Scrapper (2023) Movie Script

- George?
- You playing out?
That's it, turn the page on the day,
walk away
Cos there's sense in what I say,
I'm forty-fifth generation Roman
But I don't know 'em
or care when I'm spitting
So return to your sitting position
and listen, it's fitting...
Uh, hi. Sorry, that's my bike.
Oh! Um, hi there.
We were just making sure that
all of these bikes were... road safety?
And we were just walking by.
Oh, yours isn't, by the way.
We were just walking by
and we just...
Yeah, we thought it looked a bit...
- You know.
- Yeah.
I should probably go
get that serviced or something.
Yeah, yeah. Full service.
You can never be too careful.
Yeah, the um... the bearing's, like,
completely gone in the back wheel.
- Do you want me to be honest?
- Yeah. Yeah, fire away.
Or just a little bit of lies or...?
Use war and past injuries,
my metaphor is simile
Get all applications in to me
before the deadline
Cos it's a fine line between
strifeful crimes and a life of crime
But you will reach the day
And it's all mine,
You can take it or leave it
I shake and reveal stage tricks
like Jimi Hendrix
In the afterlife,
gladiators meet their maker
Float through the wheat fields
and lakes of blue water
To the next life from the fortress
Away from the knives and slaughter,
to their wives and daughters
Once more before the Lord judges
over all of us
It's in this place you'll see me
Brace yourself, cos this goes deep
I'll show you the secrets,
the sky and the birds
Actions speak louder than words
- Who is it?
- Georgie and Ali.
You know, if Nike did bikes, these would
be the Nike bikes of the world!
Nike bikes!
There are a lot!
I mean a lot...
a lot of bike shops round here
that we could be taking
our fabulous goods to.
But it's you.
With the Tour de France coming up as well,
all the kids want a bike.
Your bikes here look brilliant.
Like amazing, like top-notch bikes.
- Mm-hm.
- Everyone would want 'em.
- Everyone loves Tour de France.
- Exactly!
- Alright, how much?
- Now we're talking.
- OK...
- Alright...
- Can you just give us a moment, please?
- You got this?
Don't suppose we'll get
a lot of money off her.
- I ain't got time, Georgie.
- OK.
- 60 each.
- Nah.
Right, you know what,
let's just take 'em somewhere else.
Alright, see ya later.
See yourself out. Close the door.
Please, Zeph?
You know I need the money.
I'm Zeph.
This is my shop.
This is my van.
What I would say to Georgie,
the advice I'd give to her, is...'s... it all goes...
it goes like that.
Like a... a circle.
So, you're born and
then everyone... everyone dies.
But hopefully, she doesn't die soon,
cos she's a child.
Yeah, Georgie's
a very nice person really.
You keep chatting rubbish.
She's not a good person.
- She keeps stealing our bikes.
- Yeah, but not mine.
We don't like her.
She doesn't even know
how to apply foundation.
An entire day off?
It just doesn't take an entire day off
to grieve, it just doesn't.
I'm sorry, it doesn't.
You know, a morning off.
A morning off, that's all it takes.
Take a morning off, come back,
get over it.
Obviously, very sad.
- Extremely.
- So... sad.
Lovely though that she's living with...
Er... her uncle.
Winston Churchill.
Absolutely disgusting!
Ah, beautiful.
Josh, could you do me one favour?
- No more voice recordings.
- Ah, but you're so good at 'em.
What do you want me to say?
"Georgie is doing great at school,
Georgie's doing great at school, thanks.
Say it like you mean it, then.
Let's try that again.
Georgie's doing great
at school, thanks.
Ah, that's actually...
Ah, that's amazing.
That was so good.
Um... "We are thinking
of getting a hamster."
We're thinking of getting a hamster.
'A hamster? I mean
great, yeah. Good for you, good for you.
'How's Georgie getting on?'
- 'We are fine, thank you.'
- 'That's good, good.
'Emotionally coping with the situation?'
'We are eating
spaghetti bolognese today.'
'I find that
cheers me up, yeah.
'Both big fans of the bolognese.
I don't blame you. It is delicious.
'Maybe Georgie can tell me a little bit
more about how she's getting on.
- 'Would she be free for a little chat?'
- Hello!
'Hiya! How you getting on?'
Good. I'm very busy at the minute,
so I've got to go.
'OK, well, have a nice tea!
- 'We are fine, thank you.'
- 'Er, OK. Great.
I, for one, feel reassured.'
Hey, I'll call you back.
Can Ali stay tonight?
- OK. Are you gonna be in bed by ten?
- Before ten!
OK, good. Does your uncle not mind?
- He doesn't mind.
- I would really like to meet your uncle.
Yeah, my uncle's really busy
at the minute.
- Busy?
- Yeah.
OK, but how are you coping?
Mum, do you wanna see our dance?
- OK, show me the dance.
- Alright.
To the left.
Good moves, kids. Good moves.
- It's purple.
- It's not.
- It's literally purple.
- It's not.
- What colour is it, then?
- Pink.
Get up.
Leave them how they were!
- It ain't comfy like that.
- Well, that's how Mum did it.
- Doesn't always have to be the same.
- Yes, it does.
Move your feet!
- What do you wanna watch?
- Er...
- No.
- Why not?
Not again.
I'm sick of not being able
to vacuum up them spiders and all.
How could you even consider
killing Napoleon?
You know that's my guy from day.
Always got my back!
Genghis, a bit of a mad guy,
but still my G!
Julius and Maggie T,
those two little love birds.
Disgusting, bruv!
And Alexander the Great.
RIP, my certy guy.
What a devastating blow.
Please stop talking about it.
Very annoying.
Can you get your stinky feet
out of my face?
What stage of grief are you at now?
I think I'm almost finished.
Stage three or four?
But I'll get through
the other stages quick.
But you literally had a go at me
for moving the pillows.
Everything's still the same
as how your mum did it, you know?
She said she was going up into the sky.
Like to real heaven and that?
Like, proper proper?
What were you doing in that room again
before I came?
Um... playing.
I could play, too, if you want.
Only if you want company, though.
- Are you sure?
- Mm-hm.
- Goodnight, Georgie.
- Shut up!
Nah, nah,
Stace, hear, man.
He's just not hubby material,
I'm telling you.
The other day he was like to me,
"Ah, I think you're the one."
Me? Girl, bye...
'Why are you filming me?
'Georgie, please get that camera
out of my face!
- 'What is wrong with you? Turn it round.'
- 'Nah!'
- 'That day five of those pyjamas?'
- 'What was that?'
- 'Day five with no shower?'
- 'Huh?'
- 'Can smell you a mile off!'
- 'Excuse me!
'Shall we tell the camera
what I've just pulled out of your hair?
'Shall we tell them?
A nice big juicy nit!'
'I probably got them from you,
'No, you didn't!
'Get it out, please. You're grounded.'
Hello, hello, hello
and welcome to...
Crusty Musty, um...
Helping Hand Lip Show.
Today, we are selling
this red lipstick palette.
Now, here we have Clive.
As you can see,
Clive's lips are very crusty.
- Just like the gentleman in the studio.
- Just shut up! Shut up!
We have lots of callers on the phone
at the minute.
- What's this made out of?
- Um...
Endangered, um, shredded lizards
and crushed-up ruby diamonds.
Now, we are looking
for a low-low price of 2 million...
How much?
I think you heard me, sir.
- Now, we have lots and lots...
- Wait, who's that?
What you doing in my garden?
- Alright, kids?
- No, we ain't.
Are you Georgie?
Who's asking?
I'm Jason.
I'm your dad.
Owner of that top.
No, you ain't. My mum give me this.
Yeah, I gave it to her.
- What, you living on your own, then?
- No.
- Can I come in for a chat?
- Get out!
Right, so I'll tell the Social there's
a 12-year-old living on her own, shall I?
You let him in.
What do you expect me to do?
He was gonna call the Social on me.
Yeah, but...
How are you gonna sleep at night knowing
that he's lurking around the house?
Shall we have dinner later?
David Beckham's welcome as well.
Don't be like that. It's free food.
Free food?
Are you serious?
Can you stop thinking about the food?
He could be using it
to blackmail us or something.
- Or trying to poison us.
- Exactly.
Yeah, you seriously can't trust him,
- I got an idea.
- Hm?
Can you go and get us a Chinese then
from the place down the street?
- It's our favourite.
- Yeah, yeah.
- We're gonna go out and play.
- Right.
- Can you make sure you're back for six?
- Whatever.
Who's David Beckham?
What we're gonna do,
he's gonna go out and get the Chinese,
and we're gonna be waiting
somewhere nearby.
We'll bolt the door from the inside
and then we'll climb out.
And then we won't let him back in.
Yeah, and we'll chuck his stuff
out the window, right?
Well, if it's worth anything,
we'll consider keeping it, OK?
Yeah, I guess.
OK, so hear me out on this one, yeah?
Can you make a werewolf
and a vampire hybrid?
Right, so let's say I've got a vampire
and I get the vampire blood,
and I get a werewolf
and I get the werewolf blood,
and you get them together and you start
mixing them, take them to a science lab,
put them in a science beaker thing,
put them in a box
and leave it for ten years to freeze.
And once you come back
after ten years,
there's a werewolf
and vampire hybrid baby!
That's actually so stupid.
I can't believe... Oh, my gosh.
I thought you were smarter than that.
Well, Jason can't be a vampire, right?
Cos your mum was mad superstitious
with garlic and that at the front door.
No, he's not a vampire.
That's just stupid.
Maybe he might, like,
start growing uncontrollably at night,
come into our rooms
and start sucking our neck!
Nah, that's a bit weird.
Maybe he was in prison.
What if he's a big-time gangster?
They're both proper weirdos.
Who breaks into their own house?
- Chicken and sweetcorn.
- Yeah, no, no, in the sandwiches.
- Oh!
- And in the pies.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- But the gravy is kind of, er...
- Yeah, the gravy's a bit too thick.
- Bit too thick.
The rest of it, though. Banging.
All my money for them. Lovely.
- Well, actually, you paid for me, innit?
- Yeah, exactly.
- Be grateful.
- Such a kind friend you are.
- Yeah, I know. I am.
- Yeah!
- Sign's gone!
- Alright, bye.
Bit cold now, this Chinese.
It's ungrateful as well, ain't it, really?
If someone's buying food for you
and your little mate,
just to throw it back in my face
like that.
- Get your feet off the table.
- Or what?
- Sure you don't want a little bit?
- No, I don't.
- Can't stay for long.
- I'll stay as long as I want.
It's my house.
Hm, I was here before you, though,
weren't I?
- I pay the rent.
- Hm.
See how long that lasts.
Stupid thing!
- What you done to it?
- Nothing.
I just put it on like normal
and it started flooding out everywhere.
Who even said that you could use
the bloomin' washing machine?
- I did. Watch your tone!
- Watch yours!
- Either get out or help!
- Oh, God!
Right, come on, get that in the wash.
You've been wearing it since I got here.
- No!
- Come on, it stinks.
If I have to.
That is mad comfy in there!
Obviously, though,
you share, like, apartments, innit?
There's probably, like, four or five of us.
Share a kitchen, got a nice little pool.
- You're living with your boys?
- Yeah, it's sick.
Go on.
That was sick!
That was sick.
- Do you speak Spanish, then?
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, a little bit.
Understand most of it.
- Is it better over there?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's hot. Food's better.
Beaches, girls,
you know what I'm saying?
Better than home?
Yeah. Yeah.
So, it's alright
to just leave people behind, is it?
You never thought that leaving someone
to raise a child on their own was a bit...
I'm just... gonna go
on my evening walk.
Your mum never wanted me around,
you know?
- She said that, did she?
- I knew it.
Even so, most dads send money
every now and then.
Help out. We ain't exactly
been rolling in it, have we?
I ain't rolling in it myself, am I?
This job you've got, is it a normal job
for a 30-year-old man?
- Yes, there's loads of people my age...
- Then what are you here for now?
I told you. I heard about your mum passing
and I wanted to get to know you.
After 12 years?
How come you didn't want
to know me 12 years ago?
Because we were young,
like we weren't getting along.
- She told me to leave.
- You're a liar!
I ain't surprised no one's stuck around
for you, you know that?
Think you can just turn up with some
flowers, say you're sorry about my mum
and it'll all be alright?
It ain't.
Do you think he'll stay?
I don't care.
I think he will.
Would probably be best
if he does, right?
You can't...
You can't keep living by yourself.
Why can't I? I'm doing fine.
Not that one.
Not that one, either.
Put it back! Move out the way.
Here you go, nice simple mug for ya.
Alright, cheers.
Uh! That's off!
- Do you want anything from the shop?
- No.
Don't move.
Oh, hello, Sian.
Yeah, no, I've got a cold at the minute
so my voice is a bit... tickly.
Georgie's doing alright, yeah.
Aren't you, Georgie?
Yeah, she's good.
Yeah, no, we're just having
a nice breakfast together, actually.
Alright, well,
thanks for checking in.
Actually, Sian, should I, er...
Should I give you my new mobile number
in case you need anything?
Yeah, it's 07984.
Cheers, Sian.
I'll have to meet this
Uncle Winston Churchill at some point.
Remember, I can tell the Social whenever
I want, so drop the attitude, yeah?
Back in a bit.
New milk.
How was your porridge?
What's that job you said you did again?
Ticket selling in Ibiza.
Is there any, like...
...dangers in Ibiza?
Not really, no.
Alright. I'm off to work.
"Ticket sales.
"A representative
or a rep for a nightclub
"who sells tickets to holidaymakers."
Maybe it's slang
for something?
- You think he's planning to kill you?
- I don't think so.
Why wouldn't he have done it already?
Bit stupid not to.
Likes to toy with his prey?
You gotta scratch the serial numbers off.
- What?
- You gotta get the serial numbers off.
Otherwise the police will track them
back to the bikes that've been nicked.
Even when you paint 'em,
you can still feel 'em.
Look, scratch 'em off.
- Oh, yeah!
- Then they won't get tracked back.
Yeah? Go on, give that a go, bruv.
Who says the bikes are stolen?
Ali. Ali.
- We need to check his phone.
- What?
Jason, we need to check his phone.
Come on.
- What are you doing?
- Shut up!
It's nothing mad.
You can take it back now, you know.
It's not like you're naked
in the bath, is it?
What do you think you're doing?
- Just...
- You just what?
You think you can go through my stuff?
You don't do that!
- What's on your phone?
- That's nothing to do with you.
You don't even know me.
What you doing here again?
You not got your own home?
I'll leave if you want me to.
- Whatever.
- Right, shut up now!
'Georgie, please get that camera
out of my face!
- 'What is wrong with you? Turn it round.'
- 'Nah!'
- 'That day five of those pyjamas?'
- 'What was that?'
- 'Day five with no shower?'
- 'Huh?'
- 'Can smell you a mile off!'
- 'Excuse me!
'Shall we tell the camera
what I've just pulled out of your hair?
'Shall we tell them?
A nice big juicy nit!'
'I probably got them from you,
'No, you didn't!
'Get it out, please. You're grounded.'
Well, he's obviously hiding
No, he ain't.
Did you see how he reacted?
Well, maybe he just wants some privacy,
like you do.
Oh, don't be stupid, Ali.
What is wrong with you?
Everyone's out to get you, ain't they?
The world revolves around Georgie.
You can trust people, you know.
He's being nice.
At least he's here now.
What are you being
such a little victim for, you idiot?
Ever since he got here,
you've just been a beg friend to him.
I'm meant to be your mate.
You can have more than one mate,
you know.
Go on, then, go and be his mate.
I don't need you anymore.
- I will.
- Good.
Go. I've got other mates.
Absolutely not!
Oh, God!
What, a friend?
What, me and her?
Nah, man. She's a little girl.
More of an acquaintance, really.
- Wouldn't you say?
- Distant acquaintance.
She just doesn't deserve
to be my friend.
- You alright, Georgie?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- You alright?
- Mm-hm.
Do you want a... want a hug or...?
- I'm alright, thanks.
- Yeah. Probably...
Here you go.
Five quid and I'll...
I'll use it for parts.
- Ten.
- Five.
- Fine.
- Where's Ali?
Fell out.
- Can I stay in here and work with you...?
- No, not today.
- I don't wanna be paid or nothing.
- Look, just jog on, man, please.
- OK.
- Alright.
And I understand that she's sad.
Obviously, I get that,
but what are we meant to do?
And it's never really like this.
We fall out once a year, maybe.
Yeah, this time it's different.
So, how long has...
How long has it been, then? What, like...?
Probably, like, couple of hours, I think.
Just give it time, innit?
I don't know, just...
You alright?
I, um... I cooked, and then Ali turned up.
Something about you two having a spat.
Come on, sit down.
Go on, plonk yourself down.
I made some dinner, look.
- Er... It's quite spicy.
- Yeah, I know.
I put some, um, chilli powder
and tarragon in it.
That was all you had
in the cupboards, but...
I think it... I think it works.
Mm. How was school?
It's the school holidays.
- No?
- That ain't funny!
That's not my fault.
That must've been loose already.
That's my mum. We're going caravan.
Yeah? Oh.
A-ha! Who's this?
- Jason.
- Georgie's dad.
Oh, you didn't mention he was around.
Yeah, he's here now
instead of her uncle.
Right. I don't think we have met.
No. No, we ain't. Jason. You alright?
- Jason?
- Mm-hm.
- I don't remember Vicky mentioning you.
- Oh, I've been working abroad.
- OK. Back now, then?
- For a bit. Yeah.
What happened with your tooth?
Oh, it fell out. His burnt garlic bread.
She'll be alright, it was loose anyway.
She'll be alright.
OK, get your stuff, huh?
- Alright, Jason. I'll see you again.
- Yeah.
- I'll be here, yeah. Nice to meet ya.
- Yeah, good. OK.
- Enjoy the caravan.
- It was interesting to meet you.
- Yeah, yeah. Enjoy your trip.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, we will, thank you.
- Yeah, yeah.
'...year guarantee. Of course, two years,
just like everything else we sell.
- 'Highly recommended.'
- 'It's a no-quibble guarantee?
'No problems at all, whatever happens,
you get your money back?'
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- What you awake for?
- You nicking my money?
What? No!
I was looking for your tooth.
Why would I put my teeth
underneath my pillow?
- For the tooth fairy.
- What?
Put your tooth under the pillow,
then the tooth fairy gives you
a couple of quid, don't she?
Does she?
- She's never done that before.
- Really?
She must owe me, like, 20 quid, then.
Right, well, you might as well have it
now. There you are.
- I don't want your money.
- What?
I don't want your money.
You going out to work?
Without Ali?
Do you want me
to come give you a hand?
- Hurry up.
- Come on, do your job properly.
What? What do you think I'm doing?
I'm looking out.
- Hm?
- I'm watching, innit?
- What you doing, trying to pick it?
- What do you think I'm doing?
- Get an allen key on the seat.
- Do it, then.
- Quickly!
- Alright.
- Calm down.
- Do you want me to do it?
There you go.
- You're proper longing it out, ain't ya?
- Give me the bolt cutters.
- I was literally just about to do that.
- No, you wasn't.
- Quickly.
- Yes, I was.
Bloody hell, how many tools
do you really need?
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- Oi! Come here!
Yeah, in pursuit now.
Ooh! Sorry!
Oh, yeah! Yeah!
Go down there.
- You see how slow they were!
- Shut up! It ain't funny!
Can you stop laughing?
You sound like a pig.
- Want a bit of water in there?
- What is it? There's all clumps in it.
- Huh?
- I'm trying to get the clumps out.
Well, that will help, won't it?
There you go.
No, I don't need your tea water
in my hot chocolate.
- You seen my phone?
- No.
Are you sure?
I haven't seen it.
Nah, don't go in my bag.
Get out my bag now.
Can't find it.
Might have fallen out your pocket
when you were running?
- Which one was it in?
- This one.
- Is there zips on it?
- No.
That's long gone, then.
That's your fault, that is.
You're the one that made us run like that.
- It was run or get arrested, Georgie.
- You were fiddling about with the bikes!
- You drew attention to us.
- No.
It was probably your speed
that messed us up.
'Why you filming me?'
'Why you filming me?'
'Why you filming me?'
What you looking for?
- What you looking for?
- What do you care?
I dunno.
- Just my phone.
- Your phone?
What are you so upset about that for?
Just ask for a new one.
- Shut up, you don't get it.
- Get what? It's just a phone!
- No, it's not.
- What are you being stupid for?
Shut up!
- Georgie?
- Oi!
- What do you think you're doing?
- Bringing you this.
What were you doing in there?
Playing secret games or something?
Don't worry.
Do you wanna go out for the day?
Come on, a little adventure! It'll be fun.
- Can't.
- Can't?
Why not, you busy?
Got big plans, have ya?
Georgie! Georgie, open up!
No, no, no, no.
You really hurt Layla.
Don't answer,
don't answer.
I know you're living here
by yourself.
- Don't. Please don't answer.
- Georgie, will you open this door?
- Don't answer, please.
- I'm losing my patience here.
- Let's nip out the back.
- Come on, will you come to the door?
Get low, though. Duck down.
Me and your mum used
to play this game, yeah,
where you, like, pick people having
a conversation then you have it for them.
You know, make up
a little story for them?
Here you are, look.
Look at these two over here. There.
Let's just assume they're a couple.
I'll be the guy, you be the woman, yeah?
My God!
This sandwich is bloody delightful!
- What?
- Do her.
To think it was only 10.
Well... 10 isn't much to me!
Pocket change, darling.
Go on.
Darling, we need to discuss
and talk about your job.
What about my job?
There's not enough money
for the plants.
Sandra, I'm not going through this again!
It's all getting too much!
Your spending's out of control.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me!
Patrick, I...
I've only spent 10,000
in the last month.
Last year it was the dogs and this year
it's the garden. I just can't keep up.
- Do you think I go to work every day...
- Patrick!
No, Sandra, you listen to me.
If you really must know
why I'm spending so much on the plants,
then... it's...
Oh, you're going to cry now, are you?
Typical! Typical Sandra!
It's because, well,
Vera... Vera and Peter,
they keep looking over the fence,
giving dirty looks going...
- Oh!
- Every day!
- Again with the comparisons?
- Every day, about five times a day!
- Their garden is beautiful!
- So is ours!
They have yellow,
white and purple, pink...
- Ours is lovely, darling.
- flowers.
- And we have nothing!
- We have everything you've ever wanted.
- They have a small lake!
- Oi, mate!
We can hear you, yeah?
Don't take the mick.
Disgusting here, it stinks.
- It's where I grew up.
- The countryside?
Right, so listen, how it works.
Hover it above the ground,
and then when the signal beeps loudest,
it'll be, like, "Beep!"
then you, like, know where to dig up.
- That's where it'll be.
- Really? Oh, that's amazing, you know.
- I'd love to know more.
- Oh, yeah. OK.
Look at this. Oi!
Look at that.
I found that when I was younger.
It's in proper good nick and all.
Sick, innit?
- What?
- Quickly.
That's beeping like mad, go on.
- There's something there.
- Take that.
- What is it?
- A bracelet.
Yeah? Does it say anything on it?
Nah? What a coincidence!
- Happy birthday.
- It's not my birthday.
Nah, I know, but it's, like,
for the ones I've missed and that.
- You want me to put it on for ya?
- Mm.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
- That looks good, that. You like it?
- Mm-hm.
Right, see, er, that's a penny.
Look, there's so many nice little things,
bits and bobs, that need...
- I mean, they need a good scrub, but...
- The pennies do.
The pennies do, but sometimes...
You know, sometimes you can get
good money for them as well.
Yeah, that one's very dirty,
that one.
It looks like a stone, but it's not,
you can tell it's a coin.
- Yeah.
- Actually, it's a bit smaller.
It might be a stone.
Well, look, see these things here?
The brackets.
I'm thinking
I'll do you a nice little shelf.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
There you go, keep 'em there.
Keep... Keep 'em there.
OK, yeah?
No, but you're cheating, though.
- How is that cheating?
- You've gotta keep your hand there.
- Wait, you're running, you're running.
- I'm not.
- You're running. Cheat, cheat, cheat.
- I'm just walking.
Cheat, bruv, cheat.
Alright, the dance is...
- No, you don't put the hand on your hip.
- No hand? Just...
- No! You're still putting it on your hip.
- Sorry!
- You gotta put it down the side.
- I can't help it.
- I can't help with the old...
- No, you...
Just keep it there.
- No, you've gotta keep bopping.
- Why have I gotta keep bopping...
- Cos you don't know how to style it out.
- ...and you stop?
- You just stop when you want.
- No, you don't know how to style it out.
One rule for you,
different for me, innit?
- Actually, yes.
- Yeah!
Do you have to do that?
- No.
- That's what you did.
- No, it's not. It's really not.
- It is. You went...
Like that.
That's what I done.
- You've already done it wrong.
- I got the lyrics wrong.
- Ah, the pressure! The pressure!
- Are you ready?
- Back down on your knees, come on.
- The pressure's too much!
You've gotta learn this.
Go, go. Tap.
OK. Tres, dos, uno...
Rain falls
Night time
- That was it.
- That was shocking.
- Shocking?
- Yeah.
- What was your mum like?
- She's a good mum.
Strict at times,
but she's a good mum.
What was yours like?
- You knew her.
- Yeah, but, like, not as a mum.
Funny. Moany.
She definitely wouldn't have
liked metal detecting.
Nah, she wouldn't have.
Took her go-karting once for my birthday
and she... she weren't having it.
Stormed off, walked all the way home.
What was you like as a kid?
Bet you were a proper wrong'un.
Proper geek like metal detecting
on the regs.
No, no, no.
Nah, I was proper cool.
You don't look very cool.
Bet you was proper full of yourself,
spoilt brat with loads of annoying mates.
It's the Social.
Don't answer.
I recognise their number.
Decline it.
There y'are, look.
Didn't have a lighter.
- Thought you were going a wee.
- I did both.
- Wash your hands?
- Yes.
- Soap, the whole shebang?
- Mm-hm.
- Wanna blow them out?
- There's nothing to...
I know.
Just do like a little pretend like...
- You're not going to sing or...?
- No.
That's it. You missed one.
That's it.
You wanna make a wish?
- What d'you wish for?
- I'm not gonna tell you, am I?
Club doors are open.
Club doors shut.
Someone's gone out for a fag.
How do I...?
How do I do that one?
- You just open and shut doors?
- What, continuously or...?
See you in a bit.
- You alright?
- Sit down a minute.
- What, here?
- Mm-hm.
You know earlier?
- When I said I fell?
- Yeah.
- I didn't.
- Well, yeah.
I knew that.
I got into a fight with this girl.
Beat her up.
And her parents know it was me.
Are you angry at me?
- No.
- Promise?
- I promise.
- What if I'm in proper trouble?
What if they call the police
or my school?
- I'll sort it.
- How?
Don't worry.
Let me sort it.
- Yeah?
- You alright? Er, sorry to bother ya.
- I'm Georgie's dad, Jason.
- Oh, you're Georgie's dad?
- Yeah, yeah. How's your girl doing?
- Have you seen what your kid's done?
Look at her face.
She's proper shaken-up.
Ah, she'll be alright.
Kids will be kids, won't they?
Get back inside. That's no excuse.
You need to check your kid.
OK. Listen, I just came
to give you that and say sorry.
You think
that's the right thing to do?
- Have you even asked her why she did it?
- She's fine. She had a moment.
She definitely ain't fine.
I hope she's alright.
Did you go out last night?
Where'd you go?
Oh, I'm jealous!
Ah, it's rainy and grim.
Yeah, was it a mad night, yeah?
Did he? Ah, swear down,
he's such a mess!
'Jason, I have been
calling you for weeks.
'I know this is still your number.
'Same old selfish Jay,
running away from his responsibilities.
'The doctor said I've got weeks.
'I can't leave my Georgie on her own.
'You're the only person I can ask.
'You're the only person
who might love her like I do.
'Georgie is... Georgie.
'I've had to tell her
I'm going up to the sky, but...
'...she's not stupid enough
to believe that.
'I just don't really know
what else to say.'
- Was that actually me?
- I think so, yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
'I think she knows
what's going on, though.
'I catch her looking at me sometimes.
'She's one of a kind.
'God, she's a proper little weirdo!
'She's got my washing machine on 24/7
with muddy clothes.
'She's probably doing
just as bad at school as you.
'She just has constant arguments
with her teachers.
'It's actually crazy
how much she's like you.
'But me and Georgie,
we've done so good on our own.
'She's my best friend.
'But if I...
'No, not if.
'When I die...
'...I think she's really
gonna need you, Jay.
'So, please answer your phone
and just grow up.
'Because I know that there is
a part of you that wants to love her.
'And there's a part of her
that wants to love you, too.
And his trains!
That was a beautiful note there!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Set me, set me.
Shoot, fam. Shoot, shoot, shoot!
- On my head, on my head!
- That was handball, weren't it?
Pass the ball!
Pass the flippin' ball, Jason!
Yeah, yeah, touch, touch, touch!
- Yeah, go on!
- Jason!
- Didn't get that.
- Pass, man.
You can't leave us
one man short. It's five-a-side.
Yeah, man.
You're the one that asked to join in.
Yeah, one sec.
- Want to take his place?
- Yeah.
Why did you leave?
Look, I wanted to tell you the truth
about the voicemail.
But I just...
I couldn't face it.
Listen, what you gotta understand
about me and your mum
is that we were so young
when we had you.
Like we were kids, it was a mess.
But you didn't even try.
- Why didn't you try?
- I did try.
I promise I tried,
I'm just not good at it.
Didn't get very far.
No, I know.
I know, I didn't want to.
I don't know, I feel like
you don't need me, you know?
I didn't think I needed you.
Do you then, or...?
Now that I know you,
I can't really not know you.
I don't need you to replace Mum.
But I need someone.
Yeah, deal.
I'm gonna mess up a lot, though.
So will I.
So... does this mean I have to, like,
change your nappies and that?
You did try to steal my tooth.
- Bit strange, don't you think?
- Hm.
Shall we have a cuddle then, or...?
I don't know.
Proper one. You're not hugging me!
Why are you not hugging me properly?
What's that? That's not a...
- You wanna hold hands?
- I'm good, thanks.
Fair enough.
You need to start cleaning up
after yourself.
I'm fed up of cleaning up for ya.
- I am cleaning up after me.
- Like I'm the adult and you're the kid.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
- I've been cleaning up.
- No, you haven't.
- What have I been leaving out?
- You left your onion rings on the table.
You haven't washed up your dishes.
You're taking my old bedsheets.
- Yeah, but I'm washing them after.
- No, you're not washing 'em.
- I'm washing 'em!
- I will wash 'em after!
It doesn't matter, does it?
- The paperwork was a nightmare.
- Always is.
It's a real shame.
She was on a good path.
So rude, the pair of them,
and when they're together, it's worse.
It's the worst!
Now she's just got a dad. It's, like...
- We've all got dads.
- I haven't got a dad.
The black eye got me two weeks
off school. Which was cool.
Georgie brought me a cake
to say sorry and that.
She's turning up.
At least there's that, you know.
She's here, about as much
as you can ask for with a kid like that.
Well done!
Well done, you.
Amazing stuff.
That idiot Jason, he took my bike.
He said he was going to nick it
and it's been two weeks now.
- And he still hasn't given it back.
- Calm down.
And him? Oh, my days!
That hair! What is that hair?
He thinks he's in "8 Mile".
Don't be in a mood with me.
Well, you didn't let me
choose a thing.
You've got really bad taste,
you know.
You can't paint a bloody living room
midnight blue.
Well, he disagreed,
the man in the shop.
The guy handing out the samples
ain't the guy to be listening to,
I've already said
you can paint the bathroom
- cos no one sees that so it don't matter.
- Oh, shut up!
The colour looks good, you know.
- I told you.
- Yeah, it looks decent.
Oh, gotcha.
It's a bit hard work this, eh?
What you looking at?
I just think maybe
I should get a roller on it.
It's quicker the way you're doing it.
I'm gonna be here for ages.
- You disgust me sometimes.
- I disgust you?
- Yeah, with your language.
- What did I say?
- Your fall language.
- What did I...? My 'fall' language?
- Hiya.
- Hello, mate.
What are you still hopping the fence for?
There's a bloody gate there!
Just building my upper body strength,
innit? Get hench or die tryin'!
Yes, boss. Big man.
I like the trackies.
- Very, er...
- Disgusting.
It's like... it's like... very formal.
- My mum made it for me.
- Where you going, to a bloody wedding?
- Mum made you both something.
- It is a bit wedding vibes.
When I was 17,
my mother said to me
"Don't stop imagining
"The day that you do
is the day that you die"
Now I pull a one-ton carriage
instead of the horses grazing the lawn
And I was having fun,
we were all having fun
When I was 17,
my mother said to me
"Don't stop imagining
"The day that you do
is the day that you die"
Now I pull a one-ton carriage
instead of the horses grazing the lawn
And I was having fun,
we were all having fun