Secret Sharer (2014) Movie Script

- Hey.
Why this sudden promotion?
For refurbishment.
- This ship's
Chinese registered.
- You have problem with that?
- It's impossible, I can't
captain a Chinese ship.
- This is new China.
Everything is impossible,
but all things are possible.
I will double this when
you finish the mission.
- Mission?
- Captain.
Good luck.
- Good luck.
- We sail at dawn.
Your orders.
- We know the way to China.
- Call captain please.
- I am the captain.
What are you doing here?
- Let me rest.
Hide me.
- What trouble are you in?
If you don't tell
me, I can't help you.
- Who are you?
Oh, you are captain.
- Who gave you permission
to board my ship?
- We are looking for a woman.
- Aren't we all?
- A murderer.
- In my cabin.
Captain to captain.
- You wanted to speak to
me, captain to captain.
- You know what we Chinese
say about women onboard ships?
Well, it's brought me
a great misfortune.
- So, who did this woman murder?
My first mate,
son of an important
government official.
- I see, a murderer, you say.
- She's here
somewhere, I know her.
- A murderer?
- That's what my crew believe.
- And what do you believe?
- You see, this
woman, Li, is my wife.
- You want your wife
to face the death penalty?
But do you know
the penalty for--
- The penalty for
harboring a murderer?
- What if she drowned?
It's a long way
to swim to shore.
Go ahead.
- I must confess.
- Yes?
- From everything you've
told me Captain Wang.
Her trying to swim to
shore seems like suicide.
- You see.
I thought I could save her.
- I trusted you,
and you betray me!
- I just saved your life.
- Only by chance!
- You can jump off my ship now.
I'm not stopping you.
- Do you believe his story?
- Be quiet, my crew
might hear you.
- Well do you?
Or I'll give you up.
- We know what you are up to.
- With what?
- Why do you think the
Boss gave you this bad job?
- Why did you come back then?
I don't want drunks on my ship!
- What do we do now, Mrs. Wang?
- Don't call me that.
I'm no longer anybody's wife.
You must let me go.
- Don't you understand?
We're twelve miles off the coast
because I can't risk sailing
through Chinese
territorial waters.
- Hm.
- So I should let you drown?
- Out there, you're a murderer.
In here, you don't exist.
Echo sounder?
- Not working.
Very old.
Umi, your girlfriend?
- Maybe.
- Me, no girlfriend.
No wife.
Very lonely job.
- Yeah.
- Pacific, change course.
Pacific, change
course immediately.
- Worried I might murder you?
Don't ever try to lock me in!
- What was I thinking?
I should've never
taken this job.
So badly wanted to be a captain.
Was it murder?
- Only I know what
I'm guilty of.
- But you did kill a man?
- A man died because
of what I did.
- Not just any man,
an official which--
- Listen to me.
- So you did the right thing?
I must go now, show
myself on deck.
Hope you like Cuban music.
- Why did you marry Wang?
- It was my duty.
- Your duty?
- You obviously don't
understand family ties.
- That's right, I
left them all behind,
like my father, Poland.
- You care only for yourself?
- That's what makes
me a free man.
My father had too
many principles.
He even forbade
Communist music at home,
Cuban, Russian, Chinese.
And I, well.
- Just ran away to the sea.
- Better than swimming away.
- Why do you care
if I live or die?
- Look, the crew
will do anything
to frustrate my
sailing to Shanghai.
If they see you trying
to escape, they'll
alert the police.
I'll be jailed and you executed.
Is that what you want?
- Huh?
- So you know where
your cabin is?
- Don't you have Polish music?
- No.
- No music from
your own country?
- No.
You've been through my things?
- I wanted to know
more about you.
Why did you leave home?
- Old Europe, new China.
I wanted to go to Cuba,
but got on the wrong ship.
This is my first command.
It's what I always
dreamed of and--
- So, all your dreams came true.
I haven't been laid yet.
- You're like a boy,
only think of one thing.
- Spend time with them.
Good excuse to
drink with the crew.
- Not on my ship.
- And stop wearing
a captain's outfit.
The crew knows who you are.
- Drunk and in charge of a ship.
- Pretend drunk then.
Like you're pretend captain.
- Our ship, our home.
- Turns out the drunk next
door is the old captain.
We must be even
more careful now.
It's from my boss.
Instructions on where, when,
and how to sink the ship.
- And if you don't?
- He's paying me a lot of money.
- What will you do?
- It's not a request,
it's an order.
- I can never come
back to life again.
- You could come to
life in another country.
- You'd do that for me?
- Yeah.
- And risk everything?
- What is it you want?
- All I want, is
that you understand me.
- What do you care?
- He seems to care,
for some reason.
- It's no captain's
duty to sink his ship.
- Didn't stop you taking
the Boss's money as well.
- Do the right thing.
- Yang Shu, Yang Shu!
- Man overboard!
Man overboard, port side!
- Port side?
- Couldn't see.
- It is his choice.
Better for him, better for us.
- You'll live.
I don't want you
to stop wanting me.
- But you don't want me.
- We all want to be loved,
but few want to love.
- You can play, can't you?
- Of course.
- Let the crew know you can.
- One of my father's
patriotic songs.
- I loved to dance,
before I married Wang.
- I haven't sung that
since I left home.
My father always told me
that a man without principles
becomes a slave to
other men's limits.
And he asked me,
"what do you want?
"Limits or horizons?"
I want horizons.
And so do you.
- I'll stay.
Not so lonely here.
- Let's get closer to the coast.
- Into territorial waters?
- I'll take that risk.
We're here.
- This is where the Boss
ordered you to wreck the ship.
The sea is much calmer
in this channel.
Wang was always taking
short cuts through here,
and I was his navigator.
You can shelter from the storm.
It's a very dangerous passage,
there are some submerged rocks.
- We will take this
shorter course.
- Impossible, too
many small islands.
- That's what
navigation is about.
- Still planning to sink us?
- Trust me.
- Have you thought how to get
me off without being seen?
- I have.
Half speed.
- Half speed!
- Thirty to port!
- Thirty to port.
Hard to port!
- I take no
responsibility for this.
- Now!
- Hard to port!
- Can't.
- I'll call you.
Must know you're safe.
- Quick, cut my hair.
Shorter, like yours.
- Go now.
And don't look back.
- Map.
Mong Lin, slow ahead, over.
- Slow ahead!
- Hard to port, over.
All clear for now, over.
- Yes, captain.
- You disobeyed my orders!
- I used it as a deposit
for the refurbishment.
- What?
The money you gave
me and Mong Lin...
to sink the ship.
This is Cuba
Havana at night
Havana night
You have to look
into the faces
You have to feel
the island spirit
Dance with me
That is the key
We're Cubans and
we're proud to be
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana at night
Havana night
We are what our ancestors
taught us, oh oh
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us
Havana, this is Cuba
Havana, this is us