Secret Superstar (2017) Movie Script

Get 54 19 c with me-
Ok, dad why you show me
Come on with me
Silent... it's hanging out
"Crazy and secret"
I chose the particle "
"And I made a dream
"With knitted yarns and yarns"
"I snapped pieces and made me dream"
"I snapped pieces and made me dream"
"My dream, my dream"
"To come to the truth"
"My dream, my dream"
"To come to the truth"
Human? New song
It was very beautiful
Did you write yourself
What are you doing here
I have an ad -
These are the school form competitions
Single dance, group dance
Beauty contest as well as singing
And in each string you win a laptop
And for a free internet one year
Let me see you
And something else
You are building a successful tent
Also, you
Missing Superstar
You do not know how much I miss you
You were in a singing contest
He was a kid to read
You do not know how to despise it
Do not say so and do not ask
What's your eyes
I had a sip from the top of the closet
Wardrobe corner
You're right
I'm very cool
... I was saying, I'm afraid
She called her baby
That started to cry
You're right
You're so awful
Do not stick to me
Hello alik
Alik al-Islam
How was the camp?
Got a gift for me? -
Did I go for a gift?
Two Chocolate? -
Some chocolate? -
Not even one?
I said no-
Have you come up like a stick?
No! Hi, no!
Hello grandma
Alik Islam
Why did not you give me a gift?
Go daddy Gift gift gift-
Why do you give me a gift?
Do you have a mother and daughter in one hand?
This .. this .. this
Well done
So how do you judge your decision?
You are very nazi; you have ten scores for you cute
Yes ten scores
What a chase race?
This Monali reader program, singing
I know, I've heard about my work and myself
You are a crazy referee
Even M does not know music
My son did you understand the art of the disgrace?
How dare you
What do you know about art?
Donald Tramp
Boy, what do you look at?
Outside... go out
Friends, frustration
He is more famous than himself
She has heard that her wife has left her last month
Yes, friends are all stress
Somewhere its effect is a hundred times
Well, the friends of the deceased who separated from his wife
After trading messages, we ask you to ask for it
Is this the year Salman Khan marries
That's it, I'm not going to remember the Golagar Festival today
I remembered
What is the best reader?
I do not know, it's hard to guess
Best composer?
Everyone is reading the body
Just blow it down
The controversy that has not yet received a prize
But I hear new songs
Denial of Remix is a good old song
That song has never been made well
Mommy .. I have a washbasin
Wait a minute... Let's go
Well, let's go to the next prize that you own
: Best female and female singer
Monali Takur
The prize winner
Monali Takur
If I have picked up, I want to accept it!
Mommy .. it's over
Friends get tired of getting the prize
It's too long to see you now.
This time I called the festival and told me
This time, Shaktiy does not receive a prize, but she will
Mommy... it's over
Well, I'm here to donate
Women's Best Female Singing Award
..and the prize goes to
My student, who gave me the opportunity for the first time
I read, Monali Takur
Come on Mona
Come on, darling
What can i say?
This award means a lot to me
Its truth is worth a world for me
I want to thank my darar and my followers
That's the way I like you
So I'll read good songs
Thank you so much
Jigger, you're new good now
I like songs
You are new to the kids only
Make a song something
Who are you to tell me what to do?
The prize has come to me
And I think I have the right to speak
Why are you speaking?
Have you got any prizes?
You're crying in your propaganda
I've brought you in the cinema! I
How bad it is! Do not you shy?
I stared at you-
I got the bet
Yeah, what do you want?
Do you attend school art competitions?
But do not tell bobat
If I choose for the final stage
I have to go bombay
No, so let's go
Bots are constantly threatening to break the guitar
Then bombing you over?
not at all
You said whatever you want
That's what I said to ask of me
Not from your life and appreciation
See you there is some way
come here
First open the fire
Say more--
Bob's night is late
Tired and hungry
When the food was in your mouth
You may ask for it
Good Mom's Thought
Which song do I sing right?
... song
What are you winning a prize?
A laptop and one year free net
Choose a good song for that
You will win whatever you sing
You're a favorite reader
It was Monaley Takur
It's better than that
Hello Dad
Do you have a glass of water in this house?
Yes daddy
How was the camp?
It was good daddy-
You learned something
Or just gone?
No, daddy was good
How are you
Daddy... some .. daddy
Chicken Salad-
come here-
I'm sorry
I'm sorry to have your stomach? -
Then work 17 hours
Do not get good food! Han
Najmeh .. Do you have a sachet?
Your name is dead? -
Sorry daddy
You were supposed to go tomorrow
I said how many would I go?
Third! How many today
Two! How many tomorrow
Salt, you remember sticking, the pack is remembered
What do you remember?
I'm tired of you
If you please again
I'm throwing you instead of the capacity
: Intagram and the official telegram of our media
My mom says you have to be separated from your mother
That's not the right husband
What then?
Why do not you understand I'm not kidding
You must understand
Who is spending the school?
... sat in large room
What a great mom? -
I have a map
They! What's your plan for Missy Missy?
You accept first to say
You go
You go
Do you know Gogh's reasoning?
What does that mean?
That is, if you want to cook chicken
First, the egg was then chicken next to the kebab
But if you want to omelet
First hens and eggs
Then you can make the omelette
Or, that's it... you have the answer to the story
Not mommy, but we find
Talking Beto is useless
Do not argue
Give a promise
What do I promise? -
That's if I've got a good map
You are separated from Daddy
That's it
Do not promise this
Say promise
Okay, get it sleep
I promise
Promise? Promise 100%?
Yeah Baba promise -
Promise man
Yeah -
For now
Humanity... you know
give me an example
When was the question asked now?
A song has come to my mind
If I answer the question, I will reply
Are you Kerry? answer-
Do i answer or get a song?
Give your hands
Answer or....?
I said your hand
Hi... chocolate
It was not possible
Goodo in the open
You're late in the chicken
I want you
Give it
what is this?
Mom this what?
what is this? Where did Godot come from?
How many purchases?
Kilo thousandth
Very expensive laptop
Say more
Where did all this money come from?
You've come from somewhere else
Yesterday, if my slab was salt
Maybe you're going to race one
But I remember the salt
Tell it right
Have you borrowed
I can not accept it
I'll give it back
Are you crazy?
There are thousands of things that I did not give you
And I can not
Do not take pleasure in seeing you
Sometimes I'm glad to see you
See this. How big is the world
And our bride is a good cheer
this? Is this going to happen?
Fresh eyes are left and right "
"To learn
"Just Dandruff Shine To Learn"
.. "as if this heart is right now"
"Understanding the laughing stock"
"Fresh Hairs To Learn"
"Fresh Learning Knots"
"It seems like this now"
"Understanding the laughing stock"
"Windows do not care"
"Chairs are ticking"
"Everything I see is ticking down"
"Vegetables are ticking"
"Buns are ticking"
"Everything I see is ticking down"
Is this what?
No one
Han serious
"Everything I see is ticking down"
Hey, my friend, I'm singing a song
What's up in the middle of the night?
Mommy, I want to give you a YouTube video
that's good
Let us also send youtube for bobat to Riyadh
Then what do you know you know?
I know-
This is three pixels
Stop dreaming and sleep
what did you say! First you sleep
Then you can not dream
If I sleep, I'll sleep myself
You say, why are we awake in the morning?
To bring the dreams of the past to the truth
What is the benefit of awakening?
Mommy does not make sense without dreams
Not sleeping and awakening is neither life nor death
Dreaming Very Elegant
So everyone should be allowed
How much do you talk
What do you want to say short?
I want to hear Saddam all over the world
Only school and broda and india no
The whole world knows I'm the best reader
Not just you
Well, that's my wish
And it will be fulfilled
But sleep now
Leave it
Talking is useless
That's it. It's a way
What do you do
what is this?
That's a blow
the same -
What does that mean?
Will I wear this video?
Yeah, do not you want
Hear the voice of the world?
The face is obvious or hidden
What's the difference?
Important sultate
Is that different? -
I still did not appear
You can hide your face
No, you did not
I do not want to change your station
I'm going to change the train
So much to be allowed
Not so much a perfect idea mom
It does not work
Everyone is watching
..this is my first video; my name is
I can not say my name
But if you like the video
Please let it go
"One tell me cum"
"Let me know what's your address"
"Is my path right or not?"
"Do I travel this way or not?"
"I am afraid of my dream that they are converted"
"I'm afraid of insiders who betray me"
"Are there any sways or spots in the way?"
"Is it gray or fire?"
"I Thrust or Wave"
"Am I relaxed or ruined?"
"One tell me who"
"Why, who am I, what am I?"
"Do I believe in myself or not?"
"Whether or not I am, is it different?"
"How do you cry when I got wrong?"
You are looking for a path "
"When did I get lost?
"Are there any sways or spots in the way?"
"Is it gray or fire?"
"I Thrust or Wave"
"Am I relaxed or ruined?"
"Am I right or silent?"
"Open my table or break my heart?"
"Am I too busy or busy?"
"Are you stubborn or shy?"
"Are there any sways or spots in the way?"
"Is it gray or fire?"
"I Thrust or Wave"
"Am I relaxed or ruined?"
"Who am I?"
Missed Superstar
No visit, no litter
No viewpoint
I told my mom a nonsense idea
How many times do you have?
Sorry lady
Mother forced me to be busy
That I should not accept
Everybody knows of 45 kids
I do not accept more
Sorry lady
It does not repeat
Now go find somewhere
This is Browda's so bad
I already explained
There was no place again
What is that
You're late if you have some booklets
You want me to you
I'm asking for a Facebook
I did not give you a reply
Are we friends
Are not we
Hey Chenton
Did you solve the problems?
Yeah, I want to write
I stand at you
Are you stealing
You can go inside
That's it
Do i eat food
... mommy
come here-
See this
That your video -
Do you know how many people have seen?
Han? -
11470 people.
You're right?-
Yeah, that's all I've never seen before
Just because of this laptop, your idea worked
I did not say?
Yeah. Now I'm a Superstar
Listen to this
Superstar knows everyone
But you must keep it hidden
Otherwise, get the bobb of this laptop with me
And you're out of the house
Nothing Mommy
That's what I really say; Bobby should not understand--
Where do you want to know?
Youtube not seeing
I promise you will not do anything
Well, before your grandmother
I'm busy eating food
Listen right, come here
What's Mommy? -
Bobby is coming tomorrow
I'll be home all day
Let it off
Mommy Daddy, who goes to Riyadh for work?
We can be hired for 11 months
Yeah, and it's a month
Twenty-four hours in your house
But another month
It's not bad enough
What is the name You are very talented
The video was very good
Facebook or tweet?
What a damn! Can not you show your faces?
It does not matter whether it's face or not
The sound of it
Otherwise, you will be dressed in videotapes
And a lot of talent is scarce
The voice is very good
What video are you next to?
Thankful. Do not you admire?
Three pseudo hours
I live in New York now 5/30 days
See you in New York to see my video
Is it okay?
How are you? -
that's good
what is this? Where did you come from
From my house-
It had fallen out of place
So far, something
Sent home?
He is interested in his old equipment
You're in this house
Aunt Shahrokh movie has been released
Would you like to see
Since my husband died, I did not see the cinema
So let's go
Good thought
Enso did not go too far
Is Humanity Not Schooling?
Your exam is near
Another movie and TV and guitar
Shut down I'm having a laptop
What's wrong with you
come here
The husband of illiterate girls is very difficult
I got a donkey no one else drops
Take care of your aunt
Hello to everyone
Thank you for your luck
This is my second video
This song is for my mother
"Somewhat funny and somewhat attractive"
"A little bit too old and so old"
"Like a syrup of hot air"
"Like a thick blanket of cold air"
"My lovely mom this week"
"My lovely mom this week"
"My lovely mom this week"
"My lovely mom this week"
"I'm sorry, you cry"
And also in my happiness "
"He makes her wet
"You have your prayers filled with prayers"
"Say one," my mother this time "
"A little smart, slightly emotional"
Mommy When You Come "
"All the problems escape
"It's like the key to the opening of each lock"
I wish all my funds "
"I gave my hand
"My lovely mom this week"
"My lovely mom this week"
"My lovely mom this week"
"My lovely mom this week"
"My mom this time"
"My mom this time"
Cantan... Mrs. Saret?
I'm giving you more than you
Who is this unknown star?
Mrs. I'm finished
Early curse - Yeah-
Let me see you What are you waiting for?
Mom, I'm good tomorrow and I'll eat
I will try
Give it to your mother, then sign it
With the wishes of your mother
You accepted the class
What would you like to do with this?
I do not accept your request
I accepted the double wage
Aha? The double wage that bobbins do
My money is worth the money
Do something
Give the bots a signature
Sorry lady, I did not mean-
Go to the signer
Go away or call me home
Get Signatures
I've finished my lady
What is human?
Is not that another?
What are you doing
What are you doing here
Why did you come see me
I saw all the clips
I had already doubted
I know the call
You're at school all see
What else do you know
I do not think anyone knows
Only i know
A moment of burqa
Do not you know anyone?
That's it
Come on, get the newspaper and go -
But do not tell anyone
OK Do not worry
I'm all secret
Never reveal
Thank you
I tell you my secret
He... love you
Do not make a mistake for this
That superstar
I loved you many times ago
You must have felt it
You want me go home
Go back? -
Go again
Did you get your newspaper?
Today the newspaper is not coming
Reduce your money today is not closed
Missing Superstar, Binom
And also famous
So what's the secret of that
Behind the curtain comes and sinks
Not a marketing strategy
If so, then this girl
What is your internet storm four weeks ago?
Daddy see this
Sorry daddy forgive me
What do you do
Reedy to ours
But this is hidden work
Thirty million times seen
The song "Who am I" is ranked first in the UK
And Amithab Bachan sent you a Twitter one
Indian Music Committee
The composer Shakti Kumar has been baconed
As she called her baby
The committee also became frustrated
You've come to the next movie
No reader willing to cooperate with her
Give some more tea
I remember going to say
Tomorrow the marriage is a rich brother
You must come
There's no need for a burqa
Modern is not interesting
Goodo come in too
Hi dear, I love you
I did not see the face but love my voice
I saw my video juggernaut
Hail you with the hidden face! Shitoon
Sounds good, it has a potential
If you want to build your future
Call back
My number 982000 could
not be e-mail rarman? -
what happened?
Dad, we had a science examination
Is that same 50%? -
No, this is a test of the reinforcement class
I'm good for a school exam
How many did you get? -
How many? -
Saab Baba took a cheerful exam
We did not know
If i know i'm good i'm joking
You must sign
Daddy see how hard he is
Take a moment to get your guitar
Sorry baba
For school exam
Well, I'm drinking 70%
Can not accept 70%?
I said to bring the guitar
Sorry baba-
If you say another time, you do not know what it is
Until I say, do not connect your wires
What has this to do with the exam?
If I do not, I'll reject it again
This... you apologize
Have a kid
Sorry for me
Are you grateful? Han
Say sorry
That's it
Why are you hurt leave me
knock Knock
You gave me a great deal
Why are you doing wrong? -
It's not a good mood
I'm candy
Why do not you get me
Did you live in your last life? Was your pet?
You are all looking for me
Stick to me? What's your problem
I told you four times from the morning
But you do not understand
Because you do not have self-esteem, no?
Sorry sorry
I'm sorry
: Intagram and the official telegram of our media
I got tired?
Come on; how long are you waiting?
I'm just a minute
That's the food you eat
And give to your grandmother
We are late
Let's go Do we go that
What's up
She wears a lightweight necklace that wears a bottle of data
What do people say? That the engineer can not
Is there a neck strapping his wife's neck?
I do not know where I left it
It will be late
Are you the Palace of Ali Baba?
Little house. Come on
I remember you in the safe
I gave the bank
Did you sleep a pill? 4 months ago
We closed the box
Do not waste time. Go away
I remember going to tell you
I let you go, I remember going to tell you
You were covered in the Eid, then we did not go to your brother's house
Why do you call nonsense?
I'm going to go again
You're napping
Mommy help me finds out
I'm waiting here
Mommy Paying Laptop Out
Did you sell the necklace?
What I did not have anything else for sale
Why did you sell
What are you answering now?
I do not know that-
What to do
I say I did not find a place-
Do you accept
I do not know-
What do i say I have to say something
I do not want to escape! That's what I say
Let's talk to her
We are looking we find
See this there; maybe there
Down below, see the box
Was not found
Sell tomorrow at home
Without telling me
.. you know
I asked you? -
Dad once listened
I asked you? -
I wanted to tell you
Listen to dad I insisted-
Here are you
Listen to daddy
I'm selling tomboy tomorrow
I like the same necklace
Baba is my fault; Mom did not do anything
Get humanity in your room-
Daddy, I'm right, it's my fault
Mom did not do anything
Did not you hear I said you take Godoo in your room
Baba right, I'm wrong with me
Mom did not do anything; I insisted
Do you want your brother to see everything?
You must see, because it's your fault
Dad; Mom did not work
In this, take Godoo in your room
What did you sell other than necklaces? say
Why do you look down?
Sell a neckline and a tiger
Do you want to talk? How wrong are you?
Be sure to sell it. No thought
Stop dad I said I do not want a laptop
Sell it; I said it was my fault
Laptop! Where is the laptop?
Take it away
Out of the window
Why do you look at this?
You are your laptop
And you insisted
So you go for it
Gujarati poet is a great poem
.. a bird that saw me
You were angry
I've gotten to hell with you
You must be angry
I am sorry
It was my trick
Trick? -
Saw my friend when you are sad
I'm trying to make them dull
I'm going to give them my head
With all energy, the negative energy is extinguished
And it's good
I got the same thing with you
Sorry sorry
I said that it's okay -
Do you drink tepla?
Best Omnipresent Trial?
Then you should eat it-
Mr. Bachan how are you?
Now you're two friends
Do you read yours
Yeah. I eat all my tweets
And you have friends too
He is the composer... Shakti Kumar
She's tweeted
Call him
You can also be a movie reader
I do not call
Not a good person
Did you know? -
So where do you know? -
You saw the news. Her wife also left her
So it's not good
My mother left my father
But I'm not a bad guy
My mother told me herself
I'm sorry I did not know
It's not a fault, it's not your fault
My mom says nobody is to blame
I'm giving you something
Yeah say
My laptops are broken
Check out your email and
You write on facebook and tweet
I can not watch a video for a few days
I have a personal problem
Okay, tell me something?
What is your personal code?
Give me some auto
Go on
... well, students
Your station has arrived
No, I'll leave the next station
How is your mother like a man?
My mother is exactly like children
What are the kids?
Cute but I do not understand anything
They are cowards and they must be right
And make them false
I do not understand you again
My mother is exactly this one
Where do you know
About kid! Do you have children? -
Oh sorry
I've been kidding
Two boys do it
Hello Dad
Hello, Hello, how is my daughter?
I am fine-
Goodo is opening the door
What occasion?-
My aunt was hired in Riyadh
Sheikh oil wells are
As project engineer
good job
Have you heard
Yeah, very good news
Tomorrow we go to the new tent door
Yes we go why do not we go
And dinner out, okay
Come on
Ok daddy
Take it
You grew up
You want to play the last few months in the last few months
Then a new country and a new life
Hey, my friend, there is the door there
You are our company
There is a boy Razzak
There is a passenger company
Hajj license is also available
You like your good baby
See how many photos have been sent
You knew if your dad was going to Saudi
Will not we take it with us? Han
I did not know how to hire
Mommy, let's go I do not speak with you
Listen to this
Mom Please-
That's all right
What's up? how are you?-
My mom says let's run
Where to go? -
What's the difference? Where?
You do not care about us in this house
Godow we want to give him
What are you doing
Give Godow here
He'll be big like a robot
What is the purpose of our life?
That Goddo is 2% human
Do we better So what about our life?
There is nothing to our hands
Mom's wrong. Everything is in our hands
There is nothing we can not do
I'm saying I'm not Saudi
I run away and you should not be delusional
Schedule a program
That's it
That's it.
let it go. Talking is useless
: Bolivian Art Cultural Media
Interpreters: Bingxa and Hajir
The life of Shakti Kumar turned around
The KhanKada court ordered a bombing against him
And his wife won
You have proven your wife's lawyer, Shina Sabahawa
He is associated with four simultaneous women
When asked about this
See what he answered
What do you feel about loss in court?
Ms. Shina Sabawala is the lawyer
You won by lying in court
I'm going to the Supreme Court
Is your family's claim about your relationship right?
Shut up
Now let's see the enemy of men, Shina
In the case of Shakti Kumar Bagin-
Shakti Kumar is a rude and unscrupulous person
I am happy with the outcome of the trial
Adoring men like Shakti Vajabe
This woman is a lawyer this time
The eleventh win of the year
It means that the lives of 11 men are overcome
Shina's record in
Hundreds of family court
What is the composer's side for?
What a gangster and a mafia
Shina wins
Come on, let's go
Not you, I'm working -
Get them -
There is a problem
What? -
Chilled boiled water
So how can I not? -
No, you can do it
Mees cal -
Why should I call me?
Marching -
Why should you take it?
Get it once more
I'm sorry, I'm tomorrow from my mother
I get a lot more money
let it go
Come on, go home
Do not hurt me, I want to be alone
I'm not looking for you, you're building
One of my friends
Which friend you are?
He... giganz
You do not have our own building
Sorry I thought you were in any building in Browda
There is a gigan
Come on, take it on me again
Do not try, go home
He's rummaged, get up early
Elo .. Shakti? My Lord is human
Human Property
I have video on my YouTube
Missing Superstar
Yeah, that's the girl with the burqa
The phone did not have a credit card
.. because of this
Hell browa... today no, tomorrow?
Yeah tomorrow-
But I have a condition
If you've recorded the song, help me out
I'll tell you tomorrow
Do you promise Safe? Thankful
You can take 2 minutes later
Bazin, thank you
I want to go tomorrow a bomb to record the song
But how do I go? - by airplane
I know that he is booking a ticket
And I send one to the airport
Get some school tomorrow
I will give you my pamphlets
And come back to the bell
What if someone sees?
You are not a superstar; you're hidden
There is another problem
I did not get on the plane so far
Do not worry, I'll roll up tomorrow
I went
Wait two minutes, why hurry you?
Your mother is following the service
So you have to board the bus
Do not worry about the ticket. I'm printing.
run -
The bus goes inside the school
So you have to run away from school
Go to the school to go to the school to go to the girls and go there
Good Morning
Good Morning-
: Another site address
I escaped because I thought
If there is a terrorist attack
We need to know how to escape
That's the lock!
What now
Wait to do something
I know I'm not going to fly
Not knocking
What do you do
Wait a while--
You must stop here
Are you crazy?
Do you have a better idea?
How do I go back? -
I have eight hours
I'm doing it
Go go
Take me here one here
Be careful not to miss the road
you OK?
Yeah what? -
I'm fine the way-
I love you too-
Go to airport
Bring him faster, please
Have you been certified?
His ruins -
Is it time to go?
Yes -
Uncle, you sat on my chair
I am in the same row
But my chair is on the window
What's the difference? -
Uncle is my place
Lift up
Come on
Close your belt
See the plane that jumps
How big is the world, and Bruda is a little bit
Building, bobat
All down and down the bar
I'll break my back
But you do not see
Mrs. Raksa want you Taxi? Hotel?
Where do you want to go
SuperLastar is missing?
Send me your followers
Let's go for it
Shakti sent you
Yes, my sister has sent me down
Let's go now It's too late, let's go
Do something with the money. Get it
You have a voice!
I'm glad to see my daughter
you OK?
Tea, coffee, soft drinks?
Cocaine Are you
Wow! There is a story!
..Brida .. BIRTH .. Youtube .. Shakti Kumar
And then Superstar
For you in a five star hotel
I will introduce, all the media
I'll get to the Mumbai Times Index
Getting Started on the Prophecy of Humanity by Shakti Kumar
Jigger does not despise you, but it's not artistic
What is your meaning
Humanity means woman-
Name that you give, but its worse
How are you dew
Lion - We have Han-
Natasha with Double A
NEA, she's... the same
Excuse me but my identity
Should be false
You do not know if your mother knows
What a disaster strikes me
See my daughter Amor, not tomorrow, the media
Find what I say and what I do not say
We do not have time. The footage must be recorded
It will be broadcast two weeks later
Two more films will be released
And you have to go to school six more hours
So do not waste time
Enise; turn on
I'm talking to you "
"And I sing songs
I wear my love clothes "
"And I'll be yours
I'm dancing and dancing and "
"I'm gorgeous, my dear sex
My daughter
That's the way with God's blessing
Well, let's go to record Yala
Do not hurt you at the studio
What's up?
Yeah siran
Sir 2 minutes
Yes yes yes
We will get some products
good job. Start
This is not my daughter like this
Hahay hahay
The same time?
Cut... Cut
You will read a poem, Oh, and we'll attach you later
Yes sir-
I talk to you
I'm eating my song, wearing a love suit
My daughter is not praying
Feel it and sing
Cut off... you're wrong
You're biting with your brain
Do not you know what you're doing with your brain?
From my mind
I'm the people... I want to hear from you
Do not sweat from your heart
What does that mean?
Body language .. okay? -
Let's go free. Come on
Come on? Where?-
Come on here
That's two or two
Create a hurry
Better ?! Let's sing
good job
"I spoke and spoken in your tongue"
My daughter sing something for me
Go on
: Intagram and the official telegram of our media
Your job is not
Ranjit Mersound Airport
You are at home and in front of the microphone to read
You.... you go to school
I go to the toilet
You know, you made good songs before
But new songs like Remix
An old song that has never been made
I told you this is not the job, but you did not listen
No one is ready to work with you
Why are you filming a movie?
I find one
Who do you I read? -
Come on in the movie, forgive me
Please take me two minutes
What is that
I have a private letter -
Say what, what's the problem?
I think the problem is not with me
But it's your song
You do not have a problem
And my song is having trouble?
Thanks for the excuse
I'm not a singer
He who knows
My truth is my listener
Since I was born all the songs
I listened to everybody
OK? what do I do? I want a song
And I do not like your nonsense
But you must be interested
I heard you read the Committee of readers
You've got a bike
Do they bite me?
I'll give them a boot, go
Your song is romantic and the theme is disco
His poem is so sweet
But you've added him to him
It's like a beautiful song that has never been played
Remixed it
My mother says that
This song must be made from the bottom
2007 I built this remix for 10 years -
But the truth is not original
I'm speaking to you "
"And I sing songs
I wear my love clothes "
"And I'll be yours
"I dress my love and I'll be beautiful"
"I'm dancing and dancing and typing, my dear"
We're gonna stick that way. Likewise
Did you love him? -
I love it
Today, all rhythms are fast
Not so, love your 2 songs
The rhythm was not very fast
It was lucky
But you're smart
Give me some time to try it out
I'm gonna drink you too
The supplier does not understand
Try it once
I do not drink with my body's body
Once for me!
because of you?-
Thank you very much
Get the word for sex
Bring it to him that he has added something to
Console song
Let it be old 2007
Listen to a new version
Do you drop it
How about What is your problem?
Do what i say
I speak in your language "
"I'm dying with rhythm
Wearing Love "
"I'll match you."
"I am beautiful by wearing a lace"
"I'm dancing with a perfect arrangement"
"I'm dancing with the voice of Cham Cham"
"People say i'm crazy"
"Lose my mind"
"I lost myself and became yours"
"But what do people know about my legend"
By losing myself and finding you "
"I just got mine
"I'll go to your city and I'll pay your price."
"By wearing a gown of love, I'll be yours!"
"I am beautiful with the carving of love"
"I'm dancing with a perfect arrangement"
"I'm dancing with the voice of Cham Cham"
"I'm dancing with a perfect arrangement"
"I'm dancing with the voice of Cham Cham"
Creating .. Supereight
You do not know what I mean
It's as if I had recorded the first song of my life
You do not understand
This is really the first recording of my life
I want to tell you something
Tell me what's going on? say-
I want you help
!!!Help? Sorry sorry Your wages
Who was your friend?
Can I send him a check?
No I do not want money
I only want a little help
Let my daughter play this song
Then you will not need any help
Producers and composers
In front of queuing houses
Sentin is divorced from you
what do you mean?
Your wife has tricked the kids together
So what? -
I want to see your wife's lawyer
I like to receive my mother's divorce from my mother
What? Why?-
Oh, excuse me, I understand
Do not worry I'll help
I call my lawyer
Kamelish is the lawyer of the province
No, sir, your lawyer
I want your wife's lawyer
Who is shena
She is dumb. Thinking right
You promised-
Well I did not deny I helped
Do not worry about wicked lawyer. Elo Camlisch
This is your soliloquy lawyer
Who lost your case
I'll call you later
Elo Shina .. I am
What is it?
Do not have my number, for example?
I know you're busy
I am not unemployed
Alkhiz I do not have a card
I want to see and talk
No, Baba is not about my divorce case
Flow is something else
She is a baby girl
How old is it?
15 years-
15 years
How dare you
How do you think so?
You're crazy!
You shut up, you shut up
And go to hell me
Goodness of the Supreme Court. Bye
I told you to give this news
I tried to stop you
You saw yourself
Elo Shina .. sorry to listen
You're right
I'm very rude .. Listen
Listen to my mom
I'm glad
Not for me... because of this kid
Please... just half an hour, come now?
The next month?.... Nine months later, it's too late
What is the emergency last week?
Han next week
Thank you, dear, you're breathless
Thank you
So next week we'll see
I'm sending you a ticket for your boyfriend
What was his name
She is not my boyfriend
What? Is not your boyfriend
So why you fry? Hahaan
Mom is not my project supplies
We had a few days ago
Where is it going
! You do not leave school
How do I complete the project now?
Goodo... Go to your face
Goodo did you get my gear?
I'm barking
Mom tell her not to touch my instruments
How much have you told Goddow
Do not handle it?
I wanted to make a candle for this
Not required
Come my daughter
Jager tell Shina that there is something here
His busy head, wait
Busy?! Oh! We wait
Come on my daughter
I miss you
Not my daughter
I'm thirsty
I see you on Monday
Come on .. you no
Come on
Come on
So tell me what can I do for you?
Mrs., Babaam is constantly in charge of ordinary matters
Mummy beats
Once my mother remembered
Turn on the water heater
My brother broke his hand
Did you hear Jirg new song?
Codic That's it .. crazy? -
He who is old... old... spicy
It is very difficult to see this case
Before you are all small and small
And your mother's financial situation is not good either
I set up a case
I'm going to take you home to your mother
And then take all the pages of your mother's signature
Ok lady
Do you like my lips?
Get it
Thank you Mrs-
you'r welcome
Lady, I can not pay you wages-
Do not worry, I'll give you a lot of lawyer
Bye lady
Listen... I'm proud of you
Thank you Mrs-
Not my daughter, I was with you, I was in doubt
You may not be as bad as your appearance
My dear..... my dear
This is the front
To health
Ask something?
Why are you helping me?
The truth is, your story is the same
How about
In the last ten years, my two women are divorced
My brother complained to me
I have no family
And this is my family industry
And this cinema has not given me anything yet
Every year I'm nominated
But so far, not awarding
But how are our stories similar?
Where did you learn guitar?
He was six years old
My mother gave me a guitar
I want to bomb my mother
And singing
True and Accountable
Then maybe I'll attend the singing contest!
You do not need a match
So how do you become a superstar?
You're like that
Talented kids like you
How to say... han
Like the bubbles of this beverage
See one after the other
With the same talents
That's up there
And nobody can stop them
Thank you very much
My daughter was in trouble
Call, okay?
And tell me when you arrive home
Call me just one
Take care of your daughter
God bless you
Mom, Come on down the card
Now not this
.. Take the vegetables and vegetables
Mom, come down
I said no,
Mom, I have an important job. Come down
O Baba-
what happened?
My mom was gone. Mumbai
Shakti Kumar had e-mailed
I called, "Come on bombay to record."
The song was recorded very well
Shakti won me a lawyer
Grand priest She is the divorce
Gotta see you at once
Mom your divorce
We do not have to go to Saudi Arabia
I'm a great reader
Shakti has said that she will help me
Were you gone bombay?
The week before and today... Mom has a map
Did you go to the plane?
alone? So what about school?
I wanted to tell you
You've grown so lonely that you're bombay
Do you take your mother's divorce?
I told you that I have a map
Why did you go If it could be
Where would I get to know
You went to the lawyer, why?
Do you want to divorce me?
I asked if I wanted a divorce or not?
Chhatta Divorce Divorce
How is bobat what did i do?
Do not you know
Permanently under a splash?
His nerves are ruins
Not his own hands
Which man is not this?
Mommy, what life do we have?
I do not even have permission to breathe
Now I'm coming to Saudi Arabia
A boy like himself, without asking my opinion
My life is like your life
See everyone else compelled to do that
But I do not have to
I'm saying I'm doing everything right
Who am i
What are you doing right?
Do not ask your daughter to marry
My daughter did not ask me for divorce
It does not matter to anyone for what I want
Anyway, I'm not Saudi Arabia either
That's enough
I have my own horrible
And your life is the same
And as much as I could give you the freedom
Do not dream of flying this life
We are going to Saudi Arabia; I will not go there
I'm promising to stop right
And my dream of singing never fails?
Do not talk
We are going to Saudi Arabia
I am not Saudi
I do not believe how bad it is?
It does not matter at all
My life is destroyed mommy
You are so cowardly for
Your daughter can do nothing
Did you find it
Not ready yet
Forgive me Goddo
Not a problem
This is still working
Ensess... Let's apologize to your mother
I'm not sorry
I'm wrong with you
Yeah, the biggest mistake you are giving birth to
What did bobat say?
What do you want the girl drop it
Your mother insisted
Everyone grabbing her
Then take her to the doctor
Then the doctor said we would do it tomorrow morning
We are at night in the hospital
Did not you do it
I think that night and day
Why is not my mother in my stomach?
What is the benefit of my birthday?
..and my mom? Action
The next day we went to your mother
He had escaped from the hospital
Ten months later when he returned with you
She said next time if she was a girl, let's go
We keep it
This is my human life
So where am I born? Where was Mom?
What's the difference? -
You're not to blame
Why do you apologize to my mother?
Listen, Najmeh did not want to understand you
Do not tell him .. did you understand
She is so happy to conceal her
I'm glad to say hello to you
"All the little world got a little bigger"
"As I grew up I exceeded my limits"
"O my heart, let go of obstinacy"
"Dreaming in your cage"
"O my heart, obey your stomach"
"Dreams in your cage"
My daughter talked with Shina
You have several steps
You can sue the police
The organization is helping, Shina is, I am
You do not need to destroy your life
My mother did not leave me fought for me
This time it's my turn
How can I get rid of it?
But.... what's your own?
Why do you waste your talent?
"O my heart, obey your stomach"
"Dreams in your cage"
Missing super star, friends
. This is the girl
What a few months ago, in his channel
Uploaded the video burglar
The videos were so famous that they were the greatest artists
And politicians define it
And spreading them
But a few weeks ago upload a video
The channel was cut off
YouTube and Facebook were drowned in silence
Hashtag # superstarframework
.. were built, but today
Today's friends are happy times
Our superstar is the first step
Left in Bollywood
Let's have friends ask you to talk about it
About the Missing Superstar
There is a pain in her voice that comes from her heart
His eyes have a fire
Which you will see in his voice
The hand of Christ on the sherry .. Khodadadeeh.
What is your real name? -
What is the difference? What's your real name?
Will you sing a song again? -
Come on
I'm dancing
Mom, I do not want to dream any more
Your school is not finished?
Not daddy Today is the last day
What are the exams?
From the fifth month later-
Will you end up?
The twentieth
So I'll get a ticket for the twentieth
You start to close the sacks
And do not end everything for the moment
Write me
Where are you
This... Let's go? -
For now
I'm fucking
Friend of friendship
Paavo Baghi was very delicious this evening
I did not give up
I ate it all to me
Do you eat coffees?
Aunt today is the day after
If you let me do it
And let's go to college?
Ten minutes are back
I promise .. please
Thanks aunt. Let's go
Will i go
Yeah go-
Baba went to Ahmadabad late night
Ten minutes late nine until the afternoon back home
Jager became Superherit song
Yeah, I saw; you're playing on television.
My mom bought me too
I have another good news too -
Golmar Toro Festival is the best-known singer-nominee
What??!! Really?
And me too
I do not believe it at all. Who is he
Twentieth in Bombay, you must come -
No, I can not know you
But you surely get the prize
Do not know me
Do not say this; I'm sure this time.
See you.... You went to Saudi Arabia
call me
How can i forget you?
You helped me so much... Thank you
God protect my child, God protect me -
do not worry
You are still the best reader
And you're the best friend
Come on today
What occasion?-
I cry on you tweet
Finish, start smiling
Do you read this on your Twitter account?
Who was tweeted?
The one that had just been separated-
"7 o'clock and midnight"
"5 o'clock and quarter of the afternoon"
"When the first rain boom starts"
"When the summer holidays are over"
Occasionally sometimes "
"In sadness and sometimes in vain
"I miss you .. I love you"
"I miss you .. I love you"
When I go from the front of my house
"I'll wait for you one day
"I know you do not go"
"I am too late"
"Hot Morning Tea"
"Cool coffee of the evening"
"When you are born"
"When I'm born"
"December 31 and February 14"
I miss you Nouratti day
"I miss you .. I love you"
how was the exam?
it was good-
I'm going bombay
I received a ticket for the Gloomar Festival
I miss you
I miss you
"I miss you .. I love you"
Put your brother in this place
watch out
I'm going to the toilet and I'm back
Be careful and be careful about the equipment
Please send me a word please
My husband has just gone to the bathroom for a moment
It's okay you're out of the queue.
No, check this out
Mommy is a moment. Do not worry, I'm doing
Here to Mumbai and Bombay to Riyadh
Mrs. Riyadh Flight Card
There you will see it in Bombay
And there, again, the checkout will be checked
Another request
These are three chairs together
And these two behind them
Is it over?
Let's go
Every once in a while me
Sir it is my seat
Sorry i did not know-
Do you want a window?
Together with Monali Takur
Soda Vincetta
Another reader for the first time
Candidate is a prize
Missing Superstar
For her beautiful song
This great girl is not eating?
The prize is sure to come
Yeah, the prize must come to pass
Where are the other travelers?
Alu... you're on TV
Go go guodaud
Sacks come to you
Find these tools
Thank you too
You must pay attention to it
What do you say
I weighed. Minute
The item is not weight. You have added the item
Ten must be 11 now
So how much should we pay?
4,500 rupees-
what is this? Where did it come from
Guitar Ensy-
Well, what? Is he going to get a guitar there?
This guitar is from your head
Two are out
Get the guitar out of the guitar
And go to that garbage bin
You do not need a guitar
For this I am 5000 rupees?
Ensu is the only guitar
We have all the instruments. Guitar is the way
This is not a guitar
Scrap is
The scraps you're wearing
Did you know the two?
Scrap is not Insta Guitar
Once again, say guitar in the middle of the people
I'm giving you a check that you do not imagine
But it's not my guitar
And without a dream life does not mean
Not sleeping nor waking up
No life does not mean death
Dreaming is right
Should be allowed
Have you gotten together
I said once that we would not tell him to say, all
Okay, the guitar is here
And that's it
And Godow... And so are me
We are not going with you Riyadh
I'm sorry
A moment
It's full of cameras here
If you give me a hand
I get video from Guardian
I'll give you youtube
This is where the channel is
See you again, is not it?
The girl is singing with a bang
The guitar has hundreds of thousands of fans
Everyone sees you. Before that happens
It's better for you to go to Riyadh
Be my next husband
Without permission, I can not get out of here
Get it
What did you hear
Do you hear me or Kerry?
Why do you open the bag?
what is this?
What is the case? Do not miss you
What do you do
What is the case? What are you signing?
What are you signing up with this?
I'm not literate you
Here is a post if I complain
You were arrested
Custody of the guys who know me
Maybe your home also meets me
If you are arrested, your job is yours
Your hand will be destroyed, your life will be destroyed
Why are you risking?
Better to get out of here
And we've got ourselves
Let's go
Sir do you want to be a tower
Do i do it
All the queue is standing for you
Sorry sir with you
I hear, sir.
Where are you taking me?
Our equipment has fallen there
This is not true
Tell me your sin
Guitar problem Ok, let's go
Lady if you get out
You can not go again
What can this be better?
..nake.... listen... you
But mommy, what are we doing now?
Where are we going
Mrs. I can call
Very Emergency Luck
Thank you so much
Contact us with your support
Tonight we go to the festival there
Later we think about it
How many hours
Do you have
how are you?
Motherland is very happy with your visit-
There was a controversy. A moment
Where is your invitation?
Do not you know this? -
That's it, the superstar is gone
I love songs
Is there a selfie?
Of course we do the same
We paid him a salary
Let's go to the next prize
And for the next prize for the best female singer
: Welcome to them
I can not wait to open it
The winner is the best woman singer
: Intagram and the official telegram of our media
Monali Takur
It's all bumpy
Happy is Monali
Thank you
Since I was a kid and I was banging
I wish I was getting this award
And every time I sat down in the middle of the crowd
And names the names of the candidates
I wish that the prize would only come to me
But this time it seems that something is wrong
Today is a new star among us
That's upright, my voice is low
Missing Superstar If You Are Between Us Today
Please come up
And get the prizes
Because I can not accept this prize
Go call it
What is your superstar here?
Go -
What is your superstar here?
Go -
He is here
Light method
Cheer her
Light the way
Go to this .. Go again
Go get your prize
: Provided by Bolivian reference
: Specialized translation of the Bollywood artistic cultural media
Interpreters: Bingxa and Hajir
You are thinking that I am
Superstar is unknown
But I'm not
I was 6 years old. My mother bought my guitar
From where?
The bag that had been taken out of his bag of bagpipes
There was a necklace. Last
Buy it and buy it
My daughter wanted to tell me
Let my mother finish my belly
But my mother refused
My mother wrote my story
And today he is writing
Sing this song and get a prize
My dream was
But dream is not allowed for some
My mother gave me the right to wish
So what's the superstar?
Me or my mother
Mom you are not crazy
But also the genius
You are not coward but fighting
You're not like kids
You are the best mother of the world