Second Chance (2016) Movie Script

This is the day that I killed myself.
It is sometimes necessary,
to be born again.
I'm not sure if this death would take me
to heaven or hell.
But I feel a peace inside
that I've never felt before.
A great peace.
Don't leave without having breakfast!
Come on.
Cahit Arf. One of our
most important mathematicians.
Mustafa, welcome.
Hi, Cemal.
I hope you have a table for us.
Of course.
Mahmut, take good care of them.
Right away, dad.
-Don't call me "dad" in public again.
-I'm sorry, Mr. Cemal.
-Yes, sweetheart?
-I want to ask you something.
-Go ahead, sweetheart.
Me and my friends,
we want to go to the seaside.
-I see.
-I mean...
-Here you go.
-Thanks, mom.
-Have fun.
-See you.
Good bye, teachers.
-Where is the princess going?
-They will take a walk by the seaside.
Which seaside?
Both Kilyos and Bebek are by the sea.
It's better to know, Yasemin.
There are lots of weird men
out on the streets.
What are you saying?
She is just a child.
I'm not sure if you are ready
to hear this from a man like me.
But I just can't keep it to myself
I've been thinking about your long hair,
big eyes and soft skin all day.
-It's coming if you're ready.
-Let's do it.
On the crow's feet.
Just a little.
Go on with your rehearsal.
I realise that it's too early
to say big words.
But I just can't keep it to myself
I want to get to know you better,
if you are ready too.
"You're such a funny boy..."
"And you're really pretty.
May God protect you."
Guys, the boss is on it.
Let's go watch.
Who is it this time?
He picked her out of a group of girls
who came for a birthday party.
Alright, guys.
I am starting the bet.
Who is betting for under or over 23?
Is there a handicap?
"I'll be back in 5."
It is really hard to hear these things
from men in my age group.
You are using words
that please me as a young lady.
-Is this for me?
-Yes, it's for you.
-But what is this 23?
It was your birthday last time
you were here, so I thought that...
-But I'm 22.
Mr. Mahmut, if you're done,
could you please leave us alone?
Sure, dad.
Mr. Cemal.
You see...
When you employ this many people,
you become like their father.
Did mom have dinner?
Don't forget her medicine, please.
Don't worry, sister.
Mom is doing alright.
She's already sent one of the nurses
home before I got here.
You should let me know when you'll be
here. I'll make my plans accordingly.
Okay, honey.
Don't forget to put lemon
in her water.
And take care of the garden. You know,
she is obsessed with her flowers.
Alright sister, I know.
You tell me the same thing every time.
I'm telling you, so you don't forget.
Take care of mom until I get there.
I'll call you later.
Okay, don't worry.
See you.
Mom, I've warmed up the room.
Let's get you up.
Who I'm seeing
is none of your business.
What are you saying, Cansu?
Of course it's my business.
I'm your mother.
Enough, mom. I don't like it
that you are so involved in my life.
You are my daughter
and my responsibility.
Protecting you is my duty.
You're seeing the wrong people.
I can decide who is right and who is
wrong because I'm a grown-up now.
People will have hunchbacks in 50 years
because of this technology.
Sit up straight, dear.
Mom, go back to the couch
and string your beans there.
I've been there for four hours.
The episode's just ended, and I'm bored.
Let me see who you are chatting with.
-With my friends.
Come on, don't try to fool me.
Let me see who he is.
-Stop, mom, why would you look?
-Honey, I'm just curious.
Stop, I'm writing something here.
Are you hiding somethingfrom me? Stop.
Take it.
"Never be a woman who strings beans,
sitting in front of the television."
Great. You are chatting with a boy,
and I am the subject?
There is a game on TV,
but Mister Mahmut isn't watching it.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Just chatting with
a friend of mine, dad.
I'll deduct 100 liras from your salary
each time you call me "dad".
Am I supposed to call you
"Mr. Cemal" at home too?
Fine. It's okay at home.
She's a beautiful friend.
-She is below your age group, dad.
Look at you!
I'll see you when you're 40.
Look at that.
You're having a chat about beans!
What can I do, dad?
I've been caught up in this bean issue
for a long time, I can't get out of it.
Write something nice to the girl, man.
"What kind of woman
do you imagine me to be?"
We need to ask this.
Answer her.
Stand up.
-Move aside.
Let's use my repertoire.
Watch me.
"A woman is a nurturer.
She feeds her baby and nurtures nature."
She nurtures art with her existence.
She nurtures a man's heart
with her beauty.
I'd like you...
"I'd like you to be a woman
who nurtures me...
...either with beans or your glances."
How old is this boy,
saying all these big words?
What if I'm not
as beautiful as you'd expect?
-Let's see what he says.
What if I were to find
many beautiful aspects of you?
-Which book did you steal this from?
Hold on.
I'm not exactly a poet, but...
"But I can make impressive sentences
for the right woman. This is all me."
Do you like reading?
-Too boring.
No more boring than beans.
Let's see because it's important to know
if he likes reading.
Do you read?
"What can be better
than the smell of a book...
...which makes you feel like you are
living different stories in new worlds?"
I really like this boy.
I'm going to take a shower.
And then, I'm going to go to sleep.
I hate the boy now because of you.
Goal, goal! Goal, dad, goal!
Well, let's get to know you better,
young man.
Have you ever had a date
with this girl?
No, dad, never.
Why would she be interested in me?
I'm just by myself...
How did you miss that one?
"Tell me about yourself."
Get ready for your first date.
"My dad has an excellent restaurant.
I work there."
"What is your dad like?"
"He's a very handsome, charismatic man.
I wish I looked like him a little."
"What kind of music do you like?"
"I like oldies.
From the 70s, 80s and so on."
"I like those years too."
"Nilufer, Kayahan, Baris Manco etc."
"See, we're alike."
"Well, which movies do you like?"
"Old Turkish movies."
"The movie 'My Dear Brother'
always makes me cry."
"You think very maturely..."
"How old are you?"
"Just kidding. 19..."
"Why don't we meet up?"
"Okay, come to the restaurant.
Cemal's Steakhouse, Taksim."
"Delete All"
Mahmut, come on.
The kitchen here
is as big as our restaurant.
Yes, son.
We're building a huge place.
All Istanbul
will talk about this place.
Go put on something decent,
and come to the restaurant.
Cemal's Steakhouse
Do you have a reservation?
Yes, I'd like to see Mahmut Yilmaz.
Yes, madam.
Here is your table.
-Where is the bathroom?
-Straight ahead, to the right.
It's okay, I'm calm, I'm calm.
Your table is over there.
Put them down.
Let someone else do it.
Don't get your clothes dirty.
I'll need you soon.
Okay, dad.
Mr. Cemal.
Madam, this table is reserved.
My friends can arrange
another table for you.
-You invited me here.
Why did I invite you?
What's the problem?
Am I not your type?
I'm sorry, what is this about?
Are you not ashamed of
seducing young girls?
-Which young girl?
-And he's asking which girl!
I'm saying that you're a grown man!
Don't you feel shame
coming on to young girls?
I'm sorry, who are you?
I'm the mother of the girl
that you tried to seduce.
You are Ece's...
Of course, Burcu's mother.
Okay, okay.
Your daughter and I
are taking our relationship seriously.
She was going to introduce me to you
once we got to know each other better.
Would you like to drink something?
Are you hungry, auntie?
Mahmut. Mahmut.
Who is that woman with your father?
If I ever see you around my daughter,
I'll rip your dyed hair out!
What? It's not dyed.
It's something that I apply
to cover the grey.
I'll rip it out!
I'm sure it's the mother of
one of the girls.
Well, who says Ipek,
and who says Burcu?
-Burcu, Burcu.
Please, don't yell in public.
This is a respectable place.
Yes, it is, but you are not respectable.
Everybody needs to know
what a jerk you are!
-What? Jerk?
-Yes, you old geezer!
Look at yourself!
You're an eyesore!
-I'm an eyesore? You're a douchebag!
You bastard!
Move aside!
-Get out of here, maniac!
I don't want to see you
or your daughter here ever again!
-What happened? Who was she?
-She might be Burcu's mother.
Mommy, I'm home.
-You'll never see that man again.
-What man?
You'll never see that man
you were chatting with again.
You mean Mahmut?
Yes, Mahmut.
The infamous Mahmut!
That man is a bastard.
-Mom, what are you saying?
I'm saying I went there and saw him.
He puts a photo of a young boy on there,
and hunts young girls.
-Mom, where did you go?
-To the restaurant.
Mom, what are you doing
behind my back?
Shut up. I'm your mother.
Protecting you is my duty.
Fortunately, I went there and saw him.
You think that you are writing
to a boy of your age.
But he's a grown man!
Mom, Mahmut is 19 years old.
What grown man are you talking about?
"Can we talk?"
Is that him?
Yes, mom.
I'll answer him if you allow me.
Look at him!
That's why some people
become murderers.
"What a shameless man you are!
"Can you turn on your webcam?"
Here you go, mom.
Let me introduce you: This is Mahmut.
-Who are you, son?
Mahmut, I'm so sorry.
I heard my mother went there today.
I guess there was a misunderstanding,
but I don't really get it either.
I wanted her to see you
to make her feel better.
Okay, okay. Now, I get it.
So, the woman who came here
and swore at my dad was your mom.
Mom, did you swear at his dad?
Of course not.
He was the one swearing at me.
Who is that man, son?
What? Who is he?
That man is my father, auntie.
Look, he calls me "auntie" too!
Mom, calm down.
-How do you know this lunatic?
Dad, for God's sake, keep calm.
-You are the lunatic! Watch your mouth!
You yell at me,
and you chat with boys?
What is your problem?
-What is your problem?
You invited my daughter
to the restaurant, and then...
Don't trust your dad, son.
Get out of here! Why would I be
interested in a woman like you?
You should pray for a woman like me!
If I see you around this restaurant,
I'll call the police.
I will report to you to the police.
I will ruin your reputation.
-Eat this.
-Get the hell out of here!
I'm in my own house, idiot!
Oh my God, he's on fire!
Oh my God!
Mom... Mom...
I'm on fire!
I'm on fire!
I'm on fire, son!
Well, I was just trying to
protect my daughter.
You know, Istanbul is dangerous.
There are lots of weird men around.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me? I couldn't hear
that last thing you said.
I'm sorry.
Turn down this music, guys.
Nobody can hear each other.
Excuse me.
I am sorry. Okay?
Today, your mom's voice could be heard
even across the street.
Now, she speaks quietly.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, okay?
Aren't you going to apologize?
-Why am I supposed to apologize?
-Maybe for those things you said to me.
-I didn't say them without a reason.
-So, I deserved it?
-Well, kind of.
I can't take this anymore.
I really can't.
Dad, the girl is leaving.
She left, dad.
tell your dad not to push it.
Don't say "dad".
Please, I beg you.
I'll solve this.
I'll solve this and call you, okay?
I'm so sorry.
The building is beautiful,
but we talked to the city hall,...
...and the auction was over.
We need to talk to the company
that bought the place.
They said we should convince them.
But they never said who bought it.
It's confidential or something.
As if we plan to open a bar!
We just want to educate kids
and do charity.
What's the point of
making it so difficult?
We can all get together
and talk to that man.
He'll accept if he's human.
Yasemin, where are you?
Your head is not here.
I'm worried about my daughter.
She's growing up
and becoming a teenager.
She was chatting with a boy recently,
and I had to deal with his dad.
The man is such a jerk.
-What did you think, Yasemin?
You raise a princess,
and then a jerk comes and takes her.
This is the rule of nature.
Which one of us found
Prince Charming?
You are putting me off marriage.
You should find someone first,
and we'll warm you up again.
Arif, please make this part open so that
people can see the view while eating.
It would be a shame
if we covered it up, Cemal.
But the building is a little old.
We'll need to renovate inside and out.
Do whatever is needed to be done.
Have a nice day.
Oh God...
-Won't you answer it?
-Why should I?
Sweetheart, please don't be mad at me.
You know,
your grandma isn't doing well.
I'll have to go there
soon after you graduate.
Your aunt can't stay there anymore.
I'll always worry about you.
I just want to be at peace.
I want you to have good people around.
-Mommy, I know.
But why don't we give people a chance
before deciding if they are good or not?
Smart aleck!
Turan, I'm your tenant for 20 years.
What the hell does
60 thousand dollars for rent mean?
Cemal, that's the only place
that brings me income.
There are lots of other people around
who can pay 60 thousand dollars.
Okay, okay.
At least, let me stay until we move
to the other building.
After that,
rent it out to anyone you want.
I'm your tenant of for 20 years!
I have paid you two times more
than what the place cost!
What are you saying, Cemal?
Did I not hang up the phone?
Turan? Turan?
I've just entered a tunnel.
Hello, mom?
Yes, Meltem?
Mahmut just called.
He told me something about a girl.
You gave me a promise
when I sent the kid to you.
Keep your promise.
-I'm keeping my promise, Meltem.
You were the one
who brought this surprise into our life.
I'm teaching him the job here.
He has his own car,
and enough money in his pocket.
He eats what I eat,
and he lives the life I live.
Don't call me every day
to teach me how to be a father.
What a father!
Who thinks that you are really a father?
Don't insult me, Meltem,
as if I wanted to have this kid.
You've raised an idiot for a son!
I'm teaching him how to be a man.
For God's sake.
By the way,
you aren't the one who sent him here.
You got married there,
and he came here by himself...
...because he was mad at you. You should
first learn how to be a mother.
The building looks very old.
Its roof might be leaking.
It needs to be renovated completely.
Everything can be done
if they give it to us.
Nuran worries about everything today.
It might be because her husband
hasn't been home for a week.
I have a husband at least.
You tell us,
what are you doing all alone?
-What are you talking about?
-You know what I mean.
You have nothing to do,
and now you are picking on me?
You don't have a husband
or a boyfriend.
Are we going to talk about this
in the teachers' lounge?
-Why not? I'm so curious!
-Me too, me too.
I do nothing.
You have been single for 7 years.
You're only 40 years old,
and you don't do anything, is that so?
Let's change the subject.
We were talking about the roof, how
did we get from there to my down under?
My God.
Come here.
Okay, I don't do anything.
But it doesn't mean that
I don't need it or want it.
-So, you're looking forward to it?
-You have no idea!
She is just like a time bomb!
Wait, wait.
My husband found the man.
Let me see.
His name is Cemal Yilmaz.
-Wait, wait.
I wonder if he treats women
the same way he treats food.
-He is such a playboy.
-Look at that. He's very unlikeable.
-He's handsome, though.
-You have no taste at all!
I'm sorry to bother you.
can we talk if you have time?
I'll be downstairs.
Have a nice day.
I'll tell you later.
Yasemin, I have been so rude to you.
I'm sorry.
I came here to apologize to you.
The kids shouldn't go through this
because of us.
They are young.
You can trust Mahmut.
Mahmut is a good boy.
I really like your daughter, Cicek.
I'd like to invite you to the restaurant
if you are available someday.
Look, Cemal,
my daughter is 18 years old.
I don't want her to have
unreliable people around.
I understand.
No, you don't,
because you don't have a daughter.
Okay, I accept your apology.
I don't want to keep you anymore.
Thank you.
-Have a nice day.
What a coincidence!
Do you remember what I told you
about my daughter?
He is the father of that boy.
He was just apologizing to me.
-Or, what good luck!
-What good luck?
He's the groom's father.
It will be easier to convince him
to give up the building.
-What groom!
-No, no. Yasemin, she is right.
You are the only one
who can convince that guy.
Come on, go there, talk to him nicely
and get that building for us.
Okay, okay.
I'll go to the restaurant
and talk to him.
Use your femininity.
-What are doing, sis? How is it going?
It's fine. I'm getting ready,
putting on my makeup.
No, it's nothing like that.
It's just a job interview.
Are you going into business?
Nergis, I broke my zipper
trying to explain myself to you.
You may lose some weight
because of that job.
Okay, don't talk too much.
I'll call you later.
Come on, one of you, answer me.
You heartless people.
I'm dying here.
-Is Cemal here?
-He is not here today.
-Welcome. Can I help you?
-I guess this wasn't the best time.
No. It's just that
I wasn't expecting you.
I have a cold. I'm sorry.
I can't think straight
because of the medication.
There's a lot of it going around.
You should be careful.
Come on in.
-No, thanks.
It's very cold out there.
Please, come on in.
Okay, just five minutes.
Come sit down, Yasemin.
You're coughing so badly.
It would make you feel better if you ate
a mix of ginger, quince and honey.
But I have no energy.
The kitchen is over there.
There is quince and ginger too.
But I feel so tired.
Would you like some more?
It already made me feel better.
I actually came here
to talk to you about...
I know, this is not the right time,
for sure.
There is this association
founded by my friends and me.
We founded it for kids.
We need a location.
We want to organize fashion shows,
concerts and suchlike.
We need a place for all this.
We talked to the city hall, found
a place, but you've already bought it.
So, I'm saying what if...
You've got a very high fever.
Oh my God.
What was that? What was that?
What did I see?
What, Mahmut?
Wait, wait.
Don't hang up, Cicek.
I saw something,
and I must tell you about it.
I came home,
and there was a woman with my dad.
Why should I care, Mahmut?
-She was your mom.
-What? My mom?
I'm not finished yet.
My dad had his hand
on your mom's boob.
I can't believe this. Mom?
It's very weird.
What are you doing?
Burcu, I'm so glad you're here, dear.
Filiz, is that you?
Yasemin, I'm so sorry!
It's the fever!
My hand did it by itself!
Good God...
Oh, dear, is that you?
Did you... Did you eat something?
You must be hungry.
Let's do, I mean...
Let's think about something to cook.
How come you didn't ask him?
He had a terrible fever.
How could I?
Look, Yasemin,
we don't have much time.
The association
needs to be made official.
We have a lot of stuff to do.
The fashion show, the concert.
Okay. Put that thing out.
Somebody will see us.
-Come on.
He's calling me.
-Answer it.
Close the door.
I'm really sorry for yesterday.
Due to the fever, my hand...
Anyways, never mind.
Thank you so much for the tea.
How are you now?
Do you feel better?
I feel better.
Your tea did
what a lot of medicines could not do.
It's a recipe that
I learned from my mom.
I also want to return your favor.
I want to invite you for dinner
this evening, if you are available.
To the restaurant, this evening?
-Are you closed?
We are making renovations today.
So, we're closed.
It's all at your disposal.
Let me take that.
-No, thank you.
-Just one glass.
I'll be right back.
I've heard the name of this place
but I never had a chance to come.
We have really good dishes.
Bring your friends someday.
I'll prepare a great menu for you.
The girls can't come here.
We would have to give you
all of our wages.
Did you cook this?
This is actually my job.
I mean, the kitchen.
-It looks so good.
I was 24 years old
when I first came to Istanbul.
My uncle used to have
a stand in Yenikoy.
I started by cooking meatballs there.
And then, one day, Fikret,
the former owner of this place came.
He ate my meatballs.
He loved them.
He wanted me to work for him.
I accepted and came here.
This was a very small place.
Two people hardly fit in it.
We became famous all of a sudden.
Everybody started to talk about
our meatballs.
One day, Fikret got sick.
He was already an old man.
He thought about selling this place.
I took a risk,
and ran up a really big debt.
I changed everything,
I just left that chandelier over there.
I didn't have the heart to replace it.
It's a reminder of him.
There is also a gramophone
left from him over there.
That's it.
This is all I could do in 20 years.
-What else do you expect?
-Not enough. We'll expand more.
-It's very tiring.
-Life is tiring.
I never expected to hear
something like this.
It seems more like
it was inherited or something.
Yes, it might seem so from the outside.
But there are always many difficulties
behind any success story.
What is your story?
It's simple.
After I graduated from college,...
...I started to teach math
in private schools.
I have my mom
who lives in Ayvalik.
Since my dad died,
my mom has not really wanted to live.
Old lovers. When one dies,
the other wants to go with them.
That's my story.
My daughter, my mom, and that's it.
What about Cicek's father?
Are you separated?
Why did you separate?
Because he still had
a teenager's libido.
He found a young girl, and left.
And while leaving
he destroyed everything inside me.
Anyway, we got married at an early age.
So, we couldn't make it work.
It's not so different in my hometown,
it's even worse.
Once a guy starts to earn his bread,
they force him into marriage.
Before becoming a man,
he becomes a father of eight.
Dreams and stuff come to nothing.
Well, you don't even dream
in the first place.
They made me marry too.
Meltem was a nice girl.
She was nice, but not a match for me.
I had dreams like
moving to Istanbul,...
...doing different things,
and finally I came here.
I only found out that she was pregnant
after we separated.
She had given birth to the baby,
just to make me go back to her.
But I didn't.
The kid was raised there.
His uncles took care of him.
Oh, my dear.
So, he didn't look for his father.
I didn't want to go back either.
I didn't want to be involved
with that family again.
Then, one day,
I came here and I saw a boy sitting.
"Who are you, boy?"
"I'm Mahmut."
That's when it hit me.
His mother got married again.
My son resented it, and came here.
He stayed one day, two days,
and finally settled here permanently.
Mahmut is a kid
who was caught in the middle.
He turned up after many years.
Do you see yourself
as a father or as his father?
I want to be honest with you.
This is a very new situation for me.
And I'm trying to get used to it.
What happened?
This feels really good!
I swear, I haven't had such a
heart-to-heart talk in a long time.
I'm glad you're here.
Thank you.
He passed by it, but later,
realized that it was his own car.
-Here we are.
Good night.
-Good night.
I forgot!
-What did you forget, mom?
I forgot...
The things from the grocery store.
Why are you up at this hour?
You have to sleep, but you're still up.
Look, what if I change the color
of the restaurant in the new building?
What about doing something different?
-It's really nice here.
Right? I like it too, but I thought
a new color might be good too.
Here, right here.
He treated me so kindly.
He cooked. We sat and we ate.
Then, we talked.
What could I do?
I couldn't open up the subject.
Why are you laughing?
It's nothing.
The building's roof
just came into my mind.
Look, don't make that roof joke anymore.
Someone will hear it.
I'm telling you girls,
if we don't apply within 15 days...
...all those events
will have to be cancelled one by one.
Look at me, Yasemin,
solve this matter first.
And then, you can flirt with the guy.
What flirting, for God's sake?
Come on, call the man.
Solve this matter.
Clean this up, guys!
Come on!
Hi, Cemal.
I'm sorry to bother you.
No problem.
I was going to call you anyway.
Thank you so much
for the conversation we had yesterday.
Thank you.
It was a really nice night.
Get to the point.
Get to the point.
I'd like to talk to you about something.
-How are you?
Look, we're starving.
I came with the whole family.
Boys, a table for Halil.
-See you.
Yes, I'm listening.
Boss, let's call that foreman.
He connected the gas pipes wrong.
-What natural gas! Okay, go.
Come on, I'll be right there.
You're busy, I guess.
I can call you later if you want.
No, no. Please.
You know what...
Please come to my place tonight.
We can talk more comfortably.
I'm inviting you to my house.
He's inviting me over tonight.
-Say "yes"!
She'll fail again.
-Okay. I'll be there at 7pm.
Boss, I've been working for you
for 10 years.
This is the first time you wanted
such a table prepared in your house.
Normally, you always use
the restaurant for this kind of thing.
Women make men cherish many firsts
till death, Seref. Don't forget this.
Wait, I'll get it.
We designed the upstairs
as a dormitory for the kids.
We'll divide the mid-floor
into separate classrooms.
The garden is also very useful for...
...the concerts and fashion shows
that we'll organize.
That's why, we love this place.
Did you taste the quinoa?
You want to make this place
a restaurant,...
...but we thought that
you may use it for charity.
I must get this recipe from you.
This is the chef's secret.
Please, tell me.
It's a secret.
If we work for three months,
it'll be done.
There are a lot of firms supporting us.
There are some construction firms.
I know you're trying to do good things.
I'd like to help you.
But I can't.
This is a place I've been chasing
for a long time.
I've been waiting for this auction
for five years.
This is also the best place
for my restaurant to move into.
I'm sorry, I can't.
You're such a wealthy person.
You can easily find another place
for the restaurant,...
...but we don't have
such an opportunity.
Me neither.
This place is my dream.
So, your dreams are more important
than the children's future?
Look, this restaurant is my child.
Please understand me.
I can't do this.
Come on, girls, come on.
What can you expect from a guy
who doesn't call his own child "son"?
I'm a bit tipsy because of the wine.
Tomorrow, I'm going to do
an oral exam on today's subject.
I treat dishes
the same way I treat women.
My mom won't let me see you,
but I'll find a way to meet with you.
You can go.
We'll talk about other things later.
I think, if one can find
the perfect match,...
...the marriage
will last happily ever after.
Everyone is meant for
someone in life.
But the real problem is,
who is meant for who?
That is not certain.
I think I have a curse or something.
I don't know.
I just started to think so.
Or, I'm matchless.
Let's make a toast, then.
Honey, I'm going to Nuran's anniversary,
I won't not be late.
There's food in the fridge.
Be back on time, okay?
Mr. Cemal?
Who was that guy?
An ex-boyfriend of mine.
We still see each other.
You won't tell my mom, right?
No, no, I won't.
You're not talking to Mahmut anymore?
We sometimes send
cartoons to each other.
That's all. It's friendly.
-I see.
I came here to see your mom.
Is she home?
No, my mom went to a party.
She's not home right now.
Mr. Cemal, you won't tell her, right?
No, I won't.
Where is this party?
He's a science teacher.
He's handsome, right?
Come on, let me introduce you to him.
Don't be ridiculous. I won't go around
meeting people at this age.
Are you crazy?
What is wrong with your age?
Well, we should just die then.
Life starts after 40.
Look at Evren.
She caught that handsome guy.
Isn't that Cemal's chef?
Yes, he skipped work and came here.
You let Cemal get away.
At least, don't miss this one.
What do you mean
I let Cemal get away?
Wait a minute.
What were you thinking
when you sent me to his restaurant,...
...and to his apartment,
for God's sake?
I wanted you to be happy.
Are you cold?
You like water.
You're even more beautiful tonight.
You don't feel cold, right?
-No, no. I don't.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but you're so sweet.
How long have you been married?
We've been dating for two months.
-Would you like something, honey?
-Just bring me some water, darling.
Your wish is my command.
-Are you married?
-No, I'm divorced.
You'll feel so alone
when you get to my age.
You should find somebody to love
while you're still so beautiful.
Dear, happy anniversary.
Thank you.
Good night.
He's so cute!
Look! Look!
I'm not ready for this.
-What are you doing?
You're everywhere!
For God's sake!
I was scared to death!
Mom, is there something
you'd like to tell me?
No, honey, what shall I tell you?
-Mom, tell me! I'm dying to know!
-Sweetie, it's nothing like that.
We were talking
about the building,...
...and then, it happened.
There is nothing going on.
Mom! I saw you.
He kissed you
after he brought you home.
-Are you peeking out the window?
-Mom, don't try to change the subject.
Come here.
Look, honey,
I have no expectations from anybody.
I just want to make sure that
you are in safe hands here.
Then, I'll go to your grandma's place
as soon as my assignment is confirmed.
My mom is there, and you are here.
I have no time for this kind of thing.
Mom, don't worry about me anymore.
I'm a grown-up.
Yeah, right!
If I left for two days, you'd be
stuck here playing with your own poo.
You know what? I think you are
a perfect match for each other.
And I really like Cemal.
He's a handsome, charismatic guy.
Women adore him.
I think it'll work.
That's the problem.
He's just like your father.
Come on, mind your own business.
Did you study?
Okay, teacher!
10 Missed Calls
I always forget that you're a teacher.
You were in class, right?
Yes, it's the break now.
I have another class soon.
If you are available this evening,
I'm going to pick you up at 8pm.
I have a surprise for you.
A surprise? What is it?
I'm going to take you somewhere.
It's important to me.
I'll be happy if you come.
Then, I'll pick you up at 8.
Did you put acid in this, man?
-You wanted it hot, boss.
I said hot,
I didn't say kill people.
Make it less hot.
Then, it got dark suddenly.
Nothing could be seen.
We could see the land,
but not the bow of the boat.
Then, we heard a loud noise.
It turns out,
we came across a shoal of gurnards.
Thank God, they didn't hit anybody.
Otherwise, it would have killed them.
We went fishing,
but we couldn't catch anything.
We got upset, but then,
we saw that the boat was full of fish.
I couldn't figure out
whether I was lucky or not.
This is Cemal's luck. When he looks
for something, he can't find it.
But when it comes to him,
it's too much.
No, no.
He seems to have found it this time.
Come on, guys.
We only live once.
Come on!
I'm really happy.
We are always used to seeing
silly women around Cemal.
I'm so glad he met someone like you.
-Am I supposed to be pleased?
-Of course, be pleased, dear.
Wait, wait, wait.
What was the surprise?
-What was important for you?
I wanted to introduce you to my friends.
Go on studying.
Do you know what the trick is?
When you put this in, it changes.
Are you ready?
It's so good.
That's the trick.
And then, I said:
"I can jump out of here."
They said:
"For God's sake, man."
And I replied: "What?
I can do it if the others can."
The third floor...
Why did you come without notice?
Cicek is all grown up.
Am I supposed to get your permission
to see her?
-Mom, calm down.
-Shut up.
At least, come alone. Why do you bring
your young girlfriends with you?
I didn't bring her into the apartment.
She's waiting outside.
Look, let me remind you of something.
You live on what I provide for you.
Watch how you speak to me.
Never try to turn my daughter
against me.
You'd think that you're a true father.
I'm the one raising our daughter.
She has nothing to learn from you.
You're a man who abandoned us
and ruined our life! That's it! Got it?
Always the same things. Enough.
I don't want to listen to this anymore.
Is the value of this function constant?
Yes, Efecan?
-It is constant, madam.
The value remains the same
even if X changes.
No, madam.
It can't be constant...
...because the value changes
according to the variable values of X.
X and C are real numbers.
The value of sine pi equals zero.
So, the value of the function is C,
regardless of the value of X.
Efecan is right.
The value doesn't change.
It's constant.
It was a nice movie.
Would you like some water?
"I miss you, daddy"
If you're available this weekend,...
...I'll take you to a beautiful place
for breakfast.
It belongs to a friend of mine.
A fantastic place in the woods.
You have met him. Selim.
He was at the table that night.
I'm going to wash my face.
I need to go.
-It's not late. You can stay.
-I should go.
What happened, Yasemin?
I don't think I can do this.
No. Please don't come with me.
Yes, Seref.
Boss, Mahmut has been
staying with me for a few days.
He looks upset. He is saying
things like "I'll leave tomorrow".
Maybe you should talk to him.
Don't let him go.
Tell him not to be ridiculous.
I'll come in the morning to talk to him.
-Okay, boss.
"I miss you, daddy"
It's okay, no problem.
Where are you going, son?
I'm going to Antep, dad.
What's this all about?
I have a friend of mine who lives in
Antep. A childhood friend of mine.
I called him.
He found a job for me there.
I'll go and work there, dad.
I promise, I won't be a burden
either to you or to mom anymore.
-Who says you're a burden, son?
-I'm a burden, dad.
When I came from Diyarbakir,
I thought my dad would maybe like me.
He would hug me when saw me.
He would call me "my son".
You always tried to send me back, dad.
I said "okay,
maybe he'll like me in time".
He'll call me "son" and hug me.
I called you "dad", you got mad.
You never watched a game with me,...
...never slept next to me,
never ate with me...
...and never ever carried me
on your shoulders.
I've been raised as if I'm a bastard.
There was a crippled man called Osman
in our neighborhood.
He carried his son on his shoulders
everyday despite being crippled.
I used to get upset when I saw him.
I said to myself:
"Why don't I have a father?"
I don't know whether I exist or not.
You didn't notice that
I didn't come home for three days.
But you're right too.
Sometimes, I look at myself
in the mirror, and I say to myself:
"Mahmut, look at yourself.
Why would they like you?"
Now that woman has come into your life,
you'll forget about me completely.
It all happened one after another...
I heard from Antep,
and I thought about what to do...
Dad, I know you hug me
because I am miserable now.
You don't love me.
I am the miserable one, son.
I am miserable, not you.
What you say is right.
You're right.
I shouldn't go then?
You are my son. Okay?
Nothing will be the same from now on.
Forgive me.
Okay, son?
I really needed to call you "dad".
Call me "dad", son.
I don't deserve it, but call me "dad".
I don't deserve it, but call me "dad".
My son... My son.
Let's go, come on.
Come on.
Then, I'm going to
make my ticket open-ended, dad.
What are you going to do in Antep, boy?
Let's go.
Why? I may go there someday.
"If you'd like to call me,
this is my new number. Cemal"
Get him, guys!
Are you okay, son?
Seref, what did you do?
-Boss, I didn't even touch him.
-What? Why do I feel pain then?
-Stand up, stand up.
Come on.
Come on.
I don't want to miss the flight.
Where is Cicek?
On the balcony.
Mom, why can't you stay?
Oh, sweetheart...
We've talked about this.
You know, your grandma is sick.
I have to go.
-I know, but I don't want you to go.
You were saying that
you could stay alone.
Look, Evren is here.
Do as she says, okay?
Don't you worry.
You'll get a daily report.
Don't go.
Sweetheart. Come on.
Come on, Evren.
Hello, Cicek?
I called you out of the blue,
but I need to ask you something.
No problem.
I'm listening to you.
Is your dad there?
Dad is here.
Where are you going?
To Ayvalik.
Cemal, we talked about this before.
Driver, please put them inside.
No, no.
I'll miss my flight. Please.
There are hourly flights to Izmir.
I'll get you there.
You just leave them, man.
Take this, leave them inside. Come on.
We need to talk.
-We have nothing to talk about.
-I think we do.
You won't lose anything.
Let's talk a little.
I'll take you there later.
Look, I am not guilty
for the thing you saw that day.
You're right, I should have changed
my phone number much earlier.
But believe me,
all of that is in the past now.
The photos on your phone
are not only problem.
What is it?
Cemal, you have a huge, complicated
world that is too much for me.
You also have plans to expand more
if possible.
I'm not the woman who can
keep you company on this journey.
I can't keep up with you.
This city is making me feel depressed.
The crowds are smothering me.
I'm someone who wants to live
a smaller and more modest life.
You want to grow as much as
I want to minimalize things.
Why does this make you so scared,
Don't you want
the man you will marry...
Don't you want
the man you will marry... be successful at his job,
to build a great future for you...
...and your daughter,
and to dream of all these things?
Of course I do.
But you do all these things
only for yourself,...
...not for your wife or child.
What will I tell you
if you go over the limits someday?
And you will always define
these limits all by yourself.
I think you're exaggerating.
Look, just bring your mom here.
We can take care of her here.
We may move somewhere outside town.
You'll still be in nature.
I can build a great future
for you and your daughter.
You don't understand.
You really don't understand.
Then please help me understand, Yasemin.
When I married Erdal,
he too had big dreams, just like you.
He could not be controlled.
It was impossible to tell him
not to do something.
He always wanted crowds around him.
He wanted everybody to look at him,
to be interested in him.
I couldn't do it.
I just couldn't do it.
I couldn't keep up with him.
Then, he started
to find me unattractive.
He said, "Your hips are big."
He said, "Your breasts are sagging."
He said, "You don't understand."
He said, "You don't understand."
He destroyed my self confidence
as a woman.
No matter what I did,
I couldn't please him.
Then, he started to gather around
those people flattering him.
They all said:
"Bravo, Erdal, great job, Erdal."
He considered me old from then on.
Then, he found another woman matching
his dreams, and abandoned us.
Then, he abandoned her,
and found another woman.
He left her too, and so on.
Look, Cemal, I've been through this
before. I know who you are.
For me, you are as constant as
two plus two always equals four.
I'll have no other results
when adding or multiplying you.
And you will always...
...replace the past with the future
for the sake of your dreams and ideals.
I don't want to be that chandelier
in the restaurant...
...that you didn't have the heart
to change. Do you understand?
I don't want to be that chandelier.
I made a lot of mistakes.
I admit, I made a lot of mistakes.
I'm sorry.
Now, I want a second chance from you,
from my son, and from life.
Look, I'm not dying my hair anymore.
I just want to turn my back
on the crowd in front of me.
I only want people I love around me.
I'm asking you to help me with this.
Marry me.
Don't go.
I don't have the strength.
Maybe this is not the right time.
I don't know.
But I really don't have the strength.
Take care of yourself.
It would work.
-See you.
-See you.
Come here, son.
Yes, dad?
-Take this. Sign it.
-What is this, dad?
Sign it, son. Just sign it.
Well, congratulations.
-Why do you congratulate me, dad?
From now on, this place is yours.
I've renewed the lease too.
You'll be alright for a while.
-The whole place?
Mahmut, look, I'll cancel it!
Son, believe in yourself a little.
When I first came here, I didn't know
anything other than cooking meatballs.
You can do it too.
You're my son.
You can do it.
Mahmut. Mahmut.
Mahmut! Son!
Dad, I'm sorry.
I was daydreaming.
Well, what about the new building?
It's your resposibility now.
If you need a new building in the
future, you'll look for a another place.
So, what are you going to do?
This is the day that I killed myself.
It is sometimes necessary,
to be born again.
I'm not sure if this death would take me
to heaven or hell.
But I feel a peace inside
that I've never felt before.
A great peace.
-Yes, Nuran?
-Yasemin, guess what I'm looking at.
How should I know, Nuran?
Yasemin. Wait, wait.
I'll send you a photo.
Mom, where did those flowers
by the door come from?
How would I know!
Someone came and left them.
He entered the garden.
I saw the bastard coming right at me,
and I screamed.
I threw a stone and hit him on the head.
He hasn't left yet,
he's waiting over there.
I'll call the police now.
I guess your mom didn't like me.
Her garden is
the most important thing to her.
She even keeps stones in her pocket
to chase off cats.
Does it hurt?
It's a beautiful place.
I thank you
on behalf of the association.
Really. The girls called today.
Thank you so much.
What are you doing here?
-I've just moved here.
-What? You moved?
Yes. We're neighbors now.
I think that I'll grow old here.
But the thing is,
I don't really know the town.
I need someone to show me around.
Yesterday, I went out, and I had
a hard time finding my way back home.
Okay, I can give you a tour,
but I'll ask you for a guide fee.
If we agree on the fee, it's okay
for me. But I don't have any money.
You don't have money?
I left everything to Mahmut,
and came here.
That's what happened.
-Well, what are you going to do here?
-I don't know, actually. Things.
In the Loving Memory of Meral Okay