Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption, The (2012) Movie Script

the great Scorpion King.
Please forgive our revelries, but
we cannot believe our good luck.
That being able, at one time,
to rid the world of an Akkadian
and, at the same time,
erase the memory
of your legendary failures.
To your people.
As well as to your queen.
Your queen was
a great sorceress...
How was it that she was unable
to see her own demise, huh?
Did you really think
that you could be
a leader of men? Hmm?
Akkadians are good
for but one thing.
You almost single-handedly
decimated a civilization
that took over
3,000 years to build.
the once mighty Scorpion King,
has lost his empire
and his beloved queen.
With nothing left to live for.
His only desire is to die well in
the pursuit of mercenary gold,
and freedom from
the pain that haunts him.
King Horus, the most
powerful ruler in the world,
faces a crisis that could
cost him his kingdom.
His brother, Ta/us,
a ruthless warrior,
has taken a legion of SOLDIERS to the
Far East to pillage its treasures
and amass an army
powerful enough
to return and
conquer Horus' kingdom.
Now, Talus marches on
the palace of King Ramusan,
Horus' last ally
in the known world,
and guardian of the
legendary Book of the Dead.
Horus must stop Talus before
he lays hands on the Book
and enslaves Ramusan's people.
For this,
he needs a fearless champion
willing to accept what is
certainly a suicide mission.
Well done, Mathayus.
Formidable work besting Siris.
He was one of my most
valued military advisors.
That's funny. He didn't seem
to have a head for battle.
Humor from an Akkadian, proof
that anything is possible.
We intercepted one of
his messenger parcels
detailing all of our
defensive strongholds.
Who was he working for?
My brother. Talus.
After my father died and
left the kingdom to me,
Talus became very, very angry.
He thought he was the
rightful heir to the throne.
With all due respect, Your Highness,
I have a few vessels of wine
and a small army of harem
girls to conquer tonight.
Can we just skip to the part where
you tell me who you want killed?
Your royal nobility didn't
take long to wear off.
Walk with me.
The king.
Someone that they call Cobra is the
leader of the tribal resistance.
Naming yourself
after a venomous creature?
Why didn't I think of that?
Once he finds out your mission
is to protect King Ramusan,
I'm hoping that
he comes to your aid.
Your chances of survival,
Mathayus, are minimal at best.
When do I leave?
Well, better start drinking.
I only need you
to hold Talus off
long enough for me
to get my army there.
King Ramusan will give you
10,000 pieces of gold
at the completion
of your mission.
I will give you another
10 upon my arrival.
That is, if you survive
long enough to collect it.
I'm sending someone with you.
I work alone.
You know that.
Mathayus, you stand to
help a great many people.
Perhaps that can provide some
redemption for past sins.
I'll never have
redemption for the past.
The gods will curse my passing,
and I will thank them for it.
I do this for money alone.
You all fight
like little girls.
- Which one of your...
- Idiots.
Mighty warriors
will accompany me?
Who will challenge me?
That one.
That ape?
Under what rock
did you find him?
He was one of the only survivors
of the great siege of Babylon.
We brought him into our ranks
because of his
unique skill set.
My men have yet to embrace him.
Go cry to your mama!
I wonder why.
Your hat looks stupid.
You Highness,
do you really think this...
I'll save you, Sire!
Filthy Akkadian, come here.
I'll squeeze you.
Get off me, maniac!
Olaf, have you gone
completely stupid?
He's an Akkadian, Sire!
He's sent to kill you!
He's working for me.
Olaf's devotion to the
realm, albeit humbling,
tends to cloud his judgment.
My apologies.
And you're working with him.
Working? What?
A quest.
Let's drink!
Did you bathe in camel
dung this morning?
I smell like warrior!
Well, thank the gods my kingdom is safe.
Prepare them for their journey.
Well, I met me
a girl from Sodom.
With a moustache
and an ample bottom.
She said with a wink
as she poured me a drink
"If it's big feet
you like, I got 'em!"
I heard stories
about an Akkadian once.
Tales of incredible
feats in battle.
A man so mighty
many believed him part God.
I do not know much, but of
one thing I am certain,
you're no Akkadian.
That's a mighty
mound of horseshit.
Oh! I could really go for a sheep's
stomach stuffed with crickets.
You probably eat like a bird.
What's with the hair?
How do you get it all
straight and shiny like that?
Did Mama comb that hair
100 times every night?
Or did Grandma have a recipe she
passed down through the generations?
"Just a hint of bat poop"
"with just a touch
of monkey testicle."
Oh, how about that?
Your balls finally dropped.
See I finally
got you to shut up.
You wanna go, Akkadian?
Already going.
You call that
punching, princess?
Or are you courting me
with those love taps? Huh?
Great humper of sheep?
Down you go, Akkadian.
At my feet, where you belong.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I mess up your hair?
Let me fix it.
Nice try.
How does this feel,
you filthy swine?
You like my face?
Let me give you a closer look.
Give us your gold or
we'll out your throats.
Go back to Mama.
What are you doing?
My mama sends her regards!
They are fools.
sheep moves faster than you.
Forget them.
You would know!
Kiss me,
That was the easiest
robbery we have done in years.
That's about all I can
take from you, Akkadian!
That's good.
Now, that's how
you stoke a fire.
Let's sober you guys up.
Nobody touches my stuff!
Crime doesn't pay!
make mine medium rare!
At least you'll be able
to see where you're going!
Not bad. Maybe you are
an Akkadian after all.
That was fun.
Almost broke a sweat.
Now where is my baby?
There you are.
This is a nice camp.
It's good of them
to get it ready for us.
It was a good day.
That it was.
Where are you from?
I haven't seen your kind
in the desert before.
I'm a Teuton from Germania.
Land of mountains, snow
and ice.
Are you crying?
Dirt in my eye.
How'd you end up here?
Ha! I came to fight in the
great desert wars for gold.
I was to take my
spoils back home,
but I have not earned the
fortune I had hoped for.
Well, when we help
this pitiful king,
you shall have them.
And I can return to my Olga.
Olga, and our 17 daughters.
Seventeen daughters?
But I still await a son.
It doesn't sound like
it's for lack of trying.
What about you?
What's your history in this place?
I have no history.
I just want to know
where you're from, brother.
We're not brothers.
You understand?
Who pissed in your wineskin?
Time for rest.
We have many days travel ahead of us.
Oh, Olaf, your breath
smells like rotten yak carcass.
Great gods!
What do they feed you cats over here?
Olaf. Olaf!
Bye, Olaf.
Die well.
I've heard tales of such beasts.
They look hungry.
Don't run.
I'm running!
Sire, news from
King Ramusan's palace.
Talus has declared
war on Ramusan.
Fetch me the rest
of my generals.
We march tonight.
Fetch them!
Yes, Sire.
By the gods, Talus,
I will spill your
blood myself for this.
The jungle has been
known to swallow men whole.
I've heard tales of half-monkey
men drinking human blood.
Excuse me if I don't
consider a north country barbarian
an expert at jungle warfare.
With any luck, we'll make
Ramusan's palace by Sundown.
Sire, we captured one of
Cobra's rebels for interrogation.
Ramusan's army is on the move,
but the king remains at
the palace with the Book.
And still no sign of Cobra.
What have we?
Or do I give too much
credit to these heathens
to assume some proper
chain of command?
Where is Cobra?
Is he planning an ambush?
He's not shown his face in days.
Where is he?
Perhaps I should speak
just a little bit louder.
Might you hear me now?
Horus will
send an army,
if he has not done so already.
We must not wait
to take Ramusan.
Send a detail of
men to attack tonight.
I could give you two more.
Two for you.
Come celebrate beautiful cobra.
Come celebrate flesh.
Very cheap.
Thank you.
Fat chicken for you.
Your Highness!
We spotted a detachment of Talus'
army approaching from the South!
- Move into the palace!
- Come on!
Down the line! Go!
Prepare to
close the gates.
we may be too late.
If we're too late, we're
still getting the gold, right?
Focus. Look down there.
Those are Talus' men.
I count 50 men
in Talus' royal colors.
More like 60, 65.
We need a plan.
Really? I thought we'd just
run down there yelling
and thumping our chests,
try and scare them to death.
That's not a bad idea.
Secure the gate!
Secure the main door!
They come
for the Book.
These men are assassins.
Talus wishes for me
to die without honor,
while my people defend the land
they have owned for centuries.
He must never taste victory,
only the copper sting
of his own blood. Right?
What is this?
Defend the gate!
We could try
gorilla fighting.
Chimps attack in numbers,
like an army trying to
overwhelm their enemy.
The gorilla does not have
the benefit of numbers.
He makes the enemy
bring the fight to him.
More cunning.
More deadly.
One gorilla is
better than 50 chimps.
Well, you're not
as dumb as you look.
Or sound.
I'm not even gonna
talk about the smell.
What are you talking about?
I smell delicious.
Bring in the beasts!
Second positions!
It's time for battle.
Let's crack some skulls.
Repel the ladders!
Horus has forsaken us, men!
Hold your positions!
Hey. Oil.
Fight with me to the end!
If we cannot have life,
we will have honor!
Don't retreat!
Move to the wall!
I should have never trusted an
outsider to come to our aid.
There's something outside!
Attack formation.
Quick march. Formation!
We cannot see them!
Horus has
fulfilled his promise.
Let's get the gold.
Sire, Akkadian and
this guy.
You're expecting diplomats?
Actually, yes.
Maybe we should've just asked the
bad guys to leave the king alone.
In any case, we are grateful to
King Horus for his assistance.
And not a moment too soon.
Your men have my warmest
invitation to enter the palace.
- My men?
- Your army.
The men waiting in the jungle.
There's no army, Your Highness.
Just us.
Well, I am impressed
to say the least.
Thank you. Thank you.
Normally a victory celebration
would be in order, but...
But you can't afford to spend
any of our gold on it.
Yes, we need to
discuss the gold.
There isn't any.
I'm sorry, I thought he just
said there isn't any gold.
That can't possibly be true.
Draw your sword, idiot.
Please, please,
put away your swords.
There is no deceit.
My offer to King Horus
was made in good faith,
but war, as you know,
has its cost,
and this war has
cost me everything.
That being said,
you've both traveled a great
distance to come to our aid,
and this kingdom owes
you a tremendous debt.
You shall pay in treasure.
Well, that will
also be acceptable,
provided, of course, that it
is something of great value.
By the gods, that is...
A vision of beauty.
Reminds me of my Olga.
You misunderstand.
I do not propose this piece
of art as your payment,
but rather its subject.
My daughter, Princess Silda.
I offer to you my daughter's
hand in marriage as your reward.
Lucky bastard.
Very well. I accept.
No doubt an offer
difficult to decline,
but have you forgotten
there are two of us?
The necklace that she is wearing
is the Eye of Gods medallion.
I thought that was a myth thieves
told their children at bedtime.
You mean to tell me it's real?
Apparently so.
The gods be praised.
We shall have it.
Something died inside of you.
Where is
the princess?
Talus has her.
He kidnapped her to
force my surrender.
But as much as I love my daughter,
my people must come first.
I shall hold off Talus here
while you rescue Silda.
Save my daughter and earn
your seat at the royal table.
You and a princess.
You mean to kill me.
Still, your aim is truer
than my palace guards.
You know, I have a mind to free your
hands for I may starve to death.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You'll definitely be my queen.
Though your resistance
to me is as preposterous
as your affinity
to those savages
in the jungle that
you call your people.
They are no more people
than the palace monkeys
that wipe my bottom.
I mean, you see?
I am a benevolent,
highly entertaining ruler
worthy of your hand.
You will see this.
You will see this, or I will take out
your eyes and feed them to the ravens.
News from the East.
My champions
have held off Talus.
King Ramusan's
palace is secured.
Looks like
Talus is preparing for battle.
Right here.
Line them up.
Where are they
taking those prisoners?
The front lines.
I have a plan.
This better not involve me.
What business
have you, heathen?
I hear you're paying
for front line fodder.
Piece of silver for every day
one survives the battle.
You look like you're good.
Oh. No, no, no. Not me.
My slave here...
We might get a whole week out of this one.
Have fun.
This way.
- Sire.
- Yes?
A messenger brings news.
Your assassins failed to take the palace.
They were defeated
by an outside force.
The messenger believes Cobra
came to Ramusan's aid.
Fall in formation!
And you know this how?
Are you a sorcerer?
Or do you speculate, huh?
Oh, fear not.
Only a heartless rogue
would kill the messenger.
Kill him.
- Wait. Please.
- No! No!
Quick work of those savages,
press forward without mercy.
Ramusan's army
approaches, My Lord.
Prepare for battle!
Attack order!
Move! Move!
Sound horns!
By the gods.
I've come to free you.
Would you be quiet?
You'll alert the guards.
I'm trying to help you.
If you don't stop struggling,
I'll take you to Abdul.
He'll pay highly to
add you to his brothel.
Good work,
Akkadian. Great plan.
He gets the girl and I get these fools.
Can somebody help me up?
Olaf! Where's the girl?
Come on!
These black warriors
are Cobra's men.
They've got Silda and they're getting away.
I'm going after them.
Well, I'll be dipped in donkey dung.
Let's crack some heads!
Now, let us see how our
royal guest is fearing.
Sound the alarm.
Sound the alarm!
Sound the alarm!
Sire, the princess is gone.
Oh really?
Was it Cobra?
Did you by any chance
happen to see these thieves?
No, Sire.
They hit me so fast that...
I want the girl!
Yes, sir.
Who is that man?
We're on the same side.
Give me the girl and the medallion
and I'll take it from here.
You let them get away?
Next time, why don't you
send a real warrior in, huh?
Here comes
Prince Charming.
It appears your day has ended a
little differently than you expected.
As you know,
some thieves from the resistance
have stolen my bride-to-be.
As my men are clearly
not up for the fight,
and you have demonstrated that
you are up for the challenge,
I would like to
procure your services.
This is fit for a bribing
purse, that's about it.
I need much more gold than this.
And some women.
There will be bonuses
if you bring me
the head of Cobra,
their leader.
All of the assassins I have
sent have not returned.
If you succeed,
there will be more gold
than your beast can carry.
To fail is to die.
To refuse my offer is to die.
So what say you then?
I say we're
wasting valuable time.
So let me
get this straight.
I spend the entire
day cracking skulls
in a war that interests me about as
much as camel dung in the desert.
Meanwhile, you lose the girl
and the medallion, and get us
sent into this cursed jungle
to battle someone named after
the world's most deadly snake,
who, by the way, was
supposed to be on our side,
so that we can get paid
twice for the same job.
Not bad, huh?
Not bad.
What about the medallion?
That's what we came for.
When we find Cobra,
we'll find Princess Silda.
And at that time,
we'll have the medallion.
It may seem like a setback now,
but it's really gonna work
out to our advantage.
Don't piss on my head and
tell me it's raining, Mathayus.
Why do Talus and
Cobra care about
this meaningless
strumpet anyway
if they are such
mighty warriors?
They both know
that only royal blood
can truly unite the
tribes of this land.
She's a symbol of
a new beginning.
I doubt we'll get
any gold out of this.
Quiet. We're close.
My belly has a
need for mead
As I ride upon
my warrior steed.
There's battles to be fought
and wars to be won.
I like cracking skulls
with my mace just for fun
You found
a big root, did you?
Quite the lesson in Akkadian
warrior tracking, pretty boy.
I'm sorry.
They might hear us and be
alerted to our presence!
Yeah, if they
reside in falling water.
We're not alone, Olaf.
I'm gonna make some
falling water of my own.
Adventure of
a lifetime my arse.
With friends like you,
who needs women?
This is gonna feel good.
Oh, gods!
That's so good!
What demons are these?
Where's the princess?
I have no quarrel with you. You give
me back Silda and I'll let you live.
Now quit toying with me.
I'd just as soon kill you
and find her on my own.
Come on.
What in the name of the
demon serpent is going on?
You got the
serpent part right.
Mathayus, meet Cobra.
It wasn't a dream.
More like a nightmare.
All right, let me
get this straight.
You are Cobra,
and you got captured as Silda and
you freed yourself as Cobra?
Staging my capture allowed me to
search Talus' entire camp at night,
until I found my medallion.
Then you two came along and blew a
plan that took weeks to execute.
Well, perhaps if your father had
told us your true identity,
you wouldn't have had this
problem in the first place.
King Ramusan, my father,
does not know my secret.
Come, Olaf.
Let's take leave of this woman.
She does not even
have the medallion.
I'm tired of this upside down country
and its ill-mannered rulers.
Or what?
You'll say "stop" again?
Your pajama-cloaked army
is not here to help you,
and despite your
obvious talents,
besting Olaf and I is
a bet that will not pay.
Wait. Please, wait.
Give me one good
reason why I should.
I'll give you many.
After Talus burned
their village by the river,
they took refuge
here in the forest.
They can't survive
here much longer.
Why do you show us this?
I need your help.
Woman, I'm a
soldier of fortune.
How could I possibly help them?
There's much you can do.
After all, you are
the great Scorpion King.
What did you say?
What did she say?
You heard me.
You killed
the evil king, Memnon,
and saved the sorceress,
You made her your queen,
and freed a nation.
Freed a nation?
It's pure fantasy, I can assure you.
- More like legend.
- Legend?
My father told me this
story when I was younger.
Sounded like a fairy tale.
She heard
about you from a fairy tale.
Why so defensive?
Is it true?
I'm tired of this nonsense.
Let's go.
You may have heard
this fantastic tale,
but how would you know it's him
if you've never seen his face?
That he is Akkadian is obvious.
As for being the great
Scorpion King, I suspected,
but wasn't certain.
Until now.
Mathayus is a mercenary, not this
king you have him confused with.
Sire, we are
prepared to attack.
A spy has returned, but he
could not locate the Book.
We suspect that
Ramusan has hidden it.
Of course he has.
Catapults, fire!
At last, victory is ours.
to the invaders!
Fight to the death!
Protect the Book at any cost!
If we are to believe his
servants, King Ramusan has fled.
Without the Book of the Dead?
When we find
the secret chamber,
we find the Book
and its keeper.
We are warriors, Ramusan.
Stop hiding like a quivering
handmaiden and bring me the Book.
This may be my final breath,
but the people of this land will
rise above my failures as a king.
And you will need much more than the
army you brought to break them.
You know, you might be correct.
Now if only I had a weapon
at my disposal
that would rid
me of these pests.
Terribly sorry.
You know, it's heavier
than I thought.
Simply a guide,
collection of words is all.
The text is useless...
Without the medallion, I know.
Yes, Sire.
You know, I find it so ironic
that soon he too will
become part of this text.
Very humorous.
It's the Book of the Dead.
Akkadians are good
for but one thing.
I know you're
the Scorpion King.
You can say anything you like,
but your eyes say it is true.
I may have been, but that
man is dead and buried.
Many names can be shed and
forgotten in this life, Mathayus.
King is not one of them.
Please. Help us.
If you truly want
to help your people,
you'll find a man
that did not fail his.
The gods have their way,
and not even the mightiest
of men can stop it.
There are more than 500,000
people in this country.
Talus will not stop until he enslaves
them all to build his empire.
Then he will march
on Horus' kingdom
with the largest army
anyone has ever seen before.
Fight with me and
we can stop him.
And maybe, in some small way, you
can forgive yourself for the past.
I will never forgive
myself for the past.
Then you will
never have a future.
Where in Odin's
codpiece have you been?
I needed to think.
And drink.
Do you know how long I've been
slogging around this forest,
fighting off ravenous
beasts, looking for you?
Why don't you quit
your bellyaching?
So is this quest over?
Even though every fiber in
my being is against it,
I shall stay and fight.
But for my reasons.
When we have crushed Talus and
sent him back into the dust,
that is where it ends for me.
Well said, Your Highness.
You call me that again,
and you will
never have that son.
You're gonna need
a bigger dagger.
You're gonna have to let
go of everything you know
if you're gonna fight with us.
Look at Yin.
You, watch me!
YOU see?
Swatter for insects
would be of more use.
That's good. Now,
what if you are the insect?
You defy gravity, anticipate, predict
the movements of your predators.
Get under your enemy's skin.
I'll show you how we
do it where I'm from.
was a great move, Olaf.
Thank you!
Thank you very much.
Can we please continue?
Let's continue.
I think it's
your turn, Akkadian.
Let's see what
you got, pretty boy.
If you are the insect,
what are you?
Not bad.
You try.
Look at me!
I'm a ninja! I can fly!
Not bad.
Good job.
Not too bad.
Let's see what you've got.
- He challenged the princess.
- Whoo!
You're gonna take on
the girl again, Mathayus?
- Huh?
- She kicked your butt once.
Take him down!
I don't know
whose hair is prettier.
GO, Silda!
You can't
scare the princess.
Oh, here it comes.
Teach him
a lesson, Silda.
That was a good one.
Did you see that?
You gonna dance all night,
or do you want to fight?
That's got to hurt.
The Cobra
will bite you.
How's the view, Princess?
He loses!
Let me guess.
I take your breath away.
Now that's what I
call a courtship.
The mighty Olaf.
My brother!
My Lord, I am Zulu Kondo, lion spirit
from the land of the burning sky.
Command me!
Lord, I am Agromael,
noble destroyer.
It is an honor to
join you in battle.
What mortal dares to awaken
the warriors of the Book?
It is I, Lord Talus, who summons
thee back to earth to do battle!
I am Tsukai, shadow warrior from
the land of the rising sun.
What is your will, My Lord?
"Will, My Lord?
" I believe a demonstration is in order.
Kill them all!
Well, there's that.
Very well.
Agromael will stay here and guard me
while your cohorts
go and kill a snake.
Tsukai, I want you to search
the ether for my prey, Cobra,
and reveal to me
his hidden refuge.
And when the refuge is found,
you will slaughter Cobra
and his army without mercy.
Well, you're up with the mist.
In my vision, I saw a slaughter
so vile, it made my stomach turn.
As far as the eye could see
were the staring
gaped-mouth corpses of men
cut down to pieces in the muck.
And what of us?
Oh, our heads screamed
silently on wooden spikes.
Our bodies burned
in a ritual pyre.
We still looked
fierce though, right?
Are you in this for
the fight or for her?
I cannot lie. She is...
She is under my skin,
and crawling deeper every day.
Do you question my judgment
because a woman is involved?
On my unborn son,
I am with you, Mathayus.
To the end.
Whatever that may be.
To the end.
Go to the north
side of the camp now.
You, get them out of here.
Come on. Hurry! Hurry!
That can't be good.
Silda, what's happening?
Talus awakened
the ghost warriors.
Ghost warriors?
The Eye of Gods medallion
has great power.
If the owner reads from
the Book of the Dead,
it awakens the warriors
from the underworld.
The Book of the Dead has been
lost for thousands of years.
Not lost. It has been with our
royal family for many generations.
Your father.
He would've given
his life to protect it.
Then he died well.
Let it not be in vain.
Olaf, we fight!
You don't actually believe all
this fantastic gibberish, do you?
I am here!
Get you and your
people to safety.
We'll hold them off
as long as we can.
Time to crack some heads!
I've seen you in my
vision, Scorpion King.
Look at what you have become.
You are a disgrace to your
people and your queen.
Your queen rules from the underworld.
You like to join her?
I would be happy
to reunite you.
I'll be joining
her soon enough,
but it won't be because of
your cowardly witchery.
Come on!
Is that all you got?
Come on, everybody.
Hold those children tight.
One step at a time!
That's it. Move. Move!
Oh, Silda,
where are we going?
Hold him!
Despite your glorious efforts, dear
heart, Cobra is still at large.
So now your only mission,
your only task is
to guard the Book.
Do you think you
can manage that,
oh warriors of
the etheric hoo-hah?
The Book is to only be touched by me.
Me alone.
Sire, I fear your
enemies remain powerful.
You underestimate
them at your own peril.
I feel they are
close and plotting.
Hmm, I feel something, too.
I feel
that this kingdom...
This kingdom,
it is mine.
And it is 'cause for
celebration. So come.
A celebration, Lord Talus, is premature.
We must remain at the ready.
The only thing that you
must do is obey me, slave.
We are warriors of the Book,
My Lord. Not slaves!
You are!
You are what I say you are.
Unless you want to return
to your sarcophagus,
I suggest you hold your tongue
and you hoist your chalice
and prepare for celebration!
Slave, slave, slave!
Surprise, surprise.
You know you can't
get rid of me that easy.
I thought that
one day my people
and I'd be free to
escape this jungle,
return to the land
that is rightfully ours.
Yet with Talus' monsters
waiting to devour us,
I fear it will
be here we perish.
It's always better to
fight and be devoured,
even if the chance
of freedom is slim.
What now for you?
Do what I always do
in these situations.
Oh, yes? What's that?
Well, return with my prize,
collect my bounty, of course.
Still in it for
the money, I see.
Well, let's hope
Talus thinks so, too.
I don't follow.
You will.
I have a plan.
And now that Ramusan's men
are fleeing for their lives,
we will soon have
the head of Cobra!
And from here we
will build an empire
that will stretch all
the way to the desert.
Who goes there?
Inform the king that we have
returned with his prize!
you have guests.
Bring them in.
Come forward.
What a pleasant surprise.
I thought you were lost in battle
along with your objective.
Caution, Sire. The... Silence!
Very impressive!
And so is that, if that
is what I think it is.
Our task was made
a bit more difficult
with your creatures
from the underworld
killing everything
that breathes.
I know.
They are not very particular.
You just point them in a
direction and you let them go.
Apologies for any hardship.
Well, now that you have Princess
Silda and the head of Cobra,
you can apologize
with more gold.
Of course,
and well-earned.
Plus, an invitation.
To a wedding!
Or an execution.
Either way, it's a feast.
What shall it be then?
Wedding it is.
First thing in the morning.
And I don't think we need
wait for wedding spoils.
Do I have a choice
in that matter?
I mean...
Play along there, brother.
We knew this was
going to happen.
We have to focus
on the task at hand.
Yes! Yes!
Olaf, is this how you focus?
Oh, Mathayus.
So Silda was right.
The Book is in the treasure
chamber under lock and key.
And judging by the looks
on the guards faces,
I would say that thing
is in there with them.
Oh, don't brood, brother.
It was your plan after all, and a
great one at that. Look at them.
Don't worry. He hasn't
tried to bed her yet.
You've seen her.
Would you wait?
Excellent point.
We'll toast to her then, for her
sacrifice in the line of duty.
May I?
Ahh. Woman.
Not me.
Olaf, it's time for battle.
Oh, God!
I hate you, Mathayus.
You get the Book,
I'll get the medallion. Go!
What could possibly
be taking so long?
How much more
beautiful can you get?
Oh! That much!
Kindly pardon my exuberance.
You're excused.
Where are you, Mathayus?
So much for pleasantries.
Now that the sword
is unsheathed,
it is time to Pierce the flesh.
Pure poetry, My Lord.
Yeah, I know.
Let us not rush
through this important Eve.
We should really enjoy the
remainder of the day.
After all,
this will be my last
day as a maiden of purity.
Take me now, My Lord.
Take me!
Hurry up!
Now would be a good time.
Well, have patience, My Lady.
It will all be
over soon enough.
Did you touch her?
Did you let him touch you?
Best I ever had.
Adventure of a lifetime.
What a farce.
Give me the medallion.
The signal! Attack!
I command you to obey me.
As you say, My Lord.
No! You have to recite the incantation
to switch their allegiance.
Oh, women!
Now you tell me.
Now that's what
I call treasure.
I want the
medallion. Now!
Don't follow me!
Finish them!
With pleasure.
Go get Talus.
The medallion is our only chance.
Leave this witch to me.
Okay. Come to papa.
Oh, it's heavy.
Not good.
Talus wanted the Book.
You can't do that!
He's not!
You fight well, mortal.
Perhaps we'll take you with us.
Spend eternity with two mindless
brutes and their pet witch?
No thank you!
You want Mathayus, but he
will never stay with you.
He is one of the
darkness, like us!
He only wishes to die.
And you are Cobra.
Your deception is the poison
that is killing your people.
Move it!
Missed me!
The Book!
You sure you don't
want to go that way?
You might have a chance.
You should know better than to
back an animal into a corner.
Who's gonna save you now?
You know what?
The Book of the Dead already
courses through my body.
I don't need this trinket.
Go ahead. Let them have me.
Let them devour me.
I will rise again like a bad
idea, and you will be crushed.
You first.
You've been a worthy adversary.
Well, come on!
My Lord,
the warriors of the Book
are at your service.
I'm sorry I deceived you.
Please forgive me.
There's nothing
to forgive, Cobra.
I am proud of you, my daughter.
With honor,
we join you in battle.
This battle is over.
At least it is for me.
My people are in good hands.
My champion.
You've done well.
Is there a problem?
Do you need more gold?
Consider it done.
It's not that, Your Highness.
I actually have
some gold for you.
These are the fortunes
of your brother, Talus,
minus the expenses it will
cost to repair this land.
They're rightfully yours.
I don't understand.
I could've easily retrieved
it from the palace myself.
Probably not a good idea.
With all due respect, Your
Highness, you're not welcome here.
These people will no longer
accept foreign rule.
Now, they are grateful
for everything you have done
to help them to be free,
but they are willing to
fight to stay that way.
Will they now?
Well, since they have sent you as
their messenger, tell them this.
It's not their
decision to make.
I have not come as their messenger, Sire.
I have come as their king.
You expect me to accept your claim
to the throne, uncontested?
I expect nothing
more than your respect.
For myself and for
the people of this land.
Now, if it is a fight
that you are looking for,
then you shall have it.
You surprise me, Akkadian.
I thought that you had traded in your
royal nobility for a few sacks of gold.
I had.
But now, if need be, I'm willing
to trade my life to get it back.
I believe you.
And whether I give you
my blessing or my blade,
I respect you.
But I must confer
with my generals.
When you are the king,
the concerns of the realm
come first and foremost.
But you already
knew that, didn't you?