Secret Obsession (2019) Movie Script

Come on!
Are you okay?
Ma'am, are you okay?
- What happened?
- Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance!
Ma'am? Oh, God.
Yeah, there's been a bad car accident.
We're about two miles off the freeway.
She's got a punctured lung.
Get her into Operating Room B.
We need a tray.
Get a bag over here.
- What we got?
- Female, no identification.
Appears to be in her late 20s,
car accident.
I'll love you forever and a day.
She's going into v-tach.
She's unstable.
Tell B to have a crash cart ready.
We need to start compression.
Miss, can you hear me?
She's unresponsive.
How much longer are we waiting?
Coming through.
Transfer on three.
One, two, three.
I'm losing the pulse.
Charge to 300 joules.
- Got you.
- Clear!
She's at bradycardia.
30, 90 over 50.
Charge to 360.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for my wife.
I'm Russell Williams.
I got a call.
My wife Jennifer was in a car accident.
She's in the OR, sir. I'm sorry.
No, you can't go in there!Mr. Williams!
Call Security.
Hey, Jennifer!
Get another amp of epi.
Charge again.
Give me a reading.
Pulse is 75, pressure's 90 over 70.
She gonna be okay?
Sir, you can't be here.
She's stabilizing.
Nice work, everyone.
Let's prep for surgery.
I'm sorry, you can't be here.
Excuse me.
I was wondering if there's an update.
she's still in surgery.
Okay, did she say anything
to anyone about what happened?
Mr. Williams, your wife...
has had a lot of internal bleeding
on her brain...
Oh, God.
It's possible she won't remember anything.
If anything changes,I'll let you know.
- It's gonna be a while.
- Thank you.
Mr. Williams,
your wife's out of surgery. She hasn't
regained consciousness yet,
but if you want, I'll take you
up to Recovery to see her.
Alright. Thank you.
Hey, Jen.
It's me.
I want you to know that I'm here
and I'm not gonna leave,
no matter what. Okay?
Do you hear me?
I'm not going anywhere.
- How old?
- Three.
They grow up so fast, don't they?
They do.
- You gotta enjoy it while it lasts.
- Mm.
Someone's a lucky girl.
It's her birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, excuse me for a second.
Detective Page.
I can be there in - what?
- 45.
Alright. See you then.
You know what?
I'll take the bear as well.
Look, he's getting a big bear.
So they said they found Jennifer
at a rest stop?
Off 33, near Brubaker Canyon.
When was the last time you saw her?
That night, she went out to get groceries,
said she wanted to cook dinner.
You never heard anything?
No, sir.
No, I waited about an hour, and...
I tried to call her cell phone.
She didn't answer,
and then I called the store,
they said they hadn't seen her.
Have you been having problems at home,
you and Jennifer?
What do you mean?
I'm trying to piece together
what your wife was doing
at a rest area with no ID.
Alone, in the middle of the night.
And I'd love to know the same thing.
But we had just gotten married,
we had just moved to the mountains.
So... no.
No problems.
Just one more thing.
When your wife went to the store,
did she take her car?
She did, yeah.
- Why?
- It's missing.
I'll start with a reporton the car
and see what happens.
I would love to talk to your wife
when she's able.
I hope she gets better soon.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you.
Female, African-American,
ten years of age.
You're a cop.
Why can't you find your own daughter?
Police have no leadson the disappearance
of ten-year old Hannah Page.
Mr. Williams.
She's awake.
We'll continue to run extensive CTs,
but you should know, the damage to
your wife's hippocampus was severe.
And what does that mean exactly?
While she'll retain a great deal
of her semantic memory -
her name, her family -
episodic recall is far less reliable.
But she'll know who I am, right?
We'll do everything to aid her...
Okay, to aid her.
Are you saying my wife
doesn't remember me?
- It's possible.
- Don't give me "possible."
Does my wife know who I am or not?
We're going to get her there,
I promise you.
Your husband's here to see you.
- I'll be down the hall if you need me.
- Thanks.
So how are you feeling?
Sorry. You're probably...
pretty overwhelmed.
I'll just sit right over here, okay?
What happened?
How did I get here?
You were in an accident,
and you hit your head.
Really hard.Remember any of that?
Jennifer, do you know who I am?
You don't remember me, do you?
It's okay, it's okay.
Right, listen.
Look, the doctor said
that there are going to be...
some things that are harder
to remember than others.
I'm going to be right here with you,
I promise.
We're gonna do this together.
I don't even know your name.
I'm Russell.
It's really nice to meet you.
Look, I already told the other guy...
I don't care about them.
You're talking to me now.
I don't know.It was dark, it was raining.
Were you speeding?
I just wanted to get home.
I didn't even...
I didn't see her until it was too late.
- It was an accident.
- I know.
That's not why I brought you in.
I wanna know if you saw anyone else there.
How about other cars in the parking lot?
Did you see any?
Now you mention it, there was...
this white pickup.
I think it was pulling a car.
Pulling a car?
Yeah, with a hauling winch, a cable.
I remember thinking it was kinda strange.
Did you see where the truck went?
It was already gone
when the ambulance arrived.
He didn't say anything
about a pickup truck before.
The brain trustin Traffic didn't ask.
Or maybe there wasn't one.
She either drove herself there,
someone stole her car,
or she was dropped off.
Either way, someone else was there.
- I know what week this is, Frank.
- Don't.
Whatever you dowon't make up
for what happened.
Scratches and bruises on her wrists.
They were defensive wounds.
It also said they could've been caused
in the collision.
I'll see if the drivers saw this truck.
Look at you.
When's the last time you took a day off?
I'm not a beach kind of guy.
Hey, Frank.
One of the accident witnesses
is waiting for you upfront.
Thanks, Charlie.
Can you bring him back?
Sorry, Sean.
You're not getting rid of me that easily.
If you're gonna run with this,
make sure it's for the right reason.
This was no accident.
Have a seat right here.
Mr. Kahn, thanks for coming in.
So, you were in Operations,
I was in Accounting.
Here. There you go.
And eventually, I worked up the nerve
to ask you out.
You wanted to go
to one of those Japanese places
where they cook in front of you,
they do the knife tricks.
Onion volcano things.
So the thing was...
I was so nervous,
and I was so worried about impressing you
that I neglected to tell you
I was allergic to shellfish.
Oh, no.
They cook everything on that griddle.
It's not that funny,
it's not funny at all...
'cause I blew up like a blimp.
I forgot to ask.
Have you talked to my parents?
They must be worried.
They haven't heard from me.
Honey, they passed away...
a couple of years ago.
Yeah, there was a fire, and...
they never made it out.
Sorry, I thought that you...
- Sorry.
- If you don't mind,I need a moment alone.
Yeah, of course.
I'll just be right outside here.
Can I help you, sir?
I'm here about the young woman
that was in that accident two nights ago,
off Route 33.
And you are?
A concerned party.
Miss Williams is only seeing
family members at the moment.
At least see
that Miss Williams gets these.
Try that.
Jennifer, you'll hurt somebody.
I can go really fast.
I want you to keep up your memory games.
They're just as important
as your physical rehab.
Your CT came back, from yesterday.
It shows improvement.
It's not going to happen overnight.
I wanna make sure that you're...
I won't overdo it. I promise.
- Here.
- Thank you.
I'm sending you home with a cane, too.
I want you to use it to walk.
- Two or three minutes a day.
- Okay.
There she is.
Big day.
Baby's coming home.
Hey... as the memory comes back,
it's normal for wires to get crossed.
Nothing to worry about.
All right. Nice and slow.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- I just need a little help, actually.
- One, two, three...
- Thank you.
- Watch your head.
- Okay. Take those.
- Thanks.
Hey, it's gonna be okay, alright?
We're gonna get through this.
Baby steps.
Welcome home.
Pretty great, huh?
It's been in the family a while.
We moved inright before the wedding.
Go ahead. Feel free. Go check it out.
This is incredible.
I love it.
And this is the best part
about living out here.
There's no shortage of firewood.
Oh... I wish you could remember
our wedding night.
We never even left this room.
Hey, what's wrong?
Wait till you see the backyard.
It's so beautiful.
I still can't believe
this is really our house.
Yeah, like I said, it's...
it's been in the family for a while.
I mean, it's been fixed up
and added onto over the years, but...
- It's so quiet.
- Better be.
Nearest neighbor is over a mile away.
- Only a mile?
- Yeah.
Now, if you grab a bottle of wine,
sit in these chairs right over here,
you can catch one hell of a sunset.
Any of this feel familiar?
I'm sorry.
For what?
For not remembering you,
our life together.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
Here we go.
So I was thinking
I'll probably start you out
in the guest bedroom down here.
- It's closer to the kitchen...
- No special treatment.
I got it, but I justdon't want you
to overdo it.
I need us to get backto our old routine.
So where is our bedroom?
Up there.
No, no. Are you crazy?
Allow me, Mrs. Williams.
Here we are.
- Thank you.
- Careful, careful.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good, thank you.
Alright, let's do this.
- I'll go get the rest of your stuff.
- Thanks.
- Hello.
- Russell Williams?
- Speaking.
- This is Detective Page.
We spoke at the hospital.
Yes, sir.
Actually, could you...
Could you just hold on for one second?
I'll step out,
see if I can get a better signal.
Sorry. Er...
How's it going?Any luck finding the car?
No, not yet,
but I've talkedto a couple of drivers
who stopped to help your wife.
Really? Did they see anything?
Well, two of them thought they saw
a white pickup truck
leave the scene of the accident.
One of them thought that it might've been
pulling your wife's car.
the other thinks that he saw the plates.
From hisvintage Cadillac convertible.
Convertible? Ah.
But in the meantime, I'd really love it
if your wife could come down
to the station tomorrow.
Maybe she remembers something.
Look, we literally just got home,
and the last thing I want to do
is overwhelm her.
Mr. Williams, we promise
to take it easy on her.
How does 11:00 sound?
Yeah, 11:00 is great.Let's do that.
Good. See you then.
- What's tomorrow at 11:00?
- Huh?
I overheard you outside on the phone.
Oh, yeah. That was work calling.
Wondering when I was coming back.
I told them we just got home,
and there's no way
I'll rush your recovery.
Are they okay with me taking time off?
Honey, actually, you quit your job
when we moved out here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
We'd decidedwe wanted to start a family
and this wasthe best way to do it,
came out here for the fresh air,
and less stress.
No job, no family.
What about friends? I must have friends.
You've plenty of friends.
Since the move,we don't see them
as much as we used to.
- Do they know what happened?
- Yeah.
I spoke to Nancy
when we were leaving the hospital.
I asked if she'd let everybody know.
She and Jason will visit
once they get back from Hawaii.
Oh. Maybe I should reach out to them, too.
It might bring back some memories.
Yeah, it's a great idea.
Have the police found my phone?
Not yet.
Next time I'm out,
I'll just pick you up a new one.
We were happy, right?
Honey, we're still happy.
Excuse me. Sir?
Why were you asking
about Jennifer Williams?
What do you care?
Actually, I care a lot.
Who the hell are you?
Her husband.
Stay away from my wife!
Anyone out here?
Russell, do you hear that?
Russell, there's someone in the backyard!
You were out late.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
How about you?
- I slept okay.
- Yeah?
All right. Eggs, scrambled soft.
- Just like you like them.
- Thanks.
I think I'm gonna head into town today,
grab a few things.
I'll grab you that phone.
- Anything else you need?
- Nope.
You're sure?
I'll be fine, really.
I feel like I needto take a look around.
Maybe something will trigger my memory.
Well, don't overdo it.
I know.
Orange juice?
Fresh squeezed?
I'm right, aren't I?
There it is. See?
I told you it'd all come back.
Charlie. How many white pickup trucks
do you think there are in the county?
I give up.
Too goddamn many.
Is anyone waiting upfront for me?
You got a date?
Actually, I think I've been stood up.
Hey, it's Russell.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Leave a message, I'll call back.
Do me a favor.
Run a trace on this number.I'm going out.
I ran a search on our database
for Russell Williams,
but nothing came up.
Do you mind searching
for the contact info he gave you?
This is the addressthat he gave us.
Er, will you do me a favor?
When you speak to her,
please have her call
and make a follow-up appointment.
Every time I've called
it's gone straight to voicemail.
Will do.
Just one question.
Did Miss Williams ever mention
a white pickup truck?
No, I don't think so.
- Why?
- No, I was just wondering.
- Thank you for all your help.
- Yeah.
I'll love you forever and a day.
What is that?
That's weird.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look at you, made it down the steps.
I was just exploring.
Seeing if anything felt familiar.
Got it.
Well, as promised...
- For you.
- Oh, thank you.
I had them set that up for you.
Should be good to go.
- And... how was it?
- What?
While you were wandering,
anything come back to you?
No signal.
Yeah. Well...
Welcome to the mountains.
All right. Walk or carry?
- Walk.
- Walk.
- Shall we?
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Take it easy.
Can I help you?
- I'd like to talk to Jennifer Williams.
- Who?
Isn't this 58 Deerfield Road?
I was told she lived here
with her husband Russell.
Someone gave you the wrong information.
It's just me and my husband.
And you've never heard
of a Russell or Jennifer Williams?
No, Detective.
Thank you for your time.
Sheriff's Department.
Hey, it's me.
Looks like Russell Williams gave
the hospital the wrong address.
Maybe he just made a mistake
on the forms.
Tell me something.
Did anyone actually run
the victim's prints?
We didn't have to.
The husband identified her.
How did they find himto let him know
she was hurt?
That's the thing. I asked, but...
nobody remembered calling anyone.
I don't suppose you got a trace
on the number I gave you?
Looks like a burner.
We tried to trace it using GPS,
but there's no signal.
All right. Keep me updated.
Nurse Masters said,
as memories come back,
wires could probably get crossed.
I know.
You're healing, that's good news.
But I'm so confused.
Oh, baby.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
All the memories are gonna come back.
I promise you.
We've got every day from now,
the rest of our lives to make new ones.
You're right.
I'm glad you're home.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, I can't.
You can't?
Look, maybe I just need more time.
Oh for God's sake, Jen.
I am your husband.
Okay, listen to me.
I sat in that damn waiting room
night after night, because I couldn't
stand not being there when you woke up.
I was there at every step of your recovery
and this is what I get?
- A wife who won't let me touch her?
- You're hurting me.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay. I didn't mean it.
Come on. Jen...
Good night.
White Oaks ER.
Nurse Masters, Detective Page.
Hi, Detective.
Any luck reaching Jennifer?
Actually, no.
I was wondering,
can you pull up your surveillance cameras
from your parking lot
the night she came in?
Yeah, sure. I'll ask Security.
What are we looking for?
White pickup truck with a winch.
White pickup truck, sure.
Give me one sec.
Got those real estate records
you asked for.
That house has belonged
to Clark and Ruth Gibson since 1976.
Thanks, Charlie.
Now go home,
before Samantha blames me.
- I'll tell her you say hi.
- Please do.
- Detective?
- I'm still here.
Security just pulled the video file.
They'll email it over to you.
Thank you.
If you need anything else, let me know.
I was wondering one thing.
Yeah, shoot.
Since Jennifer had no ID,
how did Russell prove
he was her husband?
Give me one sec.
It says here in the doctor's notes
that he showed some family photos
and identified a back tattoo.
- Thank you for all your help.
- Sorry, Detective.
Thanks so much. Have a good night.
Son of a bitch.
Good morning.
I brought you something.
You always used to have a bunch of these
around the office, so we...
actually planted a special plot
out there for you.
Look, er...
I owe you an apology.
What I said last night was not fair.
And it just... It got away from me.
And I'm sorry.
If you want to take it slow,
we will take it slow, absolutely.
I want you to be comfortable.
- I'll be right out.
- Thanks.
- What can I do for you?
- Whoa, man. Did that hurt?
Why? You looking to get some silver?
Maybe one of these conches?
I'm more interested in these.
Heritage, huh?
- Yeah. You do them?
- I can do anything you want.
Can you tell me what that means?
Abby, Abbot, Adams, and...
How about that?
Charlie, it's me.
I got a hit on Jennifer's maiden name.
She shared a house with her parents
down in San Jose.
I'm on my way there now.
This is the police!
Is there anyone here?
Jennifer Allen?
So... any plans today?
No, not really.
I was gonna ask you the same thing.
How about we doa romantic dinner tonight?
How about I cook?
- What's your favorite again?
- Italian.
You make a killer lasagna.
Do you mind going out
and grabbing some groceries?
Not at all.I'd be happy to.
And some wine?
Yeah. Do you want white or red?
- Better get red if it's Italian.
- Red it is.
I'll be right back.
Drive safe.
Did he just lock it?
Jennifer and Russell?
They left the company before the wedding.
That was about two months ago.
- So you know Russell?
- Are you kidding?
They were the big office couple.
HR usually frowns on that kind of thing,
but they were cute together.
What you gonna do?
Those are fromthe corporate retreat
last year.
- Mm-hm.
- And... there.
That's the happy couple right there.
If that's Russell, who's that?
Ryan Gaerity?
What's this all about anyway?
Are they in some kind of trouble?
He still works here?
Not for the last couple of months.
He and his supervisor
had a little disagreement.
Disagreement meaning...?
Broke his nose in three places.
Ryan's a smart guy,
but he's got a hell of a temper.
Did something happen, Detective?
I'm gonna need all the contact info
you can give me.
And by the way,
after they left, I found a little note
that Russell wrote to Jennifer,
buried in her desk.
It's yours if you think it might help.
Yeah, sure. Thanks.
I'll love you forever and a day.
How can we have no Internet?
Where's the...
You gotta be kidding me.
You okay?
You took a hell of a fall.
Oh, sweetheart,
that doesn't look good at all.
What happened?
What did you think was gonna happen?
Roaming around in the yard
in your condition?
- What were you doing out there?
- What's going on?
Wait. What did you do to my phone?
What happened to the Internet?
- Don't get so worked up. Listen.
- No...
Take your medication, okay?
- I don't want medication.
- Rest a while.
- I don't want to rest!
- You need to. It'll be good for you.
Okay. Now give that about 20 minutes,
and I promise you,
you won't feel any more pain, okay?
Who the hell are you?
- What do you mean?
- What did you do with my husband?
What are you doing?
Wait, Russell.
After everything that I have done for you,
I hoped that by now,
you'd give me a little more gratitude.
- No.
- Shh!
Just stay right here.
I'm gonna get some work done.
Everything's gonna be fine, I promise.
Wait... no...
Oh, God.
Mr. Williams?
Russell Williams.
Mr. Williams.
Mr. Williams.
I've tried to call you
to start physical therapy.
Your number doesn't work.
That's so funny.
Jennifer and I were saying
how we hadn't heard from you.
How's she doing?
She's great.
That detective's looking for her.
- Detective?
- Yeah.
Frankly, I've been concerned as well.
None of the numbers thatyou gave us work.
No, I probably gota number crossed
Tell me where Jennifer is.
I really appreciate your help,
thank you,but she's doing great.
I gotta go.
- I'm gonna call the detective.
- Get away from my car.
Excuse me?
Mr. Williams...
- You're back.
- I ran into Nurse Masters while I was out.
She asked how you were doing.
How are we doing by the way?
What's that?
I'll just be a second.
Hey, we're actually busy right now.
It'd be great if you could come back
another time.
Russell, this is Detective Page.
Can you open up the gate?
I want to talk.
Sure, yeah. Come on in.
Help! Help!
There's a door in the back.
No, no!
Get away!
We are really starting to have
some trust issues here, aren't we?
Please, tell me who you are!
I'm your husband.
The sooner you realize that,
the better everything will be, I promise.
No, no. Please, don't.
Did you do this?
Not bad.
Now listen to me.
If that leg is ever gonna get better,
you're gonna have to stay off it.
Okay? Promise me you'll stay off it.
Say it.
Say it.
I promise I'll stay off of it.
Do you have any idea
what I have done for you?
Come on.
Damn it.
We're here live with the talented
and incredibly sexy...
Excuse me... intelligent
and utterly amazing.
But enough about me...
I love you.
- Forever and a day, right?
- Right.
Russell... what are you doing?
I don't know why I try anymore.
All I have ever wanted...
was for you to love me,
and for you to know how much I love you.
I would've given up my entire world
just to be a part of yours.
Please. Whatever youwant me to do,
I'll do it.
I don't want to die.
None of us does, but...
then again,
it's not up to us now, is it?
Wait. We don't have to pretend anymore.
Or lie.
- I promise.
- I know that.
I know, and it's not your fault.
Because you can't remember.
Do you know how many years I spent
working with you in that office?
Years getting to know you.
Getting to understand you.
And all for the great Russell Williams
to come along...
and take what was mine.
I know you better than anyone else.
I'm the one that you should be with,
not him.
And so I fixed it.
I took care of anyone
that could get in my way.
I probably would have killed you, too,
the funniest thing happened.
Fate gave me a chance.
Now, with a clean slate, I could give you
the life that you always deserved.
We can start a new life together,
you and me.
Don't touch me.
I'm really starting to feel unappreciated.
What was that?
Sorry, I bumped the table.
You know, I've been...
thinking about what you said before.
I never knew you felt that way about me.
Well, whether you know it or not,
I've always been looking out for you.
Why didn't you ever say anything?
Russell, you never gave us a chance.
I can see how much you care about me now.
And I have been such a burden.
No, you haven't been a burden.
You know, love takes time.
It does.
How are you?Can I get you anything?
Maybe something to drink?
Honey, we're all alone out here.
What are you gonna do?
Get up.
Why did it have to be like this?
Why couldn't you just be happy?
Please, no.
You couldn't let us be happy, could you?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
It's all right.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Look at you.
How're you doing, Jennifer?
Good. Better.
No cane and everything.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
You leaving?
Yeah, off to Scottsdale,
to spend the rest of my days playing golf
and dating divorcees.
Sounds fun.
It's overdue.
Good for you.
What about you?
Going back down to San Jose?
Yeah. I just wanted to say goodbye
before I left.
And to thank you.
You're welcome.
Hell, I almost forgot.
I went to your old office
and your boss gave me this.
I would have brought it to the hospital,
but the nurse said
you were already discharged.
For everything.
You're welcome.
Take good care, Jennifer.
Jennifer, I know it's probably silly
writing you a little note like this,
knowing we're about to spend
the rest of our lives together,
but I just wanted you to know
that regardless of what happens next,
the time we've spent together
are the happiest memories
I could ever ask for.
I love you.
Not only for who you are,
but for who I am when I'm with you.
I'll love you forever and a day.