Scrawl (2015) Movie Script

- What now? What
game should we play?
- Let's play...
Hide and seek.
Count to 20, then come
and find me.
No peeking.
Don't forget, no peeking.
- I never forget.
- Dad?
- Death is coming.
- What now!?
- Huh?
- What now? What game
should we play?
What now? What
game should we play?
- Let's play...
Hide and seek.
- You hide.
- Count to 20,
then come and find me.
No peeking.
Don't forget, no peeking.
- I never forget.
- The lights in this place suck.
- Yeah, mum's been moaning
about them lights for ages.
- You okay?
- No, my head hurts.
- Let's hope it doesn't
turn into anything.
- Yeah.
Ugh, what does he want?
- Who?
- Simon Goodman,
over there.
- Nope, doesn't register.
- I dunno,
there's something about him.
I think it's in the blood.
His uncle gives me the creeps.
- Hi, Claire. Where's bubs?
- Michael...
She's sleeping.
- Oh, I was hoping to play
We could play peek-a-boo.
- The kids need me there.
- Shame, 'cause I need you too.
I'll leave you to it, then.
- Simon Goodman!
If you see Joe, tell him
he should be here, helping.
- If I see him.
- Tell him to stop wallowing and
do something for the community.
And while you're at it, you
should think about it too.
You should be helping people
less fortunate than yourselves.
- Well I live here too, I
mean could it be any worse?
- Yes, it could.
Look, I'm going to the
supermarket in a minute.
Tell Joe to come there.
Pete should be there
already if he knows
what's good for him.
- Hey, Rosie!
I had a dream.
- That's nice, Simon.
- You're in it.
No, no, nothing like that.
Um, you were fighting monsters.
The Brute.
The Brute's a nasty,
scary piece of work.
I mean you were every
match for him up until--
- Did you wet the bed?
Is that what you're trying to
tell me?
- No, no, no.
Look, here.
Joe drew those, I wrote it.
- Take it Michael's still
hanging around like a bad smell?
- He's okay.
- Okay?
If I were you, I'd pack my
bags and get as far away
from him as possible.
- Are you sure you're not
the girl of my dreams?
- Only if your
dreams tell the truth.
Think fast.
Anyway, I'm sure
I'll see you around.
Say hi to your mum for me
and enjoy your package.
- What!?
This is so cool!
- If it's porn,
I don't want to know.
- Can we not
at least be friends?
You used to like me a lot.
- Past tense, Michael.
- You should move forward Rosie.
- Save that for someone
who gives a shit.
I know you Michael.
- But you do give a shit.
I know you Rosie.
- I had a crush on you, and you
took advantage of me and Claire.
You make me sick.
Stay away.
- I thought you might've changed
your feelings towards me.
You've always preferred the
older man.
- Drop dead.
- Rosie, you act like you're
this angel,
but we both know you aren't.
I'll see you around, just
for that constant reminder.
Oh, say hi to Frank for me.
- Oh, you okay?
- I'm sorry. I'm so clumsy.
Gotta get down to the supermarket
before the big woods party tonight.
Joining us Simon?
See you later.
- What did you say to her?
- Huh?
- Claire. What did you say?
- Nothing, she just...
- Stop writing about us.
I'm heading into town,
you coming?
- No, I feel sick.
I might just have
a little lay down.
I think it's those lights.
- I'll be at the diner
if you change your mind.
- Okay...
- Oh God no...
- Hello?
Is this real?
- This floor is special.
- Who lives here.
- You can, if you wish.
There's plenty of room here.
And there.
That's why the
lights flicker, Jenny.
- When do I move in?
- You already have.
- Death is coming.
Death is coming.
Die, Scouts.
Rot, rot, rot in hell.
- Brilliant.
- Oi.
- Hold on, I'll be
up in a second.
What are you doing?
- Pooh sticks.
- Don't you need
water for that to work?
- What?
- Never mind, I'm surprised
you even know.
Feast your eyes on this.
- Real comic books...
- They're really good, too.
- Oh.
Cheers, thanks.
- Well yeah, I mean the
only thing that's missing
is the subplot where
I take over the world.
- What?
You gave me no more room.
- You managed to get Annie,
Beth, even my mum.
- Your mum's cool.
- So you made her a monster?
- Only character you'd
give me to play with,
and I hate playing with myself.
- You two finished
making out yet?
- Pack it in, Pete.
Just 'cause you can't do this.
- You turned mum
into a killer axe woman.
- Where's your shadow?
- My what?
- Annie?
- Hey, Annie?
You and Annie.
- Yeah, going to the cafe,
then we're gonna go help out
with the Scouts, you?
- No, we aren't.
We got bigger fish to fry.
- Good.
Don't want you two
cramping my style.
You two, welcome to each other.
- Maybe we should help.
- Maybe we shouldn't.
Just go and talk to her.
- I talk to her everyday, man.
- Ah, you're a dope.
- You're a dick!
She's with Pete.
- "You're a dick."
Whatever, Joe.
- Look.
Annie's happy.
I'm not about to change that.
- Change that?
You're the one that wanted to
make her a homicidal maniac.
- Look, I only draw
what you give me.
- Alright, so that
wasn't you saying,
"I want to draw
Beth as a cute girl?"
or "I wanna make Annie a
homicidal maniac?"
And, "I wanna make my mum--"
- And Georgie--
- "Monsters."
Where you going, Joe?
- Going to the cafe to see Beth.
Maybe get a milkshake as well.
- I'm seriously gonna have
to rethink our friendship.
- Vanilla milkshake.
- That's what I'm afraid of!
Blandness rules,
just like this town.
Going nowhere.
- Death is coming.
- Charlie?
- You going to Scouts tonight?
- Yeah, where's your beret?
- I don't wear Scouts hats.
- Oh yeah you do.
We all wear scouts hats!
You have to.
- I'm too cool for that.
- Oh,
too cool for that, yeah?
- Don't wanna mess this hair up.
- Aww.
- Aww.
- It's already a bit...
- Everything okay, Simon?
- Mum!
You gave me a heart attack,
- Enough of
your swearing, Simon.
Why aren't you
sitting with your friends?
- I have no friends.
- Well there's Joe.
- Mum, why do you
always insist on me
hanging around with your cases?
- Joe's a lovely guy.
- Yeah, he draws, I write.
We tolerate.
- 11:30.
- But that's not fair!
- I'm not having
this conversation again.
- Well you said--
- Uph.
Hi Joe.
- Hi Ms. Archer.
Hi Beth.
It's Joe?
I sat behind you in English.
- That's nice for you.
- Well me and Simon, we...
- So?
- Well, you're in it.
So, I kinda thought maybe you
wanted to take a look.
- Who's this?
- Some loser.
- Dad.
Might wanna take a
read of this at some point.
Help start conversations.
- So, feeling any better?
- Has anyone ever told you
that you are really hot?
- Jenny!
- Well he is.
Too hot for you.
- Mum, I'm writing!
- No you're not. You're avoiding
making friends with people.
- Well that's my choice!
- Good choice, Simon.
You'll go far with
that attitude.
- Well I like being alone,
With my thoughts.
My notebook.
It beats that lot any day.
- The Scouts are at the
Why don't you go and--
- I'd rather die.
- I thought you wanted to join?
- Till I found out this town
wore berets.
- Simon, go and
do something useful.
You know this
town has had it hard.
Some people more than others.
And remember,
home early tonight.
- Home?
We don't have a home, mum.
We live in a shitty B&B.
I don't even have my own
room, it's embarrassing.
- Alright, for that you can help
me in the woods tonight.
- What?
- I'm helping, and your
attitude can help too.
- Uncle Mike was
asking for you earlier.
- Michael?
What does he want?
- I don't know,
he's your family too.
- Don't remind me.
Uncle Mike is not
your father Simon,
he can't hurt you.
He's a...
He's a good guy.
- Since when do you
change your tune?
- Sorry?
- A good guy?
Two words: Richard Goodman.
- What's got into you, Jenny?
Come on.
Move Simon.
- What is it with you
and that camera?
- What, so you can write more
into those pages about me?
Joe's sweet, too sweet
to be taken advantage of.
- You think--
- Aren't you?
- Joe needs all the
friends he can get,
and he doesn't need a tease.
- Yeah Pete, that's hilarious.
- Thought so.
- Hannah?
- You okay Joe?
- Oh, you know...
- Anything I can help you with?
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I think so.
Just, just hang on a minute.
- Finish it, before I do.
- But I've already got one.
- Simon, wait up!
- You've got some
good stuff, Dad.
Mind if I borrow?
- Si!
- Don't need this one anymore.
- Alright.
- This comic book's just
the start, you know.
- Is it?
It is?
- This town needs a...
Needs a scare.
Needs a bit of fame, a bit
of notoriety, you know?
Think we're gonna
be the guys to do it.
- I guess.
- Don't guess. Know!
Look, if you want girls
to notice you, they will.
And if you...
If you seriously want to be taken
out the shadow of your dad, you will.
- What? From a comic book?
- Absolutely.
- So, uh...
You writing more?
- I am writing more.
- Count to 20,
then come and find me.
No peeking.
Don't forget, no peeking.
- I never forget.
- Annie. Peace?
- Simon. Die?
- What's this all about Annie?
- You don't know me, yet
you write me like you do.
- It wasn't just me,
I mean Joe's--
- Don't blame Joe, he's
just following your lead.
You're out for
one person: yourself.
- Well now who's making
- Maybe I just woke up this morning
with a little bit of clarity.
- Oh yeah?
Well about you
Ms. High and Mighty?
You must know how Joe feels.
This is fiction.
Joe's real.
- Ugh, what do you want?
You and Joe Harper take
weirdness to a whole new level.
- Annie?
- Not now Claire.
- Not now what?
- All I was gonna say is...
Oh, it doesn't matter.
- What?
- Why are you messing
around with others
when you clearly love Joe?
- Why are you messing around
with a douchebag like Michael?
- He's the father of my baby.
- Yeah, well mistakes
can be rectified.
- Annie!?
- Lost someone?
It's always horrible, but
more so when you know them.
You look like you need it.
On the house.
Or rather, on me.
My daughter's your age.
I'll let you drink your coffee.
Look at me, burdening
you with all my sadness.
It's just you remind me of her,
before she got in
with that crowd.
- She's louder.
- That she is.
You know her?
- A little.
Everyone knows
everyone a little.
- It's been so long since
someone's spoken to me about her.
She seems boy crazy these days.
On and off with Jason.
I swear, those two are a
disaster waiting to happen.
I hope she'll meet someone new.
I love her.
And I think she knows, but...
I don't say it enough.
- I find love in my photographs.
A daughter should always
remember her mother's smile.
And when she can't...
You know it's time to let go.
- Thank you...
For making me smile.
- Everything okay?
- Um...
Do you remember mum?
How she died?
- She was sick.
It was a long time ago.
I was young, it was
all very sudden.
Is everything okay, Annie?
You seem distracted.
- I, I just wanted to say that
I'm sorry, and I'll
be at the woods later.
Want to be a better
auntie and all that.
- I thought you didn't want
to be seen dead with me.
You're family, of course I wouldn't
want to be seen dead with you.
- Count to 20,
then come and find me.
- One...
- Leave my family alone.
Leave this town alone.
- Mum wasn't kidding when she said
there were gonna be Scouts here.
I'm starting to feel
a bit queasy.
Yeah, keep your head down and we
might actually make this out alive.
- Simon, Joe?
- Mum!
What you doing, you okay?
- Yeah, yeah I'm fine.
Come on, Joe.
Joining in?
Come on.
- Brilliant.
- Georgie, um...
Frank went that way.
- Frank...
- Oh God...
- Where did you
sleep last night?
- In the car.
- Might be an idea not to
drink in front of the kids.
- What difference it
gonna make, Georgie?
- You make it really
difficult to like you.
Look Frank, I don't
know how much longer
I can go on with this.
- I thought we called it
a day a long time ago.
- I saw a man
worth knowing once.
This town was right about you.
- Well you push
everyone away, Georgie.
- I don't have time
for this right now.
- Dad!
- They'll always been
a need for us Scouts.
Even if it is for clearing
up the mess we make.
Joe, you've been here like what?
One minute?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- We can all be a
bit clumsy sometimes,
just you more than most.
You can still make a difference
this weekend, though.
We can do with someone
with your "stature."
- I don't much like for woods.
- The woods love
you though, Joe.
And if you don't come, other
people won't want to come.
People always look
to the tall guy.
Don't they Beth?
- Absolutely.
- We'll see you down there.
- Step up to the plate Joe.
You might win me.
- That was really funny.
Just like the comic book...
- Don't you ever stop?
The only thing I've seen you do the past
couple of days is write, write, write.
Thought you were
possessed of something.
- Maybe--
- Come to me.
- I can rewrite The Brute.
Make him good.
- Come to the water.
- Or you could write a hot girl,
on the beach, giving me the eye.
- I'm serious, Pete.
If my writing's coming to life,
that'll be the last thing I write.
'Cause it looks like I've
died and gone to heaven.
- I don't think that's
a good idea, Pete.
- What's the worst
that can happen?
She turns me down?
- Hey Si
- Shh...
Shit, run!
- Die...
- Mum, I need to talk to you.
- Not now, Simon.
- But mum, this is important.
- Simon, no!
- Georgie, I've got
something to tell you.
It's about Pete.
- I don't want to hear it Joe.
You two are always
at each other.
I'm sick of it.
The sooner you and your dad...
- But Pete's just--
- Look, the Scout party
starts in one hour,
and I expect to
see you there, Joe.
It's your duty.
- Simon, listen.
Look, I know Michael isn't
one of your favorites,
but there's no need to be rude.
- I'm not, I wasn't.
I just...
I just needed...
Look, we've just seen Pete.
- What?
- We saw him die.
- Simon, Joe, what are you
talking about?
- Charlie killed him.
- You're not making sense,
who's Charlie?
- It's Charlie,
from our comic book.
- It's coming true.
- Not funny Simon.
- Mum, it's the truth!
I'm not making this up.
- Oh, that's enough!
I'm not having it anymore.
I'm gonna go home, and get changed,
and we're gonna help in the woods
and you can stop making
stories and come with me.
- No one's gonna believe us.
- Well we're gonna need
to make 'em believe us.
- And how are we
supposed to do that?
- Well you're the writer,
you need to stop this
before anything else happens.
Well, change something.
Alright well, you coming?
- In a moment.
- Well I'll be
at the diner, okay?
- What are you
doing here Hannah?
- Checking up on my investment.
Are you embarrassed to
be seen with me Simon?
Didn't I get you
what you wanted?
- Not here.
- Am I your sordid
little secret already Simon?
Didn't you like your gift?
- I'm a little bit
preoccupied right now.
One of my comic book
creations killed Pete
and no one believes me.
- That sounds really dumb Simon.
I wouldn't go
spreading that about.
- Who are you, Hannah?
- A friend, and you seem
like you need all the friends
you can get at the moment.
Stick with me and this
is only the beginning.
With your words and
my personal touch,
we can be unstoppable.
In return, all I want
is what you promised me.
- Death is coming.
- Oi!
- Mr. Harper.
- It's time you and I had a
little chat, don't you Simon?
- No, I'm quite busy actually.
I'm heading over Joe's later.
We're gonna discuss some
new ideas for a comic.
- You stay away from Joe,
otherwise there won't be a later.
You and him are
a bad idea together.
You're a match made in hell.
- Don't mean to rude Mr. Harper,
but I've had enough drunks
like you in my time.
- I have my reasons.
- Every drunk says that.
- What did she promise you?
- Who?
- Her! The brunette.
You know exactly
who and what I mean.
- Seriously, back off!
- Hannah is dangerous.
You must have
nothing to do with her,
because if you do, she'll
creep into your veins
like a disease and destroy
everything around you.
I know.
- And what do you know!?
- I know her.
I made a comic too,
and I made a promise.
You see those?
Your father wrote those, and I
drew the pictures.
Pretty good, huh?
Like father and son.
Only things started
to go wrong...
Richard went wrong.
He wrote things in
a book and things...
Bad things started to happen.
It was Hannah.
She'll promise you the earth
and then she'll destroy you
while you stand around and look
just as she did your father!
- My dad was a drunk.
- Listen, only to forget!
- Get off me!
- Simon, if you have that
book you best give it to me!
- Everything I write
is coming to life.
- It's begun.
It's Hannah, she'll do that.
Oh God.
- Pete is dead...
Me and Joe saw it and
no one believes us.
- Listen, you're gonna help this
old man stop this before others die.
Are you with me?
Okay, we need to get Joe.
Where is he?
- In the diner.
- Right, we need to get him now!
- Beth.
- Mum.
- How's the Helping the
Community drive going?
- Slow.
- Helping people
isn't a quick fix.
- I'm thinking of helping
- Helping someone,
or using someone?
- I'm hurt you would
think such a thing.
But you know me too well.
- Beth...
- Hey Joe.
- So do you really
think we can stop 'em?
- I don't know, kid.
- Well fill me with
confidence, Frank.
- Well let's put it this way:
if your mother doesn't turn
into a monster, and
Georgie an axe wielding,
homicidal maniac, we'll be fine.
- Well what if they do turn?
- "Rosie seems pretty hot now
she's moved beyond pimples.
"Shame Rosie won't make it."
- Rosie...
- It's happening again.
- I know, Hannah's back.
- How!?
I thought Richard
was the end of it all.
- The kids, Simon and Joe.
Somehow things aren't at an end.
- "The Brute is coming?"
- This is just like last time.
- Look, there's still a chance.
We just have to get to them
before they get to the boys.
- Georgie?
- No, lost that battle ages ago.
- You've got to get her back.
- It's not gonna happen Rosie!
- "Don't worry about her,
she'll find mum, talk to her
"about impending monstrous
I'm not going to grumble about lack
of credit for my character ideas.
Charlie in particular,
nice characterizations.
I couldn't have
done better myself.
Blood on your hands?
See, I would be a great writer.
- Then there's no chance.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We still have a chance.
- If you tell anyone
about me, about us,
I might be forced to
renegotiate our arrangement.
- Frank, Rosie--
- We just have to get Hannah.
- ... they already know.
- So they die?
- No.
- Your mum then?
Michael seems
pretty keen on her.
Maybe we can
write them a romance.
After all, the Brute is a
thinly veiled father figure.
It's all in the book, it can
be rewritten, but not erased.
So choices, choices.
Finish the book, fill
it with your imagination
and our arrangement is complete.
You can go the rest of
the time knowing you made
a girl and her family very
Don't, and I'll have to
step in and complete it.
- You said they'd go
to a better place.
Claire, Annie, the baby.
You said they'd all go to a
better place, away from here.
Away from Michael.
- Aww, sweetie.
Such sentiment, and
everyone hates you still.
Don't worry, finish the
book and I assure you
they'll go to a better place.
But for now, I hope you're enjoying
your comic book wishes coming true.
Just wait till you
get to page 21.
- What do you mean?
Oh shit...
- Rosie...
- Just stay away from me!
- You can't do this alone.
- Well how do I stop all this?
There is no stopping it,
is there!?
My mum's in danger!
- There's only one
way to stop this...
And that's to become part of it.
If anything should happen to me,
just promise me one thing.
- Why?
- I need the promise.
- I guess.
- Promise me Hannah doesn't win.
- Please...
Please help.
So cold.
- Dad, are you okay?
Dad! Dad?
Dad, stop!
What are you--
- It's been a while, Frank.
Isn't it about time you
hand me what you promised?
- I won't let you.
This town won't let you.
- That's not a very nice way
to say hi to an old friend,
an old lover...
- You and I were never lovers.
- You loved everything I gave
you, but you tried to cheat me.
These rooms should've
housed you, your family.
- Leave my family alone.
Leave this town alone.
- You don't cheat me
and get away with it.
I'm getting there
earlier this time.
I see a baby, innocence.
- Stay away from her,
you monster!
- I'm not the only monster
around here Frank.
You've neglected those close to you,
and they've grown bitter and twisted.
They're like wild animals
waiting for a word.
This word:
If you go down
to the woods today
You better go in disguise
For I'll be waiting, the
Brute will be waiting.
We want you all to suffer,
especially your kids.
- I'm so sorry Claire.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
- Can someone tell me,
please, what's going on?
- Can you handle it
without the drink Dad?
- Hello?
What the hell is going on?
- Hell is going on....
And hell wants your baby.
- Mum!
- What's happening?
- Me?
- What?
- And this.
- Where did you get that?
- It was there.
I thought it would help with
my writing, but I was wrong.
Mum, help me!
- I can't.
- Mum!
- Rot, rot, rot in hell.
Death is coming.
- This isn't the Beth I drew.
- Excuse me?
- Oh, never mind, never mind...
- Shh...
- Someone's going for it.
- I've faked better.
- Joe?
- Aww Joe, sweetie,
we need to party.
Annie, is it?
- Annie...
- Joe, I'm beginning
to like you more.
Joe, come back here!
Don't expect me to wait for you!
- I hate this town!
- Annie...
- I thought you were different.
But you're just as bad
as the rest of them
and I'm a fool
for thinking otherwise.
- Annie, come on.
- I see you everyday, Joe.
Every day I try to tell you.
- Tell me what?
- That you deserve so much
better than me.
- What?
- This looks like the perfect
spot for a retreat this weekend.
Let's just check it
meets the standards.
What about Claire?
- Claire who?
- I hope she can see this.
- Why?
- It would've killed her.
- I'm so glad I met you.
Your family's given me so
much joy over the years.
I feel special to have
been part of your lives.
Now if you could just
move a little bit more...
And I think we're there.
This is funny, right?
- This is so funny.
- Run, Simon.
- You're no Richard, but
you'll do for the Brute.
- Who are you?
- Death, and I need
some company.
- Go, destroy, everyone.
Don't be late to the
party now Frank.
- Run!
- Let go, I need to stop this.
- You are this, Annie.
She wants Claire and the baby.
Look, I thought we'd be safe.
I thought they'd be a way for
us Goodman's, but I've failed.
- Not yet.
- Come on, scream or something.
- Rosie!?
Rosie, there's a monster!
- Finally, no time.
Take this.
- What?
- No time, gotta go.
Look after the baby!
- Rosie!
- Rosie--
- Baby's fine.
- Okay, come on.
- Maybe we're too late.
- Maybe.
- Maybe not for everyone.
You might have been trying to
protect us all these years Frank,
but I'm a big girl now and I want
to hit some people really hard.
The stench is this way.
The last thing it's doing is
having my baby.
- Where's my end of the bargain,
Simon, do you like
what you've done?
- No.
- But you've made
so many people happy
by wanting everyone dead.
- Who have I made happy?
- Now that would be telling.
So, where's Annie?
Where's Claire?
Where's my lovely baby?
- If I tell you,
will you let me live?
- Of course.
- What about mum?
- Your mum's going
through some changes.
She'll have to work
those out herself.
In the meantime,
you can live with me,
carry on your dad's good work
in that little black book,
which I'll take now.
For safe keeping.
- Die, bitch!
- You can't kill something dead
unless already dead yourself.
Want to even the score?
You're the one that
can't let go of the past.
I can't wait to strip
everything from you.
- Shh...
Or he'll hear you...
- Sorry.
Alright, you alright?
Oh, thanks.
Nope, nope.
Not doing this.
- Joe!
- Come on, move, now!
- Run!
- You go that way Rosie.
I'm gonna stay here.
- No, I don't want to,
I want to go--
- Go!
- Hey Joe.
- Hi Rosie.
- Run!
Move you beret wearing idiot!
- Claire, no!
- Say peek-a-boo one
more time, I dare you.
- Rosie!
Get outta there!
- Only the beginning, Frank.
- Thank God.
- Death is coming.
- Nooooo!
- Wait, or she'll hear...
- It won't work with her.
- What now?
What now? What game
should we play?
- Let's play...
- Hide and seek.
- I'm gonna shoot you Simon.
Bang, bang, bang, bang.
Yay, I got him!
- You don't know me,
yet you write me like you do.
Stop writing about us, stop.
- What now?
- Kill me.
- What?
- Kill me!
- I...
I can't...
- Do it Annie!
- What now? What game
should we play?
- End this!
- Let's play...
- I'm
gonna shoot you Simon!
- Kill me!
- Get away!
Get away!
- Kill them all!
- No!
- No!
- You don't cheat
me and get away with it.
I'm getting there
earlier this time.
- Let go,
I need to stop this.
- You are this, Annie.
- I see a baby,
It's all in the book, it can
be rewritten, but not erased.
So choices, choices...
You've neglected those close to you
and they've grown bitter and twisted.
They're like wild animals
waiting for a word.
This word:
If you go down
to the woods today
You better go in disguise
For I'll be waiting, the
Brute will be waiting.
We want you all to suffer,
especially your kids.
- Count to 20,
then come and find me.
No peeking.
Don't forget, no peeking.
- I never forget.
- Joe!?
Something bit me, it hurts...
I need a coat.
Your coat...
Damn it Joe, where are you!?
Joe, Joe, Joe.
I would never have
drawn it like that.
- Eve?