Screwed (2011) Movie Script

DOUGIE: Think you'll cope then, Sam?
What, fatherhood? Or Civvy street?
Nah, mate, boredom will get you!
Danielle won't let that happen.
SAM: Come on.
Let's do it!
SOLDIER: How are we, lads?
SAM: We've got casualties.
Prepare to move forward!
DOUGIE: We have to wait
for the rest of the platoon.
SAM: Fuck that, we ain't got time!
Hi, it's Danielle. Leave a message.
SAM: Move!
-SAM: Fuck.
No, Dougie. Dougie, can you hear me?
Dougie! Medic!
I need a fucking medic!
(sHouTs) Medic.
ALL: Surprise!
(ALL ExcLAllvllNG)
Give her a sausage then, mate?
Come here, come here.
Good to see ya!
RICKY: Get it in, down in one!
MAN 1: Welcome home, mate!
MAN 2: It's good to see you,
you done us proud. Thank you very much.
SAM: Thank you, I really appreciate it!
It's so good to be back.
NEIL: Here he is,
here is, the man himself.
SAM: Rita!
RICKY: Looking good, mate!
Are you all right?
You look good, too!
We missed you, mate.
I fucking missed you.
You boys look great.
This is a lovely whistle.
Yeah, listen, mate, we are on to
a bit of a money spinner, mate.
I don't want you to worry
about anything,
if you got any problems you call me
and we'll line something up.
I've got a couple of possibilities
but I'll have a think about it!
Experience, experience, experience...
What about this?
Salary's good!
Suitable for ex-service personal.
I don't want to work with scum all day.
Not all convicts are bad.
I'm not talking about the convicts.
The money's good, you can even
transfer your pension across,
there would be sick pay, holidays,
baby, you'll breeze
through the interview.
It's just the same shit,
different uniform.
What else are you going to do?
Something will come up, all right.
RICKY: Oi! Oi, stranger!
SAM: All right, lads.
You running your errands?
Responsibilities, Rita.
NEIL: Listen, mate,
I can give you a lift,
but you have to fold yourself up
in the back.
Nah, you're all right.
it's just round the corner.
Mate, come on, have a look at this!
Get in there.
SAM: Yeah?
RICKY: Yeah.
So what you reckon?
This is my new sexy baby!
So tell me what you got going on?
Well, there was this thing,
doing security for an Arab family
but, you know, it fell through.
Sam, I told you, call me.
We've got loads going at the moment
and this is easy money.
Yeah, Sammy, you're not going
to believe the contact we made, man,
I'm telling ya,
this fella is well connected,
he's proper, he gives a good price
and it's fucking brilliant quality!
And we're not dealing
with punters any more,
nothing smaller than an ounce, mate.
Nah, I don't know.
It doesn't sound like my thing.
RICKY: Come on, mate,
what else you got?
I got family now.
I got a little boy, I got Dani!
-So, I've got a fucking 5-year-old.
-NEIL: Exactly.
Listen, Sam, it's not risky, mate,
it's not risky!
All right, the quantities are bigger,
but we are dealing directly
with the suppliers and the retailers.
We're not dealing
with these fucking mugs.
Look, it's up to you, mate.
If you want in, it's what, Rick?
A few hours a week.
We pick up the gear, we drop it off,
and we collect and that's it!
DANIELLE: Are you awake, babe?
I'm scared.
Don't be scared, babe.
It's going to be all right.
We had plans
and you've been back six months.
I don't want this for Toby.
-I've been a bit unlucky.
-Yeah .
-Yeah .
I'm not going to let you down.
-I promise.
Come here.
SAM: I'm not going to let you down.
You all right, lads?
Sam! Here, mate.
-What the fuck's all that about?
-Ah, don't worry yourself!
Fucking bastards.
Yeah, always someone, isn't there?
-How are you doing?
-Yeah, not too bad.
Is he up for a night out tonight?
-Don't think so.
So he says but sometimes
he changes his plan.
DEANO: For the car, I love that car!
JAMIE: It's not a classic!
DEANO: I love that car!
JAMIE: Yeah, I understand
but it's just not a classic!
Fuck me, the sprogs are back
from training.
You all right?
Surprised to see you,
I didn't think you'd stick it out.
What about, what about the fat bird?
Nah, she didn't make it,
she bottled it after been
shown around this place.
That's a result.
Hey! At least the biscuits are safe.
Hope it wasn't something I said!
What about? You know...
He's, er... He's behind you!
Here he is.
I bet you can't wait to get stuck
into some nasty little convict, can ya?
Need a bit of muscle on the wing?
NIALL: Yeah, been doing
a bit of extra training.
Have ya, really? That's good.
I can't wait for my first bang up!
JAMIE: it's bend up, you prick!
Word for the wise, we do things
a lot different than training.
Remember in Shawshank,
they'd run a book on who'd crack first.
Who's your money on.
I'll have a tenner on me,
sticking my boot up your arse,
if you don't sit down and shut up.
You never spent the tenner
Before I start the briefing,
we will be graced
by the presence of Mr Keenan,
who would like to say a few words.
DEANO: What you got to realise
is that it's all a work of art.
It's a sculpture like an art form.
It's a thing of beauty.
Right, gentleman, new faces time.
So I thought I'd just pop down
and welcome them aboard to the D wing.
We have Curtis Nelson.
Niall Brody and Sam Norwood.
I am the wing governor.
My name is Maurice Keenan.
You will address me
as Guv, Sir or Mr Keenan.
JAMIE: (SOFTLY) Or receding cunt.
So we get things clear from the start,
this is my wing.
The regime and how it runs
is organised by me.
The rules you adhere to are mine
and they are there because this is real.
People can, and do get hurt.
It needs a tight ship
and I'm the captain.
So welcome aboard.
I hope you all do well.
I got one refusing court up here!
Direct order.
Last chance or bend him up.
INMATE: Fuck's sake, blood,
I need my meds.
EDDIE: Never mind your meds, you cunt!
If you kick that again,
you're going to need a fucking doctor.
INNIATE: Sorry, guv!
Hello, sir, I'm working
on here with you today.
How you doing, son?
-Mr Norwood.
Forget the training school bollocks.
We'd get fuck all done.
If the cons know your first name,
they're not going to hunt you olown
and kill you. All right?
So they can know it.
Just don't let them use it.
Right. It's Sam.
Aye, smells
like a musty butchers right enough.
But trust me,
you'll be breathing that in
like it's a bunch of daisies,
after you've to deal
with some scroat on a dirty protest.
On what?
A shit-up.
Dulux of the arse.
SAM: How long you done then?
EDDIE: Only 10 years.
Right, come on then,
you do that side of the landing,
I'll do this one.
What, on me own?
Aye. And I'm throwing you
in the deep end.
First door's some fucking nutjob
called Bear,
who's just been transferred down
from Wakefield.
Real name's Justin de Souza.
Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you.
Morning, guv,
don't look very nice out there today.
Does it?
SAM: I didn't think there'd be
so many of them.
EDDIE: I know.
EDDIE: Just 10 of us looking after
over 350 cons.
Not just council tax dodgers.
The lot come in here.
There's probably about half a dozen
Cat A prisoners on the wing
at this moment.
It's a fucking tinderbox
-Come on.
-You fucking little cunt.
Did Keenan give you his usual
welcome ceremony
about it being his wing?
It's fucking bollocks, that!
The scroats run the wing,
we're just the visitors.
How you doing, mate?
STEADMAN: Fucking hell, how are you?
It's good to see ya.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and you, and you.
So, best spread ourselves out a bit, eh?
So let me introduce you
to my man on the wing.
STEADMAN: Listen I got a lad
whose just come off my old manor.
Who, this one here?
STEADMAN: Yeah, this lad here.
Can I bring him up?
TRUMAN: Yeah bring him up, man.
VVhat's happening, man, you good?
STEADMAN: This is C,
this is my mate Baz.
Yeah, nice one. This is Jacko.
DEL: Hello, mate.
How are you doing? All right?
TRUMAN: Yeah, look at this cunt now.
Fucking hell, he's new.
TRUMAN: Yeah, fucking ex-squaddie look.
STEADMAN: Yeah, gotta be.
Brand new, isn't he?
Needs to have the shine taken off him.
He is fucking shuck, bruv, shuck!
STEADMAN: Yeah, I can hear his ass
squeaking from here.
DEANO: Jamie.
I'll get them in.
DEANO: Jamie, come on, liven them up!
JAMIE: Come on, lads.
I don't want to be out here all day.
DEANO: Come on, in your cells.
Oi, bang up!
INNIATE: Bang up.
SMITHY: Listen, mate, I got more
two minutes, I got to make a phone call.
Listen, I'll be with you in a second.
-No, mate, don't, don't!
-I will be with you in a second.
No, fuck.
Right, what's up?
Oh, guv, it takes the piss, guv
I've been in the fucking cell
for 20 fucking hours, right?
I go outside, had a bit
of fucking exercise,
now I'm fucking back behind the door.
All's I need is a phone call.
Whats the matter with ya?
EDDIE: Bang up!
I am, guv. Why do you think
I'm standing here for?
JAMIE: Are you all right?
Fuck's sake, yes, sir.
I gotta make a call,
my family don't even know I'm banged up.
-What's your name?
-Panos, guv
I'm going to have
a problem with you, Panos?
Bang up!
I'm not going fucking anywhere.
Look, just calm down, I promise you.
We'll sort it, as soon as
I have association,
you'll be my first port of call.
-Please, guv
-No please, just get in your cell!
Please, Sir.
Do as you're told,
you little fucking scroat!
What the fuck are you doing?
Fuck's sake, man.
(sn/llTl-lY GRuNTING)
SMITHY: Come on, come on.
JAMIE: You fuck!
Oh, fuck. Hit the alarm!
SAM: Out of the fucking way.
DEANO: Move your fucking sloppy bollocks
away from me.
OFFICER: Calm down, calm down.
SAM: What do want me to do?
DEANO: Right, bring his Knees up.
Let's get him up.
JAMIE: Fucking hell.
MAN: Heard you were in the forces?
Right, I'm popping off.
Yeah, popping out for a fag
and that'll be me too.
Cheers for today.
DEANO: How do you think
he got the job on the wing?
Why do you think I insisted?
And you can shut up. That is so wrong.
-it's true, though.
-You are so out of order.
It's a complete fallacy,
men can multi task,
I can have a shit and read the paper.
that's about the level of it, yeah,
go have a beer
and a fag at the same time.
DEANO: Watch porn and have wank
CHARLIE: Ah, seriously does it...
You're fucking filth.
Oh, come on,
get the beers in someone, mine's flat.
Fucking great when a punch
really connects, innit?
Oi, I'm talking to you.
Yeah, it's a bit different
when someone's ready for you, eh?
You what?
Listen, sunshine.
Let me tell you something
about working in the nick, all right?
Rule number one, and I don't give a fuck
about what they tell you in training,
don't fuck about with other screws.
Is that clear?
Look, it's my first day.
I'm just learning the ropes.
I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Cheers, mate, I appreciate it.
You're all right.
DEANO: What the fuck
do you think you're doing?
Stand back from him!
Stand away from him!
You listening to me?
Told ya, didn't I?
You watch it.
Stand here and look out!
Happy days?
Let's get fucking wankered!
-All right, boss?
-I'm good, thanks!
You'll soon realise that
the likes of you and me
we've got more in common
with some of the cons.
Eddie seems all right, though.
Eddie? Eddie's one of the best.
Don't know how to play the game.
(LAUGHS) Terry Titface.
The only way to do this job
is to cover your arse
or better still, surround yourself
with people who can cover it for you.
Understand? Go!
The screws are coming.
Hold them off. Hold them off.
Oi, Del?
All right, guv?
Del, get rid of that
fucking thing, will ya?
Well, the thing is that
I really have to make this phone call.
Two seconds, Mateau,
or I bounce you down the block.
Follow my lead.
Where did you get it from?
DEANO: You're trading with Souza, guv?
You're talking to me now,
not some mug.
Where is it and who did you get it from?
Before I get the hump.
No, no.
Honestly, I've got nothing on me.
Pull your pants down.
You stand there, Steadman
DEL; l have got nothing.
-DEANO: Pull your pants down.
-No, you can't do that.
Oi, fuck off.
SAM: Deano!
DEANO: Hello, Comms,
this is Delta-three,
two prisoners under restraint, cell 27.
Please send in some staff
to relocate them to the seg, overt
COMMS: That's heard, Delta-three.
STEADMAN: Well, hey, new boy.
You got a good uppercut
You got a good uppercut, boy.
SAM: Shut your fucking mouth.
I'm coming back later
and you're going to tell me
where you got it from.
Cold turkey in the segs, Steadman,
I'll enjoy watching that.
STEADMAN: Ah, I love you, Deano.
Prisoners, get in your cell now.
Go easy on him?
That's my stash, not his.
DEANO: Get that crackhead
out of my sight.
Shut your noises
or you'll fly down those stairs.
Right, into your cells, now!
DEANO: Start banging them up!
You, into your cell now.
DEANO: See you down the seg,
I'll put the kettle on.
SAM: Come on, show's over!
DEANO: Come on,
you lot in your cells, now!
And you!
So what, you like a fight, yeah, bruv?
In your cell.
See this.
This is real war,
not over there with those rag heads.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I know you, bro!
No, we've never met.
Didn't say that we had.
SAM: Sir.
Deano, where's the bend up
papers live?
Over there!
You stopped Steadman
from cutting Deano a second arsehole
You did good, mate.
Thank you, sir.
Place is full of cowards, Sam.
Who'd blame anyone for kicking
the fuck out of them pair of scroats?
You must have done all right
in your control
and restraint techniques at training?
I told you already,
it was done strictly by the book,
you'll see that in the arresting sheet
and the bend up papers.
Come on, Sam. Governer
What was that all about?
Fucking career animal
does it every time.
There's nothing
the powers that be love more
than a governor who's big
on prisoner welfare.
Keenan's always looking for an
excuse to throw one of us to the lions.
You what?
It's good for his career good
and it shows he's a reformist,
it shows he won't tolerate violence
towards prisoners.
That's why I was trying to trip you up.
Now you've seen it for yourself,
you understand me?
Hey, what's the story
on that con, Truman?
Just seems a bit cocky.
Oh, don't you worry about Truman.
I'll take care of him.
I'm not worried about him.
Just wondered who he was, that's all.
He reckons he makes more money
from in here than he did on the outside.
SAM: What, you know he's at it
and we don't stop him?
We'll spin his shell from time to time,
but sometimes it's better
the devil you know.
And he's never been
caught with anything?
Way too smart to have it around him.
Besides, he's got too many people
into his dirty work.
You'd be surprised how many screws
have had their mortgages paid off,
thanks to Truman.
(lvluslc PLAYING)
SAM: Here's the thing, though.
How do they think
they'll get away with it?
It's the smell,
when you walk olown the corridor,
you can smell it immediately.
JAMIE: They got away with it
because they doh't fucking give e shit.
SAM: But don't they end up in the seg
like every week?
I tell you what, the only good thing is,
they go down like
a sack of potatoes when you hit them!
Yep, it helps.
JAMIE: D, you did brilliant, though,
Fucking slasher, where were you
when that bastard hit me?
DEANO: Learn to duck!
I'm just going to nip for a piss,
I won't be a sec.
JAMIE: If it weren't
for that fucking Cunningham.
DEANO: Cunt!
He's a fucking liability.
JAMIE: It was him who Started it,
I got caught and then
I ended up taking a punch.
Fucking prick!
You know what he looks like,
he looks like a fucking robocop
when he takes his mask off!
-CURTIS: Yeah.
Having a good night?
Yeah, good laugh.
I'm gonna have to get back
to the missus though.
You're a fucking lightweight.
Sam, want a Iivener?
-It's a bit hypocritical, ain't it?
-Nah, listen.
We lock people up
that we caught breaking the law.
Keenan, I want my fucking brown.
I want my fucking gear!
Get me my fucking gear!
I'm gonna spread this cunt
over the fucking walls.
You hear me?
Keenan, you can stick
your fucking methadone up your arse.
I want my fucking smack!
I want my fucking smack!
You listening, Keenan?
He ain't calming down
and he's got a hostage.
I think we should negotiate some more.
We can get this under control.
I am going to fucking kill this prick.
Come on, then, you fucking cunts.
Let's be having ya!
STEADMAN: This fucking prick
is running out of time because of you!
Keenan, are you fucking listening to me?
Sit down!
Sit down, you're fucking mine. Huh!
Come on!
I want my fucking gear!
RUMPOLE: You worry about your audits,
and leave me to deal
with the fucking maniacs.
Lads, we are going in!
That's a fucking decision.
RUMPOLE: Steadman, I am
giving you a direct order,
get to the back of your cell.
Fuck off, Rumpole, you fat cunt!
RUMPOLE: Hello, Terry, come on!
DEANO: Down, down, get this fuck down!
Now... Down!
STEADMAN: I want my fucking meds!
RUMPOLE: Shut your
fucking mouth, Steadman!
STEADMAN: I want my meds!
RUMPOLE: Calm down, you Know the ropes.
That's it. Cuffed!
Put your head up, Deano!
I'm getting too fucking old
for this shit.
STEADMAN: Rumpole, Rumpole,
I want my meds,
get me my meds, Rumpole, please!
RUMPOLE: Come on, Steadman,
you Know where you're going.
Head up, son.
JAMIE: You'll get your meds
when you calm down!
DEANO: If we're lucky
we might get last orders.
I wouldn't mind, overtime, mate!
Steadman, I am going to give you
some direct orders now.
You are to comply with them
or you stay on the floor.
-Do you understand?
-STEADMAN: Yes, guv.
Bring your knees to your chest.
When I say step, step forward.
Step! Stop!
(GASPING) Oh, fuck.
Oscar One, nurse required, D 2-18.
Repeat, nurse required, D 2-18.
-Fuck! Fucking hell!
Fucking help me, Panos!
Come on.
Lift him up, lift him up!
(PANTING) Fuck. Fuck. Come on.
CURTIS: it's all right, son.
You all right, Sam?
Shall we eat, babes?
He's not too cold, is he?
No, he's fine, I just put a blanket on,
he's got his hat on, he's fine.
SAM: I found a swinger.
I've told you I'm not into that.
What's a swinger?
Bloke in his cell, hung himself.
What? Dead?
Yeah, of course!
Oh, my God, that's terrible.
Why'd he do that?
I don't know!
It weren't just that though.
Oh, Toby, you stink.
I'm going to have to change
him in a sec.
Sorry, babes, carry on.
Nah, it's all right.
My God, his poor family.
Wouldn't want to be the one
who has to go and tell them, would you?
Yeah, that would be a terrible job.
Right, I'll be back in a minute.
DEANO: Hello.
Deano, you all right?
Yeah, I'm Hive.
What you up to later?
You fancy meeting for a few beers?
(lvluslc PLAYING)
-Have a good one.
-Yeah, of course.
Hey, hey, Deane.
How you've been, mate, you all right?
Always a pleasure, son,
always a pleasure.
Mate of mine Sam.
Sam, nice to meet you, mate,
how you doing?
So what do you think?
It's what I'm fucking talking about.
Hello, baby, you all right?
-You all right?
-Yeah. (KISSES)
This is Sam. Sam, this is Jade.
Nice to meet you.
How about that?
Service with a smile, look.
See ya later.
-To us!
-To us!
Listen, Sam, Sam, come
back to mine afterwards.
I have a little place above
a curry house, so we'll have a ruby.
There's plenty of booze,
she's coming back.
Play your cards right, the palm
reader might come with you, yeah?
Fancy having your palm read tonight?
Want some help?
I thought you'd never ask.
Go on, son, crack on.
Savoured that one, didn't you?
Thank you.
Look at the state of him.
-What do you reckon, babe, come to bed?
it's her fucking fault.
I know... I know that.
And she was scared...
You're not big enough, so...
He's big enough.
You pay Max his money?
Yeah, but he's asking
for more, isn't he?
You pay him what I tell you to pay him,
but make sure you pay him on time.
I'm paying him on time, he said to me
that you're not got giving him enough.
EDDIE: Please tell me
you ain't shagging her.
I got a missus, ain't I?
I know, I know.
Wives, girlfriends, they don't
understand what we go through.
-You're collecting?
-Yeah, of course.
How the kids going? All right, yeah?
They're fine, they're taking after you.
-Are they? Causing you grief.
-Causing me grief.
-Little fuckers!
Did you bring the stuff,
stick it in the cup.
-Stick it in the cup.
Yeah I will. Take it.
Atta girl, good girl.
I saw that!
You saw fuck all!
Get him out of here, he's just
been passed something.
-No, he fucking hasn't!
-You need your eyes tested, sweetheart.
You sweetheart me, you fucking prick!
Nah, leave it, leave it, let it go.
If we find anything on him,
you're getting done as well.
-Oh, yeah? Then fucking nick me, bitch!
Come on, Bear, let's have
you downstairs for a quick search.
Stupid fuckers, thinking they can
have one over on me.
-Shut you're fucking gob, you slut!
Fuck's sake!
I'll sort it out!
All right, let me explain
what's going to happen.
Fuck off! Get off me!
-Get off me...
-Fuck it! Fuck it!
Stay where you are. Stay calm.
Get off!
Get the fuck off me!
-Get off me, you cunts!
-Shut up!
Bingo. You all right, yeah?
Oh, God!
-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm all right.
Go on then! Go on then!
On your feet!
Stand up for the governor!
I'd like a word with our friend here.
And not that kind of word, Mr Norwood.
I want to talk to De Souza on my own.
-But, sir, Charliejust got...
-Thank you, Officer!
Get out.
Trust me, Eddie is not coming back.
Fuck's sake!
Bear's gotta be 25 stone,
Eddie hardly touched him.
Bottom corner.
Listen, what you got to understand is...
Since he got his compensation
from Wakefield nick,
he said two screws bashed
him up, it's complete bollocks
Bear's a high profile prisoner.
All eyes are on him.
Keenan can't believe his luck.
I mean, he couldn't have
scripted it better himself.
He's got Eddie just where he wants him.
And he will not let Eddie
off the hook, I'm telling you!
Oi, Sam!
What the fuck are you doing here, mate?
-Hey, mate, how are you?
-How are you, Neil?
-Good, I'm here for a cookery class!
-How are you?
How are you doing, mate?
Good to see you.
What about you two?
You can't be here to play snooker.
That'd mean staying
on your feet for too long.
Remember we told you we'd met
a bloke who was really well-connected,
-he's got top gear and all that?
That's him.
What, that cunt over there?
He's bringing someone in.
He's bringing us in for a meet
with his main man.
Yeah, he reckons...
Who the fuck are these two?
-They're mates of mine.
-I don't wanna know their fucking names,
I want them out of here.
Who the fuck are you?
-Do yourself...
Don't you fucking touch me!
Now you do yourself
a favour and you fuck off!
-I won't ask you twice!
-Sam, have a word, mate.
All right, Deano, back off, back off.
-Let it go boy, Deano, you can have...
-Sam, it's been a pleasure!
-I'll give you a bell.
Just leave it, Neil.
-Fucking prick!
-Go on, keep walking.
-Fuck off!
-Tough guy walking backwards, ain't ya?
Tough guy going backwards.
You fucking screw cunt!
Go on fuck off, you mug!
-Go on, keep walking.
-Fuck you!
Keep walking. Fucking tough guys
going out the door, aren't ya?
Fucking little prick!
What the fuck was that all about?
Jason, is the biggest
dealer on the manor.
He was one of mine back in the Scrubs.
Five months on remand, then
the fucking cunt got a "not guilty."
He had enough gear wrapped around him,
he was looking at 10 years minimum.
Friends of yours, are they?
-There at it, aren't they?
What did they say?
Pretty much the same thing.
Jason is big time well connected.
Said he was bringing
them here, to meet his boss.
Listen to me.
Don't you have anything to fucking
do with them, do you understand?
All right, come on. Let's go!
-Where we going?
-Titty bar, where else?
Guv, can I have a word?
What is it, Harris?
I'm going to be out
in a couple of weeks.
-That's good, mate!
What the hell am I going to do?
Get a trade, son.
You were a squaddie. Weren't you, guv?
STEADMAN: He's sewing up in front
of the entire fucking wing!
He's serving up in front of us.
Who the fuck is this cunt with?
I have absolutely no idea, Stead.
This has got to be nipped in the bud.
Or this is going to
be open season in this nick.
What do you want? I got white,
brown, skunk or anything you want...
Psst, psst
-All right, lads?
-How you doing, man?
Good, good, how are you?
I'm all right, man. You're looking good,
you've been working out?
Yeah, well, part of the job, mate.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's, uh...
What's he doing back on the wing?
Fat cunt alleged
Eddie assaulted him.
Keenan fucking loved that!
Eddie's been walked to the Gate,
and he is under investigation!
It's a fucking joke!
Keenan don't wanna
risk his chances of promotion.
So, we've been told,
we can't go near him.
That's a fuckin' liberty, that is!
No one in their right mind,
would fucking chin a bird.
Yeah, I know.
Anyway, see you lads later.
Yeah, ta-ta.
So, he's got a pass from the top.
No, I don't think we can
have that, can we?
So, are we on?
What you got, white or brown?
You don't need my gear, so jog on.
Just... Just cool your foot, man.
Just relax.
You know, we've both got
a bit of business in here.
Yeah, you got protection,
I run the landings.
I thought, maybe we could come
to some sort of arrangement.
Like what?
Why don't we talk back there?
Don't get shook.
If the screws can't touch you,
what the fuck am I going to do?
Heard we've been
having a bit of trouble.
I'm glad you've seen sense.
After you.
-it's exactly the same as my last nick.
Now that was fucking great!
I got paid compensation, and got to
batter the fuck out of those cunts!
-That's great, mate.
Yeah, and you know, I like
how you carry on as well.
All the supply you need, bruv
Yeah, wow, wow, that's great, man.
Because there's a reason, I don't
I don't give it all the bigun,
I don't act up.
You know why that is?
Have a guess, man.
Fuck, I don't know.
It's because I don't have to.
What the fuck were you thinking, bluol?
What the fuck were you thinking?
And what you think was
going to happen in here?
You don't run nothing in here, bludl
You don't run nothing! We run things!
-We run...
You don't run nothing! I run things!
I fucking run things, blud.
You know why people walk in here,
you know what they talk?
You know why people
fucking breath in here?
You know why people fucking
breath in here in here, blud?
It's because I allow them.
Truman, we gotta go, right now.
Come on, come on.
I'll tell ya what I'll do.
I'll have a word with my old
army careers officer for ya, all right?
Sweet, guv
(sHUsHING) Fuck.
Oh, fuck!
Fuck it!
Fuck, ah!
-What are you doing?
Fucking tired!
(SIGHS) I think you've had enough,
don't you?
And why don't you answer
your fucking phone?
Or is that a bit too much
like communicating?
I can't get the...
What's happened to you?
I cooked us dinner.
I thought we might have an early night.
I don't know why I bother,
the state you come home in.
Wouldn't make any difference.
KEENAN: Come in, Mr Norwood.
As you are aware, allegations have
been made against Mr Casper.
Mr Casper has been suspended
from duty, as I'm sure you know.
There is also a full police
investigation being carried out.
Actual bodily harm is not
something I will ignore.
Hang on, the only actual
bodily harm I saw
was 25 stone of liberty-taking con
punching an eight stone girl,
trying to do her job.
That's not how Mr Huntingdon saw it.
Huntingdon. (SCOFFS)
That useless, bottling fucking prick!
He didn't even get there
until it was all over.
You have a career, Sam.
Certain members of staff
have no place in the job.
And I'll do whatever it takes
to have them removed.
Those who work with me, so to speak,
can have a long
and prosperous time here.
Like Huntingdon.
Just like Huntingdon, yeah!
Here is De Souza's allegation.
It's been corroborated by Mr Huntingdon.
This is utter bollocks,
you can't actually believe that.
He spat at Eddie, and
Eddiejust pushed him away.
He punched a female prison
officer in the fucking face!
Eddie deserves a medal for not
fucking filling him in.
Why do you think the cons
took care of him?
Now look, you've got a very clear and
simple choice before you, Mr Norwood.
Confirm these allegations.
Or I will have no alternative
but to assume
you were complicit
in the events that took place.
You're suspending me as well?
Oh, no, you can continue doing your job.
However, you will be under both,
internal and police investigation.
This is fucking shit!
I'm going to talk to my union rep.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
I mean, you'll need Rumpole
to accompany you to the police station
as you make your statement.
You what?
You should think very carefully, Sam.
Abuse of power,
or covering it up, is very serious.
You won't just lose your job, son.
You could find yourself on the wrong
side of the prison door.
Not very smart for an ex-screw.
Think of your family
and do what's right.
MAN: Yeah, he's not here.
Keenan wanted Eddie out.
Eddie wouldn't play the game.
He did the job
how it's supposed to be done.
You don't exactly play
by the rules, do you?
No, but I understand the rules.
I know when to doff my cap too,
and when to button it.
It's not...
Look, it's like I said that first day,
this job ain't for everyone,
it's a fucking paradox.
The hard bit isn't dealing with
the scroats, it's covering your arse.
-But Keenan didn't even listen to me...
-Oh, fuck Keenan!
Sometimes you get a good governor.
He ain't one of them.
Mr Norwood.
I'm Detective Inspector Gordon.
This is D.S. Dunn.
Follow me, please.
-What the fuck's all this?
-Sam Norwood,
I'm arresting you on suspicion of
causing actually bodily harm.
-You do not have to say anything.
Anything you do or say may be
used as evidence in the court of law.
Can I have your laces and
your belt please?
What's going on? What's going on here?
What's it all about?
He's being arrested,
so he goes in a cell!
No fucking chance!
-Don't be stupid.
-Don't you fucking touch me!
Get him in that fucking cell!
Leave it to me!
I'll take care of it!
RUMPOLE: I want to see your governor!
And I want to fucking see him now!
Listen, he came down
here to be arrested.
So he's been arrested, all right?
You're making a big
fucking mistake here.
-Shut up!
-You've made a big mistake!
-Oh, should I?
-You should come with me.
You're such a ladies' boy.
Oh, dear, you're so...
You should bring your friend.
She's taken!
More wine, guys? There you go!
-WOMAN: Thank you!
-Oh, yeah, I'm a red man myself.
-You look like one.
Well, Malcolm was just saying he
just came back from the Grand Prix.
DANIELLE: Whereabouts?
WOMAN: For the ladies.
-Oh, for the ladies!
-For the ladies.
(lvluslc PLAYING)
Are you just going to sit there,
or are you going to help me.
Oi, oi, oi! Turn it back on.
I can't do this any more, Sam.
This job's destroying you.
Turn the fucking telly back on!
Is it the job destroying you?
Or is it that fucking shit
you keep shoving up your nose?
You make me sick!
Your son's birthday party!
In front of all our guests!
All our family, our friends!
Like, like that fucking cunt,
who I've never met before, that friend?
Who you spent the whole afternoon,
chatting up.
You mean Malcolm?
Don't be so ridiculous!
Oh, Malcolm!
So I do mean Malcolm, yeah!
Ah, fuck off!
What's Malcolm do, eh?
What, is he a lawyer,
an accountant, is it?
-He works in the City!
Yeah, works in the fucking City,
does he?
I wonder how Malcolm would be
if he had some fucking nonce
whispering in his ear.
Explaining exactly what it is
he likes doing little kids.
You think he gets a lot of that,
down the City.
Do you think Malcolm has to
watch a lot of mad cunts,
cut chunks of flesh out
of their own body?
Get a lot of that, does he?
No, wait, how about if he had some
junkie, who's smacked out of his head,
who's trying to bite a fucking
chunk out of Malcolm's throat?
And on top of that
he's got some spineless
governor slap him under investigation.
Do you think Malcolm would
like a nice fucking day at my office?
0 Ya?
Babe, what are you
under investigation for?
For fuck's sake!
Sam, I've always been here.
You just never...
Don't fucking touch me!
You don't want to talk to me any more?
'Cause we got fuck all to talk about.
Yeah, you're right!
We have got fuck all to talk about.
We've had fuck all to talk
about, for ages now, haven't we?
Where have you gone?
(SIGHS) Just go.
Yeah, I think I will.
What? That'S it?
After seven years,
you're just going to fuck off?
You got anything to say to me?
Kiss Toby for me.
It's funny how this place
changes you, innit?
You know if you really think about it,
you realise what a small world it is
and that me and you probably have
more in common than you think!
Both have a problem
sticking to the rules.
Both have got a bit of history,
you know!
I'll tell ya what we've got in common.
It's not the best paying job
in the world, though, is it?
No one appreciates you.
Governors as crooked as half the cons.
Can't blame a man
trying to look after himself,
especially if he's got a family.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, bruv,
I told you, I know you.
What? What, did you think
you were special?
You think you were
the first ex-squaddie in here,
with your flashbacks
and your nightmares?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You think the prison service
is going to help them,
and they are going to make it worse,
bruv, with their pressure,
and their politics and their stress
but you see me, bruv,
I can help you.
I can make you a fuckload of money
and assimilate you into our
sort of little family if you will.
Let's get one thing straight.
You're the convict, I carry the keys.
Well, that's not very nice, is it?
You're real meanie sometimes.
No wonder your missus left you
and took the kid.
Is that how you speak to her, Sam?
You call me Mr Norwood!
Let me explain something to you,
you might not know about me, Mr Norwood,
I don't offer twice,
and I don't like being turned down,
that's something I learnt
when I was in school,
when Tammy Fletcher's older brother
came and said, "No" to me for her.
I'm going to tell you the same thing
that I told him, yeah?
You better look left and right
every time you leave this fucking gate,
'cause you have no idea
how far my influence stretches.
You understand me, bruv?
And you make sure you sleep
with one eye open,
'cause you were right about one thing.
I don't play by the rules.
Some International Ladies Day,
this Scouse bird,
she drags me into this limo,
get me hand on her arse
and she's got no knickers on,
so I ain't fucking about here,
I stick my hand straight
between her legs, she says,
"Hey, you, tits first."
If you are going to do that,
do it in your cell!
Get your hand out of your pockets.
Oi! Get your hand out!
Wait, where'd they go?
Stop what you're doing.
You got anything you shouldn't have?
I said have you got
anything you shouldn't have?
-Hold up, Persy, are you sure?
-No! I've got this bang to rights.
Everything all right here?
Curtis, what is the problem?
You're not going to show me!
Curtis, talk to me.
Curtis, what are you doing?
Curtis, leave it to works!
Curtis, what are you doing?
Steadman Don't do
anything stupid, Steadman!
I believe it's over!
All right, cuff him!
Right, you two get his bag and tagged.
Take him down to security, yeah?
I can't get my head around the fact
that Steadman went so easily,
took it lying down.
That's totally out of character!
-There has to be something more to this.
-it's just a massive find.
Fucking dark horse!
-You never said you had an informant.
He approached me,
said I was the only one he could trust.
'Cause the other day, right,
Truman tried to tap me up
to bring in a load of gear.
You don't want to keep that to yourself.
You should go to security
and cover your arse.
Don't be so melodramatic.
So, what did you say to him?
What do you think I said to him?
So come on then, Curtis,
tell us who he is.
And what, give up his grass?
Give over! (LAUGHING)
Here, he reckons he's got something
to give me that's massive.
JAMIE: Did he say what? What, drugs?
I mean, come on.
It ain't going to be any fucking bigger
than he's already given you.
-Yeah, that's true.
All that gear! Plus, Truman and Steadman
are completely fucked
when that stuff comes back
from forensics.
Don't get much bigger than that.
CURTIS: He said it is.
And I tell you what.
I reckon I've got him that fucking close
to him telling me.
-Let's go again!
-Yeah, can I get a pint, please?
-A half, I'm driving!
-SAM: I'm talking to him, not you.
(LAUGHS) You offered!
Can you drop us to Boleyns
on your way home?
-Yeah, yeah, no probs, man!
-DEANO: Sweet!
CHARLIE: You going out again?
JAMIE: I'm going to give him a hand.
I'll be back in a minute.
CHARLIE: Are you going
to that dirty titty bar?
DEANO: Yes, I am going
to that titty bar again!
CHARLIE: So predictable!
DEANO: Need to get a bigger car, mate!
CURTIS: You need to lose some weight!
You know what, Deano,
I think I'm going to give it a swerve.
Don't be ridiculous,
what you talking about?
He's got four new birds.
No, seriously.
I don't think I can do it tonight.
You're being ridiculous.
You have a good night, all right.
Sam, you sure?
-I can't do it, I can't do it!
Sam, I'll pay!
What's the matter with you?
Have a good night, Deane.
You're getting a boring cunt,
you know that!
-All right if I stay with you tonight?
-CURTIS: Sure, no probs!
How's things, Clive?
SAM: Are you sure
Linda ain't going to mind?
CURTIS: Oh, no, she'll be fine.
She loves having visitors,
you know that!
-Kids be asleep?
-Yeah, they should be,
it's way past their bed time.
SAM: Fuck!
Curtis! Oh, God!
I need an ambulance,
someone I need an ambulance.
Quick! We need an ambulance here!
I need an ambulance!
RUMPOLE: We are prison officers.
Not judge, jury and executioner.
Now I know some of you
have your own ideas
about who's behind
the shooting of Curtis.
But we know fuck all.
When we do, it's a different story!
Do I make myself crystal?
That's all!
Don't worry. I'll look after it!
TRUMAN: What you doing, bruv?
What the fuck did you put
this shit on my plate for?
Give me my fucking beans.
What are you looking at you, dickhead!
What are you doing putting
this shit on my fucking plate, bruv?
You get what you're given,
now jog on, you fucking prick!
(LAUGHS) You know what, bruv
Just for your own health, you know,
I don't think you should
take things so seriously.
Move yourself!
It can't be the first friend of yours
that got shot, man.
I guess at least out there
you kinda knew who the enemy was!
How's Danielle and Toby,
by the way? (LAUGHS)
Get up!
-Fuck it...
Yeah, you mess with my fucking family...
SAM: Come here. Come here!
You and me! You and me.
Is that all you got, bruv?
You enjoy that, yeah?
Is that all you've got, bruv?
ls that all you've got?
TRUMAN: All right then, mate, let me go!
It's nothing, it's nothing.
It's all minor, it's minor.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Look, look, look, look, nothing.
Look, look, look. Have a look, nothing.
What are you all looking at?
What the hell do you think
you're doing, huh? Huh?
Do you want Keenan to sack you?
Do you want to end up going down
over some cunt like Truman, eh?
What he's done, Rumpole
I don't give a fuck what he's done.
You leave it at the gate.
RUMPOLE: Go home
and get a grip!
What do you mean, "Go home"?
Well, you're no good
to me like this, are you?
You're acting like a fragglel
I'm all right. I'll stay.
It wasn't an offer.
I want you out of here
so I can clean up your mess,
and you'd better pray
that no one makes a complaint.
That's what Keenan wants,
what with you
under investigation already!
You're on thin ice, Sam,
make sure it don't break.
JAMIE: See you tomorrow, lads!
All right, you mongrel cunt.
it's you, innit?
You're working for Truman.
Curtis tells us about his grass
and you disappear.
Who the fuck you calling? (GRUNTING)
JAMIE: Stupid bastard!
It's not me, you twat!
SAM: You fucking liar!
You're bent! You're scum!
Fucking look at you!
Are you out of your mind?
You're fucking insane! Get up!
Up! Come on, get up!
Get up! Hold on to the car!
Look, I didn't mean to hit you then!
I am not fucking bent.
I'm onto you!
I fucking saw you on your phone,
right after Curtis told us
about his grass.
-I made a...
-I fucking saw you
on your phone, you cunt!
So I made a fucking call!
Who were you fucking calling?
'Cause Curtis is fucking dead!
Get your fucking hands off me.
Look I'm not meant to tell anyone,
I'm working for Intel.
That call that I made was to Roberts,
the security guv
I was calling to see if he could
find out who Curtis' grass was.
What, is it all making sense now?
Look, what has fucking gotten into ya?
Your life is literally crumbling.
(sNll=l=s) rm an right!
You're not all right!
I'm all right!
Come on, let's, um...
Let's have a drink!
I am not getting a drink!
Just leave your car here.
-Don't drink any more tonight.
-Have a fucking drink with me! Come on!
-I can't, Ican't I have to go!
-Fuck off! Fuck off then, all right!
Eh, come on! Let's have a fucking drink.
-I can't!
-Come on, have a fucking drink!
I'll see you tomorrow!
Come for a fucking drink!
SAM: Deano, mate, it's me!
Look, man, I could really use a talk.
Uh, can you call me back when you get
this? I'm outside the snooker club.
Have a few beers, yeah?
Yeah, all right. Um, well,
I'll talk to you later!
DEANO: Well, I've had it
about a couple of weeks now.
It took me about a month
'cause I had special extras on it.
It's all singing, all dancing.
-Take care, yeah.
-See ya later.
MAN: Deano, Deano!
-DEANO: You all right, mate?
Some cases of wine
arrived for you this morning,
they're in my office.
Couldn't do me a favour and run them up
to my flat for me, could you?
Take a case for you
and your missus, yeah?
-Ah, cheers, Deano
-Enjoy, yeah! See ya later, mate.
-Thank you!
DANIELLE: Babe, I am sorry about Curtis!
I did try and call you. I tried.
I was waiting for you.
I was thinking about...
The time when we met
at the fair ground.
And you and Lisa were
on the olodgems (LAUGHS)
I thought...
I thought you'd notice me.
I kept coming up and crashing into you.
(CRYING) I keep crashing into things!
It's all fucked up!
It's all fucked up!
I am all fucked up.
No, you're not.
You fucked up. Massively.
You fucked up!
But I am here, I'm right here!
I'm not going anyvvhere
-You've got me.
Come here! Come here.
It's going to be all right!
Ah, bollocks
All right, Neil.
Look, I need to ask
you two some questions.
I need you to tell me everything
you know about this Jason character.
Is this a fucking joke, Sam?
-You're taking the piss, ain't you?
No, I'm absolutely serious.
Look, one of my colleagues
has been shot dead,
and I think this Jason character
has got something to do with it.
Yeah, and we don't know fuck all
about anything all right, mate!
I can tell when you're lying, Neil!
What makes you think we should tell you
anything after what's happened to us!
Sam, we aren't even in
with Jason any more...
-Don't tell him anything!
-But we are not, Neil.
-Don't say anything!
-Is this because of Truman?
You know what,
you got some fucking nerve, Sam.
Yeah, if you want answers,
go speak to Truman
'cause he's the one that cut us out!
Yeah, that fat bastard
you were playing snooker with!
Nah! That's my workmate, Deano.
Truman's been banged up for years.
Well, fucking Deano, Truman,
you, Jason, whoever.
You're all working together, Sam!
And there's me thinking
you weren't into drugs.
Yeah, it's nice to know
who you're fucking friends are, mate!
You think I'm involved in this?
How long have you known me?
How long you known me, Ricky?
All right. So you are telling us
you've got nothing to do with this?
I've got nothing to do with this.
NEIL: Look, I don't know what to say.
But that fellow you work with,
you need to stay away from him!
He's bent!
Jamie, it's me,
you know who that grass is?
Not yet, but we are close.
We 're getting really close.
Well, you need to find him and fast!
You ain't going to believe
what I've just heard.
-it's Deano.
-You what?
I'm fucking serious.
A/I right, listen.
Have you told anyone else?
-No, I onlyjust found out now!
-All right, good!
Get over here to the well and I'll sort
a meeting out with Roberts.
I'm on my way.
Bang up.
Come on, bang up.
Come on lads, let's have you up.
Bang up!
Panos, behind your doors!
Fuck off!
Go on behind your doors, bang up!
Come on!
Bang up!
Can we have your back
to your cells, please!
Come on, let's move!
-Fat Cunt!
Bang up!
Ah, come on, boss, it's play time!
Come on, lads, bang up!
Let's have you behind your door, Truman!
Let's have you behind your...
Come on, you fat cunt!
Come and take it!
How do you like it, you fat cunt?
Comms, from Delta-three,
we've lost control of D wing!
Come on, get to the screws!
Make sure!
More staff required!
I repeat we have lost control of D wing!
More staff required!
You're not going fucking
anywhere, screw!
All right, all right. Calm down!
Calm the fuck down.
Get in your fucking cell!
Get in your fucking cell!
Get in the fucking cell!
Get a fucking guard! (GRUNTING)
Back up! Jamie, fucking help me!
Deano and Truman
have got Curtis' grass.
That's what this is all about.
They're gonna fucking kill him.
-Where is he?
-Off to the showers, go on!
Right, who wants some!
Get against the fucking wall!
Go on, go!
Come on!
(PANTING) Where is he?
What have you fucking done with him?
-He's not here, Jamie.
-Of course, he fucking isn't, you prick!
Curtis was the only one
who knew who the fucking grass was,
now it's just you that won't let it go.
What, you work for Truman as well?
You still don't get it, do you?
Truman works for us.
You showed so much promise.
So much promise!
You fucking disgust me!
You fucking fragglel
(SCOFFS) You could've brought
so much to the party,
you could've cleaned up!
I ain't going down for no one!
Not even you!
What did you fucking do to Curtis?
-You fucking killed him!
-JAMIE: Shut the fuck up, you dick.
Curtis was sniffing too close.
We've got fucking too much to lose!
And you thought I went away
to call someone else to shoot him.
Listen, son, we fucking do
our own dirty work around here!
You fucking murdering lowlife!
JAMIE: Shit!
Fucking good effort,
you little fucking prick!
A good thing about a riot is
anyone could've done ya!
You listen to me. We got two of yours.
Two of yours back here.
Yeah, so far...
So far, no one's bloody laid a finger
-on their pretty little heads...
-All right.
-Their fucking shame!
-Just give us back the wing!
Fuck off, seriously, fuck off!
If it makes you feel any better,
I couldn't do it.
Even Jamie weren't that keen.
Fortunately for us,
Truman insisted on doing the honours!
Know the whole time
this has been going on,
there's only been one thought
going through my mind.
That I'm not doing
any more jail time for you!
(PANTING) You've still got
a lot to learn!
You disgusting, bent cunt!
Truman, go get some help!
You're my insurance, man,
I ain't going anywhere,
any fucking where!
You fucking stay there. You don't die.
MAN 1: When I say stand up,
you will stand up.
-Do you understand?
-SAM: Yes!
MAN 2: Stand up!
Now move forward!
I'll sing like a fucking canary
about Deano and his whole network
if I get a lesser sentence for Bear.
And I want a Cat D move.
I have a...
.shall we say, "special relationship"
with Mr De Souza.
I'm sure we can work something out.
Thank you, gentlemen,
and well done, Sam.
Mr Truman and I have one or two
things to discuss. That will be all.
So what you got for me, bruv?
I admire you, you know.
Coming back here day after day.
Well, someone's got
to look after the place.
Thank you.
For everything.
You're a good lad, Sam.
I've got to go!
Let's go home!