Sebunsu kodo (Seventh Code) (2013) Movie Script

2013 - 06 - 24
Hey, Did we ever meet? Where?
We met at Roppongi Road in Tokyo.
Then you invited me to lunch.
A month ago.
Eh? But it's just once? Right?
You never called me again. I'm curious.
Since then, I've always looked for you - after looking everywhere.
I heard that you weren't at Japan again, and have moved to Rusia.
And then I came here.
Ah, I give up.
That your suitcase?
It's forbidden to put it up like that.
Come here.
Indeed, that time I invited you to talk and go to a restaurant.
But, at that time, there were a lot of your friends and I was a little drunk.
I just feel that I don't want to eat alone.
I don't have any bad feelings.
After came out from the restaurant, you immediately forgot me? Huh?
I'm not surprised.
Hear me, I'm Japanese, and things like that are fine, but
in overseas, you don't randomly trust with people you don't know.
Especially, a man who came to you and invited you to dinner.
I see.
Where are you going?
Just want to pay the bill.
Mr Matsunaga?
Mr Matsunaga? Wait!
What must I do?
I'm Matsunaga, nice to meet you.
Yeah, nice to meet you too.
Hopefully, we can be good business partners.
I hope so.
Don't follow me again starting today, please.
Mr Matsunaga.
What are you doing?
This is not a proper place to for a tourist.
Are you fine?
Your body's full of wound.
Where are you come from? Are you Chinese?
If you're hungry, you could to eat at my place?
Don't worry about me.
Do you need a menu in Japanese?
I'm not Japanese,
I'm Chinese.
What's that?
The bill.
That's absolutely not enough.
I just have this.
Wait a minute.
What? Eat and run away without paying?
Japanese tourists rarely do things like this.
My passport and wallet, and my suitcase have been stolen.
Then staying here is pointless.
Go to the embassy then.
I'm going to be deported, right?
I still can't go home. I want to be in this city for a while.
There was someone who was I looking for.
Looking for who? A guy?
No, Japanese.
Hmm, You don't have money,
how are you going to look for him?
I just realized,
from this window, many people are passing by the street?
He probably will pass here.
Can I stay here for a while ?
Allow me to work here.
No, impossible. As you can see, there's only a few customers.
We even decided to close next month.
But, I still have to pay the bill.
I know. Just consider nothing happened. Now, hurry up!
So, I just eat and run away?
Yes, just like that.
I don't like that.
Then, you want to go to the embassy and borrow money from there ?
So, what do you want?
What's your name ?
Ms. Akiko, my name is Xiao Yan. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
The trip you planned didn't go so well, huh?
I was careless.
Miss Xiao Yan, how can you be at this city?
I met with those people in Da Lian.
I was supposed to be in Japan.
Yes, his name is Saito.
I followed him because he said that he'll take me to Japan .
I somehow ended up in this city.
Already half a year passed.
Oh, like that.
You'd better not be too much involved with Saito.
He's stingy.
In Japan he's a useless man - and abroad too.
Ms. Akiko, you're looking for someone in this city, right?
If you don't look for him quickly,
he'd probably would go further you know.
Russia is large.
One look at those.
You said that stock flour is up, how?
I can't wait until 1 month, my restaurant will be - what?
What? Marijuana?
I don't need things that absolutely has nothing to do with me.
Okay, I'm not going to ask you to help me again.
I'll find another way.
Actually, I don't understand what this country have.
There's flour at supermarket.
It's very expensive. We can't have profit with that.
Then just make food which does not require flour.
So, how do you make bread?
Just need a little trick. Replace it with wild rye or wheat.
I want to make this place, The most famous restaurant in Vladivostok.
Your dream is collect 100 million yen?
I don't know.
Dreams will end only a mere dream.
You're not trying hard enough.
I've tried, it's just my luck has run out.
I went to the city and failed, too.
Ah, it looks like since the time I left Japan, I'm already doomed to fail.
It's okay. There would always be a way.
How could you understand what I feel.
Sorry, if things are like this.
Well, it's enough.
I can sleep anywhere.
No Japanese people come here.
Akiko, when you meet your guy,
will the two of you continue to live in this city?
I don't know.
Or will you return to Japan together?
Could be, yes? I don't know myself, too.
I don't really know anything about him.
There are many question I want to ask him.
Then he'll answer.
And after hearing the answer, what will I do?
If I can see him again.
When the time comes, for sure, there will be a decision.
Xiao Yan, why can stay along with Mr. Saito ?
I also don't know.
Perhaps there's nothing anyone .
If there's a person who could give me power.
I want power.
The power that can change this world towards what I want.
I definitely need money, right?
However, until the last moment, Saito doesn't understand.
Although I forced him to do that.
I still say, "I certainly would raise 100 million yen"
But he just wanted to open a store he likes.
Build a family or eat delicious meals.
He only interested at things like that.
Is not like you get power, then collect the money?
Doesn't everyone think that if you have money, power comes next?
Does Japanese people don't think so ?
Thank you.
No need to rush like that.
This afternoon there will be no customers again.
All right.
Ah, why?
I think we should sell cheap food.
The Russians, always eat delicious food at home.
Once outside, as long as they can be satisfied, it doesn't matter.
It seems like this tradition was derived since the days of the Uni Soviet.
Mr. Saito, you also open restaurants while in Japan?
Me? No.
I worked on things that relate with health insurance at the mayor's office.
But if I think about it, it was not satisfying at all.
So, I left Japan. Went to many places.
Well, something like that.
Why Russia ?
Because I think caviar will become popular in Japan.
Yes, caviar.
It's very cheap here, only one-tenth of the price in Japan.
Although I tried to sell it in department stores and supermarkets,
it failed.
Almost no Japanese eat caviar.
True enough.
Then, honey.
It also failed.
Although Russian honey was famous enough,
for some reason in Japan, it's not at all popular.
I think there is no future.
I always felt if I was cursed by something .
Sorry, I'll be out for a while.
The car was heading towards town, right?
Where is it?
It's a shortcut.
Mr. Saito, what about the shop?
No, pass here! This way!
Follow me!
Through here.
That's the man who was with Mr. Matsunaga.
So, he'll soon meet with Mr.Matsunaga?
It seems so.
It looks dangerous here.
Maybe, Mr. Matsunaga is here.
Then it's more dangerous.
It is a repository of the mafia.
Although I never heard a place like this,
if Matsunaga is related with this place -
If you do, you'll definitely get in more danger again.
No! We should go home for a while.
I will check out that place.
Before we ascertain the actual situation, we should not meet him first.
It's very dangerous.
Do not underestimate Russia.
Anyway, if I'll let you alone, you don't know what will you do.
Although I'm a coward,
I encounter a lot of problems because of it.
Thank you.
I will leave this place.
It's time.
You'll return to China?
No, I would like to further explore Russia.
Surely, I will find something.
The power to change the world?
Right! One day, Akiko will follow,too.
Now, it's the time for myself.
Moving the gold vehicle.
Hurricane wing from east.
Come and encourage me.
What's that?
Yosano Akiko.
Byebye, hopefully we can meet again somewhere.
Last night, Xiao Yan, she -
I know, I woke up, too.
Let us leave aside these things, I ...
Whether I will win or lose, I would like to try the bet.
Yes, ever since that time I collect a lot of information from people I know.
Inside the abandoned factory yesterday, it seems Krytron there.
Electronic parts which are used in nuclear bombs.
In the whole world, there is only one or two.
Because the price is terrible.
Then, one of them is in that factory.
No. How can Mr.Matsunaga do something like this?
No. He's also looking for it.
What does this mean?
He is not a good person.
If this fails, I die for a noble purpose.
Mr. Saito?
Who is this?
Asian who went here last night.
I 'll take care of it later.
He had no help.
Take it easy.
It used to be safe here.
Perhaps it's better if we move.
Yes, let me think about it.
Thank you.
Really pleasant transaction.
Then, bye, thank you.
You're welcome.
Apparently, you did it.
What are you doing in a place like this?
Mr. Matsunaga, I'd love to meet you.
I'm having a lot of terrible things.
There is no one who can I rely.
I don't know what's next.
I said that don't randomly trust people.
Can you come to my apartment?
Come here.
Let's go.
Sit down, please.
Do you want drink a little vodka?
By the way, I still not did not ask, what's your name?
What? What do you mean?
I understand, I will go down immediately.
Come on. We did not do anything.
Do not carelessly imagine.
Wait here for a while.
So, what is it?
Don't bring some weird Asian girl to my apartment.
Why? Are you jealous?
Don't be stupid.
I'm only saying because it could interefere with our work.
She's... she's just some tourist. She doesn't know anything.
I don't care, just get rid of her.
How? We can't do that here.
Use this to knock her unconscious.
Then, move her to the factory.
Who are you, really?
Have I been cheated?
I've got Kryton.
About wage I give to you.
Not in Yen? I t's a not problem.
So yes?
Then, a part is in Euro and then Ruble.
Yes, thank you.
See you tomorrow.
I know it's a hassle.
No problem.
This Kryton,
it's finally back to my hand again.
Please help me take care of it .
I can't because of my position as a politician.
Now? Here?
Yes, please.
I 've been relieved.
Bye. Please, take care of yourself.
You too.
I want to go to Moscow.
I can drive up to Khabarovsk, but you must sit in the back.
No problem. Thank you.
Do not touch the crates stacked there, it's dynamite.
Khabarovsk 681 km
Vladivostok 43 km
Now is the time for myself.
Moving the gold vehicle.
Hurricane wing from east.
Come and encourage me.