Seal of Desire (2022) Movie Script

Life, extraordinary,
I can't say why
people fascinate me so much.
If I had to give a reason,
it's because
we're so different,
each and every one of us.
Isn't it amazing to know
there's not another version
of you?
There was only you.
That's what's fascinating,
especially women.
What do these images
remind you of?
So complex, but so perfect.
To understand them is like
trying to understand income tax.
No one gets it, but I do.
Not income tax,
Her, for example.
Just look at her.
Look how perfect she is.
It's like
she was designed by Apple.
Is she happy with him
in this moment?
She's smiling,
but looking closely,
her eyes,
there's uncertainty.
She doesn't fully trust him.
Every time he speaks,
she lifts her head
and squints her eyes.
This could also mean
she's intrigued by him,
but it's not the case here.
This woman, for example,
this is what intrigue
looks like.
The difference is that
after she raises her head
and squints her eyes,
there's a slight adjustment
to her head.
She brings it back down
only a little bit.
This tells us
she's not only intrigued,
but wants something.
What does she want?
With silence,
I get answers.
Silence says many things
without saying anything.
Next comes...
Why are you looking at me
like that?
I'm just looking.
Anything new?
Few things.
Your perfume.
That's new.
Stop deflecting.
You know what I'm talking
about with you.
It's all over her face.
She wants me,
and she's looking forward
to the day
when it finally happens.
But I want something else.
You know what?
I'm, uh,
I'm getting a little tired.
I think
I'm gonna call it a night.
Okay, I'll walk you out.
No, no, no, I'm good.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
You, too.
Wine, champagne
or whatever you want.
There are people in this world
who ignore
their natural instincts,
our instincts of wanting more.
In Las Vegas,
people tend to let go
and live almost carefree,
which is why I fit in so well.
I can fulfill
my darkest desires,
and no one will even notice.
I promise,
it isn't what it looks like.
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on.
I'm just gonna go
freshen up, okay?
What was I thinking?
This shouldn't have happened.
Couldn't help myself.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Go away!
I was going to ask you
the same thing.
You don't want to be here.
You're right.
I don't.
You should leave.
I think we both should.
Leave or I'll jump.
I'm sure you don't want
to be here anymore than I do.
Don't be so sure.
I'm sure that
wherever you were, you,
uh, you left in a bit of a rush.
You don't have a jacket,
got no purse.
- Why don't we just-
- Don't!
All I'm saying is,
you're not alone.
Now that you have
a moment, just...
just think about
what you're doing.
I'm sorry about this,
I have to, I have to take this.
Hey, Mama.
You okay?
Okay, great. Let me, let me
give you a call back, okay?
Because I'm with a friend and I,
and I don't want to be rude.
With who?
I'm with Emma, Ma.
No, we actually, uh,
we just met. Listen, I'm...
I'm trying to help her
with something right now.
I'mma give you
a call back, okay?
I love you, too.
All right.
I'm sorry about that.
If, if it wasn't my mama,
I wouldn't have picked up
right now.
Emma, is it possible
that we can maybe
go somewhere and, and talk?
I pay attention to things
most people don't see,
but I see you, Emma.
I treat her place
as if it's my own
to make her more comfortable.
Uh, where's your light?
- Over here.
- Okay.
Leave it.
I'mma go grab you some blankets
or something, okay?
And we can talk about
whatever you want to talk about.
It's okay.
We all go through things, okay?
I've been there.
We all have.
I'm not taking
advantage of this woman.
This isn't for me.
This is for her.
Believe it or not,
she needs this.
She's broken.
And I'm her temporary fix,
just a moment,
a feeling...
she wishes can last forever.
Last night was definitely
an unusual night for me.
But what happened, happened
so I can be there for her.
"Emma, I'm sorry I had to leave."
"You looked so comfortable
and I didn't want to wake you.
"What a night we shared.
"It feels as if it was meant
to be because
"we both needed someone.
"Thank you for being
there for me."
"Stop reading and look
under your pillow."
"Don't think of this as charity
or anything like that.
"Look at it as a thank you
for an experience
"that was priceless.
"It's not much,
but I hope this helps."
"You take care of yourself."
the root of all evil,
almost made us loser.
Money is never my go-to,
but in this case,
it was necessary.
It possibly saved her life.
I'll never know.
It's best that way.
I live in the moment.
Last night we had a moment.
Now that moment is over,
it's time to move on.
What up, boss?
You in early.
And you're late.
I'm not sure
if you noticed me over
in the lobby, sir,
but I was here before you.
What time do we open?
At 9:00.
What time is it now?
Who do you work for?
For you, sir.
But I'm not really
understanding these questions.
You work for me?
Is my office in the lobby?
If you're not at your desk
at 8:45, you're late.
How are you assisting me
when there's no assistant
for my client
when they come in, Kevin?
I need you to be
more professional here.
You represent me,
so I need you to represent.
Talk to the ladies
on your break.
Matter of fact, give them
a chance to come to you.
But, Joe, did you see shorty?
She was bad as hell.
You can't wait
on a piece of ass like that.
You feel me?
You've seen it.
There's no re-living moments.
Trust me,
it never turns out well.
There he is.
Another great night, huh?
I take it you had
another bad one.
Don't want to talk about it.
I just-I don't understand.
You're very handsome
and intelligent, man.
You would think
after all this time,
she'd recognize it.
Yeah, you would think.
Just give it
another 10 years or so.
I don't have 10 years!
I'm just joking, man.
I have an idea.
I'm not cheating on my wife.
I'm not suggesting you
cheat on your wife.
What I was going
to suggest is, for today,
we switch assistants,
help make your day
a little easier.
Malcolm, we've known
each other a long time.
16 strong years.
And you don't think
I wouldn't recognize
when you're trying
to manipulate me?
Kevin is horrible.
- Kevin is not that bad.
- You know what?
You can have Melissa
for the day.
Thank you.
But we get to switch offices
for the week.
- How does that even-
- I didn't think so.
Why do you get
the best office anyway?
We're supposed to be partners.
We are-
We are partners.
I pay more rent than you do.
I remember
when Calvin first got married.
They were happy for a moment.
The thing is,
love doesn't exist,
only lustful moments.
When we have a moment
with someone,
we try to extend this moment
to last longer than intended.
That's how relationships happen.
And you end up here...
seeking counsel.
Sir, uh, your 9 o'clock is here.
Send her in.
Hello, Mr. King.
Elizabeth, I told you,
call me Malcolm.
And I told you to call me Liz.
How you doing?
I'm actually doing good.
Things are good, thanks to you.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
So I finally convinced
my husband to come in.
- Really?
- Yeah.
How did you do that?
It wasn't easy.
I bet.
So then he'll be joining us
in your next session?
No, he's actually here now.
Listen, I understand.
I got to go.
Uh-Hey, sorry.
Work, huh?
That's original.
I had to take it.
Um, Mr. King-Malcolm,
this is my husband, Zach.
You look familiar.
Have we met before?
I'm sure I'd remember.
Of course.
Nice to finally meet you,
Zach, I've heard so much.
I hope not all bad.
Of course it is.
Please, take a seat.
Thank you.
So, Zach, I want you to tell me
what finally made you
decide to come in?
Well, you just get
right to it, huh?
Well, you are paying
by the hour, so...
I love my wife, Malcolm-
Mr. King.
Mr. King,
I want things to work.
I know my wife feels
very strongly about me
coming in to see you.
And here I am, so...
I understand there's
ups and downs in relationships,
we have them, everyone has them,
you know, but that's
the whole reason
we got married
in the first place.
We love each other.
You know, I think
there's just about anything-
This is what bothers
me the most about my job.
There's so much hope
in her eyes, the pain she's in.
Just hang in there, Liz.
Is any of these clients
here for us?
If you actually did your job,
you wouldn't have
to ask me that.
Well, the thing is, though,
everybody here looks old
and miserable, I guess not.
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
What are you staring at?
Staring at you, beautiful.
Well, stop.
I think it's time
we stop playing these games
with each other and really say
what's on our minds.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
No, no. No!
Let him go.
It's about us.
Oh, my God.
Well, that concludes
our session.
I'll walk you guys out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll see you soon.
I'll see you soon.
Like I said, I'm all in,
Mal-Mr. King.
Thank you for being
there for her, for us.
What happened here?
Oh, um, nothing.
- Work stuff.
- Hmm.
Thank you for coming in, Zach.
See you soon.
Zach thinks he has me convinced
he cares about his marriage.
The only thing you convinced me
of is that you truly care
about your mistress.
What is this?
You want to convince
your wife enough
so you can continue
to get away with it.
Too bad your mistress
doesn't feel the same about you.
I've heard about you.
The Messiah.
So you are the savior of women?
She's not scared.
In fact, she looks
almost happy to see me.
A strange man
in your house with a mask
and you're okay with it?
Nothing to say?
You'll tell me
what I want to know.
No, I think it's beautiful
what you're doing,
showing these women
who they married.
I've been wanting to meet you.
For the longest,
I wasn't even sure
if you existed.
We share a common interest,
as you already know.
She knows what she's doing,
but not saying anything.
She's smart.
It's good.
Why is this woman not scared?
So, how did you find me?
Wait, you're not here for me?
I thought...
I should leave.
Is it only married
women you save?
I guess so.
So, how much do you know?
You wanna take pictures...
For the wife?
You deserve it.
But what about me?
What do I get?
The heartbroken mistress?
I'll do it for you.
But I want something in return.
It's my sister.
How do you know me?
If you knew my name,
you would have said it.
And why would you think
I was there for you?
It's been over a week,
and I can't get you
out of my mind.
We had a moment,
but that moment has passed.
Move on, Malcolm.
it's difficult to let go.
So I look at these...
to remind me of what once was.
You like my hair?
This is always the hardest part.
I appreciate it.
I had to wait
until she had time to process.
While Zach
was on his business trip
for a few days
it was the perfect time.
I'm sorry, Liz.
Love, the word shouldn't exist.
It should be replaced with pain
because that's how love is.
What's going on, man?
Just don't know
how much longer I can take this.
You know, you say that a lot,
but yet you still do.
I want my family.
After 10 years, marriage,
raising kids
and family vacations, it's...
It's not like
you understand, right?
What do you mean, man?
I get it.
Sorry. I just...
It's cool.
I just...
wish my wife wanted me,
you know?
Everything I do
is a failed attempt.
What happened?
So tired.
Goodnight, honey.
I'm tired.
Oh, baby, what's wrong?
I'm scared.
Oh, honey,
did you have a bad dream?
You need to sleep
with mommy and daddy?
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, come here.
Come here.
Oh, let's put you up.
- Oh!
- All right.
You want covers?
Oh, that's my girl.
Mmm, is that better?
She just went to bed
10 minutes ago.
Oh, my God!
Why didn't you lock the door?
There's no lock on it.
So you don't do it then?
You don't understand,
it's been like six months.
- Six months, man.
- Yeah.
That's crazy.
- Good morning.
- How'd you sleep?
Really well.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Man, that's-
Is that for me?
Oh, yeah, you can take this.
Thank you.
I'll, uh,
I'll be in there in a minute.
You better.
Six months, huh?
Yeah, that's crazy, man.
I'm sorry about that.
Well, you'll see.
See how it is,
when you get married.
That's the thing.
I'm not-
You're not getting married.
Yeah, I know.
Out of all the women
you've been with,
not one you actually care about?
What you mean, man?
I care about all of them.
You know what I mean.
There's actually one woman
I met recently.
She's pretty interesting.
Interesting, you mean,
interesting enough to see again?
So why don't you?
Was it just a one-night stand?
Come on, man.
You know me.
You know you could
try being normal for once,
like, maybe even learn
the name first.
You know, it's not that weird.
Do me a favor, man.
I'm about to take off.
Can you, uh, lock up for me
and then make sure
she's gone before you leave?
- Appreciate you.
- What?
Thanks, man.
In one ear and out the other.
Who am I giving advice?
I can't even get laid
by my own wife.
Oh, shit.
All right, lady, time to go.
I keep coming here
thinking I may run into you.
If I did, what would I even say?
"Remember that night
you found out
"your boyfriend was married?
"I'm the guy you kissed."
"Yeah, you know
the one with the mask."
What is wrong with you, Malcolm?
Why are you even here?
The moment is gone, accept it.
Could this be?
Is that her?
I think...
think it is.
Excuse me, miss.
You need a hand?
- Oh...
- It's not her.
No, thank you.
My husband should be
right down, but thanks.
Do I really come across
like a serial killer?
Are you sure?
I really don't mind.
No, really, I'm okay.
Thank you.
Okay, okay.
Maybe I'll just
knock on the door.
Oh, shit.
Oh, I'm...
I'm so sorry.
You must be Tyler.
And this is your Airbnb.
Please forgive me.
I thought that you were just-
Don't worry about it.
It's okay.
I just wanted to come by
and make sure
you had everything you need.
- That's all.
- Oh, I really appreciate it.
Everything looks lovely.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Well, you enjoy your stay.
- Have a great day.
- No problem.
- Thanks.
- Don't forget your-
- Uh.
There you go.
Looks like you got away from me.
Probably for the best.
Maybe I'll see you again,
but maybe I'm not supposed to.
Besides, I have work to do.
Is it wrong or is it right
for the right reasons?
Either way, I could be wrong
for doing the right thing.
Oh, no!
Please don't!
Liz, hey.
You okay?
Zach's having an affair.
And now you're here.
Liz, I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sorry I didn't come earlier.
It's okay.
I totally-
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry about this.
This isn't what it looks like.
I'm lying.
This is exactly
what it looks like.
This is my safe zone,
because this leads
to absolutely nothing.
Just a one-time thing
to ease a broken heart.
I have a thing
for women in pain.
And apparently,
they have a thing for me.
It's obvious why.
I make them feel safe.
They tell me their darkest,
most intimate secrets
because I listen, I'm trusted.
Now they know,
they are living lives
with their cheating spouses.
Listen, before you react
and do the first thing
that comes to mind, think,
what is the best way
in getting revenge?
What will hurt him the most?
This is what you do.
I'm sorry for your pain.
These files were only
for your eyes
and will be deleted
in three, two, one.
I really messed up.
I wish she'd give me
a second chance.
Every day it hurts
more and more,
and you'd think that in time,
the pain would heal,
but not this pain.
She was the love of my life,
and now she's gone.
She left me.
I would have changed for her.
Whatever she needed.
If she'd just come back to me,
I could tell her, show her.
It would have been
31 years today.
And I'm trying, man.
It's just so, so hard,
and I haven't even been
talking to our daughter
since she left us and...
They don't need me, we need her.
There's just nothing left
for me here anymore.
Bethany didn't leave you.
She passed away.
Almost four years ago.
She's not coming back.
You don't think...
I know she's dead.
If she could speak to you,
I'm sure she would tell you
to find happiness.
Yeah, she would.
That's why I'm here.
I'm trying.
You're doing great.
First sessions
are always the worst.
It usually starts
as a competition about
who's right and who's wrong,
or like in this case,
we sit here in complete silence.
Why don't we begin with
what brought you two in today?
He's cheating on me.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Just admit it.
Why would I cheat on you?
You tell me,
you're the one doing it.
I love you.
Don't touch me.
Hilda, why are you saying
Johnathon is cheating on you?
Because he is.
I understand.
I can just feel it.
It's like a woman's intuition.
Are there any other reasons?
we're not having sex,
so I know
he's getting it from somewhere.
Every time I try to make a move,
you turn me down.
- You don't try.
- Well, not anymore.
Why would I continue to try
when all I get are your excuses?
I don't give you excuses.
I'm sorry.
- Your reasons.
- Oh, my God.
And more headaches
and the longest period
of any woman I've ever met.
Oh, don't look like that.
Come on.
This is why we're here,
right, to talk.
So I'm talking.
So what?
You think I'm lying?
Malcolm, is it?
You're a doctor.
Tell me, is it, um,
is it possible
for a healthy woman
to have periods that last
an entire month
with maybe one day off?
Ha! Exactly. It's bullshit.
What's bullshit?
You're the one that's lying,
and you're not even man
enough to admit
that you're cheating on me.
And I already know.
I love you too
damn much to cheat.
We'll see,
when I get my envelope
with all of your dirty
little secrets.
Oh, well, you know what?
He only goes after men
who are actually cheating,
so you won't be getting anything
because I'm not cheating.
- Wait a minute.
- Well, we'll see about that.
I'm sorry about that,
um, but who is he?
She's talking about some guy
who supposedly leaves
an envelope
on the doorsteps of wives
who are being cheated on.
Is this true?
No, it's not.
But she does constantly
use this against me.
So why would these women
make all of this up?
They all have no proof.
Just an envelope
with an empty flash drive.
You want an empty flash drive?
- I'll go down-
- That doesn't even make sense.
Okay, so it's not just
a friend of theirs that talked.
There must be a source.
I need to get rid of it.
This can come back-
Malcolm, what do you think?
Where does your source
come from?
I told you, I just know.
No, no, no, I'm sorry,
not your source
on Johnathon cheating,
but your source on this man
with the envelopes.
Well, I believe that
your source,
all of these women,
as you put it,
may have you frightened
that you're next.
And if you get together
with these women
on a regular to talk
about these things,
they can make you feel somewhat-
I don't know
any of these women personally.
In fact, I don't even know
any of their names.
I follow this blog,
Temporary Forevers.
Temporary Forevers.
Let's see.
- I've heard about you.
- Mmm.
The Messiah.
I caught my husband cheating.
Well, I didn't.
Someone left
an envelope on my doorstep.
I thought I was the only one.
Me too.
I never said anything to anyone.
I thought they would think
I was making it up.
Everything deletes
the moment you watch it.
There you are.
I got everything
and he got what he deserved-
So you're the one
making me famous.
Veronica Wilson.
I just
had a date with the Messiah.
Oh, my God, are you serious?
What does he look like?
I didn't see his face.
So what did you have to say
about our little encounter?
You didn't see his face?
I didn't.
He wears a mask.
I wish I could see him again.
Maybe it's time we meet again.
I have an appointment
at 10:00 with Malcolm.
Okay. Can you just sign it
for me right there, please?
Thank you.
All right, just have a seat,
he'll be with you shortly.
Thank you.
Sir, your 10 o'clock is here.
All right.
Okay. I thought
you weren't coming in today.
I didn't think you cared.
I don't.
Well, I wasn't gonna come in,
but I realized
I didn't want you here
all by yourself.
That's sweet, Kevin.
Not sweeter than lips,
I'm guessing.
Look in the desk.
Just look in the desk.
You like?
Okay, that was pretty good.
Tonight, I want you to wear
nothing but that rose.
You just have to ruin it.
Oh, I see somebody loves you.
I used to get
my Becky flowers all the time.
Thank you, Mr. Moore.
- Calvin will be right with you.
- All right.
Tell him to hurry, would you?
No, I'm just kidding.
I got no place to be.
Looking at that man like you
just want to eat him.
Kevin, you ever realize that,
a woman comes in here
sad and then leaves,
I don't know, not so sad?
All the time.
Man's good at his show.
Look, you ever noticed
every time
I come to work
how happy you are?
That doesn't make sense.
It makes perfect sense.
I'm good at my job.
Oh, my God.
Still nothing.
Why haven't you written back?
It's me.
I see.
What's going on?
Came to see you.
So you changed
some things around
since the last time I was here.
Uh, that was almost a year ago.
Has it been that long?
I miss this view.
Yeah, it's, uh, something.
So what...
what brings you by?
Funny you should ask.
Um, I was just at home
thinking about that one time.
Um, do you remember
that conversation
we had the last time
you was here?
It was so long ago.
We agreed that because
we work together,
this is probably
not the best idea.
I think one time a year is fine.
She is tempting,
but I'm not going to do
that again.
Um, Melissa, I'm...
I'm sorry, I really...
I have some serious work
I got to get to, I'm...
I'm sorry about this, okay?
We work together.
We work together,
but it's okay for you
to screw your clients.
Wait, what?
Look, you don't want to waste
your time worried about
somebody like me, okay?
You're young and beautiful.
And besides, Kevin,
you know, he cares about you.
And I care about you.
Look, I'm not here just for sex.
I just thought
that was the only way
to get your attention.
I'd love to go out
with you on a real date.
But I see you and I know
that's not what you want.
Not just with me,
but with anybody.
Well, you can get back to work.
I'm sorry I came by.
Okay for me to screw my clients?
She doesn't have proof.
Why would she say that?
Let's see what you had to say.
"When and where?"
How about...
tomorrow night, my place?
You got my attention, baby
And I can't make a move
Like a child...
So are you going
to at least speak this time?
Dance with me.
No, I don't dance.
I insist.
Baby, if you run away
Baby if you leave me
I'm so in love with you girl
You make me feel brand new
Come on give it up to me
Let me take care of you
You don't have
to disguise your voice,
unless I already know you.
Do I know you?
You don't.
But I'm hoping
to get to know you.
Might be kind of hard
with the mask, you know?
She's more
beautiful than I remember.
Just look at you.
Why do you get to me so much?
Why can't I get you
out of my mind?
Focus on the task
at hand, Malcolm.
Do not let her
cunning ways woo you.
Whoa, what am I saying?
What is this, Shakespeare?
So why did you want to see me?
Baby if you run away
Baby if you leave me
I'm so in love with you girl
You make me feel brand new
Come on give it up to me
Let me take care of you
I know
that your mama says...
I wanted to know more
about your blog.
And that's why
you wanted to meet.
This is an interview?
Good, because I have
some questions
I'm sure the ladies on my blog
would love to know about, too.
And this is just for me.
I don't want to forget anything.
So what about my blog
did you want to know?
I was hoping
you can take it down.
Oh, I get it,
you want to stay discreet.
Let me explain something.
My blog is an outlet
for women to discuss things.
And you are a big part
of that now.
I shouldn't have come.
What would you like to know?
Interview with the Messiah?
First question.
I can't believe it,
she deleted the Messiah page.
There you are, Johnathon.
And who are you?
Looks like you were right,
And she's pregnant.
A woman's intuition.
Didn't think
that was a real thing.
I can't believe you deleted it.
There's no reason
to see you again.
You did what I wanted, but why?
What was it that made you do it?
You are so hard to read.
All right, Johnathon,
where are we?
This is your sister
and her husband.
You want what they have,
a family.
Sorry, I'm late.
I'm surprised.
You're never late.
Things have been
a little upside down lately.
How so?
How you been?
Malcolm, you know that
if you continue to deflect,
your sessions won't count.
Can I get you
two anything to drink?
Hi. Um, can you
just give us a minute?
- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you so much.
All right, so.
Yeah, really.
What's going on?
You know I don't like
you doing that.
You asked me to help.
That's all I'm trying to do.
If my license wasn't
on the line,
we wouldn't be having
these conversations.
We legally have to talk
about this, so...
Yeah, exactly.
So instead of going
to anyone else,
you decided to come to me.
Because you're a friend.
Yeah, but, Malcolm,
that doesn't mean that
I'm not going to do my job.
I like these sessions
to feel more like
conversation, not therapy.
Are you seeing escorts?
Wow. Really?
Doing anything that would be
considered sexually illegal?
Will you keep your voice down?
We're at a restaurant.
Because if you are...
I met somebody.
Oh, okay.
Are you... are you cool.
You just...
Oh, no, I'm good.
I'm good.
You just seem
a little jealous, that's all.
No, I'm... I'm just-
I'm not jealous,
I'm just curious.
So tell me about her.
We went on a date
and I haven't heard from her.
But isn't that what you prefer,
to keep things simple,
keep your urges in check?
Yeah, it is.
I just kind of want to see
her again, you know?
So then why don't you call her?
I don't have her number.
Okay, so question, uh,
what is it about her that makes
you want to see her again?
I don't know.
Well, maybe you should
ask yourself why.
Hey, boss.
You gotta try these cupcakes
Melissa made.
Cupcakes, this early?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, you should try one.
I thought
you was allergic to chocolate.
Mmm, I am.
It's just food coloring.
No, it isn't.
Stop playing.
Why would I dye
a vanilla cupcake
to look like
a chocolate cupcake?
Um, Melissa, listen,
I'm sorry about-
I'm so sorry.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
I hope I didn't make
you uncomfortable
or anything like that.
No, you didn't.
The last thing I want to do
is ruin our work environment.
Yeah, me too.
I apologize, too.
I should've known better
when we had
our first little encounter.
But I want you to know
I'm a professional.
I take my job very serious.
I don't want you to think I'm-
I know that.
I was just being jealous.
I think you're a great guy.
Um, ignore what I said.
So we good?
Guys, I think
I need to go to the hospital.
- Damn!
- Oh, my God!
He'll be okay.
I'll cover for him.
Uh, are you sure?
- I don't want to-
- Yeah.
overwhelm you or anything.
Not a problem...
Today is going
to be one of those days.
What have you been up to?
Maybe I should
send another message.
Just to say thank you,
or maybe I should just ask...
how are you.
Malcolm, your 9 o'clock is here.
How does that make you feel?
You want a clean sponge
and dirty dishes?
My girl is driving me
fucking nuts.
I don't really
wanna talk about it.
I don't know what to do anymore.
You're at home all day
while I'm working.
Man, it's not even like
something specific or,
like, her.
just every day, bro, with her.
Without someone being
there to actually
speak for our people,
then we have no voice.
We become complacent
like we have now.
But what about you?
What about, what about me?
I'm at home, I'm at the crib.
You know where
I'm at all the time.
I need... I need a man.
Is that, is that what
you're saying?
I clean up the place,
I put it all back.
She says nothing.
- I want this to-
- Nothing's happening.
I'm not going to stop
playing my game.
I'm not going to stop
loving you.
I can't take this shit anymore.
I have this dream of me
getting on top of her, man.
And it's not enough.
We deserve more.
I try to go out of my way
to make sure
you feel comfortable,
that you always have
your latest games.
Are you married?
Am I wrong, though?
She cheated on me with a guy.
I need someone
to be there for me.
Am I overreacting?
Oh, we'll see.
All right, bro.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Appreciate it.
How are you holding up?
I'm hanging.
How's Kevin?
He's okay.
He's at the doctor, so...
Okay, good.
You ready for your
last appointment?
Yeah, no choice.
Yeah, let's get it done.
You got it.
Oh, Melissa.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about this.
I had an accident.
Oh, no worries.
Malcolm, is it?
It is.
Veronica, right?
Yes, it is.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Please take a seat.
Why are you here?
You figured it out?
Sorry about that,
I had a little accident
a minute ago.
So, what brings you in?
Oh, you just get right to it?
- Okay.
- Um...
I'm sorry about that.
How's your day?
I'm completely fucking up.
Why are you messing with me?
Just come out and say it.
Is it okay if I ask you
some questions first?
Of course.
It's just my first time
doing this,
and I feel it'll help me...
Open up.
I understand.
What would you like to know?
How long have
you been doing this?
Almost a year.
What made you want to do this?
People hurting people.
You can give a person
everything and...
get nothing,
but pain every time.
You're talking from experience?
Tell me about your experiences.
Talking about relationships?
Talking about...
whatever the question
means to you.
We're here to talk
about you, not me.
Next question.
What's this?
The infinity symbol.
I know,
but there's a piece missing.
It's broken.
When a spouse cheats,
they're breaking vows.
Tell me something about you.
In time.
Are you married?
I am single, actually.
But you do couples therapy.
I do.
Do I need to be
in a relationship
to do couples therapy?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm single, at the moment.
At the moment.
So that means there's someone,
you're just not sure
how serious it is.
It's complicated.
It's always complicated.
But not with you.
What do you mean?
I see you embedded this.
Because you gave it to me.
Tell me.
Do you ever think about
that night?
Uh, thank you,
I think that's everything.
Maybe we can...
do this again sometime?
Does she make
you dinner every night?
Most nights.
Does she take care of the kids,
keep the house clean?
Do you?
I mean, I have work.
Does she work?
So she loves you.
Look, just because
people have been together
for a long time, it doesn't mean
the romance
or affection has died.
It just changes.
I mean, what do
you want from her?
Want her to bring you
flowers every day.
Do you bring her flowers?
So, maybe she's feeling
some of what you're feeling
right now.
And you said you've tried
everything, I mean, have you?
If you simply just tried
to sit down and talk with her,
communicate how you feel
and why you feel this way,
and then ask her how she feels.
You ever thought about
being a therapist?
What up, boss?
You ready for your 2 o'clock?
Kevin, has a Veronica Wilson
called in,
to make her next appointment?
She still hasn't,
but I'll be sure to let you know
when she does, I got you.
Oh, matter of fact, you know
her number's on the file, right?
I'm just saying.
I know.
But what do I always tell you?
Not to eat chocolate
at work again.
If I want to kill myself,
do it on my own time.
The other thing.
To be patient.
I'm letting her come to me.
Why did you come here?
If I have to be honest,
I didn't think it would take you
this long to come back.
Hey, hey.
I hope you don't mind.
The door was open and I just...
Excuse me, miss,
what's your name?
Yes, Veronica Wilson.
- I had an appointment.
- Yeah.
You called yesterday,
but your phone was like
a little static.
What you got,
a little android or something?
Thank you, Kevin.
Um, do y'all need anything?
- I'm fine.
- You sure?
I'll be right out here
if you do.
Kevin, close the door.
Well, I'm gonna do some
paperwork or something.
Did you tell him about me?
Uh, did I...
Please, take a seat.
I'm glad you decided
to come back.
Can I ask you a question?
More questions?
I know.
You know, you're not paying me
to learn about me.
Or are you?
I was just wondering
if it's at all possible
to have sessions elsewhere.
I know that's unprofessional.
I just think that
a different environment
might help me
communicate better.
I understand.
I know a place.
Is this better?
Much better.
You know, I'm the same way.
What do you mean?
How about just this
once we talk about you?
Well, I appreciate
what you're doing.
It definitely helps.
I have an idea.
Instead of these being like
typical therapy sessions,
why don't we be friends?
What do you mean, friends?
I mean, instead of us
meeting at my office
once a week,
we can meet at other places.
Like dating?
Uh, no, not like dating.
Just until you feel comfortable.
I'll choose the next place.
Okay, okay, okay.
You okay?
I can't believe I agreed to it.
What were you expecting?
Dinner and movie?
You come here a lot?
I used to.
My parents used to bring me
and my sister here all the time.
Why used to?
Is it me or does it seem like
every family has that
one family member that
keeps everyone together,
the person that keeps
everyone in check?
No matter what they did,
if the family messes up,
you forgive family and move on.
That's it.
Seems that way.
Yeah, that's...
that's what my mom was for us.
She, uh, she kept us together.
Me, my dad, and my sister.
She was always there...
until she wasn't.
What happened to her?
She died, and none of us
were ready for it.
How did she pass?
I remember her telling me
I was gonna have a baby brother.
But she died giving birth.
What about the baby?
Baby didn't make it, either.
Things changed.
You and your family
ever since, huh?
Yeah, it's been a while,
but for years I just tried
to stay in front of it,
not face it, but I miss my mom.
I miss my family.
You and your family been
distant with each other
ever since your mom?
Yeah, I've been distant,
we've all been distant.
It happens that way sometimes.
Even though your mother is
no longer with us, I'm sure...
she'd want all of you
to still be close,
still love each other.
Maybe you can be
that person now.
People, I can't say
why people fascinate me so much.
If I had to give a reason,
it's because
we're so different...
each and every one of us.
We constantly change.
Could I?
Wash me in the water
Cleanse me
in the mercy of your love
I need a heavenly touch
'Cause I'll be back sliding
I need a little
guiding for my soul
Only heaven knows
'Cause I just need
Oh, a helping hand
That's gonna understand
It's gonna help me stand
'Cause I just need
Oh, a helping hand
That's gonna understand
It's gonna help me stand
Every now and then
I get a feeling in my bones
That I'm just
wandering on my own
So I hit my knees
And I'm crying now please
Oh Lord, won't you bring me
back home?
Wash me in the water
Cleanse me in the mercy
of your love
I need a heavenly touch
'Cause I'll be back sliding
I need a little guiding
for my soul
Only heaven knows...
Hey, Daddy.
- Hey.
- Good to see you.
Did you miss me?
- How are you?
- Hey, Emma.
- Good to see you.
- Nice to see you.
Daddy, this is-
How you doing?
I'm good.
Small world.
Wait, how do you two know
each other?
Oh, you're a patient of his?
Not of his.
His partner, Calvin.
I've known Malcolm
for a few years.
Him and Calvin,
they're good men.
Well, this is my sister, Emma.
Please don't say it.
We've met, actually.
Oh, really?
Okay, well...
I'm sorry.
I got, I got to take this.
- Okay.
- Always busy.
Yeah, I'm on my way right now.
I'm sorry, I gotta,
I gotta to take off.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, it's... it's work.
Hey, I'll see you soon.
I'm sorry, he's...
You wanna sit?
How did I miss this...
It was obvious.
But I've been too consumed
with you, I missed it.
I know this is it.
Maybe it should be.
I'm losing myself to this woman.
Once Emma tells her
what happened, that's it.
Are you okay?
Malcolm, I've been there.
I want you to know that
if you need someone to talk to,
I'm here for you.
Talk about what exactly?
Actually, yeah,
I actually do need
somebody to talk to.
What do you know?
I, uh...
I've been there.
We've all had our hearts broken.
I'll be... here for you
if you need someone any time.
Melissa, I wanna...
I wanna ask you a question.
And I want the truth.
How do you know Veronica?
I don't know anyone
named Veronica.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You don't know
what I'm talking about.
You know, uh, not too long ago,
you told me that...
you care about me.
I do.
As you see me.
I do.
All I, all I want is the truth.
I... hired her.
Wait, what?
I hired her.
I hired her to hurt you
the way that you hurt me.
You fucked my sister?
You were there with Zach
for the same reason I was.
You were hired to be with me?
Um, excuse me, sir.
Do you need me to reschedule
your next appointment?
No, Kevin, it's, uh, it's okay.
You could send him in.
I'm sorry.
Johnathon, hey, how's it going?
Yeah, I understand.
Have a seat.
Sounds like you're having
some lady problems of your own.
Where's Hilda?
It's just me today.
I thought
I wanted what you wanted,
Johnathon, love, a family.
Looks like neither
one of us is getting that.
Nine days since we last talked.
We have more in common
than I knew,
both living two lives.
For a moment, I thought
I wanted more with you.
What can I say?
I tried to stop thinking
about you, but yet I come here.
I wonder
if I ever crossed your mind.
Mind if I join you?
Please do.
What brings you here?
- Look, I'm sorry-
- What happened between me-
Wow, this is crazy.
This isn't me.
I don't, I don't do this.
Do what?
Fumble over my words,
not sure what to say.
This is, uh,
definitely new territory for me.
Well, then let me go first.
I was hired to hurt you.
Wow. Let me, let me
ask you a question,
if you didn't, would you give
a refund or that you just...
I don't do relationships.
It's hard for me to trust
and not because
some guy broke my heart
or anything like that,
it's just...
My parents, for example,
my dad was all about my mom
and now that she's gone,
he's in constant pain,
pain that I don't ever
want to experience.
And I've learned that everything
has an expiration date.
Even love.
I don't do relationships,
I don't believe in them.
I believe that everything
is temporary,
that we all drain
the special moments
in our lives so much,
they're no longer special.
Then I met you
and every moment was special.
Like you said, everything
has an expiration date,
so with the little time
we have left with our lives,
I don't want to waste another
moment without you in it.
I'm not saying
let's go get married
or anything like that,
I'm just saying time
without you in it is
a waste of time.
Malcolm, I'm sorry,
I just-I can't.
You followed me?
You recorded our conversation?
I did.
You plan on releasing it?
I do.
I thought you didn't
want them to know.
I want them to know.
She knows the truth, who I am.
There's only one thing left
for me to do.
He should just mind
his own damn business.
Like, why are you doing this?
He wears a mask.
If anyone knows
who this man is, tell us.
I don't think he is real.
I don't think he is real.
Did you see the video?
He looks pretty real.
- He helped me.
- He helped me.
- I love him.
- I love him.
I think he's dreamy.
It's this envelope
with the word Truth.
Many of you
have questioned if I exist,
by now,
you know the truth, I do.
I have made a serious
impact on the lives
of many with my line of work.
You have questions,
but your biggest question is,
who am I?