Sealed with a List (2023) Movie Script

(bright music)
You're my sugarplum
All the magic that I see
[Greg] Sorry, I'm actually
gonna grab that one. Thanks.
Looking underneath my tree
Coming through.
Hey, guys.
Hey. Has anyone seen Carley?
Hey, Merry Christmas, Debra.
(bright music continues)
Guess who's your secret Santa.
Three years in a row.
What are the odds?
(bright music continues)
Right. Okay.
Open it.
You know me so well.
Can never have too
many vessels for tea.
You do say that.
Just gonna put that up there.
(bright music continues)
Thank you, Greg.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, Greg.
Ms. Kincaid, can
I have word with you
in the conference room?
Of course. Absolutely.
(bright music continues)
So I'm sure you're anxious
to start your holiday,
so I'll make this quick.
As you know, Robert
Lawrence is retiring.
Yes, sir.
Which leaves us with an opening
for Director of Quality Control.
I understand you two
work well together.
Yes, sir. We did.
He taught me
everything that I know.
That's what I wanted to hear.
We're filling his
position today,
and I will be relying
on your experience
in the months ahead.
I won't let you down.
As you train his replacement.
(curious music)
Sorry. His what?
Ah, here we go.
Carley Kincaid,
meet Wyatt Redmond,
my son and our new Director
of Quality Control.
Kincaid, I look forward
to controlling the
quality with you.
(bright festive music)
(horns beeping)
And then that was it.
They wished me happy
holiday, so I just left.
Wow. I'm sorry, Carl.
That's so unfair.
I know.
Jamie, this guy, he
has no experience.
He knows nothing
about the company.
He is my boss.
My boss.
It sounds like you
need one of these.
That would be
great. Thank you.
I'm surprised you wanted
the promotion at all.
I mean, that place
is a soulless vacuum
where all fashion goes to die.
Who said that?
You did multiple times.
Well, yeah. Okay.
But people complain
about their jobs, Jamie.
I don't.
Because you are a sommelier.
You drink wine for a living.
Okay, fair. Fair point.
Most people, work is for money.
Hobbies are for fun.
Your sketches are not a hobby.
You should be working on
fashion shows and red carpets,
not pushing out generic T-shirts
for corporate merchandising.
I love you.
I can't believe
you're leaving me.
So realistically speaking,
what does Italy have that
New York doesn't have?
The Colosseum, the
Venice canals and,
oh, the best wineries and
vineyards in the entire world.
Right. So essentially
what I'm hearing is nothing.
I'm gonna miss you.
Me too.
Look, I know that people
have left you before,
but you know that this
is different, right?
Jaim, of course
this is different.
I'm not eight years old anymore.
Look, you gotta go.
You gotta go be the best
sommelier in the whole world.
And I want you to live
your life to the fullest.
And that's exactly
what I want for you.
I'm fine. Don't
worry about me.
(emotional music)
I want you to promise me
that you're gonna make a change.
Yeah, I'll make a change.
No, no, no.
Promise me
or else I'm literally not
taking my flight tomorrow.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
I'll make a change.
I will quit my boring job.
I will make some new friends.
I will follow my dreams, okay?
And you'll say yes to adventure?
You should make a list.
We will call it the
resolutions for the new year.
(emotional music continues)
I promise.
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(upbeat festive music)
(singers vocalizing)
(upbeat festive music continues)
(singers vocalizing)
(alarm beeping)
(Carley sighs)
You are professional.
You are accomplished, patient.
You will not yell at
this silly man today.
(upbeat music)
Oh, Millie. This
batch smells so good.
Frankincense and peppermint.
Perfect for Christmas,
and for curing headaches.
If I give one to my
boss, will he disappear?
Sweetheart, there
are some things,
even essential oils can't do.
I still remember how
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Hank.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[Hank] Ho, ho ho.
Merry Christmas.
(upbeat music continues)
And as I hung the ivy
Greg, Greg?
Have you seen Wyatt today?
For Christmas
Where is he?
(door tapping)
[Gertie] Mr. Wyatt,
you're going to be late!
(Wyatt groans)
(bright music)
Come on, sleepy head.
(Wyatt groaning)
(bright music continues)
(Wyatt whistles)
Nice work, Vincent.
Isn't that a bit much, Gertie?
Perhaps, but I'm
in a festive mood.
I can tell.
(bright music continues)
Is there any bacon?
(traffic whooshing)
Good morning, Charlie.
(bright music continues)
[Jamie] Buongiorno, amigo.
Somebody's accent's
getting good.
Why thank you.
But I just wanted to
tell you the big news,
I am gonna be flying
back for the holidays.
Oh, I thought you
were staying in Sicily.
Well, plans have changed.
And to quote the
man of my dreams,
"I will be home for Christmas."
The man of your
dreams is Bing Crosby?
Jonathan Taylor
Thomas, obviously.
We have so much to catch up on.
How's your list going?
How many resolutions
do you have left?
I cannot wait to hear about
all the changes you've made.
(bright music continues)
(phone ringing)
Hello? Earth to Carley.
Yeah. Yeah.
No, I've made some
big giant changes.
Lots of them.
We're gonna have a
lot to talk about when
you're here.
Jamie, I gotta go.
(Jamie speaking in Italian)
And a bonne Nutella to you too.
(Carley coughs)
Good morning. How nice
of you to join us.
So you're well-rested?
Friends and I went to
a secret train platform
in Grand Central for a
Clevermore hip-hop concert,
that somehow turned into
an all-night scavenger hunt
across the city.
Good morning.
Your social life
sounds exhausting.
Well, there are
those who live to work
and those who work to live.
And those who
hardly work at all.
Sounds like someone
needs a cookie.
No, what I need is for you
to start helping me with
these annual reports
'cause your dad really hates
when they come in late.
Right. Cool.
Could you do that and then
I'll just sign off on it?
No, 'cause that is not
the thing that I said.
That is doing a group
project in high school
with the prom king
where I do all the work
and then you get praised for
being handsome and charming.
You think I'm handsome?
It's not a compliment.
Then you're bad at insults.
(curious music)
Where are you going?
Look, I'd love to dive into
your juicy high school past,
but I am late for
a lunch meeting.
You just got here.
No rest for the weary, right?
Glad we agree.
No, it's wicked.
The phrase is no rest for
the wicked, obviously.
(Carley sighs)
Hey, thanks for lunch.
Next one's on me.
Nah, that's what the
company card's for.
So how is working with your dad?
You mean for my dad?
Same old Silas.
Wants to keep a close eye on me
while somehow remaining
completely distant.
(traffic whooshing)
I know the holidays
can be tough.
Kendra worries
about you, you know?
We both do.
How did you get such a
kind and thoughtful woman?
Sheer dumb luck.
And how's my girl Olivia?
In kindergarten, but reading
at a first-grade level.
Tell her I miss her.
You could always
tell her yourself.
It's been a while since
she's seen her godfather.
Why don't you come by the house?
No, I should.
Listen, if you ever need
a break from the office
and all of this, you
always come stay with us.
Maybe a change is
exactly what you need.
Yeah, yeah.
Happy holidays, my friend.
Good seeing you, man.
(gentle music)
"Light candle for headache.
Hot date tonight.
Don't wait up."
How 'bout a sleigh
ride in the snow
And then hot chocolate
with marshmallows
There is no better
place I know
Warming up in your arms
I just want to say
If I had my way
That the holidays would last
Quit your boring job.
Follow your dreams.
Say yes to adventure.
Make a new friend.
Merry, merry
Christmas to my baby
Nice try, kiddo.
(bright music)
Trying to hold on tight
to all these moments
Yeah, let's make
it last all year
At least someone's
living life to the fullest.
(phone ringing)
Hello, this is Carley.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mrs. Johnson, slow down please.
I'm sorry, what's
wrong with your order?
No, absolutely. We
definitely take it...
(Wyatt whistling)
Notice anything?
Besides Blitzen?
(fabric tears)
Why are you so strong?
It's not me.
It's the shirts.
The stitching is all wrong.
How'd that happen?
The factory produces
these every year.
No, I placed an order
with a new factory
because all of our regular
ones are at capacity.
Oh, that's not good.
It could have been fine.
Did you read the
inspection report?
No. They're incredibly boring.
Your whole job is
reading inspection reports.
You are in charge
of quality control.
You control the quality.
Is this really the time
to be pointing fingers?
(bright music)
If I don't, somebody else will.
Do you even know how much
money you just cost us?
We needed this shipment to
fulfill our holiday orders.
Please accept our
sincerest apologies, Allison.
We'll give you a full refund.
We've been in business a
long time together, Silas,
and never have I seen
such an amateur mistake.
If Costmart is gonna
continue our partnership,
I need to know who was
responsible for this.
(curious music)
Well, a mistake like
this is usually not
the fault of one person.
Well, I can only assume
that quality control
should take the
bulk of the blame.
That is my department.
Yes, that's me.
Well, then Silas,
what's it gonna be?
Because if you don't
make a change, I will.
(curious music continues)
I want you to promise me that
you're gonna make a change.
I promise.
It was my fault
It is. It's my fault.
We sent your order
to a new factory.
They were untested.
I didn't vet them properly.
So there's really nothing
quality control could've done.
I'm very sorry.
I see.
- Kincaid-
- Shh.
Carley, you don't need to-
- Oh, Mr. Redmond, please.
I'm fine. It's okay.
I'm holding myself accountable.
(gentle music)
[Allison] Good. Let's move on.
(gentle music continues)
Hey, can we talk?
I let go of a
good employee today.
I know.
You shouldn't have.
Carley was your best employee.
We both know this was my fault.
You can actually be
good at this job, son.
If you just, for once,
took something seriously.
I always thought you
were serious enough
for the both of us.
Even now, it's
all a joke for you.
I've tried to be a role
model for you, Wyatt.
Showing you what hard work
and determination can achieve.
Done my best to
set a good example
without your mother.
Well, maybe you should
have fired me instead.
So you could do what exactly?
Without the family money,
you'd be completely lost.
I was wondering how
long it would take you
to threaten me with
the trust fund.
It's not a threat this time.
As of now, you're cut off.
No more trust fund,
no more credit cards,
no more living life
in the lap of luxury
until you can prove to me you
can take your job seriously.
You have until the
end of the year
or I'll turn the
tap off for good.
(bright festive music)
Didn't think it was
gonna go that way.
(bright festive music continues)
Merry Christmas to you too, Dad.
I'm unemployed for the holidays.
Do you think I'm crazy.
Sweetheart, I
think this might be
the sanest thing
you've ever done.
I'm very proud of you.
Now, I hate to leave you
in your moment of need,
but I'm late for an event.
You know it makes
me look really bad
when my 70-year-old
roommate goes
to more parties
than I do, right?
Then perhaps you might
consider a few more life changes
while you're on a roll.
A little adventure might
be just what you need.
I'll think about it.
(bright festive music continues)
(Carley sighs)
They didn't read
the quality reports.
(door buzzing)
Hey, Millie, did
you forget your keys?
Hey. Whoa.
You're not who I thought
you were gonna be.
Kinda weird to see each
other in the real world, huh?
Yes. One might even
say that it's disturbing.
Can I come in?
(curious music)
Thank you.
(curious music continues)
Nice PJs, by the way.
What do you want, Wyatt?
I wanna know why you
took the fall for me.
We haven't exactly been pals.
I did not do it for you.
I did it for myself.
I've been meaning to
quit for a long time.
I made a list of resolutions.
I was going to
change everything.
My job, my life, everything.
And I started too late.
Well, tomorrow's the
first day of December.
You still have 31 more days.
There is no way
that I will make that
in time, but thank you.
I'll see a reindeer fly
before I see Carley
Kincaid miss a deadline.
Actually, come to think of it,
who's gonna hit mine deadlines
now that you're gone?
Why do you work there
if you don't get
along with your dad?
I live off my trust fund.
And who do you
think has the key?
Is that worth it?
Anyway, I came here
to say thank you.
I owe you.
You're gonna get a
great severance package.
I know you could use that.
Okay, thank you so
much for coming by.
You have a wonderful night.
Oh, I wasn't gonna stay.
There's a North Pole-themed club
in the Meatpacking District.
New adventure awaits.
Wow. That sounds horrible...
(curious music)
Oh, say yes to adventure.
Wait, take me with you.
Excuse me?
I will go to this
party with you.
Oh my goodness. Twist my arm.
Please take me with you.
I don't think so, Kincaid.
What? You don't
think I can handle it?
I know you can't.
Listen, pal, I took
a bullet for you today,
and all I am asking you
for is just a little bit
of Christmas adventure.
You can come, but
don't embarrass me.
Great. Let's go.
(curious music continues)
Right after I change my pajamas.
Don't touch anything.
(festive electronic
music continues)
(Carley gasps)
(curious music)
Oh, it was just a dream.
(curious music continues)
(upbeat music)
I know Santa's coming 'round
Merry Christmas, and
thank you for your donation.
Isn't this just
adorable, sweetheart?
The kids are going
to be so happy.
It's a great haul
this year, Mom.
Did I tell you we have a
new Santa Claus this year.
A local theater
actor named Walter.
Is he any good?
He's one of those method types.
Very committed to the role.
Wants everyone to
call him Nicholas
and refuses to remove the beard.
I thought the toy drive
wasn't until Christmas Eve.
I half expect to
get a phone call
that he's stuck in
a chimney somewhere.
Two eggnogs, please.
But how about you, honey?
How are things at work?
It hasn't been great, actually.
Oh, honey, I know how
hard it's been on you,
losing that promotion last year.
But you stuck with it.
I can't tell you how
proud I am of you.
(curious music)
Somehow you always seem
to make the right decision.
Yeah, that's me.
(curious music continues)
What did you wanna be when you
grew up when you were a kid?
I don't know.
Probably a doctor
or a ballerina.
The usual things.
But nothing specific?
Those kinds of memories fade
when you grow up, sweetheart.
Besides my dreams came
true when you were born.
Oh, Mom, come on.
It's true.
Gratitude is what
Christmas is all about.
And I have you.
What more could I want?
(gentle music)
What more could I want?
(gentle music continues)
(Wyatt chuckles)
(bright music)
(Wyatt whistling)
(bright music continues)
(bright music continues)
What are you doing in here?
Well, can it wait
'til after breakfast?
Vincent, I desperately
need caffeine.
I'm afraid that is not possible.
Is the machine broken?
No. Mr. Redmond
has instructed us...
Told us that we are
not to provide you
with any of our services.
You're joking?
You know how I feel about jokes,
Well guess Dad just needs
some time to cool off.
I can make my own coffee.
You guys can come out now.
Actually, it could use
a good cleaning in here.
(bright music)
One latte coming up.
(bright music continues)
How hard can it be?
(steam hissing)
(traffic whooshing)
(bell rings)
Are you caroling or soliciting?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm neither.
I'm a co-worker.
Well, I'm a former
co-worker of Wyatt Redmond.
Does he live here?
I was not informed of a visit.
Oh, it's okay.
Gertie. I know her.
Hi. I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Is this a friend of yours?
I wouldn't exactly
call us friends.
Oh, friends.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're just, we're co-workers.
We work together.
Well, we're not together, but...
I see.
(bright music)
Come in.
(bright music continues)
Who are all these people?
Company my dad
hires to decorate.
You don't do any of it yourself?
Why do it yourself
when you can pay someone
to do it for you?
I mean, you ever heard
of something called
Christmas spirit?
Come on.
My mom and I always have a
great time decorating our house.
Somehow I can't picture my dad
and I giggling over
bits of tinsel together.
I mean, you can
just take stuff out
of a box and hang it up.
Look at these ornaments.
They're so cute.
They look homemade.
Not those.
Sorry. This shouldn't be here.
That's fine.
Gertie, someone took this
outta storage by mistake.
Oh, actually, Mr. Wyatt,
I thought this year-
- I don't think so.
Please have someone
take it back down.
(gentle music)
So good morning.
I was actually hoping to talk.
I was hoping to talk
to you about something.
Et voila.
What am I looking at?
I turned my resolutions
into a checklist.
I like the satisfaction
of checking them off.
And you laminated it.
- I did not.
- Cool.
I didn't. I'm not crazy.
This is a semi-gloss cardstock.
- Quit your boring job.
Follow your dreams.
Say yes to adventure.
Make a new friend.
Take up running.
Read a book from
start to finish.
Cook Grammy's favorite recipe.
Clean out closet.
Is this a list of resolutions
or a list of chores?
Please don't touch the list.
I did four and then
I did extra credit.
Big surprise. I count eight,
Actually seven, because
I already quit my job.
[Wyatt] Technically
you were fired.
You wanna talk about that?
So, seven.
So did you come
here just to brag?
I did not.
I came here because you
may have backed yourself
into the first reasonable
idea you've ever had.
I am going to try
to finish my resolutions
before the end of the year.
I am full of good ideas.
You're not, but you
are gonna help me.
I'm what?
Well, I need someone
to hold me responsible.
I need someone to push me,
make sure I get
things done on time.
Kincaid. Oh, Kincaid.
I am many things.
Stylish, charismatic, handsome.
Arrogant, entitled, floppy hair.
But if there's one thing
I'm not, it's responsible.
Why, of all people,
would you want my help?
You do things.
You put yourself out
there and you take risks.
And you go to very
strange, unpleasant places
that I would normally not,
like that party last night.
Look at that.
You did have fun.
I did not.
It was incredibly loud.
There was glitter in places
that are not meant to sparkle.
Anyway, the point is,
I wouldn't have had
the whole experience
if it weren't for you.
So look, I feel like I
wasted an entire year.
And frustratingly you are right.
There are 31 days left.
I have 31 chances
to change my life.
And you are gonna help me
because you owe me one.
Look, I wanna
help you out. I do.
And I would,
but I can't even help
myself right now.
I thought my dad was
bluffing yesterday,
but he completely cut me off.
Ha. Financially.
So good luck with
this whole thing,
but I am off to humble
myself before my father.
Is that really
what you wanna do?
Could you get...
I don't have a choice, Kincaid.
I live in his house.
I spend his money.
I don't even know how to
make my own cup of coffee.
That is very apparent.
Listen, why don't
we do a trade, huh?
I can help you be
more independent.
What? I can.
I'm really responsible
with money.
I saved every babysitting check
and all of my birthday money.
I am renting a spare room
from a 70-year-old retiree,
so that I can put
more in savings.
We both wanna make
a change Wyatt,
so why don't we help each other?
(curious music)
(Wyatt slurping)
(Wyatt hums)
Oh, that's really good.
I know.
I'm gonna hang onto this.
(intense rock music)
(intense rock music continues)
(intense rock music continues)
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Okay. So I thought we'd
start with something simple,
but take up running
is too vague.
There's no way for
us to measure it.
Oh, okay.
Well, I've always wanted
to run the Christmas 5K.
Well, then we better start
training like right now.
All right, New York City.
Get ready to meet a
whole new version of me.
(upbeat rock music)
Let's go!
You'll be the winner
Ooh, you'll be the winner
Knocked down but you get
back on your feet again
Shot down but you keep
on getting up again
[Wyatt] You okay?
How many is that?
Four, maybe five.
Great, great.
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm thinking my
lungs are about to explode.
And if they are, I would
like my last breaths
to smell like Christmas.
You really love
the holidays, huh?
Yeah, of course I do.
What's there not to love?
There's magic and
music and memories
and other M words.
A simple yes would do.
What? It smells
like Christmas.
Here, smell.
Does it smell like Christmas?
Reminds me of my mom.
Oh, that's nice.
That was her favorite smell.
It was her favorite smell?
When did she pass?
Eight years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know, if you wanna,
we could just take a
break with the tree.
A break?
Thought you were serious
about this list, Kincaid.
I'm serious. I'm a
very serious person.
(Wyatt laughing)
I could do this all day.
I don't know why
you're laughing.
Come on. I'm going do...
I'm good.
Ow. Can you close that?
Sweetheart, what happened?
I just broke my leg.
She didn't break her leg.
It's a muscle cramp.
It shouldn't be on the list.
Maybe we should start
with an easier resolution.
Mm. Keep.
- What? I love. Keep.
- Donate.
Are you just gonna...
- Keep.
- [Wyatt] Donate.
- Keep.
- Donate.
You're not even listening.
[Wyatt] Donate.
Keep. Keep.
Kincaid, this
doesn't even fit you.
It could fit a dog.
You don't have a dog.
I will at some point in my life.
I'm sure. Keep, keep, keep.
[Wyatt] Donate.
I can't.
You can.
No, it's my first sewing project
that I completed with my mom.
Thank you.
Wow. That was not easy.
At least you can check
off one more resolution
At what cost?
[Wyatt] How's the leg?
It's feeling better.
Here, lemme see.
Oh, that's actually really good.
You gotta hydrate more.
We should look at your
fruit and veggie intake.
It's easy for you to say.
You probably have a personal
nutritionist on call.
Nope. Don't need one.
I've always been a
perfect physical specimen.
How's that?
Little to the left, actually.
Yeah. Yeah.
Why don't you just
wait a few weeks
and start the list
over next year?
I promised my best
friend who moved away
that I would start living
my life to the fullest.
And she's coming
back for the holidays
and I have not changed enough.
Trying to prove
something to her?
I don't wanna disappoint
her, but I don't know.
I wanna prove
something to myself.
It was always tomorrow,
and then next week,
and next month and next year.
And that's how I got here.
(gentle music)
I'm just tired of
postponing my dreams.
And what do you dream about?
(gentle music continues)
Take a look.
What's this?
I've always wanted to
be in fashion design.
Kincaid! These
are really good.
You think so?
Why don't you follow your dream?
Apply for a job as
a fashion assistant.
Check it off the list.
Because you can't just apply
to be a fashion assistant.
My sewing is just above average.
I'm out of practice.
This is harder than I thought.
Yeah, obviously I
would've done it by now.
No, the knot. I think
it's your hamstring.
(Carley gasping)
I'll think about
the sewing thing,
but as your new life coach...
Never called you that.
- Didn't have to.
- Nope.
(gentle music continues)
Found it.
How does that feel?
Oh, that actually
feels really great.
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(door thuds)
I got you some bananas.
Hi. Thanks.
For your cramp.
Yeah, you know
what? This is fine.
I'm actually fine.
[Wyatt] Are you sure?
I barely dug in.
No, it's really good.
It's like I have a new leg.
You're amazing. Fantastic.
(bright music)
(door creaks)
That's right
Come on now
Come on now
Raise it up, raise
it up, raise it up
(upbeat music)
Come on now
(Carley crows)
What's going on?
Lesson number one,
early bird gets the worm.
What are you doing in here?
If you wanna stop
working for your dad,
you're gonna have to get your
own job eventually, right?
So other employers aren't gonna
let you sleep in 'til noon.
So from now on, you'll
be getting up at 7:00 AM.
Yay! Responsibility.
(Wyatt sighs)
Why did I agree to do this?
Get up.
(upbeat music)
Your coffee's on the counter.
[Wyatt] Oh, what
are you working on?
It's my resolution.
I'm reading a book
start to finish.
Please go away.
"War and Peace." Do you ever
do anything easy, Kincaid?
Do you ever do anything hard?
Well, I better call a cab.
Eh, wrong.
You're supposed to be
saving money, remember?
How else am I
supposed to get to work?
Merry Christmas.
You are now the proud
owner of a MetroCard. Wow.
Having fun?
You have no idea.
Oh, I have a lesson for you too.
Hey. No writing on the list.
You're not authorized
to write on the list.
Upgrade my sewing skills.
It's an easy one.
Who's gonna teach me? You?
Of course not.
(curious music)
You want to do fashion,
then I will teach you.
Gertie knows her way
around a needle and a thread.
- Okay, well that's not-
- No talking!
Follow me.
(curious music continues)
I hope you miss your train.
Have fun.
Oh, and I want you
to remind everyone
that this year's secret
Santa limit is 20 bucks.
Morning, Pop.
Steve, nice Christmas sweater.
Morning, team.
How are those
reports coming along?
(curious music continues)
(sewing machine whirring)
Keep the stitching uniform.
I'm trying.
(sewing machine whirring)
(curious music continues)
I'm okay.
You want to be
as designer, yeah?
[Carley] Mm-hm.
You want to make
beautiful things like this?
Then what is one
drop of blood today
if you achieve victory tomorrow?
(dramatic music)
You're very intense.
Has anybody ever told you that?
No. Thank you.
You're welcome.
So you're telling me
that this woman was fired,
but now the two of you are
in some kind of
holiday self-help pact?
Pretty much.
Look, Brad, do me a favor.
Don't tell Kendra.
Hey, Wyatt, we miss you.
Can you please explain
some proper phone etiquette
to your neanderthal husband?
Only if you agree to come out
to Jackson Heights next week.
It's our family
tradition, Wyatt.
That includes you.
Bring this new
girlfriend of yours.
Girlfriend? No.
No, no, no.
This is strictly business.
- Strictly business.
- Right, yeah.
Okay, Wyatt, we'll
see you two next week.
(bright music)
So remember, folks, three
pieces of tape or less.
(upbeat festive music continues)
Hello. You made it.
I come bearing gifts.
Ooh, you really
dressed up for this, huh?
Yeah. It's not my first
wrap party, Kincaid.
One of my friends
is on Broadway.
I think I know how to fit in.
Ah, okay.
So I said wrap party
like wrapping presents.
- That's a thing?
- Mm-hm.
Hey everyone, this
is Wyatt Redmond.
Wyatt, this is
Millie's bridge club.
[Bridge Club] Hello!
They offered to help my
mom with her toy drive.
- Mm.
- Mm-hm.
So you're Carley's boss?
The one who stole my
daughter's promotion?
- Mom!
- Yeah, that would be me.
Mrs. Kincaid. Very
nice to meet you.
But I'm not her boss anymore.
Since when?
Since she got fired.
Since I got fired up
about working as a team.
- [Wyatt] A team?
- [Carley] Yes. As a team.
Yes. Right.
I think what I realized,
the company realized,
is that Carley was being
seriously undervalued.
About time.
And I'll be the first to admit
that we should have
seen it sooner.
The company is very lucky to
have such a special employee.
I'm glad to hear it.
And I must say, it's really
nice of you to join us
for such a good cause.
Happy to be here.
Come meet the group.
Sort of.
What do you call a selfish elf?
[Walter] Oh!
Not bad, right?
The toy drive's gonna
be great this year, Mom.
Is Santa Claus
still in character?
Walter is on a strict
diet of milk and cookies.
Sounds nice.
So is this really the same man
that you've been
complaining about all year?
What do you got?
What are you hiding?
He's not exactly
what I thought he was.
It's very confusing.
Do you have something
that you wanna tell me?
Oh yeah, actually I do.
I knew it.
Why have you been
hiding it from me?
You've always told me about
your crushes in the past.
Crush? What are
you talking about?
Oh, you mean Wyatt?
I like him.
But be careful with office
romances, sweetheart.
They can end badly.
Mom. No, no, no, no.
We're not. We work
together. That's it.
If you say so, but you
can't keep secrets from me.
Sure. So on that note,
Got you a little
something, Mrs. Kincaid.
It's nothing special,
but it's something.
That's lovely, dear.
Thank you. I will
add it to the pile.
(bright music continues)
- Hi.
- Hey.
Well, I'm actually
having a lotta fun.
Yeah. You know, it's
not a sweaty nightclub,
but Millie throws
a heck of a party.
Hors d'oeuvre?
I know you invited
me to this thing
as your friendship
wing man tonight,
but I was thinking you'd
aim a few decades younger.
What are you talking about?
These are my people.
Look, I have five
friend requests.
Oh, I wouldn't accept Arlene's.
Yeah. She posts some
pretty extreme stuff.
(bright music continues)
Making friends as an
adult is so complicated.
When I was a kid, you could
just go up to somebody
and say, hi, my name's Carley.
Do you wanna be my friend?
Poof. It's done.
Ooh, are these
pastries for everyone?
Yes, they are.
Help yourself.
Oh, thank you.
Such a nice young lady.
You remind me of my third wife.
How sweet.
Would you care to be my fourth?
Don't even think
about it, Randall.
She's out of your league.
I'm quite wealthy, you know?
He seems nice.
You better get her outta here
before Randall tries
to put her in his will.
I'm on it.
I'm just saying, he seems nice.
I am just gonna grab a jacket.
Gertie's lessons are paying off.
[Carley] Yeah, she's
really good at motivating me.
She's like scary Oprah.
She says I'm not
allowed to check off
that sewing resolution
until I finish the dress.
Which is unfair,
'cause I feel like she's
teaching me fancy stitches
before normal ones.
Like do you know what
an overlock stitch is?
It's like the
tuxedo of stitches.
This you?
(gentle music)
Oh, yep.
Yes. That is me.
I used to make dresses
out of wrapping paper
and just whatever
was around the house.
We didn't have a ton of
money growing up, so...
Really cute.
My mom says that childhood
dreams are supposed
to fade after a
little while, but...
Not this one.
Is that why you haven't told
your mom you quit your job?
My mom raised me
mostly by herself.
She had three jobs
just to make ends meet.
And somehow she always managed
to make things like Christmas
feel really special.
I don't think that I
understood how hard
that must have been on
her until I got older.
She never complained.
(gentle music)
She never took any
time for herself.
She saved every
penny that we had
so that I could go to college.
And I wanted to pay her back.
So I got the first steady
job that I could find.
Comfort Mills.
Mm-hm. She really did
sacrifice everything for me.
And it seems selfish to
throw that away for something
that, I don't know, that I
wanted to do when I was six.
Listen, I may not be the
best person to say this,
but I think it's entirely
possible to be grateful
for what you have and
still want more outta life.
(gentle music)
Come on, let's go get
you some new friends.
You need them.
(gentle music continues)
So there's this bar
in Chelsea hosting a Christmas
cocktail competition.
And afterward, I hear there's
this mistletoe masquerade
somewhere in Lower Manhattan.
Very exclusive. But I
think I can get us in.
Oh, they did a nice
job, don't you think?
[Wyatt] Yeah, they sure did.
Hey, we don't have
to go to this thing.
Oh no, I'm sorry. I
have this thing where I...
I just have trouble letting
people get close to me.
Been burned before?
My dad left when I was eight.
Has something to do with it.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's okay.
Just made a series of
questionable romantic decisions
in college, but that
none of your business.
Hold on a sec.
Are we still talking about you?
QuickBooks Kincaid?
Yeah, I'm not a nun.
I just have trouble
trusting people.
You probably think that's silly.
No, no, I don't.
You know, even though my
mom didn't have a choice,
I still get angry
that she's gone.
Yeah, I can understand that.
Hi, my name's Carley.
Do you wanna be my friend?
(emotional music)
(Wyatt laughs)
You really wanna
make this official?
Well, I mean, I
see you too often
for you to just be a co-worker
and you did steal my job so...
Why does everyone make it out
that I'm the Grinch
and you're Cindy Lou?
Because it's true.
It wasn't my idea.
I can't help you.
(emotional music continues)
Okay, friends.
Let's go.
(bright music)
It's got central AC,
a washer-dryer unit.
Nothing fancy, but it's
all in working order.
(bright music continues)
Look at how high ceilings are.
Yeah. Not bad.
Can we see the upstairs?
Sorry. This is it.
- This is it?
- Yep.
Come on. It's south-facing.
Look at these gigantic windows.
I do look good in natural light.
You exhaust me.
Listen, if you want
your own independence,
you need your own place.
You two have a good shot.
They like renting
out to couples.
(curious music)
- Oh!
- You know what,
my little candy cane, they
like renting to couples.
I bet they do.
Yeah, my little pizza pocket.
Sir, actually, my
boyfriend and I,
this is my boyfriend.
She's my girlfriend.
Yeah. We would love
to spend our first
Christmas here.
- Yes. Yes.
- If that's at all possible.
Is there any way to speed
up the application process?
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
That was good.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Cool.
(bright music)
(phone beeping)
(object thudding)
Ow. Ow. Oh.
Oh, you.
Hi. Hi.
Gertie said that I
could use the kitchen.
Can I help you out?
Yeah, you really can.
And then I'm just
gonna leave. Okay.
I'll come back. I'll come back.
Look at you.
Surprised little Miss Christmas
has a baking resolution.
Isn't this like standard
holiday practice for you?
Yeah, cookies and
gingerbread, absolutely.
This recipe of my
grandma's takes a lot
of time and attention.
And I always say I'm
gonna make it every year,
and then I get too busy, so...
Well, good luck. I
can't wait to try it.
Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
This recipe takes two people.
I pay people to bake my cakes.
Come on. It'll
be a good lesson.
Got all the ingredients.
It's super easy.
I am just missing one thing.
And what's that?
A lovely young man
with a wonderful sense
of Christmas spirit.
That's you.
(upbeat festive music)
(upbeat festive music continues)
(Carley laughs)
Now it's that time of year
When magic's in the air
There's so many
smiling faces
And love is everywhere
Pretty good.
You can hear
those carol sounds
From outside your front door
That's when you know
it's almost Christmas
Chestnuts roasting
Spin that way.
Really good, really good.
Frosty in the snow
Children wishing, lovers
kissing under mistletoe
It's almost Christmas
(upbeat festive music continues)
Another one off the list.
Mm! Now I know why
the recipe is famous.
It's just like she made it.
It's funny how like
flavors and smells
can really remind you
of somebody, isn't it?
(fire crackling)
My family was really small,
so you'd think Christmas
should be really
quiet at our house,
but grandma wouldn't
stand for that.
Sounds a lot like my mom.
Was that her?
First day of college.
She was really proud.
What school'd you go to?
They let you into Harvard?
(Wyatt laughs)
Wait, Mr. Can't Read a
Nine-Page Quality Report
went to Harvard?
Oh, believe it or not, I
used to be a real go-getter.
What happened?
(fire crackling)
Got tired of trying
to impress my old man.
My dad was my idol growing up.
Wanted his approval
more than anything.
So I figured if I won
first-place ribbons,
got good grades, went
to a great college...
I dunno.
So my mom, she got sick
during summer break that year.
And after that,
my dad's approval
just didn't really
matter anymore.
So never went back.
Life's too short, you know?
(fire crackling)
I don't know. This
could be nothing.
My dad just quit on us.
I don't know why.
Most of the time when
I think about it,
it makes me really,
really angry.
And then every year
around the holidays,
do you know what I do?
I think about what
it would be like
if we had one more
Christmas together.
Like that would
make any difference.
It's stupid.
(fire crackling)
Anyway, I know my
dad's not coming back,
but yours is here.
And it just makes me
wonder if there's anything,
just if there's anything to
save in that relationship.
I'm not sure that's
possible at this point.
Ah, but nothing is impossible.
It's the magic of
Christmas, yeah?
Gertie's working
for you now, I see.
You better believe it.
What's the story with these?
Well, we used to make our
own ornaments for Christmas.
It was my mom's
favorite tradition.
Dad's too, actually.
They're very, very cute.
Those are pine cones we
gathered in Central Park.
Another year we went to
a glass-blowing studio,
learned how to make
snowflakes like that one.
(emotional music)
Each decoration's tied
to a memory of my mom.
Do you still make
them with your dad?
After she died, I guess
the tradition did too.
(eerie music continues)
I appreciate what
you're trying to do,
but I'm not sure I
wanna go down that path.
Okay. I'm so sorry.
I understand, obviously.
Can I tell you what I
really want though, Kincaid?
(gentle music)
More of this delicious wine.
(gentle music continues)
Yeah, sure.
Top up?
One, only one,
because I'm an athlete
in training, remember?
Athlete in training, right.
Everything in moderation, right?
Tonight we drink wine.
Tomorrow we run.
I was really onboard
until the last part.
(upbeat festive music)
(upbeat festive music continues)
(Carley panting)
Not even close.
This race is in a week.
I'm gonna finish last.
You got advice there, coach?
Try it again, but
this time run faster.
That is not helpful.
Maybe what you need is a
proper kind of motivation.
That's great. I don't
know what that means.
Hold on a sec.
Hey, gang.
[Carley] Oh my God.
Wanna make a few bucks, huh?
Every time she runs by,
I want you to hit her with
as many snowballs
as you possibly can.
[Kid] Yeah!
(dramatic music)
What was that about?
I told those kids every time
they hit you with a snowball,
they make a buck.
That's ridiculous.
They're not gonna do that.
You're not supposed
to be spending bucks.
You're supposed to
be saving money.
True. So you better
not let them catch you.
(kids screaming)
(dramatic music)
Okay. Okay.
(kids screaming)
Pick your heels up.
(kids screaming)
(dramatic music continues)
Not bad, Kincaid.
I think they ran
outta snowballs.
I think I'm good.
Best pace so far.
See? I told you.
You just needed the
right kinda motivation.
(kids screaming)
(snowballs thudding)
Run, run, run, run, run, run.
Okay, running, running.
Well, at least you don't
owe the more money.
(traffic whooshing)
(Jamie squeals)
[Carley] Jamie!
Oh, hi!
Hi, I thought you were
coming home next week.
Oh, I know, but I
wanted to surprise you.
You look so chic.
Do you like it?
Tres European.
Thank you.
Oh, can you please
tell me that this means
that you hate it in Italy
and you're coming back
and you're never
gonna leave me again?
Ooh, not quite.
Okay, two words.
Francesco Ricofoliolo.
Okay. I'm assuming you're
not talking about wine.
Okay. We have like so
much to catch up on.
- Yeah.
- Please, first. You go.
Oh, I found the perfect
fabric for that dress.
Did you?
Can't wait to see it.
I can show you.
Oh, please.
Allora, andiamo!
Buona Nutella.
It was like the most
irresponsible thing
that I've ever done,
but felt like the
most responsible thing
that I've ever done.
Who are you and what have
you done with my friend?
It was like, I had
this sudden rush.
I mean, technically I was fired.
[Jamie] And everybody knows.
Yeah, everybody knows.
Except for my mom.
You were fired?
(melancholy music)
I was gonna talk to
you about it, Mom.
I was just leaving.
Thank you again for
the candle, Millie.
It's nice to see you, Jamie.
I'll leave you both to catch up.
Mom, can you stay please?
Oh, it's fine.
I have lots to do
before the toy drive.
(melancholy music continues)
At the Ho-Ho Hotel.
Kind of funny? Sort of funny?
Not funny.
All right, well I just wanted
to say have a great Christmas
and we'll see you all
after the holidays.
Great work.
(employees clapping)
Happy holidays.
Merry Christmas.
Happy holidays.
Merry Christmas to you.
Say hi to Nancy.
Where's everybody going?
It's only one o'clock.
I need those year-end
reports on my desk.
How about in your hand?
Turns out a little bit of
effort goes a long way.
Plus my team worked really
hard, so let 'em off early.
I hope that's okay.
I think everyone
deserves more time
with their family and friends.
I agree.
Well, Merry Christmas, Dad.
Merry Christmas.
(melancholy music)
Sandalwood and orange zest
for anxiety and stress.
Thanks, Millie.
Your mama just needs
some time, sweetheart.
Don't worry.
(phone rings)
Meet me in Queens two hours.
No, I can't.
My friend Jamie's here.
Bring her.
Just put on something
red and green and meet me
at the Blessed Sacrament
Church in Jackson Heights.
Wyatt, I've had a
really long day, okay?
Say yes to adventure, right?
Well, this is an
adventure, Kincaid.
Come on. Trust me.
It'll be worth it.
(bright festive music)
You guys made it just in time.
For what?
Uncle Wyatt, it's gonna start
Uncle Wyatt?
This is Kendra, Brad, and
this little love bug is Olivia.
- Hi.
- Hello.
So glad you guys could make it.
Hey, we better get walking.
Walking where?
This is the Jackson
Heights Sing and Stroll.
We walk around the neighborhood
and sing holiday songs from
different languages and faiths.
We're going caroling?
This is not your
usual debauchery.
I know. I used to
do it all the time.
I thought this
would be an adventure
you wouldn't wanna miss.
It's exactly what I needed.
Hi, I will explain this later.
Wyatt, Jamie. Jamie, Wyatt.
Oh, you're the one that
stole my best friend's job.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Okay, Mr. Grinch.
Show us how this works.
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
(caroler singing in Spanish)
(gentle music)
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Silent night
Holy night
I did not realize that Wyatt
has friends who are normal.
What do you mean?
I think she means guys
that aren't up-and-coming
DJs or tech bros.
Yes. Also, you haven't
mentioned owning a yacht yet.
I see you've met the new crowd.
[Jamie] Hmm? New crowd?
That's who we call the people
Wyatt started hanging out
with after his mom passed.
Look, Brad and I have
known him since we were kids,
and parties, the whole
like rich boy attitude,
that's not the real Wyatt.
Liv, go ask your mom what
she wants to eat, okay?
(gentle music)
Can't believe how
big she's gotten.
You have no idea how
excited she was to see you.
Look, I'm sorry man.
I really should
come by more often.
I just get caught up, you know?
I'm really having
a good time though.
So this holiday self-help
pact is really working out?
I don't know.
I mean, it's supposed to
be to get free of my dad,
but Carley seems to think I
should patch things up with him.
(gentle music continues)
Smart woman that Carley.
I think she's a keeper.
How many times have
I told you, Kendra?
We're just friends.
Didn't we agree to
be just friends once?
Still are, baby cakes.
(gentle music continues)
(lips smacking)
I forgot how gross you two are.
(gentle music)
You've changed.
I mean, I'm wearing my hair
a little bit differently.
No, no, no, no.
That's not what I mean.
I don't know.
I think there's just
something different about you.
You're more confident
and vibrant.
I have been focusing
on reinventing myself.
I have.
And actually, it's
all thanks to you
because my resolution
list has been achieved.
I'm so happy to hear that.
Go resolutions.
Sorry to interrupt you, Jamie.
Can I borrow Miss Kincaid
for like a minute?
- Take her.
- Yeah?
(gentle music continues)
You know, I gotta
hand it to you.
When you invited us down here,
I did not know what to expect.
Told you I'm full of surprises.
(gentle music continues)
Your friends are great.
Yeah, they are.
They're a pretty great family.
But let's get down to business.
I told the kids you'd read
'em a Christmas story.
No. No. Why?
You're never gonna finish
"War and Peace," Kincaid.
I might.
Not every resolution
has to be hard.
Oh, well...
(gentle music continues)
Everything okay?
It's nothing.
My dad used to read me this.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We can pick something else.
No, that's okay.
That's okay. I wanna do it.
(gentle music continues)
"So much so that she could
sit quietly and not play,
and they at last
called her a dreamer.
Yes, in the merry Christmastime,
children dream wonderful things.
And beautiful dreams
are also fairytales.
As is this one of the Nutcracker
and the Mouse King."
(kids clapping)
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
I will pass that along.
Oh my girlfriend is
gonna be so excited.
I will let her know.
She will be so happy.
Thank you so much!
You just got a girlfriend?
Who's your girlfriend?
That was the landlord. I was
talking about the apartment.
I just got my
application approved.
Wait, you got it?
That's right, my little
snow angel. I got it!
It's a good gig!
We got it.
(bright music)
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
I'm proud of us.
That means that I'm now an adult
and you can check off
one more resolution.
Yes I can.
One more. One more.
(melancholy music)
I'm quite busy right now.
I'll be quick. Just
wanted to give you these.
Your house keys?
Are you going somewhere?
Got my own place.
I know you don't think I can
take care of myself, but...
Your mom and I shared our
first apartment in Queens.
It was a dump.
Spent a whole week
cleaning mold off the tile.
But there is something special
about having your own space.
Hard to picture
you scrubbing floors.
It was a different time.
(emotional music)
Well, I better...
Oh, Wyatt, your report.
Nice work.
(bright festive music)
Hello, my little snowflake.
Come on in.
How do you like our new place?
Oh, you did such a great job.
Ooh, did someone
get me a present?
Oh yeah.
This is just a little
housewarming for you.
A coffee maker?
It's not as fancy as your dad's,
but maybe you can
actually use it.
It's perfect.
You know, I gotta say,
I do feel like it's
missing something.
Like what?
I don't know.
Some kinda little festive touch.
Maybe something German.
(bright festive music)
Special delivery!
There are a lot more of
these downstairs, yeah.
More what?
Well, my little candy cane,
we are going to decorate your
house today all by ourselves.
I dunno.
Are we sure about that?
There's more downstairs.
- And you want me to...
- I do.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Thanks.
It's only Christmas
once a year
So gather 'round the tree
I'll pour you a cup of cheer
Please wear a smile for me
I'm counting on my fingers
All the 'til you'll be here
Please say that
you're coming home
Stand it up. There you go.
For Christmastime
It's only Christmas
once a year
Last year was so hard with
all the friends I couldn't see
Christmas without you was
not as bright as it could be
I pushed through
those winter nights
Just wishing you'd appear
Please say that you're
coming home for Christmastime
It's only Christmas
once a year
I can't believe you
found the exact same one.
Yeah. It's not
like it was hard.
I left my dignity
right beside it.
(gentle music)
Wyatt, I was wondering if maybe
these have been in storage
for a little bit too long.
Kincaid, I don't know.
I know, I know, I know.
I get it.
You could think of it as part
of your training if you want.
Because right now
this is a house,
and you need a home, right?
Homes are filled with memories
and they're filled
with traditions.
And we do have a box
of those right here.
We will not forget
Please say that you're
coming home for Christmastime
There we go.
Pretty good.
Forgot how warm Christmas
can make you feel,
so connected to the
people you love.
Speaking of which, how's
things with your mom?
She's still not talking to me.
I feel so stupid.
I was so focused
on self-improvement
and I disappointed somebody
who has always loved me
exactly the way that I am.
Well, she's not gone.
You know that, right?
She's just angry.
Maybe. Yeah.
Ooh, guess what?
Only four more to go.
Oh, okay. Lay it on me.
Take up running
That race is tomorrow, isn't it?
Yeah. You're gonna do great.
Oh, okay.
Upgrade sewing skills?
I think I can finish
that dress tonight.
Follow your dreams.
Finish dress.
Take pictures of dress.
Add dress pictures to sketches.
Send portfolio to designers.
- Like a boss.
- Yes.
Say yes to adventure.
How come you haven't ticked
that one off the list?
I don't know.
Maybe I haven't had one
that feels big enough yet.
Nothing easy, huh?
Know what I think?
You're actually
gonna get this done.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You know that I wouldn't
have made it this far at all
without you, right?
(gentle music)
(door tapping)
You wanna get that?
(gentle music continues)
Dad, what are you doing here?
Carley sent me your new address
and suggested I
might wanna stop by.
Come on in.
Ms. Kincaid, it's a
pleasure to see you again.
It's nice to see you too, sir.
Well, this is nice.
It's cozy.
Feels very you.
Yeah. Do you want a tour?
I mean, it'll be short, but
I can try to spice it up.
I would love one.
Okay. Well, tree
is kind of stop one.
(gentle music)
Is that the ornament
we made during...
Blizzard? Yeah.
Remember this one from
that Christmas in Florida?
(gentle music continues)
I haven't seen these in ages.
Your mother loved this one.
(gentle music continues)
Why'd you suddenly
decide to hang them?
Tradition shouldn't
be kept in a box,
but I can't take any credit.
It was literally all Carley.
(gentle music continues)
Is what you've been working on
since you quit your job?
Among other things.
It's beautiful, honey.
(gentle music)
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry that
I didn't tell you.
Why didn't you?
I don't know, Mom.
I felt bad.
I feel like you've
sacrificed so much for me
so that I didn't
have to struggle
the way that you struggled.
And now I'm messing it up
and I'm throwing it
away on something
that I should have grown out
of probably like ages ago.
I didn't make all
those sacrifices
so that my daughter
could grow up
to be unfulfilled
and uninspired.
I made them so that you
could grow up to be free.
Free to follow your dreams
wherever they might lead.
(gentle music continues)
Checking in for Carley Kincaid.
Oh, just in time.
The race starts in five minutes.
I don't think I can do this.
She's right.
Every racer needs
to have a costume.
- Got one.
- What?
No, no, no. I'm not ready.
No, you are.
You just think you aren't.
Trust me.
Whether it's a tight deadline
or a snowball fight with kids,
makes no difference
for Carley Kincaid.
When the pressure's on,
you always come through.
So I want you to get out there
and show those North Pole
nobodies who you really are!
(inspiring music)
Gimme that costume.
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
On your mark,
get set,
(people cheering)
Come on, Kincaid!
Give us a little
Christmas spirit!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Good! Yes!
(tense music continues)
Happy holidays.
(tense music continues)
Feliz Navidad.
- Timber!
- Oh my God.
Are you okay?
What are you doing, Kincaid?
Run the other way.
Did you hurt yourself?
I'm okay. I'll
catch up. Go ahead.
Leave the tree.
Leave the tree.
Go. Go.
Okay. Okay.
That's my girl!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Didn't get limber, went timber.
(tense music continues)
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Happy holidays.
(crowd cheering)
(awe-inspiring music)
(awe-inspiring music continues)
(awe-inspiring music continues)
(people cheering)
- I won! I won!
- I knew you were gonna do it.
Yes, yes.
I need to sit.
That was good. You sit.
- I'm gonna sit.
- Let's sit.
(bright music)
Maybe a little bit
to the left, Jamie.
So when you say you
and Wyatt are friends,
you guys like friends-friends?
Or are you guys like friends?
I'm confused.
No, back where it was.
The light's better.
Do you want us to
spell it out for you?
Carley, I love you, but if
you don't scoop him up, I will.
It does have to be
back over there, Jamie.
I'm sorry.
I love you too.
But if you don't
take this picture,
I'm gonna be on the
next plane to Italy.
I know, I know.
I'm trying to get the
light right on the fabric.
It's supposed to
kinda drape and twirl.
Can you just fluff
it out a bit more?
Oh, this is totally
not about the dress.
This is about you
being in your head
because Wyatt has
feelings for you.
It wasn't part of the deal.
Can you keep fluffing it out?
Sounds like a bonus to me.
Do you have
feelings for him too?
No. I don't know. No.
Yes. Some. There are some.
He makes me laugh
and that's nice.
And he makes me feel
confident in ways
that I'm not used
to feeling confident
and, you know, like it
doesn't hurt that he's-
- Smoking.
I was gonna say handsome.
I dunno if I'd call him smoking.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh my gosh, Jamie, Jamie.
Put it out. Put it out.
It's on the candle. Put it out!
(alarm beeping)
(extinguisher hissing)
(melancholy music)
Oh, Carley. I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
I was so close to
checking this one off.
(melancholy music continues)
- Hey.
- Hey. Sorry.
I could've come up.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
So, turns out gold medals
aren't really a thing
at the Christmas 5K, but thought
you should have one anyway.
What did you do?
(traffic whooshing)
Wyatt, this is really sweet.
It's nothing.
Thank you. Thanks.
So I know it's
Christmas Eve and all,
but I was wondering if you
would wanna go to an event
with me tonight as my date.
I can't.
Totally get it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Like I can't, I can't.
I have to help my mom
with the toy drive.
Her Santa Claus fell through.
Her Santa backed out?
No, he literally fell through.
He fell through a roof.
I think he was trying
to stay in character.
Anyway, I have to help her
hand out toys to the kids.
Are you okay?
I'm not sure.
Not sure about what?
The whole resolution list
and the submitting to designers.
What are you talking about?
My dress had a little run-in
with a candle and
the candle won.
Carley, I'm really sorry.
To think that I dreamed
about this dress for so long,
you know, and then
I thought that
if I brought it to life,
that it would change
something in me.
And I don't think it did.
I think I'm the same.
Well, you could
always start over.
Go back to the drawing board.
Right now, I actually
think I'd prefer
to just take things
back to where they were.
(melancholy music)
I mean, I know I had
a really boring job,
but I had a job and
I was good at it.
And now...
(melancholy music continues)
I'm just gonna go.
Have such a nice
time at your thing.
Merry Christmas.
Yeah. Merry Christmas.
I feel alive
Hey, Christmastime
Not a frown to be found
And love is all around
There you are.
Just on my way to a thing.
Gertie said you
wanted to see me?
Yes. This won't take long.
Have a seat.
I've been thinking, and,
well, I've made up my mind.
The tap is back on, so to speak.
I've informed the
staff, the banks
and everyone else.
But I thought you were giving
me 'til the end of the year.
I was.
But you've made it clear you
can take your job seriously.
I want you to work
beside me, Wyatt.
Show you how the
business is run.
And then maybe one day,
you could even be where I am.
Dad, I'm not really
sure what to say.
Yes would be a good start.
I think I have to quit.
I think I need to
quit working for you.
And I'm not saying that
outta spite, I promise.
But we haven't been close
for a long time, Dad.
I spent my whole childhood
trying to make you proud,
put all my energy into trying
to be the son I
thought you wanted.
And after mom died, I
did the exact opposite.
And it wasn't until recently
that I realized I don't
wanna be either one
of those versions
of myself anymore.
I just wanna be me.
And I can't figure
out who that person is
if I don't do it on my own.
So thank you for the offer,
but my answer's no.
I hope you understand.
Wyatt, wait.
(safe creaks)
Dad, you can't bribe me
into staying this time.
What are these?
Stocks? Bonds?
That is the first
Christmas card you ever made
after learning to write.
Did all your Rs
and Ys backwards.
(emotional music)
That's from when you
broke the school record
for the 4,000 meters.
This is your Harvard
acceptance letter.
(emotional music continues)
I can keep going.
There's a lot more.
You saved all these.
I know I haven't been the
best father in the world.
I've never been good
at sharing my feelings.
(emotional music continues)
Drove your mother nuts.
But I need to make
one thing abundantly clear.
(emotional music continues)
Having you as my son
has been the single greatest
achievement of my life.
(emotional music continues)
And I'm sorry if I ever
made you question that.
(emotional music continues)
Thanks, Dad.
(emotional music continues)
Well, since you're
leaving the company,
Ms. Kincaid's timing
couldn't be better.
You mean Carley?
She called me about
an hour ago asking
for her job back.
Looks like she'll be getting
that promotion after all.
I can't let her do that.
Where are you going?
(bright music)
I gotta catch the bus.
Merry Christmas, Sarah.
Really isn't the same
without the big guy, huh?
Merry Christmas.
Guess we could all use
a little Christmas cheer.
There you go sweetie.
Honey, don't give up
on your dreams just yet.
There's always next year, right?
- Sure.
- Merry Christmas.
Hey, Devin. Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
Do you know when Santa's coming?
I'm sorry, kiddo.
I don't think he's gonna be
able to make it this year.
[Kids] Santa!
(inspiring music)
Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!
Thought Walter broke his leg.
He did.
(inspiring music continues)
No, little one, it
is I, Santa Claus.
What are you doing?
Well, I've come to bring
comfort and joy to the children.
You took two buses and
a train for the children?
I thought they could
use some cheering up.
Merry Christmas.
Let's go open with
some gifts, huh?
Merry Christmas.
Who wants a present?
Come here.
(bright music)
Credit to the real Santa.
This job really
takes it outta you.
Are you in a tux?
Is this not the dress code
for a children's toy drive?
Okay, lemme guess.
Illegal sleigh racing in Soho?
Not quite.
It's actually the Snow
and Ice Gala in Greenwich.
You'd actually,
you'd really like it.
It's champagne, red carpet,
everyone wearing
the latest fashions.
But I realized I needed
to be here with you.
Don't go back to Comfort Mills.
Why not?
Because your dreams are
too big for that place.
You're too good for it.
Look, I just have
two resolutions left.
Follow your dreams and
say yes to adventure.
I can just make
another list next year.
Or give it another shot.
Why? Why should I do that?
Look, I'm here in
a half Santa suit
at a toy drive on Christmas Eve
and there is nowhere,
literally nowhere else,
I would rather be other
than here with you.
I believe in you.
We all do.
(emotional music)
I needed that.
(emotional music continues)
You know these Santa pants
are weirdly working for you.
- What? This old thing?
- Yeah.
I owe you an apology.
For what?
I spent this whole
year thinking you
were a spoiled rich man child.
I am rich.
But you're not. You're not.
You are kind
and you are generous
and you are thoughtful.
(gentle music)
I didn't really know you at all.
Well, it's not your fault.
(gentle music continues)
I mean, I'm not even
really sure I knew myself,
but thanks to you, I
think I'm starting to.
(gentle music continues)
(bright festive music)
Looking good, Gertie.
Carley's grandmother
really knows her stuff.
(bright festive music continues)
The countdown's about to
start. They got enough bubbly?
On it.
(bright festive music continues)
First time for everything.
Where's the little rascal?
I think she said something
about claiming your old bedroom.
It's all hers.
See you guys in a bit.
(bright festive music continues)
Millie, Millie,
Millie, you made it.
Of course, dear.
Now the party can get started.
You remember.
Randall, what a surprise!
For you, maybe.
He's been asking
me out for years.
Don't ever give up
on romance, my boy.
I won't.
Oh, Millie.
(bright festive music continues)
Ladies, looking great as usual.
Nice job on the party, Wyatt.
Top notch,
vintage, Mr. Grinch.
High praise coming
from the sommelier.
Is Carley here?
She told us to come ahead.
Wanted to do some final touches.
Cutting it kinda close.
Or she's just fashionably late.
(bright festive music continues)
Excuse me.
(bright festive music continues)
You look...
The dress...
You look incredible.
Thank you.
(gentle music)
Yeah, I thought I would
try something new.
You know the countdown's
about to start.
- Inside?
- Yeah.
(gentle music continues)
I don't know if I
want this year to end.
I sent my portfolio to
every designer in town.
(gentle music continues)
Kind of nervous
about it, actually.
It'll be fine.
I still have this one
that I haven't crossed off.
- Say yes to adventure.
- Mm-hm.
How many more adventures could
you possibly need, Kincaid?
I actually do have one in mind.
Can you hold this
for me for a minute?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
(romantic music)
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
(fireworks popping)
(romantic music continues)