Sea Monsters 2 (2018) Movie Script

[whimsical music]
[indistinct chatter]
Good evening,
vertebrates and invertebrates.
I'd like to officially welcome
one and all
to tonight's event, the hotly
anticipated Monster Burping Contest.
Now I know many of you
out there, were waiting
with acidic bellies
for this one. [laughs]
Some of you may even have
designs on competing.
Right, Squatty?
Think it over, buddy.
I've seen you keep that
undertow swirling at the party
and now's your chance
to do it on the grand stage.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
But seriously folks, our contest
is open to all comers.
If you've got the desire,
if you've got the talent,
if you're a regular swimming
sub-woofer [laughs],
we want to see you up here,
on this very stage,
showing the ocean
what you've got.
Now's the time.
Our winner will be crowned
the sea's very first
best burping monster.
And without further ado, let me
introduce our contestants.
This school represents some
of the best burping hopefuls
the Sea of Schmerk has to offer,
so far. [chuckles]
it's not too late to sign up.
If you've got
the rumble in your belly,
and you can belch
some bubble trouble,
what are you waiting for?
Swim on up here and enter now.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Ho-ho. Alright. First up tonight
is a guy we all know,
the winner of last year's
Speed Fin Flapping Contest,
Charlie Chapfin.
[crowd cheering]
[burping noises]
[crowd cheering]
And next up, give a warm sea
welcome to that sticky star
[chuckles] Mucus.
[crowd cheering]
[whimsical music]
[crowd cheering]
All right, we're expecting
big things from Mucus.
Can't wait to see
how he does in this competition.
Now, you fish in the front row
might want to move back a bit,
and give this next guy
some room.
His reputation precedes him.
Make way for Barf.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]
Well, there you have him, sea creatures.
Put your fins together.
One of these talented
contestants is going to be
this year's
best burping monster.
[crowd cheering]
[lively Caribbean music]
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
Yes, excuse you.
This is a private session.
Oh. I'm sorry.
I can come back another time.
Nonsense. You've already
interrupted Squirtlips' exercises.
He'll have to warm up
all over again.
Take a break, Squirt.
But, but, but
I'm feeling it, Maestro.
I, I don't wanna lose momentum.
Oh, chump, you'll learn
to adapt and deal
with circumstances
as they arise, Squirt.
Things will rarely go
exactly as we plan.
So long as we put
the time in the training,
you'll be prepared.
Now, take five while I see
what this young larva
of a sea monster wants.
[blows a raspberry]
I really didn't mean
to interrupt, Mr. Maestro.
Ah, just Maestro,
and you have interrupted,
but I'm actually glad you did.
Squirtlips could use a break.
He wants to win the upcoming
burping contest so badly,
he runs a risk of over trying.
Oh, is that a thing?
I'm afraid so.
I've seen many a talented sea
creature undermine their own potential
by pushing themselves so hard
they had nothing left to give
when their time came to shine.
Tell me, Miss, what's your name?
I'm Corallina.
Oh well, hello, Corallina.
What brings you
to my garden today?
I am...
I want to participate
in the Monster Burping Contest.
Ah! [chuckles]
I, I expected as much.
You did? How?
I recognize the desire
to compete in your eye.
You do? Oh, no.
Why do you say, oh no, my dear?
Well, it's my father.
I know he wants nothing more than to
have a well-behaved little monster girl
and I love him so much,
but I want to show
the sea what I'm made of.
I want to compete.
You want to compete,
and, and what?
Complete the sentence, my dear.
And win.
There we go. [chuckles]
Have you ever said it
out loud before, Corallina?
No. No, I haven't.
It's been bottled up
inside of you, hasn't it?
Just like your burps,
or fear of disappointing
your father?
The power of visualization is
the first step to achieving
your dreams, you know.
It is?
Yes, it is.
Would you like to learn?
Yes, I would.
Alright, then. I never turned
down a willing student.
Well, but let me ask you,
if your father found out
about your training,
how would he react?
I honestly don't know.
But he wouldn't be happy?
No, I don't think he would be.
I see.
I wanna thank you
for your honesty, Corallina.
You must want it terribly bad
to risk defying your family.
I do, Maestro. I want
to compete more than anything
and burp my way to victory.
That's the spirit.
Then, what are we waiting for?
Let's begin.
- Really?
- Really. [burbs]
I'm ready to continue
my training, Maestro.
Oh, ow. She's still here?
Yes, she is Squirtlips.
Meet your new training partner,
Hmm. Can you burp?
[whimsical music]
Oh, my, oh.
Was that okay?
Corallina, it would be
an honor to hone your talent.
You have talent to spare,
but have you got control?
I don't think so.
But with a proper instruction
there's no telling
how far you can go.
[blows raspberry]
Oh, Maestro, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Eh, don't thank me yet.
And please, don't miss class.
It's the cardinal sin
I see in many talented students.
If you wish your skills
to be there for you,
you, you must first
dedicate yourself to them.
I won't
miss class ever, Maestro.
I'll be early always. I promise.
Oh boy.
Excellent. Oh and
one more question, Corallina.
May I ask who is your father?
My father's name is
Foamy Twofins.
Foamy Twofins?
That's him. You know him?
Er, not personally, er, hmm,
but I think I know your mother,
Priscilla Clackerfish.
That's her.
Wow, how do you know
my mom, Maestro?
We trained together
way back when...
Did you know
that your mother was
one of the all-time great
burping monsters of the sea?
I know she competed
once upon a time.
She doesn't talk much
about it really.
Well, she's one
of the very best I've ever seen.
Much less had
the pleasure to work with.
Oh my. I'll never stack up
to that kind of talent.
Ah, you'll never match
Priscilla Clackerfish's talent.
Not so fast, Squirtlips.
There's raw burping potential in
this little one. I'm sure of it.
Corallina, I'd like to start
your training immediately.
[lively music]
Wow, hey there, big thug.
Hey, who, who goes there?
It's just me, your pal Barf.
Barf? [chuckles]
Never heard of no Barf.
Leave my volcano path
before I turn you into sushi.
Now is that any way
to greet an old friend?
We aren't friends, plankton.
Don't know you.
Hey, I know, plankton. Now, you
better watch yourself, right?
Or what? You're gonna pick a
fight with the great Bigsnot?
Oh, foolish seasquirt.
You're dumber than you look.
Oh, really?
I'll give you one chance
to take that back, Bigsnot,
before you come work for me.
Work for you? [laughs]
You've lost your brain,
coral barnacle.
And you've lost your free will.
What ever do you mean?
Wow. Where am I?
What just happened?
Hey, who, who are you?
I'm Barf,
and in case you are wondering
[laughs] you've just
fallen victim
to my great
and magical burp power.
Under its control
you'll do as I say
whenever I command.
I'll do as you say
whenever you command.
Excellent. [laughs]
Now, I'll finish my preparations
to win that Burping
Monster Contest
and with your help, Bigsnot,
no one will dare stop me.
[Barf] Argh!
Mucus, have you ever been
outside the Sea of Schmerk?
- Why would I leave the sea of Schmerk, Charlie?
- Why not?
Well, everything I need is here.
I got my coral, my riptides,
my sucker fish pies.
- I can go on and on.
- Kind of like the ocean itself, huh?
It just goes on and on.
What's up, Charlie.
Do you need a vacation?
Something like that. A change of
scenery would be nice.
If you say so. Right about now
I think a big bucket of spores
and molds sounds nice.
You would, Mucus.
You know,
I really thought after I won
the Speed Fin Flapping
Contest last year
that things would change for me.
I'd get to travel
and see the great blue sea
from all corners of the globe,
but nothing really changed.
Nothing happened at all.
Oh, that's not true, Char.
You got a cool trophy.
That, I haven't looked at
in a year.
I don't even know
where I put it.
If you don't mind me asking,
why did you enter
this year's contest
if last year's
is still stuck in your gills?
Because I'm doing it for...
[sighs] Oh, Mucus.
I must confess. I'm in love.
Well, with who?
With Corallina.
Corallina? No way.
When? How? Uhm...
It just happened, Mucus.
I don't know what to say.
We've known each other since
we were little tiny larva
and then one day
she just glowed.
She glowed?
It could be radiation.
It could have been the radioactive
spores from outer space
that rained into the ocean
of Schmerk 10,000 years ago.
- It could have been...
- Mucus.
Quarantine her.
Maybe we should be quarantined.
What if we're sick?
- What?
- We're not sick.
I didn't mean she was
literally glowing. I mean...
She glows to me.
Your eyes might be going bad.
My uncle Richie had
cataracts for three weeks
or it could be surface simmer.
I've seen guppies
in triple effects.
When the light reflects
just right,
I always seek the middle ones.
It works every time.
I appreciate
the suggestions, Mucus,
but my eyes are fine.
It's my heart
that's causing all the trouble.
Your heart?
This could be serious.
We're fish, Charlie.
Simple creatures.
Our hearts only have
one atrium and one ventricle.
There's no room for error.
Okay look, Mucus.
My heart is fine.
I'm still lost.
I know you are.
Listen, I'm just
head over tail wild
as a salmon about Corallina.
I only entered the contest
again this year for her.
But, Charlie, but why?
Corallina is not even competing.
Because I got the crazy idea
that I could impress her
by winning back-to-back titles.
- Well, I mean, that is pretty impressive.
- You think?
Yeah. I mean I'd sure like
to win something for once,
but hey, if you want me
to drop out of the contest
I will, Charlie. I don't wanna
stand in your way or nothing.
Don't sweat it, Mucus. This
year's competition is stiff.
If you think you have a shot
to win it, go for it, buddy.
Really? You're
a heck of a pal, Char.
I know. Besides, I think I'm crazy for
even trying to make Corallina notice me.
I'm just a friend to her.
That's probably
all I'll ever be.
[whimsical music]
Come on. Let's get
a bucket of spores.
[whimsical music]
Guys, we have a big problem.
Oh, no. Are we out of spores?
- What?
- [Charlie] What?
It could be ecological,
it's a domino effect.
Once one thing goes, we all go.
It was bound to happen,
we're all doomed.
Mucus, calm down.
Go ahead, Slimybuns,
what's the problem?
It's Barf, he's recruited
Bigsnot as his minion
and they're up to no good.
They're planning bad things.
Barf and Bigsnot? That's the
absolute worst pair I can think of.
How in the ocean did Barf convince
the big monster to join him?
- He burped.
- He what?
Barf exercised the great
and magical burp power.
He let one rip and it took
control of Bigsnot's mind.
The great and magical burp power?
Oh, this is bad. This is real bad.
What do we do, Char?
I don't know, Mucus.
I don't know.
[whimsical music]
Now that we're
in league together, Bigsnot
the Sea of Schmerk
will feel my wrath.
I may not be the biggest monster
in the ocean...
...but the kraken has
nothing on me.
Oh, preach it, boss.
What will be our first act?
I'm glad you asked, Bigsnot.
As you may know, a fish is
defined by his aspirations.
And I don't dream small.
With your colossal help
we are going to gain access
to the kingdom of Goo.
The kingdom of Goo!
What will we do there?
Well, I will strike a deal
with the kingdom's leader,
the Great Gurglegut.
A deal? What kind of deal?
I'm going to have
the Great Gurglegut
imprison the Maestro
in the kingdom of Goo
and hold him until after that
Burping Monster Contest has ended.
What for?
Oh! Think about it,
you big dumb monster.
The Maestro trains
students all the time.
Once he's out of the way,
his trainees will flounder
and withdraw from competition,
leaving me, Barf, to win
the Burping Monster Contest
without so much as a challenge.
Huh, I like your style, boss.
So do I, Bigsnot, so do I.
Now we must move fast.
The contest is right
around the coral,
and the sooner we eliminate the
Maestro and his students, the better.
Got you. Away we go.
Then Barf ripped a burp unlike
anything you've ever heard
and Bigsnot looked stunned.
At first I thought that Bigsnot
was just as surprised as I was,
but when
he didn't snap out of it,
- I knew something was wrong.
- This is real bad news.
I'm not sure what Barf's up to,
but I bet scallops to seaweed
that the Maestro's in danger.
I was thinking the same thing.
Barf's always wanted
nothing more than
to be the best burper
in the Sea of Schmerk,
and the Maestro is the one fish
who stands in his way.
We need to warn him.
Yeah, but how? No one gets in
to see the Maestro
unless they're
enrolled as students.
I know someone
who might be able to help.
You guys should seek out
the great and wise Bellyrumble.
The great and what?
Where can we find him,
He lives in the Bay
of Runny Snot.
A fortnight from here.
A fortnight? We can't fight
knights in a fort.
I don't even have hard scales.
Easy, Mucus. A fortnight is
a measure of time.
It's about 3,000 fin slaps away.
Wow! That sounds far.
I've never even been out of
the Sea of Schmerk.
Now's your chance.
You want adventure, don't you?
No, you want adventure, Charlie.
I want a big bucket
of spores and mold.
That's a big difference.
Hey, we only live once.
We'll leave tonight.
Oh, it's nice
to see I have a say.
Mucus, we both grew up
with the Maestro.
We both took his classes.
The least we can do is warn him
of the possibility of an attack.
I can't do this
without you, buddy.
Oh, all right.
That's my boy.
I'll definitely need
a bucket of spores
if we're gonna be swimming
that far, though.
- I got to keep up my energy.
- Deal.
I need a break, Squirtlips.
These exercises are harder
than they look.
Oh, welcome to competition, kid.
It takes dedication
and sacrifice to be a champion.
We can take a break, but it's a
good thing the Maestro isn't here.
He'd never, he'd never allow it.
I know he wouldn't.
Squirtlips, do you think
I have what it takes?
Do I think you have
what it takes to compete?
Yes. Do I think you have
what it takes to win?
Don't know. Those are
two different things, Corallina.
Like the Maestro says, "Anyone can
train to compete, but only one can win."
So let me ask you,
are you here to compete
or are you here to win?
I don't know.
Well, if you don't know,
who does?
My father thinks he does.
- And is your father here with us?
- No.
- Does he even know where you are?
- No.
What would he do if he did?
He'd be so mad.
- So, you're defying him?
- Yes.
Don't you see? You've already
made your choice, Corallina.
But I don't want to disappoint him.
I want to make him proud.
And you think winning the Monster
Burping Contest will achieve that?
No. No, maybe. Yes or no.
Which is it?
Well, my mother was a champion
burper before I was hatched.
So I heard.
And does she approve
of your plans?
I haven't told her either.
I think she'd be even more
surprised than my father,
but not disappointed.
I know she'd be proud of me.
Why do you think your father's so
reluctant to see you follow the stream?
I don't know, Squirtlips.
I know he hated seeing
how the negative remarks
and naysayers affected my mother
once she achieved
some notoriety.
No dreams come easy, Corallina.
Anytime our fins break
the surface,
we risk becoming
a target of other creatures
who don't know
how to build anything,
so spend their time tearing down
the accomplishments of others.
I never thought of it that way.
You should start.
Once we get up on that stage,
every move we make is fair game.
You need a thick skin.
Thanks for the advice,
Don't mention it, kid.
[chuckles] I mean it.
Don't tell the Maestro
we talked, okay?
He'll think
I'm stepping on his fins,
but he gave me the same talk
one time and I never forgot it.
Okay, break's over.
Let's get back to work.
[water gurgles]
It feels like
we've been swimming forever.
I sure do hope this great and wise
Bellyrumble can help us, Char.
It's not us
I'm worried about, Mucus.
It's the Maestro. He needs us,
and he doesn't even know it.
Hey look, we're here.
The bay of Runny Snot.
Swimming straight through
sure has saved us a lot of time.
[water gurgling]
[whimsical music]
what brings you to see me?
Autographs? Photos? What?
Uh, no, Mr. Bellyrumble.
Although it's
an honor to meet you,
a friend of ours is in a lot of
trouble and we were told you might...
Ah, you were told?
- Yes. We...
- Were told I might be
of service to your needs.
Uh, something like that.
What kind of trouble
is your friend in?
We think a couple of real bad
sea monsters are looking for him.
You think?
we wouldn't bother you
with something like this,
Mr. Bellyrumble,
but they have the power
of The Great and Magical Burp.
Ah! The Great and Magical Burp.
It's emptied seas, folded
plains, flattened mountains.
I haven't seen it used in years.
Tell me, who's been fool
enough to use it now?
A sea monster named Barf.
And he's brainwashed
sidekick, Bigsnot.
Did you say Bigsnot?
I'm afraid so, Mr. Bellyrumble.
But he's really not
a bad monster.
He's been put under a spell
by that foul sea cucumber, Barf.
The Great and Magical Burp
can also damage minds.
Especially big monster minds
who, [chuckles] let's face it,
aren't the sharpest fangs
in the maw.
I think Bigsnot's fangs
are pretty sharp though.
I saw him chew up
this coral reef one time.
- He took it and he...
- Mucus.
You two should know,
environmental destruction
and mind control
are only two of The Great
and Magical Burp's capabilities.
You mean it gets worse?
Oh, yeah. It gets much worse.
Not only can The Great Burp cause anyone to
fall under its spell and become a minion,
it also has the power to transport
monster fish across dimensions.
Oh, fantastic.
Really? That sounds
pretty bad to me, Char.
What can we do to stop it,
Mr. Bellyrumble?
I've never seen anyone stop it.
There has to be a way.
Maybe. If you find it,
let me know.
[chuckles] I'm curious.
Oh boy. This isn't what I was
hoping to hear at all.
Me neither. I was hoping you
two were my pizza delivery.
Pizza? You get pizza
delivered here?
Mhm. Yes. Extra anchovy.
One of the perks of being
the great and wise Bellyrumble.
Mr. Bellyrumble,
if you were us and you cared
about your friend's safety,
what would you do?
That's easy.
I wouldn't hang out here.
I'd go warn my friend
and be quick about it.
One rip of The Great
and Magical Burp
and you might never see
your friend again.
Thanks, Mr. Bellyrumble.
[sigh] Let's go, Mucus.
- We have a long swim back.
- Argh. Don't remind me.
Hey, Mr. Bellyrumble, you don't happen
to have any pizza slices left, do you?
Only in here kid.
[whimsical music]
Hey, that's a nice burp.
You ever think about competing?
- Let's go, Mucus.
- Okay, okay.
[whimsical music]
Did you hear
Bellyrumble's burp back there?
It's a good thing he's not in
the competition. He might win.
If there even is a competition.
Oh no, are you talking about
another [indistinct]?
No, Mucus. I'm talking about
the maniac swimming around
with the magical burping power.
There's no telling what he might
do before all this is over.
Oh, he-he. Right. Well,
Bellyrumble had a good point.
Let's find the Maestro,
and warn him.
Maybe he'll have an idea.
We'd have to figure out
a way to see him
- without an appointment.
- I got it.
- How?
- Let's pretend we're the pizza delivery guys.
[lively music]
Remember, Bigsnot,
these skeleton fish are
the only ones who can grant us
access to the Sea of Goo.
When we get there,
you let me do the talking.
You just hover
and look threatening. [chuckles]
I can do that, Barf.
You certainly can.
That's why I recruited you.
These fools definitely have no
idea what's coming. [chuckles]
I can't wait. [laughs]
[whimsical music]
Hey, hey there.
Could I help you two?
I don't know, bones. Can you?
Are you here
to see, see someone?
What's your name, skeleton fish?
I'm Gutless,
and, and, and you are?
Here on business. We want to
enter the Sea of Goo immediately.
Do, do, do, do you have
an, an appointment?
An appointment?
No, we don't. But you do.
Pa, pa, pa, pardon me?
With Bigsnot here.
Unless you grant us entry
and get out of our way.
No, no, no pro, pro, problem.
Go, go, go ri, ri, right ahead.
En, enjoy your stay.
Wise move, Gutless.
[whimsical music]
[clears throat]
What a cesspool
the Sea of Goo is.
Excuse me?
And who are you, ugly monsters?
Oh, why I'm Barf, from the clear
waters of the Sea of Schmerk.
And this is my friend, Bigsnot.
Who might you be?
Me? I'm the Great Gurgle Gut.
These are my waters
you swim in, trespassers.
And, if you don't like it,
you're free to leave.
In fact I strongly suggest it.
I have a better idea.
How about we stick around
as long as we feel like it,
and you do exactly as I say
or I destroy you and your crummy
little lagoon along with you.
Why you little...
You think that scares me?
I've defeated monsters
twice your size
you overblown bottom-feeder.
I'm sure you have, Gurglegut.
But have you ever faced the raw
power of the Great and Magical Burp.
Your bluffs won't
work on me, coward.
You aren't
strong enough to wrangle
the Great
and Magical Burp Power.
Oh, no?
I, I'm duly impressed.
Oh, fine. I'll listen to you.
What do you want?
That's more like it. [chuckles]
Now that we all know
our places here,
I have a proposition
for you, Gurglegut.
Why would I make any deal
with the likes of you,
little barnacle of a thing?
It's simple, great one.
If you refuse, I'll destroy you.
I see, uhm, fine.
What do you propose?
I thought you'd never ask.
I was even prepared to hit you
with another magical burp,
but the indigestion after two
is out of this world.
I'm glad to see you're a
sensible, uh, whatever you are.
[Barf] My proposition is
a little barter, if you will.
Make room in the stinkiest
part of your sea
for the famous Maestro,
and keep him in there forever.
In return
I will deliver you a bride
to rule your sea by your side.
A bride?
Yeah. A beautiful one.
Who might this bride be?
Her name is Corallina.
And she is a super cute
burping sea slug.
A burping sea slug.
And all I have to do is
imprison the Maestro?
That's it. Just lock him up
and any students
that might come after him.
You have a deal.
Splendid. [laughs]
It's a pleasure doing
business with you, Gurglegut.
That remains
to be seen, monster.
When can I expect
this new bride?
Just as soon as the Maestro
is out of circulation.
Then he'll be found
and locked up immediately.
How long before the
Sewage Run-Off Bay, Charlie?
I'm tired and I'm starving.
We're almost there, Muc.
Hello, gentlemen. [chuckles]
Can I help you with something?
Hey, Squirtlips.
We need to see the Maestro.
You and everybody else.
The Maestro is
very busy, as you know.
But it's important.
I know. It always is.
The Maestro conducts alumni
meet and greets every month.
If you like to catch up with him
or any old classmates...
It's not that, Squirtlips. The Maestro is
in grave danger. We've come to warn him.
Ah, ooh. That's a new approach.
I haven't heard that one before.
If you could just tell him Charlie Chapfin
and Mucus are here. It's very important.
[whimsical music]
- Hi, Charlie.
- Hey, Corallina.
Hey, it isn't
break-time, Corallina.
Keep practicing
your gill exercises.
We're burping
for the Maestro in an hour.
Burping? Are you entering the
Burping Monster Contest, Corallina?
I'm, I'm, I'm, thinking
about it. Kind of.
Thinking about it? Well, if you're
still just thinking about it, Corallina,
why are we spending
all this time training?
I can just work with the Maestro
like I've been doing,
and get myself ready,
because I plan to win.
Hey, you know what, Squirtlips?
Corallina wasn't speaking to you. So
you can just butt right out of it.
Ah! Oh! Well, I never...
I'll take you to the Maestro, if
you really need to see him, Charlie.
That'd be great, Corallina.
Someone's looking to make
trouble for the burping contest,
and the Maestro needs
to know about it right away.
Oh no, follow me.
Excuse me, Maestro?
Charlie, Mucus!
It's been so long.
How, how have you two been?
We're well, Maestro, but I wish we were
visiting under better circumstances.
What's the matter?
It's Barf. Somehow he's mastered
the Great and Magical Burp.
He's going to use it on you.
On me?
How did you two hear
about this wild sea story?
We heard from a reliable friend.
Aha-ha. Oh, yes.
These reliable friends uh-huh,
always seem to create
trouble out of thin water.
I know it sounds
a bit wild, Maestro,
but isn't it better
to be safe than sorry?
Charlie, if you knew
how many sea monsters
have attempted to hijack
our contests over the years,
you'd be surprised.
I'm going to carry on
as we have been,
and let that chum fall
where it may.
Chum? Where?
I'm starving.
I sure could go for some chum.
It's a figure of speech, Mucus.
Maestro, I know this is all
far-fetched and out of Left Bay,
but if you must go ahead
with the contest,
could you do us a favor
and keep an eye out for Bigsnot?
He's in league with Barf and if
he shows up, trouble's guaranteed.
All right, Charlie.
If it'll make you feel better,
I'll stay vigilant.
After all, you're one of the
sharpest stings I've ever taught.
Unlike some.
Thank you, Maestro. And if you need any
help, don't hesitate to let us know.
We'll do everything we can.
And I still plan to win
that Burping Monster Contest.
So do I.
Yes, well,
bring your best burps.
This year we'll see
some strong competition.
Bigsnot, teaming up
with you has been more rewarding
than I ever thought it would be.
Thanks, Barf. I think it's been
rewarding for me too. [chuckles]
You think?
Well, I'm not really
in charge of my faculties.
Ah, right. But I mean
you feel stronger, right?
Mightier, more ferocious?
Well, I am... Not really.
More dazed and sleepwalking.
I know I look savage and all,
uh, but it's, it's like I think
about turning right
but something compels me left.
That kind of thing.
Well, the Great and Magical Burp
works in mysterious ways,
Get used to it because once that
phony Maestro is eliminated,
and I claim the title
of Best Burping Monster,
the sea will be ours.
[laughs] Bah.
Okay, ready?
I'm now going to unleash
the burp that will knock
the Maestro
right out of his fins.
Well, thanks for giving us
your time, Maestro.
Hopefully everything works out and we can
meet again soon, under better circumstances.
And, Corallina, it, it was nice
seeing you again.
Nice seeing you too, Charlie.
Good luck in the contest.
I'll, I'll see you,
see you out there.
Mhm-hmm, yes, you will.
Be well, Charlie.
From the time you were a hatchling,
you've always shown such great potential,
and you too, Mucus.
Will you keep your eyes peeled
for Barf and Bigsnot, Maestro?
For you two? [chuckles] Sure.
I seriously doubt Barf's capacity
to cause even a minor inconvenience.
Much less derail
the Burping Monster Contest.
He simply does not
have the gravitas.
[dramatic musical sting]
What in the ocean
just happened back there?
Yeah, where did the Maestro go?
One second, he was there
and then the next...
We tried to warn him, you guys.
This is what
I was talking about.
Barf's obviously behind this.
Oh, no. What are we
going to do now?
I don't know, Mucus.
I don't know.
We can't just give up.
Nobody said anything
about giving up.
Yeah. Oh, oh, yes?
Well, well, well,
what do we have here? [chuckles]
Looks like
a loser's party, Bigsnot.
Sure does, Barf.
Eat barnacles, you ugly mug.
We know what you did.
You're not gonna
get away with it.
No? Who's going to stop me, you?
- Yeah.
- And me.
And me.
Ha! Three nobodies.
Well, take your best shots,
clown fish.
Bigsnot and I rule
the See of Schmerk now.
And if you know what's good
for you, you'll migrate.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll return the Maestro.
That's right.
Don't make us find him.
You won't like us,
if we have to find him.
I don't like you now,
pickled sea cucumber.
Alright, look, I don't know
why you hate us so much, Barf,
but kidnapping the Maestro
won't get you anywhere?
Au contraire, Chapfin.
It already has gotten me
what I want.
That old jellyfish is out of
the way, and the path is clear
for me to win
the Burping Monster Contest.
And not just that, but any of you
losers, who try to find the Maestro
will end up just like him, gone.
You're despicable, Barf.
[laughs] And you had better get
your white scales ready, Corallina.
What's that supposed to mean?
You'll see soon enough.
Give up the chase, fools.
Your precious Maestro is
a prisoner of none other
than the Great Gurglegut in the
dreaded Sea of Goo. [chuckles]
He's a memory never to return.
And I would drop out of that burping
contest, if I were you. [chuckles]
Anyone who opposes me will
incur Bigsnot's full wrath.
Guys, this is worse
than I thought.
What are we going to do now?
We should split up.
Squirtlips and I will
go to the Sea of Goo.
Uh-huh, we will?
Charlie, you and Mucus
head to Blister Bay
and find the all-knowing
Abalone. He can help us.
The all-knowing Abalone.
He is one mean mollusk.
What do we tell him?
Tell him
the Maestro needs his help.
- Uh-huh. They go way back.
- They do?
There's lots about the Maestro
that you guys don't know.
Sounds like it. That Abalone is
one bad character, but we'll do it.
- We will?
- Yes, we will.
But Corallina, are you sure
about going to the Sea of Goo?
- It can be dangerous.
- I'm sure, Charlie.
Don't worry,
Squirtlips will look out for me.
- I will?
- Yes.
[laughs] Right.
Well, if it isn't
my old nemesis.
Hello again, Maestro.
you icky sewage runoff.
I should've known you had
your fins in this slimy plot.
Should have, could have,
would have, relic.
But you didn't
and now you belong to me.
Belong? You're as batty
as you've always been.
Barf will win
the Burping Monster Title.
Ha! Barf's never won
anything in his life,
and it'll stay that way.
And my faithful students
will soon find me,
don't you worry about that.
Yes, and when they are
foolish enough to come looking,
the rest of Barf's plan
will be fulfilled.
And I will marry
the lovely Corallina.
You what?
You've gone completely mad
if you think
sweet Corallina will marry you.
She will, I tell you.
I'm a cute monster too.
You'll see.
She will rule by my side
for the rest of our days.
[whimsical music]
Uh, er... Corallina, uh...
How, how do we... Where do we...
What do we...
It's gonna be okay, Squirt.
If we stick together,
we'll find the Maestro soon.
We have to.
[exhales] Where do we start?
The only place we can start,
Fish Stew Lagoon.
Its waters aren't guarded, and
its skeleton fish can grant us
quick entry to the Sea of Goo.
You're sure about this?
I'm not sure about anything
right now,
except that Maestro needs us,
and it's the best idea I've got.
[sighs] Let's go.
[whimsical music]
are you sure about this?
I'm not sure
about anything right now, Mucus.
- You have a better idea?
- No, but the all-knowing Abalone's notorious
for his bad temper.
What if he refuses,
or what if he attacks us?
If he refuses, we'll leave.
I plan to plead
our case as best as I can.
So if he wants nothing
to do with us,
and if he attacks us,
we'll fight.
Gulp. But I'm a terrible fighter
and soft and slow.
I won't be any good to you
in battle like, like, at all.
Believing in yourself
is half the battle, Mucus.
When we get there,
let me do the talking.
Whatever happens,
just do your best.
Okay. [hyperventilating]
I think I'm gonna be sick. I need a big
bucket of sea spores to get my strength back.
You know, I was all geared up for
a tough fight in this contest.
And I was kinda looking forward
to it. And now... Argh.
Now what, Barf?
Now that my victory is
a foregone conclusion,
there's no tension,
no anticipation, no mystery.
I think I preferred it before when I thought
monsters might put up a good burping fight.
You could always not use
the Great Magical Burping Power
and make it a fair fight.
That's preposterous.
Don't be silly, Bigsnot.
The Great Magical Burping Power
is too fun not to use.
Besides, the looks on those ugly
monsters' faces, will be well worth it.
When they realize they don't
stand a chance against me,
it'll be just golden.
[laughs] As golden as the trophy
I'll be awarded when it's over.
[laughs] If you say so.
I do say so.
Say, you're still on board,
aren't you, Bigsnot?
Sure, Barf. Whatever you say.
All right. Just making sure.
I'd hate to use another
magical burp on you.
Its power is so great.
There are only so many burps one
monster can unleash, you know.
And I'm saving my best and most
mighty burp ever for the stage.
Are we almost there, Corallina?
It feels like
we've been swimming
against the tide for hours.
Yes. I think it's right up here,
just around the... Oh,
Squirtlips, I've gotten us lost.
I swear I thought I knew
where Fish Stew Lagoon was.
It's okay. It's okay.
It can't be far.
We'll find it, I hope.
- I have an idea.
- Another one?
No, really. My friend Moldspot
can tell us how to get
to Fish Stew Lagoon.
His reef isn't far.
Let's go see him.
What did I get myself into?
The adventure of a lifetime.
And once we get
the Maestro back,
it'll all be worth it.
You'll see.
I hope you're right.
Look, there he is.
There, it's Moldspot.
That's your friend? Ew?
Hey Moldy, remember me?
Corallina? Wow.
What brings you to the wrong
side of the reef, little one?
Nothing good, I'm afraid.
I need your help.
Ooh, who's the clownfish?
- Clownfish? I'm not...
- This is my friend and classmate, Squirtlips.
Say, what do you need help with?
I was wondering if you can
guide us to Fish Stew Lagoon.
I thought I knew where I was
swimming, but I only got us lost.
Fish Stew Lagoon?
You don't want nothing to do
with Fish Stew Lagoon
right now, little one.
Trust me, it's a turmoil.
But Moldy, I have to go.
Our instructor, the Maestro,
has been kidnapped
by a sea monster with the Great
and Magical Burping Power
and he's being held captive
in the Sea of Goo.
The fastest way to the Sea of Goo is through
the skeleton fish of Fish Stew Lagoon.
Kriscoot, Corallina.
The skeleton fish have been
in particularly
foul moods for weeks,
ever since the great Gurglegut stole
their bones to build his new sea mansion.
Is it just me, or does the news
just seem to get worse and worse?
Moldy, please understand.
We can't just turn
our gills on the Maestro.
He's helped so many of us
for so long.
We can't abandon him now.
We just can't.
Uh... If I know you
like I think I do, Corallina,
you'll never take
no for an answer.
I know a shortcut
to Fish Stew Lagoon.
But it takes you right past
Foul Fiord, home of Bluelips.
Bluelips? Who's that?
A dangerous
and unpredictable creature.
He's not to be trifled with,
in these waters.
The closer he is to home, the
more territorial and ornery he is.
And my shortcut will take you
right through his lair.
Oh, great.
Thank you so much
for the tip, Moldy.
We'll be extra careful,
I promise.
If there's anything I can do
to dissuade you from going, I...
We have to, Moldy. We care
too much about our Maestro.
I understand,
but, but Corallina, if I may,
your mother's side
of the family were all renowned
and great burping monsters
of the sea.
You may or may not know it yet
but you posses
Great Burping Power of your own.
It's all rumbling inside of you.
You just have to realize it
and believe in yourself.
Thank You, Moldy. We should shove
off, but I'll see you soon, okay?
Okay. Be well, Corallina,
and Godspeed.
[whimsical music]
How're you doing, Mucus?
You've been quiet.
I'm worried, Charlie.
I don't know about this Abalone.
The whole thing seems risky.
I know. I know.
But look at it this way,
we don't have
anywhere else to turn.
Corallina and Squirtlips are
taking chances on their end,
we're doing the same on ours.
It's all we can do.
And it's either us,
or abandon the Maestro.
I don't think he'd abandon any of us
if the scales were on the other fish.
Er, what other fish?
Never mind, Mucus.
Hey, here we are. Stay cool,
and remember,
I'll do the talking.
Sure, okay.
What have we here? Two fish.
And look at the time, lunchtime.
Do yourselves a favor, fishies,
and hop right into my mug here.
Save yourselves
a lot of trouble.
- That sounds nice, Mr. Abalone.
- It does?
But we're here on business.
We have an emergency,
and a heck of a story to tell.
Oh, yeah? I can't hear you.
Come closer, fishy.
Don't do it, Char,
he wants to eat us.
If it's all the same to you,
we'll stay over here, Mr. Abalone.
I see. [mumbling]
Maybe I'll come over there then.
Would that be better?
Let's get out of here, Char.
Let's just go.
We'll figure something else out.
No, this is why we came, Mucus.
And we're at least going
to explain our situation.
Mr. Abalone, a terrible thing has befallen
our good friend and mentor, the Maestro.
The Maestro. My old friend.
I hope everything's all right.
Tell me, fishies,
what's the problem?
So, you wait a minute,
you're not hungry anymore?
No, I'm starving actually,
and you two morsels
make my taste buds tingle.
But I can put
that aside for a moment
while your friend tells me
what he's talking about.
Then, we can talk about lunch.
Gulp. Nah. That's okay.
A sea monster named Barf
used the Great and Magical Burp
on the Maestro, banishing him
to the Sea of Goo
where he's being held prisoner
by the great Gurglegut.
That's the craziest thing
I've ever heard.
Trust me, it's the craziest
thing we've ever heard too.
So, what brings you here?
Why have you sought me out?
Our friend Corallina, who's also one of the
Maestro's new trainees, told us to come.
You must really trust this
Corallina, little fishy.
She's, she's the most
trustworthy sea monster I know.
How touching.
You must know the power
of the Great and Magical Burp
is almost unbeatable
in all the ocean. Right?
"Almost" means there's a chance.
Yes, it does.
And since it's
for my old friend, the Maestro,
I'll give you fishies a tip. Find
the stink-crabs of Flatulating Lock,
and procure their powerful vapor
to reverse the spell
of the Great and Magical Burp.
Only then can you free
the Maestro from his hold.
Will do. Thanks,
all-knowing Abalone.
Yes. [giggles] Thanks.
We'll be going now.
Hold on, chum.
Why don't you come here
and pat my scales
for good luck on your way
to the Flatulating Lock.
Uh-huh, that's okay. We have all
the luck we need, Mr. Abalone.
We really should be...
Swim, Charlie, swim.
Well, what in all the oceans
are you supposed to be?
I see. Well, I'm supposed to be
the King of the Sea of Goo.
But ever since
the Great Gurglegut turned me
into a blasted sea donkey,
I've looked like this.
The King of the Sea of Goo?
I heard you were fish fry.
Well I'm not, and no one will
ever take me seriously again.
Gurglegut's behind this?
Why did he do it?
Jealous of my position,
I assume.
Probably the same reason
you're here.
Oh, I was betrayed
by a sea monster
who never had the talent
to be one of my students.
He struck a deal
with Gurglegut to trap me here
and steal the Burping Monster
Contest, back in the Sea of Schmerk.
Ah, conspiracy.
That age old popper of kingdoms.
Gurglegut plans
to force my student,
into marriage against her will.
Great oceans!
They are taking everything
they can from you, Maestro.
Yes, it, it will appear so.
Look on the bright side, you haven't
been turned into a sea-donkey.
Well, if there is a bright side,
King, I suppose that will be it.
I'll tell you what, Maestro,
how about you and I strike
a little deal of our own?
You help me overthrow Gurglegut, and I'll
help you return to the Sea of Schmerk.
It looks like we're
each other's best out.
[mumbles] You have a deal.
I see. Excellent.
You won't regret it, Maestro.
For now, we'll keep our mouths
shut and our eyes open.
No one even needs
to know we've met.
[whimsical music]
It's near dark.
We just began our journey
and already we almost got eaten
for lunch by a sea monster.
And add insult to injury,
I haven't eaten my lunch yet.
Like I told that Abalone, Mucus,
almost means we're still in the game.
I'm sorry, Char, but this is no
game. This is serious.
It was just
a figure of speech, Mucus.
Stay the course with me, buddy.
If we swim fast and get the right help,
we can save the Maestro and Corallina.
Do you really think
she's in danger?
Did you hear what Barf said
about her earlier?
That white scales' remark?
I think he's going to try
to force her into marriage.
Probably to Gurglegut in exchange
for keeping the Maestro locked up.
This whole thing just stinks
worse and worse, Charlie.
And now, we got to bring more magic
into the mix with these vapors.
I just don't know
if this is a good idea.
Mucus, if there's
anything in the sea
we can do to save the Maestro,
I'm going to do it.
And if there's anyone who can do
it, it's the four of us.
You sure know how to make
a sea slug feel better, Char.
I wonder how Corallina and
Squirtlips are doing out there.
Corallina, my life was
a lot easier
before you came into
the picture. You know that?
I'm not sure how to take that,
Take it at face value. You're
a royal pain in the dorsal fin.
Well, you are no surface float
on a sunny day yourself, Squirt.
Coming from you,
I'll take that as a compliment.
Hey, where are we anyway?
[shrieks in fear]
Didn't you see the sign?
No, I didn't see a... What sign?
No trespassing.
Well, sue me. Here we are.
Please let me apologize
for my friend Mr... uh...
Bluelips! My name's Corallina,
and this is Squirtlips.
He's a bit high strung lately.
We were just passing through.
Uh, lovely den you have here.
I hear that all the time.
- You do?
- Mhm.
I could charge admission.
Yeah, right.
Starting now.
Five Schmerk dollars.
- Excuse me?
- Hey, we're not paying you just to swim by.
Oh, but you didn't swim by,
[chuckles] You swam in.
I'm gonna say it one more time:
I'm not a clownfish.
Could have fooled me.
Mr. Bluelips,
maybe you could help us.
We seem to have gotten lost
on our way to Fish Stew Lagoon.
Oh, so first we trespass,
then we want
something for nothing.
We don't mean any harm.
We just...
Our teacher is in a lot of
trouble and we're trying to help.
But it seems like we keep getting the
run-around and we don't have much time.
If I had a shrimp-kebab
for every time I heard
an excuse around here,
you know what I'd be?
Morbidly obese. [chuckles]
No. I was going to say
I'd be King of Schmerk.
A fat king of Schmerk.
Okay, wise guy.
I'll tell you what,
I know how to get
to Fish Stew Lagoon.
You do? Oh, we'd be
so grateful, Mr. Bluelips.
Save it, sea monster.
I'll show you to the way,
if you do something
for me first.
Uhm, what is that?
I want you to solve
a riddle.
A riddle given to me
2000 Schmerk years ago.
And I can't seem to solve it.
It's driving me batty.
And if we don't?
Then you're on your own.
And be forewarned,
there are killer whales
in these waters.
If you don't know exactly how to
navigate your way out of here,
you're as good as chum.
[chuckles] The both of you.
What is the riddle,
Mr. Bluelips?
Oh, that's the spirit.
Here it goes.
How do you communicate with a
monster that lives on the seabed?
- Hmm. Umm...
- Pshaw.
I get a feeling the sea cucumber
has a line for every occasion.
- Yes, that's it.
- What is?
Yeah, what is?
How do you communicate with a
monster that lives on the seabed?
Drop him a line.
Get it? Huh? Yeah?
Is that it?
Wow, you solved it.
My poor brain feels
better already.
Really? That's the dumbest
thing I've ever heard.
Oh, shush, Squirtlips.
There you have it, Mr. Bluelips.
Now, could you uphold
your end of the bargain?
I could.[chuckles]
But I'm not gonna.
- What? But...
- Welcome to the big blue sea, monsters.
Consider this
a learning experience.
Don't trust
any old fish you meet.
Good luck, suckers.
[tense music]
Why, you little...
Don't waste your time,
Squirt, he's gone.
It's probably for the best.
Yeah, but now we,
we're apparently
surrounded by killer whales.
What a mess we've gotten
ourselves into.
Shh, keep your voice down.
Remember that riddle?
We'll crawl along the ocean
floor until we're in the clear.
No predators will ever
spot us down here.
I hope you're right.
So do I. My track record
hasn't been great today.
Come on, stay close.
Ugh, we must be getting close.
It stinks out here.
Use mind over matter, Mucus.
You mean like, uh,
breathe through my gills?
Well, we do that anyway.
All right. [gags]
It smells even worse.
Are we there yet?
If this isn't that...
What's it called again?
The Flatulating Lock.
Yeah, that. If this isn't it,
I don't know
if we should even continue.
I think we've arrived.
[gags] Where do you think we can
find one of those stink-crabs, Char?
Well, judging by the smell emanating
from this volcano, they can't be far.
[farts] You called?
Whoa. Yes. [gags]
That's going to take
some getting used to.
- [farts]
- Wow.
I got this, Char. [inhales]
- [farts]
- Hiya, Mr. Stink Crab.
[farts] Call me Tickle-Tickle.
Okay. Let's get right
to the point, yeah?
Because, you know, [gags]
I think I might pass out.
Tickle-Tickle, we've come all the
way from the Sea of Schmerk, and...
[farts] The Sea of Schmerk?
Ah, I visited once.
It smells kind of funny there.
If you say so.
The reason we're here is,
ugh, our friend is in trouble.
- [farts]
- [gags]
- And we need this stuff to save him.
- [farts]
What's it called again?
- The all...
- [farts]
The all-powerful vapor
of the Flatulating Lock. [gags]
Is that so?
And how would you like it?
Bottled, canned, injected
straight into your nostrils?
[gags] Gross.
Please, no.
I don't want it in my nostrils.
You silly fish. The vapor
cannot treat it like that.
It's our natural resource.
It sounds like you're seeking
some magical talisman,
but you don't understand
what you're after.
We were told the vapor
can undo the power of...
[gags] The...
The Great and Magical Burp
that hurt our friend.
Oh, it can.
- Then, how can we... [gags]
- Utilize it?
There are ways, but the vapor's
power is not to be taken lightly.
It's not like
uncorking a bottle.
Misuse it, and you might find
yourselves lost at sea forever.
Forever, and you'll stink so bad
no sea creature will want to get
close enough to help you, ever.
Oh, no, Char. [gags]
It's not worth it.
I think we should turn back.
We can't turn back now, Mucus,
we have to see it through,
for the Maestro,
and for Corallina.
[evil laughter]
Ooh, whoa.
Are, are you all right?
[laughs hysterically]
Are you having an allergic
reaction or something?
The only thing I'm allergic to
is failure, Bigsnot.
And I don't know failure,
because I win.
[chuckles] I win big.
Oh. I see.
Bigsnot, after my now assured
victory in the burping contest,
I'm gonna take some of my sponsorship
money and treat you to a vacation.
[Barf chuckles]
Where would you like to go, pal?
You, you just name it.
Oh, you know, I'd like to just
float on the surface a while.
It's hard to deal with what with
people pointing and screaming.
[chuckles] Well, when I win the
contest, I'll send you to float far away
where nobody will see you,
I sure hope so. [chuckles]
Eh! Speaking of people laughing,
you are aware, aren't you,
that there is one power that can override
the power of the Great and Magical Burp?
There is?
Sure is.
It's the all-powerful vapor
of the Flatulating Lock.
Your burp stands
no chance against it.
- There you go again.
- What, what?
Pointing out
how my plans can go awry.
What is it with you, you big
lug? You're under mind control.
That means you should agree
with everything I say or do.
That's the whole point.
It is? Why?
Because I'm the boss.
Sure you are.
And I call the shots.
Sure. You do.
All right.
Help me run some gill exercises.
And not another mention
of the vapor.
All is good
in the Sea of Schmerk,
and I will win the contest.
Repeat after me, Bigsnot.
All is good in the Sea of Schmerk
and you will win the contest.
- Good.
- Unless, of course, somebody gets a hold
of the all-powerful vapor of the
Flatulating Lock, that is. [chuckles]
[farts and laughs]
Here you are, monsters.
The entrance to the center
of the Flatulating Lock.
[gags] Wow.
Impressive, eh?
[gags] Sure is.
[farts] You can smell the power.
- Sure, can.
- It's like gazing deep into the bowels of a great Megalodon.
[gag] Yep, deep into the bowels.
Not everyone
is granted this entry.
Uh, lucky us.
Inside, you will meet Tiptoes,
our stink-crab guardian of the
all-powerful vapor of the Flatulating Lock.
He will either assist you
in your mission,
or curse you with the stink
of the vapor for all eternity.
This is where you can win
or lose it all, travelers.
So, the stakes
aren't very high then.
Char, the stakes have never
been higher. Pay attention.
Oh, Mucus.
Be careful, monsters. [laughs]
And good luck. I mean it.
Thanks, Tickle-Tickle.
You've really done us a solid.
I hope so.
Solid waste is always
greatly appreciated
in the Flatulating Lock.
In you go, monsters.
[lively music]
Char, I don't know if I can
make it. This is wretched.
Stay strong, Mucus.
Think of the Maestro.
Yuck. All I'm thinking of
right now, is smelling-salt.
Visualize a bucket of fragrant
delicious, mutant spores, Mucus.
That should help.
Hmm. Mutant spores? Yum!
Hold onto that vision,
Mucus, and push on.
Freeze, sea slugs.
Slugs? We're monsters, you know.
Hey. I am Googly-Brow.
And whatever you are,
this is where you stop.
But Tickle-Tickle sent us.
We're on official business
from the Sea of Schmerk,
to meet Tiptoes the stink-crab.
Official business, huh?
The officialest.
Well then, I'll grant you
monsters an official out.
But if you can't solve
my official riddle,
you will be officially up
Schmerk Creek without a paddle.
Gee, wow.
If that's the way
we have to do it, let's do it.
That's the spirit.
Okay now, answer this
and you may proceed
to Tiptoes' lair.
Fail and wail.
I wouldn't fail if I were you.
Understood. Let's have it.
[clears throat]
What lays on the bottom
of the sea and shakes?
What lies on the bottom
of the sea and shakes?
[whimsical music]
Oh, Char, I can't solve it.
I just can't.
Pull yourself together,
Mucus, you're a wreck.
- That's it.
- What's it?
What lies on the bottom
of the sea floor and shakes?
A nervous wreck.
[whimsical music]
Is that right, Mr. Googly-Brow?
How, argh, how could these two
rogues solve my riddle?
It was one of my best ones.
[both] Yeah!
Well, good for you.
Enjoy your stay, monsters.
Oh. Which way to Tiptoes' lair?
Keep swimming. You won't find
him, he'll find you.
And if you're considering
lying to him,
good, he can read your minds.
I think we're clear of killer
whales, Corallina. [chuckles]
I can't believe your plan works.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Squirt.
And I think you're right.
Let's spread our fins
and get off the ocean floor.
My gills are muddy.
This is it, Squirtlips.
We're in the Fish Stew Lagoon.
Uh... I'd love a postcard or a snail
glow or something, while we're here.
Billy-up, creatures. Who are you and
why have you entered this revered space?
We mean no harm, fish. We're trying to help
a dear friend and teacher, the Maestro.
You may have heard of him.
And our journey has led us here.
The Maestro?
And, and who are you?
We're his students. I'm Corallina,
and this is my colleague, Squirtlips.
- And you are?
- In charge.
I am Gutless, the gatekeeper
of Fish Stew Lagoon.
And I'm sorry to hear
the Maestro's got problems
but we can't help you.
- Oh. But...
- No buts.
We don't just allow any old fish
to enter our waters.
Oh, wait. Did you say
your name was Corallina?
Say, is your mother
the great Burping Monster,
Priscilla Cracker Fish?
- Yes. Yes, she is.
- Oh, my god.
Oh! My sisters had her picture on our
cave wall when we were just hatchlings.
Really? Oh, wow.
She'd love to know that.
Tell her Gutless from Fish
Stew Lagoon says hello.
And if she ever like
to visit, she has carte blanche.
Uhm-uhm, Mr. Gutless,
if Corallina's famous mom
has a standing invitation,
does that mean we do too?
Yes, it does.
Swim on, me friends.
And if you need help,
you need to talk to our leader,
Wishbone The Mighty.
Thank you so much, Gutless. I'll be
sure to tell my mom all about this.
Make my heart go pitter-patter,
why don't you?
Oh, just between us,
Wishbone The Mighty
has been more like
Wishbone The Crabby today.
If he gives you a hard time,
take it with a grain of sea salt.
He and the Maestro go way back.
And he's also a big fan of your mom's.
Remember, Gutless says hi.
Let's hurry
before fanboy changes his mind.
Right. Thank you, Gutless.
Bigsnot, I've been thinking
about what you said earlier.
About the buttered scallops?
It's all true.
They're to die for.
No, no, no. About the all-powerful
vapor of the Flatulating Lock.
- Oh, that.
- Yes, that.
I want you to find
that vapor and bring it to me
so that I can destroy it
once and for all.
If it can impede my new power, I don't
want it out there for any old fish to find.
It's not that easy to find,
Barf. Besides, it stinks.
Bigsnot, I command you.
[sighs] All right.
How did I let myself
get into this mess?
And why in the sea
do I listen to that little runt?
That magical burp
really packs a punch.
I even know
that what I'm doing is wrong,
but I, I just can't stop myself.
I'd give anything
to be back in my cave
eating buckets of rotten fish
and watching the larva roll by.
Ah, maybe someday.
We've got to be close, Mucus. Tiptoes
has to be around here, somewhere.
Ah, I'm scared, Char. What if
he's mad we forced our way in?
We didn't force our way anywhere.
We won a bet, fair and square.
- [gasps]
- [farts]
Why do you bother me,
little creatures? [farts]
We are, we are trying to save
our teacher, the Maestro.
He means more to us
than anything in the sea.
Mucus, I must interrupt you.
What are you doing, Char,
I'm telling the truth.
But not the whole truth.
Mr. Tiptoes,
it's true that we're trying to save
our kidnapped teacher, the Maestro.
But whereas that's my friend's main
motivation, I have a different one.
[farts] Go on.
Oh, Mr. Tiptoes, I'm in love
with the Maestro's newest pupil
who is out on a mission of her own
and I'm worried sick about her safety.
Her name's Corallina,
and I think
she's the most beautiful
sea monster I've ever seen.
So, it's true I want to save our
teacher and friend more than anything,
but I also want to show
Corallina how brave I am.
Wow, way to lay it all
out there, buddy.
Your mission is a true one,
sea creature,
and I commend you
on your honesty.
Despite your care
and hardship, take heart.
There comes a time
in every sea monster's life
when he must realize his relationship
with honor and with love.
And in those rarest instances
they are one and the same.
And while I already
know you've come
for the all-powerful vapor
of our Flatulating Lock,
know this: the power you seek
is already within you.
- It is?
- Wow.
He says it's the flatulent
vapor's inside you, Char.
Hey, is it in me too?
We all come to the power
in our own time, creature.
Some sooner, some later.
So, is, is, is that a yes or...?
Don't press our luck, Mucus.
Forgive me, Master Tiptoes,
we've got an emergency.
The monster Bigsnot has breached our borders
at a high speed of 14 knots and climbing.
His arrival is imminent.
Back in the hatches,
Everyone on full
flatulating alert.
The beast mustn't
reach our center.
- Excuse us, creatures, but duty calls.
- Understood.
Why do you think Bigsnot
is here, Char?
I don't know, Mucus.
But I'll bet it's got something
to do with the all-powerful vapor.
Oh boy.
And now,
here I am in this smelly lock,
putting myself in danger,
making a bunch of new enemies.
All for that
little monster, Barf.
I swear, sometimes I wish
I'd been born a barnacle.
No one even knows they're there.
Maybe I can find a spell
that shrinks me down.
I'm sick of being a sea monster.
I know what Tiptoes said back
there, Mucus, but I just don't know
if I can do this
without some kind of magic.
But, Char, if you really meant what
you said about Corallina, you have to.
Besides, this place reeks so bad
I just want to get this over
with and get out of here. [gags]
We have to find Wishbone
The Mighty fast, Squirtlips.
There's no telling how the Maestro
is doing or even where he is.
He could be Schmerk miles away on
the other side of the world by now.
We've come this far,
Corallina, we'll find him.
Eh, what's this? Hey, dinner?
Certainly not.
We're on a mission.
Dinners don't go on missions.
Forgive us for intruding,
Mr. Wishbone,
but we're doing our level best to
rescue our teacher, the Maestro.
And the only place we can do
that is in the Sea of Goo,
where he's being held prisoner,
by that dastardly Great Gurglegut.
The Maestro's still getting
himself in trouble, eh?
[laughs] Not surprising.
However, I do like
a little sea creature
who knows what she wants.
I know what I want,
just not how to get it.
[clears throat]
Hm, if I may, Mr. Mighty,
I understand the Great Gurglegut
recently stole your bones.
Is that correct?
Yes. Yes, it is.
Well, let's say we make a deal.
Grant us entry to the Sea of Goo,
and we'll get your bones back.
You can do this,
little creatures?
We can try. [chuckles]
I didn't ask if you could try.
I asked if you could do it.
Yes, we can, Wishbone. Just get
us there, we won't let you down.
Very well.
You two are headed
for the Sea of Goo.
And, little creatures,
don't disappoint me.
[tense music]
Maestro, my plankton lookouts
have delivered news.
Your students, Corallina
and some peculiar lippy thing.
If you say so.
They are here in the Sea of Goo.
They are? But, but how did...
I've no idea.
But they are headed our way.
Aw, goodness gracious,
they're in danger.
We've come a long way,
I see that,
my dear little sea cuteness.
And I thank you.
We shall marry in haste.
Marry? You must have me
confused with someone else.
I definitely do not, Corallina.
We shall marry at once
and you will rule
the Sea of Goo with me.
How does that sound?
You've gone sea bananas.
Bananas about you, my super cute
little sea monster.
Now, why don't we just say,
"I do"?
Why don't you release the Maestro and
forget this whole crazy scheme of yours?
Because that would defy
my deal with Barf, of course.
Your deal?
Yes. The Maestro for you,
my adorable future bubbly bride.
Bah! [chuckles]
Easier said than done,
you beast.
I have burping powers of my own.
Ooh, I'd love to hear them,
my adored little sea bubble.
Oh, yeah? And how would you like
to live out the rest
of your days as a jelly squid?
I don't get it.
Should something have happened?
Hum. Not sure.
Charlie, help!
What just happened?
I'm not sure.
Oh, all of a sudden, I, I feel
as if I must obey your every
command, my master monster fish.
Enough fighting,
my little monstrous sea bubble.
Oh, let's get hitched.
Let us rule the Sea of Goo
as the monster and his bride.
Corallina, no!
Never. I'll never marry you.
Take this.
Whoa, that, that look suits you,
Gurglegut. [chuckles]
- Corallina.
- Hi, Maestro.
Oh, my dear. How in this sea
did you ever get...
I found my burping power,
The strength
that was inside me all along.
Corallina, I knew your mother
and I'm proud to know you.
Well, I've never seen
such power in all my days.
I have you to thank, Maestro.
You made me see that it's possible.
That no matter who my mother is
or what my dreams are, all I
have to do is believe in myself.
You're quite the sea monster,
Quite the monster indeed.
Barf will never see this coming.
With you on our side, Bigsnot,
we can thwart that little runt
and his crazy plans
once and for all.
I appreciate the sentiment,
guys, I really do,
but, uh, I just hoped
to relax and dig
into a nice big bucket of rotten
fish after all this is over.
But if we pull this off, Bigsnot,
we'll get you two buckets.
And, and maybe one for me?
All this talk of food
is making me hungry.
[chuckles] Deal, Mucus.
Welcome back, sea monsters.
Maestro, it's good
to see you again.
Thanks, Wishbone.
And thanks for allowing
my apprising students here
to pass through your territory
on their way to save my scales.
Anytime, Maestro.
And I must thank you
for returning my stolen bones
as you promised.
You're welcome indeed.
Oh, ho-ho, brave sea monsters,
accept my eternal gratitude.
No need, we made a deal.
You granted this passage
and we found your bones.
We're happy to be of service.
Well, it looks like
we all win today.
And now,
I'd like to ask you a favor.
You returned my most
prized possessions to me,
and I understand you have
a big contest coming up.
Corallina, I'd like
to ask your permission
to attend and cheer you on.
Well, I mean, I'm competing
in the contest too, you know.
Well, Squirtlips.
We'd be honored
to have you, Wishbone.
Hey, where'd Bigsnot go?
Huh? That's strange.
I don't know.
Well, well, well. [chuckles]
Thought you could subvert
the Great and Magical Burp
with silly magic
of your own, eh?
Give it up, Barf. You'll never
win. Bigsnot, tell him.
You are mistaken, Charlie.
Barf and I run
the Sea of Schmerk now.
Oh no, Char, Bigsnot's back
under Barf's spell.
That's right, twits. [chuckles]
Now, you're gonna
pay the price for crossing Barf.
You'll wish you were
in an aquarium after I'm done.
Eh, eh, see?
Ooh. What happened?
Hey, where is Barf?
[whimsical music]
I'm so glad you guys are okay, and
it's great to see you again, Maestro.
You did it, Corallina.
You're a hero.
We did it, Charlie.
Yeah. We may have
rescued the Maestro
but you defeated Barf.
Yeah, I, I guess that's fair.
It's more than fair, Charlie.
Today we're all heroes.
She's right, Charlie.
Without the help of all of you
I might have been lost forever.
My soul pupils.
Guys, I have
an announcement to make.
After much thought, I've decided to
drop out of the Burping Monster Contest.
But why, Charlie?
Because Corallina
deserves to win.
And I don't want
another championship title.
I want your heart, Corallina.
I love you.
Oh, Charlie, I love you too.
What am I? Chopped tuna?
- What the...
- Hey there, trespasser.
Watch your lips, bottom feeder.
I was hit by
the all-powerful vapor.
And just as soon as I regain
my senses, I'll get out of here.
Uh-huh? The key phrase there,
pukey ism get out of here.
And if you want to,
you'll have to solve
a little riddle
And if I refuse?
You'll spend
the rest of your days
in this place with me.
Ha. I can get out of here
in a spore second.
Have it your way.
I'm going to hang right here
and watch the show.
[whimsical music]
Hey! Wa, wa, wait just
a Schmerk minute here.
Where am I? Uh, uh...
How do I get out of here?
[lively Caribbean music]
vertebrates and invertebrates.
One and all to the long awaited
Monster Burping Contest.
Remember, your cheers can put a
competitor over the top tonight.
So, don't hold back.
Without further ado,
this year's contestants:
First up, Squirtlips.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]
Woo-hoo. [giggles]
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Next, give a warm contest
welcome to Mucus.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Yippy. [giggles]
[announcer] Do we
have a contender.
And now, last but not least,
give it up for Maestro's
newest protg,
the lovely Corallina.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering and applauding]
[laughs] My swordfish,
throw a shrimp on the Barbie.
That was utterly unbelievable.
[crowd cheering]
And our winner
and new Burping
Monster Champion of the sea is
[crowd cheering and applauding]
[whimsical music]