Secret Millionaire (2018) Movie Script

what are you doing finally go three for
three ready see that group of gorgeous
young ladies over there they're for you
Sean they don't want to talk to me they
want to talk to the Sean Payton heir to
Payton enterprises couple buddy on talk
to these girls with me
you remember Candace love that polo
shirt great color on you mr. Peyton oh
please call me Sean you are so generous
to give back like this well it's just
financial assistance and I'm coaching
the kids myself for anything guess when
you're worth millions you need someone
to do that for you believe it or not
we're actually both worth millions
interesting so when can you and I get
together maybe discuss another charity
event oh I am so sorry
don't be is that my favorite clothes
ladies he was so lovely to meet you I
hope you have a wonderful
so where's the after-party shall we
thank you so much for coming I know that
this is a bit unorthodox but I promise
it when's the park is safe it'll all be
worth it
maybe we should wish it all spread out
so we can cover as many cars as possible
I'm gonna go to the front entrance and
cover the executive cars okay okay I'll
come with you
awesome afterwards we'll meet back
outside the property where we parked
okay okay thanks
let's disperse okay
still need to work on that posture
you'll never drive the ball unless it's
just standing tall I remember father I
told you to wear a suit what happened to
the one I gave you you know I'm just not
really a suit and tie my kind of guy
I'm gonna go this way
I couldn't help but notice that you and
Candice were hitting it off rather well
you know her she's the daughter of a
competitor that I bid against regularly
wouldn't hurt to foster that
relationship might be of great benefit
to you when you take your place at
Hayden enterprises dad we've been over
real estate development just isn't my
thing I want a job that I can actually
be passionate about like certified scuba
instructor master of odof ARIMA poetry
culinary chef that's right I forgot
you've already chased all those passions
your numbers up does that mean it means
I will no longer be the benefactor of
your journey and self-discovery you have
one week to find a job what if you don't
find a job you come work with me at
payton enterprises if not I'm cutting
you off you can't be serious
I can cut you off right now if you'd
like fine
one week you look like you work here
that's okay I think we got most of them
covered already okay okay you guys go
ahead I'm not leaving without getting
the most important part here wait are
you crazy it's too risky what's risky is
losing the park to pain so he can build
a hideous strip mall well I'm not
leaving you
yeah me neither strength and solidarity
yeah I can't I gotta go I gotta meet my
friends gonna be late but I'll see you
don't worry oh yeah I'll meet you later
sounds good
what what are you doing
oppress me if you must but just know
that if you call the police are only
supporting them hmm the Payton's who
believe that they can destroy whatever
they want for the sake of their next
million but I'm sure you wouldn't know
anything about that because you are a
valet Oh course you wouldn't
you are a caring and compassionate
citizen just like me you know people
like us we have to stick together
you're right
what run I have a good day how's your
mom's you guys plan this I'm just
kidding all right I got it don't worry
I don't think I've ever had to run from
the authorities before yeah me neither
how long do you think we'll have to wait
in here I mean I have to work pretty
early in the morning
you're like lightning thank you
man I feel bad what are they gonna say
when you go back empty-handed uh I'm not
gonna go back what won't you get fired
it's kind of a big deal
oh but all that stuff you said about
supporting the elitists I mean I can't
go back after that really yes
I'm Alison Johnson
fine I have to check on my friend
Allison's back at the truck we just have
to wait to the coast isn't there so why
haven't I seen you at any of our
meetings before I just moved here I've
taken my rescue dogs have found a Green
Park a couple of times a coworker he
told me about what you guys were
planning and I felt like I had to be a
part of it me too
she's fine okay great yeah Hey
excellent you know what we should
celebrate what did you have in mind
should grab some dinner we could go to
Xiaomi Pierre or the 24 karat club
Country Club you might but would you
mind driving yeah sure okay this yours
yeah I'm sort of between words right now
I am a food truck driver by day and the
lawsuit of my life ah school huh I tried
that once
oh wow I had no idea it was so late
is everything okay yeah I I'm supposed
to meet a friend could you drop me off
at the amusement park help a fellow
fugitive in need yeah of course
do you remember where we parked the cars
pretty impressive I love this place
is the park Regina safe it's really
you know you've got a pretty good setup
here actually yeah my boss Antonio's
nothing around I'm not just grilled
cheese you know what after all you've
done today and for introducing me to
your cause
how about I cook for you
have you seen Sean no okay then
I'm back in the game I really think that
just a little more nudging he'll come on
board Hey well I've barely seen you all
this guy's like my second dad well Jared
have you seen your brother Sean around
he went home
what but he was my ride but not that I
couldn't call him Drive mister it's been
a pleasure I'm sure we'll be in touch
soon I look forward to it and please
give your father my best well do and I'm
ready to leave myself I may regret this
but I can give you a lift
thank you mr. Payne you're the best dad
they'll tear up about costing you your
oh I know you could work here
I will totally put in a good word for
you and then Tony up Oh honestly
it'd be so much fun and it is the least
that I can do for you after you stuck
out your neck like that for me
thank you great
thanks so much for the rice a scout
I'll come out
yeah very funny I'm sorry that I'm
waiting oh no worries I'm just glad you
made it
thank you
portable the French call it a cook
Monsieur but really it's just a fancy
way of saying grilled cheese managed to
get the cheese on the outside that isn't
masterful well Missy beaucoup hey how
would you feel about making some more of
these I have a delivery to the food bank
I would loves me yes sure that sounds
great of course amazing yeah
well how do you feel about taking a
swing huh in there come on let's get you
a turn I don't think so I'm I'm not very
athletic it is in fact I was voted the
least athletic middle school which was
the last time that I attempted like
sports of any place it's super easy
you'll be fine I promise
you got this
sorry I swear I've never seen that
happen before
leave it to me to be the first person to
get injured and what is essentially a
kitty part I feel terrible it's fine
really but yeah of course
you let me out here this is fine
where do you live I can drop you right
outside your house oh no I I can walk
from here so do you donate to the food
bank every day try to yeah I mean
Antonia's not exactly thrilled about it
but if you're just gonna go in the
garbage anyway so I'm not right
wait you can walk to your apartment from
here and yet you've never been to
fountain Green Park I guess that it's
fate we met well thanks again for
helping me escape the country club No
thank you for helping me escape
you seem upbeat where have you been
oh just a food bank how was your date oh
no what happened are you okay yeah I
mean I got hit with the ball at the
batting cages
apparently there's a good reason I don't
play sports anymore yeah very good
reason so the new guy
Pascal asked me out Elizabeth
dog to suitors I don't know I don't
think I can date like two guys at once I
had just get to know them both better
I'm sure you'll know what to do go
Thanks so what about you
what are you doing
those little orders were not food here
we go
no I mean what are you doing here Oh
your dad gave me a ride back to my car
since you ditched me you thought you'd
be here but you weren't where have you
been I met a woman today finally yeah
we're at the parking lot of the club
well actually funny enough she was
fighting to save apart from the evil
Paton enterprises that doesn't sound
like a promising start I know that you
want to save the world and all but you
deserve to have some fun too I have
plenty of fun working studying
volunteering I mean what's so fun about
that come on wouldn't it be kind awkward
to date this girl would start working
for Payton enterprises did my father
tell you that no no no no I have a week
to find a job of my own I only have to
go to work for him if I can't make that
otherwise he'll cut me off you can't cut
us off wait Alison the girl that I met
she works on a food truck imagine what
your father would say if you worked
there Hey
the job is a job my father never said
what type of job
are you out working today
what working shoe tonight
are you
Shawn you're late I know I'm sorry I
missed my bus I like your friend he made
me a chocolates we played this way that
was so good I hired him on the spot
pretty great well come on sous-chef the
lunch rush is gonna start soon right
come on get up here
Shawn insisted on bringing his own
cookware and Pro mixer and who am I to
say no to new kitchen gear Wow
but should get all of this as a
graduation gift I haven't had a chance
to use it till the house a cordon bleu
graduate in my own kitchen this is gonna
be good for business
we should advertise paper the
neighborhood no you know what you need
is your own app that way people can tell
where you are that day look at menu
updates photos I've been telling this
for a year now and she never listens
anything else no no no no no you said
social media he's talking about my own
app that's even better
Wow our tumblr huh like Paris I mean I
took most of the courses online
well Cordon Bleu are you ready for your
first lunch rush
oui no sweat it's gonna be fun hi how
are you
here you go
enjoy Cayden hi hey Beth
what are you doing here oh that's I can
make sure you were feeling better that's
I'm fine really so that was a bad first
date right we both agree on that yeah I
really want to make it up to you oh
that's what you really you don't have to
and besides I'm hosting a poetry reading
tonight do you want to come yeah sure
what happens at a poetry reading people
pretty much just read their poetry no
yes it makes sense I will be sure to be
there and check it out that's great hey
is this the petition to save the park
yeah if we get enough signatures we can
present it to the Town Council and
hopefully stop the park from being
bulldozed can I take some of these I
have some friends who would definitely
sign it that's great that would be super
helpful thank you well let's get back to
great thank you I'll see you later of
order 65 Mademoiselle how'd he do he was
alright well I can take care of the late
shift if you guys want to take a break
you sure yeah it really is a break good
job today thank you well I have to go
against more signatures for the
petitions so we want some help yeah you
don't have to do that I know I want
well okay
save the park it's pretty great park
yeah we actually only need a few hundred
more signatures before we can present
Town Council so that's it let's go get
some John Hancock's hi and welcome to
hey Pascale how's the bookkeeper doing
today the bookkeeper is a little anxious
she's planning a poetry reading tonight
and is hoping that it will draw a crowd
you're doing a pose really that's
amazing I wrote a few poems in college
you're kidding
I mean what would be perfect could you
have to read one you think so
definitely so so do you do write I
dabble I have one to share tonight
well if you're half as good at poetry as
you are from fleeing the authorities
you're gonna do great don't me to show
you around please okay
save the park stop painting enterprises
bathing over our community
hey guys save the park ma'am ma'am miss
would you like to say fountain green
Park by signing this petition why not
that's great yes it's pretty more
you were gonna love that the park will
be around for your grandkids yeah
thank you
Sean Payton Candace how are you what is
that for what Oh doh just some field
research I'm doing for my father that's
your father is so lucky to have you at
tell me om and I have a special bond all
right maybe we could get together
sometime chat more about your field
research well it's kind of a proprietary
thing it says company secrets yada yada
Trevor could find something else to talk
sure sounds good thank you so much yeah
great I'll call you have lovely Dasia
you too
she seemed pretty interested in the
petition even she could be a painting
oh no she's nobody just another
concerned resident honestly you can
never be too sure
team Enterprises has an entire team of
people just waiting to derail this
project not everyone is who they say
they are
right yeah so thank you so much for
helping you with this whole thing
no problem anytime
can I repay you
oh how about a guided tour of the park
yeah I can do that and that's the end of
the Grand Tour the book barrel in all of
its glory and with such a lovely tour
guide is there anything I can do to
repay the favor well could you get some
signatures on the park petition of
course I'll pass these around the clinic
awesome thanks so see you tonight see
you then right hi
what am i doing you're right this is
definitely the best part
makes me so sad to think about all of us
being wiped away over the years do you
know many animal families I've seen
raised here they're gonna have nowhere
to go can't believe the pavements wanted
to store that I've seen pretty awful
yeah you want to know what's even more
sad what's that
William Haydon senior is a benefactor
ironic isn't it one generation of
payments builds a spark
next one wants to tear it down
it's almost the very definition of irony
oh if we get enough signatures we have a
chance of presenting mr. counsel and
blocking them
son are you okay
yeah yeah
okay let's see here hello would you like
to know guys
father you're late have you been all day
actually I've been working you know that
my job funny being completely serious
and what is this job head chef so we're
back to cooking Maui mm-hmm and where
exactly is this sassy ball never heard
of it buds it's downtown upscale French
dining I'm gonna need some proof well
it's it's my first week on the job I
can't have my father showing up I mean
like a pay stub w2 1099 yeah fine I can
get you or less now remember you have to
stick with it you can't quit or get
fired dad what do you know about
fountain green Park Oh remind me about
that place PR nightmare Wow I meant more
about the history of the park people
don't want to see their homes gain
property value it's ridiculous just one
moment George I
I'm not cutting this short you're the
one who was late
yes go ahead hey you
Allison what are you doing here well you
never share any of your poems with me so
I had to come and see for myself
Thanks is capabie coming yeah
and so is Pascal oh wow well good luck
thank you very much have a nice day
hi there hi there can I bother you for
just a quick signature to save Salem
green thanks
is that the time hi everybody and
welcome to the book barrels inaugural
poetry night let's get things started
please give a warm welcome to our first
poet of the night
Pascal your chezy thank you I think I'll
start tonight with a haiku this is for
someone special
perfect maybe so if you like tall and
comely be perfect with me
you have lost your mind you're
collecting signatures in order to block
your own father from building the shops
of fountain green it's just a couple
signatures and it's only to stop him
from putting the shops on the park that
my grandfather helped build thank you I
really hope she's worth it because
you're heading to Seoul for sure
if it weren't for Alison I wouldn't have
even known about the park or the plaque
so so you plan on telling her you were
painting anytime soon no not yet I still
think I'm growing on her like a fine
mold so I guess it's my turn
my words still stuck between two lines
shadow boxed fonts to fine or too narrow
to be seen by him the stranger who knew
me would make her favorite meal that
could be easy we're already on the food
truck yeah she does love my croque
monsieur it says that's romantic yeah
here we go
surprise her by uploading with favorite
music on the phone or mp3 player I can
work with that boom
romance the pieces actually work yeah
you may have to rethink a gating scheme
but why fix what isn't broken thank you
thank you everyone
there's streaks and coffee out backs
please help yourself thank you so much
for coming she didn't show up hey guess
please Pascal cave yeah was it just me
or were his poems a little odd maybe
sometimes like I should like to studying
of course I mean if you flunk oh because
my poetry night never forgive myself oh
you could write a poem about it
that's true I'm saying see you later
Wow socially conscious and the soul of a
poet you're amazing
you did really well tonight - your poems
are really something yeah I am so sorry
Beth I was collecting signatures oh I
got these for you thank you hey didn't
you remember Pascal yeah oh yeah from
look I should probably call it a night
but um you know I I did manage to get
over five hundred signatures on the
petition itself that's amazing
pesco that's enough to get us in front
of the City Council thank you it's my
pleasure have a nice night Beth
Hayden yeah yeah see you later okay
I really want it to be here and here you
read your poem I just I lost track of
time I know that it's not really your
thing no it's totally my thing okay it's
not it's not really my thing
just wanted to be here can I treat you
to some coffee and doughnuts and maybe
you can tell me how it went
sure very good yes and I kept falling
and my dad kept yelling Oh like I'm
doing it the stupid skis must be broken
anyways my little brother who was like
seven at the time gets up perfectly on
his first try water skiing by the way
I'm much better now
uh-huh my friends and I go to a lake
like once a month have you been I can't
say that I have well you have to come
out with us next time that sounds like
Hey perfect timing
I made your favorite rock Messiah and on
a real plate yeah Wow
I see um what's the occasion I also know
that in exams and been a little bit
stressed so I just thought it would be
nice if you were able to relax even if
it was just riffing you know this is
look it's not you it's me
you think he's a breakup line I mean
we've never even been out don't we have
a lunch to prep for yeah on it sorry
sorry want a safe fountain Green Park
thank you hey guys if you love found
Green Park like I do and if you want to
preserve it
Cheers sign the petition now before it's
too late thank you thanks for making a
difference 218 there's only one say
seabone in the entire country
would you like to order something sir we
have a savory crepe on special today
I'm not interested in what you're
serving I want to know what you think
you're doing you well look who it is mr.
William Payton himself somebody getting
a little bit scared that they're not
gonna be able to pave over our Park are
you the girl that's been littering the
town with those flyers it's called
freedom of speech mr. Payton and I
intend to exercise it if you think think
sir if you're not gonna order anything I
suggest you just keep moving we've got a
lot of hungry customers
hi what are you doing here
what are those well I thought I'd get
you comfortable around these things
before I take you out on the lake I know
how you can get around athletic
equipment so oh yeah hop on in
okay oh this is crazy am i doing it yeah
pretty much here
bring your forward bend your knees
you're a natural what are these oh these
are food bank donations I prep them
early so that we would never rob a bank
does this look like a charity to
Cronulla no it's not
I bought a truck so that I could run a
business we give people food in exchange
for money
Antonia listen that's not no this is the
most profitable we've ever been and you
two want to give it away you can take it
out of my paycheck yeah I think this was
gonna happen
I'm so sorry I I'm gonna make sure that
she takes half out of my paycheck as
well no no no no I want to do this I'm
just was following your lead everything
that you do for everybody you've
inspired me
what about dinner tomorrow night
yeah she can take that out of my
paycheck too I don't care no I I mean
you and me
are you messing with me no any guy who
gives them much it's worth at least one
dinner seriously okay
I am I also got you something
it's a poetry book and short stories I
don't really know anything about it or
poetry but my sister recommended it so
I'm it looks amazing oh did you happen
to get any more signatures on that
petition I mean it's no big deal we have
plenty but it always helps to have more
yeah I got a few but I think I could do
even better would you give me a few more
days of course awesome perfect I'm gonna
get these out of here no more injuries
what did I tell you where do you even
find something like this
rented it from one of the ballets at the
club felt appropriate seeing is that's
how you met Allison perfect for an
average girl like yourself
I'm afraid I'm gonna feel a little less
than average in this thing easy she
doesn't look like much but she drives
quite nicely truth be told no no I'm not
saying it's a bad thing no this is spot
on good job buddy hey thank you for
doing this Jared of course the beauty Oh
after tonight it's gonna be no more
hiding I'm gonna show up as Sean pine
I'm gonna take her to Chez AMI pl I'm
just gonna lay all my cards out on the
still the same guy just different last
name boys what are we up to this evening
a date in this his car's in the shop so
I got him a loaner I presume you'll be
moving on from the food truck nonsense
you let me know when you're done with
this minor distraction and we'll set you
up as a junior executive at the company
oh and
temples on me enjoy yourselves
see you later look at you Alison has a
hot day the boy and not a textbook for a
change it's just a dinner calm down I'm
staying calm you look stunning
wish me luck you don't need it this one
seems like a real winner
you know more time I spend with him the
more I think yes
i buy Alison's sad life plan the new
Alison has herself a man okay that is
officially my least favorite well the
truth hurts
you look nice and you look absolutely
come here please my lady
tonight I'm gonna take you to the nicest
place in town last time I heard that I
was an undergrad I went on a date with
this guy I guess he was trying to
impress me because he took me to a
gallery Pierre it was my worst nightmare
it was so not my thing definitely not
taking you there
how did you ever find this place
I'm always looking for the best taco in
town and one day I found it here hmm is
that so core dolphin uh-huh well thank
you for sharing your secret what secret
this place what with our secret what I
be referring to I thought you I don't
know I'm a I'm a man of many secrets
wait I have you do
I wasn't rejecting you because of work
or school because you think I'm hideous
yes no not I got really hurt by my last
boyfriend he broke my heart I thought he
was the one turns out he didn't think I
was the one he's off my roommate Tiffany
yeah anyway I just I've had a hard time
trusting people since then you know
that's that's gotta be horrible well
yeah it was but I'm so happy to know now
that people exist or completely genuine
and real
anyway what was the big secret you want
to do something my secret is that I am a
mini golf champion and I am going to
take you down are you ready okay listen
I only have one sport in my life and it
is mini golf
prove it you are going to be so sorry I
didn't realize that you literally meant
walk in the park I love it out here
fresh hair really helps clear my head
you know I mean who knows how much
longer we'll be able to enjoy it this
one could be next
yeah it it's awful that we could lose it
both speaking of which I want to get
those signatures on the petition I mean
I can't believe you got so many people
to sign thank you so much
Pascal funny thing about the petitions
Beth I'm not really all that into the
cause what I I joined your group to meet
people and it worked it did I met you so
you lied I just I don't care about
saving a park okay well I have to go now
and try and figure out what to do about
a petition that I no longer have enough
signatures for I really like you was
that really your poetry
yeah it was
well you probably should a light above
well this is that all comes down to the
18th hope I scared
stop it
what hole-in-one
I should I should probably check that
I still have attorney enough
this says Pascal never got any
we were counting on those signatures to
present to counsel can I help
can't get 500 signatures in two days I
can try I should go
Beth is freaking out and we have to
strategize yeah yeah of course I'll
Drive you I had a really nice time
I got your tax what are we gonna do
well this have to wake up early and try
and get enough signatures in time I mean
I can't believe the Pascal would lie to
me like that I'm sorry I know you kind
of liked him I didn't really like him I
mean I wanted to like him because I
thought we had so much in common
turns out that we didn't have anything
in common at all but enough about me how
was your date with mr. perfect pine he
planned this date that was exactly what
I would have planned you were right I
needed some fun and Shawn is fun well
I'm really proud of you I know that it's
not easy to put yourself back out there
after having your heart broken but this
is a good thing I think you're right
oh uh well I'm sure you have enough
signatures so probably make a difference
but I got some friends to help me out we
got like 700 people to sign on that
dotted line that's amazing are you okay
I'm calling Alison Alison its best call
me back
Hayden got 700 signatures oh my god
scared me you're like a blond ninja you
got all the signatures already god
that's amazing
well I guess don't be needing this
what a pie it was supposed to be a feel
better pie what's it feel better pie
well it could be a you can do it pie or
a don't be sad pie or a buck up little
hi they all have the same ingredients
you made this yeah yeah it was a it was
piece of cake if you will accept it
right yeah yeah you like it it's amazing
I have to admit you make everything
sporty sounds like so much fun like
waterskiing I really would love to learn
yeah how about this week my life is in
your hands oh wow no pressure huh
another successful lunch rush yeah
something wrong oh no I mean just this
huge exam that I'm not at all prep for
cuz I've been so preoccupied with all
that hard stuff sorry honestly I'm not
getting any of this anyway it's just way
too much memorizing towards come on I
can help you study I am the king of
mnemonic devices all right intentional
torts four of them against persons can
you name it assault battery Fabi yet
Fabia fa b IE d false imprisonment
assault battery and infliction of
emotional distress Oh see you got it so
easy alright next ah property torts
oK we've got this whole section nailed
you're gonna Ace this exam well you have
saved my life once again sue I have to
keep me around now I'm ready to commit
wait I'm sorry
I have keep trying to tell you something
it keeps not coming out what is it
when you met me the circumstances where
odd Oh makes her great how I'm a story
well what I mean is I have dinner with
my father no
he's a workaholic and we have this
standing dinnertime once a week
basically I have to be scheduled into
his life it's kind of sad is what it is
family traditionally yes sorry
well do you want to finish what you were
telling me first mind if we put it on
the back burner for now yeah sure I'll
call you later
okay have a nice dinner yeah that's
may I so have you had a chance to look
over their proposal you're early
me never Candace long time no see
Candace had some business matters she
wanted to discuss and I figured why not
invite her over for dinner
great may I pour you some
no thank you you know I'm a little sick
of salad nicoise do you think they've
got a burger back there but Shawn has
been working on a food truck serve a
French fare really why would you do that
looks a lot of fun I get to meet people
from different parts of town I'm the
head chef oh you'll be joining me at the
company so taking over the family
business I hope so
I was telling your father I recently
inherited the perfect piece of property
out east of Glenville be a great
opportunity for us to work on our first
development together I'm sure it's a
lovely proposal what do you think father
I've kicked it downstairs
boys and planning oh by the way I heard
about a petition against your Shops at
fountain green parking project these
things happen all the time it's a quick
fix these petitions never get very far
the mayor can just view it like that I
think you'd be making a lot of enemies
so another substance or consequences
Shawn what are you doing
Candice you're so lovely to see you
please excuse me
hey John what happened in there I'm
really sorry about that my dad thinks it
would be a good idea for the company if
you and I dated neither of us want that
I've been trying to make a deal with you
I think I may have a solution to your
little heart problem what's in it for
you it's obvious your father doesn't
take me seriously but your help it might
be able to convince him
I know a good business deal when I see
one all right how about lunch at the
club tomorrow I'll be there okay
Hey Oh where's Sean he called in sick oh
but I got an a on my exam I have to
thank him well I don't know where he is
yeah do you have his address on file I
do all that
he only gave me a peel box number what
that's weird
yeah you don't think he's like you know
homeless or something his vehicle did
kind of look I could have been lived in
just kidding you went to Cordon Bleu
yeah online what
don't you look what job you should be at
right now don't you
my job isn't knowing people Sean I'm
waiting for Candace excuse me
well my father's gonna have Allison's
petition shot down and Candace seems to
think she has a solution it'll keep
everybody happy so that business partner
of my enemy is my friend gentlemen hi
nice seeing you both I will be right
here good
sorry about that please have a seat
so what have you got for me what are you
doing here and supposed to be warm
William Peyton just had the petition
pulled from the town councils agenda
what how he's a Peyton what do you mean
how we have to do something I bet I know
where he is where we're all the wealthy
people in this town always our Country
Club did you cover for me okay go save
our Park okay he has no idea for reason
this way how can we convince my father
that your land is a better site for
rebuilding project we are gonna have to
do a lot of research on the area
demographics consumer reports seems like
it's gonna take a lot of time it may but
this is urgent I know we're gonna get
this all sorted out trust me
what are you doing here and Tonio said
he was sick membership has its
privileges Sean and I have a little
business to discuss but shouldn't take
too long
I'm Candis membership I thought you were
a valet can I talk to you please
remember I had something I wanted to
tell you
I love tacos and I love mini-golf I love
dancing like a goofball
I love donating to the food bank all of
that stuff is real the only thing that
wasn't real my last name
I'm Sean Payton what I tried to tell you
I trusted you I didn't want to lie to
you I shouldn't have I didn't want this
to go on as long as it did then why did
you well you didn't give me a choice
I see okay so this is all my fault
Alison wait
I messed up really good this time we can
fix this
we just need to find another way to save
the park and and convince Alison that
I'm not a pathological liar I'll admit
the cards are somewhat stacked quite
heavily I can't go back and work on the
truck she'll be there she's never gonna
trust another human being ever again and
it's all my fault oh hold on just a
couple of weeks ago Sean Payton was an
aimless loser dude what then bad Alison
comes along and suddenly you had purpose
you got up and went to a job every day
for the first time in your life it's
true I'm not gonna let you give up this
is the time to dig your heels in and
fight okay and just let me wallow for a
little while
depends listening for me
here's your tea no thanks how are you
doing do you want to talk about it not
really well I understand
please leave a message
a Cayden
I was just in the neighborhood and ask
you something
sure go ahead
will you be my girlfriend
sure awesome well unless you go back to
it is about it yeah that's it
do you not have food at your house I'm a
single twenty-something man of course I
hey cordon bleu take it easy
I'm pretty sure they could revoke his
justification for something like that
cares what in the world do you have to
sulk about let's see I lost my job I
lost the park oh I also lost the only
person who ever genuinely liked me for
me and not for the family that I come
are you still on about that Park let the
next misguided philanthropist bequeath a
new Park
Faden enterprises isn't in the park
building business we're in the
commercial development business wait you
don't know do you know what right you
probably only saw your father at your
weekly schedule dinners - come with me
I'll Drive
I don't have time for drive son whatever
it is it can wait okay if you come with
me now to see the part before you pave
it over I'll come work for you just like
you always wanted
okay fine I'll come with you to end this
melodrama once and for all
I'll see you later I'll be here
more flowers from Shawn yep
Allison why don't we go and see a movie
or something this afternoon I can't work
I mean I'm sure Antonia would understand
I'm not gonna let Antonia down
that's what Shawn did to me and if I
turned around and did the exact same
thing that I'd be no better than him oh
just call Shawn back he seemed like a
genuinely good guy there's no way he
could have faked every moment with you
for the past few weeks no one is that
good of an actor you don't know his
reasons Beth he took you on your
favorite date without even knowing it
please just stop it okay
you're bringing me to the part two what
guilt me into not building here nope I
wanted to show you this plaque look
closer dad
well would you look at that seems as
though the Payton Enterprises is in fact
in the park building business
I had no idea you've been fighting to
level a park that your own father was
instrumental in building
I don't know what to say something I
didn't know yeah me neither
every summer my father would take me to
a park very much like this one
we catch lightning bugs and mason jars
I looked forward to that more than any
eventually the business grew and grew
and go to the park less and less
and I'm afraid that I have carried on
that less-than-stellar tradition with
you some
after your mom died
work was the best distraction
much like my various ventures across the
world I suppose we grieve in the same
way too
the truth is I want you at the company
not just to instill a good work effort
but to spend time with you
when you say anything
I guess I just didn't realize it until
that I have to save this park and I'm
willing to do absolutely anything it
takes to make that happen
I'll even honor my commitment to come
work at Payton Enterprises you'd be
willing to do that that's what it's
gonna take then yes for the girl on the
the feisty one
that day I saw you on the truck the way
you looked at her made perfect sense and
just like your mother I have some a
hopeless romantic
so do we have a deal
welcome to Payton enterprises
you know there's somebody I think should
talk to
under the circumstances I didn't think
you'd come in today did you hear from
yeah what's there to say it was all a
they were just using me to help his
father so but how do you know that the
other thing else makes sense
so they won
no more park
more playground more Street work hard
and study you still have a bright future
ahead of you with many parks and many
more people to say Allison right sorry
do I know you
not officially I feel like I know you
I'm Sean Payton's best friend I think
you should hear him out
I'm here because I think Sean deserves a
you need to know Sean had absolutely
nothing to do with this farmers
development project I swear I don't
believe you you really think a baton
repair kind of food truck just to get
some details from a small protest group
you're the first person Sean's ever met
who didn't want something for me
you think you have trust issues imagine
how he feels
so he's avoided working for his father
for a decade he's he's running across
the world to get away from it what's the
day he gave in what do you mean he
agreed to work at Payton the one thing
he's never wanted to do in exchange for
saving the park for you really
it's clearly crazy about you you really
burnt the park right now I can't believe
you would do that for me I can't let him
do that for me yes go
are you opening soon because saving the
day really gives me an appetite
sure what do you happen
I'll have one of everything son hey what
are you doing here
Jared told me everything about how you
offered to take a job your father's
company on my account okay I know I want
to sing at the park but not that way
please don't take the job you know not
everybody's horrified at the thought of
working for me the park stays promise
Alison I'd like you to meet Candace
Candace this is Alison we sort of met at
the club
so Candace here has a plot of land
that's about the exact size of the park
that she's willing to put on the table
in exchange for a partnership steak and
my father shopping development so the
park won't be destroyed
exactly well what's in it for you
well I get to save my father's legacy
thank you for pointing that out by the
Jared said that you were going to take a
job at the father's company technically
that's true
Sean brokered a deal between myself and
cat is here so he's entitled to a
finder's fee it's a one-time thing and I
can spend the money exactly how I want
like on a food truck or buying meals for
the food bank things like that son I I
don't think that sounds like a very
smart business plan William we better be
we need to meet with the lawyers to hash
out the finer points of the deal
huh you know I thought it was time at
the paid name stood for something
I'm Sean Payton by the way housing
Johnson pleasure meet you
saving the park was the least that I
could do I never would have known about
it or my family's legacy if it weren't
for you I owe you
you know I've really caught the park
saving bug I think oh should see they
want to have my eye on next whites
another part oh yeah might even name it
after you Allison water no Johnson Park
some Kate no you are you don't even know
what I was Oh awesome
incredible stupendous
yeah something like that
wait there's something else I have to
tell you what
I'm just kidding are you gonna do that
to me for the rest of your life but I am
gonna do this