Secretly, Greatly (2013) Movie Script

I was born like a wild dog
Raised as a monster.
Nose Son Tra - North Korea
There were no incentives for
military shipments.
Even the highest department didn't know..
about the secret elite force.
Looks like it's true?
Kim So Hyun
Finally, five minutes later...
Park Ki Woong
the shipments began.
Lee Hyun Woo
Son Hyun Joo
Major Won Ryu Hwan.
Number 98007. Major Won Ryu Hwan.
If fate brings us once again,
there are only two possibilities,
Reunification of the country
and meeting again as brothers,
or we become enemies
and kill each other.
As a comrade that trained you for 9 years
I will tell you one thing
Don't die!
He told me not to die.
For the past 9 years,
he tried to kill me over 900 times.
You have to live.
And be the pride of the country.
But if you die..
Be a hero before you die.
Special Secret Force 5446,
Captain Team 5 Crystal, Won Ryu Hwan.
Party name, "Red Cliff Flower"
Self shipment to South Korea.
For the prosperity and welfare of the country!
Democratic Republic of Korea!
Long Live!
2 years later, Seoul
7 o'clock
Wrong. 8 o'clock.
At least 10 meters.
I'm going to wait.
Never escape!
I don't know the word surrender.
Topographic mapping done.
They are throwing.
According to the analysis of flying object,
Diameter of 150 mm. Weight 400 gr. Heading towards me.
Small pebble.
Take and eat that, idiot!
Little rascals!
One day, I'll flay you off.
Idiot. Dare to challenge us, you'll be dead.
Let's go!
Today I'll buy you ice cream.
- All right, ice cream.
- Let's go! Let's go!
In my country, I was a revolutionist.
Here, I'm a spy.
= Won Ryu Hwan. 24 years old.
Chosen from a special unit,
Selected through a competitive level 1:20000,
Masters 8 martial arts, radioactive level 8 (hit rate 99,7 %)
Speciality in medical, chemical, physics.
Masters 5 languages (English, Angola, Haiti, Somalia, Saudi) =
The strongest spy.
Got you!
You think we were gone?
You were still there,
of course i know.
You scallywags.
I'm the strongest spy, but..
In South Korea, my job is to impersonate
an unemployed idiot.
If you want to run, run faster!
What does it mean to be a hero?!
Secretly and Greatly
???? ????
Dong Gu.
Why aren't you awake?
An idiot like you needs to work
a little harder to live.
Jeon Soon Im. 58 years old.
Grocery owner.
My empolyer.
For the sake of my identity,
I'm using her.
As an assignment,
I have to help her keep the store.
The small room on the second floor
is provided as my room
Of course .. there 's an appropriate wage.
Every month
200.000 won.
(about $180)
The money I got so far
is 4,752,870 won. (about $4300)
When i return to my hometown
I'll be rich!
It doesn't matter how big the task is,
No matter what the job is,
it must be completed.
Runny nose,
Omo, omo.
Aigoo, you are the expert at falling.
How could you still be okay?
Aigoo. Keep rolling
Might break your bone someday
and have a concussion.
Disguise action plan.
3 times a day or more,
pretending to roll over from the top.
This is the key spot.
I can observe everyone's
action from here.
Dong Gu sure is a hard worker.
Yoon Yoo Ran. 22 years old.
An accountant in a small company.
So beautiful!
Dong Gu, you brat.
I told you not to look at my sister!
Dare to approach her,
I'll kill you!
Yoon Yoo Joon. 18 years old.
Highschool student.
Yoon Yoo Ran's brother...
Sis, let's go together!
I'll to be late
If there's a chance,
I'll break your arm.
The garbage bag is full but
it hasn't been removed
Press this with your leg.
Aigoo this brat. If you couldn't do it right,
why bother help?
She keeps the garbage fee,
and stores it on a deposit.
Seeing how frugal and stingy she is,
makes other people suspicious.
She never knows,
I always put more meat on my bowl.
Stupid Foster Mom!
What are you looking at?
Quickly finish up,
then keep the store.
What are you looking at?
Finish up your lunch!
2 o'clock
Idle most of the day
I'm not really sleeping.
It's an act.
Chi Woong took two sausage.
Only 1.000 Won.
Dong Gu.
Give me a cigarette.
Ran. Entertainment women who
always comes home late.
A women that can't keep up.
Are you listening?
Stay calm.
Divert attention.
This is.. a women's trick!
Give me a cigarette.
Crazy Bitch.
In my Republic, you'll get shot.
Grandma isn't here, right?
Thanks, Dong Gu.
You've work hard!
Hey. Dong Gu.
Is grandmother there?
No, she went to the bank.
Oh, is that so?
Did something happen?
Nothing special.
There's no change.
Everyday's the same
The party didn't make contact.
Maybe they've forgotten me.
How long have you been here?
Until now... 736 days.
You're still counting.
I've been here around 16 years.
Memories are vague,
but this is better.
But.. ahjussi,
Did something good happen?
Your face seems red.
Wanna know?
Listen to what i say
Not long ago, I was promoted as a staff.
You mean the party's staff?
Not that.
I became SISTAR's fans club staff.
Grow your interest on South Korea a bit.
Yeah, I guess it's right...
What could an idiot possibly do?
The party is right...
How could you do these things..
Why aren't you thinking like an adult?
This is the only way to accomplish
the country's duty
You look restless.
Is this the D-Day?
I can't even think about it.
You have to be careful.
It's going to rain.
Of course!
It's going to be delicious.
- Let's go home and eat.
- Oke.
Everything is going according to plan.
Coincidentally there's a signal.
But with this mess,
the kids won't understand.
But with the presence of the women...
the bitterness of life would be resolved
So it wil lessen the
psychological trauma.
Oh! It's Dong Gu.
Hey, Dong Gu! What are you doing?
What to do?
I can't hold it anymore.
Good-bye.. my youth.
Disguise Action Plan.
2 times a month or more, Taking a piss in front of people,
Every 6 months, poops in front of people.
What happened?
Why are you still sick?
Don't think too much.
Get some rest.
Taking a few days off,
your salary will be cut off.
You pooped on the street.
Dong Gu, you brat!
I told you not to look at my sister.
Starting from this day,
don't even show your shadow.
Dong Gu. Idiot.
Just go, you asshole!
Why aren't you getting up?
Just leave me alone.
Did I hit too hard?
Hey, wait for me!
Hey, idiot!
Jo Doo Seok. 33 years old.
The grocery store owner's son.
Has a temper like his mother.
Punch. Hit it like this.
One..Two.. Ya, hit it like this.
Look carefully!
Do it like this. Did you see it?
Now like this. A deadly punch.
And take him down.
Isn't it great?
Now you try!
Not bad.
Go on. Go on.
Damn, who told you to hit me
like that?
What are you thinking?
Hit me, idiot! Quickly!
Stop playing! Don't be noisy!
He has to sweep,
and take deliveries.
How much longer are you going play?
Mom, he needs to learn a bit fighting.
He got hit and laughed all day long.
- C'mon, try!
- Dong Gu.
Mailman ahjussi.
Hey, idiot!
Where are you going?
Aren't you going to do deliveries?
Damn village!
What medicine did you eat?
Here, change up.
Change up, idiot!
Your brother's word is the law,
don't you know?
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Public service!
This brother of yours wants to help the people.
Especially serving people such as Miss Ran.
Deliveries are here!
I heard there was a knew man.
Looks like it's true.
Oh, Dong Gu is here?
I'm here too!
This rice isn't heavy at all.
Then, take this instead.
Go Yi Seun. 65 years old.
Everybody calls him the elder.
Has 20 rooms for rent for 1,5 million won.
(around $1380)
The richest man in the village.
His eldest son is unemployeed.
Ahjussi went to turn off the hot water, right?
I haven't done washing,
the water is already cold.
Cold water is good
for your health.
This October's weather is still hot.
Stingy bald oldman.
It's driving me crazy!
It's a waste to drop!
That. Hey, gold boy!
If you're home,
get out and greet them.
He's a newcomer.
I call him gold boy because
he's an entertainer.
In this rent house there's
two entertainer
Why am i called an entertainer?
I am a jazz musician.
Even when attacked at sleep
or attacked while going
to the tempel
For a spy, this is
a little problem.
Why is it like this?
Did I make a mistake
to recieve this task?
I am abandoned.
Team Black Dragon's Captain, Lee Hae Rang.
The monster hasn't gone.
Long time no see, comrade Won Ryu Hwan.
Open the door.
We don't have such perception.
This is the only way we have.
In battle between captains..
There is need to finish one another.
You're still number one,
just like before.
Your strength is already back.
Why are you here ?
Being Comrad General Lee Mu Hyeok's "son".
You could've relax at Pyongyang.
This is embarrasing.
You also know my identity.
I was bored and asked the
higher ups for a mission.
What mission?
There's no instruction to
work with you.
Then why did you came after me?
Of course they didn't trust you.
You ate rice at South Korea for 2 years,
how can they trust you?
Don't talk rubbish!
For me this 2 years is like 20 years.
When I was young,
I heard dad built the 5446 force.
You didn't know
that I was so excited.
The point is,
you only live once.
Fight. Win. Promoted.
This is what makes history.
I will be remembered...
and you will complete my history.
Keep your job on being an idiot.
As time goes by.
Good morning!
You're here.
- I'll put it here.
- Yes, just put it there.
There's a movement.
I've been waiting fo 2 years.
But you came with an assignment.
I want to see it myself.
How you change that history.
Hey, Dong Gu.
Why did you became a pig?
Ouch, crap!
Pass the audition of muic industry
And become a rock star...
that is my assignment
That's still better than me.
I'm an idiot, idiot.
At first, I thought that
the audition was easy.
I didn't expect those
South Korean kids..
to sing and play guitar so well.
Hei. Talent isn't enough.
Who do you think we are?
Undefeatable Republic partisan.
I'll train until my hands bleed.
I'll make sure those South Korean
kids see.
What a rock star truly is!
Comrade Seo Sang Gu.
I miss you.
I always think about you, mom.
Dong Gu.
Dong Gu, wake up!
It's me
If you don't open, you'll be dead.
Dong Gu.
Dong Gu, wake up!
I asked you out, you should've
come out quickly!
Quiickly find my brother now.
He told me that he
wanted to pee,
But he hasn't come back.
Huh?... Thank God.
Idiot. This is not a good thing.
Why are you so stupid?
There's no one that will throw
pebbles at me.
Ever since dad die..
My brother never left
me alone
If it's like dad..
I'll never get to see my brother again
What should I do, Dong Gu?
Help me find him, Dong Gu.
Dong Gu.
Half of it is for you.
No. It's all for you.
Idiot, why'd you come to my house?
My brother is not here.
Haiish...I can't go to the bathroom alone.
It hasn't pass 30 minutes.
Diabete indications?
He eats too much candy.
There's no suspicious signs.
This is an act of an expert.
Chi Woong! Chi Woong!
Dong Gu, when did you climb up?
I can see better from here.
You look over there.
I said he's not there.
Quickly get up!
How could a mother possibly give up?!
Quickly, stand up!
Where could this kid go?
Look more carefully.
Let's search separately
Now rascal..
it's your turn
Scream so i could know what's happening.
Ahjussi search over there,
I'll look over with Miss Ran
Don't talk too much and follow me.
What kind of dress is this?!
Why are you punching me?
Wear your clothes appropriatly.
Dressing like this, you will bring attention.
Oh, it's my dress. Why bother?
I don't want to
Good job, rascal.
Good, once again.
No. I don't want to go.
No one mess around in my area!
Only I alone that's allowed
to hit that brat.
I can't appear like this.
I'll borrow it for a while.
I'm not going.
Ya, you are so stubborn.
The barber. Park Ji.
What is he thinking?
Why did you follow me here?
Your mother will be worried.
Quickly go home!
Then, give me that biscuit.
Last time I was here,
you didn't give me anything.
What is this?
Ah, sorry.
Here you go.
Bring this home.
And don't say that you met ahjussi.
Don't let your mother know.
Why do I have to keep it a secret?
Ahjussi appeared in an
uncomfortable situation.
If there's a chance,
I'll meet her personally.
It's a promise between men.
I understand.
Park Ji to Chi Woong's mom...
I found him!
That's the culprit!
You're caught red-handed!
Look at what's he wearing.
That's my undies.
Hey, you asshole!
Crap, Why did I only wear this?
Stop right there!
Don't run!
What's this?
You have the right to hire an attorney.
You have the right to remain silent.
He's escaping!
He's going up!
Hey, asshole!
Shit, he escaped!
That's Chi Woong!
Chi Woong!
Are you allright?
Ahjussi. Did you save
Chi Woong from that pervert?
Chi Woong.
Park Ji ahjussi saved Chi Woong.
Found you, kid!
Thank you very much.
Brother, where did you go?
Everyone was worried.
Where were you?
Brother, if you go again,
you're a dead meat.
Nation's Intelligence Agency. Safe house of
Former Minister of Armed Force, Kim Hee Kwan.
North Korean refugees were
wiped out one by one.
Some problems occured.
Who is that guy?
5446 Force.
Kim Jong Il with Lee Mu Hyeok...
16 years ago..
formed a secret force.
Even the highest department
doesn't know.
A Special Secret Force.
When Kim Jong Il suddenly die..
Now, Lee Mu Hyeok leads the forces alone
Everything connected to the
5446 Force...
Please tell it to me.
They are not normal humans.
They were chosen after defeating
dozens of talented soldiers.
They were trained brutally,
so they became furious animals.
Those who don't oblige,
will be idiot hostage.
Is tommorow the regular meeting?
Because the party ordered to end the assignment,
I have to go back.
Good, you can finally meet your family.
But I want to ask a favor.
Please.. Lend me your gun.
Before I know the reason,
I will not lend it.
My family was caught...
when trying to escape to China.
Comrade, are you trying
to betray the Republic?
I don't want to stay
more longer.
A year after hearing that news,
my mother died.
Do you know what's agonizing me?
Even though i kept their photos,
I can't remember their looks.
If I knew it before
I would've bring more photos.
Please help me!
After killing some South Korea's officials,
I'll commit suicide.
So, my family will have a chance to live.
Thank you, comrade Ryu Hwan.
Captain Seo Sang Gu. Atone yourself!
Dong Gu.
This is an order!
Before you cause some trouble.
If it's like this, your family will
surely have a chance to live, right?
Do you think in this non-operation times,
I would load the bullet ?
Comrade. Now you are nothing,
you are just..
a coward South Korean ahjussi
Stop crying!.
Rerun the assignment from the Republic, ahjussi!
This is from the Barret's sniper.
Team Captain Seo, your assignment is to
immediatly form a 5446 investigation team.
- Wait. Eat first then go.
- I don't have time! I have night shift.
Have dinner first before you go,
I already cooked your favorite fish soup.
There's no need.
Hey idiot, why didn't you call me today?
And that too... Don't hang the wet tissues
and wash it repeatedly, so embarrasing.
It's too save money,
such a wase to throw it away.
Ah, always.
Working for the country is also useless
if you don't eat first.
Hei. Dong Gu! Stop.
Get in and have dinner!
Stupid, i already made some delicious dishes,
but you don't want to eat it.
- But, Dong Gu...
- Huh?
Do you really like to eat that much?
Mom. How are you?
If I could've lived with you.
Maybe we could have a happy life,
just like ajumma and Du Seok, right?
Even if they quarrel everyday,
it makes me envious.
Even if I come back and acts embarrasing,
please understand me.
Do you know who you are
pointing your gun at?
If you're from the North
tell me what squad are you from ?
Comrade, don't think that you
have no mistakes in the South.
I'll give you one chance.
Tell me what squad are you from?
How dare you pull the trigger..
You'll die, comrade.
Dong Gu. Dong Gu.
Are you asleep?
You have to do the deliveries earlier.
So you have to wake up early.
Are you asleep?
I guess so. Damn.
Captain Team 5 Crystal, Won Ryu Hwan,
are you concerned about that South Korean women ?
Why do I have to care about that women?
This is about the honor of the Republic.
Don't forget your purpose, Captain Comrade!
Damn. Why did he go so fast?
Hey, Dong Gu.
What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
- Good to see you.
Follow me!
- I don't want to.
- Get down!
Why are you stopping? C'mon, turn around again!
- Crazy bitch. She's the one whose drunk, but why am i the one acting crazy.
- Don't drink anymore, you'll get sick..
Shut up! What could an idiot
possibly know?
Dong Gu. You must be happy.
Being an idiot you don't have to worry about anything.
Also you don't have to act like
something happens, right?
I have to go home and sleep.
Right, my mood is kinda good!
Let's go!
Now's the time to change secrets.
My name's Ran.
My real name... Huh Cheom Na.
Who cares about your name.
Just go back home.
I'm... Huh Cheom Na.
When i was 18 years old, I had a baby.
But I haven't seen him for 7 years.
My parents sent him to
the US for adoption.
I miss him.
Now's Dong Gu's turn.
I don't know, I just know about basic tasks.
My name's Bang Dong Gu.
Won Ryu Hwan.
I'm... a spy.
There's a drunk friend.
Pretending to be an idiot.
and something seems to happen.
What are you doing?
Hey, hey, hey. Aigoo...
Everyone's asleep, Why are you still
playing your guitar?
Hey, why should I worry
about these people?
Right.. This is still better than
someone who pooped on the street.
Whay are you still here?
Do you still need something from me?
No one was after you?
I guess someone was sent to you?
Did you kill him?
Nah. I just gave him a warning.
That's good.
That means they don't trust us.
They're just afraid that the "salmon" they
sent far from home will cause some trouble.
You don't know?
They call us "salmon".
It means those who left the country
to do something big.
- Sounds interisting.
- You think so?
Right... The risk of going against the flow
and causing conflict is the same
Stop this madness and go inside.
I'm going back
Hey, Comrade Major!
Do you know? If a salmon goes back home
and lay eggs in their nes, they'll die.
Comrade, consciously, everyone thinks
the same, right?
The just need to be nice to my mother,
then I don't care about facing any danger.
The real problem is about the Comrade back home.
Stop hiding, come out!
I guess I was wrong.
It's my weakness.
Don't forget your purpose, Comrade Captain.
He caled me captain.
Squad? Age?
5446 Force, trainee 0023
Lee Hae Jin.
This year 13 years old.
I respect you, Captain.
I respect you.
You've grown up.
Lee Hae Jin, substitute soldier.
You're an official soldier now?
What happened with the party?
Damn. At least say something!
Comrade Captain still remembers me.
Suddenly came two people.
Something's happened.
Nothing happened for a year, and now this.
It's strange.
Dong Gu, you brat.
why aren't greeting me?
Your eldest brother came.
You little rascal!
Ah right. You haven't met.
He's a transfer student.
He's Dong Gu. This village's idiot.
He's my brother.
C'mon, transfer! Greet im first.
- Hello?
- Hello.
What do you want?
It's on me.
- Dong Gu. Tell me if my sister comes.
- Yeah.
- Sang Gu ahjussi?
- He can't be reached since yesterday, it's ussually not like this.
Lee Mu Hyeok is going against Kim Jong Un
about the position that Kim Jong Il left.
And Kim Hwi Gak told the people
about the 5446 Force.
So we're speculating that Lee Mu Hyeok gave
the killing order himself.
We've ordered Captain Team Seoto form
the 5446 investigation unit.
I think Kim Jong Un ease the relationship between
the North and the South.
As long as there's nothing bad going,
prevent our soldiers from acting.
We have to look over it more.
I will work harder so this
will favor us.
We have to confirm the infiltration of
5446 in South Korea.
- Everyones identity...
- Head Team Seo.
If your report is done,
you may go out.
I understand.
Is there something you want to tell me?
Did you kill comrade Seo Sang Gu?
Is the comrade that important?
Answer me!
He wanted to commit suicide
with a knife.
I prevented him, becase there's an order
to bring him back alive.
Even if he's alive,
he'll eventually be dead.
What's your real mission?
I came in replacement
of Seo Sang Gu.
From that many comrades,
why does it have to be you?
I'm not a kid anymore.
I told you, don't!
Miss Yoon, your life is hard, right?
- What's the meaning of this?
- I can do anything because I like you.
I love you, Miss Yoon.
- Don't you know...
- If you're still like this... I'm going to scream.
Hey... Miss Yoon.
Do you want to get fired?
Do you think if you're fired,
you'll get another place?
- Why aren't understaning? Miss Yoon...
- You asshole!
- Listen to me first.
- Please don't be like this.
Hey... Miss Yoon.
You help her!
I can't appear in front of them.
Why do I have to help
South Korean women?
Don't tell me you're concerned
about that lady.
It's not just because she's a girl.
That girl is Yoo Joon's sister.
If you want to use Yoon Jun,
then make him trust you.
Then, it's better if I chop
his head off.
Just give him a warning for now
Things like that is enogh to
give him a burden.
- No, Not that. Miss Yoon
- Sister.
What are you doing?
Yu Jun. There's nothing.
You think I don't know
what's happening.
- Yoo Joon.
- What does this kid want?
- If you mess around, I'll fire your sister!
- JDon't be like this, Yoo Joon!
Hei, pervert. I'll fund my sister
- You brat...
- Get your hands off!
Don't be like this! Don't hit other people!
- C'mon, let's go!
- Little prick, how dare you insult me!
You beggars!
I won't forgive you all.
If that women is fired,
will it be bad for Yoo Joon?
I'll get him silently and
bury him in the mountains.
You have cell, right?
Prepared to be photographed!
Look at front! If you don't, I'll kill you!
If Yoo Ran is fired, this photo will get spread.
You understand, right?
Now recording video.
Oke, start dancing!
Harder! Harder!
Comrade Captain
I thought he was a scary person.
No matter what the task is,
I think this is too much.
I told you,
I'll do it myself.
Don't! I can't stand looking
Comrade Captain like this.
In the end, I have to deal
with that old women.
Just finish your job!
Do you want a granny to do this stuff?
So you mean, a kid can't do these.
But you don't have shame still
coming to the South.
I've never eat rice.
Just because of team captain
I almost died.
Stop playing!
Please help me, Comrade Captain.
Hey, stupid! You told him to rest,
but you're asking me to help.
Shit. What's with this guy?
Are you deaf or what?
Soju and beer. Didn't I tell you,
our company will supply it?
Talk nicely, asshole!
Do you want your ear to be hang on Namsan tower?
You can supply it when your
hair turns gray.
I've cooperate 30 years with him,
and it's enough to eat.
How many times do I have to say it?
Ah, fuck!
Hey, brother. Why are you acting like this to a customer?
Let me handle it. You can go!
- Yes, Hyungnim!
- You go too. Go!
[Hyungnim: Kakak tertua/yang dihormati]
Where? You asked me to leave?
- I hardly piled it up...
- I'll kick his ass.
Aigoo, What happened?
- My God. Dong Gu
- Aigoo. Surprised me!
I'll tell my brother!
My brother's a police.
If your brother's a police, then my brother is the head bureau.
My God, Dong Gu.
Dong Gu. Dong Gu.
Compared to us, He's been here for 2 years.
It's better than our help.
What are you doing?
Why are you punching people?
- People like that desrves to be punched.
- Aigoo.
I don't care even if an idiot
Here, let me kick your ass.
C'mon here!
Don't! Don't move your fist.
Do you know who I am now?
What's this? Does she already know
I'm allright. Don't move your fist.
Don't move your fist. Aigoo..
Shit. Really?
Why didn't you call me?
How can you let them go?
Stop it!
There's no need to fight.
If you're sick,
go to the hospital.
I'm allright. Dong Gu is more hurt
for protecting me. I'm not hurt at all.
You said you worked
at the gas station.
It's the same as holding a gun
I knew you were coming.
I've checked it out before facing that asshole.
There's someone...
Look at this guy's bullshit!
Still an academy student but
pretending to be a police.
You think I don't know
every police around here?
I'll pass the exam this year.
Don't regret it later!
From now on, stop causing troubles in my store!
Little prick, If you could pass the police exam,
then i could pass the judge exam.
Doo Seok has seen you?
Help Doo Seok escape. After playing with them,
burn the warehouse down.
Destroy the warehouse too?
You'll help me ,right?
Don't kill them!
Hey, asshole! Where did you get
this much courage?
Hey, grab him and take his money
What's going on?
Hey you, c'mon out!
Oh. Surprising!
Stop there, asshole!
Because i was afraid of blood stain,
I changed my clothes.
Chicken. Frog.
Chicken. Frog.
Chicken dies.
Brother Doo Seok.
Chick. Chick. Chick. Frog.
- Does it hurt?
- Of course not, stupid! Your brother is always like this.
Don't you already know
my power, you brat?
They had to go to the hospital.
Wow. My brother's the best.
Is it cool?
- Du Seok the most handsome.
- How dare you call me by name.
Dong Gu... If you're not
really smart or genius...
You won'tbe able to protect
the ones you love.
If you can't be like that...
at least you have to be diligent.
Stupid me for lecturing you.
The point is, after I'm married...
It's just you and mom..
Then you'll eventually be alone.
Haha. Don't worry, you brat!
Your brother will always
be responsible to family.
You just have to trust me.
Bastard. Pretending to be cool.
Hey, how about tommorow we
ask mom to make ginseng chicken soup?
- OK. Buddy!
- OK. Buddy!
Aigoo.. It looks like it's cooked.
Eat up. Eat up.
Dong Gu, come here quickly!
- Sit down and eat!
- Dong Gu sit here.
- Hey, young man. You drink too?
- Yeah.
You've work hard washing my blankets.
Hurry and eat!
Aigoo... Quickly.
It's good, right?
That. Bring the chicken from that side!
Miss Ran....
Hey... anyone who eats
chicken has to pay.
I know!
It.. Hurts~
- Oke.
- Ding dong. Ding dong.
~The starlight went down
through the bridge.~
~The wind blows through the reeds.~
~Forever. Forever.~
~You family is waiting me forever.~
I was affraid.
When I was little, I was suddenly affraid to eat.
When training, I was affraid
that I won't stand it.
Affraid to be abandoned by the party.
Now. I may have become
another figure.
That's why I'm affraid.
= ARMY Department,
5446 Secret Force Training Ground. =
Almost in all administration office,
everyone's talking about me.
5446 are my personal soldiers.
My situation is embarrasing...
Department of the Armed Forces.
I shouldn't have deal with Kim Hwi Gak
the last time.
Our combat units do not
have disabilities.
Hey, the world has changed much
The head comitee hopes to fix
the relationship with South Korea.
What do you want to order?
Pull over all "salmon" back home.
Ah, enough. I quit!
Did we come to South Korea
to clean up anchovies?
I didn't ask you for help.
You can do whatever you want.
She gave us ginseng chicken soup, but we have to do
these chores for 3 days.. absurd..
In my opinion. It has another meaning
The sum of anchovies we have
in total is 2119
Of course we are treated like one.
We have to do this job to investigate us.
What is this kid talking about..
With your analysis abilities,
tell me...
How long do we have to wait?
This "salmon" group will be sentenced as
revolutionist traitors.
After the dismissal of 5446,
don't leave any notes.
Destroy every documents.
It's finally done...
Why are you eating it?
Hey, who would count the amount?
It won't even be seen if I take one.
Can't you ask before eating?
Is this yours?
Why do I have to get
your permission?
Don't eat my food.
Where's mine?
Hey. Dong Gu.
Looks like there's a visitor.
Oh, a suit...
Do you sell a cake?
The kids love these.
Oh, really.
Comrade General
Please give them a chance
so they would be known as an honor
warrior of the Republic.
They were ready to fight
for the Republic's glory.
Rather than bringing them back to be excecuted,
it's better to give them a suicide order.
Can you take responsibility for your words?
If there's some that don't take orders...
I'll excecute them all myself.
Mother. You're allright, right?
I've been getting along fine.
I really want to see mom laugh.
Suicide order for all 5446 soldiers.
If you don't take oreder, another agent will
look after and do the excecution.
I'm not running because I'm affraid.
I know.
In our team, we're the ones left.
There's only one bullet left.
Let's go together.
For the unification of the country!
Long Live!
For the unification of the country!
Long Live!
How can this be called an order?
Reason unknown.
Captain, are affraid to die?
As long as I can compromise
my families safety..
I'l give my life for them.
I want to speak with the
Instructor Military Comrade.
Do want to go against orders?
Last time,
why did you save me?
Comrade Captain. I'm sure I can survive.
Please take me into the
Team 5 Crystal.
If it's deeper, then your leg
will have to be amputated
I'll tell you clearly,
how it is hurting.
And you have to live
to survive.
When the time comes, then I'll take
you to Team 5 Kristal.
At that time, you stabbed
me with words.
I wouldn't have lived until now.
And, there won't be
a situation like this.
I will commence the order
from the nation.
I've already checked this area.
Hey, you!!
Drop your gun.
It was always like that
from the start.
We're no differen't than the anchovies.
Even if we disappear,
no one will realize.
You two are traitors.
This day, I'll make sure you'll be
a South Korean renegade dog.
What is this kid talking about.
Fucking Asshole.
I'll make sure to kill you all.
I'll take over my member.
Only by killing the team captain,
I'll be able to live.
Captain Team 5 Crystal.
Because this is the party's order,
do it without hesitation.
You think I won't pull the trigger?
You can't be Republic's finest warrior
if you add personal feelings.
Then, tell me not to kill you.
Then, let me go
What do you want me to do?
Don't be affraid.
It's not your fault.
There will be a way out.
You dwarf.
30 hours after the order transmitted,
17 agents of 5446 secret force has died.
Head Team, I found this from the body.
Head Bureau. I think this will favor us.
Now Iwant to stop it.
There's no need. It's not our matter.
There's 3 people left
They are still young.
Stop intervening!
I want to save them.
Captain Seo. Captain Seo.
Captain, I have a request.
Sing me a song.
Why are you suddenly asking a song?
I have a favorite song.
'Lin Jin Gang'.
Isn't that song forbidden?
~Lin Jin river water's so clear.~
~Flowing so hardly.~
~Waterflow swims so freely.~
Mom. I don't know if i can
give you the letters..
I don't know.
Not long ago, I got a big assignment.
I just need to accomplish it,
The I can be a hero.
Even if I can't be a hero,
I can still live with mother.
Please take care of your health.
Until I am reunited with you.
Enemy analysis!
For the sake of the Head Team,
it's enough to just watch. Understand?
There's nothing to be affraid of, coward!
I won't ask you twice.
Did you send someone
to watch over my partner?
Fucking traitor.
Just kill me!
You came to kill me?
I came to let you live.
National Politic Institution,
Captain Seo Su Hyeok.
Even though we are enemies,
I don't wish to see you die.
Leave your country.
Anyway, you guys are already abandoned.
You.. If your mother is still alive..
Will you leave her?
Just go!
Do I have to arrest you
with force?
I came to tell you how to live,
but you guys are like this.
Don't chase him!
Now, let me do it.
Hide me.
I'm escaping.
What did you say?
Arrest him.
I found the tracker.
Not only to track the position,
but can also ensure life or death.
- Temperatur confirmation
- Yes.
If it goes down below 20 degrees,
then the signal is dead
Head Team...
Bury it in the mountains!
I understand.
Hey, you brat. Didn't I tell you not to
operate alone.
Release them!
Stop it now!
I'll leave him.
I want Won Ryu Hwan's tracker
to be released.
I failed.
Now, what do I have to do?
There's no recorder in the
back wall, right?
The opposition of forming the 5446 Force
Professor Seo Sang Gu.
Do you still remember?
Just recieving trainee soldiers.
In the new environment there's
a chance for treason.
What kind of rubbish is this?
Verify it quickly, before they end up
in South Korea!
Whatever Professor Seo Sang Gu
said again.
Comrade Colonel Kim Tae Won,
report about this morning. Do you understand?
And the conflict with
South Korea will end.
After you get there, contact Profesor Seo.
Keep your promise.
Go back and leave no behind!
Dong Gu.
I want to see my mother.
Please change my hairdo.
Good morning.
Yoo Ran.
If something happens in the future,
just trust Yoo Joon's words.
Now, he's a man who can be relied on.
Yoon Yoo Joon.
Don't fight anymore!
Be a good student.
It's the best way to protect your sister.
Sister! Sister!
Rascal. It'll be the last time I see you.
I think that's better.
I really want to play see-saw
with him once more.
What's wrong? You're eating late.
I want to go back home.
I'm going today.
The soup is getting colder.
Quickly finish it then go.
You'll starve if you don't eat.
Quickly eat!
You were wearing this when you came.
I left a deposit book inside.
Use that for your cost.
You were always complainin your head,
because the wage is too low, right?
I've never worked right.
I can't take it.
Give it to Du Seok saja.
You brat. You don't have to act nicely.
Even if i don't have money, I can still live well.
You take it.
I want to watch television.
It's finally done.
Young man.. are you hurt?
Seo Sang Gu.
I want to see Comrade Seo Sang Gu.
Are you allright, young man?
I have to stay conscious.
This is enemy camp.
Wake up.
If you really want to live well,
Go to a doctor and have surgery.
If you want to do many things,
then stay alive longer.
This is old,
Why is it so hard to use?
Crazy bitch.
I'm just asking for some cigarette.
Why are you so angry?
I'm lost of words.
I just owe some.
Why did she treat me like that?
Here....there's not even a stub....
Cigarette's not good for your health...
Stop it!
Dong Gu.
Had a haircut?
No... I want a cigarette,
not a biscuits....
Like this... that blows smoke...
This is enough for your travel.
Adopted kid...
...that's the address.
How did you...
Find him.
Muster up your courage this once.
After coming home...
pay all your debt.
Style a little bit....
Illinois Bridgeport, No 35 East 93 Street.
The peoples here....
How many families...
How they live....
Every little things,
even if it's just an assignment...
I've know too much.
Tighten the monitoring of Won Ryu Hwan.
Yes. There's nothing strange until now.
Lee Hae Jin, are you allright?
Is this Won Ryu Hwan?
That kid. Even though he's a spy.
But he's still too young.
I'm counting on you.
Protect him like your own brother.
It's not the time to concern
other people.
Head Team, Military Instructor 5446,
Kim Tae Won has arrived.
Listen carefully. Your Military Instructor,
Kim Tae Won, has arrived.
This is your last chance to live.
Surrender yourself!
There's a tracker in your body.
Anywhere you go, you won't be able to escape.
What are you doing?
There's a tracker in our body.
Comrade Military Instructor
was always watching over us.
We won't have to search for him then.
Don't wait for him in this village.
These people could be in danger.
We have to change place first.
Muster the protecting squad!
- What about the head bureau?
- I'll take responsibility.
Military Instructor Kim Tae Won has arrived.
Kim Tae Won... and Won Ryu Hwan too,
I'll arrest them myself.
You won't be able to catch Captain.
Only now you can open your mouth?
Before I come back,
don't say anything.
To recieve medication,
wait for me.
Take me with you.
Take me to Captain's place.
Eventually, the Republic has abandoned me.
I came from the North to get
that asshole
You can make me your hostage,
or even kill me.
But please use me.
Comrade Colonel.
Are you allright?
I don't want to feel embarrased or
awkward with you.
I'll give you one more chance.
Take the nation's last order.
Before that, I want to ask
you one thing.
If I take the order,
Will my mother still recieve
protection from the Republic?
You talk too much.
You've already betray.
Comrade Colonel,
please answer my question!
Nation's order has no terms.
Ask one more time..
you'll immediatly be excecuted.
I'll change my question.
My mother,
Is she still alive?
Answer me.
Answer me.
Didn't I teach you not to hesitate?
Quickly, get in!
Drive faster!
Block him!
Get out of there!
Are you allright?
Scratched a bit.
The war has begun.
Hey! Is the weapon here?
The situation is odd.
I'm here.
Did you bring it?
Is this right?
Don't joke around!
What could you do with this?
I was sure...
You guys will become a
great traitor right now.
My theory has been confirmed.
Ahjussi. What are you talking about?
This is the first time we met.
I'm the professor from Kim Il Sung University.
A Politic Philosophy Professor .
Seo Sang Gu.
Republic traitor.
How'd you feel about that?
I heard the professor opposed
the forming unit by Head Lee Mu Hyeok.
Ah, that was you.
From the start, you weren't suited
to be called revolutionist warrior.
Comrade Seo Sang Gu.
You won't be able to escape.
This is your grave.
Didn't you tell us that this was a weapon
ofcourse we have to use it wisely.
Long time no see, Choi Yang Woo.
Comrade Captain, we stay down to the nation's orders.
Take them out!
Hey, why are just standing still?
Stop ith!
Does it have to become like this?
Killing another comrade just to
stay alive.
If it's to feel pain, and for the party
to take care of mother. This isn't anymore....
Dong Gu.
Stupid boy!
Family members of 5446 force..
When you joined with the military,
the same time, they were all arrested.
And this...
Because you received a suicide order..
Do you think your family member is stil alive?
Comrade Seo.
Shut up!
Given a little amount of food, and became
South Korea's pariah dog.
You, 5446 Force, are a failed product.
No way.
Control yourself, Won Ryu Hwan!
Control yourself!
Haven't you know?
Your mother has already been
sentenced to death.
I never wanted to protect my mother.
Just me alone, enjoying freedom
and unfortunately I'm not dead.
Stop him!
Your highness, revolution warrior.
What are you doing?
I want to ask something.
The day you left headquarters...
My sister escaped the camp,
Did you kill her?
I just wanted to confirmi.
If your sister was really as pretty
as you told me...
I wanted to date her at first.
Fuck! She looks the same as you.
So, I don't regret it one bit.
My mother..
So you were thinking about your mother, eh?
My mom..
If you miss her,
go and follow her over.
Go and follow her.
Captain Choi!
No way!
Captain Choi!
It can't possibly happen!
Wait a moment! Wait a moment!
Won Ryu Hwan. Stand up!
I did everything for the Republic.
I even became a monster.
We have to quickly escape.
Comrade Won Ryu Hwan. Let's go!
Comrade Captain!
Comrade Colonel!
Why did you just arrive?
You all have to protect me.
Take me back to the Republic,
and I won't forget about this.
It's better to prepare yourself mentally.
Damn revolution warrior.
I understand,
Shut up!
All sniper has been routed.
Who is it?
Quickly go and save the Team Captain
All Republic soldiers, listen carefully!
We are all going to die here!
Comrades who can't walk
I will ease your pain.
Forgive me!
Forgive me!
There's no need for South Korea
to intervene.
If you come up here,
I will act it as a declaration of war.
And you will all die.
Kim Tae Won.
Don't do anything stupid!
Get out of the way!
Choi Yang Woo, you stupid ass!
What were you trying to do by coming here?
Comrade Captain.
We are all family.
The saving you did in the camp...
...I already knew.
Thank you.
I ask you to keep living.
Comrade Won Ryu Hwan.
Promise me one thing
About who the true leader of the 5446?
Let's define it over!
If we're lucky,
Some of us could stay alive.
Or only you would.
Now, I don't have any intention
to survive.
Congrats to Lee Hae Rang ( SBD : 74 ).
Pass the audition, for more details look at inbox.
I passed the audition.
Failed over and over again,
Passed on while almost giving up.
Will we die like this?
Will we stay alive?
Hoi, this is so embarrasing.
Call them.
Listen to my last message for you.
He is Comrade General Lee Mu Hyeok.
Do you see it?
A classified doocument!
Are you happy now, Comrade Colonel?
You're an idiot.
You're not more than a bastard.
Your mother was abandoned by General Lee Mu Hyeok.
Living like a beggar
and treated like a thrash.
Everyone knows.
You're just a son of a bitch.
Shit. You talk too much.
Comrade, my leg was shot
and I can't run.
So, you take Hwang Jae Mu...
and take him in front of me.
Don't kill him.
Do you still remember?
If we meet again..
There's only two possibilities..
Of course, I remember.
Reunification of the nation and
meet again as brothers..
or we'll be enemies and
kill each others.
I believed you, comrade
But, you eventually became a traitor.
I trusted my mother with you.
Is it really that hard?
To you, your nation and mother
Which is more important?
If it's the nation..
then what importance is it?!
Excecute him.
You told me not to die..
I will follow that order.
I told you before.
Don't do too many attacking.
Allowed to shoot without my order.
Make protection!
You're affraid to die.
You already taught us..
What fear is.
Hold your fire!
Who's that?
What's going on?
How could you all became
like this?
It's over!
I just want him to survive.
He is my dream and my
Comrade Military Instructor.
Please hear my request!
With hesitation....
You all....
are no longer Republic's honor warrior.
You are my pride.
and 27 million people's too.
Don't hesitate!
Go with me for the glory of the nation.
This is a waste. What kind of life is this?
Live and die for little happiness.
This is what I want to do!
Let me go with him!
Captain Hae Rang...
What happened with the?
Arrest them now!
All of you go!
Drop your weapons down!
- Captain Park, let me handle it.
- Sunbae.
Won Ryu Hwan. Lee Hae Jin.
Just, turn yourselves in!
Shut up, asshole!
Let's go Captain.
I'll look on the opposite.
The building's structure is complicated
to escape.
I'll hold some time.
Wake up, Won Ryu Hwan.
Don't you know?!
Kapten Hae Rang risked his life to save us.
Move on!
- Move yourself! Stand up!
- Give them some time.
Wake up!
I really want to come back.
There's a deposit book inside the pocket.
Use it for your cost.
Dong Gu's Wage.
Our Dong Gu's Wage.
Our Dong Gu's Wage.
My Second Son.
My Second Son.
Son's Marriage Cost.
I want to go back.
Babk to that life.
Stupid boy. Didn't know how
to bring an umbrella.
Jo Doo Seok.
Guitar for sell!
Why's Dong Gu not back?
Don't know.
Listen to me, Lee Hae Jin!
Drop your weapon!
Seo Su Hyeok. What are you doing?
Arrest them now!
Drop your weapon now, you brat!
Starting shooting preparation!
Stop it, all of you.
Enough! Stop!
Lee Hae Jin, please stop them!
You still have a chance to live, you brat!
You think if the Republic abandoned us,
you can make us your dogs?!.
You, South Koreans, are assholes!
If you are born again,
what do you want to be?
I want to be born in an usual nation.
I want to be born in an usual family.
Born to live,
Like that.
Your dream is really big.
What are you saying?
Then what do you want?
I just want... to be born...
as an usual captain.
Heh, this kid...
Then me!
Will a pretty girl be born as my neighbour?
So I can have fun with them.
Captain Hae Rang.
Talking about it, don't throw away
your anchovies on my basket.
This little rascal!
Damn you!
Hei, kid.
After that, someone said that Dong Gu,
our stupid son,
is man named Won Ryu Hwan,
who is feared by many.
I heard it over and over again.
I still don't understand.
No matter if it's
raining or snowing..
No matter if it's summer or winter..
Dong Gu, the idiot who always wore
green clothes,
Just like that.
But, behind his foolish smile,
It's actually a lie.
Why always ask something about
Dong Gu?
If he's alive or dead?
But why never say anything to me?
Dong Gu!
Dong Gu. If you're still alive,
send me a letter.
Dong Gu. If you're still aive,
send me a letter.
Mom. Don't get sick!
Mom. Don't get sick!