Sebastian (2024) Movie Script

So, tell me about yourself.
What would you like to know?
Well, I don't know.
Just the basics.
Where are you from?
What do you do in life?
Well, my name's Sebastian.
I'm 24.
From Edinburgh.
I thought I heard an accent.
You okay?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Are you sure?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
So, tell me about yourself.
What would you like to know?
Oh, I don't know.
Just the basics.
I must admit, I was a bit worried when
you wouldn't send a face pic, but... Very handsome.
You're quite new to this.
Max, how is the Marlowean
review coming along?
You'll have it by Friday.
Let's just say sophomore slump
is a kind way of putting it.
For LLF, they've just
announced Alina Cassaro.
I would love to.
There's been some indication she might give
an interview, but we've all heard that before.
As for Easton Ellis,
His people just
confirmed this morning.
I think this one's for you.
But didn't I ask first?
I think Max beat you to it.
But in any case, I do think it best
that queer writers cover queer authors.
I mean, shouldn't anyone be
able to write about anything?
That's a very
cis-hetero response.
What does cis
have to do with it?
I thought that priority here was
quality reporting, not optics.
It's not about optics.
It's about sensibility.
Just do me the favor and run
those questions by me, Max.
I trust that you know what to ask, but I need
to see them because we may lead with it.
They're not that apparent to me.
I really tend not to write
about my life at all.
People point to the story in the informers called In
the Islands, which is about a father who takes his son to one.
Seriously, it's like a religious
experience in one.
Reading it, I really feel
I can change as a person.
Sorry, I know I sound like a tart, but... You know,
she's only given one interview in, like, eight years.
I don't know how a publisher
lets you get away with it.
I think the mystique's
part of it.
Like, you actually have to read any of her work
to understand anything about her.
She'll be out today.
So fucking cool.
I just don't think
it stands out.
It's so unpolished.
It's exactly that rawness
that makes it work so well.
I mean, the way you capture the intimacy between the lovers
and, you know, then how it suddenly turns to distance.
Collapsing those two time frames together
like that in one moment is fantastic.
I mean, yeah, it's atmospheric, sure,
but is it really saying anything?
Max, not everything needs
to be some grand statement.
You know, if it's well observed,
if it's truthful.
This comes from the heart.
And that's why it works.
I really don't think this could have been
written by someone who hadn't lived it.
I can't just be stuck writing short stories and reviewing
other people's work for the rest of my life, Amna.
Do you know how old Brett Easton Ellis
was when he published his first novel?
Zadie Smith?
We're already late.
Come on in.
You're a great kisser.
Sorry, it's a bit messy in here.
The cleaner is coming tomorrow.
Just got back from New York.
This morning.
Oh, nice.
Business or pleasure?
Business, unfortunately.
Always business.
Do you want a drink?
Yeah, I'd love one.
Whatever you're having is great.
Okay, good.
You've got a beautiful place.
Thank you.
It's just for work days.
Weekends are spent in Kent.
With the family, you know.
Oh yeah.
Don't make me come.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Do you always have sex like that?
Did you like it?
You know the answer.
Do you know?
Most of the people
on that website are just awful.
Have you had bad experiences?
It's so rare to find
someone like you on there.
I mean, you know, people lie
about their age or height or dick size.
It's all exaggeration.
Some of them aren't even gay.
You can't get
a heart with a man.
It's so nice that not
everyone is deceptive.
Sebastian stood there
by the window over London,
looking at both the city and
himself with a new perspective.
As Daniel casually mentioned his family,
he felt suddenly complicit in a cliche,
acting out another role
but one he hadn't cast himself in.
Daniel's hands found him and
pulled out his skin and flesh
as hungrily as a mouth
seeking water in the desert.
He didn't just want, he needed.
This was the relief he had
from his family, his job, his other life.
Sebastian in that moment felt that he was
living more authentically than Daniel.
That's good.
Did you speak to actual
prostitutes for your research then?
I think Gloria
means sex workers.
Yeah, no, absolutely.
I mean, what initially drew me to the topic
was this piece I did for Wall Magazine last year
on students who escort.
I don't know, I guess I was struck by how
casually some of them talked about the work.
They weren't really
ashamed of it at all.
They saw very
little stigma in it anymore.
And some of them had such a sense
of professionalism, you know,
in the way that they set
themselves up as entrepreneurs
or marketed themselves online.
There was almost
this sense of pride.
Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking
about some of the people that I interviewed
and just felt like I had
to write about it.
I thought it was
all OnlyFans now.
a lot of people do that too.
Screen will never replace touch.
It's an easier way
to earn though.
I think to cultivate an audience
that'll make you any significant
money takes a lot of work.
But you don't actually physically
need to interact with anyone.
I think some people do
just really enjoy sex, though.
They might not want videos
of themselves online forever.
I know someone that used to do it
when they were young, of course.
They didn't mind it.
And I asked her, honestly, whether
she didn't find some of the men repulsive.
For her, it wasn't about them,
the clients.
It was about her.
You know, that's just the idea that I'm
like Patrick Bateman or something,
because I described a woman-hating
man, that I am that man,
as well as just
a little bit of a punk.
The book that would have
the most problem was the first one,
because everyone assumed
it was so autobiographical.
My family's really nothing
like the family in that book.
So that was the one that I thought might
have been hardest for you and Dad to take,
because it was, to an outsider,
it would seem the most autobiographical.
I don't think the content
didn't upset me.
I mean, the fact that it was such a tremendous
hit and affected you so much at such an early age,
had much more impact on me than the content
of what you had written.
You know, listen, as a writer, I guess
I tend to be a bit of a sociologist.
And I guess I tend to be drawn toward things
that are happening in the culture and incorporate.
I know it's superficial, but you are
a young, not unattractive guy,
and I don't think you should
be afraid to use that.
It's just... I'm not really
big on social media.
I find it to be a bit
of a distraction.
I don't want anything complicated, just
a couple of quality posts every week.
I'm afraid nobody gets to say
they're above it these days.
And what about the novel?
Did you get a chance
to look at the pages?
I have to say, I wasn't thrilled when
you said you were writing about sex work.
I'm sure you're aware there's
no shortage of treatises on the topic.
But... I think it is alive.
Really intimate.
And you might have found
a fresh perspective on it.
I do realise it is a sort of stock
character of queer literature,
but I don't know, this new generation of sex
workers who are all using technology,
The digital hustler.
Yeah, something like that.
I can't offer you an advance,
but it would be fantastic if,
after the stories,
we can get your debut novel
published already next year.
How soon do you think
you could get me a full draft?
- A couple of months.
- Oh, really? That soon?
Don't want to rush it.
I've still got to do
more research, haven't I?
Yeah, I understand.
Did you have
any notes on the pages?
There was one bigger thing
I've been wondering about.
Have you thought about setting
it in the first person?
You know, almost like a memoir.
A pseudo-memoir.
It is not something I'd
really thought about.
I mean, it might not work.
I just think there's
something in there.
Get the door.
This calls for celebration.
It's just a couple
chapters so far.
Max, it's gonna be amazing.
I have faith in you.
Thought we met.
Don't think so.
Where did you go to uni?
You look so familiar.
Er, UCL.
But I finished a while ago.
What's your name?
Er, Max.
I'm Max.
Are you sure?
Hey, let me just grab my jacket.
I'll come for a smoke.
I'm going to have to go.
I just remembered
I've got a deadline.
Brian, of course.
It's not that.
it was very nice to meet you.
So I read your new pages.
I think the character is really intriguing
and your prose is vivid as ever,
but I just wonder if
it gets a little repetitive.
This series of the same kinds of encounters
with generally always older men.
I'm just wondering what it might look like to see
him in a slightly different situation,
only to give it a bit more variety and maybe
to explore how he might react to new context.
Also, I was just a little thrown
by the bit about Sebastian's
intermittent feelings of shame
and the, how did you put it?
Shame about shame,
which definitely makes sense.
But it's just that I thought you said you were
struck by how little shame your interviews felt.
I'll send you my new
chapters tonight.
Anxious to get your thoughts
before this mission.
Hey, Sebastian.
Glad you could make it.
Come on through.
We got some friends over,
hope you don't mind.
Oh, handsome.
What's your name, handsome?
Come on in. Can I fix you a drink?
We have vodka, gin,
wine, I think this...
Or would you prefer a shot?
Actually, I think I'm gonna go.
No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Stay, please.
You didn't tell me
it was a group thing.
I don't do that.
Why not?
Please, stay.
I'll make you worth your while if
that's what you're worried about.
It's late.
We'll have fun.
I promise.
Oh, you didn't want it?
No, you've put more in yours.
Oh, okay.
I don't see why.
And after you drink slowly,
where did you come from tonight?
Just from home.
And where's home?
Phone, please.
You can get it back
when you leave.
We all put our phones
away when we party.
How's yours?
Just so everyone can relax.
It's to protect us all.
Yeah, you know,
from any sneaky pornographies.
Well, or rather, it's because
I'm a lovely host here.
Wouldn't want to be pictured
with the likes of you, Jacopo.
Hey, whoa, whoa, careful.
Come on.
Turn it off if you want.
I'm not going to do anything.
I'm just going
to put it in a drawer.
Want some?
What is it?
You noticed the difference?
I was going to say, I mean
the other one wasn't bad but...
Max, is everything okay? You
weren't in the meeting today.
I need your piece ASAP
and your questions for Brett.
Are you not coming in at all today? Give
me a call when you get this, please.
So tell us,
where did you come from tonight?
It's a good one, huh?
I think they enjoyed that.
You're new to this, aren't you?
So have you, um...
... been here before?
Yeah, I've been over a couple
of times, you know.
I like to get trashed
once a month or so.
Who are they?
Like, what do they do?
They're both lawyers,
hence the phones.
I have no idea what kind,
but they can afford to be generous.
Where did they find you?
Dreamy guys.
Yeah, I can see
why you picked him.
We should collab, you know?
Only if that.
I don't think I want to be that,
uh, public.
You two sit well, though.
Do you think so?
You've got that wholesome
boy next door thing going on.
But it's all filth underneath.
Why don't you think about it?
What I do find interesting now is that there
is this kind of anti-sex thing going on
in a way in terms of a lot
of the reviews in America
where they complained about how
much sex was in the book,
which surprised me because
I don't hear that much.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Max, good to see you.
- Hi.
- Meeting's in five.
- Yeah, thanks.
Amna is doing
the Rachel Cusk interview.
Faisal has the design biennale.
I've got Brett.
Change of plans.
You're going to Ecotec
today for the app launch.
But I'm interviewing Brett.
James is taking care of Brett.
But Max is like an expert.
He was here on Friday for the LLF
meeting and has prepared for it.
But that's not even our section.
What do you think makes the existence
of this magazine possible?
Do you think literature
pays for itself?
And please, hurry
up with the Slimani review.
It should have gone up by now.
I know it's fucked up, but why
didn't you come in on Friday?
I told you.
I hooked up with someone and
I fell asleep at their place.
You know, I really could have
used your feedback on my pages.
I'm sorry.
I'll look at them tonight.
I promise.
I've already submitted it.
The deadline was yesterday.
So all you'll be doing
is swiping left or right,
which I'm sure
you can all manage.
This time, the best part is that
you won't even have to take
an awkward stranger out for a drink.
Now, we have spots in our software
where you can share ideas,
brainstorm, make parking lots
for your research and development.
this is Max from Wall Magazine.
- Joan, our head developer.
- Pleasure to meet you, Max.
- Hi.
- Shall we sit down over here?
Where do we begin?
Has anybody demonstrated
to you how the app works?
Yeah, they have, yeah.
Well, I can tell
you more about the development process,
or how we came about a user
interface, or the design.
I think I've got enough.
Oh, no, no, no.
You're really going to want
to talk to Joan about this.
I mean, she pretty
much spearheaded the whole project.
It's not necessary.
The presentation covered
everything pretty well.
I'm going to have to be off.
Thank you so much.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
We're not done here.
Joan needs to be
a part of this piece.
did you find your way here okay?
Yeah, no problems.
I know it can be a little unintuitive
from the station.
Where did you say
you live again?
In Hackney.
Oh, right, yes.
Hackney's really come up,
hasn't it?
Wasn't that long ago, no one wanted to go
near the place, let alone live there.
I remember when it was just
gangs and drug dealers and...
Can I offer you a drink?
I've opened some Primitivo.
I'm grateful to have had
my career when I did.
Starting out in the 70s
was an absolute joy.
Tertiary education was free.
Pursuit of knowledge was
regarded as an end in itself.
Speaking with post-doctorates now,
the situation seems just dire.
I don't know how they managed to cope
with all that uncertainty and debt.
You're studying, aren't you?
I thought your profile
Yeah, I'm doing my masters
at the moment.
Oh, what in?
French literature.
Well, that's wonderful.
I used to lecture
in comparative literature.
Do you know what you're
going to do your thesis on yet?
Yeah, I think so.
But I don't want
to bore you with that.
Oh, you couldn't.
I live for that stuff.
I haven't... Sorry.
Could we just keep
talking for now?
Are you sure?
I just want to get to know
you a little better first.
There's no rush.
I hope you're all as excited
and as honoured as I am
to welcome onto the stage tonight an author
whose decades-spanning body of work
has not only left an indelible mark
on 20th, and 21st century literature,
but someone who I can also
say has had a profound influence
on the way many writers
of my generation, myself included,
have come to view the role
of the writer in society.
Please join me in welcoming
onto the stage
the winner of both the Goncourt
and Booker prizes,
the author of the devastatingly brilliant
Blackwater, her 18th novel, Alina Cassaro.
I mean,
you were fucking incredible.
That question
about the influence of...
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I don't want to talk to her.
After she rejected my manuscript,
it's so embarrassing.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Amna... Is it?
Absolutely brilliant
job on that Q&A.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, you really managed
to drill down deeply.
I've got to ask,
how did you handle that?
Oh, well, um,
I interviewed her for Wall
and then she just asked me
to interview her here.
Um, Max, I've got a couple of people
indoors I'd really love you to meet.
If you can spare
him for a moment.
Yeah, be my guest.
Amna, why don't
you come by the office?
We can have a chat about whatever you're
working on at the moment.
Oh, uh, yeah, that'd be great.
I'm always on the lookout
for a fresh voice like yours.
Just so you're aware, Joy is
on the panel for the Pallari Prize.
Oh, God, it sounds so long.
Can I please introduce Max?
He's one of our latest
- Ian.
- Hi.
- Charmed.
- Nice to meet you.
- Ian runs the London Review.
- Oh, wow.
Being far too generous,
I merely oversee it nowadays.
I leave the daily business to,
well, to the younger generation.
And Joy is
with the Arts Council.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
So, what are you working on,
Well, a couple
of things at the moment.
We're really proud to be publishing
some of Max's short stories.
He's already had
one in Granter a few months ago,
and another has been nominated
for the Bridport Prize.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Thank you so much.
And currently he's working hard
on quite a tantalizing novel
that we're hoping
to publish next year.
All going well.
No doubt we'll be covering
you on our pages soon.
Certainly one for the radar.
You look awfully young
for getting published.
How old are you, Max?
I'm 25.
Well, affectionate.
So what's your novel about?
It's about a student who...
It's about sex work
in the digital age.
Max is exploring it as perhaps just another job
amongst many other jobs in the gig economy.
I just remembered
that I've left something.
I'm so sorry,
I'm going to have to excuse myself.
Hi mum.
I'm good.
How are you?
Oh, you're already in bed?
Alright, yeah, that's fine.
I can call tomorrow.
No, nothing's the matter.
Don't worry.
Good night.
Love you.
Yeah, it like had almost
a dystopian vibe to it.
I thought it was very honest.
So thank you for that, Joel.
Okay, let's move on to Max.
What do you have for us today?
Although no one seemed to have been able
to detect the signs leading up to it,
they were all afterwards in mournful
apprehension that they had been there.
Everywhere, undetected
like an odorless poisonous gas.
The morning had been routine.
Another identical link in a chain
of silvery summer days at Dunbar.
There we go, guys.
I liked your poem.
It captured that sense
of urban loneliness really well.
Did it resonate with you?
I doubt those feelings are entirely
foreign to anyone who's single in London.
What happened to,
what was his name, Sebastian?
I don't know, I just...
I felt like that story
wasn't going anywhere in there.
I didn't know where to take it next.
I wanted to hear more.
Do you like that?
Yeah, I do.
Do you want me to come?
Yeah, yeah, fuck me.
It's all right.
That's not porno.
Did you and Dad get around to watching
that show I told you about?
We started it but I had
to turn it off after 15 minutes.
I don't know why every program
me nowadays has to be like that.
It's just so vulgar.
Oh Mum,
you should have stuck with it.
Do you have
anything for the wash?
You know, I read your story.
Thought it was very beautiful.
Which one do you mean?
His Breath.
The one in the magazine.
How did you... I do know how
to use the internet, you know.
I thought it was very touching.
It made me worry about you.
But it's fiction, Mum.
But it has to come
from somewhere, doesn't it?
I just worry about you being
by yourself in London.
I have friends.
Has there been
anybody else since?
You never talk
about these things.
No, because I've honestly
got to focus on work right now.
You know, I should be
staff at the magazine soon.
They've got a new
position coming up.
Do you have to write
about such personal things?
You know, you do have
the right to keep some things.
Just for yourself, you know?
Hey, I've sent you the version
with the latest edits.
We've picked the images
and they're in the proof now.
I'll just get started
with the Hosman review next.
Max, come here.
I've got some not
great news for you.
Our editorial board, now
that we have a new staff editor,
You mean James?
They are looking to shift
their emphasis away from freelancers.
So unfortunately, the pieces that we discuss for next
month, they're all going to be done in-house.
So is there anything
for me to do?
I'm afraid not.
Sorry, but wasn't my piece one of the most read
last month and the month before that too?
Max, I get the feeling that our magazine
hasn't exactly been your top priority of late,
so I wouldn't want us
to keep you
away from whatever it is
that you'd rather be doing.
I'm sorry this didn't work out.
You know, I get the sense
that she can't handle
having anyone
with any other prospects on the team.
Like, anyone with anything
other than a shitty collection
of poetry to their name.
You could ask Stephen if
they've got anything at Glamour.
I know it's not exactly Granter,
but... it's money.
I mean, do you really think that'd
go down well with my publisher?
Glamour isn't exactly compatible
with being a serious writer, is it?
You know what, I think
you should use a pseudonym.
No one need know after all it's
by the Max Williamson.
I've got to focus
on my fiction anyway.
And live on what?
It's not like you've got
an advance or anything.
What did you see tonight?
It was The Goat by Edward Albee.
Oh, yeah.
Are you familiar?
No, I've not had
a chance to see it yet.
I'd like to, though.
But as I sat there,
I couldn't help thinking that
for all its ingenuity and brilliant
allusion to Greek tragedy,
the play just didn't move me.
Whereas with Tennessee Williams,
I saw yet another production
of The Glass Menagerie last week.
Seeing their work almost
back-to-back forces you to compare.
Is this a... a Sheila?
A very lucky find
back in the day.
I like all of your pictures.
Well, I've managed to collect
a few things over the years.
it's a wealthier person's hobby.
No, no.
You've got a beautiful home.
It's a bit big for one, but...
I've decided to stay.
So, you write as well, then?
Or are you more of an aficionado,
like me?
I'm studying.
I told you that.
I wasn't sure I'd see you again.
I mean, I had quite
a shock myself that night.
I've been offline for a bit.
I noticed.
I hope not on my account.
And it goes without saying
that this is between us.
Nothing leaves this room,
this house.
So don't worry.
To be honest, I was a little surprised
to hear from you again.
That night that I was here,
I'm sorry.
No, no need to apologize.
I was on edge myself.
Too tense.
I'm pretty much of a novice.
In case you didn't realize.
is it poetry or prose you write?
I still do occasional
work editing textbooks.
I still get invited
to these things.
I'm only asking out
of genuine interest, you know?
I do write.
Mainly just short stories.
Anything I can read?
Not so fast.
I need to get to know
you a little better first.
You remind me of someone 30
years ago when he was your age.
It's something about the way
you laugh,
the tenor of your voice.
Chin up a little bit.
Okay, no, not so sultry.
So thoughtful, not sexy.
This is serious subjects
you're writing about, yeah?
Yeah, that's it.
Oh, that's stunning.
I love this one.
Can we get a couple more just
very close up on the face?
Max, what's your Insta?
It's at Maxim's, but I've not really
got many followers or anything.
We're going to fix that.
We'll do a big feature
on our Instagram.
And once this comes out, your face is
going to be on the top of everyone's feed.
Les Nuits Fauves...
Oh, that certainly sparked
debate in my seminars.
I know some people view him
as immoral or selfish, unlikable.
But I think it's a beautiful
account of a kind of joy.
Even in the face of death,
against the tyranny of AIDS and homophobia.
I think there's great beauty
in his refusal to give up on life.
His continued desire to taste
everything until the very end.
Can I ask you a question?
Why is it that you do this?
I mean, I don't imagine there
are many boys on that website
who are published in Granter
or nominated for literary prizes.
Are you saying
that I shouldn't be here?
Not at all.
You know, there's not
much money in writing fiction.
Or writing full stop.
No, I don't imagine there is.
But is it really just
about the money for you?
It's not that simple.
We met in California.
In the early 90s.
I still wasn't out.
The only time I plucked up courage
to meet anyone was on work trips.
And that, too, became a frightening
business because of AIDS.
Yeah, of course.
So how did you meet?
I had the afternoon off from my conference
and had gone to spend it at the Getty Villa.
it really is a marvelous place.
You should go if
you haven't been.
I was looking at this sculpture,
the Victorious Youth,
lost in admiration,
when suddenly I heard,
"Cute ass, isn't it?"
Turning around,
I saw David for the first time,
smiling his cheeky smile,
so handsome.
We got into conversation.
Went for lunch, had drinks.
An unforgettable
night in my hotel.
Three days later, I flew back
to London and David came with me.
Never left.
Until one day, 29 years later,
he was taken away.
It'll be three years next month.
A stroke.
He went as suddenly
as he had appeared.
Our time is almost over.
I'd like to stay.
Well, you know I'd love that,
but really I can't afford...
Not him.
I've seen the proofs
from the Evening Standard piece.
- Really good shots, don't you think?
- Yeah, they're great.
I'm going to see if we can
get one for the dust jacket.
Interview's good, too.
I love that thing that you said.
What was it?
I carve out my existence
in the world using words.
They are the footsteps
that I leave in my wake.
- Beautiful.
- Yeah.
It's not too lyrical.
No, it's just what we needed.
Fingers crossed it'll get
the review it deserves.
It shouldn't be a problem.
Larry's doing it.
I think you'll have a real
appreciation for your style.
- So have you read the draft?
- Yes.
Ben's had a look at it too.
And I'm going to be honest
with you because we want to get this out
as soon as possible after the short stories
while you're still fresh in everybody's mind.
This whole new thread with...
Oh, what's the character's name?
The older gentleman.
I'm not sure about it.
But it's the heart.
Don't you think it's somehow
too romantic, in a way?
Is Sebastian, who has been,
so consumed by sex until now,
really suddenly about to become
all Harold and Maud with this guy?
Yeah, but I'm trying to show
that he's moved beyond that initial,
more superficial interest in sex work
to this deeper appreciation of its meaning.
I can see that's
what you're trying to do.
But you've spent so much time now
on this one relationship, I fear it's losing focus.
Don't get me wrong,
it started off brilliantly.
Really exciting stuff.
I'd just like you to continue
in that vein.
It's just, I really feel like I'm
discovering something deeper here.
I mean, these exchanges
between escorts and their clients,
they're actually really important
in connecting generations of gay men that,
I mean, might have not had
much to do with each other.
And thus they're transmitting
queer history and culture and...
I mean, that's something
I want to talk about.
But that's not what we discussed
originally, is it?
You veered from your proposal.
An authentic portrait
of contemporary sex work,
the reality of what life
is like for these...
But it's grounded in reality.
It's all based on research.
From my interviews.
I'm sorry, I... I just don't
think our audiences will like it.
You need to bring
something more to it, Max.
Find a way to raise the stakes.
I don't want it to be just
another tragic sex worker story.
I don't want to do that at all.
And nobody is
asking you to do that.
Look, we already know that you've
mastered the short story.
But this is a novel.
You have to remember that.
It is a different beast entirely.
As it is,
I'm afraid it's not working.
If I were you, I'd listen to the people
who've done this a hundred times before
and are giving you
this opportunity.
Yeah, but I don't think
that she actually gets it.
It's like they're drawn to totally different
aspects of it, to this more superficial version.
Sure, but it really doesn't matter how amazing
your version of it is if no one gets to read it.
There's something
I really think we should see
the week after next
that's coming on.
The inside pocket
of your jacket.
I'll see you again
next Thursday.
Next week might be a bit tricky.
I've got a lot of work
on at the moment with the writing.
Of course.
But I'll let you know that.
Whenever it suits.
It's really good to see you.
Mr. Larson,
nice to see you again.
So they all know you're here.
I like to come here
whenever I'm in town and...
Yeah, I love their food,
though I always seem to
have the same meal.
But never the same company.
Well, if I find something
I like, I want to have it again.
So what are your family
doing this weekend?
Just, uh... keeping
themselves company, I suppose.
Have they ever been to Brussels?
Well... I don't think
they're very interested.
Would you like some more wine?
Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- Perhaps another bottle?
Why not?
Sorry, I'm not feeling too well.
I think I had a bit
too much to drink.
Go get some water then.
I'm tired.
It's okay.
Can we just wait until morning?
Do I have to remind
you who's paying for this?
Can you at least get a condom?
Are you okay?
Thank you very much.
Can you at least get a condom?
What the fuck is this?
And in that moment Sebastian realized that to try
to fight back would have been fruitless or dangerous even.
That is not what happened.
What the fuck is this?
It's just for myself,
it's nothing.
I should have known.
Never trust a whore.
I'm sorry,
just give me my laptop.
Get out.
I'm sorry, it's nothing.
No, please, get out.
Give me my laptop back.
Get the fuck out of here.
can I just have my laptop back?
Get the fuck out of here.
Just give me my laptop.
Get out!
Okay, well, give me my stuff.
Give me your stuff.
Do you have my wallet?
I need it.
I left my wallet.
I need to get in the...
Good afternoon, Mr. Larson.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
I have a young man in front
of me who asked me the access to your room.
He's looking for his wallet and
he says his name is Sebastian.
Do you know him?
No, he's lying.
Okay, thank you very much.
I'm so sorry to have
disturbed you.
Thank you, bye.
I'm sorry,
there's nothing more I can do.
But that's not true.
He's lying.
Your colleagues have
literally seen me here before.
I'm sorry.
If you're not going to book a room, I will
have to ask you to leave the hotel, sir.
Are you kidding?
This is fucking ridiculous.
- I'm so sorry.
- I've been here before.
Please, sir, calm down.
I'm sorry.
I cannot do anything else.
Call him again.
I can't do that.
I'm sorry.
Hi, Mum.
Hi, Max.
Why are you not picking up?
I've been trying
to get through to you.
I was just in the cinema.
Why am I getting
a strange dialing tone?
Where are you?
I'm in Brussels with Amna.
In Brussels?
Sorry, I didn't get
the chance to tell you.
It was so last minute.
I've now got a deal on Eurostar tickets,
so... She took me here for the weekend.
A late birthday present.
Oh, that was really nice of her.
Listen, your dad and
I were just calling to say
that we had read that piece
in the Evening Standard.
You came across really,
really well.
I am so proud of you, Max.
It's great.
You spoke so beautifully.
Bye, darling.
Hey, this is Amna.
Sorry I can't pick up right now,
but please leave a message
and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can. Thanks.
Are you there?
Is everything alright?
I've always been rather fond
of the name, Jonathan.
I'm going to tell my publisher
that I'm scrapping the whole project.
They never even liked
that section anyway.
Do you not hate me
for using you like that?
No, I don't.
You need to carry on
and finish it.
What I would hate you for
is not publishing it.
And if I can help in any way,
and heaven forbid,
be an inspiration to you,
I couldn't be more thrilled.
It's good.
There are fresh towels
in the bathroom.
It's really nice to meet you,
You too.
Have a good rest of the day.
I'm very excited
about our conversation.
Your book is one of my favourites
of this year.
Thank you.
I'll begin by introducing
and welcoming everyone,
and then if you just
want to follow out after me
and get a seat
with once I introduce you.
Did you get a chance
to look at the questions?
I did, yeah.
And did they all seem OK?
I mean, if there's anything you don't
feel comfortable discussing,
or if anything feels
too personal, please tell me.
You can ask me anything.