushed his ankle.
I wrapped it and gave
him some Vicodin.
He's totally knocked out.
Will you please let me go?
You should take some of these.
I don't want to.
The pain in my hand
is just numb now.
Not for your hand.
Trust me.
You're going to want 'em.
Here. Here.
Drink, drink, drink.
When does this finish?
When I'm finished.
Did I...
ever tell you the story
about when my sister
took my little puppy's
love away from me?
What are you talking about?
I had just turned 11.
My dad bought me the
cutest little puppy.
My little sister
played with it...
and pet it...
until that little puppy started to
love her more than it loved me.
Maybe it didn't love her more.
Maybe you just thought that.
That's not true.
One night, I went in her room,
and that little puppy was sleeping,
curled up on her bed.
I told you I killed that puppy.
- That's why you went to the hospital.
- No.
I didn't kill the puppy.
You didn't?
See, I couldn't blame
my little puppy.
It wasn't his fault.
He didn't know no better.
It was my sister's fault.
So the next day,
she had a little
accident in the pool.
I helped her drown.
You told me you tried to save her.
I told everyone that.
It wasn't true, Jen.
What I didn't tell you is that
the police didn't believe me.
I was too young to go to jail,
so, you know, they could
only keep me till I was 18.
Listen, I've been thinking...
Kevin is a lot like
my little puppy was.
I can't really blame him,
you know?
You and me, we always said
that men are like dogs.
Someone just smiles at 'em,
they'll jump up and
sleep in their bed.
are beautiful, Jennifer.
You have the most beautiful smile.
Maybe if my sister...
wasn't so pretty, my little puppy
would have stayed with me.
You're beautiful, Sadie.
Not as pretty a smile as Jennifer.
That's not true.
When we're at bars, guys always
want your number first.
Let's not beat around the bush.
Your dad's a dentist.
Your teeth are perfect.
I'm just going to chip one of 'em.
Yeah. It'll work better
if you hold still.
Hold still.
It'll go easier.
Just stop struggling.
I'm not going to
pull out your tooth.
I'm just going to chip it.
You do have nice teeth.
Sorry, I must have
nicked your gums.
I guess you're kind of pissed,
aren't you?
Green tea's ready.
Just don't forget the lemon!
Two sugars, right?
Oh! Bootsie.
Oh, honey.
Have you not had dinner yet?
I'm so sorry.
Here, have some chili.
Oh, and, Kevin,
you're going to love the little
polka-dotted dress I got for you.
Didn't have any lemon,
so I had to use...
lemon juice.
Kevin, you look so pathetic.
There, silly Willy.
All yours.
Kevin, you're never
getting out of here.
You're all mine.
Do you like my dress?
You think it's pretty on me?
I brought it up here to
surprise you this weekend.
Now I want you to take a good look.
Get this picture of my
sexy panties in your mind.
What are you going to do with that?
Baby, I've been doing
a lot of thinking.
It wasn't your fault.
You know, you cheating
on me with Jennifer.
She was cute and sexy.
And once you laid your eyes on her,
it was impossible
for you to resist.
But I have a way
to make that never
happen for us again.
You have wandering eyes, Kevin,
and that's not good for
our relationship, baby.
Haven't you done enough?
All right? Come on.
I learned my lesson.
Just please don't.
I gave you the image
of the sexy underwear.
Don't take my eyes.
Now I'm just going to take
your wandering eyes away.
- No, please.
- Just be quiet now.
- Shh.
- Not my eyes.
Just please don't take... please.
Don't, don't.
Don't, please.
Don't take my fucking eyes!
Not my eyes.
Come on.
Come on.
- No!
- Jeez, baby.
I wasn't trying to kill you,
just trying to blind you.
Fucking bitch, no!
Dispatch, this is unit 26.
Motorist possibly spotted suspect
heading north of Sherwood.
Better, you big baby?
You're a fucking animal.
I can barely see.
That's the idea, silly.
All right.
Here is some Vicodin...
for your pain.
Here's hot tea.
It's still a little warm.
Careful, baby.
Don't burn your lips.
I think you've learned your lesson.
I'm going to go check on Jen.
You still here?
help me.
I came down here to inform you
that apparently Kevin doesn't
miss you anymore at all.
That's okay.
I just want to go home.
Oh, that's not for you.
There's a boat down at the lake.
Got to fill it with gas.
We're going boating.
I know you don't like the water.
Quite frankly, I've had some
lousy luck with it myself.
But I hear drowning is
a painless way to go.
At least I hope so.
My poor little sister.
If you let me go now,
I won't tell anyone,
like this never happened.
Let you go?
Come on, Jennifer.
You think I'm crazy?
You know what?
You are crazy.
You're a fucking psycho bitch!
What more could you
do to me, Sadie?
Kill me?
That's what you plan
on doing, right?
We're friends.
I thought I knew you.
Nobody knew you, Sadie.
I slept with Kevin.
Get over it.
It's not the end of the
fucking world, okay?!
You're a drama queen.
Sit down, drama queen.
Come on, baby.
Come on, fucker.
Help! Help!
Jennifer, get in the car
or I'll blow your tits off.
Does love die...
I never meant for any
of this to happen.
Yeah, well, it sure did, didn't it?
- Or will two hearts...
- Oh.
- It's Kevin and my song.
- Be there forever?
- Ironic.
- Can stolen love...
I just never thought
Kevin was right for you.
I don't know that I'm
right for anyone.
Maybe that's not true.
Maybe there is one person.
Who would that be?
A hurt so deep
- I tried to tell you.
- Will always be...
I've always seen your magic, Sadie.
Haven't I always been
there when you needed me?
What if I told you
I loved you?
Everything I did
I did to get closer to you.
That'd be a real
fucking complication,
wouldn't it be?
I don't want to die, Sadie.
Part of me doesn't want that either.
Can stolen love live...
To be returned?
Does love die then
- Or do we want to know?
- Sadie.
Does love die?
Does love die?
Does love die?
Fucking song wasn't even over.
You don't really listen, do you?
You know what, Sadie?
Go ahead and kill me already.
That's your plan, isn't it...
you flat-chested whore?
You know why I was
your only friend?
Nobody liked you.
Everyone thought you were a freak.
Everyone thought you were nuts.
The guys knew you'd put out,
so they went out with you.
That's all you were good for, Sadie,
good for an easy lay.
You said you loved me, Jennifer.
Or were you just lying
when you said that?
am rescinding my request for
you to be my maid of honor!
What the fuck?
You're a tough fuck to kill.
I'll be right back.
What's going on?
Where were you guys
10 minutes ago
when I was changing my tire?
Can you check my tire
and make sure it's okay?
Looks good.
Where you headed?
Oh, just went to get
some cigarettes,
head back to the house
and my boyfriend.
Shady habit.
The cigarettes, not my boyfriend.
There was an escape just
a few miles from here.
We have extra squads out.
We'll find this guy.
Once you get home, make
sure you lock your doors.
If you see anybody or anything
that looks out of place,
you call 911, okay?
Thank you, Officer, both of you.
Thanks for the warning.
What the hell?
Hel... hel...
What the...
There really is a God after all.
Need a lift?
I sure do.
Buckle up.
Didn't think anybody'd stop
for me on a night like this.
Guess it's your lucky day.
Car break down?
Uh, yeah, couple miles back there.
How far you going?
Wherever you're heading, I guess.
I ran into some cops back there.
They said a man escaped
from prison not far from here.
I didn't know they had
a prison around here.
I bet men in prison don't...
get a lot of pussy.
Guess not.
Bet it's been a while for you, too.
Don't try to figure this out.
I'm just a crazy, horny bitch.
Really, really horny.
Oh, God. Oh.
Come on.
I want you to come.
I want you to come.
Oh, baby.
That was great.
Yeah, it was.
I want to thank you.
Oh, baby, you just did thank me.
I want to thank you for my alibi.
You get me all messy.
Buckle up.
Honey, I'm back!
Baby, where are you?
Show your face.
Damn it. Fuck.
Eh! No!
Oh, Kevin.
I forgive you now.
I really do.
He tried to drive away after
killing my friends and raping me.
And you crushed my
hand in the vise.
Ah, shit.
This is going to hurt.
Fuck, that really hurt.
911. What is your emergency?
This man came to the house.
He killed my boyfriend.
He raped me.
I'm sending help.
I'm notifying the paramedics.
Please, you got to send someone.
Help is on the way.
Ls the man still there?
Oh, uh, yes.
- Yes, he is.
- Where is the man now?
He's dead.
I managed to find a
revolver in the house
and... and shoot him.
Okay. Just stay calm.
I'm hurt really badly.
Please send... please send someone.
Just stay with me, honey.
I've got the paramedics
and police on the way.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
I have to ask you a few
questions, sweetheart.
It's very important.
Are you allergic to any medicines?
Okay, because of your injuries,
I have to ask you.
Are you pregnant?
No, I'm not pregnant.
Okay, we're going to get you to
the hospital as quick as we can.
- Doctors are waiting.
- Thank you.
Found this dog.
Poor thing was hiding
in the back room.
There you are, sweetie.
I'm so glad that man
didn't hurt you.
Oh, you must still be scared.
That's okay, baby.
Mama's here.
Mama's here. I love you.
We'll take the dog.
We'll take good care of her.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
And, Sheriff...
I just wanted to ask
you a question.
Was he the man who
escaped from prison?
Yeah, we think it was.
You were very brave
to do what you did.
You saved your life.
Yeah, I just wish I could
have saved my boyfriend.
You made it.
You'll be okay now.
I think I will.
I'll never get it.
Longer I'm on the job,
the more it baffles me.
I just hope that poor girl...
she can get through all this.
- Hi, gorgeous.
- Hi, honey.
Oh, and you, too, Bootsie.
Can I get you anything?
I'll have an iced tea, please.
Nice ass.
Sadie, you're the most
beautiful girl in the world.
The whole wide world and
parts of the universe, too?
Most parts.
I love you, Sadie.
You do?
So you'd never cheat on me?
A guy would have to be crazy
to even look at another woman
when he's got a girl
as great as you.
I suppose you're right.
Besides, if you cheated on me,
I'd have to kill you.
Hey, why are the cute
ones always taken?
Not always.
All I know is he's for me
Going to be the girl
And he's going
to be the boy
That puts her in a whirl
Some say she's crazy
Some say she's not so bad
I say she's maybe
Everything he needs
All I know is he's the one
Love is always strong
But it isn't always love
That's the name of the song
Some say she's crazy
Some say she's not so bad
I say she's maybe
Everything he needs
All I know is he's the one
He's the one
He's the one
He's the one
He's the one
He's the one.
Step a little
bit closer, baby
Now, do you like
what you see?
If you're going to be
playing these games
Then you're never
going to get with me
Look a little
bit wiser, baby
I see nervousness
in your eyes
if you want to
approach me, baby
You need to learn
to be smooth and sly
Tell me what you
really want from me
I've heard that
pickup line before
If you think you've won
my goods, baby
Then I'll lead you
to the fucking door
Tell me what you
want to do with me
I am far from that type
Just because I wear
the clothes real tight
It doesn't mean you're going
to get the goods tonight
Breathe a tiny
bit slower, baby
I feel desperation
taking over you
if only you could
feel me out
Would you understand
my point of view
Take the time
to know my name
'Cause you're not
going to win this game
I like to take
it nice and slow
So get out of
the fast lane
Tell me what you
really want from me
I've heard that
pickup line before
If you think you've won
my goods, baby
Then I'll lead you
to the fucking door
Tell me what you
want to do with me
I am far from that type
Just because I wear
the clothes real tight
It doesn't mean you're going
to get the goods tonight
So I'll say it again
Tell me what you really
want from me
I've heard that pickup
line before
If you think you've won
my goods, baby
Then I'll lead you
to the fucking door
Tell me what you want
to do with me
I am far from that type
Just because I wear
the clothes real tight
It doesn't mean you're going
to get the goods tonight.