Sea Shadow (2011) Movie Script

How many times have I told you
to always put the sherbet in the fridge?
Are you an idiot? When will you learn?
You left the sherbet out in the middle of
the courtyard, now, all the cats ate from it
God help me with you!
Where are you going?
Pick up the sherbet cooler
and deliver it to Hajj Saleh's house
Mansoor, where are you going?
Where do you think I'm going?
- I want to talk to you about something
- What?
The old lady's place
Later, now follow me
Your mother should pay you
for all these deliveries
Father, I made cheese and thyme fatayer
should I pack some for you?
I'm not hungry
Alsalam Alaikom
See you uncle
We're going fishing on Friday
are you coming?
- I'm notsure
-What do you mean you're not sure?
-Are you coming or not?
- I'm not sure
I'm not really good at it
Oh yes, you only stand
by the shore... like a women
Anyway, it's easy... I'll teach you
You know what Sultan?
I hope that one day
I'll catch a really big fish
and ride my bicycle
around town showing it om
Well, first you have
to learn how to fish
Just sitting on the beach is useless
l don't remember the last time
l saw you swim
I know how to swim
you think I don't?
That day will come and I'll catch that fish
even if I have to catch itwith my bare hands
Ok, whatever
So, whowould you give it to?
- Do I have to give it to someone?
-Yes, to someone you love
When you're in love
you give what you have to them
Just like Hajj Mahmoud
That guy just sits playing
his oud all day
My mother says that he's been
like that since his wife died
He loved her so much
that his life ended with hers
- How does someone know if they're in love?
- Everybody falls in love
-And you're Mr. know-it-all?
- Of course
- You also love
- Me?
-Who do I love?
- Don't you love your Mom and Dad?
Yeah, but they're my Mom and Dad!
- What else do you love?
- l love our neighborhood
l love football, my bike
l love our fridge
The cold sherbet and icicles
that my mother makes and no one buys
I love my father's laugh
lt's true that I drive my Mom insane
and she always gets mad at me
but I still love her
You still didn't explain...
How do you know if you're in love?
You feel like you can't take
your eyes omofher
Everything in you freezes
except your heart
Listen... don'tforget
towear red for the game
the other team will wear blue
- We'll kick their butts!
- Yes
But let's hope Salouh doesn't end up
breaking your nose again
l don't know what his problem is
Oh, very nice
Let me taste it!
But less salt
-And a justa pinch of black pepper
- I'll do that next time
Next time... I will teach you
how to make Molokhia
lt's a very nice
Egyptian dish... fabulous!
I wish I had a daughter like you
ButGodjustgave me thatbratofa son
Consider me your daughter, auntie
By the way, Alia told me to tell you
that they want 8 sherbet glasses today
Okay, dear
Okay, I have to leave
By the way
- How's your father?
- He's fine
- Good
- See you
Alright dear
- Take care on the way home
- Ok... let's go Maryam
Take care uncle
Good that you came back
come on, grab a sherbet cooler
and walk the girls home
- How's uncle doing?
- Fine
-And your brother Jasim, how's he doing?
- He'sne too
And... you? How are you?
Kaltham bought me a kite yesterday
- Really?
- Yes
I like kites a lot
And what does Kaltham like?
She likes to read
and she likes to cook
- That's it?
- l don't know!
- Do you still go to the sea?
- Yes, all the time
- Do you like the sea?
- Yes
But sometimes it scares me
- Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
- What?
How much does that thing
on your sister's ankle costs?
What? The anklet?
l don't know...
- 30 or 40 dirhams, maybe
- Only?
Yes but that's just a cheap
accessoryfor kids
But there are other kinds that come in
silver and gold, and are more expensive
Thank you
- Say hello to your mother
- I will
So babe, you're getting
an anklet for your mother?
No, for your mother
One hundred!
- How much is this?
- Let me see
70 dirhams
You can add things to it and make it
more beautiful, something like this
- You sell each one separately?
- Yes, 30 dirhams each
There are also these letters if you want
How much are they?
I'll give them to you for the same price
- Do you have the entire alphabet?
- All of it
You sure? There isn't a letter
out of stock or something?
No my son, everything is available
and if not, I can get them
Okay... can I buy the anklet
and one letter for now
- And then come back later for the rest?
- Of course you can
- Which letter do you want to start with?
- The letter K
- Can't you give me a discount?
- Not on one letter
But next time
I'll give you a very good discount
- How do you like it?
- Ok
Then if ok, 100 dirhams!
Look at all these 5's and 10's!
- Thank you
- God bless you
Pardon me...
The delivery charge is ten...
Um... ve dirhams
- Good evening
- Hello, Mansoor
Father, what'swrong with the chair?
This part is broken again
It's okay, you don't need it now
I'll take it tomorrow to get it fixed
- Hello auntie
- Hello dear, how are you?
I'm fine
- Maryam, how are you?
- Good
Thank God
- How are you?
- How's uncle?
He'sne and yourfather?
He'sne too
- Did something happen at home?
- No, nothing
l made cheese and thyme fatayer
the way you taught me
It turned out great
so I thought I'd bring you a plate
Thanks dear, that's sweet ofyou
- By the way, how is your brother Jasim?
- He'sne
It's been a while
Yes, but he calls every once in a while
He's probably busy at work
Is there something wrong?
- No auntie, do you need anything?
- No, I'm fine
- All right... see you later
- What see you later? Come here
The plate!
See you soon auntie
Goodbye my dear
Hey Babe!
Ok, goodbye
Something's come up
and I need to leave now
- Okay Mr. Businessman!
- You're funny...
When will you get a phone?
- Didn't you save up enough money yet?
- Soon
Okay, I've got to go
Your drink
Father, there are lots ofworkers
waiting for you outisde
- Why don't they ring the bell?
- I don't know, looks like it's broken again
Damn! You sponsor them
then they give you a headache
None of them pay on time
they all say there's no money
and ask to pay later, always later!
- Hello father
- Hello Mansoor
- It's fixed
- God bless you my son
Listen... how much was it?
He wanted 30
but I got him down to 25
- Very good
- And that's the change
God bless you my son
Here, keep this 10 for you
- Thank you, father
- May God protect you
- Kaltham?
- Yes
Why are you scared of men?
l'm not scared of them
But when you see them
don't go near them, okay?
Do you want water?
Dad says that Mom is under the sand
Her body is under the sand
but her soul is up in the sky
Can I talk to her?
You can look at her photo
and talk to her
You mean that I can't talk
to anyone but you and dad?
And Jasim too
But Jasim lives far away
You can talk to him on the phone
Are you sure you don't want some water?
Okay, go to bed and rest
That's a great story!
That's not all
Come here Sultan
Listen... back in the day your father
was called "The Wolf"
The wolf of the neighborhood
When I saw girls on any corner
All it took was one glance
and they would all fall for me
What do you think?
Your father was a big flirt
My hair was so long and smooth
It was like silk
One time I was coming out
of the store and I saw some girls
and I started flirting and flirting
and all of a sudden, your mom hit me
with a rock that cracked my head open
That day I fell in love
and later we got married
You and your son sit there doing nothing
while I stand here working
- What's your problem, woman?
- Nothing at all
I'm really enjoying this life
Why don't you go see your uncle?
You worked for him all those years
and when you got hurt
he forgot all about you
At his age, he's on running
around in Bangkok like a teenager
Tell him that the welfare
money is not enough
Now I have to sell the sherbert
I used to buy when I was a little girl
Mansoor! Get up now!
Take a cooler of sherbet
to Umm Owaish's house
I'll go out for a bit and be right back!
- Where's dad?
- Dad is busy
but don't worry, I'm here
Just stay in the room
and don't go anywhere
- Who is it?
- It's Mansoor
Come in!
- I'll be backin a minute
-Come on, ok
- Greetings, auntie
- Hello dear
How are you? How's your mother?
We're fine, thank you
- The sherbet
- Good, leave it inside
Go in dear, don't be shy
Hey, Mansoor!
What are you doing here?
Your mom asked me
to take the sherbet inside
Come in, Mansoor
Can you grab that suitcase for me?
Look at you Mansoor!
You're all grown up
In a couple of years
your mother will start
to look for a nice bride for you
But you seem to be too shy
Tell me
Do you have a girl in mind?
What does she look like?
Is she plump?
White, with long hair?
Or do you want her more like me?
Where should I put this?
Putiton the bed
By the way...
say hi to your mother
That was a long minute
Where are you going? Hey!
When will I grow a beard?
Enough! Get up
and go to sleep in your room!
When will I grow a beard!
Okay dear, sleep well now
Good night
- Father!
- What?
- Where are you going?
- Why? What do you want?
Take us to see Jasim
It's been a whiIe since he came home
He'll come when he's free
Father, every time I ask for something
you keep putting it om
You ask for too much! Both of you
What dowe ask for?
You're always distracted from us
I see you've started
to talk back like your brother!
I'm not talking back, I'm just trying
to make you understand that...
And now I don't understand either?
- That's not what I mean
- What do you mean then?
You're just like your brother
everything I do isn't enough?
I spend everything on you mo!
What else do you want?
You people are breaking my back!
Take your sister and go
to Umm Mansoor if you want
- Hi
- Hello
- Hello Mansoor
- Hi
- Who's winning?
- We are, of course
- I just scored mo goals
- The ball
Bye, Mansoor!
Maybe you should've gone
for a walkwith her too
Have some respect
she's none ofyour business
You're talking about respect?
Have you lost your mind?
What the hell is your problem man?
Salooh, do you want to finish
the match or do you want to fight?
Or maybe you're angry
because Kaltham completely ignores you?
I saw it with my own eyes the otherday
Sultan, shut up
or I'll teach you a lesson
- Let'snish the game
- By the way...
Don't forget to fetch some sherbet
So you really want to fight?
I let it go last time
Yes Iwanttoght
whatare you going todo?
- Is your mother at home?
- She went to the market
Why do you get into fights?
A real man doesn't fight with everyone
Then what does a man do?
Get married...
Start a family...
Have kids...
And what does a woman do?
A woman?
A woman waits for a man
Her destiny
Hello boss
Do you have the money already?
Boss, I don't have the money now
Boss shmoss!
You're mo weeks late now
Boss, business is slow, what can I do?
I will bring your sponsorship money soon
I don't want to wait any longer
Listen, nex tweek you bring
the money to my house
Yes boss... but please
give me one more week
Shahid, what are you saying?
Stop fooling around
Listen, you come to my house
on the first of the month
and you can cut my hair
at the same time
And I don't want to wait
any longer, understand?
Yes, boss, thank you, boss
- Bye
- Bye
- Father
- What?
- I want 5 dirhams
- For what?
- I want to go to the grocery store
- Didn't you go in the afternoon?
Enough, you can't keep going
to the store like this
I'm nota bank, you know
Go inside
Get up, forget the radio
and go buy butter and eggs
from the grocery store
- For free?
- What do you mean for free?
- I mean, there's nothing for me?
- What for?
For as much as you listen to me?
Here I am going to the grocery store
and I didn't say a word
How could I not listen
to the best mother in the world?
- How much do you want?
- How much will you give me?
- Do you think I'll give you a thousand?
- I don't know, 50?
Here you go, take 10 dirhams
and bring back the change
- What's the matter?
- With what?
- With you, you seem different
- No, no, I'm fine
- Shall we go?
- Why?
- Are you in a hurry?
- No, I'm not, I just have a date
- A date?
- Yeah, a phone date
See? Talking about her
''I love you so much''
What for?
Simple, I got her a bottle
of perfume this morning
How did you know she wanted perfume?
This is what people get their
girlfriends, every woman likes perfume
Come on, lets get out of here
Come on
Paint that face, pretty!
10, 20, 30,4O
50, 60, 70, 8O
Maryam, wait, I'll open the door
- Jasim!
- Hello
Hello, come in
- Howare you?
- I'm fine, give me your bags
Why didn't you tell us you were coming?
I wanted to surprise you, did I?
Yes! It's wonderful
- Jasim! Jasim!
- Hello my sweetie!
- Howare you?
- I'm fine!
- Where is father?
- Over there
- What's the final price?
- 5O
- That's too much, take 30
- 30 is no good
But 50 is too much
- Come on, final price?
- 5O
That shop next door has it for 4O
- How can you say 50?
- Okay
Go buy it from that shop
- Come on, what's the final price?
- Fifty
Now, you are a princess
Do you know what I brought you?
- Guess?
- I don't know
A cooking toy
When you were young
you used to love this toy
You always told our mother
thatwhen you grew up
you wanted to be an amazing chef
- God rest her soul
- God rest her soul
But it looks like
you're too old for this toy
Let's give it to Maryam then!
Well, actually that wasn't
what I really got you
You remembered? Where did you find it?
Of course I remembered, I asked one
of my friends to get it from Lebanon
Wait a second...
Then you didn't get me anything?
All this and I got you nothing?
Put the lunch out
- Father
- What?
- I wanted to talk to you about something
- Now is not the time
After lunch
At night
- Hello, father
- Hello, son
- Where's mom?
- On the roof, hanging the laundry
What's in the bag?
- It'sa gift
- Forwho?
- This guy you don't know
My God, you remind me of my youth
Watch out or your mother will catch you!
God willing, in a few more years, I'll
wed you to Kaltham, Mahmoud's daughter
What do you think?
She's the prettiest girl
in the neighborhood
May her mother's soul rest in peace
- Mansoor!
- The wolf is coming!
Dad, please don't tell her
about the gift
Say that I just left, okay?
- Where's Mansoor?
- He's not here
I heard his voice
- That's the radio
- The radio?
And that kid is out in the street all day?
When will you discipline him? Tell me
Mansoor! Come in
Who's singing?
You don't know who that is?
I'm not sure, but it sounds old
He is the king of love and romance
Abdulmajeed Abdullah
- Doyou love him?
- I adore him
What's this?
Is this for me?
You have good taste
Maryam! Change your clothes
Jasim is taking us out!
You know...
When I finish school
I'm going to get a job
and buy you a pink dress
and a pink bed for your pink room
- I'll have a pink room?
-And what will you get Jasim?
- I don't know
What should I get him?
A bride
- What about dad?
- Dad...
Maybe a newoud
And what about Mansoor?
Come on now! Get dressed
Kaltham is going to buy dad a newoud
And nothing for me?
Yes, but I forgot what!
Do you think dad is going
to let me go to university?
- Is that what you want?
- Yes
And to work after I graduate
Then of course he will, why not?
Jasim, do you love dad?
We all love him
But, he changed
After mom died
the world became
a different place for him
Yes, Ibrahim!
- What's up dude?
- What?
What?! What's the matter with you?
You haven't been yourself
since yesterday
What, is it a girl?
You naughty dog!
Do I know her?
Tell me
I'll tell you later
What a shame!
Hiding from your friend?
Just tell me her name!
Only the first letter
-Sultan, I told you, I'll tell you later
-Later, huh?
Then let's do something
Like what?
We haven't barbecued crabs
by the beach for a while
How about tonight?
Doing anything by the beach is nice
Anything by the beach is nice?
You're such a sweetheart!
Ge tup, let'sgo
Abu Dhabi?
Have you lost your mind?
You changed your life and your looks
that's your business
But don't interfere with my daughters
their home is here
How can I not interfere, father?
- They're my sisters too
- Your sisters are comfortable here
The girls need care
Kaltham has grown up
She is not a child anymore
And you spend all day
with your pigeon sand plants
I didn't say that
I only wanted them to come with me
- I want you to be with us too
- I don't want to go anywhere!
the school year is about to start
You're going to enjoy it there
Life there is dimerent
Just give it a try
at least for a while
I'm not leaving this house
this is my place!
A lot of people left these houses
and they moved to new places
Who's left around you?
No one, exceptfor a fewworkers
Is this the life you want for the girls?
Look, don't give me a headache now
Ifyou want to stay, then stay
But my life and my daughters
are none of your business
Otherwise, leave and
go back to where you came from
- Jasim, hello
- Hello
- How are you Mansoor?
- I'm good, it's been a long time
Yes, I've been busy
- Is this your new car?
- Yes
Listen, I'm busy now, let's talk later
We are going to grill
some crabs by the beach
Wanna join usfor some
grilled crabs on the beach?
My friend and I are going tonight
It would be nice for you to come
- Well, I'm not sure...
- We'll prepare everything
You just have to come
It's been such a long time
since I last ate crabs by the sea
Great, we'll wait for you then
Okay, I'm going
to meet my friend Ibrahim
and we'll catch up with you later
Same place, by the way
This scent reminds me of old times
Time changes everything
You too, yes, we barely see you
Nobody stays
in the same place forever
So everything
in the neighborhood is now old?
Yes, everything is now old
I'm old, you're old
Even these crabs are old
Jasim, what music do you listen to?
I listen to everything
but more of the new stuff
Girls like music
Girls love music
When you fall in love
dedicate a song for your girl
Every couple that are in love
have a song that describes their love
Music and songs
that's what this gathering needs
Noman, I don't feel like it now
Where can I buy all
of Abdulmajeed Abdullah's songs?
- The entire collection?
- Yeah
Look for them at the record stores
I went to several ones here
and I didn't find it
And why do you want
the entire collection?
My mother loves his songs
Then try Dubai
There's a shop called Virgin
you'll definitely find it there
-Where, in Dubai?
- Here you go
Ibrahim, I'm really not in the mood
Look, it's been long
since I heard you play
Plus, the boys want
to hear you play the guitar too
Yes,we do
Of course we want to hear you play
especially Mansoor
Why? Is he in love?
Okay then
this is for you Mansoor
- Sultan, will you come with me to Dubai?
- Dubai? Whatfor?
- I want to buy something
- What?
- Don't tell me, a perfume bottle?
- No!
- What then?
- I want Abdulmajeed's complete collection
Abdulmajeed who?
- Abdulmajeed Abdullah
- But Dubai isfar
We'll leave tomorrow afternoon
and be back before sunset
- Okay
- Okay
How will we get there? Taxi?
Taxi is expensive dude
We'll take the bus from here
then the metro
- What if the metro doesn't get to it?
- It will
- You know it operates without a driver?
- Really?
Never mind that now a trip like that
is expensive, do you have money?
Dubai isn't like here
I'll sell my bike
Then how are you going
to deliver the sherbet? By foot?
- Your mother will kill you
- I'll deal with that
- How will you deal with that?
- I'll borrow your bike
Really? You think you figured it out?
Even so, how much do you think
an old bike like yours is worth?
Listen, I have some savings
I'll ask my dad for some money
And I'll put it to what I get
from selling the bike
- Fine, as you wish, tomorrow then
- Okay
Anything by the beach is nice, huh?
It's too hot for him to be locked
outside, he's going to pass out
That should teach him a lesson
not to climb other people's walls
like a thief!
And on top of that, I sent him to deliver
sherbet and he charges people for delivery?
What will the neighbors think of me now?
- Then stop sending him out
- What are you talking about?
I'm telling you he's asking for money
And I'm telling you to open
the door for him, don't be cruel
You go open it
- Are you going anywhere today?
- No, we're not!
Here is Mansoor
- Hey guys
- Hey
- Howare you?
- Fine
- Let's go, see you guys
- Be careful on the road
- Like I'm driving? See you
- See you
Believe me
your mother is going to kill you
- That's my problem
- Sure, as you say
Here the price
Where were you?
With Sultan
And what were you doing out so late?
Maybe you should've stayed out longer
you are becoming a street kid lately
-And where's your bike?
-At Sultan's house
What is it doing with Sultan?
Didn't I put it in my room?
Why did you take it?
And when did you take it?
While we were asleep
like a thief, right?
When will you grow up?
When will you become responsible?
Answer me boy!
Where were you?
And where's your bike?
Did you talk to your father?
Didn't budge?
As usual
He is stubborn
Ever since your mother died
and you moved to Abu Dhabi
I only see him with those pigeons
Who is he being stubborn with?
The girls are growing up
and he still treats them as children
I don't know how long
he's going to stay in this place
By the way
lt's not just your father
a lot of people are like that
What's the difference, man? It's
all one country at the end of the day
Like my mother says, they'll stay here
as long as there's water in the sea
When are you going back to Abu Dhabi?
Next week
What are you going to do?
I'm not sure
I know what you're thinking about
I think you should take them with you
Get the teapot
- Do you want water?
- Please boss
And get a glass of water too
Give him the water
What's wrong with you girl?
Watch what you're doing
Did you see what this crazy guy did?
Speeding in the middle
of the neighborhood?
- He could've killed someone
- It's ok, father
Mansoor! I don't want you
to be reckless like these guys
God's blessings
Hello Abu Mansoor
hope you are well
Fine, thank you
Mansoor, let's go
Come on! Change your mind, and
put on some henna, there's still time
Let's leave this for the little girls
So why is the wedding at home?
Umm Owaish said she doesn't
want ballrooms and nonsense
and Owaish agreed
Let's not forget
that this is her second marriage
It's not the time to be picky
- The groom's from Al-Ain, right?
- Yes, he's an oMcer in the army
And he's taking herwith him
- May God grant them happiness
- Mansoor, what's up with you?
Hurry up Umm Mansoor
there isn't much time left
- Hi Maryam, where's Kaltham?
- Inside
And why are you sitting here alone?
What's the matter dear?
Kaltham was crying
- Did dad upsether?
- No
Then what happened?
Where are you going?
Why don't you answer me?
Come here girl!
Where are you going? Come back!
You'll never change
The world turns, we get older
and you're still the same
If I come to visit or not
you'll stay the same
There are girls in the house
justfear God and take care
But, now some lowlife
touches my sister? No!
It's not the first time either!
And now even in our home?
You want to stay in this house
then suit yourself
But not my sisters
There he is! Gethim!
Hello Kaltham, what's up?
I saw some kids chasing Mansoor
I think they want to pick a fight
- When?
- Just now!
Sultan! Sultan!
What's going on?
Was it Salooh's gang?
Yeah, but I got away!
What was that about?
There's the jack-ass!
And all this time
I thought the gift was for Kaltham!
You don't understand!
What I understand is that you're stupid!
Come on, quickly!
Couldn't you find someone
other than Owaish?
And you ignore Kaltham!
Listen, you idiot
Kaltham came to the wedding
to tell me that Salooh
and hisfriendswere after you
I swear man, I'm telling you
you don't see, you don't feel
What can I do now?
The big fish, you idiot
Didn'twe say that the biggest
fish goes to the prettiest girl?
But what?
I had bought a gift for her
- The anklet
- So you had the right idea
What happened? Are you just dumb?
Okay... I'll take it to her tomorrow
Inshallah, come on, let's go
Your mom's going to kill you, it's late!
You know what my mom did
when she found out about the bike?
I told you!
Man! She got so angry...
she wiped the floor with me
It looks like you got used to it!