Sea Change (2017) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
Help! Help!
[music continues]
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
Excuse me. Any chance
you're interested to tour?
We're offering special on
New England architectural
elements featuring..
No, thanks.
Cornices aren't my thing.
Yeah, me neither.
...your first time
on the island?
- I was actually born here.
- That's impossible!
Been in summering in Selkie my
whole life. I'd remember you.
Did you just turn summer
into a verb?
I did.
- I'm TJ.
- Miranda.
You're Amelia's daughter.
- You know Amelia?
- Well, yeah.
I mean,
it's a pretty small island.
'Everyone knows everyone.'
I suppose you do sorta
look alike.
I wouldn't know.
I haven't seen her
since I was preverbal.
My dad kind of died
and Amelia's my next of kin.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah, thanks.
Well, brace yourself.
The return of Amelia's
long lost daughter
is gonna be the biggest news
around here since..
...general store was robbed
like ten years ago.
Any chance I'll be no news?
- Probably not.
- Okay.
'So how long are you in town?'
I don't know.
I don't even know
where I'm going to live.
The address
my social worker gave me
just said, "The Mariner."
New Englanders still practice
the fine old tradition
of naming our homes.
I live in Beauport.
You can tell it's fancy
'cause it's French.
Wanna see your new pad?
Wait, like right now?
Come on.
[instrumental music]
I never loved
anyone like this
It's so hard
To be still
Come around again
Lead me on your way
Back home
Straight ahead.
'The big green one's
The Mariner.'
Home sweet home.
'See that house down there?'
'That's Beauport.
Door's always open.'
I know the island looks raw,
but it's actually pretty sweet
once you get used to
living in a digital desert.
Please tell me that doesn't mean
what I think it means.
No cell tower on the island.
Or internet.
Except for
the coffee shop in town.
Worried about that boyfriend
of yours back in..
Portland. Nice try.
In years
You gave me what I want
You gave me what I want
You gave me what I want
You gave me what I want
I got nothin' left
[music continues]
For some reason I thought Maine
would be a little more rustic.
Oh, this is nothin'.
Wait till you see
some of the yachts at the club.
Including yours?
'Hey, TJ!'
- Friend?
- Girlfriend, actually. Kind of.
- Right.
- Hey, hottie with a body.
God, I missed you!
Oh, is this the Miller's new
au pair.
Do you speak English?
Uh, Ginny,
this is Amelia's daughter.
Oh, my God!
I am so embarrassed.
I, I saw those cut-offs
and I just assumed..
- Sorry.
- I'm Miranda.
Ginny Cunningham.
I would invite you to come
to the club with us
but I'm sure you and Amelia
have a ton of catching up to do.
- Yeah.
- Oh, there's Quire.
- She has the party favors.
- 'Oh!'
Bobby's already waiting for us.
Yeah, well, uh,
I'll catch up with ya.
Okay, well, hurry up.
Well, guess I better
get this over with.
Sure you don't want back-up?
I don't mean to brag
but moms love me.
Wish I could say the same.
[instrumental music]
How was the ride over?
Oh, you-you must be starving.
Let's get you home.
[instrumental music]
This place is huge.
What do you do? I..
I tried Googling you
but I didn't find much.
Greg never told you
anything about me?
Didn't ask.
Well, um, I got my degree
in art history.
But, right now, I mostly write.
Exhibition announcements,
art reviews..
That kinda thing.
What about you? Any hobbies?
- 'Or do you play sports?'
- Uh, no.
Hand-eye coordination
isn't really one of my skills.
You get that from me.
I can't throw a ball five feet.
My bag is kind of heavy.
Can you show me
where I'm sleeping?
'This way.'
[indistinct music]
Hey. Is your vision
getting worse?
'Cause your crazy hot girlfriend
is over there
'getting easier
by the second.'
Not sure want to be
tied down this summer.
Okay. Just let me know
when you're done with her.
'Cause I'm totally down
for sloppy seconds.
Alright! All aboard!
'Oh, cheers.'
God, I love summer.
Hey, I heard you met
Amelia's daughter on the ferry.
- I did.
- 'Okay.'
So tell me everything.
I don't know. She seemed
pretty cool, I guess.
What's her deal? Why has she
never been here before?
Okay, her mom and my mom
are like best friends.
And she said the divorce
was like, super-messy.
Apparently, she grew up
in Portland with her dad.
- Guess he died pretty suddenly.
- 'Tragic!'
Let's invite her to the club
tomorrow and get the story.
Why? So she can offend us
all with that flannel?
Shit! Hey, dad.
This your idea of discussion?
Hey! Whatever,
we're all friends here.
Don't look at me.
I didn't touch it.
Ginny, have you heard
from your parents today?
Uh, yeah, right.
They're in Paris. Why?
I got a call
from the dock master.
Your cousin went for a dive
and didn't come back.
Now did she tell you she was
prepping for an overnight?
Kit is fine,
she will show up tomorrow
with some fish skeleton and
like a three-hour explanation
on why it's a prehistoric fossil
or something.
Okay. Just uh, uh,
do me a favor.
Gimme a call when she turns up.
Okay. Sure.
Surin Beach?
Let me know
if you hear anything.
You hate it.
No. I-it's good.
You know..
...we should talk about where
you'll go for senior year.
- Do I get a say in that?
- Of course, you do.
It's your future.
Didn't get a choice
about coming here.
I know how close
you and dad were.
And what a nightmare
this has got to be. But..
It's gonna be
a really long summer
if you're not willing
to give this a chance.
So, what is there to do
around here?
Well, have you
ever been sailing?
We could take
the boat out tomorrow.
Or there's a pool
at the club.
We could order lunch
and go for a swim.
I don't know how.
Greg never taught you?
- Dad couldn't swim, either.
- Oh, of course, he could.
He was a life guard
all through college.
I didn't know that.
[spoon clanks]
[instrumental music]
Is it okay
if I go for a run?
Sure. There's a path
to the dunes.
Uh, make sure you turn around
when you reach the bluffs.
Hey, do you want me
to come with you?
I'm trying too hard.
Aren't I?
A little, yeah.
Just be careful.
Street are docks
Frozen there
'Cause I saw
Stuck in the shallows
I saw
Stuck in the shallows
Stuck in the shallows
All around
[indistinct singing]
[waves crashing]
[eerie whispering]
[instrumental music]
[whispering continues]
'Hey! Hey.'
What are you doing?
I don't know.
You can't swim here.
But surfing
is totally fine?
Right. Well, we're good.
I'm not going back in.
I can't actually swim.
[whispering continues]
That sound.
I've never heard anything
like that before.
You heard that?
Uh, yeah.
I don't know.
Must've come
from one of the boats.
I'm Miranda.
Whoa. What happened there?
Boating accident.
[eerie music]
You should get going.
Water's coming in.
Yeah. Whoa.
[water gurgling]
It was nice to..
[eerie whispering]
[whispering continues]
- Miranda.
- Ha!
- Are you okay?
- What are you doing?
- Were you following me?
- You were gone a long time.
I was worried.
Sorry. I..
I just got spooked.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
[intense music]
[birds chirping]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[engine revving]
You're right.
The new girl's hot.
- Her name is Miranda.
- Miranda?
Well, did you hand Miranda
your balls outright
or did you just
put a sold sign on your junk?
- Shut up.
- Ha-ha.
You know, it just seems
like a lot of work
when Ginny's still dyin'
to climb that that
teach strip pole,
if you know what I'm saying.
Believe it or not,
I can decode
that sort of metaphor.
- Want that?
- Mm.
- Be right back.
- Alright.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
Couldn't manage one day
with outside contact?
Something like that.
I get it. Your boyfriend
probably misses you.
Yeah. Javier gets really upset
when I don't check in.
He's a bodybuilder.
So I don't like to make him mad.
Plus, I also
have to email social services
to let them know Amelia hasn't
locked me in the basement.
'Cause that's something
we're worried about.
Probably not.
One second.
Nelson here was actually
just wrapping things up.
Thanks, Nelson.
So, what do you
have to do tomorrow night?
I was thinking
a little brooding
maybe penning some
angsty poetry, for sure
avoiding awkward conversation
with my only living relative.
You know, the usual.
Tried out the whole
poetry thing for a while
after my mom passed away.
My eye in [indistinct]
definitely needs work.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thanks.
Anyway, if you get bored
of poetry, there's this thing
happening down at the yacht club
tomorrow night.
'Sort of an island tradition to
kick off the start of summer.'
You should come.
Good for angst-drowning.
- Yeah. Maybe.
- Alright.
I'll see you there.
[computer beeps]
[indistinct chatter]
[keys clacking]
[instrumental music]
- Oh, my gosh. You're Miranda.
- I'm Cece N. Cooper.
My mom told me not
to bother you this week
because you and your mom
have like tons of bonding
and whatever
to make up for, but
I'm pretty sure
she just said that
'cause her Botox
went a little wanky
and she's desperate
for company.
Anyways, I couldn't wait
to meet you.
Plus Ginny says
you're a total freak.
Which means,
we're gonna be BFFs.
- It's nice to meet you.
- What are you doing right now?
Do you want to grab
ice-cream with me?
My treat, I mean
not that I don't think
you can afford ice cream.
You don't seem
poor or anything.
I just...wanna be nice.
- I have to be somewhere.
- Okay.
Sorry, uh, you caught me
in weird moment.
- Cece, right?
- Right.
I guess
I'm having a hard time
coping with moving
to a small town
where everyone knows my height,
weight and shoe size.
Oh, no one
can get your shoe size.
I've been trying all day.
Ginny goes to Deerfield,
but, you know
my parents aren't into
the whole catholic-school thing.
Bobby and TJ go to Exeter.
Bobby's dad,
he used to play football.
But you know, he owns like seven
restaurants. He's a creeper.
And Kate's totally bulimic but
we all pretend not to notice.
And that sends her
toward the cove.
Everything else is tiny
which is better left
than explored.
[instrumental music]
Hey, what do you know about Leo?
Not much.
Townies usually
avoid the heirs.
- Heirs with an 'H?'
- Ah.
'It's what the townies call
the summer people'
''cause we all inherited land.'
Come on. Let's go say hi.
- N-no way. He's hot, but he's--
- What? Four?
Disturbed. There's a ton
of stories about that guy.
Leo. Hey.
What happened to your scars?
You seem very interested
in my body.
I'm not.
I just wanted to say hey.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
We were just leaving.
TJ, you didn't tell
new girl the rules.
It's not really a good idea
to friend the help.
You're right,
you never know when we might
uh, piss in your champagne.
- Bobby!
- Oops.
I doubt they teach you to throw
a decent punch at Exeter.
Oh, fish stick wants a fight.
Stop it.
Nobody wants a fight.
Do they?
- Come on, Bobby.
- Yeah, it's no problem.
I got to get back
to the restaurant, anyway.
My dad is having an issue
with one of the waitresses.
She keeps propositioning
to customers.
Oh, wait a sec.
Her name is Naomi.
Isn't that your sister?
Oh. This is a small world.
- What are you doing with him?
- Me?
What are you
doing with that guy?
Bobby, he's a dick
but he is harmless.
And Leo's not?
(male #1)
'Can I get some help here?'
'Is she alright?'
[indistinct gasping]
- Oh, my God.
- Is that..
- Kit.
- Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
[instrumental music]
Fishing crew found her body
tangled in the lines.
I guess she wasn't
a very strong swimmer.
Kit was an experienced diver.
She drowned.
She could've misjudged
how much gas was in her tanks
or hit her head or lost
consciousness underwater.
There were, um..
Thought she had like..
Something got to the body
after the fact.
Could've been a seal
or a shark.
I've called the mainland police.
They're sending an ME.
Look, I don't need
a corner to tell me
the cause of death was drowning.
Her lungs were full of water.
Well, if there was
something in that water..
...I think we need to know.
What's your relationship
to Kit Morgan, Mr. Elinsworth?
I'm the Cunningham's
legal counsel.
And until they're back
from Europe
I'm also Ginny's guardian.
What about the victim's parents?
You need family
to identify the body.
Uncle Lou is like 80.
He has Alzheimer's.
That's why Kit
was staying with us.
Dan'll be back by the weekend.
Now, if you'll excuse us..
...the family could use
some privacy.
I've to pick up
my dress from the tailor's
and get my nails done
before tonight.
Look, Ginny. No one expects you
to go tonight. You know that.
I'm fine. I'm not
gonna miss the heirs party.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- I'll see you later, okay?
- Yeah.
It's happening again.
I saw Kit's body.
That wasn't a seal or a shark.
No point in jumping
to conclusions.
Alright? Let the ME
do his thing.
- But, dad--
- Look, TJ.
You'll make it harder on
the family than it already is.
[birds chirping]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[knock on door]
Come in.
Omg. Did you even bathe today?
No, actually.
Right, okay,
go sanitize while I find
something acceptable in here.
- For what?
- Um, the heirs party.
It's not cancelled?
They found
a dead body yesterday.
Well, it's not like
she was an heir.
A human died.
Doesn't that mean
anything to you?
Sorry, I didn't mean to be
an ....
I guess I just meant
that it's your first day here
it's not like
any of us even met her.
Still seems wrong
to have a party.
Well, if it makes
you feel any better
there will be
a moment of silence
and a very tasteful slideshow.
Hmm. Ooh.
This blue dress doesn't suck.
Come on, stand up.
Will the townies be there?
No. No, no, no. No, no.
Leo was hot,
but he's unbalanced.
Do everyone a favor and help
TJ cheat on Ginny instead.
What's the deal
with them, anyway?
TJ and Leo,
not TJ and Ginny.
Unsolved mystery.
Leo's mom used
to clean TJ's house.
And they were like best friends.
And when Mrs. E died
Leo just dropped TJ.
TJ was totally destroyed.
Leo didn't even show up
for the funeral.
Now, go bathe
before I call Hazmat?
Thank you.
[electronic music]
Why is everyone looking at me?
The same families have been
coming here for a hundred years.
People are curious
about you.
That's all.
Unless Ginny told
everyone you got herpes.
This must be Miranda.
Look at you two.
Getting on like gangbusters.
Leanne Twinies Cooper.
Cece's mom.
And a good friend.
What a blessing for you
to be back with your mom.
You must've missed her so much
out there in Portland.
It's so sad about Kit.
I don't know
why they didn't close
Siren Beach after Molly died.
That place is a death trap.
And that poor girl's body
was covered in bite marks.
It looked more like scratches.
We went for a walk yesterday.
'Sort of near the docks.
Barely saw anything.'
I'm really thirsty.
Uh, Miranda, come.
- Bye, moms.
- What's Siren Beach?
It's where the locals like
to surf, but it's dangerous.
Every year, someone dies
on the rocks or in a rip tide.
Is that the beach
at the end of the footpath?
Yes, and I never want you
going there again.
I'm gonna go find Cece.
The teenagers usually
hang out in the pier, so.. old folks can pretend
we don't see them drinking.
[electronic music]
Something to drink, miss.
'Careful down there.'
I'm fine.
Did you get stuck
talking to some old people?
Something like that.
Oh, well, then you
definitely need a drink.
Guys, this is Miranda.
Miranda, this is everyone.
'You know Bobby
and that's Jake and--'
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey, you made it.
- Yeah.
Javier missed his flight,
modeling emergency.
Hold on one second.
- New girl, you down?
- I'm in.
Took this from my son earlier.
I'm good.
Wouldn't have throw your brother
the work tonight
if I had have known you would
turn into a damn prude.
I'm not.
I'm just sober now.
[instrumental music]
You've been up to an awful lot
of things lately.
You're a kid,
you should be having fun.
You are married.
Sir, they're ready
to start the speeches.
- Did he hurt you?
- No.
You don't have to keep working
for that dickhead.
There are other jobs
on the island.
And they pay as well though.
'Hey, Naomi.'
Chicken's lookin' for ya.
You want me to jack off
in his drink real quick?
Yeah, tempting,
but, uh, no.
I'll take this one.
Of course, you will.
What is that
supposed to mean?
Have the heirs accepted
your application yet
or is it still on the wait list?
Just because I don't think
they're disposable
doesn't make me one of them.
I'll get it. It's fine.
I'll go see
what Bobby wants.
I got it.
[music continues]
Okay, never have I ever
given head.
No-no that's so not fair.
Drink up, bitches.
Oh, no, no. No, no, no.
I ordered the hot
slutty Macleod.
Well, ask and you shall receive.
Someone smell that?
Oh yeah, that right.
You're a fisherman.
You know I really need
to discuss
'hiring policies
with my father.'
Chum Bucket
isn't the atmosphere
we're going for here
at the club.
Weird, the only thing I smell
is privilege and date rape.
Another bottle of tequila.
It's your turn Miranda.
And don't worry..
No one's used,
"Never have I ever had sex yet."
Never have I ever
gone swimming.
What, you mean today?
I mean like ever.
Well, you'll never survive
a summer on the island
a swim virgin.
Never have I ever
gone skinny-dipping.
Let's go, right now.
What do say, new girl?
I'm in.
We're not like seriously
going skinny-dipping, are we?
Our parents are right there.
Fine, let's go to Surin Beach.
Mother? You're supposed
to be in Europe.
You locked me out of the house.
'We're leaving.'
- 'Now.'
- Come with me.
Uh, I don't wanna intrude
on family time.
[music continues]
- Who's coming?
- Surin Beach?
Come on!
It'll be fun.
No way.
That's where Kit died.
Jake, my friend,
if you ruin my chance
of seeing many many boobs
tonight, you'll die too. Okay?
- Jake and I are in.
- Wanna come?
- No, no. He's not invited.
- I just invited him.
No, thanks.
I've seen enough dead bodies
this week.
Come on! Let's go.
[electronic music]
Hey, counselor.
You look grand.
Motherhood hasn't aged me?
You know it hasn't.
So how's it going
with Miranda?
She fluctuates hourly
between active loathing
and icy indifference.
Well, she's a teenager.
That's normal.
Any update?
I haven't found
a police report.
Sheriff Wood's been dead
for years.
I mean, if there's one
at the station, it is buried.
That isn't good enough.
Miranda is here now.
Just tell her the truth.
- Just get out in front of it.
- Not an option.
Teddy, please,
I finally have my daughter back.
I can't lose her again.
You know
I could be disbarred.
I thought, of all people,
you'd understand the importance
of protecting family secrets.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
Right! It's boobs o' clock.
Wow! I'm surprised you have
your clothes on this long, slut.
What? Jealous Bobby only wants
to see me naked?
Dream the moon in your eyes
up in the cloud
All the nights
we'd sit outside
And wonder all the magic
in your eyes
You can't back out now.
- This was your idea.
- Right.
You know if you want, you can
cling to my manly biceps.
And risk the wrath of Ginny?
No, thanks, I'd rather drown.
On the ferry, I..
I wasn't trying to play you.
Ginny and I go
to different boarding schools.
I didn't want to break up
with her over the phone.
I was gonna do it
when we got here, but, uh..
But then her cousin died?
[instrumental music]
Come on.
Guys, this is a really, really
bad idea. Like, really bad.
Think we'll find
a leg out here?
Heard a kid only came back
with three limbs.
Gross and untrue.
My dad says
this beach is haunted
by all the people
the seawalkers killed.
The what?
New girl doesn't know
about seawalkers.
Well, seawalkers are this
'ancient race
that run the seven seas.'
And now they got
claws out to till here
and big long ass pointy teeth.
Look, people are kind of
obsessed with them here.
Seawalkers are an urban legend
parents used to use
to keep the kids
off this shore.
Let's just go.
Last one to get wet
is the wet frigid prune.
- Whoo!
- 'Whoo!'
- 'Faster!'
- Whoo!
What's the matter?
I don't feel anything anymore.
[music continues]
Be that as it may
as a life guard,
it's my moral obligation
to provide you
with a floatation device.
- Thanks!
- 'Guys, hurry up!'
Oh-oh oh-oh
[indistinct chattering]
Oh-oh oh-oh
Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh
[indistinct chatter]
Keep laughing, but everyone
is afraid of something.
Not me.
Lemme guess. Spiders?
- Heights?
- Nope.
Mm, I know.
- Not funny!
- That wasn't me.
Let's go back in.
[Miranda screams]
[intense music]
[music continues]
What happened?
Leo. He saved me.
He was, he was just here.
[instrumental music]
Keep it.
You're still shivering.
Sure you're okay?
Aside from my damaged pride,
all good.
I'm so sorry, Miranda.
Should've never let you go
in the water.
Let me?
TJ, I'm a big girl.
I make my own bad decisions.
You're sure Leo was there?
I mean, no one else saw him.
- Positive.
- I mean, that's weird, right?
The waves and the fogs
just came out of nowhere.
And Leo saves you
and just disappears?
Ah, it's nothing.
Just drunk...and stupid.
That make two of us.
[music continues]
Thanks for walking me home.
[exhales sharply]
[water gurgling]
[eerie music]
[instrumental music]
The call's getting stronger.
We need to go
to the caves tonight.
We're almost out of time
to be on land.
You ever hear about
one of the heirs..
...hearin' it?
The call? What kinda question
is that?
'You heard
anything interesting?'
I feel a lecture comin'.
They're doin' an autopsy
on Kit Morgan.
They're gonna know
it wasn't a shark.
Who cares?
Let 'em try to figure out
what kind of an animal
does that to a body.
There wasn't supposed
to be a body.
Don't you get it?
They're gonna comb Surin Beach.
And they won't stop until
they find somethin' to blame.
She had a knife.
It's harder than we thought.
You dragged my sister into this?
I wanted to help.
I needed someone with balls
to back me up.
Leo, you know exactly
why that girl had to go.
You just didn't wanna
have to be the one to do it.
So come on, brother,
cheer up.
She's dead.
We should be celebrating.
[instrumental music]
- Leo..
- Just deal with the body.
[intense music]
[knock on door]
I'm here to I.D.
my cousin's body.
Sheriff Colley said
your mom would be coming.
Yeah, well, this isn't
the kinda thing she does.
This is the kinda thing
she makes me do.
So can we
get it over with, please?
[intense music]
It's this way.
Are you sure you don't wanna
wait for you mom or dad?
It's pretty bad.
[music continues]
[inhales deeply]
That's Kit.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I just wanted to make sure
she was really dead.
She's entitled to
half of Nana Morgan's estate.
Should I g-get you something?
Water, somethin'?
No. I'm fine.
Do you need anything else?
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[music continues]
[music continues]
"Seawalker's kiss?"
[door creaks]
[door opens]
[instrumental music]
Deputy Dave?
Oh, my god!
[smoke alarm blaring]
Somebody help me!
Help me!
[instrumental music]
'Fire! There's a fire!
'Somebody help me!'
'Let me out!'
'Help me!'
[fire alarm blaring]
Ginny, are you okay?
Okay, we have to go this way.
Come on. Go, go, go.
I'm telling you,
someone was in there.
(female #1)
You're still in shock.
It's been a long week
for you and your family.
I heard something and then
there was smoke and fire
'and all the doors
were locked.'
Nothing on this island
is up to code.
And that building is
a 100 years old.
I'd be surprised
if there wasn't a wiring issue.
- Are you alright?
- I'm fine.
- Are you hurt?
- Amelia, I'm fine.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[eerie whispers]
[instrumental music]
How are you feeling?
The EMT said you might wake up
feeling a little wheezy.
- From the smoke.
- I'm okay.
You know, maybe we should
visit the mainland ER.
We-we could still take
the afternoon ferry--
Seriously, I'm good.
I don't know
if I can ever forgive you
for abandoning me.
But I wanna try.
[music continues]
Thank you.
Is this a seawalker?
Yeah. It's been
in the family for ages.
Can you tell me about them?
Y-you wanna know
about island folklore?
People keep talking
about seawalkers.
I'm...just curious.
Okay, sure.
Uh, what do you wanna know?
I heard they can pass
themselves off as human.
So the legend says.
From what I remember, they can
only stay on land so long
before they have to go back
with the tides.
There's a call to remind them.
if they ignore it
they run out of air
and it kills them.
Unless they steal the breath
from a human's lungs.
The seawalker's kiss.
Yeah, people call it that
because from a distance.. looks romantic.
What happens to the person
who gets kissed?
They die.
So people say.
But I think you're safe.
It's just a legend.
You want some coffee?
[music continues]
[seagulls squawking]
What are you doin' here?
I wanted to thank you
for saving me
the other night.
You ran away so fast,
I didn't get a chance to.
Yeah. No problem.
How did you see me?
The waves were like
ten feet tall.
Just luck...I guess.
I gotta get back to work.
I saw your eyes.. the water.
I should hope so.
They're right here
on my face.
They were glowing.
Like, full on,
"X-Men" mutant glowing.
Next time you go swimming,
lay off the tequila.
I wasn't drunk when I saw
your scars on the beach.
Where'd they go?
[instrumental music]
You're welcome
for saving your life.
You need to go.
What you doing?
Going back in the water.
You can't swim.
- So teach me.
- No.
Crazy 'cause I know
I wanna jump
Crazy 'cause the feeling
keeps me high
Crazy 'cause we all
might die
In a dark sky night love
In a dark sky night
Crazy 'cause I know
that I'm alive
A little, yeah.
What did I see
the other night?
Come on in.
You're shiverin'.
[doorbell rings]
- Miranda?
- No. She isn't here.
I took care
of the police report.
Oh, God! Thank you.
You're a good friend.
Don't pretend
this was an act of kindness.
I hope it was worth it.
[instrumental music]
- Stop looking.
- I'm not.
So, uh, how come you've never
visited the island before?
My dad..
...kind of had a thing
about water.
I miss him so much.
He just died.
And everyday I wake up..
...and I remember
all over again.
I'm sorry.
Something happened to you
in the water.
To your eyes.
Miranda, let this go.
I don't know if I can.
[instrumental music]
I'll be thinking about you
from Machu Picchu
Could you get me
another punch?
Yeah I bet it
Put it all on the line
what you seek you found
Thank you.
I know you don't see it right
now but you're gonna see light
Through caramel skies won't be
scared of the heights
We don't have to stay.
Go home and watch a movie
or something if you like.
- I'm fine.
- Ginny, I mean--
Look, I didn't narrowly
escape death
to go home
and watch a movie, okay?
My bad.
Hey, no, don't go.
I didn't mean it like that.
Hey, hey. Pussies
who don't cook can't eat.
Feels like fate
wants me to fly
We all got wings
so don't you cry
Hey, where have you been?
You're like two hours late.
Sorry, something came up.
Come on!
I'll be right back.
You're on your own
on this one.
It's like 90 proof,
but Bobby made it
so there's also like
a 90% possibility
there's roofies in it.
I'll take my chances, thanks.
Thanks for last night.
Yeah, sure.
- Bye, honey.
- See ya.
It doesn't make us friends,
you know...last night.
Is this about TJ?
Because we're good.
- I don't do that.
- It doesn't matter.
You just don't belong here.
Do you mind giving us a sec?
What's the matter with you?
What do mean
what's the matter with me?
What is your obsession
with that girl?
Are you seriously buying
her whole "Poor me" act?
It's not an act.
Miranda's dad just died.
Did it ever occur to you
I might wanna find a friend
who actually knows
what that's like?
Okay, I'm sorry.
You know what? I'm done, Ginny.
What? No, you can't
break up with me.
I can.
- I should have months ago.
- Look, TJ, uh..
Sometimes I say things and I can
hear how bitchy they are.
But I-I just can't stop myself.
Please don't do this to me.
I'm so messed up right now.
Kit was like the one person
in my family who wasn't awful.
- And now she's gone.
- And I'm sorry.
About your cousin,
I really am.
But I can't do this anymore.
[instrumental music]
It's her. Isn't it?
What are you talkin' about?
That's why you were asking
so many questions yesterday.
I saw you with her
on the beach.
I thought it was dad,
but it was you.
You've been following me.
I haven't been following you,
I've been following her.
Do you know what Finley'll do
if he finds out
that you're protecting her?
He already thinks
that you're a traitor, Leo.
Miranda heard the call.
And the other night when she
fell in the water, a shockwave
or something came out of
her body and everything lit up.
I've never seen
anything like it.
You shouldn't have saved her.
She's special, Nay.
What if she can save us?
I'm sorry.
[club music]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, are you good?
- Should we--
- No way.
Whatever happened,
she deserves it.
Last year, she told everyone
I still had my V card.
I mean, I do,'s not intentional.
It's not like
I'm saving myself for marriage.
- Wouldn't judge you if you..
- But I'm not.
And I was gonna do it with Zack
Parish just to get it over with
and Ginny had sex with him
on purpose so I couldn't.
I've even told TJ.
Hey, hey. Hey. New girl!
Okay, pick a fist.
Oh! Excellent choice.
Yeah, that's either
a oxy or ady.
I don't know, I-I dropped
the bottle, so I mixed them up.
Hard pass.
[dramatic music]
[bottle clinking]
Oh, ho! Whoa, hey!
Shouldn't you
be busting a table...somewhere?
Actually, your dad
gave me the night off.
He seems to like me.
- Get off my beach.
- Or what?
You're gonna pay your butler
to throw us out?
It's a public place.
Alright, alright.
Take it easy.
Relax, let it go.
Come on, go.
[music continues]
[music continues]
Run right off the road
we're on
And I'll be standing
where we crash
You can try and
be under if you want
And I'll be there
before you're back
You okay?
Yeah, just needed some air.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Ended things with Ginny.
- Congrats?
- Definitely.
I really like you, Miranda.
- TJ, I can't do this.
- Sure you can.
I'm not talking about
anything serious.
But I like you.
And I think you like me.
And you broke up with Ginny
30 seconds ago.
- I'm not that girl.
- Is this about Leo?
What? No.
Look, I know
you two have history.
But he saved my life
the other night.
Sure it wasn't the reason you're
in trouble in the first place?
Yeah, I am.
He's a good guy, TJ.
Are you kidding?
You barely know him.
I've known him
as long as I've known you.
You need to open your eyes.
You saw what happened
to Kit's body.
You know she didn't drown.
Nothing on this island
ever happens by accident.
Just ask your mom.
Did your dad ever tell you
why he left Amelia?
She tried to kill you
when you were a baby.
I know that 'cause my dad
covered the entire thing up.
Hey, wait. Miranda!
[dramatic music]
[instrumental music]
[leaves rustling]
Are you okay?
I'm-I'm fine.
You're upset.
- Did someone hurt you?
- What?
- No.
- Sorry, I just thought..
Never mind.
Don't look at me like that.
What's wrong?
- Miranda..
- Nothing. I just..
Hate it here.
[Miranda crying]
Me, too.
I've gotta go.
[music continues]
Miranda? What are yo..
What are you doing?
- Is it true?
- Is what?
Did you try to kill me?
Oh, my God.
Social Services
doesn't know, do they?
That's why dad
wouldn't let you see me.
He knew you were a psycho!
You don't understand,
I was trying to protect you.
- I'm leaving.
- Miranda--
Don't touch me!
Please, don't go.
I love you.
Then how could you do it?
I-I can't answer that.
Right. Get out.
- Miranda--
- Get out!
[door slams]
Go home, Naomi.
I mean it.
I can't let you do this.
You need to stop thinking
with your dick.
Naomi, are you okay?
Get to the water. Go.
[engine rumbling]
Go. I'll be right behind you.
She's not worth dying for.
[music continues]
Fisherman, a waiter,
and now a peeping tom.
'That's quite the resume.'
Stay away from Miranda.
Or what?
What's the matter?
Not feeling too well?
Never better.
[music continues]
I know what you are.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Bobby! Hey!
Come on, let's go.
[engine rumbling]
[music continues]
Get him on the chair.
'Get him on this chair.
Get him on this chair.'
Hey, hey! Cece, Cece.
Wh-wh-where are you going?
- Home. Everyone bailed and..
- Home? No, no, no. No!
Now, come on.
The night is still young.
It's still young.
The beer is lukewarm.
Are, are you okay?
You seem conf--
I've never been better.
I've never been better.
Just one, one more drink.
One more drink. Come on.
- Yeah. Okay.
- That's it. Okay.
We'll go get it.
After you. After you..
[instrumental music]
"Some legends say that
seawalkers are our brethren.
Passionate, feeling creatures
ruled by basic human emotion."
[knock on door]
Some say they are monsters.
- Miranda?
- TJ?
I'm sorry. I should've never
said anything about Amelia.
It's fine.
Turns out you were right.
Are you okay?
Everything's so screwed up.
I just want you
to stay away from Leo.
I wanted to take care of it
myself, but Bobby just..
Bobby, what?
He hit him so hard.
He wasn't moving.
What did you do?
TJ, what did you do?
"We all act
like monsters sometimes."
"Slave to our baser
- Here you go.
- Hm? Oh, thank you.
- Can I have some?
- Yeah! Yeah!
You know, in retrospect
I probably shouldn't have
had that-that pill.
There's three of you.
But don't worry,
they're both equally hot.
We are all creatures
driven by hunger..
...and passion..
...and fear.
We all have secret places
where we go.
Places where
we face our demons
and fight to survive.
There are monsters
in the deep.
But Miranda
can never know.
He will take her
from this place.
Greg will keep
my baby safe.
[music continues]
'What are you doing here?'
- Where's your brother?
- He's right behind me.
I can't wait anymore.
It's getting late.
We have to hurry.
What about Leo?
Let's go.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
Oh cold tears I've cried
Oh I lost track of time
Oh, my God!
What did they do to you.
Can anyone hear me?
Oh, my God!
Leo. You need a hospital, Leo.
No. No doctors.
Get me to the water.
Please, Miranda.
You know what I am.
Get me to the water.
And holding me close
I can't breathe
- Wait!
- Did I hurt you?
Don't touch the water.
I can't control myself
around you.
You won't hurt me.
- Miranda, I--
- I trust you.
I give you my heart
But it's alright..
Until you're alive
But it's all I know
I give you my heart
Before you turn to stone
Oh and still you're alive
You're not alone
It's all I know
You're all I need
All I know
when you're holding me close
I can't see
[dramatic music]
[intense music]
[music continues]
[eerie whispers]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]