Scream Blacula Scream (1973) Movie Script

You're telling me that
she didn't name a successor?
Then it's mine.
I'm her son.
The loa goes to me.
I'm sorry, Willis,
but that's not so.
She had to name someone,
and she didn't,
so now it goes to a vote.
The leadership goes to me!
Can't this kind of talk
wait for another day?
It belongs to me, you hear?
It's mine!
I'm the new papa-loa!
We told you that couldn't be.
Not unless we vote you in.
Well, let me
tell you something, bitch.
I am the rightful heir,
and there ain't no way
that you gonna keep it from me!
You in trouble, Lisa.
You're all in trouble,
and you gonna know it!
Don't nobody turn they back
on Big Willis!
Especially you.
If my mama hadn't
taken you off the street,
you'd still be peddling,
you jive-ass bitch!
One time.
If I ever catch you
even thinking about Lisa
or anybody else
here in this room,
your ass is mine.
Dig it?
Right, brother.
You good people take care,
you hear?
Be seeing you.
And when we vote,
we're voting for Lisa.
They were afraid...
I, as voodoo priest,
had too much power!
I too sought revenge.
I swore one day...
they would pay
for having me dethroned!
What is it?
Bones that's powerful enough
to revenge all past indignities!
You must be careful...
for this is power...
beyond all common man!
I ain't afraid of no power!
This is all you need to know.
Take it!
Hey, Blood.
Hey, what's this, man?
What's going on, man?
I can't see myself!
You got something
to do with this, man?
I'm afraid that's one of
the misfortunes of the cursed.
Oh, man, you jivin'!
Hey, look here, man,
you mean to tell me I ain't never
gonna see my face again?
Look, man, I don't mind
being a vampire and all that shit,
but this really ain't hip.
I mean, a man
has got to see his face!
I don't even know
if I want to go now.
Can't even see myself!
How do I look, man?
You were going somewhere?
Yeah. Justin's having a big party.
He's showing off
his African collection.
Yeah. Dude's brought back
all kind of stuff--
sculpting, jewelry.
Come on, man, tell me the truth.
It's important. How do I look?
You've decided to go?
Well, you know, I might as well.
Anyway, my old lady's
gonna be there,
and she gonna get
dead in my case if I ain't there,
so, look, you have a nice evening,
and I'll see you later.
You'll go nowhere!
Now listen to me carefully.
You are never to leave this house
without my permission.
Your only justification for crawling
on this earth is to serve me.
Understand me well.
If you ever dare to disobey...
I will slice into your chest
and pull
your worthless life out.
You shall pay, Black Prince.
I shall place a curse
of suffering on you
that will doom you
to a living hell.
A hunger...
a wild, gnawing,
animal hunger will grow in you,
a hunger for human blood.
I curse you with my name!
You shall be...
a vampire, like myself.
The place looks deserted.
The owner's on vacation.
Leave it to Willis
to get himseIf a soft job.
Hey, Willis!
Willis, it's us,
Elaine and Louis.
Hey, Willis!
Hey, man, we're gonna be
late for the party!
Maybe he's already gone.
No, he knew we were
coming to pick him up.
This place gives me the creeps.
Look around down here.
I'm going upstairs.
Hey, Willis.
Hey, man, you there?
Hey, Denny!
I've been looking all over for you.
What's with that long face?
Willis should have
been here an hour ago.
Judging from what I heard happened
between him and Justin this morning,
ain't nobody named Willis
showing up at this party.
This is it.
It's beautiful.
The Niger Dynasty produced
so many fine artifacts.
I beg your pardon, sir?
The necklace
is of the Eboni Dynasty.
We appreciate your concern, sir,
but I believe you're mistaken.
It was fashioned in 1 755.
This necklace was worn
by Princess Luva.
Do you have
the matching necklace?
No. I didn't know there was one.
Oh, yes.
The other was made
for her husband,
a prince of the Eboni tribe.
A thousand pardons.
I didn't mean to intrude,
but I was out walking,
and the happy sounds
attracted me.
Not at all.
I think it's terrific.
Are you sure about
those dates and things?
That's great.
I'm happy to have you here.
I'm Justin Carter.
I'm called Mamuwalde.
- Miss Lisa Fortier.
- Mademoiselle Fortier.
Professor Walston,
African Studies, Robson University.
It's my pleasure.
What part of Africa are you from?
The Segu River region,
just north of the Niger Delta.
I really must compliment you
on your collection. It's just splendid.
Thanks. It's a good one.
Justin has donated the collection
to the university museum.
I'm very happy.
Well, the party's sort of
an official good-bye.
I see.
Tell me, have you any more pieces
from the Segu River region?
Yeah, there are,
as a matter of fact.
Would you like to take a look
at some of them?
I'd be most pleased to.
Thank you.
Why don't you show
Mamuwalde around?
With such a lovely guide,
I'm afraid I'd lose
my concentration on the artwork.
How about that?
I do believe he knows
what he's talking about.
Interesting dude.
An historian...
or a dealer
in African antiquities?
Merely a devoted amateur.
All things African interest me.
- What do you do?
- Actually, I'm retired.
Pretty young to be retired.
Very kind, but I'm afraid I'm
considerably older than I appear.
Why do you stare?
I feel we've met before.
No. If we had,
I would not have forgotten.
Justin's asking for you.
I think he needs some help.
- Thanks, Denny.
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
- But of course.
- How you doin'?
- I'm doing fine.
It's kind of
strange-looking, isn't it?
It is rather unusual.
- Perhaps you can help me.
- Sure. What is it?
What exactly is this doll?
It looks familiar,
but I can't quite...
You know it's a voodoo doll.
Well, I think this one
has to do with evil spirits.
I'm not sure, though.
You should ask Lisa.
She might know.
Might know?
You've got to be kidding.
When it comes to voodoo,
Lisa has more natural power
than anyone in the last 10 years.
So the mama-loa
virtually adopted you.
At 1 7, you don't get adopted.
Anyway, I'd hate to think
of where I might be
if she hadn't taken
an interest in me.
Now you're being
much too modest.
I've been informed that
you have exceptional powers
in the exceedingly
complex science of voodoo.
Science? I never
thought of it that way.
To us, voodoo
is simply a religion
based on faith.
A powerful, powerful faith.
Is it true, then,
that under proper circumstances
you can control the inner being
and change its destiny?
You're staring again.
I'm sorry.
Is something wrong?
I don't know.
- Oh, my goodness.
- It's my fault.
- It's my stupid fault.
- Let's put something on that.
How bad is it?
- Bad enough!
- It'll be all right.
Maggie, there's a first aid kit
in the upstairs bathroom.
I'll join you in a minute.
- Would you excuse me.
- I must be leaving myself.
Must you?
It'll only take a minute.
Yes, I must go. I thank you
very much for a lovely evening.
Will we be seeing you again?
Oh, yes, indeed you will.
And a good night to you.
Mr. Carter.
Mamuwalde. Justin, please.
Thank you. I'm afraid the wine
has made me somewhat weary.
- I do hope you've enjoyed yourself.
- Very much, thank you.
Mamuwalde, I've acquired
some ancient African jewelry,
and I was wondering if
you could come by sometime
and help me figure
where it came from.
- I'd be delighted.
- How about tomorrow afternoon?
Evening would prove
better for me.
I'm rather a night person.
I have an awful habit of
sleeping away the daylight hours.
Well, it's done.
Thank you for coming.
Good night.
How's Gloria?
She's fine.
It's just a small cut.
Maggie's with her.
You just follow me, Carol.
You really don't
waste no time, do you?
Well, a man's got to let you
know where he's coming from.
But dig: We'll go to my place,
smoke a little taste,
and get down.
I'll just love you a while.
- You sure you're all right?
- Sure, I'm fine.
How's the hand?
Don't worry about it.
Well, okay.
If you're sure you're all right,
I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
- Okay.
- All right. Good night.
Brother, I still think
you miss the Force.
Professor, let me
tell you something--
my publishing firm
in one month makes more
than the entire police department
makes in one year.
Do you still think
I dig the Force?
- Step back.
- God! What happened?
Give her some air, will ya?
Good evening.
Want some company?
I beg your pardon?
I said, Do you want some company?
Forget it.
Say, what is it we got here?
Don't you dig our merchandise?
What's the matter, man,
don't you dig girls,
or is that the reason
for the cape?
Sure is a sweet-looking thing.
Hey, man,
with threads like that,
it figures you've got to
be loaded, right?
So, why don't you
pass some this way, brother?
Hey, faggot!
We're talking to you.
What is it you want?
''What is it you want?'' Shit!
Your bread, man! All of it!
Or we're gonna have to
become antisocial
and kick your ass, you dig?
I'm sorry, I don't have
any ''bread'' with me.
And as for ''kicking my ass,''
I strongly recommend that you give it
careful consideration before trying.
You jive mutha!
Either you give it up, or we're
gonna take it out on your black ass!
You've made a slave
of your sister.
You're still slaves,
imitating your slave masters!
Hey, sucka!
I've always considered myself
a reasonable man.
My thinking may be prejudiced
due to race, creed, and color,
but, then again,
none of us are perfect.
I'm gonna give you the benefit
of my friendship with Justin here.
Harlan, what the hell
are you talking about?
How can you even consider
Lisa as a possible suspect?
'Cause this girI's murder tonight
is not a normal murder.
If you ask me, the voodoo freaks
had something to do with it.
Harley, man, we are tired.
Lisa, I know you people
never talk of your voodoo,
so I won't bother
asking questions pertaining to it,
but there are
certain characteristics
generic to your religion
that even the layperson knows.
Allow me to mention
two of the most obvious.
Now, one is snakes.
Even the uninitiated knows
that snakes to voodooists
are like cows to Hindus.
Two--and this one's disgusting...
Two, you guys drink blood.
Now, this girI's body
had two snake-like
puncture marks on its throat,
and said body was
completely drained of blood.
Completely drained of blood!
If that doesn't add up to voodoo,
I don't know what does.
Justin, do I have to sit here
and listen to this crap?
Hey, just take it easy now.
Pull yourseIf together now.
Now, Harley, I admit those were
strange-looking marks, man,
and I know you're
down on her thing,
but you don't have to get
sloppy about it.
What's this between
you and Willis?
I hear he's out to get you.
I have nothing against Willis.
Man, why don't you bring him
in here and ask him?
I will.
If you need any help,
give me a call.
You think I'm gonna need it?
The worst detective I ever had,
and he wants to help.
I'm amazed I didn't throw him
off the Force long before he quit.
For you.
Can you believe it?
Same thing--
no blood, and the same
stupid-looking marks.
Hey, Justin...
I need your help.
Okay, come on, people,
move it out.
Let's go, let's go.
Keep moving.
How'd you find me?
Ex-detective, remember?
What's wrong?
Those killings last night--
the cause of death
was identical to Gloria's.
What's going on?
Lisa, I've got to find out
as much as I can about the cult.
Now the Lieutenant is looking
to bring you in as a suspect.
I want to prevent that.
The Lieutenant is crazy.
He's out to get me.
Thank you.
Look, honey, I told him
that I would talk with you.
I've got to find out
as much as I can
about your membership
in the cult.
Are there any vendettas,
grudges, anything like that?
As far as I know,
no one had it in for Gloria,
or for anyone, for that matter.
The only grudge,
if you want to call it that,
is the one Willis
might have for me.
But I don't see how killing Gloria
and those two guys
would give him any satisfaction.
Unless he wants to
break up the cult.
You know something?
If anything ever happened to you,
I'd just blow the whole thing.
What's happening tonight?
I've been asked to sit
with Gloria's body.
Willis, if your black ass is here,
you'd better not let me see it
'cause I'll bust it in two!
Hey, Mama.
''Mama''? I'll ''mama'' you,
you son of a bitch.
Why are you scaring me like this?
Keeping me waitin'.
You did it on purpose.
Slow down.
Where have you been
the past few days?
Why are you hiding from me?
Willis ain't hidin', baby.
He's been workin' overtime.
Hey, come on, baby.
Just relax.
Come on, let me get
a good feel of those bones.
I missed you.
These bones are tense, baby.
Oh, yeah?
Come on.
Willis is gonna do something
to work all that out for you, okay?
What you doin'?
Hey, baby, these bones are tight.
Well, what you gonna do
about that?
Big Willis is gonna have to
do something
to relax your entire body.
You think you know
just how to get to me, don't you?
I can feel the blood just humming
through this fine body.
That feels good.
I missed you, Willis.
Hey, take it easy.
Willis, you're hurting me.
Where did you get them teeth?
Take that crap out yo' mouth!
Willis, stop it now.
Stop it now, Willis.
Stop it, I mean it!
Stop it!
Come here.
Don't be afraid.
That's it.
Come on.
Hello, Lisa.
I won't hurt you.
You're my friend.
Come here.
Don't be frightened.
Come on.
Come on.
- No!
- Lisa.
You're safe.
Don't fear me.
Stay away.
Who are you?
what happened to Gloria?
You would never understand.
I'm moved by powers no human
is capable of comprehending.
The things I do,
the acts I commit,
are beyond my control.
But where did you come from?
The fire that gave me life.
Then you--
I knew I'd seen you!
The other night,
rising through flames!
Through voodoo,
you possess a great power.
Great power!
I must ask your help.
I need your help!
I must see you again.
But Gloria--
what happened to Gloria?
Please! You must
let me see you again!
I'll make everything
clear to you then.
I have gathered you all here
to issue a warning.
You all know Lisa Fortier.
She is under my protection.
Not one of you shall harm her.
This is a commandment!
And if one of you disobeys...
you will never imagine
the pain I offer.
everlasting agony.
Now leave me.
You are foul.
Your faces sicken even me.
Good night.
I gotta tell you, babe...
you sure know how to live.
Hey, you know,
the way I look at it,
if that jive mutha
leaves Big Willis alone...
Willis gonna
leave him alone, baby.
Now you talkin', honey.
You just ignore his ass.
But you know one thing, though?
What's that?
That skinny-ass Lisa...
that bitch is gonna fall
under my wrath!
Not directly, mind you...
but surreptitiously, you dig?
Yeah, I believe it. And you
wanna know something else?
What's that, baby?
She deserves
whatever you give her.
And she's gonna get it all!
I never did like that bitch.
OI' bad-ass Blacula comes
telling us to lay off of her.
But no matter what,
I'm gonna get back at that bitch!
She did too big a number on me
to let her get off that easy.
Well, what you
gonna do to her, sugar?
I'm waitin'.
I'm waitin' on the inspiration...
but it's got to be
You dare...?
Oh, shit, what'd I do?
What's happening, man?
You were warned.
Warned about what?
That nothing
should ever happen to Lisa.
Who's gonna harm Lisa?
I love that bitch!
What right you got,
coming in here botherin' us?
Hey, baby, cool it.
I heard about you.
You just stay
on your side of the house.
Hey, Denny!
Well, you just gonna let him
bully you around?
Hey, man.
Don't mind her.
She means well.
What are you lookin' at?
Hey, Denny.
Now, look, I'm not taking
any more of this shit, Willis.
I mean, whose house is this,
yours or his?
Listen, you, if you--
Now, you be thankful
that I've chosen
not to rip out
your worthless heart.
Very shortly...
I shall bring Lisa Fortier here.
I shall designate a quiet room
which you are to arrange
according to her instructions.
Once we enter that room,
there are to be no interruptions.
If you allow any violation
of that commandment...
What is it?
Damnedest thing
I've ever seen. Bat pelage.
What the hell is bat pelage?
Hairs from the skin of a bat.
Bat? What kind of a bat?
I don't know.
Actually, we've never
seen one like this before.
It could be a new species.
Let's see.
This is it, this whole shelf.
Black arts, occult.
That should keep you busy a while.
Are you out of your mind?
Probably, but I'd still
like to look into it.
You think you can prove
there's a vampire?
I see. Just a minute.
- Hey, Charlie!
- Yeah?
You know who killed
that girl and those two punks?
- No, who?
- A vampire!
Charlie's our expert on everything.
Harley, are you through
having your fun?
I didn't say I can prove it,
but let's give the theory a shot.
Bat hairs, bodies drained of blood,
one even disappeared.
Now, you can't
ignore the possibility.
Look, have you
talked to Willis yet?
Lieutenant? Excuse me.
Hi, Justin.
- There's something strange here.
- What?
These are the pictures we took
of the dead bodies,
and there's no sign of them.
It's as if they were never there.
What the hell does this mean?
Here, let me see that.
Maybe the film is faulty.
lmpossible. Everything else
came out in those pictures.
Okay, Milt.
Hey, Harley,
this backs me up!
Everybody knows that vampires
can't be photographed.
Every 10-year-old knows that!
Boy, you're making me nervous.
Sergeant Williams!
You want me to do something?
Harley, I want you to get
permission for me
to look at one of those bodies,
and I want you to come with me.
Yes, Lieutenant?
Get someone over
to the Anderson place
and bring Willis Daniels in.
Right, sir.
You really mean it, don't you?
Will you do it?
I'm really getting to dislike you.
Would you care for some wine?
Not a thing, thank you.
I see you're
interested in folklore.
Yeah, I've been on
sort of a kick lately.
Been reading all sorts
of junk like this.
Well, you've got to admit
this stuff is pretty far out.
You believe in any of it?
Occult rituals?
Let me say that, um,
I believe there are
many things that exist
that man does not know about.
Man needs ritual,
some form of worship
to combat the very real
existence of death.
I look upon that
as one of man's basic needs.
Well, I go along with that.
But I've got to tell you,
I'm a born cynic.
I finished this one book,
and it had...
You ever hear of Count Dracula?
Yes, of course.
A vampire, right?
Well, this book tried to
make me believe
that he really existed.
And not only that,
it tried to convince me
that vampires are real.
That's fascinating.
I guess we'd both best be careful
that one doesn't jump out
at us some dark night.
It says to kill one,
a wooden stake
must be driven through its heart.
I wonder if that's true.
I wonder.
I've always loved
the deep red color of a fine wine.
It is beautiful, isn't it?
Yes, much like
the deep red color of blood.
I think I will have
a little glass after all.
You know...
you never told me
where you were staying.
You know, you've never asked.
Where are you staying?
Do you really care to know?
Why not?
Justin, rather than give you
information of no consequence,
allow me to offer you
some rather profound advice.
Forget your theories.
Return these books to their shelves,
because if there's one thing
you should have discovered
in your studies,
it is that the intelligence of man
is pathetically inadequate
when pitted against
the forces of the unknown.
A man comes face to face
with a vampire...
he would most surely
be at its mercy.
I believe a vampire...
is responsible for
the recent killings in this town.
Then you believe in vampires.
That gives you something
of an edge over the rest.
I'm going to find him...
and I'm going to do
whatever's necessary...
to kill him.
Justin, I hope
you have good luck...
and find nothing,
because if you're right,
and these unfortunate deaths
are indeed the work of a vampire...
who knows who will be
its next helpless victim?
Now I must go.
Do have a good night.
I'm frightened.
For the first time in my life,
I'm frightened.
All my life, I've feared nothing,
and now you tell me
what you are,
and I accept it.
Completely, without question.
- I'm afraid.
- You mustn't be.
No harm can come to you.
I have no choice.
My only alternative
is to destroy myself.
Lisa, I know that voodoo,
in the proper hands,
can unlock many mysteries.
Yours is a power unlike mine.
It can be used for good
as well as evil.
Now, if I were back home
with my people,
they would understand me
and forgive me.
Therefore I ask that you
help me return to my homeland
by exorcising this demonic creature
that inhabits my body.
You must try.
There's no other way.
You're my only hope.
I'll try.
- Who is it?
- The police.
We'd like to have a word
with Lisa Fortier.
- Lisa Fortier?
- Yes.
- May we come in?
- No. What do you want?
The Lieutenant
wants to talk to you, ma'am.
We have a warrant.
I advise you to let the lady go.
Who are you?
You'd better
stay out of this, mister.
I implore you for the last time,
leave her alone
and leave this house.
Listen, buddy,
we got a warrant.
You know what a warrant is?
You stay out of this, or I'll lock
your uppity black ass up for--
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
I think you're gonna need
a little more than an empty coffin
to convince me of vampires,
wouldn't you say?
Harley, just think
of what's happened--
the two punks, Gloria,
both bodies drained of blood.
But, Harley,
that means something.
What about the photographs?
Oh, for Christ's sake,
I don't know.
Look, give me
the benefit of the doubt, okay?
Now, look, don't get nervous,
but I had my men pick Lisa up.
For her own protection,
just in case.
Hey, one of your clients
are missing!
The two of them?
You all know what to look for.
Whoever finds the girl,
get her out of there right away.
Hey, Harley!
Come here!
Why don't you have
every man to get one of these?
- Hey, Justin, don't you think--
- Harley.
Please, please, man,
trust me.
Well, go ahead. Take 'em.
Come on, come on!
Lieutenant, don't you think
this is a little ridiculous?
Go on, take one and shut up.
I can feel it!
Leave him!
Shoot her!
Yes, I can feel it!
It was working!
I could have been free!
It was working! Working!
We'll do it again!
We'll start over!
- You'll come with me, then?
- Yes!
- Now?
- Yes, only don't hurt him.
Please don't hurt him!
No! Stop it!
I've got to get you out of here.
We must try again.
Please, don't hurt him!
No, please!
Stop it!
you mustn't be frightened.
Stay away.
Please. I could never harm you.
Don't touch me!
But you've got to help me!
No, don't refuse me now!
I need you!
Keep away!
The name is Blacula!
Please, no!
Let him alone!
The name is Blacula!
Now, Justin,
you shall soon know
my eternal agony.