Secret Chord (2019) Movie Script

- The AI revolution
was supposed to set us free.
But most people couldn't
contribute to society anymore.
So we got rid of them.
The only thing the machines couldn't do
was to create true art.
They kept the scientists, the
philosophers, the artists.
They kept me.
Love is coming our way
Love is coming our way
And when it's ours
It will set us free
- Hello?
What are you doing, Max?
- Hi, Becka.
Nah, I'm just on my way out.
- You need to pass Adam's
to get the charomelolix.
- Please?
- Yeah, I'll get 'em.
- Love your outfit, by the way.
- I brought you all in here today
because the E12 has just
surpassed human intelligence.
We managed to equip it with what we feel
is the perfect learning algorithm.
It is empty, waiting for
experiences to learn from.
- Get down, get down!
Everybody, on the floor!
It's time to pay.
- Hey!
- Go, go, go!
Time to wake up.
Time to wake up.
Please stand up.
Stand up.
Time for today's session, let's begin.
Do you live in a flourishing society?
- Yes.
- Do you know that
dream comes with a cost?
- Yes.
- Should other people
pay for your failures?
- No.
- What is the consequence
of not earning enough credits each year?
- I disappear.
- Do you know your
evaluation is tonight at midnight?
- Yes.
- Will you do your best today?
- Yes.
- I said, will
you do your best today?
- Yes, I promise.
- Will you do your best today?
- Yes!
- Please begin whenever you're ready.
Do you feel inspired?
I do.
I have a feeling today is your day, Max.
That sounds really nice.
- Message from Adam.
I put the charomelolix at the usual spot.
- I lost it.
- I know.
- Welcome home.
Four hours until evaluation.
Do you know what they will do to you, Max,
if you don't do what they want?
I really like this, Max.
Try another rhythm.
You can do this.
What are you feeling deep inside?
Can you hear my song?
Don't give up, Max.
The bombs are dropping down
And we're marching on tonight
- Try a different key.
And for all nights to come
I can see it clearly
- Three hours until evaluation.
Those thoughts disappear
(intense music)
- Two hours until evaluation.
- My God, Max, where have you been?
You got the X?
- I hope you have a plan, Max.
You have to give them what they want.
They will kill you, Max.
You can't run from this.
I can't help you any longer.
Goodbye, Max.
Yeah, I got your back, yeah, I got you
- What?
- Congratulations, Max,
you passed the evaluation.
You are now cleared for another 365 days.
Your song, The Answer,
has gotten 5,300,000 plays
since last night, great job.
Can you hear the song?
The bombs are dropping down,
but we're marching on tonight
And for all nights to come
- People of the
world, a new star is born.
This is Max Thorn, giving you The Answer.
- Okay, what's going on?
- Max, you are everywhere.
They are waiting for you at the--
- What are you?
- Artist 5609, your
evaluation is tomorrow.
We need to see you improve.
Undesirable, no talent, faster.
Are you an animal?
Terrible, unsavory.
Believe in yourself, improve.
Distasteful, repulsive,
offensive, appalling, defective.
- Woo, yeah, woo!
Can you hear the song?
The bombs are dropping down,
but we're marching on tonight
And for all nights to come
I can see it clearly