Secrets at the Lake (2019) Movie Script

[dark pop music]

I'm gonna
make them disappear
My anger's growing high
Can't wait until
the time comes for pain

And let them burst,
my eyes in tears
The end is coming now
And all I really want
is just to be
Another girl
Pretending to be nice
So dangerous inside
And I won't stop breathing
Another girl
Pretending to be nice
So dangerous inside
And I won't stop breathing
Another girl
Pretending to be nice
So dangerous inside
And I won't stop breathing
Another girl
Pretending to be nice
So dangerous inside
Where are you, honey?
The festival was over hours ago,
and I'm worried about you.
Would you please come home?
We have an early drive tomorrow.
Okay, be safe.
I love you.
And I won't stop
Another girl,
pretending to...
[energetic electronic music]

[indistinct chatter]
We need to leave.
I'll get Jared.
There you are.
Oh, wow.
We have had
the same amount to drink.
Yeah, but I weigh
70 pounds more than you,
so I'm practically sober.
is that the kind of science
they teach you at Yale?
Yeah, amongst others...
- [laughs]
Like chemistry.
- [groans]
- [laughing] Oh.
[couple laughing, chattering]
[both laughing]
- No!
[bangs on car]
- Let's go, J!
All right, all right,
all right.
Okay, coming, coming, coming.
[sighs] Where's Katie?
- [giggling]
She's in back.
She's out like a light.
Oh, looks comfy.
- [groans softly]
Oh, look at them.
I love watching them sleep.
[upbeat music plays over radio]
Oh, yeah.
Oh, it's your boy Ricky Rhodes
with special guest J Ride.
- Hey.
J Ride up in the house,
the boys.
[car whooshes]
And your girl is passed out
in the back.
Check that out, man.
Yo, what are you doing?
Just give me a second, man.
[car whirring]
Yo, watch out!
- Look out!
[horn blares]
[tires screeching]
[car door dinging]
[foreboding music]
John, honey, wake up.
Oh, my God.
Greg, Nancy!
Talk to me, sweetheart.
Talk to me.
Mommy's here.
She's here. Hold on.

Help us.
Help us, please!
Come back!
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
God, no!
[mystical music]

[birds chirping]
[lasers firing in video game]
Okay, guys, come on.
Let's talk about
what we're gonna do
when we get
to Whispering Pines. Luke?
Oh, yeah, I hope the place
you got us has decent Wi-Fi.
Yeah, it does, honey,
but I don't want you
cooped up the whole time.
What about you, Katie?
Mm, I don't know.
I have to find a dress
for my sorority formal...
that or die of boredom,
whichever comes first.
Well, I got you guys a surprise.
So the place we're renting
has this killer boat,
and we have access to it
the whole time,
which means, Luke,
we can go fishing.
I mean, Dad was the one
who always steered the boat.
You don't even know
how to drive.
Well, excuse me, but while
both of you were at school,
I went and got
my boating license.
It's just kinda weird.
It was always Dad's thing.
[soft dramatic music]

Oh, look, isn't that...
- Mom, don't.
Okay. Wasn't that Rick
and your friends?
Not really.
What happened to you guys?
I thought you were close.
No, it was never serious,
just convenient.
I told you I didn't want
to come back here anymore.
[gear cranks]
How are we affording this place?
Oh, don't worry about that.
I got a very good deal,
and it comes
with a free breakfast.
[softly] Wow.
Dibs on the biggest room.
Seriously? Last time,
you had the bigger room.
No running.

[knocking on wall]
Feel like talking?
Talk about what?
[sighs] Oh, I don't know,
I just...
realized he wasn't my type
and he was weighing me down.

All right, fine.
He just...
stopped talking to me.
He wouldn't respond
to my texts, my phone calls,
my Instagram DMs, nothing,
and the worst part is,
I don't even know what I did
or if I even did anything.
I just... mm, I don't know.
Honey, why don't you ask him?
Are you crazy?
Did you know that
your dad and I were friends
for four years before we dated?
He was super friendly
and flirty but never dated me.
He wouldn't swipe right?
[both laugh]
Now, eventually, I got fed up,
so I asked him,
"Why won't you date me?"
and he did.
You know the rest.
You know, honey,
if I didn't ask him,
you and Luke wouldn't be here.
So you want me to start
having babies with Rick?
Is that right?
- No, I don't mean that at all.
I mean, I guess you're right.
What do I have to lose besides
my pride and my dignity?
You've got this, honey.
Please always talk to me.
I'm your mom.
You can trust me.
Come here.
Good night.
Love you.
- Love you.
[knocking on door]
Hey, you.
Lights out.
Would you get off that computer?
You're gonna ruin your eyes,
and no hacking.
I don't want the FBI
showing up at our door.
Mom, I'm not a hacker.
I'm a creative problem solver,
and if the feds could track me,
they'd be in Romania right now
looking for a guy named Eddie.
Who's Eddie?
Good night, Mom.
Mm, good night.
[dog barking]

[sighs softly]
[birds chirping]
[door creaks, clicks shut]
[objects clunking]
[loud bang]

[utensils rustling]
Good morning.
Excuse me, I, um... I'm sorry.
What are you doing here?
I'm Megan Myers,
your Airbnb host.
You must be Amy Pruitt.
Yeah, uh, yes.
It... I'm sorry.
It just doesn't explain
why you're here.
This is your
welcome breakfast,
free with your lodging.
- Oh.
You received it in the ad...
one free home-cooked breakfast.
I... I'm sorry.
I was expecting a bowl of fruit
and a box of cereal. [laughs]
Oh, no, my breakfasts are
a huge hit with my renters.
Well, I can see why.
I mean, this looks amazing.
- Oh.
Do I smell coffee?
- Mmm, pancakes.
Megan Myers, these are
my kids, Luke and Katie.
- Wow.
Our own little
breakfast fairy... nice.
Well, I should go.
Enjoy your breakfast.
would you like to join us?
There's so much food here.
Are you sure?
- We're sure.
- Here.
Thank you.
No, sit down.
I will serve you.
- [laughs]
Pancakes for you.
- Oh.
Would you like one?
Oh, before I forget,
gotta get a photo for the Gram.
[camera shutter clicks]
Am I the only one
not on social media?
Yes, and let's keep it
that way, please.
I can make you
an account, Mom.
Is this your first time
in Whispering Pines?
No, we've been coming here
for years.
The fall harvest has become a
bit of a thing for our family.
Do you live here, Megan?
Born and raised.
Always thought it would be
a good place to raise a family.
Oh, you've got kids?
I had.
They died last year,
along with my husband.
I am so sorry.
Yeah, that's terrible.
How did they die?
- Luke.
No, um,
it was a car accident,
a hit-and-run last fall.
They never found
the other driver.
I'm sorry.
This is not appropriate
breakfast conversation.
When did you say
the accident was again?
Um, last fall,
the harvest festival.
We left that morning
We didn't hear about this,
I'm so sorry.
So what are you guys
doing today?
Well, I was planning
on taking these guys
for a hike,
get some fresh air
in our blackened city lungs.
Mm, it's Nikki.
She wants to know
if I can hang out today.
Honey, we...
- Can I use the car?
We were gonna spend
the day together.
Mm, but you-know-who
will be there.
[gasps] Thank you.
Looks like it's just
you and I, kid.
"League of Legends"
tournament starts tonight.
My team needs me.
Okay, but you know what, guys?
Tonight we're gonna have
a family dinner.
That is nonnegotiable,
and tomorrow
we're gonna spend
the day together, okay?
All right, I'm gonna get ready.
Thank you.
- Okay.
[laughs softly]
I'm just gonna grab this.
And then there was one.
You know, I was thinking
of trying this new yoga class.
You could join me if you like.
Yeah, I... I would love to.
Okay, um, I will run home
and get changed,
but I'll come back
to pick you up.
Thank you, Megan.
[relaxing music playing]
[softly] Hey, thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's move into table.

[both giggle]
That was great.
Wait, can you give me
a minute?
I thought that was you.
I haven't seen you in a while.
What are you doing here?
I mean,
you never liked yoga before.
Well, I didn't have time
with the kids.
But you know what?
I have...
I've been trying new things,
seeing if there's...
what I can s... well,
what I like to do alone.
Do you want to grab a coffee?
It's been a while.
I'm sorry, Megan.
I have plans.
Well... well, how about dinner
sometime this week?
It would be so nice to catch up.
I'm sorry.
I just don't think
that's a good idea,
but it's good to see you
looking well.
Who was that?
Oh, um, that...
she's my best friend
from high school.
That's your best friend?
I would hate to see
your enemies.
[laughs] She's not that bad.
After the accident, it's...
it's as if she thought
my grief was contagious,
that somehow being with me
would mean that
something bad would happen
to her or her family.
Right, well, she's a bitch,
and I'm taking you for coffee...
my treat, okay?
Thank you.
- Come on.
[upbeat music playing]
So where are you guys staying?
We're staying at this
really nice house by the lake.
My mom outdid herself
with the rental this year.
Hey, less talk
and more playing.
Boom, clearly,
we can multitask.
Sounds like the perfect spot
for a party.
Oh, I don't know about that.
The lady we're renting it from...
her family died in some
car accident last year,
and it was their house,
so I just feel like
that'd be sort of disrespectful.

So you're staying at,
uh, Megan Myers' place?
How'd you know her name?
Uh, the accident was
all over the news last year.
Yeah, it was gruesome.
Some sicko took pictures
and posted it
all over the Internet.
Hey, your turn.
Oh, right, yeah.

girls: Yay!
Go, chest bump.
- Boom, boom, boom.
Girls rule
- [laughs]
All right, I'm gonna
go run to the restroom.
You want to come with?
- Uh, yeah, I'll follow you.
You need to tell her.
[scoffs] Dude, are you crazy?
We can't.
The more people
find out about this,
the more likely
it is gonna get out.
Katie isn't just people,
all right?
This affects her.
She needs to know.
What's going on?
You guys have been
acting so weird.
If you don't want me here,
just say it, and I'll leave.
[soft dramatic music]
You tell her, or I will.

[sighs] All right, look.

Megan's accident...
that was us.
[scoffs] That's not funny.
It's not a joke.
We caused the accident.
I think I would have remembered
being in a car accident.
Not if you were drunk,
you wouldn't.
Wait, b...
so is that why
you told me to stay away?
No, you couldn't do that.
You wouldn't do that, right?
You would never.
So, what, you just drive off?
You didn't bother to call 911
or try to help?
We drove off.
We were all in the car.
We're all responsible.
Don't forget that.
The car...
what if she recognizes
my mom's SUV?
She couldn't identify
the other car
that she claims
drove her off the road.
The police don't even believe
there was another car.
They couldn't find
another pair of skid marks
to corroborate...
- Yeah, because you guys
didn't even bother to stop.
It was a hit-and-run.
We didn't technically
hit anything, and we stopped.
Yeah, and then we drove off.
Look, the three of us...
we need to make
a pact right now.
None of us speaks
a word of this...
Look, we all have
something to lose here.
Jared, how do you think
Stanford's gonna react
knowing they have a convicted
felon on their rowing team?
Bye-bye, Olympics.
This is so messed up.
We need to say something,
you guys.
Katie, your mom
is barely over your dad's death.
How do you think
she's gonna be able to deal
with her baby girl
possibly going to jail?
It was no one's fault.
It could have been anyone
on that road that night.
I mean, we can't help
those people now,
but we can help each other.
So we either bury this,
or it buries us.
This secret stays at the lake.

It stays here.
It stays with us.
It stays at the lake.
[ominous music]

Hey, come on, sweetheart.
Wake up.
Wake up, sweetheart.
Come on!
Help me! [sobs]
[coffee machine whooshing]
I am so sorry.
- [laughs softly]
[melancholic music]
You know,
I don't think I've told
anyone that except the police.
Thank you for listening.
- Oh, of course.
I wish
the Gretchens in my life
were just as wonderful as you.
You know, I had a similar
experience with my friends
when I lost my husband
from cancer three years ago.
My friends started out
really great, you know?
They were trying to help me
move forward.
But when I didn't
move quick enough,
they moved on from me.
Nothing weeds out
fair-weather friends
faster than death.
You know, I've gotta be honest
with you, though.
I, uh...
I had a really good
support system.
Do you have any family here?
They were my family.
I'm sorry.
I hope you don't mind me saying,
but you look way too young
to have teenage kids.
Thank you.
I mind.
Can I record you putting that
on my outgoing message?
[both laugh]
[bird chirps]
[sighs] So you going back
to her place?
Where does Megan stay?
I mean, I don't know.
Can we just stop
talking about this?
I mean, it's gonna be
hard enough lying to my mom.
You just gotta believe it.
It's less of a lie
if you think it's true.
We were never there.
Promise you won't say anything?
No, I... I gotta go.
[engine turns over]
[tense music]
[crow caws]

[engine turns over]
[engine revs]

Katie, is that you?
It's me, Mom.
I'm so glad you remembered
our family dinner.
Oh, sorry.
We just had pizza.
I'm stuffed.
Does that mean you worked
things out with Ricky?
Look, I'm really tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
- Vegetables.
[phone chimes, buzzes]
[phone chimes]
[screen tapping]

[cart wheels rattling]
Excuse me.
Hi, it's Gretchen, right?
Do I know you?
- Yeah, I'm... I'm Amy.
I, um, saw you the other day
with Megan at yoga.
I'm staying at her lake house.
Oh, how are you enjoying
your stay in our little town?
I just feel like
I need to tell you
I... I think the way that you're
treating Megan is deplorable.
I mean, you bailed on her
when she needed you the most,
and she could really use
the support right now.
I know this because I lost
my own husband a few years ago.
Is that what she told you?
Look, Megan is dangerous.
She has episodes,
and I don't blame her,
and I know that she's
tried to get help
with a therapist in the past,
but I can't have unstable people
around my children.
What was that about?
It's just someone
I met at yoga.
I thought yoga was supposed
to make you Zen.
[birds cawing]
[phone buzzing]
[screen taps]
I saw the vehicle...
the SUV that caused the crash.
Megan, we've been down
this road before.
It's a red SUV,
and it belongs to the family
who's renting my lake house.
Their last name is Pruitt.
They were here
the same time last year.
Five months ago,
you had me chase down
a license plate
of a red SUV you saw
parked at the post office.
You were sure then.
[muffled] It ended up being
the mayor's wife,
and she wasn't even in town
at the time of the accident.
They were not happy,
to say the least.
I just can't go chasing down
every red SUV you happen to see.
But I have a feeling
about this one.
Megan, I'm sorry,
but we don't
investigate feelings.
[muffled] This isn't some
silly crime podcast.
[normally] We can't just go
poking around someone's car
without a search warrant.
Ah, sorry.
Just listen yourself.
[normally] You're telling me
that the family that is
renting your lake house
is also responsible
for the accident that killed
your family last year,
and you think they're, what,
renting your place
just to torment you?
I don't know.
They... they seem
like a nice family.
Isn't it possible that
with the anniversary
of the accident coming up,
it's got you a little on edge?
What, so...
I'm just imagining these things?
I am not crazy.
I never said that,
but with your memory
not even being clear
on what happened
the night of the accident,
there's not much else
we can do at this time.
Now, I strongly suggest that
you stay clear of this family.
I don't want a repeat of
what happened with the Millers.
That was an honest mistake.
They were this close
to filing harassment charges,
but I was able
to talk them out of it.
You might not be
so lucky next time.
[soft dramatic music]

[sobs quietly]
It is taking a lot longer
than it should...
But don't worry.
Mama's gonna get you
the justice you deserve.
I promise.
- Ah.
Hey, guys, over here.
- Hey.
- What's going on?
How you guys doing?
- Hi, Ms. Pruitt.
It's so good to see you.
Oh, it's so nice
to see you, Nikki.
Hey, Rick.
Thanks for having us,
Ms. Pruitt.
Oh, you're so welcome.
Hey, Ms. Pruitt.
- Hey, Nikki.
- Nice to see you.
How you doing, Rick?
- Ooh, gosh.
[Nikki and Amy giggle]
This is a nice fire.
- Hey, Jared.
Hey, what's up, man?
What's new in the gaming world?
Oh, you into "Fortnite"?
eSports is all the rage...
stadiums filled with fans,
huge purses.
I can send you
an email promo if you want.
Uh, nah, I'm okay, man.
I tried to get into it,
but I'm more into OG sports.
- Guys, there are snacks
and treats and veggies
on the table.
Would you please help yourself?
Love to.
[indistinct chatter]
I don't think
this is a good idea.
Yeah, well, neither do I,
but if you didn't come,
my mom would know
something's up.
Just act normal.
You said act normal.
- Yeah.
Mrs. Myers,
I didn't know you were coming.
I invited her, honey.
The more, the merrier.
Come here. [gasps]
That looks delicious.
[fire crackling]
Hey, don't I know you
from somewhere?
We've... we've never met.
I do.
It was...
It was the ice cream shop
on Main.
[laughs softly]
You used to give
Nancy and Greg
extra whipped cream
and sprinkles.
You know, sometimes he would
even give them an extra scoop.
That's right.
Yeah, yeah, I remember them.
Um, they were really sweet kids.
[melancholic music]
Hey, uh,
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
[laughs] [softly] Excuse me.
I'm sorry, I...
[laughs softly]
Didn't mean
to bring the mood down.
You didn't.
It's fine.
Let's change it up.
Does anyone have
any campfire stories?
Oh, I actually know
a good one.
We used to tell it at camp.
So there was this girl.
She snuck out
of her parents' house
to go meet up with this guy
that she had met online
for the first time in her life.
Definitely a serial killer.
- Better.
He kept insisting that the only
place that they could meet
was at the lake after dark.
Okay, girls and boys,
if anyone you meet online
asks to meet you
at any body of water,
please don't go, okay?
- But who could blame her?
You should have seen
the pictures
he posted of himself online.
[eerie music]
Um, so she went down
to the lake to go look for him,
and she went up
and down the beach,
and he's nowhere to be found,
so she goes down
to the dock, crying.
She gives up, figures that
she'd been stood up.
Suddenly, from below, a voice.
"I'm here, my love.
I'm here."
She looks down at the lake,
and there,
with his scaly head
raised above the water,
is a catfish.
- [groans]
Wait, I don't get it.
Oh, my God, Mom.
The scariest stories
come from inside...

Eat you alive,
gnaw away at you,
taste like bile,
smell like aluminum.
It starts with telling a lie...
Then believing that lie.
Your only choice
is to face it
or to take your seat belt off
and wrap yourself around a tree.
I'm... I'm so sorry.
I'm, uh... I'm gonna go inside
to freshen up.
Of course, of course.
- Okay?
[sobs quietly]
[dark music]

[tires screeching]
[car door dinging]

[soft suspenseful music]

Mom, that walking stick
is embarrassing.
It's my hiking stick.
You're a wizard, Harry.
- [laughs]
Okay, laugh it up, but when
you get up that steep hill,
you guys are gonna be
begging for my walking stick.
We're gonna be surrounded
by sticks.
You can literally
pick up any one.

[garage door whirring]
Honey, I need you to do me
a really big favor.
Can you take your brother
to Nikki's party tonight?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
He just spends
so much time online.
He never gets out in the world,
and I just...
I think it would be good
for him to spend some more time
with... with Rick and Jared.
- Yeah, honey.
He needs some male role models.
I worry about him
now that your dad's gone.
Okay, I'll take him.
- Thank you.
I'm so glad
I can always count on you.
- What's wrong?
I don't know,
just a little branch cut me.
Oh, honey, I think we should
put a bandage on this.
Luke, let's get home.
Honey, let's take you home.
Yes, this was enough fresh
air to last me a lifetime.
Oh, for God's sake.
[breathing heavily]
[foreboding music]

[dramatic musical sting]

[mutters indistinctly]
Come on!
No, no!
[objects clattering]
[door creaks]
Okay, Luke,
will you go to the garage
and get the first aid kit
out of the car?
It needs to be cleaned.
I need a Band-Aid too.
[door creaking]
Mom, you have to see this.
[garage door whirring]

What the...
[laughs softly]
What do you think?
Trash panda?
No, no trash panda's
strong enough to do this.
Maybe a bear?
Sure, a bear just opened up
the garage and walked right in.
I'm gonna have to call Megan.
I'm gonna go get
the first aid kit.
[door creaks]
[line ringing]
[phone buzzes]
- Hello?
Hi, Megan, listen,
there was some kind of accident
in the garage that
the shelf collapsed.
Oh, is anybody hurt?
Well, no, just the car.
[laughs softly]
Right, um, oh, I am so sorry.
I have been meaning
to get that fixed.
I will, of course,
pay for any damages.
No, please don't
worry about that.
That's what we've got
insurance for. [laughs]
[laughs] All right, bye.
[door creaks]
Did you get it?
- Come here.
[plastic rustling]
So what'd Megan say?
- Well, she said she's been
meaning to get the shelves
fixed for a while,
so it was definitely
an accident...
no bears, no raccoons.
- [laughs softly]
There you go, sweetie.
- Thanks.
I'm just gonna call
the insurance company.
[soft suspenseful music]

Okay, we're off.
Look at you guys.
Okay, no drinking.
I mean it.
Oh, you don't have to worry.
I'm not drinking, like, ever.
Well, I don't want you
to never drink.
I mean,
I'd like there to be a day
when we can share a bottle
of wine... when you're 40.
Why are you so dressed up?
You're not going to the party,
are you?
Would that be
such a bad thing?
Megan invited me over
for a movie and dinner.
Well, I mean,
we don't have to go.
We could just stay here
and hang out,
maybe play some Monopoly...
Nintendo Monopoly, yeah?
And waste the cologne sample
I just sprayed?
You guys look great.
Go and have some fun.
[scoffs] All right.
Be good.
[footsteps receding]

[heels clacking]
- Hi.
Come in.
- Thank you. [laughs softly]
[gravel crunching]
My friends are never
gonna believe me.
Play it cool.
[engine stops]
[energetic dance music playing]

[squeals, laughs]
You're finally here.
- Hi!
Didn't know
it was such a rager.
No, it's just a hang.
Have you seen Rick?
- Yeah.
Just follow the trail of
alcohol and toxic masculinity.

Hey, put that down.
I love this.
[laughs softly] I mean,
it's cozy, but, you know,
with it just being me,
it's really all
the space I need.
Made more sense to rent out
the big place.
Well, I'm sure glad you did.
we would never have met.
See, I find it really strange
that our paths
have never crossed before.
Definitely never met you before.
[knife clacks]
[laughs softly]
all: [chanting] One of us!
- Whoo!
Don't let him drink.
He's not even old enough.
- No one here is.
I promised Mom you wouldn't.
Well, I didn't.
- [laughs]
You don't even know
the bad things
that can happen to you
if you drink.
Chill, Katie.
It's amazing.
After everything
that's happened,
he hasn't changed one bit.

[clears throat] I'm so sorry.
I picked up this bad habit
from my kids.
[relaxing music playing]
Is everything all right?
- Mm, yeah, it's fine.
Um... Katie is at that age
where, you know,
she's got a lot of secrets.
You're lucky.

I am.
Just, when they're out,
I find myself
hovering over my phone
in case of an emergency.
[laughs softly]
You keep your cell phone
on you at all times.
[scoffs quietly]
You're smart.
You never know when you're gonna
have to call 911
to report an accident.
Mm, lucky I've never had to.

Want some more wine?
- Mm, thanks.
Oh, oh.
[both chuckle]
Come in.
I forgot a suit.
She doesn't want to be
a third wheel anyway.
[upbeat dance music playing]

Oh, hey, what...
what'd you wanna talk about?
Shouldn't we wait
until you're sober?
Look at Little Miss Sobriety.
What, you think
you're too good for me now?
There was an accident
in the garage.
Car was all banged up,
and the bumper sticker
was torn off the back window.
You think it's Megan?
Maybe, yeah.
Even if it was her,
nobody's gonna believe her.
Okay, everybody
around here knows
that she's crazy,
and she just destroyed
the evidence.
That means we are off the hook.
All we have to do is
keep our mouths shut, okay?
Look, I'm... I'm here,
and I'm trying to forget crap
that's happened in the past.
I mean, look.
Jared has the right idea.
Hey, come on, come on.
- Stop.
Stop. I don't want...
No, Rick, stop!
Hey, my sister said no.
- [gasps]
- [laughs]
- I told you, stop.
I left him hanging around
the American Express.
Come in. I've got something
that stings like crazy.
You know what I love
about these films?
What's that?
The villain always gets
what she deserves in the end.
You know,
I'm more of a documentary girl.
Do you mind
if I use the bathroom?
Of course.
It's down the hall.
[sighs] Oh, okay.
[both laugh]
You all right?
- Mm-hmm.
Sit still.
Not too bad.
You won't be able to lie
on your back.
[lock clicks]

Oh, he sucks.
I know.
- [sighs]
[soft music]
You can do better...
so much better.
You are better.
I'm really not.
[groans softly]
You know, one night,
I woke up,
and he was in the bathroom
just like this,
and he was throwing up
'cause of the chemo.
And I saw him,
and I didn't know what to do
if something bad
were to happen to him,
but he said he would be fine.
Then he said
if something were to happen
in the future,
just to look at you...
because you're my big sis,
and you would always know
to do the right thing.

[softly] Oh.
I miss him so much.
Me too.
[inhales deeply]
[sobs softly]

Thank you so much
for driving me home.
You know, this doesn't look
like the way I walked here.
Oh, I'm taking you
the scenic route.
Thought you might
enjoy the sights.
[soft dramatic music]

Do you remember the night of
the harvest festival last fall?
Oh, do I ever.
Worst night of my life.
I made the biggest mistake.
[foreboding music]

Do you know that I ignored
the expiration date
on the potato salad?
Luke and I got so sick,
and it was already
a hard weekend because,
you know, that was
the first one without James.
Can you believe that we missed
the entire harvest festival?
W... no.
You must have gone somewhere.
Oh, yeah...
the porcelain throne.
Luke and I got
the worst food poisoning.
And Katie was the smart one.
She didn't eat any of the salad.
She ended up going out
that night with her friends...
oh, the ones you met
at the barbecue.
They all went
to the harvest festival.
Well, that's what they said
they were doing.
I mean, who knows
with kids these days?
You never know
what they were up to.
[soft dramatic music]

[door clicks]
[softly] Turn... turn around.
Help... help them.
[keys clink]
Help them.
[breathing heavily]
- Whoa!
Hey, I didn't mean
to scare you. [laughs]
- Where's your brother?
Um, he's already asleep.
Honey, I can't believe
you waited up for me.
Yeah, well,
I just wanted to make sure
you got home okay.
What did I do to deserve
such a good girl?
Come on.
Let's get you to bed.

You are awfully quiet today.
Are you coming down
with something?
[door bell chimes]
- [sobs]
- I'm sorry.
Honey, what's wrong?
That was my family's
favorite ice cream store.
[voice breaking] I thought
I was ready to go back.
Today's the anniversary
of their death.
Oh, honey.
I... I wanted to go someplace
that would mean something
to them, you know?
[door bell chimes]
What'd you tell her?
- Nothing.
She just broke down in the
middle of ordering pistachio.
[sobs] I'm sorry.
I'm not ready.
No, it's okay.
This is so messed up.
- Tell me about it.
[door bell chimes]
- Is she gonna be okay?
I don't know, Luke.
I hope so.
Hi, Jared.
I didn't know
you were working here.
You know,
whenever I'm back from college,
try to pitch in,
help out the parents, so...
What a good little helper.
Yeah, if you ever decide
to open up an ice cream shop,
I will be your
number one scooper.
Except for, you know,
early mornings and nights
when I'm training for rowing.
You can take over
my shift, right?
Could I watch?
I mean,
because I've been thinking
of getting into rowing.
Tell you what, you know,
if you don't mind
waking up at 5:00 a.m...
Meet me at the docks tomorrow.
I'll take you out in the kayak.
Man, thanks.
- Yeah.
What do you guys want over here?
Well, the chocolate cherry
looks yummy.
I don't know why you bother.
You're just gonna end up
getting vanilla.
I think we need
to tell Megan the truth.
Hey, you guys want
a sample or something?
Is there any...
I can't live
with this anymore.
[whispering] We can't do that.
I think I'll just get vanilla.
[utensil clanking]
Do you want a cone or a cup?
[door bell chimes]
[screen tapping]
[birds chirping]
Welcome to the 2020 Olympics...
Where we are having
our final race for the gold,
[dramatic music]
United States of America,
Canada, Germany,
all ready in their tracks.

Hey, just sail by.
[stammers] I'm here.
Yo, stop!
What are you, crazy?
[engine whirring]
[water sloshing]
[soft suspenseful music]

Mm, still don't see it.
Move it a little to the left.
See it now?
[birds cawing softly]
Katie, you're not
gonna see anything
while you're on your cell.
- [sighs]
Okay, okay.
It's off.
Thank you.
My turn.
[birds caw louder]
Look, a shooting star.
Quick, make a wish.
You know, I was thinking
about seeing Megan today
and how upset she was.
Yeah, that was really sad.
But it was also really brave...
going back to her children's
favorite spot.
I really want us
to try and be brave.
About the boat...
I know it was your dad's
favorite thing,
but it was our thing,
and I don't think your dad
would want us to stop.
I don't know
if I'll feel like it.
you don't have to decide.
You just have to think
about it, okay?
I don't have
to think about it.
I'm in. Let's do it.
- Okay.
Well, we're here
for a few more days.
We don't leave
till Sunday, so...
I'll see how I feel.
Thank you.
Have a look.
[ducks quacking]
[foreboding music]

[soft tense music]

Hey, uh, your mom let me in.
I can't find Jared anywhere,
and, uh, he... he's not
answering my texts.
I thought he might be here.
- Did you guys get in a fight?
No, not... not exactly.
Uh, he's just...
he's been acting
so weird lately.
He mentioned maybe going back
to Stanford early,
and he told me
he can't stand to be around
Whispering Pines anymore,
and I'm like, "Since when?"
He's going through
something right now.
Maybe just try
to take it easy on him?
Well, what is it?
I'm his girlfriend.
I should know.
You guys aren't hooking up,
are you?
Nikki, no, no, no.
I would never do that to you.
Really, because
every time I turn my back,
there you two are making
googly eyes at each other.
Trust me.
It is not what it looks like.
Then what is it? Because it's
not looking really good.
I'm sorry.
I can't tell you.
All right,
then maybe you can tell me
what this is.
What happened between
you two that night?
Did you guys hook up?
Is that why Rick's been
acting so pissy lately
and Jared's been so distant
ever since you got back home?
No, no, Nikki.
Please, sto... you...
you don't understand, okay?

It's a lot worse than that,

Do you remember
that car accident
I told you guys about?
It happened last fall harvest.
Yeah, the one that killed
Megan Myers' whole family?
We had, uh,
just left your party,
and I was passed out
in the back seat,
and Rick was driving.
He'd been drinking.
We all had been drinking.
I mean, that's kinda what
we do at your parties, right?
Oh, so this is my fault?
Will you please
just listen to me?
Rick caused that accident,
and the worst part is,
he didn't stop to try to help
or anything, and Jared,
he just went along
with the whole thing, and I...
There were...
there were kids that died
in that cra...

[groans] Jared must be
a wreck about this.
You don't think he would
do anything stupid, do you?
He wouldn't...
try to hurt himself
or anything, would he?
Look, if Jared doesn't
turn up by tomorrow,
I'm going to the police.
I'm telling them everything.
I'll go with you.

[can cracks open]
What are you doing out here?
My kids used to love
coming here,
hiking these trails
behind our house.
Yeah, they used to point
to this exact spot and say,
"That's where the cool kids
hang out."
Weren't your kids super young?
Did you see them?
My kids?
Yeah, well,
I guess they were
a lot younger than you.
But I'm pretty sure you're
too young to be drinking that.
Drinking leads to death.
[girl giggling]
[indistinct chatter]
[water bubbling]
[hot tub whirring]

[phone dings, buzzes]
[camera shutter clicks]
[phone clacks]
[foreboding music]

[footsteps approaching]
That was fast, babe.
Ignore me all day, and all
you wanted was a dirty photo.
[laughs softly]
[muffled screams]

[wind whooshing softly]
[phone dings]
Honey, aren't you burning up
in that sweater?
I'm fine.
[video game pinging]
You know, I feel like
both of you have spent
so much time on your devices
this trip.
I don't know why
you bothered coming.
[soft dramatic music]

All right, let's do it.
Do what?
Go out on the boat tomorrow.
I know I said
I wasn't ready before,
but I think I'm ready now.

Are you sure I didn't
pressure you into this?
Mom, no, you didn't.
It's the right thing to do.
It's what Dad would have
wanted, you know?
This would make
your dad happy.
Here, why don't you sit?

There was, uh,
sort of something that I...
I thought I should tell you.
last fall harvest,
You know what?
It... it's nothing.
It's... it's not important.
[anxious music]

[siren whooping]
What the...

[tapping on window]
what did I tell you about
staying away from your renters?
We got a call from a neighbor
about a suspicious vehicle
being parked alongside the road
throughout the week.
So you'll investigate
my vehicle,
but you won't investigate
the Pruitts'.
I have every right to be here.
But you don't have the right
to harass anyone.
Since I have you here,
we have a family
who thinks their son,
Jared, might have gone missing.
Recognize this kid?
I... yeah,
but I don't know anything.
All right.
- Are we done?
Stay away from these people.
Yes, we're done.
Be safe out there.
[indistinct chatter]
[soft dramatic music]

What part of
"I can't talk right now"
did you not understand?
- This can't wait.
[sighs] Okay.
Just make it quick.
My dad's already in a bad mood.
I just can't keep this secret.
I'm gonna tell
my mom everything.
Don't be stupid.
I thought we... I thought
we already agreed that...
that keeping the secret was...
was best.
And I thought I could,
but the guilt and...
seeing Megan in all that pain,
I just...
I think we need
to come clean, okay?
We need to face
the consequences.

[exhaling] Okay.
You're not mad?
I mean, your texts
and the way you acted
at the party, I just thought...
At the party, I was...
I was drunk.
I wasn't thinking straight.
I'm sorry about that.
To be honest, I feel like
I kinda saw this coming,
so thanks for the heads-up.
What do you think will happen?
I mean, nothing that
a high-priced lawyer
can't take care of.
I should have just let my dad
deal with this from the start.
I mean, that's what
he's best at... hiring lawyers.
When do you think all this
is gonna go down?
We're going out on the boat
tomorrow with Megan.
Maybe I'll tell her afterwards.
My mom and brother are really
looking forward to it,
so I don't want to ruin
the trip for them.
I'll let Jared know.
He's probably gonna be the most
relieved out of all of us.
I gotta get back.
Katie, you ready?
I still need to prep the boat.
I still need
to blow-dry my hair.
Oh, come on,
is that really necessary?
You guys just go ahead, okay?
I will Uber there
and meet you at the dock.
Okay, we'll meet you
in one hour, okay?
[boat engine whirring]
Looks like your sister
got cold feet.
Oh, she's so lame.
I can't believe
she flaked out on us like that.
Okay, go easy on her.
She needs to take
her own time, okay?
You ready to crew?
You mean we're still going?
- Yes, we are.
[laughs] Aye, aye, Captain.
[laughs] Okay, let me cast out
the lines
and pull in the fenders.
Okay, Dad always did
a safety check first.
I'm gonna go get it started
inside, okay?
Okay, be careful,
and don't break anything.
Yo, coming at you live
from the Pruitt vacay yacht.
Check out what I'm dealing with.
Oh, yes.
Look at this leather.
Guys, here we are...
master bedroom.
Oh, my goodness.
This is insane.
Mom, Mom, Mom.
There's a body... dead body.
Just wait here.
It's okay.
[ominous music]
[breathing heavily]

It's Luke and Mom.
Call us back.
It's important.
It's going straight
to voice mail. What do we do?
Hello, Sheriff?
I'd like to report a body
found on Megan Myers' boat,
um, down at the dock.
The name of the girl whose body
it is, her name's Nikki.
She was friends
with my daughter.
Um, I can't stay here.
I have to go
and find my daughter,
but I'm staying
at Megan's house.
[soft tense music]

I hope she's here.
Hi, Amy.
Where's my daughter?
What have you done?
It was never my intention
to cause anyone any pain,
especially not another mother,
but somebody has to answer
for the death of my children,
my husband.
Your daughter and her friends
have to pay.
This is the bumper sticker
that I saw the night
of the accident.
It was on the back
of the red SUV
that ran my family off the road.
That is from my car.
You think we ran your family
off the road?
Now, listen to me.
I need your daughter
to tell the truth
about what happened that night
for once and for all,
the night
of the harvest festival.
Katie ran my family and I
off the road.
Megan, I don't know
what you're talking about.
She left us there to die.
Katie is innocent.
Where is she?
Oh, quit lying to me, Amy!
You have been pretending
this whole time.
I am not lying to you.
I told you, that night,
Luke and I were sick.
We never left the house.
I know, I know,
which is why I'm here for Katie.
Megan, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Katie is innocent.
- She killed my family!
She left us there to die!
She didn't do it.
- Luke, get outside!
She was there that night,
but you gotta see this, okay?
I've been trolling Katie.
She lied about going out
last year, okay?
They went to the party, and I
got mad, but it doesn't matter.
I hacked Rick's cloud account,
and he had this backed up.
What have you got?
I found this video
the night of the party.

Oh, it's your boy Ricky Rhodes
coming at you with
a special guest, J Ride.
Hey, J Ride in the house,
in the car.
And we're hitting you
from Whispering Pines.
both: [whispering repeatedly]
Whispering Pines.
And your girl
is passed out in the back.
Check that out, man.
Yo... no, stop.
Give the fans
what they want, man.
Dude, just give me a second.
It's fine.
[horn blares]
- Yo, watch out, dude!
[tires screeching]
Yo, we gotta go see
if they're okay.
We gotta go see.
- What? Dude, are you insane?
Somebody's gonna come along
and call 911.
We might be able to help them.
Come on.
Yo, your phone, your phone.
[phone rattles]
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
he's been sending her, like,
hundreds of texts,
threatening her,
telling her she better
keep her mouth shut.
Mom, I think he has Katie.
Call the police.
- Rick's setting me up.
I think I know where they are.
I know exactly where they are.
I have his GPS right here.
Okay, call 911
and lock the doors.
Let's go.
- I knew it.
He took her to my house.


Katie, you should have
just held up
your end of the bargain.
Do you even realize
what you've made me do?
Nikki's dead.
Look at me.
You killed her,
not me.
You should have just
kept your mouth shut!
You're as bad as Jared was.
- [sobbing]

You're just as bad
as Jared was.
They were our friends,
Rick, our friends.
You are insane.
You're insane!
[chair rattles]
I did what was best.
- Yeah.
You think that's what's best?
It's okay.
It'll all be over soon.
Soon you'll be joining him
at the bottom of the lake,
where this secret belongs.
Rick, no, no.
Rick, Rick, Rick...
[door creaks]
Katie, where are you?
- Shh, shh, shh.
Hold on, Katie!
Hold on, sweetheart!
[suspenseful music]

[door slams]
- [grunting]
Oh, sweetheart.
Hey, hey, you okay?
Yeah, I'm so sorry.
I am so, so sorry.
We caused the accident.
Rick was driving, and...
and I swear I didn't know.
I would have told you.
I should have told you.
I know everything.
- I am so sorry.
Come on.
Let's just get you out of here.
[door slams]
I can't let you do that.
Ms. Myers, I can...
I can give you
what you really want.
I can help you
see your family again.
No more crying, no more pain.
You'll be happy.
[scoffs] Happy?
What are you talking about?
I just found out that
you killed my entire family.
You're gonna pay.
I'm not gonna let you
ruin my life
over a stupid accident!
No, Rick, that was a choice...
a choice you made.
No, there was nothing
anyone could have done.
You should have
just stayed home.
Rick, stop.
Shut up.
- No.
Just shut up.
Shut up.
Look at me!
Look at me, Rick.
Look at me.
You want to know
what the doctor told me
as I was lying alone
in my hospital bed?
[soft dramatic music]
He said if the paramedics
had have gotten there sooner,
they would have survived.
[door clicks]

I hate you.
- [screams] Oh, my God, no!
[dramatic music]

[somber music]

- [whimpers]
Megan, give me the gun.
Give me the gun, Megan.
I promised my children
not vengeance.
I shot him.
- Okay, okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Let's get a medic in here.

[hopeful music]

You know,
I could get used to this.
Mom is officially spoiled.
So how's college going?
It's good, mm-hmm.
- Yeah?
I told Megan that
you changed your major.
Yeah, family therapy.
I figured I could be
a guidance counselor
and help people
through their journey.
You will make
an amazing counselor.
You know, it's...
it's really hard
being on your own.
You're not alone.
We're your family now.
I love you guys.
- [laughs]
We love you.
Love you.