Secret (2007) Movie Script

I've heard of you before.
You major in piano, right?
Why did you transfer to our school?
Something wrong with yours?
Your school is more beautiful.
And... My Dad made me.
The school is famous for its piano?
Yeah, we're all very hard-working.
You too, right?
I'm okay.
Look here,
These 2 floors are all piano rooms.
You study piano, you'll be here often.
It's beautiful!
This building is over 100 years old.
100 years?
But we're tearing it
down on graduation day.
To build a new one!
We won't be using it
after graduation though.
Later students are more fortunate.
Come practice often!
This is a really nice school.
Want me to show you inside?
I'll be fine on my own!
If I get lost, I'll yell for help!
Excuse me, were you playing?
There isn't anyone else.
Okay, it was me.
It sounded beautiful.
In the 19th century,
there was a musical genius
later known as the piano poet,
Sorry I'm late.
That's Chopin.
Why was he a musical genius?
Hey, pay attention in class!
He started learning piano at age of 6,
but when he was 8 years old,
he has already performed publicly
and successfully played a concerto
which made him famous.
But why was he called a piano poet?
Because his work is described
to be fluid and graceful like a poem.
- What?
- Why are you following me?
I'm not.
No? Bye then!
I want to ask you!
What's the name of the song you played?
It sounded beautiful!
That's a secret!
What's so secretive about that?
What's your name?
I told you already.
I hear you from far away.
Let's go.
This is a school!
Not a place to pick up girls.
Watch yourself
and pay attention in class!
Want me to give you a ride on the way?
How did you know it's on the way?
Why the sudden rain?
You don't have an umbrella?
Why are you so quiet?
It's a secret no matter what I ask.
Which musician do you like?
All of them.
Do you like the sun or the rain?
Like them both.
You play the piano well!
Very well!
Very well!
Will you play for me next time?
That's ok. I'll hear it sooner or later.
I'm almost home.
It's fine here, thanks!
It's fine, I'll take you to the door.
I don't want my family to see.
Hey, what's your name?
I'm Rain.
My name is Jay.
Aren't you making dinner?
Right, I almost forgot!
Here, I got it all ready.
That's okay, I'll get it from your Dad.
You look happy today!
Ok, bye!
Ride carefully! Bye!
Dinner will be ready soon!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, change.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Jay, what're you looking for?
Looking for someone?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Okay, let's look at question 2
and see which student knows the answer.
Raise your hands. You!
B, 2nd augmented.
Very good, please sit.
Okay, question 3
The answer is A, sub key of A major.
Did 2 students come in?
He's gone!
You're a standup guy!
Are you new?
Yeah, music class!
I'm Bob, he's Lance.
We're in the rugby team.
He's the captain because he's old.
What're you talking about!
I gave my youth to rugby!
I've chosen this long
and arduous path
because the school needs me!
Got it?
Pay attention when I'm talking!
Let's go! You don't even study music!
Come watch us play next week, bye!
- Leaving now, bye! - Bye!
The coach is so dumb!
Really dumb!
Did I scare you?
You scared me!
Why weren't you in class?
I was practicing!
Why? You miss me?
I miss your music!
But I miss you...
Your music!
The weather is so nice today.
The weather is so nice today.
Come here!
Crouch, now!
Let's go!
How many people in your family?
My family? Just me and my Mom.
What about you?
Just me and my Dad.
Just me and my Dad.
Stop copying me!
It's true though.
What does your Dad do?
You don't know?
How would I know?
Never mind then.
What's so secretive about that?
You're not the only one with secrets.
So tasty!
I've never had this.
Really? Then have more!
Nobody cheers with ice creams!
Jay is gonna start!!
Hurry, or we'll miss it!
Hey, you're supposed to...
keep the school lively!
Let's follow the chicks!
The new guy is going to challenge Howe.
What a brave thing to do.
Let's applaud to that!
What're they doing?
Piano battle, don't you know?
Ladies, do you all know me?
Mr. Ice!
That's right! And this is Howe.
Do you all know his nickname?
Prince of piano.
Right, because
there isn't one song he can't play!
And no one can compare to him.
What Prince of piano.
- Out of my way! - Okay!
Without further a due,
let's begin with our piano battle!
Whoa, turning black keys to white keys!
New guy, did you listen carefully?
Don't you miss a key now!
Not bad! You didn't miss one single key!
Looks like we need something harder.
Chopin Waltz? That's too easy.
I knew it wasn't going to be that easy.
Come on!
Hey, keep up!
I said keep up, not stand up!
Isn't he cute?
Even Chopin didn't know this part!
Aren't you all lucky to hear that!
Howe's improvisation is brilliant!
New guy!
That's my friend.
It's going to be a good show today!
Howe, keep up...
The battle today is just brilliant!
Let's give them a round of applause!
Okay, back to class!
I'm a man of my words, here.
You're really giving it to him? It's rare!
- That was good! - Okay!
See you in class.
Why do you do that?
I can have a heart attack, you know?
Very hungry!
You like to scare people from the back!
That's because I like your back.
You played well yesterday.
You were there?
Yeah, I didn't want to distract you.
How can you? No girls can distract me!
I can still play smoothly!
Don't be mad!
I'm just kidding.
Why did you battle yesterday?
For this egg!
That's a secret!
Come on!
Jay, Bob and I
are playing for the welcome party,
you played well yesterday,
how about I count you in?
Then it's a deal! Stick to your words now!
What deal?
Jay, you come here too!
See you in the piano room!
Stand straight!
Who said you can eat here?
Does this look like a place to eat?
Would you jog in a cafeteria?
Why don't you tuck in your shirt?
What kind of belt is this?
You think you're a singer?
Is that how to wear a tie?
If you don't cut your hair by tomorrow,
I'll cut it for you!
Girls like it!
Girls like bad appearance?
Got a smoke?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Can I have one?
I've got a lighter.
It's okay.
It's been a long time.
Why do you have cigarettes??
8 smokes, 8 laps! Go now!
What kind of friends have you made?
Friends who smoke?
Go now!
Trying to scare me again?
Are they your friends?
They don't look like your friends.
I don't look like your friend.
You're special, I'm ordinary.
I think you're special too!
Being able to meet you has been incredible.
If I'm a friend to you,
then tell me why are you so mysterious?
I'll tell you if you can catch up to me.
You like to play single-handed.
Because I want to hold your hand
with the other.
I heard 4 hands playing,
but you're alone?
I played so fast,
you thought there are 2 people.
You students! Unbelievable.
I'll pretend I didn't see anything.
A good pianist can get away with things.
Because I'm a good student,
so teachers like me.
Yeah, right!
That's Chopin's lover.
They were together for 10 years.
But eventually parted.
To have each other, 10 years is plenty.
Is there something on your mind?
I don't know,
maybe I'll tell you someday.
Just cherish our moments together.
Let's go!
Cherish our moments together!
So fast!
Don't ride so fast!
I'll be home too soon!
Really? Alright then.
It's beautiful!
Want to stop here?
Have you been busy lately?
Dinner is just ready
when I get home.
Don't you think that tastes better?
You're dating someone, right?
No, just out with Lance and Bob.
Bob and Lance! I knew it!
They are bad people,
don't make those friends!
They smoke, don't listen to music!
They don't listen to music so they're bad?
Of course!
Don't make it hard for me!
What's so hard about that?
You're my only son,
I'm just worried about you.
Answer properly!
And don't make those friends, understand?
I'm done!
Are you on a diet?
Look at this,
misplacing the CD's.
Pay more attention!
Don't daydream all the time, be proper.
Be someone ordinary!
I've listened to music for decades.
Young people shouldn't think so much.
I didn't!
How long haven't you listened to music?
If I haven't,
how would I misplace the CD?
Music has many different forms.
We can use different instruments,
to mix and
have different types of feelings.
Like just a while ago,
we had piano and flute.
Let's have one of the music majors
come up and do an example for us.
Sky, how about you?
Sky, did you hear what I said?
How about you?
Jay, want to shoot some hoops later?
I'll pass!
I'll return the book tomorrow!
Later! Bye!
Sure, bye!
Bye, Sky!
Can you give me a ride home?
Your bike, give me ride home?
Never mind, I'm just kidding, bye!
Can you give me a ride home?
Sure, come on! You're such a copycat!
You're so bad!
Someone missed class today!
I was practicing in the piano room!
Sure? Then I'll take you some place.
No class later?
Jump aboard or I'll take Sky!
Okay, let's go!
Quit messing,
you said it was only for 3 days!
It's been 2 weeks,
I'm gonna get hell from my boss!
What? Alright, I'll have a look.
This is my favorite song.
Well? Do you like it?
Keep the change!
We're not going inside, hurry!
What's wrong?
It's asthma, I just need a short break.
Don't scare me now.
So, I can't kiss a boy.
Can't hold hands,
can't do anything too exciting.
Just messing with you, I feel better.
I'll tell you a secret.
counted 108 steps
from class to the piano room.
That's silly.
Forget that I've said it then!
I've counted too!
It's 5 steps from here to you!
How would you know?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
You almost had me!
Such a silly game!
It's Swan, this is so hard to find!
You did the piano battle
to get this for me?
You don't have many friends, right?
Nobody likes me.
How can that be?
Do you like me?
I like you.
The world is a peaceful lullaby.
But I insist on my manhood.
Face all my enemies with an iron will.
Love you tenderly under the moon.
Men do not play sissy games.
Life is like calm scenery.
I insist with the shade of my manhood,
to give heat to my brothers,
and leave the chest for the girls' tears.
I'm a total man!
Watch out, girls!
Adjusting my manly breath,
shaking my manly hairstyle,
open my manly eyes,
to give you a sweet face.
I'll charm you with my manly smile!
Men with biceps of a mountain,
men with Ioneliness of wolves,
men with heated passion,
men with warm hearts,
that man is me.
Watch out girls!
That man is me,
and you've fallen for me!
Do you know
they're tearing this place down?
Graduation day!
Then do you want to learn it?
That song I played the first time
you met me?
You're really going to teach me?
Do you have to play so fast?
That's how fast I play before I go home.
That's hard to remember.
Don't play this in the old piano room.
It sounds bad on the old piano.
I thought it's
because Sky usually plays there.
So you don't want me there.
I'll play you a song too!
Not now!
On graduation day, I'll play for you!
Alright, it's a deal!
Aren't we too old for this?
123, Push!
Push, push.
That looks nice, a gift from you boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.
Oh, you don't have a boyfriend.
She doesn't have a boyfriend.
Can you sign for me?
- You guys are so good!
- We're just okay.
Thank you!
Next week is the championship,
want to come?
Can we? Thank you
Of course!
You're so cool! Bye!
You're so cool!
Hey, Jay!
Men don't play sissy games!
Not bad!
Girls from our class ask you to sign!
That's nothing!
You have to get use to it
when you hang with us!
Got a question!
Have you athletes heard of asthma?
What are you? Stupid?
- That's so easy, bye now!
- Bye!
That's so easy, it's a sort of cold.
Bull! You're not even close!
It's a sport injury!
I better ask someone else.
A sport injury?
You're back!
You play well when I'm not around.
Just learned it!
From who?
None of your business.
What's good for asthma?
Dancing, dancing's good for asthma.
Crap! What's really good for asthma?
Food makes you crap,
dancing doesn't. And...
Dance with me, and I'll tell you!
How about it?
Dad, are you done?
Just about!
What's good for asthma?
By the way,
the market lady gave us some apple!
So it's apples?
Don't play with me!
How do you turn this on?
York, what else do you want to listen to?
It's class time,
I'll play for you next time!
So many apples!
Want some?
Can I?
No! 15 apples for 15 days!
Look at how long you haven't been to class.
What does that have to do with apples?
I bought them for you!
I'm like a fool everyday!
I brought all these,
but you're not even here.
Give them to Sky then!
Sky? Sure,
I have so many of them anyways.
What the? Are you mad?
When I'm not in school,
will you like other girls?
Yeah, 15 other girls.
Hey, help me out!
Bach and Vivaldi
Classical, there's Mozart, Beethoven,
over there we have the most famous one.
Rain, Rain!
What's wrong?
I'm sorry!
Rain ran, Rain ran away!
Rain ran away!
Rain's mad!
Thank you!
Excuse me!
Are you okay?
Don't you have anything to say to me?
I don't know what to say, I'm sorry.
Stop playing, you'll make me cry!
Dad, can you cut it out?
Cut it out!
Cut it out, just leave me alone.
What's wrong?
Just tell Dad, okay?
You're my only son, I'm worried about you.
Tell me what's on your mind.
I'll go cook!
Don't cook, it's a day off!
Let's eat out, okay?
What do you want?
Let's go out and eat!
Be happy!
Alright, alright! Who're you looking for?
I'm looking for Rain!
Not so loud!
She's resting, you'll disturb her.
Why isn't she in class?
She dropped out!
Her asthma's acting up and needs rest.
I'm sorry about last time.
It's okay, it's in the past.
After five months...
Okay, so these 2 starts to cave in.
They'll cave in from right here.
Then the two will connect.
Now think in 3 dimensions,
now there are 2 holes.
This one here is the mouth.
Did you ride your bike today?
Will you give me a ride
if you had the bike?
Abalone? Is that abalone?
We don't have abalone.
Why don't you just wait outside?
I've waited so long,
I'm hungry!
The usual, right?
- Yeah! - Ok!
Ok, thanks!
How have you been?
I've been okay!
- Sure? - Yeah
- bye now! - Be careful!
Okay, bye!
Old pianos are hard to play.
You like to come here often.
I have a lot of memories here.
Too bad it'll be torn
down on graduation day.
I know.
You're kind of mysterious.
You can tell me what's on your mind.
Can I get a ride home after school?
Don't you have this album already?
Welcome to the 84th graduation ceremony
for TanJiang Art school.
Throughout this year,
watching outstanding graduates completing
this phase of their education.
A little.
It'll bring good luck!
I'll give this back after the concert.
Okay, good luck!
Come sit!
Rain! Rain!
And don't disappear anymore, okay?
What're you doing?
Wait for me in class!
You're a disgrace! Get back there!
It really brought good luck!
What're you doing?
- Where did you go?
- It's over, now you come back?
What's with this class, a refugee camp?
There's nothing here?
They should get a grant,
only pens are rulers!
Look at that!
Hello, Jay!
What're you doing?
Cleaning your classroom!
- A lot of good stuff!
- Don't say...
we didn't take care of you!
Here, this is for you, don't forget us!
Let's go!
To the next room!
Did you see a girl in my class?
The one dancing with me at the party!
Are you nuts?
You were dancing alone!
You totally stole my thunder!
Why aren't you in class today?
I was practicing!
Someone missed class today!
I was practicing in the piano room!
No! 15 apples for 15 days!
Look at how long you haven't been to class.
The one dancing with me at the party!
You were dancing alone!
Next time you need a dance partner,
just ask me.
What's your name?
I told you already.
I heard 4 hands playing,
but you're alone?
You students! Unbelievable!
I'll pretend I didn't see anything.
Being able to meet you has been incredible.
(I'm Rain!)
(Where are you?)
(I love you!)
(Do you love me?)
Anyone there?
Who're you looking for?
I'm looking for Rain, is she home?
The door's not locked, come in.
Try to be quiet,
Rain is listening to music.
Where did she go?
This is her favorite song.
One day, she told me:
She met a boy who loves this song too!
Don't touch Rain's stuff!
Rain, Mom should've believed you!
It was 1979,
Rain is a 3rd year student.
She plays the piano very well, and...
she is a very talented student.
But, she was always daydreaming...
We've sat here for so long already,
can you tell me now why are you crying?
I'm getting kind of tired.
Will you believe me?
Of course I will.
I'm just afraid you don't trust me.
Then I'll tell you a story, okay?
One day...
Follow the notes upon ajourney,
At first sight marks one's destiny.
Once the voyage comes to an end,
Return lies within hasty keys.
Because I want to see him at first sight,
Excuse me.
So only he can see me.
Excuse me, I'm wondering...
Excuse me!
Excuse me, I'm wondering...
Now we will be learning
a new formula.
Basically at the circumference,
and any value outside of it,
there're 2 values for M,
if you can only find 1,
that means...
Sorry I'm late.
Why was he a musical genius?
We were in the same class,
Hey, pay attention in class!
January 18th, 1999
just that we're 20 years apart.
97, 98, 99, 100, 101
102, 103, 104, 105
Because I want to see him at first sight,
I counted the distance
from piano room to class,
It's 108 steps.
B is augmented by 6 keys.
We are asked to find E...
But it was successful all the time.
I'll never forget how his back looks.
Those moments were hard to get!
York thought Rain was going back.
No, I'm here to see Jay.
I've made you fail.
Sky is here.
Rain! Rain!
Rain's gone! She's going home!
It could be...
He has no taste, that's right!
That's how future boys are!
If I see him,
I'll slap him silly!
Naughty! Naughty!
That's too obvious,
it's no longer eavesdropping!
Yes sir! I'll go sweep there!
Be careful, he's a pervert!
He's just not worth it,
forget about him.
If anything bothers you,
you can talk to me, okay?
I won't go see him anymore.
Can you keep this for me?
And one more thing,
don't mention this to anyone else.
Then can you keep this secret?
Of course!
Rain! Don't think so much!
We've been concerned about Rain.
So don't you worry,
Students, teachers,
The school really cares for her.
Mostly, we need parents to help us out.
You're the head of the class.
You should watch over her, understand?
Don't tell other students about this!
(Lose your virginity
20 years in the future?)
What's the point of being
such a good student?
It's a shame she's messed up!
That's beauty that's wasted!
Let's talk about
what the graduation performance.
We can just ask Rain to do it!
Do what?
Travel through time to look for love?
Alright, stop messing with her!
What? Can't take ajoke?
Don't pick on her!
Go do your garbage!
Rain, you're really not going to class?
Take some medication then,
I'll leave them here.
(Psychiatrist Dr. Chang)
Who is he?
He's the boy I told you about!
How does Mom look in 20 years?
The locks were changed, I couldn't get in.
But Mom is probably as beautiful.
It's all your fault!
Saying that music
will make her more elegant!
Look at how sick she is!
What will we do?
(Psychiatrist Dr. Chang)
Rain, I'll get you some water.
Did she mention that boy?
Yes, thank you for visiting her.
She'll be really happy to see you.
It's the graduation ceremony today,
I hope she can be there.
I'll get her.
Rain, look who's here?
Rain, it's graduation day.
I wish you can come, okay?
Do you know
they're tearing this place down?
Graduation day!
I'll play for you!
Look who's back!
Take a picture for me and Rain.
Look here, 1, 2,3, cheese!
But things didn't turn out
like I expected.
Me too!
Look here, 1, 2,3, cheese!
What're you doing?
Wait for me in class!
Gift from your boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.
That was our last picture together.
Why do you ask? Have you heard of her?
Oh and...
Don't play this in the old piano room.
It sounds bad on the old piano.
Ready over there?
Hurry up! Boss is rushing!
No one left?
I've checked a million times!
What about the piano?
The principal said they'll get new ones!
Start here!
Come over here!
Do you have to play so fast?
That's how fast I play before I go home.
(Return lies within hasty keys.)
(Even if we'll never see each other gain,)
(even if you forget me,)
(I just want to tell you a secret,)
(I love you.)
(To Jay)