Secret Mission (1942) Movie Script

- Major Garnett?
- He's inside.
-I've a message for him.
- All right.
- I'm going in, son,
I'll show you the way.
Right, thank you.
This way.
Come in.
Message for you, sir.
Please sign here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
Go and find Private Clark,
and send him here at once,
will you?
Very good, sir.
But Mrs. Beaton says
stir slowly.
I have told you a hundred
times that your Mrs. Beeton
Was a savage. A barbarian!
To make this souffle...
Give me an egg,
I will show you.
An egg? Don't you know
there's a war on?
(SCOFFS) I seem to have
heard something about it.
Raoul? Just a minute.
Lunch is almost ready.
Would've been ready hours ago
if Captain Carnot had left it
to Mrs. Beeton.
Now I understand
why the English will never,
never learn to cook.
And who invented roast beef,
if you please?
What is it?
Mackenzie didn't get back,
so we're off tonight.
Just had this from HQ.
- We are taking Captain Gowan
and Private Clark with us?
- Sure.
I'd hate to go on a trip
like this without Nobby Clark.
Besides, he knows that part of
the country as well as you do.
Man's well-read. I believe
he's got Indian blood
in his veins.
He can smell his way about.
Should be a good party.
Yes, I'm looking
forward to it.
So am I, except
it's going to be a bit tricky.
It will be odd going back.
Seeing the Boche swaggering
about the place.
- I hope I shall manage to
keep my temper.
- I'll watch you.
- You sent for me, sir?
- PETER: Yes.
- You know Saint-Antoine,
don't you?
- Yes, sir.
- Think you could find your
way there from the coast?
- Yes, sir.
Well, I haven't told you
before, but that's
where we're going.
We're never going to
Well, that's where
my old woman lives.
Yes, I know.
- Well, don't you want to
see her again?
- No, thank you very much, sir.
You see, it's one of the joys
of this here war that
I can't see her again.
- I'm sorry,
that's where we're going.
- Oh, it's not fair!
- Cigarette?
- Thank you very much, sir.
Of all the places
in the world,
they had to pick the one place
Where my old woman lives.
No, it's not right, sir.
- Well, don't worry about it,
I'll get somebody else.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir?
- Yes?
It ain't safe to
go without me.
I suppose I'll have to go
with you.
It's a great sacrifice, mind.
- See, I'm putting my head
in a noose.
- Well, that's excellent.
- Hello, Red.
- Hello, Raoul. Hello, Peter.
Hello. You been telephoning
your blonde?
No, that's all washed up.
She's taking this austerity
business too seriously.
You know, you ought to have
joined the Air Force, they're
much more successful.
Oh, I get along, sir,
I get along.
I met a little redhead
last night,
and she's got everything.
At least I think she has.
- When will you know?
- She's dining with me tonight.
- No, she's not.
- No? Why?
Because we're going
on a little trip,
and it's a stag party.
Um, excuse me, sir?
If it's all the same with you,
I should like to be back for
the 3:00 Saturday.
- I've got a cert running
at Newmarket.
- What do you know?
Gay Gabby.
Should start at any price.
I know a jockey.
Never trust a jockey.
You're speaking of
my late profession, sir.
You're a bit large for
a jockey, aren't you?
Well, I wasn't exactly
a jockey.
I used to lead the horses
around the paddock, and that.
Oh. I'm very sorry, Nobby.
Forgiven and forgotten, sir.
- Well, how are we?
- Fine.
I had much worse crossings
in the old days.
Yes, seems like a rather
long time ago now, doesn't it?
- How near are we?
- We're pretty near.
Coming up on deck?
- Ship's stopped, sir.
- Right.
- Cut through the minefield,
all right.
- Good.
- You been at this long?
- About a year.
- It's a pretty good sport.
- Not for me,
I don't like mines.
- I'd be frightened to death.
- You soon get used to it.
See that dark shape
over there?
- That's France.
- France!
I never thought I would
come home like this.
Well, it's as far as
we go, sir.
A dingy will take you
the rest of the way.
Well, that's good.
I thought we'd have to swim
or something.
- Thanks for bringing us.
- I'd do the same for you again
one day, sir.
Hope so.
- Don't hit anything
on the way back.
-(LAUGHS) I'll try not to.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- I don't envy them their job.
- Nor do I, sir.
- (WHISPERING) Here's the wire.
- Yep.
- What's the time?
- Just 2:00.
The bomber boys are late.
- No, they're not.
- That ought to keep them quiet
for a bit.
PETER: Come on.
- I can't, sir!
- PETER: What's the matter?
I've caught me britches!
Wait a minute,
I'll give you a hand.
Now beat it for the woods.
I'll follow you.
Very near. Thank you, Red.
A little "V" sign, I think.
- No, it'll mean more hostages.
Come on.
- I didn't think of that.
What on Earth has happened
to them?
I don't know, sir.
Major Garnett was on my tail
a minute ago.
This is where we separate.
- Now let's have a last check.
Got your map?
- Yes, sir.
- Got ours?
- Uh-huh.
- Map reference? Right.
- 5-3-2-5-1-8.
Now we rendezvous there
on Friday at 0200 hours.
Give him your directions
again, will you?
It's on the edge
of a big clearing,
in the middle of a wood.
It's a very old, big tree.
We used to play there as
children. There are names
carved all over it.
And the code signal for
bringing the aircraft?
- Dawn, ack,
and a series of hours.
We better synchronize
our watches.
0206 hours coming up.
Now all you've got to do is
applaud Captain Gowan,
Keep your eyes open,
stay in doors until you hear
from me.
Blimey, what a life.
That means I've got to be
closeted with my missus
for hours and hours.
- Let's go.
- What was that?
It's Tannhauser.
Pilgrim's Chorus.
Lovely, isn't it?
Get down, quick!
Have I been drinking
or something?
Looks like
a Polish armored car.
Model VX.
- The music's too loud.
- Just like Derby Day with all
the hurdy-gurdies.
- Lovely.
- I can't understand it all.
Come on.
Nobby, you and Captain Gowan
can turn off here.
Eight kilometers to the west,
you come into the back of
the village.
- I'll see you tomorrow morning
at Nobby's cafe, 12:00.
- Good luck.
Good luck.
- Look after him,
he owes me money.
- I will, sir. Like me own mum.
- And how far is it?
- About ten kilometers.
Too far for my liking.
Captain Mackenzie,
for the last five hours
I've been asking you
Three simple questions,
Only you are too stupid and
pigheaded to give me a reply!
You look worn out.
Why don't you give me
an answer?
Then you can rest.
If I gave you an answer,
I'd never rest.
You're a fool, Captain!
Message just come through,
Herr Major.
Wires cut at point 5-1-8-4-2.
- Troops?
- No, believed to be
only three or four men.
- So more of your friends, eh?
- Maybe.
- Or perhaps you brought
them with you?
- Maybe.
We'll soon catch the swine.
Send out patrols immediately,
motorcycles as well as foot.
Very good, Herr Major.
Did you bring them with you
or did you not?
Now will you speak?
What do you know about it?
All I know is that your
personality is objectionable,
Your manners filthy,
And your end quite soon.
There's the house.
How long since you saw it?
Over two years.
Are they still...
When last you heard,
was the family still there?
When last I heard.
It should be too late
for anyone to be up,
it's after 3:00.
We'll get in this way.
You wait here for a second,
I will just have
a look around.
Don't be long.
Do you speak English?
- May I turn around?
- No!
Stay where you are.
I can explain what I'm doing
here, you know.
- This is very uncomfortable.
- Don't move!
Or I will shoot.
What was that?
- I believe you're frightened.
- No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Besides, you're much
too good-looking
to go around shooting people.
Especially with
this funny thing.
- Raoul!
- Michele!
- Are the Germans stationed
in the house?
- No.
- Good.
- But they patrol
all around here.
You must be very careful.
- Oh, Raoul, why have you come?
- I'll tell you later.
Michele, this is
Peter Garnett,
a very good friend of mine.
- That means you don't have to
shoot me after all.
- It is all right.
- It was not loaded anyway.
- Huh?
- I am hungry. Is there
anything to eat in the house?
- Of course.
- French food at last!
- We eat in the kitchen,
- Hardly use the rest of
the house.
- Oh...
We must be very quiet.
Violette must not be woken.
- Why not?
- It is late!
- Ah, she will be glad to
see me at any time.
- Just listen to him.
- (WHISPERING) How is it going?
- Fine.
- I have to look after him
myself now.
- Oh, Monsieur Raoul.
I'm glad to see
you have not changed.
Violette, when I was a boy,
was always hitting me
on the head.
Here we are, sir.
NOBBY: I've got the key to
the side door, sir.
RED: Hope they haven't changed
the lock.
NOBBY: She's going to
get a surprise, all right.
The smell hasn't altered
since I was here.
- Seems rather a nice smell
to me.
I expect the place is
still running at a loss.
I shan't be a minute, sir.
I hope.
- What are you doing here?
- Who, me?
Well, I popped over to
have a...
- I thought
you were quite dead!
- No, no, no.
- Why did you not write?
- Well, I cut my finger...
Am I not your loving wife?
- Well, yes...
- Am I not a sick woman?
- I feel sick.
- Are the Boche not here?
I don't know.
- Oh, why did you drop me?
Tell me, Nobby, tell me!
- I've got someone with me.
- Oh, you do not love me
- Yes.
- You have forgotten
your little Lulu.
- No, I haven't. Now, shh!
Who is that?
This is Captain Gowan.
This is the missus
I was telling you of.
How do you do? Nobby never
stops talking about you.
So, you have come
to liberate France, huh?
It is time.
My house is at your disposal.
Only be quiet!
The Boche is everywhere.
Come, Nobby. Glasses, huh?
- Thank you.
Oh, he is so naughty,
that little one.
- But I'm a foolish woman.
I have given him my heart.
- Oh, bad luck.
Sounds like a big raid.
You know, we must be
the only people who have been
bombed by both sides.
Now that the bombers are
overhead, I expect things
will be happening.
- Such as?
- Someone goes out and
cuts the telephone wires.
Last week it was the power
station. That's why
we have to use the lamp.
How do the Germans
like all this?
They arrest people and
fine the whole village.
- But everybody contributes
something, so it is paid.
- That's the spirit.
No, the people are fools!
We have signed an armistice
with Germany.
They only make things more
difficult for themselves by
these stupid acts of sabotage.
- It isn't worth it!
- Not even for freedom?
Not even for freedom!
I tried banging my head
against a brick wall.
That was delicious.
- Nobody in England
can cook like that.
- I should think not!
- Can I help you wash up?
- No, thank you.
I did not hear
Monsieur Raoul offer to help.
He has not changed much.
Do not try to corrupt me,
Violette, with your
revolutionary ideas.
It was women like her
who brought about
the French Revolution.
- Come and help me
get the beds ready.
- Eh?
- Come on, now.
- Eh, well...
VIOLETTE: Do not make
any noise with
those big feet of yours.
RAOUL: Anything you say.
Raoul adores Violette.
He was always her favorite.
My other brother,
who is a prisoner of war
in Germany...
- Isn't Raoul your husband?
What made you think that?
I don't really know.
- He's never spoken very much
about his family.
- No, he's my brother.
- You don't look very alike.
- No.
And we think differently
about many things.
Must be hell for you here.
That's so that
we do not forget ever
who is master here.
By day, we see them.
At night,
we just have to listen.
- Not coming here, is it?
- No.
It goes to the turn of the
road, and then comes back.
The Boche are very methodical.
- Calvados,
from our own cellar.
- Ah!
What else have
you got in there?
When the Boche come here
and began looting,
We hide all the valuable
things, like silver, linen,
And most valuable of all,
- Didn't we, Michele?
- Calvados!
We must drink a toast.
To Peter's first visit to
Chateau Carnot.
And to Raoul's homecoming.
You are home,
-Aren't you, Raoul?
- No. Only for 48 hours,
then I have to go.
But why?
Well, I'm in
the Free French Army now.
- I'm over here for them.
- What for?
To find out about the
German Army, that's all.
You mean you're a spy?
I'm sorry. I don't know what
I'm trying to say, you see...
It's two years
since you were home last.
I was so happy
I didn't even think.
You're in danger here.
You might be caught,
Anything might happen.
You must go now, before
morning. Please, Raoul!
Women are amazing, I must say.
First, she is angry with me
because I will not stay,
And now she tries to throw me
out as quickly as she can.
Monsieur, can you not
persuade him to go?
No, I'm afraid I can't.
You are the only one left.
Charles is a prisoner of war
in Germany. His wife is dead.
I am here working the estate
with only Violette and
Charles' son to help me.
You do not write to us.
We do not even know
if you're alive.
You come to visit us only now
when you wish to do some
spying for your new masters.
The English.
So the Boche have even got
you saying it?
You children must all
go to bed.
Monsieur Raoul, come and
help me with the blankets.
Without dropping them, now!
You follow me, monsieur.
We have no blackout
in the hall.
You must forgive
what I said, monsieur.
Things are very difficult
for us here.
You cannot know
what we have suffered.
- The cruelty, the humiliation.
- I think I understand.
I wish we could have met
in happier days.
I do, too.
- Not that way, stupid!
- I was only trying to help!
Here is your room, monsieur.
I'm afraid
it is not very elegant.
- But I hope you will be safe.
- Thank you.
Good night, monsieur.
- I hope you will be
- Thank you.
- Raoul, no talking!
Good night, Raoul.
There, there.
Michele, don't worry!
You shouldn't have come.
Good night, cherie.
- Good night.
You know, she's right,
we shouldn't have come here.
- Have another quick one, sir.
- Thanks so much.
Come, my little pigeon.
(LAUGHING) Coming, my dear!
Good luck.
I'm doing it for my King
and country, sir.
So that is what
you wanted me to see.
As soon as the harvest is
over, they will go back
to the prison camp.
The defeated.
Now I know what
they look like.
Charles is a prisoner, too.
I wonder
if he looks like that.
Poor Charles.
I wish he were back here to
run this place.
It's much more than I can do
by myself.
But you have done marvelously!
I don't know how.
In the old days,
you were always in Paris,
buying dresses.
That is all forgotten now.
But, Raoul, listen to me
for a moment.
Does not any of this mean
anything to you at all?
This is our land, Raoul.
You cannot go away again
and leave it.
- I have work to do.
- Surely your work is here!
To nurse the land until
the Germans are thrown out.
- And be one of
that pathetic group?
- They are prisoners of war.
I think I could get you
papers from the Germans.
- They are easy to bribe.
- You do not face realities,
Of course I love this land,
that's why I am fighting!
I want you here, Raoul.
I cannot carry on any longer
VIOLETTE: Michele! Michele!
Yes, Violette?
The Germans
have been here again.
- They are looking for you.
- Already?
I sent them away.
- Did they find the Englishman?
- Not while Violette is here.
- Raoul.
- Come.
I have made some coffee
for you.
Monsieur Raoul!
- Monsieur Raoul.
- Ah!
- We ought to
get cracking soon.
- Ah...
The trouble is that good
coffee is wasted on you.
- Are you trying to flatter me,
Monsieur Raoul?
- Not at all, Violette.
I was going to say that
any coffee would taste good
after a year in England.
Who are you?
That's Daddy's brother.
And that is
a very good friend.
Perhaps today,
perhaps tomorrow,
The Germans will ask you
if you have seen either of us.
But you have not.
Do you understand?
We are fighting for France.
And if you can forget that you
have seen us, you will be
fighting for France, too.
- And you would like that,
wouldn't you?
- Yes.
Then you have never seen
this gentleman or myself.
- Not ever. See?
- Yes.
Come on, Raoul.
Goodbye, mademoiselle.
Thank you.
- I'm afraid I've been rather
a difficult sort of guest.
- Nonsense!
All our friends are welcome
here at any time, aren't they,
Of course.
- Are you not coming back
- No. It'd be too dangerous.
For you, I mean.
Don't worry about that.
In the pantry. Don't breathe!
- Oh, it's you, Martine!
- Bonjour, Violette!
Bonjour, mademoiselle.
- Another fine?
There was some more
de Gaulle signs put up
in the night.
I thought so.
It was very funny
this morning.
I met old Fayolle, and when
I ask him for some money,
he wouldn't give me any.
So I ask him again...
What are they saying?
I cannot hear.
- Here you are, Martine.
You know, Violette,
it really was so funny
this morning...
Now run along, my child.
You can come out now.
What did she want?
She was collecting money for
the fine we will have to pay
after the raid last night.
All the German wires were cut.
That's what's called
passive resistance.
- You remember Old Fayolle?
- Fayolle, yes.
Well, Martine met him in the
street this morning,
And asked him if he would like
to contribute 30 pieces
of silver.
- What does that mean, exactly?
- You don't know Fayolle.
I was always urging the people
not to anger the Germans,
But Fayolle goes further.
Much further.
Before the war, no one minded
his Fascist ideas,
Nor when he joined
the Croix de Feu.
But nowadays he cooperates
with the Germans.
His daughter goes out
with them.
He has them to dine
in his house.
It's disgraceful.
- Fayolle used to be
a nice old boy.
- He's changed.
Come on, looks all right now.
Thank you, Violette.
Goodbye, mademoiselle.
- Monsieur Fayolle, well?
- Yes, General,
it is all right.
I will see the ungrateful
villagers pay the fine.
Good, Monsieur Fayolle.
It's intelligent of you to
cooperate with us.
- The New Order can only be
made with cooperation.
- I know that, General.
Forgive me, I have some
very important business.
- Monsieur Fayolle.
- What do you...
You are Monsieur de Carnot.
- Monsieur Raoul de Carnot.
- Yes.
- What do you want?
- We want to have
a talk with you.
Well, you had better
come inside, but
I do not know what you want
to talk to me about.
Come in, gentlemen.
Sit down, gentlemen, please.
This is my daughter.
- Bring us some wine.
- So there is still wine
in France.
- Oh, yes.
If you know where to
look for it.
What do you want with me,
We do not have many visitors
these days, do we, Estelle?
- The Germans are
scarcely visitors.
- Germans?
- They come here sometimes.
- Ah, they are our friends.
- But you have other friends.
- Oh, not in the village.
They hate us in the village
because we are sensible
and help the Germans.
And the Germans need help?
And the Germans need help.
Gentlemen, to our lives.
- To a free France.
- ALL: To a free France.
Now, gentlemen,
what can I do for you?
Monsieur Fayolle, you've been
very useful to us already.
But there's still one vital
matter on which you can
advise us.
It's obvious that the Germans
are concentrating troops
in this area.
Now, we want to find out
their strength, and roughly
their dispositions.
Can you help us?
I see.
So that if you can only find
the German centers of
resistance and crush them,
That will give you the coast.
- That's about it.
- Well...
German defenses are
on the box plan,
that is to say...
There is a big box there.
Little box here, little box
there, little box there,
little box there.
So that the little boxes
can be reinforced
from the big box.
Yes, but what we want is
more precise information.
Their exact strength.
Whether they've got armored
units, if they're using
reservists, and so on.
Gentlemen, if you want
the German order of battle,
You must go to
German headquarters.
German headquarters?
It'd be nice to
pay a call there.
You're not serious, monsieur!
Well, Captain de Carnot
couldn't go, his German's
not good enough,
But I don't see
why I shouldn't.
You'd be a brave man to
do that.
- What papers would you need
to get in?
- What papers have you got?
There are mine, and these
belong to Captain Gowan,
who's here with us.
- Swiss. Forged?
- No, genuine!
The Navy intercepted the ship
on which the two so-called
Swiss gentlemen were
- Have you passport
- Mmm-hmm.
Now I will do what I can.
Because I have been sensible
and helped the Germans,
Yesterday the military control
gave me a very special pass
to go outside the area.
I cut the potato.
I do that.
I do that. You see?
The juice soaks up the ink
And makes
a clever sort of stamp.
Now remember, you came into
the military area yesterday.
The date is on this stamp.
Do they stop people
and ask them for papers much?
Oh, yes.
But you will be all right
with this.
Thank you.
And here are two German
military passes, and
some other papers.
- In case you should need them,
you can fill them in.
- Thank you very much.
Oh, that is nothing.
We have passed through
a hundred of your soldiers,
escaped prisoners.
You've done great work,
Oh, we have beaten
the Boche before and
we will beat him again.
Certainly, we will.
We must go.
Oh, by the way, who do I ask
for at German headquarters?
Oh, ask Estelle, she knows
all the German officers.
There's Viktor,
there's Aufdenblatten.
- Perhaps Wiessner
would be the best.
- Wiessner?
Yes, Oberst Wiessner.
He's just gone on leave.
That might help you.
I used to know a waiter
called Wiessner.
I hope it's not him.
- Goodbye. Thank you
for all your help.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Sorry I'm late.
- That's all right.
- Two coffees, please.
- You are a friend of monsieur?
- Yes, why?
Because for you, I have a
special cognac which I do not
allow the Boche even to smell.
- Don't tell me that's
Mrs. Nobby Clark?
- Yes.
I can understand how
the Boche beat some
of the French men,
But I can't understand
how they beat the women.
I'm sorry it must be
in cups, but...
They want everything they see.
- Oh, no, no, monsieur.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- How's your husband, madame?
- Oh, he is very naughty,
but I love him.
- How is Nobby?
- He'll never be
the same again.
- How'd you get on?
- Not bad.
I got some information,
but it's incomplete.
But I think I know where
I can get some more.
Here are your papers.
- A bit public here, isn't it?
- Never mind, I'll take you
Somewhere nice
and private soon.
- Good, where?
- German headquarters.
- Splendid. How do we get in?
- Through the door.
How do we get out?
NOBBY: Psst!
- What is it, Nobby?
- Don't hate me, sir.
I can't stand it no more.
- I'm sorry,
we're just off on a job.
- Oh, go on, sir.
I'd risk death willingly to
get away from here.
No, you meet Captain de Carnot
as arranged.
Tell me.
How much champagne have you
got in your cellar?
- Why, you thinking of
buying the place?
- No, I'm not.
What a pity.
I'll let you have it cheap.
I want to get a hold of
as much champagne
as I can lay my hands on.
Do I smell of mothballs?
Well, if you do, I do.
Well, it's a bit longer in
the leg than I am.
Tops of my trousers come up
to my chest.
- Very painful.
- Mmm.
Do you know where Nobby got
this car?
I thought it more tactful
not to inquire.
Oh, I nearly forgot.
Hold this, will you?
Thank you.
- Well, here we are.
- Now hold your hat on.
- BOTH: Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
- I wish to see
Oberst Wiessner.
- Your papers, please?
- Champagne, try a bottle.
- Yes.
- It's French, you'll like it.
- You wish to see
Herr Oberst Wiessner?
- Please.
- Come with me, please.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil!
To see Herr Oberst Wiessner.
Will you sign your names,
In order.
Come with me, please.
- Nice lot of stuff
they've got here.
- Yeah.
- Look. Our old friend
the music box.
- What?
BOTH: Heil Hitler!
MAN: Heil! Papers?
Sit down, gentlemen.
We do not receive
many visitors here.
- You must forgive me.
- They are from
our foreign office.
Yes, yes, so I see.
But still it doesn't explain
what you are doing
in a military area
Without a proper
military escort.
- Is that necessary?
- Of course it's necessary!
I don't understand
how you got through
our controls without one.
In Berlin, they said
this would be sufficient.
This is a military area.
I have not the authority to
let civilians roam about
in it at will.
If you haven't the authority,
perhaps you'll send us to
someone who has.
That's for me to decide!
I think you better have
another look at that
- Ribbentrop?
- Von Ribbentrop.
- Please, gentlemen,
I did not mean...
- Oh, that's all right.
Hello, give me Major Lang.
Intelligence Office.
Major Lang. Yes?
Whom do you say?
Two friends of
Herr von Ribbentrop to see
Oberst Wiessner?
- Yes, I will see them.
- Thank you.
Take these two gentlemen
to Major Lang.
I am at your service,
I'm beginning to like it
around here.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Good morning, gentlemen.
Major Lang.
This is Hauptmann Grune.
- Won't you sit down?
- Thank you.
- Well, what can we do for you?
- Herr Major,
I have a message for
Oberst Wiessner from
Herr von Ribbentrop.
I'm afraid Oberst Wiessner
is on leave.
I'm his deputy.
Is there anything I can do
to help you?
Can I speak confidentially?
Oh, yes, certainly.
My partner and I happen to be
in the same business
as Herr von Ribbentrop.
Oh, I see. You mean, you are
members of the foreign office?
No, no, no, I mean his real
business, champagne merchant.
Oh, champagne.
I see.
And strictly
between ourselves,
He has an interest
in our business.
Purely fatherly interest,
of course.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, of course.
And so, at his suggestion,
we are trying to make
arrangements to supply
The officers
of the German Army
with our champagne.
Most of it was confiscated
when France was occupied.
At least that part of it
which Goering didn't drink.
We are most anxious to help
you, but our mess secretary
will tell you that
Just at the present,
our mess funds are rather low.
- Well, so are our prices.
Would you care to try
a bottle?
Well, I won't say no.
And I don't suppose you will,
Thank you.
I'll put it on ice and
fetch some glasses.
- Smart fellow, that.
- He's a regular soldier.
- Aren't you?
- No, I am only a reservist.
I am here because of
my language qualifications.
I am an authority on America.
The way the Reich is going,
I may be there at any moment.
When does Oberst Wiessner
- He was expected back today,
but I think...
Excuse me.
Yes, Excellency.
No, he's away.
Major Lang has gone out of
the room for a moment.
Yes, Excellency. At once.
That was the General,
he wants to see me at once.
He's in a very bad temper.
Excuse me just a moment,
PETER: By the way,
who is the General?
Von Reichman, of course.
Von Reichman.
- Watch the door.
- What's the idea?
Don't argue. Watch the door.
Thank you.
Oh, here's Grune now.
Well, what was your
- Of what?
- Of the two men, of course.
- I don't know...
- Do you think they're genuine
champagne merchants?
I did.
From what you tell me,
it's quite obvious
they are not.
- Anyway, the champagne
looks too good.
- And the talks are wrong.
- Yes.
- Well, then who are they?
Either Gestapo or
a counter-espionage.
Nosing around for something,
Well, they won't get anything
out of us.
They better not.
Quite a few generals have been
purged lately, haven't they?
- Anyway, you better
get back quick.
- Yes, Excellency.
- And remember,
keep your mouth shut.
- Yes, Excellency.
34th Infantry Regiment.
14th Panzer Division.
4th Motorized Division.
Hurry up, I'm in a draft.
Now if only we could find out
their strength from this
We're all right.
I'm sorry to have kept you
Not at all, we've been
admiring your view.
- Yes, it is lovely, isn't it?
- Cigarette?
Oh, thank you.
It is a beautiful house.
I have some Persian
miniatures I am sending home
to my wife.
I'm interested in
miniatures, too.
- Really? Would you like to
look at them?
- Yes. Yes, I would.
- That cigarette you
gave him...
- What about it?
- It's English.
- Blimey.
- They're beautiful,
aren't they?
- Remarkable.
Well, where do you
get them from?
Herr von Ribbentrop never
smokes anything else.
Have a packet.
Thank you very much.
Herr General von Reichman
has expressed
A desire to meet you.
- Heil Hitler.
- Heil.
Well, gentlemen,
let's see your champagne.
Sit down, please.
Now, to your business.
- What was all that in aide of?
- Oh, the poor boy.
Poor boy,
what was he crying about?
Well, how would you like to be
going to Russia?
- I wouldn't,
not if I was a German.
- Well, there you are.
He is being transferred,
and he likes it here.
He says that he feels safe
because the aerodrome where
he works is underground
And safe from British bombers.
He didn't say the whereabouts
of this drome, did he?
No, just cried and cried
and cried.
Go on,
you're breaking my heart.
Nobby, don't you pull my legs.
You're quite safe, my dear.
PETER: There you are.
Thank you.
It is very good.
Very, very good.
We can take all you can
give us.
I'm afraid we can only let you
have your fair share,
you know.
How many offices have you got
in your mess?
- Thirty-five.
- Thirty-five, make a note
of that, would you?
- That means we can let you
have 12 dozen to start.
- Excellent.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you,
We've got some very good
Danish beer, which the men
rather like.
Excellent, we will buy that,
How many men have you got
in this area?
Oh, about 3,000.
- 3,000.
- But they are only reservists.
- Oh, I beg your pardon.
Let's make it a party.
- Yes!
Life is not so bad, huh?
Oh, thank you very much.
Newspapers are reporting
a lot of landings
on this part of the coast.
Oh, you mustn't believe
everything you read in
the Berlin newspapers.
The villagers say there
have been no British landings
here at all, is that true?
That's nonsense!
Only two days ago
we captured a British.
- He's in hospital now,
we're waiting on...
- There's an absolute military
ban on the subject!
Yes, yes, of course.
But I can tell you this,
if it wasn't for my
determination and willpower,
The population would soon
get out of hand, they're
always trying sabotage.
Only I make them pay for it,
you can be sure!
- Yes, I'm pretty sure of that.
Well, I'm afraid
we must be going.
Would you like
a military escort?
- No, I don't think so,
thank you.
- Quite sure?
Quite sure, thank you.
You won't forget to send
the champagne?
No, Excellency,
you shall have it next week.
- Goodbye, many thanks.
- Thanks to you.
We shall have much pleasure
in telling Herr von Ribbentrop
about our visit.
- Good, give him my regards.
- I will indeed.
Thank you.
BOTH: Heil Hitler!
BOTH: Heil Hitler.
They didn't fool me
for a minute.
Well, they certainly didn't
get anything out of us.
All the same, you had better
report the visit to Gerhard
von Stumpfner in Paris.
- Tell him I'm rather annoyed.
- Very well, Excellency.
I wouldn't go through that
again for all the tea
in China.
Nor I.
Do you think
we overdid the heils?
No. I think they rather
enjoyed them.
- I wish you could do something
about Mackenzie.
- So do I.
We would if we possibly can.
He must have information HQ
would give their ears for.
I hope those photos
come out all right.
If they do, won't
our little flying angels
have a good time?
We've certainly had
a lot of luck.
Especially the cigarettes.
I'm giving up smoking.
- That's the stuff to give 'em.
- Rather good to see
those boys up there.
- What about the boys
down here?
Isn't there anything I can do?
Yes, if you stay with us,
there is plenty you can do...
Now, Michele, why can you
not understand?
- What is that?
- One of my friends.
- Why do you allow them to
come here? It is madness!
- I shan't be long.
Oh, there you are, sir.
- All present and correct, sir.
- Any information?
- My missus got a bit from
the duty gunner, sir.
- Oh? What did he have to say?
- He was crying, sir.
- Crying?
Yes, crying like a baby,
he was.
They wanted to send him off
to Russia, but he didn't want
to go.
He preferred to stop here
because, as he told my missus,
-They've got underground
fortifications here.
- Oh? Where?
That I don't know, sir.
But they're all controlled
from one spot,
also underground.
- But you don't know
where they're situated?
- No, sir.
Raoul, please, please
stay indoors.
- You have no idea
how frightened I am.
- I have work to do, Michele.
And your friend? Where is he?
- I thought he was coming back.
- He will come back.
You'll see.
They're all right.
- When it's enlarged, will the
conventional signs come up?
- Yes, should do.
Look, there's
that coastal battery.
And there's
the Panzer formation.
Anyway, we've got some decent
targets for the bomber boys.
Now if only we could
find out more about
that underground control room.
Then we'd have the whole thing
in the bag.
You used not to worry like
this for Monsieur Raoul.
- What's the matter now?
- My hands. They're terrible!
Don't you worry.
He won't be looking
at your hands tonight.
Violette, you're a very silly
old woman.
Now run along.
Dinner's nearly ready.
You look as though
you've just stepped out
of one of these frames.
Monsieur Garnett,
I did not see you.
- What a lovely dress.
- Do you like it?
Yes, I do.
Makes you look...
I don't know,
it makes you look...
- You know what I mean?
- Not quite.
Well, it does.
Yet there's something missing.
I can't think what it is.
- Lipstick?
- No, it's not that.
Powder, then?
My nose is shiny.
I know, a flower.
Let's go in the garden
and get one, shall we?
- Is it safe for you?
- Yes.
You know, I should like that
moon, but I don't, I hate it.
- What's wrong with it?
- Well, we ought to
get cracking soon.
- All I want is dark,
dark clouds.
- I see.
You may not believe it,
but this was once
quite a show garden.
How awful for you to watch it
gradually disintegrating.
- Is that the right word?
- Shall I give you some English
lessons, Monsieur Garnett?
I wish you would.
Then I could help you
with your French.
- That's the first time
I've seen you laugh.
- You laugh a lot in England?
Yes, I suppose we do.
Must be the climate.
Here we are.
How do you mean, the climate?
Well, you wake up in the
morning and it's raining,
And you could get depressed
about it, but you don't.
You say to yourself,
"This rain, it is marvelous,
invigorating, inspiring!"
And inevitable.
- It rains a lot in England?
- Mmm, quite a lot.
But we don't mind,
we owe everything we've got
to it. Even our empire.
How do you make that out?
Well, what do you think made
people like Cook and Raleigh
And all the other Empire
builders go off in search
of new lands?
The spirit of adventure?
No, it was the rain!
They got sick of it,
so they went off to
find a better climate.
It makes me feel better
just to listen to you.
- In that case, I better
stay here for good.
- Would you?
- Oh, nothing I'd like more.
- Aren't you married?
Good heavens, no.
- Do I look married?
- You look as if...
As if you knew women.
Well, you know, between
20 and 30 I thought I did.
And then I reluctantly came
to the conclusion I knew
more about horses.
- What were you before the war?
- Soldier. Cavalry.
Oh, I went to India, Egypt,
I had a lot of fun.
- And now the fun is over?
- Yes.
The mechanized us.
You know, I shan't see you
till after the war.
That's awful.
I feel somehow as if...
- Am I falling in love
with you?
- Only for a moment.
My hands...
- What's the matter with them?
- They are so rough.
Come one, let's go.
There she blows.
We were thinking that...
Ah, here you are!
- We better go at once.
- But the dinner, monsieur...
Sorry, Violette,
we can't wait.
RAOUL: I'd love to know
what goes on inside there.
Hurry up!
Get those doors open!
PETER: Pretty careless with
no blackout around here.
Carry on.
- What's your name?
- Lieutenant Langfeldt.
- When did you arrive here?
- Two weeks ago,
Where were you stationed last?
I was transferred
from the Libyan front.
He's all right, Excellency.
He's the nephew of
General von Keitel.
Thank you.
They must not get away,
under any circumstances!
Send out patrols,
search all homes.
- Stop all cars!
- Yes, Excellency.
- Got a compass bearing, Red?
- Shh!
Sorry, thought I heard
Yes, 1-2-6 magnetic.
That's the hanger, all right.
All we've got to do is
dynamite it, and it'll be
curtains for those Huns.
Wish I could do it myself.
- RAOUL: Bloodthirsty,
aren't you?
- Come on.
I'll go first.
Stay close behind.
Why don't you come sit down?
You are only
upsetting yourself.
They've been gone two hours.
- And it will be two hours more
before they are back.
- I know.
Let's listen to
the English news.
Very softly.
Remember, Monsieur Richard
was shot for doing this.
ANNOUNCER: Most encouraging
is the fact that
The French people
in occupied France
Are not afraid
of the daily increasing
threats of retaliation.
This reminds me of a game
we used to play as kids
called Follow the Leader.
Come on, it looks
all right now.
- (WHISPERING) Get back!
What do you make of that?
I don't like it at all.
Here, Red, take those
photographs and slip back
to the village.
- Which way?
- Keep to this path for
about half a kilometer,
Until you come to
a little gate.
Then follow the hedge all
the way along. Peter and I
will shake them off for you.
As quiet as you can!
Come on, make a lot of noise.
You all right?
I'm just not used to running,
that's all.
Let's make a dash for it.
- Where'd he get you?
Get away, you fool.
They'll never find me.
Get away!
- How bad is he?
- He's alive. I'll get him back
to the chateau.
- No, I'll take him.
- No, you go back
to the village.
You've got the stuff
that matters.
- Beat it and meet me later.
- But I don't...
-You'll do as I tell you!
- Quickly, they're coming!
- Right.
JOUVET: May the peace and
blessing of almighty God
Descend upon you and
abide with you forever.
Don't go away, Violette.
I am not going away.
More light, please.
That's better.
Now I can see you all.
- I am sorry to be
dying like this.
- You have done well, my son.
- You won't hold it against me
that I was shot as a spy?
- You're a free Frenchman.
One day, all France
will be free.
The French people have not
lost their faith.
France has been defeated
before, but always she
triumphs in the end.
Through bitterness and
suffering, has gained
Only surrender is shameful,
not defeat.
You should tell that to Rene.
Tell him he must
go on fighting.
Quick, Father, into
the other room! They must not
find you here!
- How is he?
- His side's smashed in.
His ribs must have punctured
his lung.
Hello, Red.
So you got away all right.
Yes, old chap,
I shook 'em off.
Well done.
- Don't cry, Violette.
I'm not crying.
I'm home
To stay,
Just like you wanted.
Don't try to talk.
In France.
- Well?
- Nothing yet, Excellency.
It is preposterous!
But I will not let anybody
make a fool of me,
not anybody!
- Do you understand?
- Oberst Wiessner.
- Thank you.
Reichman here. Yes.
What's that?
Yes, I understand.
Ribbentrop doesn't know them?
I thought as much.
Thank you, Wiessner.
Ribbentrop doesn't know them!
Ribbentrop doesn't know them,
we should have arrested them
on the spot!
But we will find them!
- We must find them!
- Yes, sir. We'll find them.
Look, here is a moor.
They must have gone this way.
I don't want to hear any more.
Please go now, at once.
- But listen...
- If you don't go,
I will call in the Germans.
- And they will take you away
by force!
- Michele!
Keep out of it, it has nothing
to do with you!
You came here uninvited.
You brought with you danger,
deceit, and now death.
Need I say any more?
You must forgive her,
When she is calmer,
she will be so very, very
sorry for what she has said.
I know she will.
Thank you for being
so kind to us.
It is nothing, monsieur.
- Thank you.
Are you sure there aren't any
men hidden in that house?
I don't think so.
But you are a very clever
little boy, surely you must
have noticed?
- Yes, I have noticed.
- Yes?
There aren't any men
in the house.
Come inside.
Please excuse us.
The Germans are always
questioning the children.
- That was good, Michele.
- Do you mind if we thank you?
Don't thank me, monsieur.
It's just that most of all,
I hate Germans.
- We must catch them!
We must!
- We will.
Don't sit there, do something!
- Well?
- The trail led
near the chateau,
- but the men were not there.
- Idiot!
We'll find them,
wherever they are hiding.
Come with me.
I'll feel better when we've
got this message off.
- Does Fayolle know
we're coming?
- Yes, sure.
You know, I like this place.
I like the people.
I could settle down here
if it wasn't for
the blasted Germans.
Don't get sentimental now.
Don't you ever feel like
I feel?
Yes, only not quite so often.
At once, monsieur, at once!
I'll give him them the cure,
you watch.
- Coming, monsieur, at once.
Who are those two men?
- Gestapo.
- Gestapo.
I think you had better go,
They just asked me
who you were,
I said you were Gestapo.
Well, then we had better go.
Perhaps one day after the war,
you will visit
my little cafe, huh?
We'll come back again,
don't you worry.
Maybe sooner than you think.
- Thank you, monsieur.
- Where's your husband?
Oh, monsieur, don't take him
from me!
He is very naughty,
but I love him.
Yes, I know, but where is he?
He's there.
Give that to Fayolle,
it's urgent.
Look as much like
a Gestapo man as you can.
Hey, you!
Hey, you! Hey!
- What do you want?
- Monsieur Fayolle.
He's not in.
Well, this is very awkward.
I've got a message for him.
You can give it to me.
I am his daughter.
Oh, yes. Yes,
I've heard about you.
You're all right.
- This is to be sent to
London as soon as possible.
- Thank you.
- Hey, mind that cigarette.
- Yeah.
And where do we go from here?
Somehow we've got to find
our rendezvous.
Raoul said it was a big tree
in a clearing.
We might search this wood
for a week.
Didn't he say they used to
play there as kids,
or something?
- Mmm.
- Well, Michele will know
where it is.
- She might.
- Well, go and ask her.
No, we can't
go back to Michele.
Oh, I know how you feel,
Peter, but this is a matter
of success or failure.
This is London calling in the
European service of the BBC.
Before we continue with the
next item on our program,
Here is a recording of
organ music by Bach.
What are you doing here?
I told you never to come back.
we need your help.
We have a rendezvous
in the wood tonight
at an old tree.
Raoul told us you used to
play there as kids.
We don't know where it is.
- Will you please tell us?
- No.
If we don't find it,
we can't get home,
and our mission's failed.
That is no business of mine.
Raoul was going to
take us there.
Don't dare to mention
his name here.
I would not lift a finger to
help you escape.
You killed him!
- Don't talk like that,
- Get out of here!
Find your own way home.
I told you, if you stay here,
I will turn you over
to the German soldiers.
- Come on.
Get into the pantry.
- Open the door, Violette.
Good evening, mademoiselle.
I've come to ask you if you
happen to have seen two men
Who are believed to be
in this neighborhood.
With your kind permission,
I'll have a little look
I thought I heard voices.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Oh, there's something else
I want to ask you.
We are a bit overcrowded
in our headquarters.
We have so many troops,
and the General wishes you to
take 12 officers here.
Kindly see that their rooms
are prepared.
the kind of speech with which
Herr Hitler is still trying to
- impress the German people.
- Who is there?
Forgive me, mademoiselle.
But I must see your brother.
- He is not here.
- But I know he is here.
I spoke to him yesterday,
with the others.
- I tell you,
he is not here anymore.
- You do not understand me.
I have come to help him,
I must see him to help him.
To help him?
Like you and your German
friends did last night?
With bullets in his back?
Go back and tell your masters
they were completely
Go back and... (SOBBING)
This is terrible news
for us, too, mademoiselle.
You see, we're working
for the same cause.
Your brother, and ourselves.
I hoped we wouldn't
have to tell you.
I almost believed you
for a second.
But it has not worked
after all.
you must believe us.
What you have just heard
might mean death to
both of us.
Our lives are in your hands.
You mean
That all this time, you've
been working against
the Germans?
You've been despised by us.
- And all along...
- Oh, there was so little that
we could do.
France deserves better
than that.
And I thought...
Mademoiselle, it is urgent
that we warn the others.
The Germans are patrolling
- They are going to patrol
the woods tonight.
- This is awful.
- They were both here
a short time ago, but...
- Where are they now?
I'm not sure.
But I must find them!
Thank you, mademoiselle.
These trees look
all alike to me, we must
be getting somewhere.
Shh! There's somebody coming!
- It's Michele!
- Peter!
Thank heavens I found you.
- What are you doing here?
- I've come to show you
the tree.
- Is this some kind of trap?
- Oh, no! No, no!
What are you doing here?
Fayolle came to see me.
He told me everything.
I feel so ashamed,
I was thinking only for
Oh, Peter.
Can you ever forgive me?
Forgive you? Oh, my darling.
- Where do we go from here?
- I'll show you.
It's quite near.
Only we must go very quietly.
The Germans patrols are out.
Put up your hands!
So, the champagne merchants.
Our general
will be very pleased.
And the lady.
Nice trap, my lady.
I did not do it on purpose!
You believe that,
don't you, Peter?
What you tried to do was
splendid. We always knew
it might end like this.
- Maybe Raoul was lucky.
- Do not talk. Follow me.
- There is the tree.
- There's the tree.
RED: Oh, bless its heart.
What the devil?
Did you get his name, sir?
I can take care of them,
I just can't switch off
this blasted music.
Come on over, you two.
Come on over before I do you!
Nice night, miss.
Come on, keep them hands up.
Nobby's the name, miss.
Excuse me, sir. With the
compliments of the missus.
I think this ought to
do the lady good.
Now tell us how you got hold
of the music box.
Well, sir, I've been feeling
very angry
Ever since I heard what they
done to Captain de Carnot.
And a short while back,
I come across the crew
Standing peacefully
by the side of the road,
reading a map. It was easy.
- Easy?
You know, sir.
With their own gun, too!
What's the time?
That gives us just over
an hour before
our bomber boys come in.
If they come.
Course they'll come.
Hey, wait a minute,
This fellow's about my size.
Give me a hand with him,
will you?
All right, sir,
what's the idea?
What are you going to do now?
Something useful, I hope.
- You are not going to
risk your life again.
- Of course not, Michele.
- You ready, Nobby?
- I'm on me way, sir.
All present and correct, sir.
What's the time now?
- I'll be back
as soon as I can.
If I'm not back in an hour,
carry on.
- You've got the photographs
and things?
- Yes, sir.
Michele will show you
the exact spot
where to guide them in.
When you've done that,
slip over to the other map
Be careful, Peter. Please.
Please, for me.
- Any music, sir?
- Yes, as loud as you'd like.
"Bridal Chorus" is just
what I want tonight.
- What are they going to do?
- I don't know.
But I can give
a jolly good guess.
Come on, you lot, get up!
Excuse me, sir.
- Isn't this the way to the
German headquarters?
- Mmm-hmm.
As near as
makes no difference.
Yes, I thought it might be.
- Casualty?
- No, I want to see
the officer in charge.
- He's asleep, Sergeant.
- Well, I must see somebody.
- There's a duty officer.
- Well, take me to him.
Please come with me.
- What do you want?
- Message from headquarters,
Herr Oberleutnant.
What does this mean?
The General wants the prisoner
you have sent to him
Hasn't he been punished
Those are my orders from
Oberst Wiessner.
Well, it's most irregular.
- Why didn't Oberst Wiessner
- The wires are cut.
- What, again?
- Yes, Herr Oberleutnant.
Oberst Wiessner said
he'd return the prisoner
in the morning
If he's still alive.
Do you happen to know
why they want this man
in such a hurry?
The two men waiting for the
British have been captured.
The General wants to face them
with the prisoner while
their nerves are still bad.
Wait for me here.
Dash, dot, dot, dot, dash,
Dot, dash, dot.
You go on like that. Got it?
Dash, dot, dot...
Well, Sergeant,
here is your man.
Will you sign for him?
This is very irregular.
- Please see he is brought back
here as soon as possible.
- Yes, Herr Oberleutnant.
The orderly will help you
with this man.
- How do you feel?
- I'm fine. Now.
Not bad, eh?
Transport provided by
the German Army.
- Ride 'em, cowboy!
- That's right. (LAUGHING)
Ward three?
I'm coming at once.
Give me co-headquarters!
Korr? Put me through to
Oberst Wiessner.
What's that?
He is not back yet.
Well, someone in his office.
They're all in bed
except the duty officer.
Tell me, have the wires been
cut tonight?
They haven't?
Give me the guard room!
First light coming up.
I wish he would come back.
Yes, I'd be pleased to
see him.
Came the dawn.
We'll leave the car here.
If we take it any further,
We lead Jerry straight to
our rendezvous.
- Think you manage
a few hundred yards?
- Eh, I can manage ten miles.
- Lend me a hand, Nobby.
- I'll tell you what, sir.
I'll drive the car on a bit,
and leave it peacefully
in a ditch.
That'll draw the chase away
from you.
- What makes you think
they're going to chase us?
- They're chasing you now, sir.
- How do you get back to
the beach?
Oh, I know the country like
the back of me hand, sir.
I'll meet you down the beach.
- If you can get away with it.
- I'll get away with it, sir.
Goodbye, good luck.
See you later.
I can't see any signal.
There it is, sir!
See you down there, chaps.
Here they come!
Our job's over.
- Is everything all right?
- I've got some Jerries for you
over there.
That's fine, I'll take care
of them. Sergeant, you know
what to do with them.
Yes, sir. Come on,
press on, men.
- Right, well, I'll hand over.
- Right.
Come along, we must go
down to the beach.
- We've got to get there
before they come back.
- But Peter...
We'll see him on the beach,
come on.
The English are here!
Come on, get ready!
To the boats!
Retreat to the boats!
- That's music to my ears.
- NOBBY: Sir?
- Sir, all present
and correct, sir.
- Where's Major Garnett?
I had to leave him behind,
Something's happened to him.
- I feel it.
- Take it easy.
Don't worry, miss.
He'll be along in a minute.
- Here, put that on,
you look like a German.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
- Only a few more yards.
- Yeah, I'm enjoying
the stroll.
Thank heavens you're safe!
- Everything all right?
- Now you're here,
everything's fine.
- This is Mackenzie.
- How do you do?
The boys are certainly doing
a good job, aren't they?
Yeah, and tonight's raid
won't be the last.
We'll go on hitting them
again and again,
then some more.
We'll show those Huns.
We'll give 'em war.
Excuse me, sir,
you better come with me.
The boat's not far away,
just a hop, skip and a jump.
- I beg your pardon.
That's all right with me.
The call signal's
just gone up.
We'll make them pay
for Raoul, Michele.
- We'd better hurry.
- I'm not coming with you.
I'm staying here.
Are you crazy?
Peter, if you and Raoul can
do all that you have done,
I can do a little, too.
Rene needs me,
so does Violette,
And tomorrow there will be
German soldiers billeted
at the chateau.
I can be very useful.
Michele, my darling.
RED: Come on, you two!
Go along, Peter.
This will bring you safety.
SOLDIER: Come on, boys!
Goodbye, Michele.
Au revoir.