Scorpio Nights 3 (2022) Movie Script

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But no matter the situation,
we can say that
even if we are worried about something
Filipino work hard to overcome
those situations.
We continue work
for our family's future.
Though it may be tiring,
and we save up our money,
by commuting while there's heavy traffic,
let's still work hard!
To help combat this stress,
here's a song...
Hurry, Ana!
I'm paying the local watchman
to keep an eye out if somebody
is lurking around the house.
But I suggest you lock up
your unit in the morning.
Thank you, sir.
Just to remind you,
the laundry area's out back.
And if you want to cook,
we have a dirty kitchen over there.
That is if you want to cook.
We have a dirty kitchen for that.
We're using a communal restroom.
No problem, sir.
That's not a problem for us.
How many tenants do you have right now?
There's eight of you.
And a student upstairs with me.
He's not my boyfriend, okay.
Besides, he's shy. He's just a kid.
There are two families down here.
They're no trouble at all.
Sorry, I should leave you.
I've got to see to the repairs.
I'm working on a budget,
as you can imagine.
The house is a bit old. Okay?
We'll put these away.
Everything's here, sir.
Just sign here.
I'll put these away.
Thank you.
Have some coffee, man.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, let's move on.
Very good, okay.
Let's see.
You're late again.
You're dead.
Sir's been looking for you, dipshit.
Pass your project.
Where's your project?
Hurry up.
- Shit.
- You're late and you still forgot?
Tough luck.
- He's repeating the school year, for sure.
- Yeah, for sure.
Stop piling on Matt.
He's late as it is.
Constructing a building,
or a bridge...
Architects are incharge
of designing...
Like that of an office...
Check this out.
Battle of the bands?
Yeah. It says original composition.
On the other hand...
Should we join?
We have time.
Sure, as long as
we split the cash prize.
As we should.
Of course.
- I need funds.
- An engineer's utmost concern...
What song should we cover?
It includes electrical,
heating, ventilation,
among others of
the building structure.
Safety and functionality
are the top priority.
Always remember...
The two main designers
of a building, or space,
are the engineers...
I want a sexy track.
Something romantic.
Something that turns you on.
I want that, too.
Something horny.
Mr. Bravo.
Yes, something that makes me horny.
- Like you.
- Mr. Bravo.
Mr. Bravo!
Good morning, Mr. Bravo.
You're looking all
starry-eyed at Ms. Maclang.
Is the lesson plan written on her?
Is she the answer to your worldly problems?
Will staring at her help you graduate?
Huh? Answer me.
Thank you everyone!
Thanks for coming tonight,
Wait for our second set.
We'll be right back.
Thank you.
I don't know.
- Hello?
- Love, where are you?
I'm here at the bar.
Here she comes.
Where are you?
I'm at the parking lot,
I'll be right there.
Oh, hey. So glad you guys
could make it tonight.
So, you wanna perform?
Ah, no. It's cool.
We're not that good yet.
Like I haven't seen you perform.
By the way,
I want you to meet someone.
- That's more like it!
- Ellen, come here.
I want to introduce you.
Guys, this is Ellen.
She's the new manager of the bar.
A friend of mine.
This is Matt, Boy George,
- and of course, Paul.
- Hi. How's it going?
Come sit with us.
Come here.
How are you?
You're so cute.
I've missed you!
Did you miss me?
I missed you.
So much.
Waiting for someone?
Huh? Not really.
Don't you know other words
besides "huh" and "no"?
No, it's nothing.
Excuse me. I'll be back.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
- Where are you going?
- Hey!
Excuse me, bro.
- Matt.
- Wanna get drinks?
I'm okay.
Actually, Im waiting for someone.
- Hi, love.
- Hi, love.
Matt, this is Francis.
Hi, Matt.
Since the implementation of the
anti-drugs campaign, Oplan Tokhang.
extrajudicial killings have become rampant.
Some are supportive
while others are concerned
that the indiscriminate
killings may involve innocents.
According to them, the campaign
is carried out without due process.
Since the start of Oplan Tokhang,
dead bodies that show up on
the streets in alarming numbers,
bodies of men, women, teenagers,
and young children alike.
We are at the wake
of student Keano Arciaga.
His story became viral just
recently because he was allegedly...
Hello, Ma.
Matt, son. How are you?
When are you coming to visit?
I really miss you.
I'm still busy, Ma.
I'll be doing my thesis next semester.
Son, always be careful, okay?
I'm always praying for you.
Yes, Ma.
And please, son, don't use drugs.
What drugs?
The streets are
dangerous these days.
Drug-related killings
are all over the news.
Ma, I'm not doing drugs.
Well, just watch out for youself.
I'll get out of your hair.
Bye, son.
But the witness was
never heard from again.
The witness report states that
the police planted
the shabu in Keano's pockets
when he was dead on the ground.
Citizens wonder whether
there will be justice for Keano.
His body will be laid to rest on Sunday.
We are joined by Paco,
one of Keano's friends.
Paco, could you tell us about Keano?
He was a good friend.
And he was never considered
to be a drug addict in our area.
I know him to be the breadwinner
because his...
Hey, your TV's too loud!
And switch off the lights
in the living room.
I'm doing it!
So we don't understand why
he was shot out of the blue.
As his friends, we're extremely
saddened by what happened.
That's all.
Drake, it's the middle of the night.
You're still going out for work?
I just need to help iron out a mishap.
Again? Make sure
you don't get mixed up.
I'm new. I need to look good
to the attorney.
She'll have my back.
What's with that face?
We already talked about this.
You keep yapping about that damn attorney
you might as well be fucking her.
Are you?
Watch what you're saying!
Good evening, good evening!
Good evening to our listeners!
To those who just got home,
or those who need
to stay up late,
or law enforcers
who can't sleep,
thank you for tuning in!
Those who are about
to leave the house...
Golden State wins.
- What's the score?
- 65-105. It's a blowout.
- Fuck, it sure is.
- I should've placed a bet.
- I'm gonna place a bet again.
- Place mine, too.
- How much? You'd better pay me back.
- Of course!
- Good day.
- Good day.
- My name is Pinay.
- Pinay?
- I'm the new tenant.
- Ah. What did you need?
Do you know where the
nearest electronics shop is?
- Electronic shop?
- Why?
I broke my laptop's charger.
What's your laptop?
Okay. For Windows.
I think I have one.
- Really?
- Go with him, then.
Matt-Matt, take her up.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Matt-Matt, you asshole.
Mind my coffee.
- Shut up, old man.
- Matt.
Have you been staying here long?
You could say that.
I've stayed here since
I took the exam here in Manila.
Really? What course are you taking up?
So you're good at calculations.
- Come in.
- All right.
Thanks a lot.
You can give it back whenever you like.
Guns and Roses?
Do you play in a band?
Are you a rockstar?
I just like playing the guitar.
Some gigs here and there.
You sure you won't need this?
Not yet. You can use it.
Wait, how did you find this place?
This house is falling apart.
It's close to Drake's work
and we can't really leave this area.
Drake. Your boyfriend?
Thanks again.
What's your name?
Matthew Bravo.
What's yours? Pinay?
Thank you, Matthew Bravo.
- That you'll be back
- That you'll be back
- for your embrace and kisses
- for your embrace and kisses
- I hope fate brings us closer
- I hope fate brings us closer
I think we got it.
Sounds better than the first one.
It'll only get better for sure
once we layer in the real drums.
But for now let's just improvise
before we get to the chrous,
afterwards we'll see where it leads.
After the chorus, let's play it by ear.
Game. Paul? Game?
- Game?
- Copy that. Copy.
And a one, two, three.
- That you'll be back
- That you'll be back
- That's what my longing heart says
- That's what my longing heart says
- for your embrace and kisses
- for your embrace and kisses
Maddie, Francis is calling.
- I wish--
- Hang on. Five minutes.
I noticed her phone's been ringing nonstop.
I think she's got boyfriend problems.
But even if he keeps bugging her
and you still won't make a move,
it's for nothing. She's right there.
Just say the word, bro.
Wanna gut her boyfriend?
The problem with you is
you're such a slowpoke.
It's literally too easy
but you won't go for it, why?
Because you don't have game.
- You said it, bro.
- No game.
When God showered game upon the world,
- you didn't get any.
- You still haven't got any of it.
Whatever, let's just rehearse.
- Nah.
- No, let's just go get some drinks.
Boom! I've been wanting a drink.
Every three months,
there are 800 dead
in the streets
because of
the Anti-Illegal Drug Operations.
That is what the police says.
But of course, other groups' statistics
says otherwise.
The governments' statistics
is different, that's why it's confusing.
Whether there are many injured people
during the operations.
Don't you want
to lay low here for now, Drake?
Sir needs me now more than ever.
It's getting worse out
in the streets these days.
Makes no difference to sir.
Remember, they're all liars.
I swear, Pinay.
The things that go on inside your head.
Hey! Who are you?
What are you doing in my property?
You're a burglar, aren't you!
Asshole! Hey, catch him!
You fucker! Hey! Get him!
Bring him to jail!
Is everyone safe?
Shut your doors!
Who opened this gate?
I told you to keep it closed!
Times are scary, huh?
Bodies are dropping like flies.
You said it.
That's why I never
go out much to begin with.
Stop doing the laundry
and take a shower for a change!
You were hogging the bathroom!
I scrubbed my body down!
You're up next, what are you
complaining about?
Fuck off!
That's what my mom says, too.
I shouldn't be going out.
What about school?
- Mama's boy, are you?
- What, no?
That's good.
But your mom's not wrong.
It's better to be safe.
I'm glad Drake's here.
He keeps me safe.
He keeps all of us safe.
He was gonna break that guy's spine!
What if he's not really an addict, huh?
You could be right.
But we can't tell for sure
if they're users, or pushers.
That's the thing.
But usually, it's the poor kids
who end up being the victims, huh?
You worked overtime today.
I know, right.
I'm so tired.
I have so many clients.
That's good.
There was this annoying old geezer.
He wanted me to come up to Baguio.
Inviting me to have sex with him.
- That crazy fucker.
- A freaking threesome.
What does he want? Man or woman?
I didn't bother asking.
Besides, I don't need his money.
Why do you ask?
Want me to?
Why, are you interested?
That sort of thing disgusts me.
Good to know.
But Pinay, if you ever have sex
with one of your clients
You'd better not be
keeping secrets from me.
Hello, attorney. Why aren't
you responding?
Who's this?
How much is your worth nowadays?
Especially when about drugs?
What do I have to do with that?
Are you ready with what's about to come?
You son of a bitch.
Oh, really?
Why is my name being dragged in it?
I already cleaned that up.
You really are something, attorney, huh?
- What's that got to do with me?
- You really have a short memory.
- Are you having an amnesia, attorney?
- Enough!
We know everything,
all your dirty little secrets.
- Your involvement with dirty politicians.
- Chua, what's this about?
- Did we step on somebody's tail?
- What?
We've got plenty.
Someone's blackmailing me.
That's nothing, don't be bothered.
Aren't you still not used to this?
They're weak that likes to team up
with the likes of you.
Don't let them get on your head.
Then what's the matter?
You're probably not paying your birds
right so one of them cracked.
Boss got your back.
Don't get panicked, attorney.
That's a big scandal if it gets out.
Just covering my bases, Chua.
Who's that you're looking at?
No one. Just someone I know.
Give me that.
I'll save my number.
Let's take a selfie.
All right.
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven.
Holy shit!
Eight, nine,
- Holy shit!
- That was smooth!
Cheers! Cheers!
- That was smooth.
- You're really something, Tikol.
- Nice, Boy Tikol.
- He couldn't do anything.
- You won that round, Tiks.
- You're the boss.
- Boy Tiks.
- You really went for it.
Where are you going?
Stay for a bit.
Did you think I wouldn't know
if another man came into my bed?
Drake has a massive penis.
So don't get any ideas.
And women know the size and breadth
of what goes inside our vagina.
I need to get back upstairs.
He might catch me.
Stay a little longer.
Sit with me.
That work you're doing online
Aren't you scared
that some creep might stalk you
or save a screengrab of you
and blackmail you?
If that ever happens,
Drake will take care of them.
What about what I did to you?
Is that okay?
Sure it is.
Why wouldn't it be?
This is how I live.
And Drake accepts me
for who and what I am.
Love, just a few more days
and I'll meet baby.
Be careful.
We don't want you getting sick.
How many more times do I say it
that you're gone, you're gone
How many more nights will I sleep
with tears streaming down my cheeks
My heart still longs for you
I still believe it's us in the end
- That you'll come back
- That you'll come back
- That's what I tell my heart, longing
- That's what I tell my heart, longing
- For your embrace and kisses
- For your embrace and kisses
- I wish fate brings us closer
- I wish fate brings us closer
You come closer each passing moment
I still believe you'll come back
With every tear that falls
I still believe it's us in the end
My heart still longs for you
I still believe it's us in the end
- That you'll come back
- That you'll come back
- That's what I tell my heart, longing
- That's what I tell my heart, longing
- For your embrace and kisses
- For your embrace and kisses
- I wish fate brings us closer
- I wish fate brings us closer
- We were drifting apart
- We were drifting apart
- I'll keep waiting
- I'll keep waiting
- For the fire of love to reignite
- For the fire of love to reignite
What of me?
What of my heart
that only screams your name
What of us?
And the memories
we built together
That's where you said
we belong till the end
That's where
I won't be with you
That's where
I'll see you with someone else
With someone else
With someone else
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
We actually finished it!
That was sick, Boy Tikol!
Boy Tikol!
For Boy Tikol!
- Boy Tikol! Boy Tikol!
- You fuckers!
- Boy Tikol!
- You fuckers!
- Fucking sick!
- Let's go. I'm dying for a drink.
That is fake news.
I was just implicated.
So the whistleblower was lying?
Let me clear things up.
A man is innocent
until he is proven guilty.
And I believe
that the law is on my side.
But there's strong evidence against you.
Recorded phonecalls,
and other documents that prove
you're involved in the narco case.
That you're allegedly in the pocket
of an influential person.
There are also reports of your
alleged involvements in...
"Alleged." That's the word.
That I'm allegedly paid, allegedly
involved in the narco business.
What was the other one?
The extrajudicial killings?
Are they pinning that on me, too?
This is what I can tell you.
Nowadays, people can be easily implicated.
Do you believe that?
- But attorney...
- That's all I have time for.
- I still have questions for you.
- I still have a lot to do.
- I'll call again.
- Yes!
What happens if boss gets caught lying?
Will it be the end for us?
I hope not.
You think he'll take us down with him?
I knew this was coming.
Shit's about to hit the fan.
I got the same feeling.
If it wasn't necessary,
I wouldn't follow our orders.
What are you doing here?
How do you know where I live?
Boy George told me.
You ask too many questions.
Why are you here?
I missed you.
You stopped texting me.
I was busy.
Were you really?
You're such a pervert.
Isn't that what you love about me?
- Idol!
- Hey!
Pretty Boy's finally up.
Looks like you had a long night.
How's it going?
Good. Why?
I heard a little something about you.
Heard what?
Seems like you're the last person to know.
Know what?
You were with a woman last night.
Who said that?
Who else? Dwight did.
That was nothing.
Just one of my friends.
Yeah right? Your friend?
A man and a woman together
in bed all night?
What, do you make friends
with them to get into their pants?
She got kicked out of their house
so she crashed at my place.
A runaway.
Is that for her?
Well, isn't she special?
Everyone's taking turns
to shower down here,
why does she get to use
the upstairs bathroom?
You're hiding her, aren't you?
She's got it good.
Swanky! With her own water boy.
What? You're gonna tease me again.
Is she in the bathroom?
Yeah. Why?
Introduce me to her.
I don't want to.
Just come down here, then.
I can't. I'm finishing something.
Scared of your girlfriend, Mr. Bravo?
I'm not.
If you're not,
come down here for a bit.
I just want to give you
a blowjob.
When she's gone.
I'm low priority on your list after all.
I want you right now.
You're so demanding.
So I don't mean anything to you, I guess.
What if I tell Drake everything
that we've been doing?
Yeah, right. He's going to kill you.
Nah, he won't. He loves me.
I'm not too sure about you.
So? You can tell her
you'll go buy cigs.
I don't smoke, silly.
Too bad. Prove I'm not
just your little whore.
If I mean anything to you,
you'll find a way.
Are you coming?
Are you going to find a way?
Where are you?
In my room.
I can suck up all your strength.
I'll blow you so good
your soul will feel it.
Fuck, yes.
All I needed to do
was a bit of convincing.
That's why I like you.
Mr. Bravo.
Come on.
Pinay, what happened to you?
Pinay, what happened to you?
BJ? What BJ are you talking about?
What BJ are you talking about?
Son of a bitch!
That's all from the hardware?
Yes, sir. We'll just wait
for them to deliver
- the flatbars and we'll get right to it.
- My running bill is giving me a fright.
Sorry, sir. We just need
those last materials.
Is there a BJ living here?
What BJ?
Do you have a tenant named BJ?
We don't know anyone named BJ.
- Tell Naty to give me all of that.
- Yes, sir. Really sorry, sir.
You'll just repair this window.
What's wrong with you?
- Know anyone named BJ?
- No, boss. We don't know.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, boss. Yes, boss!
It's probably you! I'm gonna kill you!
Not me, boss! Not me! Not me!
Fuck you. Do you know a BJ?
- No, sir.
- You sure?
Yes, sir! I'm sure!
- You'd better not be lying!
- No! No!
Who knows where this BJ is?
There's no BJ here.
We don't know him!
How about you fuckers?
- We don't know who that is.
- I'm looking for BJ. Show him to me!
Drake! Drake!
Drake! Drake!
Who is this BJ you're looking for?
I know all my tenants here.
What did that BJ do?
Well that motherfucker entered
our house and harrassed my wife.
She hit her head!
- What about you, you know a BJ?
- No!
- What about you?
- No, sir.
We don't know anyone named BJ.
Come here.
Pinay, do you know this BJ?
What did he do in your house?
No. No, it's not "BJ."
I meant DJ.
DJ as in disc jockey.
I was listening to the radio
while fixing the bulb.
And you just flew into a rampage.
It's embarrassing.
Okay, disperse.
There's no BJ here.
Get back to your lives.
Are you okay?
How's your head?
I'm okay. My head just hurts.
Where are they?
Still nothing. It just keeps ringing.
He won't pick up my call either.
Let's just go in.
The setup's good though.
It's beautiful.
Hey, Tiks.
Sorry, I'm late.
It's okay. What's new? Fuck you!
Nothing's changed, Matt.
Where's Paul?
I've been calling him.
He's not answering.
How long till it's our turn?
There's two more after this set
then we're on.
We'll wait out front
after the second one.
How's that, then?
That's it. I hope our bassist shows up.
I don't know.
Have you checked, Maddie?
- Hello? Sorry. Wait, Auntie.
- Hello? Hello, George?
- Are you guys still there?
- Yes, yes, we've been here a while now.
- I see, is Paul there?
- We've been looking for him.
Something bad happened to Paul.
They're good.
I saw them play a while ago.
- Let's go outside. Outside.
- Huh?
Let's go.
Hey. What happened?
Hey, what happened?
Something bad happened.
- To whom?
- To Paul.
What happened?
He was gunned down by the police.
For real?
The police shot him.
The police killed him.
The following media includes
potentially sensitive content.
The death count continues to rise
in the ongoing anti-drugs operations
and some funeral homes have
been forced to shut down
because of the piles of bodies
sent to their doorsteps remain
unclaimed by their families.
The other day, a man was
shot right in front of a funeral home.
Just today, authorities closed
down Holy Cross Funeral Homes
following complaints from
the residents of strong foul odors.
As soon as they open, the corpses
are piled on top of each other
with hardly any space left
to walk on the floor.
The corpses being dumped here
all belong to the lower class.
Their families do not want to claim them
because they are scared
to be associated with the victims.
Apart from the fact that they
have no money to bury the dead.
One time, two teenagers were brought here.
Taken out by stray bullets.
Where are the parents of those children?
God, what am I going to do with these?
They're dumping all the corpses on us.
- What took you so long?
- Where's sir?
He's waiting for us. Get in.
Who's this?
That's Rolly. He's new.
Get in.
Get in. He's waiting for us.
You already took forever.
Fuck you!
You bitch!
Does this hurt?
You fucking crybaby.
This one's still breathing.
Bring him to the grinder.
Shut the fuck up!
Hit him with the pipe.
That should do it.
What do you think, boss?
He's still fighting.
Give it to him.
Fuck you, asshole. Fuck you!
You're tough, huh.
I did my duty. We're quits.
- Cut that shit out.
- Watch it.
Hey, Matt.
Still got that girl
watching over you?
No, she's gone.
She's pretty.
You look cute together.
Nah, that's nothing.
Stop denying.
I swear it's nothing.
I didn't hear Drake come in last night.
Yeah. Looks like they've got
a lot on their hands lately.
Come here.
- There might still be people here.
- They're gone. I checked.
- Matt, somebody might come in.
- They won't. I told you.
Matt, you asshole!
What the hell!
You said she's not here!
Fuck, she came back!
Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
- Why?
You asshole!
Cut him down.
Bring him here.
Sorry about all this.
Boss is just weeding out liabilities.
I didn't betray you.
I'm not the snitch.
Who fucked up?
It's your team, right?
You and your useless crew.
You're the one
who didn't do your jobs right.
You were gonna blow this
operation wide open, you idiots!
I cleaned up all your mess.
Now you're calling me the traitor?
You deserve what's coming to you.
I didn't betray you.
I cleaned up all your mess.
Now you're pinning it on me, you monsters!
Hello. Is Drake back?
Not yet. Not even a call or text.
I'll come see you.
Not right now.
Come on.
Not right now, Matt.
Come on
Maybe tomorrow.
Matt, why are you here?
You can't be here.
Drake might walk in on us.
Calm down. I'll take care of it.
- No. Drake hasn't come home yet.
- Calm down. Let me handle it.
Jesus, Matt. He's going
to kill us if he catches us!
- Stop being so pushy!
- He won't.
I said not right now! I want
to wait for Drake to come home.
Stop forcing it. I said not right now!
Matt! What's with you?
- Matt.
- It won't take long.
Fuck you!
Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir!
Fuck you! And you, you fucking bitch!
Fuck you. You fuck.
You son of a bitch.
Sorry, sir!
Get out of here!
You son of a bitch! Get out of here!
Sorry, sir!
Sorry, sir!
Get out of here!
You could've just told me,
you fucking bitch. Why?
Fuck! Fuck you! You fucking bitch!
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
You fucking bitch!
Fuck you!