Screwdriver (2023) Movie Script

[wind howling]
[indistinct radio chatter]
-[ominous music playing]
-[footsteps approaching]
[door unlocks, opens]
[Robert] New Year's
at Lake laren.
[clears throat]
[Robert] The sun,
the colors in the water.
We would sit on the shore and...
There's nothing else like it.
I mean Shanghai was great,
but, that's my final answer.
-[Emily] It sounds nice.
-[Robert] Mmm...
I mean,
it sounds really beautiful.
-[Robert] What, you mean that?
[Emily] I do.
[Robert] Sweden?
No. [laughs] No. Gosh, no.
No, um...
Uh, Mr. Clarke did.
Uh, last July I believe.
He's... that's my boss.
[clears throat]
He was my boss. But...
[Robert] Well, we'll have
to take you next time.
-[Emily] No...
No that's time,
that's time for you two to--
Oh, c'mon. She and I,
we see each other every day.
[clicks tongue]
So, um... She--
You can smoke if you want.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, this is...
This is beautiful furniture.
I can't--
[Robert] I won't tell her.
[ominous music playing]
just one. [chuckles, sniffles]
Uh, you just keep it..
Yeah, you got it.
She's well.
Well, we're... we're well.
[both chuckle]
Um... she's practically living
at the office, these days,
since Austin.
Sounds like anything
that could go possibly go wrong
tends to go wrong, all at once.
Which is academia too...
I guess, don't know
what you've got
till it's gone, right?
-[both laugh]
Don't... don't encourage
my banalities.
I'm just saying that...
Ah, I'm there for good, now.
So... Sean. How's the guy?
He's good. [chuckles]
He's, uh...
Doing something
in 'agro engineering,'
with his brother.
He's happy.
The work...
the work takes him
all over the state,
you know for the uh, analysis.
That part is vital. [chuckles]
And, since he's been um...
he has been commuting
to Omaha... [chuckles]
Oh, God...
He left me.
-[fire alarm beeping]
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. So sorry.
[alarm continues beeping]
Anyway, then it was two
more meetings with Brianne,
because she can't fill out
an invoice properly.
You know, not like she needs
to be a professional,
or anything. [exhales]
Clients were from Silver Lake
though so, no tears shed.
In a few more months,
maybe she'll even be able
to process a travel order
on her own.
Sounds like she might not be
so bad after all.
She's a stupid cunt.
We have a guest.
She's the one?
[Robert] It's all worked out.
-[Robert] Talked to Melissa.
-She's excited.
In a Melissa way. She is.
-You can stay a week.
-Oh, Robert I--
[Robert] You don't have to worry
about anything.
I don't--
Emily. Hey. You're our guest.
And, you're one of the most
gracious people I know.
And just the chance to let two
of my favorite people
get to know each other better,
that's a treat.
[Robert] Although, I wish it
was under better circumstances.
you're very good, Robert.
[Robert] Well,
you make it easy, Emily.
It is really nice
to have you here.
It's just--
She's. Intimidating.
You know just,
all she's done, her degree.
[Robert] A degree. Emily.
A piece of paper.
I mean. Berkeley? Both of you.
-I just--
-Hey. Look. Hey.
You made the best decisions
you could
with the information available.
Okay? The best you could.
Even if that information was...
the promises of an asshole...
And the delusions of a God
that half the country
somehow still thinks--
-[knocking on door]
-[door opens]
everything alright in here?
Do I recall that you have
a dissertation to write?
Now. Let's finish
getting you settled in.
[Emily scribbling]
[eerie music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
Oh Emily, that is very good.
-Oh, it's--
-[Melissa] Oh, no, let me see.
[chuckles] Let me see, this...
Oh, it's excellent, Emily.
Sean always thinks
it's a waste of time.
[clears throat]
And I know,
I shouldn't be talking about it.
No, I mean... we talk about
what's on our minds.
We're only human.
He just... he's someone
who doesn't, you know?
The kind of person
who doesn't--
he doesn't always...
he doesn't get it, you know?
Like, the whole
"expression" thing.
And his, and his sister Gina,
is a singer.
You know, I mean a "singer".
Here. For your strength.
Oh, the straw is reusable glass.
Oh, it's good. It's...
[clears throat] ...thick.
It's healthful.
[Melissa] Everyone at Zygoprep
drinks them.
-That's your startup?
-No, it's a, it's a start--
It's a start-rupt.
That's just what they call it,
you know?
It's disrupting
the biomedical industries.
-Oh, I see.
Drink up.
[Emily smacks lips]
Do you, um... do you like it?
Yes, it's healthful.
No, I mean, your work.
-Do you like it?
-I love it.
I mean even if...
Dr. Park does... [scoffs]
make my shoulders a little
tense by the end of the day.
-Um, that's alright, Melissa--
-Oh, no, no. I'm licensed.
Uh, huh. Really.
Thank you, Melissa. It's--
Emily, the body has a way
of telling you things--
Thank you, Melissa.
I just...
[Melissa] Suit yourself.
Two hundred hours
of PT training,
and she cuts me off
in ten seconds.
I just really want
to finish this, right now.
[Melissa] No. No,
say nothing of it.
And, you'd better drink
the whole thing...
-or else.
You know, I've been saying
for months now
we need some new art
at the office.
Dinner at six!
[Beethoven symphony playing]
Robert, you didn't tell me
we have an artist in the house.
What's a word for when you wish
you hadn't done something
but it's not exactly your fault?
Um, remorse?
Nah, remorse implies
that you're guilty--
[Emily chuckles]
Ah! Yes. She is an artist.
-She does paintings. And--
-Sketching mostly.
That's right.
Uh, you started your--
-Sophomore year.
-Sophomore year.
Yeah Emily, you're fantastic.
Oh, I didn't know
what I was doing.
And, your... what are your?
-The, your series of landscapes?
-The mountains.
Astonishing. I mean it.
Like I would see you there
working late and I would think--
-Oh, no, no, no, no.
You can help
by sitting right here
and catching up
with your old friend,
whom you haven't seen
in many years.
-Well, I could do both--
-Robert. [chuckles]
Of course.
High school, you know, I mean...
most people say that you know,
that it, that it sucks.
-But uh--
I don't know. To me it just uh--
-[Robert] Wasn't that bad.
-Right. Yeah, no.
It was, it was actually
kind of fun.
Skipping out at lunch.
Going to fifth period
with uh, who was it--
You were really sweet to me.
-I was?
-[Emily] Yes.
You were. Really.
When no one else was.
That's my Love.
Well... I cared about you, Em.
I do care about you.
Gosh, I remember that,
that trip to the Villa.
When my heart started beating
really fast.
You sat by the reflecting pool
and you held my hand
for, like, easily over an hour.
I mean,
after everybody else had gone.
-And the carnival?
You know, the Spring Carnival.
The snails, the hot pavement.
Ah, I wish I could remember
more of it.
-[Robert] Right.
...seems like every time I try
to remember, it just seems...
-Far. Uh, faded.
A ship teetering
on the meniscus of the horizon.
That's all we have, really,
of each other...
[Emily] It's sad.
-It's sad.
-[cellphone ringing]
[Robert] It is sad.
I mean ten years and...
[cellphone continues ringing]
Are you going to get that?
Uh... it's just Frank.
[Melissa] Frank?
[Robert] Yeah,
from the committee.
Well, I know.
Shouldn't you uh,
shouldn't you see what he wants?
He knows better than to call me
at this time of night.
Well... exactly.
Oh, thank you.
Oh no, I... I don't--
It's Monteverro.
[Robert] To your new life.
-[glasses clink]
-Thank you.
[clears throat]
You always were...
What. Because I didn't drink?
All of it.
Oh, I see.
So, because I cared about
my body I'm, "principled"?
I'm just saying
that in my experience now,
it's best that someone build
their own moral code
based on her own beliefs
and values. Not some--
-You have to find your own God.
You have to be your own God.
-You're twisting things.
-What if you're twisting things?
Ah, you can't find a God.
It's God. He's universal.
Aren't we not all
subjective beings?
Are we not
all on our own personal quest
to get as close to the truth
as possible?
He hasn't seen what you've seen.
He doesn't know God
any better than you.
He has wisdom, though.
Which he's gained.
-Which he spent years attaining.
-[Robert] Okay...
I mean isn't that kind of,
that's what you do?
The little differences. The no--
-It's not.
-It is the same.
-And the sect that you choose...
-Not important.
Really? So what you're left with
is some vague, shapeless sense
that there's...
something out there.
Something bigger than us,
This does not sound like the way
that we should be welcoming
our dear guest, to our home.
-I apologize.
-It's no worry.
A fan of the top shelf, I see.
Thank you, Emily,
for riding coach on Amtrak
all the way from Lincoln
to join us here in beautiful
and thankfully,
air-conditioned California.
[utensils clattering]
[Melissa] Too much red pepper
on your chicken, Emily?
Ha, I have... I haven't,
haven't been eating animals.
[Melissa] Oh, no.
But it's, I mean it's okay.
It's not like, religious
or anything--
Oh no, I'm a terrible host.
I... I didn't--
No, only I could drive past
Beverly Grove every day
and not even consider
that someone could be vegan.
It's um, really it's not...
Melissa, it's...
it's not a concern.
No, ah no, no, no. Oh, gosh--
Five hours of prep
and it's no good!
I... I'm sure that
there's something in the fridge
that I could uh,
scrape together.
Robert, you go on ahead
and you, you eat.
And I will just heat mine up
[gramophone playing]
[footsteps thudding]
So, what was that all about?
-You know, the, "Rrr..."
Throw it in the trash.
"It's no good.
-It's just no good."
-[Robert] Oh, right. Yeah.
She's suffered a bit
of a personal stress, lately.
I guess we both did.
-And, with the startup--
I mean, her work
has been hard to handle.
My work, too, lately.
And with all the troublesome
new business
with the committee, and...
-What business?
-Oh just,
the tenure process
with all the steps.
Yeah. But, that's just
the business.
[Robert] What?
That's the business
of the tenure committee, right?
I mean, to evaluate for tenure?
Yeah, but--
What's troublesome
and new about that?
I don't understand it,
I don't understand that part.
-You are feisty tonight.
-I am not.
-[Robert] You are.
[Robert] Really?
I know you're down
three glasses of chardonnay.
-Hey. Hey. Hey.
-[chuckles] What?
It's "Monteverro."
Yes, it is.
Come on. Let's get you to bed.
[dark music playing]
[footsteps thudding]
[floor creaking]
[Robert] Yeah. Yeah, I...
I get that.
Yeah, Frank,
I'm on my way right now.
No, I did not send it to her.
No, not directly. No.
Uh, breakfast for you
on the table, Emily.
[Robert] Why?
Alright, so, it's too far
to come back for lunch,
but there is a salad for you
in the fridge,
and just call if you need any...
-She's there?
-...clothes or anything.
[Robert] No, no, no.
-Alright. Wish me luck.
-I'm on my way.
-On my presentation?
You know, Emily.
Bad sleep can be a sign
of a guilty conscience.
At least, according
to contemporary
modes of thought.
There are things we can try.
I'd like to do a little work
together when I get home.
See you tonight.
[footsteps recedes]
[door creaks]
[inhales, exhales]
[footsteps approaching]
Emily. Hey.
Uh, where did you get these?
I went to the store
while you were gone.
I don't have navigation
or anything like that
on my phone, but I walked in
sort of like a grid-like pattern
and I found a shop
on Beverly and Brighton.
Actually, you know
it was pretty easy
once I figured out
that every third street
had a planter
and every sixth street
had a power box.
Oh, and the street signs, but...
You won't believe
how hard it is to find a place
to smoke around here.
Emily. This, won't do.
This won't do at all.
I'm, s... I'm sorry.
I didn't, um--
Ugh, and it's wet.
-It's... it's watercolor.
-It's all over the carpet.
-And the table.
-I don't think anything--
-How long were you gone?
-Well. I left at 1:16
and then I started painting
at 3:30
but that was about 20
or so minutes after--
All alone in the city.
Anything could have happened
to you.
We would have been so worried.
What's going on here?
-Robert. I think we--
-Melissa, what happened?
It's all just a bit much.
Well I... I'm sorry
I didn't mean to--
[Melissa] It's... it's fine.
-I just. I thought I would--
-You thought that you would?
Um, you know, I just thought
that I would.
After what you said about
my... about the drawing.
The drawing.
Right. I was,
I was just hoping--
No. Emily. Look I...
I, I know I'm acting crazy.
-No, no. It's ridiculous.
I just... It's just
a lot, you know,
with someone new
in the house and...
Perhaps, next time
we could work out
a schedule in advance.
[Emily] Of course.
Oh, um...
Now, I'll um...
I'll just let you be.
She's been through a lot.
So has everyone.
Well, you know
how things can change
when you're not feeling
This morning, you know,
you came out of your room
with barely a word
to either of us.
-I didn't sleep.
-[Robert] Exactly!
And that, we don't hold that
against you.
Nor could we.
Nor would it be fair to.
Because it's circumstantial.
It's chemical.
We're all subject to it.
But, the more serious
the problem,
the more total
the solution must be.
I think you would
understand that--
-I think I should go.
Yeah. You don't need
the extra stress. She doesn't.
We made a deal.
You made a deal.
When you first came here.
With the both of us.
-You agreed to stay and rest.
-And clearly I've--
-[Robert] And we want to help.
I can't promise you
I can fix your sleep, Emily.
Only you can do that.
That's a question of the heart.
Of trust...
Well, I can say that a redeye
on a rattling sleeper car
beside some cross-country
drug smuggler
into the freezing wastes
of Middle America
is unlikely to provide you
what your body needs.
That and, and to be frank,
I would be concerned
to allow you
to make that kind of decision
in your present condition.
I'm... I'm fine, Robert.
But you could be so much better.
Who's the girl?
Who, Elouise?
She's my TA.
My teaching assistant.
I helped her out last year,
when she was having
some troubles at home.
I got her
into the counseling center.
I helped her finish her thesis.
Melissa, too, actually.
Em probably did more than I,
when it came to that.
Now, she's in the grad program,
and she helps me out
with a few of my classes.
And she's even proofing
my dissertation, too--
-Hang on.
What'd you call her?
-Who? Elouise?
-No, Melissa.
You called her "Em."
-You call me "Em."
So I do, Emily.
So I do. [chuckles]
One more night?
-Yeah. Why not?
You and I, we'll have a session.
Just to talk.
Isn't there a chance?
I think you at least owe me
that shot.
[inhales, exhales]
It's a deal.
We'll start right
after Eggplant Lasagna.
[crickets chirping in distance]
-[Emily] Mm.
So, seven years. And, no kids?
-[Robert] Children.
All that time, Emily?
No children?
No he thought, he thought
we were too young. He thought--
-Time is running out.
-Excuse me?
-Well, after 30, things start--
-[Emily] You don't have kids.
-starts... What?
-You don't have kids either.
-No, we have had...
-Alternative methods.
-Such as?
-I don't know what that is.
You wouldn't.
It sounds to me
like you've had problems.
Did you ever cheat on him?
-Did you cheat on him?
-We were bound before God.
And that didn't seem
to do much for him,
so, maybe in retrospect,
maybe you should've--
[Emily] Can we...
Can we talk about
something else?
Of course. Of course, Emily.
I don't want you to ever be...
I'd like to play a game.
A game?
[Robert] Uh, an exercise
if you'd prefer.
It's really just a way to start
to, take things apart.
To start to look at the truth
of things. Not the bias.
[Emily] Okay.
[tense music playing]
You stand in a large,
round chamber.
It's cool, quiet,
and to the highest grooves
of the ceiling light shines.
You're alone.
I'm alone.
And, though there's nothing
to suggest so absolutely,
you feel as if this place
is a mausoleum.
[Robert] Uh, a tomb
or a cenotaph.
Can I leave?
No, no, in fact,
you don't terribly feel
like you want to.
But, there is one door
to the South
and it leads deeper
into the structure.
Now, you can stay here,
or you can open it.
I, um... I'll open it.
[Robert] And the door swings
and it leads to a smaller room.
All white stone.
And in the center
there's a pedestal.
What's on it?
It's... a cigarette.
-A cigarette.
It says, Emily,
I want you to know something.
You will have one guess.
One guess to guess
the strongest number
in the universe
and if you do,
it will answer one question.
[clears throat]
So, is it like a Marlboro, or...
C'mon, Emily. Just give
the cigarette a number.
[Emily] Okay.
Okay. Twenty.
And the cigarette disappears.
-Do I get my question now?
That's not the right answer.
-That's impossible.
-Is it?
Robert, do you know
how many numbers there are?
Yeah, there's a lot.
I don't think anyone
has ever gotten this.
-Has anyone ever gotten that?
-Yeah, if they're ready.
And as you look across the room,
you see an--
Another door.
Okay, well, I open it.
-You open it.
[Robert] Okay.
You open it, and you see
that this room is darker.
And something feels...
-not right.
And in the center
there is another pedestal.
And on the pedestal
there's like a...
reddish blonde thing
and it's moving.
And as you get closer
to the object
it turns and you can see,
it's a cat.
-A cat?
-[Robert] Yes.
-[Emily] That's--
[Robert] Do you wanna know
what the cat says?
-[Robert] Do you really?
-Mm, yes.
-[Robert] Really?
I really, really do.
The cat turns and you can see
that it has glass eyes
and it smiles. An evil smile.
And it says, Emily,
I am a messenger of Him.
And now that you have seen me,
you have 24 hours
before He comes to tempt you.
And it will be the most
terrifying moment of your life.
[roars, laughs]
How do you...
how do you come up
with this shit, Robert?
-It was given to me.
-Oh, sure.
-It's true.
-[Emily] Okay.
So, then--
[Emily] Let's talk about
something else.
Sorry, I just...
[inhales, exhales]
What did he say,
when he ended it?
Or did he,
did he give you a reason?
I mean like, things
had grown stale,
or he was too busy,
or you weren't
who you used to be or?
Or did he, did he blame himself?
"Oh, babe--
-I'm sorry?
[Robert] I'm not good enough
for you.
-Oh, babe...
I dunno, I'm addicted to...
I dunno, ride-on lawnmowers."
Or did he say nothing at all?
Just drop out in the middle
of the night
like daddy going
for a pack of smokes?
No! What if,
what if nothing "happened?"
What if it just didn't work?
Not everything has to be secrets
and schemes and lies and--
You know what?
I'm gonna call this session.
[Emily] I'm just really--
You're in no state
to make progress
so, we'll try again tomorrow.
Come on, let's get you to bed.
I can walk myself. Thank you.
Goodnight, Emily.
[door opens, closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[footsteps thumping]
-[cellphone ringing]
It's Frank.
Hey, Frank. What's up?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like I said.
No, she asked for it.
No, I don't mean
that she asked for it,'
I mean
she literally asked for it.
No, it was in person.
Well, those are not hers
to give.
And how is that relevant
to the scope--
Why do I have to give
a statement?
-[Robert] I'll call you back.
I just--
I wanted to get some water.
Of course.
-I wasn't-- Robert--
-Come on.
Let's get you taken care of.
There are cups in the bathroom.
Robert. I need to leave.
I shouldn't be here.
-Don't even mention that.
-[Emily] I don't--
-What? What?
-Look, I don't want you to--
I don't want you
to be nice to me
just because you feel sorry
for me.
That's not why I'd want you
to want me here.
Why do you think
we want you here, Emily?
Because you're bored! Or lonely!
Or you need a pet project
or like a charity case,
or something.
To, you know, to feel sorry for.
I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know it just...
I feel like nobody listens to me
whenever I'm speaking.
And sometimes it feels like
I'm not even speaking at all.
You're right, Emily.
About everything. You're right.
Evian is better than tap,
Thank you.
-I'll take her.
-No. You're on a call.
-I can call him back later.
-No, you can't.
I think something...
something's wrong with Robert.
I think...
I think it has something
to do with Elouise.
Ah. No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.
You don't have to worry
about her.
-[Melissa] No.
Men, you know,
they need things
to keep them busy.
Those sessions
are kinda weird, huh?
-[chuckles] Yeah.
-I know.
I laughed the first time
I tried it.
I could not take it seriously.
But, over time...
it helps.
Here's my advice.
Stay here, stay comfortable.
Do what you must
to placate Robert,
but don't take it
all too seriously--
the sessions
aren't the real reason
that you're here.
I've never met anyone like you.
Well, I like to think that I see
the best in people.
[Melissa] I'm right across
the hall if you need me.
[light switch flicks]
[door closes]
[eerie music playing]
[breathes heavily]
[door opens, creaks]
[door closes]
[Robert] Emily.
[suspenseful music playing]
I'd like to start again
with our game. Alright?
I think it's only fair
to give you
-another opportunity to...
[Robert] redeem yourself.
Tha-- that would be um...
I want you to know something.
You stand in a large,
round chamber.
It's cool and quiet.
And to the tallest grooves
of the ceiling light shines,
and you're alone.
I'm alone?
[Robert] Though there's nothing
to suggest so absolutely,
-you feel as though--
-I can't leave.
[Robert] No. No, in fact
-you don't feel like--
-I want to.
-There is a door to the South.
-[Emily] Open it.
Inside is a pedestal.
On the pedestal is a cigarette.
And the cigarette speaks to you.
To... to me...
And the cigarette tells you
that you have one guess.
One guess to guess
the strongest number
in the universe.
And, if you do,
it will answer one question.
Any question.
[Robert] Yes. But you have
to guess the number.
The number.
[Robert] What is the number,
The number that signifies
the balance of all things?
Of alchemy? Of faith?
By which ships navigate
and empires--
[Emily] Three.
It's three.
[Robert] Are you sure?
And the cigarette says
that you are ready.
And you may ask
any single question
and receive the answer in truth.
-Any question?
-[Emily] Yeah?
-Oh, yeah.
[footsteps approaching]
[Emily] Why is Melissa
so uptight?
-No, you need to ask--
-[Emily] That's my question.
-[Robert] That's your question.
-[Robert] That's your--
-Answer it.
Well, I can't answer it,
of course.
But, the cigarette can.
And the cigarette reaches
deeply into the material
of the universe and it says...
Melissa's children
have been poisoned.
-Yes. Her eggs.
They were stored for her
by the company. Years ago.
And this was so she could focus
on building the program.
But the doctors tell us
that none of them are viable.
Oh, oh...
I'm so... I'm so sorry.
And with that...
the cigarette is gone.
And you may continue
to the next door,
if you're ready.
I'm ready.
[Robert] If you're sure--
Open it.
[Robert] Ah.
You enter the next door
and the second room
is uh, darker... than the last.
And something inside feels...
deeply malevolent.
Malevole-- Malevolent?
And in the center is a pedestal,
and on the pedestal there
is something--
Punch it.
-Excuse me?
-Punch it.
You swing at the creature,
uh, at the creature
and as your fist touches it
it collapses into ash.
And you head
towards a third door.
And you know that
this is the end.
And you know that
if you pass through this door
you will reach
the innermost sanctum.
And you know that if you pass
through this threshold
that, that you will know
the truth.
The truth.
If you leave now...
you will forever be lost.
I enter the last door.
[Robert] It's white.
Everything is white and cold...
and you know this is the deepest
that you can go.
Is there--
[Robert] There's a pedestal.
Like the others.
And on it?
Are you sure you want to know?
Yeah, I'm sure.
[Robert] Once you know,
you can never go back.
Oh, I wouldn't.
I want to know. I have to know.
I have to know, I have to know.
It's a screwdriver.
-A screwdriver.
-[Robert] Yes.
What does it say?
[Robert] Nothing.
It's just a screwdriver.
there's something
on the other side
of the pedestal.
Emily, it's you.
And as she opens her mouth
you know that this is the truth.
And she says... God is real.
Oh. [chuckles]
[Robert] Yes. God is real.
[sobs] Yes.
[Robert] And He hates you.
He hates you
because you're worthless.
Because you're weak.
Because He used you
and you allowed him do it.
-No, no, no.
-[Robert] Yes.
Do you know what God loves?
To hurt people. Any way he can.
Plagues. Floods.
Loneliness. Betrayal.
All to good people.
Kind people. Foolish people.
You more than anyone.
No. [sobs]
[Robert] And you can win.
And you can live.
And you can be
your own god, Emily.
But there's only one place
in all of creation
where he can not touch you.
And that is here.
That is right here with us.
[breathes heavily]
And you stay with us.
And you tell us only the truth.
And you trust us, alone,
above all others.
He is sending a messenger...
to tempt you, soon.
As long as you remain here
with us,
neither He nor His agents
can hurt you anymore.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
-[Robert] You're strong.
[Robert] And loyal.
You're perfect.
[gentle music playing]
I knew that you were...
Somehow, I always knew
that you would be...
-[Robert] Hey.
-The one--
This is a breakthrough.
-It is?
-It is.
-A significant one.
Emily, you have made
amazing progress.
Emily, I want you
to know something.
[Robert] Tonight you will sleep
better than you've ever slept
in your life.
[uplifting music playing]
[indistinct chatter over TV]
Brianne quit.
She said she couldn't work
with Dr. Park anymore.
Too volatile.
I thought your department
was taking her.
We don't need her anymore.
The analysis is done.
You still could've taken her.
You know, there's power in it.
[moans] You saved me.
Keep me with you.
[Robert] Yes.
There? She's there?
Well, if she's there,
tell her that I never--
Hang on.
[door closes]
[knocking on door]
[eerie music playing]
[door unlocks]
[door creaking]
[birds chirping in distance]
I came straight away.
[Emily] We have to shut
the door.
-Oh, uh.
-Shut the door.
Yeah. Sure, Em.
Whose place is this?
Um, it's a--
[Sean] How did you get out
to California?
-Your car's, I saw it...
-[Sean] Right.
-Was called.
Well, babe I left as soon
as I got your texts.
My texts?
[Robert] He is sending
a messenger.
[Sean] Yeah, about forgiveness?
The mercy of the Lord
and all that?
[Robert] To
tempt you, soon.
-I love you.
[Robert] As long
as you remain here,
- neither He nor His
agents... -I want you back.
...can hurt you anymore.
I need you to leave.
[Robert] You are
very good, Emily.
-Just come on.
-Don't touch me!
I will not be tempted.
Now, get out. Just get out!
You fuckin' put me up to this.
-You did!
God fucking damn it.
Chet was right.
Y'know, you're lucky
I'm not a violent man, babe
'cause I'm about three seconds
and a heartbeat from--
Get out!
No! I will not be tempted.
Just get the fuck out!
I will not be tempted.
No! I will pull the fingernails
out of your fucking fingers.
You are not welcome
in my life.
Fuck! Get out!
[tense music playing]
[breathes heavily]
[Emily sobbing]
You did a bad thing.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Emily, it's a special day.
Is something wrong?
Did something happen?
Something evil is here.
-Is it... here with us?
-[door creaking in distance]
[footsteps approaching]
But its energy is here?
Take this.
You know that we'll protect you.
You do your best,
and so do we. Right?
[Emily sniffles]
[Emily] Why is it a special day?
What? What's that?
Why is it a special day?
We are having a party.
[Emily] A party.
Yes, to celebrate
how good you've been.
I mean, Robert tells me
you have been making
incredible progress.
All your trust. All of it.
It's tremendous.
We couldn't have asked
for anything better.
I don't know if I'm ready
for, um... for company.
Oh, Emily. [laughs]
It is only the best company
You, Robert, and me.
That's right.
[Robert] I can't make heads
or tails of it.
The first packet,
okay, I sent it.
Sue me. But, the second one?
You know me.
I didn't even proofread it.
So, what's the deal?
Is this a setup?
I mean did she break into my PC?
She doesn't know my password.
[Melissa] Well, worrying
about it won't fix anything.
Well, your little project
seems to be going well.
[Emily clearing throat]
-Hey, Emily!
[Melissa] Oh uh, I have
something else for you.
Yes. Robert.
It's for tonight. For you.
To suit the occasion
better than...
[Robert] Emily.
Do you need any help?
[door unlocks]
Let's straighten you out.
I want you to know that...
that you can do anything
you want.
That you don't have to listen
to people, because they say so.
You don't need to listen
to people
because, they want to use you.
Like who?
-You tell me.
[breathes heavily]
It's you and me.
You know that right?
It's always been you and me,
against the rest of them.
Dinner at six.
[door closes]
[gentle music playing]
I saw Tom Landen
at the office today.
Oh, is that so? How exciting.
[Melissa] Now, I've seen
all of his TED Talks, of course,
but meeting someone
that significant in person
it's... it's different,
you know?
I um... hmm.
I don't know who that is.
Oh, that's alright, Emily.
Of course, he's one
of the pioneers
of modern cryotherapy.
[Melissa] Well, I have been
a fan of his work for years.
Arthritis. Migraines.
Inflammation. All obliterated.
It would actually be great
for the two of you to meet,
come to think of it, Emily.
[Emily] Oh, I see.
Excuse me?
Why would it be great
for the two of them to meet?
Well, scientific interest.
Uh, I read once that uh...
the capybaras are the largest
species of rodent.
Is that so?
[Emily] Mhm. They have,
uh, two scent glands.
One in their um... nose...
It's a shame she missed him.
I'm sure you'd get
along famously.
Well she didn't miss him,
He's being onboarded next week.
I thought you weren't taking in
new staff
until after the VC talks.
We're not.
-[Robert] So--
-We're done.
-[Robert] With--
-The IPO.
Is that... good?
Oh, it is very, very good.
So. I hear that Emily has been
making stunning progress.
Oh, uh...
Well, he's got a ways to go,
but I think with the right
amount of time--
[Melissa] Well, at the very
least, we won't be throwing away
any more homemade
dinners, will we?
-You don't have to...
-[Robert] No.
No it's important, Emily,
to affirm success.
That's key.
To recognize when someone
has succeeded in their test.
A toast.
To Emily.
And how perfect she is.
[clears throat] That's strong.
It's wonderful. Thank you.
Yes, thank you. Um, thank you.
I want to thank um, both of you.
You both have been
very wonderful.
I don't... I don't know
how to thank you.
Well, you can drink.
And tell us all about your day.
Well, let's see...
I folded my clothes.
That was um... no, that was...
That's not important. Um...
I uh, what else did I do.
Took a... took a shower.
I took a shower.
That's a really nice shower.
I mean really nice...
Did you see the messenger today?
-The messenger.
We saw that
he would come today,
to tempt you.
We saw this last night.
Oh, I didn't uh... I didn't.
[Melissa] Emily?
Is there something
that you're not telling us?
Have you betrayed this house?
Have you betrayed our trust?
I didn't mean to.
I didn't. I just...
No I just... I just...
Whenever I saw him, I just...
I thought I didn't saw...
I thought of all of our time
And you let him into this house.
And you poisoned this place.
No. I didn't mean to.
I'm so sorry.
[Robert] But he touched you.
And his power reached inside
and... violated you.
[sobs] I'm so sorry.
Emily. Emily. Hey, my dear.
I'm so sorry, I'm such a mess.
We did all of this
because we want to help you.
All of our time
and our generosity.
We wouldn't do it
if it wasn't important.
[Emily slurping]
[Emily sniffling]
Which is why. Of course.
It comes as such a shock to see
that you are such a revolting
little parasite!
I'm sorry.
I thought... I thought you said,
said you liked me.
You know, of course
I expected some of it.
Country girl. Evangelical.
Knows she'll never make it
in the arts
but she clings
to that hope anyway.
A monogamist slut
who settled
on a tractor repairman
because she knew she couldn't
keep a real lover tied down.
And look what happened.
Still the cuckold.
Still the fool.
[Emily] R-- Robert...
[Robert] We tried to save you
from the darkness, Em.
I tried to save you--
Oh, but even then. Even then.
I never could've expected
how pathetic she is.
You take 10 whole years in
the absolutes pits of the world
and you give yourself to God
and you let him slap you around
like the detritus you are
until you are beaten and worn
and have nowhere else to go
but back
to your high school sweetheart.
With your tail tucked.
Oh, and God. Wonderful God.
With all the horror
in the world He creates
and you still thank him
for the little things.
You selfish little cunt!
[Emily] No, you don't know me.
Oh... don't I?
Don't I know you.
Don't I know how you manage
to fuck up every little thing
you get your hands on?
[breathes heavily]
I can leave.
[Melissa] Leave?
That world will chew you up
and use you,
and leave you broken and alone.
Look at you.
You can't even hold
your drink up.
Every little thing we give you.
Isn't that right?
-Isn't that right!
[coughs, sobs]
You're crazy.
[Melissa laughing]
Now, she turns it on us.
Always another.
Well Emily,
you're not wrong.
Because God made you stupid.
He brought you into this world
to lose, to fail
where others win and he did it
because he knows
it's what you deserve.
At least I'm not fucking barren.
I know all about your eggs.
Know that they were poisoned.
Harvested. Left to die.
Dead kids in the freezer.
I know that your husband
is desperate for anyone else.
Even me. Poor pathetic me.
He probably hates your guts.
I have to get out of here.
[Melissa] Emily.
[Emily] Melissa. Listen, listen.
[Melissa] We're not finished.
-This is MY HOUSE!
[intense music playing]
[Emily] No!
[Robert grunts]
[Melissa] Emily! Emily!
-[banging on door]
[breathes heavily]
[banging continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
You have to be your own God.
You have to be your own God.
You have to be your own God.
-[banging on door]
-[door handle rattling]
[breathes heavily]
You did this to yourself.
Stop it!
No! No. No. Please.
[screams, groans]
No. No. Let...
No, no, no. Please.
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
[Emily crying]
[birds chirping in distance]
[shower running]
[Melissa] Emily.
Sleep well?
I... I think so.
Robert is really sorry about
what happened last night.
When he lost his temper
over the spilled drink.
I mean I think we both
half jumped out of our chairs.
[Melissa] He's been under
a lot of stress, recently
on the academic front
with the dissertation,
and all...
How's that cut doing?
[Emily] It's um...
[Melissa] Does it hurt?
-[Emily] Yes.
-Oh, Emily.
I should have known better
than to give you five ounces
of vodka
with that delicate frame.
You can save someone
from the world,
but you can't save them
from themselves, I suppose.
You will forgive me
for letting you hurt yourself,
won't you?
Do you need anything?
Do you need an aspirin,
or anything--
No. Nothing.
[Melissa] That's my tough girl.
Oh, hey, and Emily...
I want you to know something.
I'm really glad you're here.
[Emily] Do you have to be
at work, soon?
It's Saturday.
[Emily] Right.
This porpoise.
There are only 30 left
in the gulf.
It's cute.
It is. Isn't it?
And, between you and me,
we'll never have to work a day
we don't want to again.
Morning, Emily.
Hope you've worked up
an appetite.
Good morning, Robert.
Oh and, we used up
all the orange juice yesterday.
-Would be nice. Thank you.
-Water it is.
Thank you.
Well, let's not stand
on ceremony.
Bon appetit.
Emily, we have a surprise
for you.
I was going to wait
until after breakfast--
Well, she might need
a few hours to prepare, so...
-[Melissa] It's First Class.
-[Robert] Of course.
Oh. I... I don't know
what to say.
Well, say you'll visit.
[Emily] I mean, of course.
I mean, but--
And the taxi will be here
in about 40 minutes.
But that's enough time to pack,
and you're going to want--
Is this about the drink?
-I'm so, so, sorry, and--
-[Robert] No. Emily? No.
Oh Emily,
this is not a banishment.
-No, you've improved.
-I...I have?
Yes, tremendously.
I mean just, the sessions.
The progress you've made.
You know, truthfully I...
I was hoping to have you here
-at least a week longer--
-[Robert] Or more--
-to complete the process--
-[Robert] To get to know you.
-[Robert] But--
it's selfish to keep you
from your life there.
Your friends. Your family.
From God.
So, you're saying
you want me to stay?
[Robert] We'd adore it, Emily.
Emily, you...
You know how much I like
having you around.
Oh, well...
All right.
Just a little bit longer.
-[Robert] Wonderful.
-[Melissa] That's perfect.
And uh... in that case.
-Something for you.
-Oh, no.
[Melissa] No, take it.
-It's too much.
-[Robert] We insist.
Robert. But why...
For last night.
To say, thank you.
You should never have to be
the recipient of my stress.
-It's too much, Robert.
Hey, our contract was up.
We had a new line available.
[Melissa] It's preloaded
with our numbers.
So, you could call us anytime
you need anything.
You... wait. You um, you added--
Emily, that is the least
we could do.
I mean your old phone
was on its last legs, anyway,
-My old phone--
-Oh, you know what?
Hey, I have an idea.
[Emily] Hm?
Once we finish setting up
your new phone,
what if you
and I take a little drive,
just the two of us.
To meet my friend, Dr. Park.
-[Emily] Dr. Park.
-[Emily] From Zygoprep?
-One and the same.
Well, I thought
you said today you...
You didn't have to work anymore.
Oh, no, I mean. No, no, no.
Uh, it's just.
He's just fun, you know?
He's... he's quite a character.
He's um, he's back
from Singapore, and...
I know that he would really
like to meet you.
For strength.
[both chuckle]
-One more thing.
-Oh, my gosh.
[Robert] Uh, Melissa helped me
come around on the painting.
I think when you uh, invest
in something,
you have to do what you can
to make it right.
You know to... to last.
I... I can't accept this.
Think of it as a commission.
I mean, we'd like
to bring you onboard full time
as our dedicated painter.
[Emily] To paint--
Anything. Whatever you like.
I mean, we can't pay you
what you're due, but...
but you could stay
in the guest room
and we will feed you and--
You're so good to me.
[Robert] Well that's the way
life's meant to be.
You're excellent,
and you're rewarded.
[Emily] But...
why are you doing
all of this?
because we love you.
And tomorrow, we can
take a drive to the beach.
Maybe next week, the mountains.
Get our young Monet
some inspiration.
Us. Of course.
You can't believe
how long I've waited
to get real time alone
with you.
Frank called.
Why did...
why would Frank call you?
Well, he wanted me to tell you--
But, why would he call you?
[Melissa] Frank called
and he wanted me to tell you
that they reviewed the evidence,
and the previous decision
of the committee is final.
Whatever that means.
But, hey.
Hey, now you can spend
some time with us.
Together. As a family.
My career, my life's work--
Is us now. This life. This home.
As it should be.
Now, I...
I think we should focus
on what dear Emily
wants to do with the afternoon.
[Emily] Oh?
Anything your heart desires.
Our day is clear for you.
Well uh just, you know...
Just be together?
And um, some quiet.
I'd really like some quiet.
I think.
[Melissa] Quiet. Of course.
And that's how it's gonna be,
from now on.
You, me.
Maybe this one,
if he uh, behaves himself.
And, down the line,
maybe even a little one...
A child?
But... Robert told me,
your kids--
Are fine. All they need
is a healthy little nest.
Dr. Park is quite sure of it,
Emily... it's a miracle.
[Emily] Yes?
You're a free woman.
[Emily] Yes.
And you want to be here.
[Emily] Yes. [chuckles]
And anything you need,
all the little technical details
of life that's--
None of that matters now.
-Thank you.
-[Melissa] Okay?
And, as long as you are here...
you never have to worry
about anything...
ever again.
[ Heaven's Gate playing]
Show me the way
to heavens gate
Show me the way
and I'll walk
Show me the way
to heavens gate
Show me the way
and I'll walk
Tell me the way
to redemptions door
Time ticking
on the clock
Tell me the way
to redemptions door
Answer me
when I knock
I'll follow them
to Jerusalem
It can't be that far
I'll follow them
to Jerusalem
Just tell me
who they are
Show me the way
to heaven's gate
Show me the way
and I'll walk
Show me the way
to heaven's gate
Listen when I talk
Birds have wings
and winds to fly
They carry
them for miles
We have notes
and songs to grab
Playing with
our hands
All the mistakes
a man can make
Been on this
road so long
All the mistakes
a man can make
Must they
all be wrong
Show me the way
to heaven's gate
Now that I forgot
Show me the way
to heaven's gate
Show me the
face of god