Secrets at the Museum (2023) Movie Script

(indistinct chatter)
Natalie, honey,
I thought we agreed
You wouldn't come
into your mom's office anymore.
But I miss her.
And I wanted
to draw her favorite flower
Like she used to.
I know, honey, I miss her, too.
But look, we're late
for the exhibit.
Come on. Let's go.
(indistinct chatter)
- Mr. Freeman!
- Hey, how are you?
- Hey!
- Thanks for coming.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
This is amazing.
Hi, how'd you hurt your foot?
I hurt it at the playground.
Are you here by yourself?
No, I'm here with my dad.
He's right there.
He's mad because he can't
find his painting.
Maybe we can help him find it.
Young derek: I can't.
He told me to wait here.
How's that gonna help?
Uh, yeah, why don't we step
into my office?
It's uh, private.
Yeah, yeah.
Mr. Mason,
can I offer you a drink?
My painting was supposed to be
in this exhibit.
I gave it to your wife.
When was that?
Last month.
It was about a week before
she... before her accident.
And I'm really sorry.
But when I heard you were
going ahead with the exhibit,
I assumed the painting would be
on display.
I was still hoping it would be
my big break.
I understand.
Do you have the paperwork?
No, she scribbled it on a napkin
And said
that's how she always does it.
Yeah, she did.
Um, her passion was art,
not business.
Do you have the napkin?
I don't have it.
Mr. Mason, I don't have
any record of your painting,
And you don't have
the paperwork,
And I have to get back
to my opening.
So that's it?
You're not gonna do anything
about this?
It was a painting
of this picture.
Look at it!
There's nothing more I can do.
What kind of business
are you running here?
I'm gonna tell everyone
that the freeman
And you stole my work!
Hey. Come on.
Let's go.
You'll regret this!
Come on, son.
I will ruin this museum!
Alex said your interview
went well yesterday.
It did, actually.
I have a second interview
with the higher-ups.
We're gonna have to
start planning these sessions
When maya's not around
to distract you.
Why don't you just paint me
from my photo
Like you always do?
Those aren't portraits.
Plus, I want this one
to be perfect.
What session does this make?
Six, I think.
No. Seven.
I believe natalie.
It's hard to sit still
for that long.
Yeah, especially when someone
keeps talking to you.
Maya, can you come over here,
Give me your opinion
on something?
You want me to see
the famous natalie masterpiece?
I'll give you my opinion!
Whoa, not so fast.
I didn't ask you.
It's going to be perfect.
What's wrong?
I was just trying to see
if I could find your initials.
Does this guy really think
Someone's gonna
steal his artwork?
Is that really
why you hide your initials
In all your paintings?
Steal or copy.
It happens all the time.
Museums take advantage
of artists every day.
And I just thought
it was a cute, quirky habit.
Yeah, this is natalie free...
Is he okay?
Uh, I'll be right there.
What's wrong?
Um, it's my dad.
Your dad?
He's at the hospital.
They think
he had a heart attack.
Yeah, I... I really gotta go,
I'll drive you.
No, no, no. It's okay.
You know hospitals.
I'll probably be there
all night.
I don't mind.
I'll be all right.
She never mentions
That she has any family
around here.
Yeah, just her dad,
But I don't think
they've talked in years.
Her mom died when she was young.
he threw himself into work,
Left natalie to fend
for herself.
Do you think that's why
she didn't want you
To go with her?
I don't know.
She clearly
didn't want me there.
Hospital announcer (on speaker):
Doctor morris, dial 118, please.
Doctor morris, please dial 118.
Hey. Thanks for comin'.
Of course.
The nurse told me
you were out here.
So, how's your dad?
He's gonna be okay.
Thankfully he was wearin' this.
He's been wearing one of those
since we were in high school.
Good thing, too.
Dr. Byer said
the medicine in here
Is what saved his life.
Where's alex?
He offered to drive me,
But he knows me
as natalie calvert,
Not natalie freeman.
Why haven't you told him
I'm not a freeman anymore.
I thought I left my dad
and that life behind for good.
I just feel like I'm hiding
this big secret from him.
I mean, you kinda are.
Jeff: Is natalie staying at
the hospital with her dad?
And after he gets discharged
She's gonna stay with him
at his house for a couple days.
Hmm. Have you seen her?
We talked, texted a little,
but she won't let me help.
Some things are goin' on.
I can feel it.
Oh, flora,
it's so good to see you.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, natalie.
I'm derek, the museum curator.
Nice to meet you.
It's cold outside, guys.
Come in.
Thank you.
It's so great
to finally meet you.
Your dad talks about you
all the time.
Do you remember
I used to make these for you
All the time.
Mm, how could I forget
Flora's famous
chocolate chip cookies?
(chuckle together)
Finally someone
to take 'em off my hands.
I'm uh, gettin' a little rotund.
(chuckle together)
Anyway uh, your dad wanted me
to bring you these files.
Mm. I just got him settled.
He really should be restin'.
I got bored.
But you just got home.
I got work to do.
We have an exhibit
opening next Friday,
And the freeman
has never canceled
An opening reception.
And do you remember
what the doctors told you?
Come on.
Let's talk shop in my study.
You got it, boss.
I'll take those.
Looks like I'm gonna need
to make a fresh pot of coffee.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Yeah. It really is.
You know, I've been thinking
of finding something
That represents
a father-son bond
For the family exhibit
next month.
Would you consider?
We don't know its provenance.
It would be irresponsible
to display it at the museum.
All right. Easy, dad.
The doctors warned you
not to get upset,
And this is why you're
not supposed to be workin'.
Why don't you just
leave the papers here,
And he can get to them
after he's gotten
A little bit of rest.
I'm fine. I can work.
I'll let you two figure it out.
Why don't I walk you out?
Take it easy, mr. Freeman.
For all of us, okay?
Sorry about my dad.
Don't apologize.
He needs his rest.
Natalie: I know he's
the one that called you.
Work comes first for him.
It always has.
I'll see if I can get him
to look into that painting.
I'd appreciate that.
See you later.
Take care.
These just got delivered
for you.
I see you're still not
listenin' to your doctors.
I hope those are
what I think they are.
The future master art exhibit
is still six months away.
You have plenty of time
to prepare.
I started early
Because this year
has to be perfect.
20th anniversary.
It was mom's passion helpin'
out new artists.
Yeah, it was always
her favorite cause.
Do you think that I could have
one of those
For a talented artist I know?
Yeah, sure.
Um, come here for a second.
Have a seat.
I wanna talk to you
about something.
I just wanna thank you
for taking such good care of me
This past week.
That's what family does.
Well, I didn't.
I regret not taking better care
of you when your mom died.
I should have been
a better father.
That was really tough.
I lost both of you
the day mom died.
And you couldn't get away
fast enough.
You went off to college
and never looked back.
You never gave me an indication
you wanted me home.
I don't know.
Just you and your mom
had such a...
Such a special relationship.
I... I guess I just thought
I could never compare,
So I just threw myself
into my work
And I never tried.
I regret that
more than anything.
I needed you.
I know.
I know. I'm so sorry.
But I'm glad
we're back together now.
I was so scared that night,
I thought I lost you forever.
But then it made me realize
That I'm so glad
we have a second chance.
I'm so glad you're okay, dad.
Hey. How's your dad?
He's doin' a little bit better
each day.
Good. I'm glad to hear it.
Where's alex?
Just left.
Went to meet somebody
about a new commission.
I'll leave him a note.
I am so sorry.
Totally fine. You okay?
Yeah. I saw someone I knew.
And that is
not how my dad wanted me
To give you this.
No worries.
How's your dad doin' today?
He's restin' up for the openin'.
It's not what the doctors want,
but he's stubborn.
Will you be joining us?
I wouldn't miss it.
I should actually probably
go get ready.
It's been a long time
since I've been
To a freeman openin'.
It's good to have you back.
(indistinct chatter)
Don't leave the house
without this.
I know.
Thank you so much for coming.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you
for making tonight possible.
Um, well, you were determined
to make it happen,
And derek here did all the work.
Oh, stop.
Are you sure
I can't convince you
To work with your old man?
I think we make
a pretty good team.
Mm, don't think about it.
Don't you think it would be
great if she worked with us?
Yeah, come on!
Father and daughter
back together.
I mean, family
is the most important thing.
Yeah, see?
Even derek thinks
it's a great idea.
You yourself said
you want a job.
I don't even see
why there's a question.
Have you met derek, our curator?
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm danielle abbott.
And uh, you remember
my daughter natalie?
(robert laughing)
She's quite an artist
in her own right.
In fact, I have
one of her sunflower drawings
At my office.
Perhaps I should
have you appraise it.
Come on, dad.
She knows exactly how much
a kid's artwork is worth.
You know, I've seen pictures
of your mom,
And I've heard about
the passion that she had
For undiscovered talent.
You look exactly like her,
And you have the same passion
in your eyes.
Thank you.
That's a really
great compliment.
Um, do you mind
if I borrow your dad
For a minute?
We need to speak privately.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, you know,
let's just call it a night.
I mean,
you've gotta be exhausted.
Yeah, I'll start
to pick up around here.
Don't worry.
We have a cleaning crew
for that.
Well, in that case,
I'm gonna go upstairs,
Take off these shoes,
and go to bed.
You guys have a good night.
- Have fun.
- Nice seein' you.
Let's go there.
can you just give us a minute?
I'm so sorry
to rush everybody off like that.
No, it's okay.
What's on your mind?
Um, I really don't know how
to say this,
And maybe you already know,
but this painting,
It isn't an original.
Well, what do you mean
the cantor's not an original?
An art collector friend of mine
just purchased the original.
I appraised it,
like a couple weeks ago.
this can't be happening again.
This has happened before?
It was an isolated incident.
I'm really sorry, robert,
But my friend has all
of the original documentation.
I had assumed that you sold it.
This was
my wife's favorite painting.
I would never sell it.
Certainly wouldn't hang a copy
on the walls of my museum.
That's why I brought it
to your attention.
If you'd like, I can try
to find more information
About the seller.
I appreciate that.
Who else knows about this?
Just my friend. And myself.
My friend
has just as much concern
About this painting
being stolen.
I'm sure.
I'd like to see a copy
of the appraisal.
I don't really see why there
should be a problem
With getting you a copy.
I'm sorry.
You okay, boss?
Huh? Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
Has everyone else left?
Yeah, pretty much.
Make sure you lock the door
on the way out.
Okay, yeah. I can help you...
I'll talk to you tomorrow,
(takes deep breaths)
There's no signature.
What's this?
No. Not again.
No, no, no.
No! No! No, no!
(groans, pants)
Are you okay?
Um, I think I know who put
the future master's flyer
In your backpack.
Are you gonna tell me?
I think it was natalie.
That's crazy.
Why would you say that?
Because your natalie
is actually natalie freeman.
Sources report that
although robert
And his daughter natalie
were estranged,
They reconnected as he recovered
from a heart attack
Only weeks ago.
Unfortunately, after having
a fatal heart attack last night,
The art community
will suffer greatly
With the loss of robert freeman.
I've read enough.
It's okay.
Natalie: Thanks for bringing
over the donuts and coffee.
No problem.
Did you get any sleep?
I just can't stop thinkin'.
I don't understand
why my dad didn't
Take his emergency medicine
like he did last time.
Maybe he just didn't have time.
But that's the thing.
The doctor said
he wasn't even wearing
The pendant.
And he always wears his pendant.
Or... Or...
I can't even imagine
What you're going through
right now.
Thank you for comin' over here
And helping me sort through
some of the stuff
Before I meet up
with my dad's lawyer.
Of course.
This stuff can be confusing.
Trust me, I get it.
I don't even know the name
of half of these documents.
Did you know
there's something called
a letter of last instruction?
Your dad probably didn't know
When you guys
were gonna reconnect.
By signing a letter
of last instruction,
It's a way
where he can make sure
All of his affairs
are taken care of
Exactly how he wanted.
I guess that makes sense.
Where are the documents?
They're in my dad's study.
I can go get 'em.
I'll come with you.
We can work in there.
Wasn't expecting
to see you here.
Is everything okay?
Looks just like the original.
Yeah, that's what
they're paying me for.
As soon as I get my money
for this, I'm outta here.
When do you deliver it?
Tomorrow night.
Have you talked to natalie?
She tried calling,
But I still
can't get over the fact,
That she's a freeman.
I never would have started
a relationship with her
If I had known.
Is it really that bad?
Dude, she lied to me
about everything.
She knows how I feel.
After everything I told her
about my dad.
All he ever wanted
was validation
From people like the freemans.
But he never got it.
So he turned to booze
and threw it all away.
Now I find out she's a freeman.
I thought you said
she might be the one.
Natalie calvert
might have been the one,
But I don't even know
who natalie freeman is.
Dude, you should give
her a chance to explain.
Recorded voiceover (on phone):
Is not available.
At the tone.
Straight to voicemail again.
I don't even know
what to do anymore.
W... what are you doing?
I promised derek
I'd look into the provenance
Of this painting.
So I was gonna
take it downstairs
To my dad's office.
Can it wait?
Now that my dad's gone,
I really need to count on derek
To keep this museum runnin'.
And I get the feeling
that he doesn't quite know
What to think of me.
I was hoping that maybe
if I cleared the paintin',
And he could exhibit it,
that maybe it would help.
All right.
You know, there's someone
at my office
Who researches people
for my clients all the time.
I can have them look into it.
Really? That'd be great.
Yeah, no problem.
You have got a lot going on.
Hopefully I can have an answer
for you in a couple days.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
Can I also make a suggestion?
Of course.
Go find alex.
Go talk to him in person.
Find out
where the two of you stand.
Thanks for always lookin' out
for me.
Of course.
Hey, maya.
Sorry for stopping by so late.
No, I'm glad you're here.
I'm so sorry about your dad.
You know?
Mmhmm, yeah.
Does alex know, too?
That's why he's not answering
any of my phone calls
Or my text messages.
Can I get you somethin'
to drink?
No, I'm okay.
How do you know about my dad?
I saw an article
in my news feed.
There was a picture
of you two together.
How did alex take it?
Not well.
He was really upset.
He's mad because you lied
to him, natalie.
It's hard finding out somebody
is not who you think they are.
But that's the thing.
I'm exactly who he thinks I am.
I'm natalie calvert.
I haven't been natalie freeman
since before I went off
To college.
And I didn't lie
to him about anything.
I just didn't tell him
I suppose
you're upset with me, too, now?
Hmm. A little at first.
But then I realized you must
have had your reasons
To give all that up.
You're an artist.
And a freeman.
You had it made.
I'm not an artist like you are,
but I do love art.
I think I got that from my mom.
Do you have any idea when alex
is gonna be back?
Oh, natalie, he's gone for good.
Maya: He completely
cleared out his space.
I never wanted him
to find out this way.
I should have told him sooner.
I think he left that for you.
is this what I think it is?
He wrapped it a couple days ago.
Why don't you wait
till you get home to open it?
Yeah. You're probably right.
Thank you.
Of course.
And if you see alex,
Can you please just tell him
that I'm really sorry?
I'd like a chance
to at least explain.
I will. I promise.
Okay. I better get outta here.
I'll call you.
I wanted to thank you all
for comin' out here today.
My family has certainly gone
through some rough patches.
But I am so grateful
that I was able
To spend the last few weeks
with my father and reconnect.
(natalie sniffles)
Several of you are askin',
what's gonna happen
to the freeman?
And I'm pleased to let you know
That I plan to step in
for my father
And will do everything it takes
to fulfill my family's legacy,
And honor both my father
and my mother.
My hope's that you guys
will be patient with me
As I have some
rather large shoes to fill.
- I'm so sorry for your loss.
- Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry
I didn't tell you first.
I really hope
I can still count on you
To keep the museum runnin'.
There's no way I can do this
without you.
Yeah, of course.
You can count on me
just like your father did.
Thank you for coming.
I am so sorry about your father.
(sniffles, sighs)
Um, there's something
I really need
To discuss with you.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. It's important.
I really need
to discuss with you.
Is it okay
if I come by the museum
Next week?
Of course.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay. Thank you.
That was really weird.
What do you think that's about?
I don't know.
Anyway, derek, thank you so much
for comin' and doin' everything.
Seriously, it's no problem.
I do have to go deal with uh,
some crazy artists,
Who wanna reschedule,
but uh, whatever you need.
Seriously. Okay?
If you need anything,
let me know, okay?
(indistinct chatter)
Thank you so much
for coming, guys.
I couldn't do this
without my friends.
Of course.
Luke: (indistinct
speech) was beautiful.
Your speech was beautiful.
I have to get back
to the office, actually.
Go, you've already missed
so much because of me.
I've been exactly
where I needed to be.
Maya: I'm free for dinner
tonight, if you'd like company.
Natalie, you okay?
Uh, sorry.
Um, company would be
really nice.
I'm gonna let you ladies go.
I'll see you soon.
I have to go
To my dad's attorney's office
But do you wanna
pick up somethin'
And maybe back
a little bit later?
Sure thing.
See you in a bit.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I think so.
What happened?
I don't know.
It all happened so fast.
Someone was here
when I came home.
I'm calling the police.
Oh my god.
Anything missing?
They took a painting
from my dad's study.
How valuable we talkin'?
It's only valuable to me.
They took the portrait
that alex did of me.
I don't think anything else
is missing,
But I can't be certain.
Maya said you were unconscious
when she got here.
I'm gonna call an ambulance
for you.
You better get that checked out.
Uh, no, that's okay.
I don't need an ambulance.
No, better safe than sorry.
and things like that,
You never know.
You wanna call that in?
Come on.
Oh, man.
Do you want me
to stay with you tonight?
I don't think that's necessary.
Hey, I... I was talkin'
to jeff earlier
While you were with the doctor,
And he said something
that had me thinking.
Do you think
this could have been alex?
What? Never.
Then why was your portrait
the only painting
That was taken?
Think about it, natalie.
Your parents owned a museum.
The paintings in your house
are worth a fortune,
But that's all they took?
Alex would never do that.
He would never hurt me.
Even if he wanted his paintings
I interrupted
the middle of a robbery.
Who knows
what they would have taken
If I hadn't walked in?
Listen to yourself.
You interrupted a robbery.
Okay, listen, it's getting
late, and I'm staying here.
Let's go inside.
Good morning.
Thank you.
How you feelin' today?
I have a knot
in the back of my head,
But all things considered,
not so bad.
Why don't I plan on staying
with you again tonight?
Oh, no.
Officer baker said
that people break in
During funerals all the time.
Especially if the person
had money.
That's horrible.
I know, it's sad.
But I do appreciate you staying
with me last night.
Why don't I make us
some breakfast this morning?
That'd be really nice.
She's beautiful.
Your mystery woman. Who is she?
Someone I thought I knew.
Reminds me
of your painting of dad.
I love that painting.
So you gonna tell me
what happened last night?
Showed up on my doorstep,
covered in blood.
I'm not the only one
who's worried.
Mom's been calling.
Did you disconnect your phone?
I didn't disconnect it.
I just turned it off
for a while.
I'm worried about you, too.
I mean,
are you in some kinda trouble?
You gonna do this?
I mean, dad would be...
I'm not dad!
(gasps, sighs)
Oh my god.
You scared me.
I guess we're even.
Sorry, I didn't see you in here.
Did you need somethin'
from my dad's office?
Uh, yeah, just uh,
just some payroll information.
Wouldn't the accountants
have that?
You know what? You're right.
Oh, you... I see
you took it out of the study.
Yeah, good thing, too.
Someone broke into the house
last night.
Wha... what?
What... what happened?
Luckily or unluckily,
I interrupted them
And they were only able
to take one painting.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I went to the hospital
and got checked out.
Oh, thank god.
You know, I could uh,
take that off your hands,
Add it to the catalog?
Mm, not yet.
I'm still waitin'
on the provenance.
Oh, I could do that.
but I'm kinda countin' on you
To keep the museum runnin'
while I learn the ropes.
I know how much you love
that painting.
I've always loved it, too.
It's one of my favorites.
I was hoping
that if we cleared it,
Then maybe we could exhibit it.
Uh, I'll just...
I'll leave you to your work.
Hey, you look good!
How you holdin' up?
It's been tough,
But I'm glad maya stayed
with me last night.
Is this a social visit
Or are you here
to paint with us?
Oh, come on.
It'll be good for you.
When was the last time
you picked up a paintbrush?
I'm actually here to see you.
Have you heard from alex?
I'm sorry.
And you honestly have no idea
where he could have gone?
I knew I should have told
the truth about my family
When things started
to get serious.
So you're really
gonna be runnin' the freeman?
My dad's attorneys
are finalizing it now.
Well, I still think you should
make time to paint.
For you.
I'm hoping
to do a little painting
Back in the office
when I have some free time.
Like my mom used to do.
Oh god, you guys would
have loved my mom.
Oh, actually,
I almost forgot something.
I have each of these
for you guys.
I was hopin' that you both would
submit one of your paintings
To the future master
art exhibit.
My mom started it
right before she died.
She thought
it was really important
That talented young artists
have a chance
That they might not
otherwise get.
You really wanna put our artwork
in an exhibit at the freeman?
You both deserve it.
Wow. Thank you.
I gotta get back to the museum.
I'll catch up with you guys
All right.
Oh, man.
Come in.
Flora: There's a friend
of your father's here.
Danielle abbott.
She said you spoke
at the funeral.
Thank you, flora.
Please send her in.
Right this way.
I'm sorry.
I'm used to working
with your dad.
I guess I should have called.
That's okay.
Please have a seat.
Flora just likes to protect me.
Things have been a little bit
crazy around here lately.
Yeah. You've been through a lot.
How're you holding up?
it's a little overwhelmin'.
But I'm sure
that's not why you're here.
I'm afraid
that what I have to say
Isn't going to make things
any easier.
When I was talking to your dad
at the exhibit opening,
I didn't know anything
about his heart problems.
He wanted everyone
to think he was invincible.
Yeah. That sounds like robert.
But if I had known,
I wouldn't have done anything
To upset him that night.
What is it?
Take a look.
You think that the cantor
is a forgery?
A couple of weeks ago,
A close friend of mine mentioned
how excited he was
To purchase the cantor.
So you can imagine my concern
when I saw it hanging
In the museum the other night.
Well, how do you know
That your friend's
isn't a forgery?
I appraised it.
Yours is a forgery.
This doesn't even
make any sense.
My father would make sure
to authenticate every piece
Of artwork before he hangs it
up in his museum.
Our name is everything.
I know.
What else is goin' on?
I'm concerned that you may have
other forgeries.
Why would you say that?
When I spoke to your father,
He told me
that it wasn't the first time
That this had happened.
So when I walked in here,
I looked at a couple of
your other paintings.
The franklin
doesn't even have a signature.
I mean, natalie, it's a darcy.
It should have his signature.
You really need to go
to the authorities.
Of course.
But my family's museum
and the reputation
Is on the line here.
This could ruin everything
that my parents worked so hard
To build.
I'll try to buy you some time
with my friend.
But the longer you wait,
The more people
are going to think
That you have something to hide.
I understand.
Thank you.
(indistinct chatter)
Miss freeman!
Oh, tina. Call me natalie.
Okay, then, natalie,
I know the freeman
is your museum,
But photographing the paintings
is not allowed.
Some of our visitors
have complained.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you enforced
that rule.
Yes, ma'am. Strictly.
Maybe you can take the photos
after hours,
Or if I'm not mistaken,
The museum
has professional photographs
Of each of the paintings
on file.
Well, I guess I'll have to see
what we have on the file.
And, tina, thanks
for doing such a great job
At enforcing museum rules.
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
I was researchin' a paintin'
and I lost track of time.
Don't worry about it.
Derek and I got you covered.
Natalie: Great. Thank you.
So what'd I miss?
Oh, um, okay, a few phone calls.
And a young lady
dropped a submission off
For the art exhibit.
Okay, great.
Um, did you set up
an appointment
So I could review her work?
She just
dropped the painting off
For you to review,
but I can go get it.
Uh, yeah, that'd be great.
Um, I'm gonna set the stuff
down and make a cup of coffee,
And then I'll take a look at it.
Well, I just made a fresh pot.
Mm, you do know how
to keep the freeman running.
All right,
let me grab that for you.
Great. Thank you.
(indistinct conversation
in distance)
(both chuckle)
(indistinct conversation)
Hi. So here's this.
Thank you.
And this.
this is actually really good.
Very emotional.
I agree.
Tell me a little bit more
about the artist.
What is she like?
I actually don't know anything
About the artist.
The young woman dropped it off
for someone
Who wishes to remain anonymous.
Anonymous? That's weird.
I thought that was strange, too.
I mean, I've been working here
a long time,
And I've never heard
of an aspiring painter
Who wants to remain anonymous.
The whole point
of having your work
In an exhibit
is to become known.
Yeah, I agree.
Thanks, flora.
Something wrong?
Where's my painting of dad?
What do you mean?
What did you do
with my painting?
I took it to the freeman.
You did what?
I don't want anything
to do with the freeman.
But you had the flyer!
And you're so talented, alex.
Everyone should see your work.
And you're right,
you're not dad.
You can do what he couldn't.
But you've gotta
get your work out there.
Let people see it.
I'm trying to help you.
You wanna help me?
Get my painting back.
Flora. What's wrong?
Oh, sorry.
Is everything okay?
The photographer
from the opening
Of the last art exhibit
had these couriered over today.
From the night dad died?
Hmm. And they're beautiful.
You're really gonna love them.
I think it's better
that I look at these
A little bit later.
I think that is very wise.
You know, dad really loved you.
He and your mom
were like family to me, so..
He's lucky to have you
as long as he did.
I'm getting ready
to go meet luke at vieste.
Why don't I walk you out?
That sounds great.
(indistinct chatter
in background)
So, you think there are
forgeries hanging in the museum?
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Right now, I'm just tryin'
to figure out
Exactly how many paintings
are involved.
I just sort of feel
Like I'm letting
my entire family down.
How's any of this your fault?
Good evening.
Oh! Tony.
We actually have the osso buco
for the gentleman.
Thank you.
And my mother's famous meatball.
Oh! Thank you.
Looks delicious.
Thanks, tony.
(indistinct chatter)
Do you wanna look through
the photos together?
That'd be great.
Take your time.
That's a great picture
of you two.
I agree.
God, I'm so glad I have this.
I can't remember the last time
I took a photo with my dad.
Graduation maybe.
Oh, I love this one.
Looks like you guys are sharing
a secret.
God, I wish I could remember
what he was telling me.
He... he was wearin' it.
The pendant
with the medicine in it.
He was wearin' it
the night he died.
I knew it! He always wore it!
Maybe it fell off when he tried
to take the medicine that night.
Or maybe it rolled
under his desk
During all the commotion.
I should look
at the office tomorrow.
Natalie, listen.
I know you wanna
find that pendant,
But you know
it's not gonna change anything.
I know. I just...
I really need to figure out
what happened that night.
What are you doing?
You need a hand?
No, um, I was...
I was looking
for my dad's pendant.
He was wearin' it that night
at the exhibit.
And I thought
that maybe it fell,
Rolled under the desk, um...
(natalie sobs)
You found him right here, right?
Your father was a great mentor
to me.
Uh, look, I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm gonna give you some space.
No, it's okay.
I was um, actually coming
to find you.
Um, can I ask you something?
Do you have a list
of all the paintings
That we've loaned out
the last couple years?
You know what?
Uh, flora has that list.
Why? Is there something wrong?
Um, no, I just got a request
for a paintin'
And I wanted to see
how we handled things.
Also, do you have um, an area
that you're keepin'
All the future master
everything we received so far
Is in the back storeroom.
Do you have another one for me?
Uh, yeah, it's actually
right over there.
Artists are so weird.
What is it?
There's no signature on it.
Why would you submit something
to the future master's exhibit
And not sign it?
The whole point of the exhibit
is to give exposure
To new artists.
Yeah, that's weird.
That's what flora said, too.
Well, you know, great minds.
Wait, stop.
I actually didn't realize that.
Maybe I should contact
the artist
And see if they wanna
add their signature to it.
Works for me.
I didn't know you
had a significant other.
Yeah, he was pretty special.
it didn't work out.
You deserve to be happy.
Can you get me the file on that
anonymous artist submission?
Sure, I'll bring it right in.
And then derek told me
that we have a list
Of all the paintings
that we've loaned out.
I'd like to see that, too.
Of course, but that list
hasn't been updated
In quite a while.
I mean, your dad
stopped lending paintings out
A couple years ago.
Not even the cantor?
Never the cantor.
That was your mom's favorite.
So I have the information
On the anonymous
artist submission,
But I'm so sorry,
I didn't realize
That she didn't fill it out
completely or really at all.
She only wrote down
her first name and phone number?
Yeah, I mean,
I should have caught that,
But it is so unusual for someone
To not fill out the application
So I'm sorry about that.
As long as this
is her real number,
This is all
I should really need.
- Okay, good.
- Natalie: Yeah.
Would you mind closing
the doors on your way out?
Of course.
Hi, uh, this is natalie freeman
from the freeman museum.
I was trying to reach harper.
This is harper.
Hi, I wanted to talk to you
about the painting
That you dropped off.
I wanted to get a...
Um, I'll be coming by later
to pick it up.
Um, I... I need it back.
The um,
the artist changed their mind.
Uh, I'm sorry
to have wasted your time.
Oh, you didn't bother me at all.
I actually think
the painting's wonderful.
I think
the artist shows true potential.
Thank you, but um,
they're just not interested.
Please, can we meet for coffee
to discuss it?
Please, just give me a chance.
If you want it back after that,
I'll understand.
Okay, I can meet you.
How about the coffee shop
on 11th?
Great. I'll see you then.
What are you up to, alex?
Are you okay?
Not really.
Um, I have an appointment,
but I wanted to talk to you.
Can you stay late?
Yes, of course.
I need you to do something
for me.
I'll meet you
in my office later on tonight.
Hey you.
What did natalie want?
She wants my help
with something.
She didn't say.
Okay, but you didn't tell her
about us, right?
Thought we're keeping that
a secret.
With all that she's going on,
I'm sure she doesn't care
that we're dating.
I... I know, but I'd prefer
if we kept it a secret, okay?
It'll be worth it, I promise.
(indistinct chatter
in background)
Are you harper?
Um, I ordered us two espressos,
But I can get you somethin' else
if you prefer.
Oh, espresso's great.
You don't have to do that.
Oh, I'm happy to.
I just appreciate
you meeting me here
On such a short notice.
Um, about that,
There's just no way
I'm gonna be able
To convince the artist
to show his work at the exhibit.
But it's a great opportunity.
I know.
He just got so mad
when I brought his painting
To the freeman.
Was he upset
because you took it to a museum,
Or because you took
it to the freeman?
I honestly don't know.
What if I talk to the artist?
Honestly, that would probably
just make everything worse.
Is the artist tryin'
to hide somethin'?
I never should have agreed
to meet you.
I'll come by tomorrow
to pick up the painting.
Wait. I know it's alex.
Did you get it back?
Um, I'm afraid
I really messed things up.
What? What did you do now?
I met with natalie freeman
to get your painting back.
Did you tell her who I am?
No! No, I swear.
But she figured it out.
Alex, how do you know her?
What's going on?
You're scaring me.
Harper, I know you're in there!
Expecting somebody?
I'll get rid of her.
No, let her come in.
It's time that I deal with her.
Harper, I'll go to the police!
I need answers!
I don't like this.
How do you know alex?
Come inside,
I'll explain everything.
I want you to tell me the truth.
What's goin' on?
Harper, wanna introduce me
to your friend?
She looks a lot
like someone I used to know.
I want my painting back.
Which one?
The one that harper brought
over earlier,
Or the others that are already
prominently hangin' up
In the freeman?
I guess I'm not the only one
Having secrets here.
How many?
How many what?
How many forgeries
did you paint?
It's not what you think.
I was hired to replicate.
Alex wouldn't paint forgeries.
Tell her.
I was painting replicas
for a private collector.
Or at least
that's what I was told.
Who told you that?
My contact.
He said his client had gotten
too old for museums
And his family just wanted
to surround him with the art
That he loves.
And you believed that?
I know how it sounds,
But I really thought
I was helping an old art lover.
How closely did you look
at them?
Because I didn't even try
To replicate
the artists' signatures.
And if I was
really selling forgeries,
I would have forged
the signatures, too.
I just wanted
to make some extra money
For my sister's college tuition.
Harper's your sister?
I knew something was wrong
at the last exchange.
My contact was really nervous,
And after he paid me
for the franklin,
I told him I was done.
He said that's too bad
Because my work
even duped the freemans.
And I tried
getting my paintings back.
That's when I gashed my arm
and I came here.
I saw you at the freeman,
taking pictures of the franklin.
You were there?
I walked over to talk to you
and then I saw you wink at tina.
Is she in on this, too?
Who's tina?
The security guard.
Look, I realized
she saw me taking the pictures
And I thought maybe
if I gave her a little wink,
I wouldn't get in trouble
for taking them.
And she bought that?
I don't know.
I got out of there
as fast as I could, but...
(alex sighs)
You have to believe me.
I had no idea
what they were doing
With my paintings.
I don't know what to believe
I have an appointment back
at the freeman.
I gotta go.
Natalie, wait.
You should go to the police.
Why would you say that?
You'll go to jail.
I might have painted
the pictures,
But I didn't hang them
in your museum,
And I didn't steal
the originals.
Do you know
that this could ruin everything
That my family worked so hard
to build?
You need to be careful, natalie.
Someone inside the freeman
had to have been involved.
How else
would my paintings be hanging
In your museum?
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
I'm so sorry for everything.
Please let me help you.
I gotta go.
Um, tina's waiting
in your office.
Okay, thank you.
And luke dropped this off
for you.
He said it was the information
about the artist
Who painted a father's love.
I know you really wanted
to find him,
But sadly he was killed
in a car accident 20 years ago.
Oh, shoot.
Natalie, your dad was quoted
in the article about him.
My dad?
Okay, um, I'll look into it.
Thank you.
You look upset. I can come back.
I need to figure out
what happened to my father.
It's eating me up alive.
How can I help?
The paramedics told me
that you were on duty
The night that my father
had a heart attack.
I was, but, uh,
derek was the one who found him.
He tried everything to save him.
Do you remember
if he was wearin' his pendant
With his medicine in it
that night?
I'm sorry. I don't remember.
Did you ask derek?
Yeah, he doesn't remember.
I noticed that there was some
surveillance cameras
Outside my dad's office.
Can you please bring me
the tapes from that night,
So I can review them?
Do you want me to look at it
for you?
Some of that may be tough
for you to watch.
Uh, yeah, that's probably
for the better.
Thank you.
Let me see what I can find.
And tina,
You don't need
to hide your relationship
With derek to me.
I saw the two of you earlier
And it's fine.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Can I ask you one more thing?
What do you know
about the franklin?
Uh, I'm sorry. I...
Which one is that?
I should have told you
That I don't know that much
about art.
I didn't know it was
a requirement for the job,
But I am happy to learn.
It's not. Thank you.
Tina, do you have a uh, minute
To talk
about new security updates?
Sure. Let's go.
What did natalie wanna talk
to you about?
She wants me to look
at the security footage
From the night her dad died.
She wants to know
where he lost his pendant.
Well, that seems like a waste
of time.
Robert doesn't have any cameras
in his office.
She asked about the camera
outside his office.
It won't take me long.
Or you can say you looked
and saw nothing,
And you can meet me
on the rooftop
For some stargazing.
We haven't done that in a while.
It's a date then.
I'll get everything set up.
(derek laughs)
You looking for this?
Why would you do that
to mr. Freeman?
No, what did you do
to mr. Freeman?
What did you do to mr. Freeman?
Get off me!
Shut up! Shut up!
You couldn't just
leave it alone!
Why are you doing this?
The freemans took everything
from me.
What are you talking about?
You taking me.
(both grunt)
(takes a deep breath)
(indistinct radio chatter)
This is awful.
I mean, I just don't believe it.
I just spoke with her.
I don't know why she'd
do something like this.
I have no idea.
Officer baker. What's goin' on?
Um, why don't we go talk
in your office
So we can speak privately?
Excuse us.
(indistinct radio chatter)
Uh, why don't you sit down?
We've got some tough things
to discuss.
Do you mind
if I get this real quick?
Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
Okay, I'm sorry about that.
We found this with the body.
I'm so sorry about everything.
Your father found out
about the forgeries,
So I had to do it.
And we found this
in her hand with the note.
This doesn't make any sense.
So you didn't suspect tina
was doin' anything wrong?
she had me completely fooled.
I mean, I even had her help me
try and find this.
Are you saying
you believe her guilt
Was too much for her?
I don't know.
I'm so confused on everything
that's happenin' around here
Right now.
Well, that I would agree with.
A lot has happened
since you've been back
At the freeman.
I gotta get back out there
and help,
But I'll be
paying close attention
To everything
that goes on around here.
Come on, bowen.
(indistinct radio chatter)
Derek, I'm so sorry.
You must be devastated.
Yeah, she was uh,
she was a great co-worker.
Tina told me the two of you guys
were datin'.
I just... I don't know why
she would do that.
I know. Can I get you anything?
Coffee? Water?
You know what?
Water would be great.
Thank you!
Here you...
(grunts, pants)
You said my art was being sold
to a private collector.
I lied.
(grunts, pants)
Robert freeman said
The death of stephen mason
was a tragedy.
He was a single father
to an 11-year-old son, derek,
Who tragically witnessed
the whole thing.
Oh my god! Flora!
What's wrong?
Go get officer baker!
- The police just left!
- I need you to call them now!
I need to find derek!
Derek was going
to the loading dock
Like ten minutes ago!
I know it was you!
Tina sent me the video!
Your boyfriend's dead
in my trunk.
What did you do?
Come on, rich girl!
I remember exactly who you are!
I tried to help you
find your dad's painting
That night!
He's mad because he can't
find his painting.
Maybe we can help him find it.
I can't.
He told me to wait here.
(overlapping speech)
My father died
And you had the painting
all along!
So you decided
to destroy the freeman!
You'll regret this!
I will ruin this museum!
He said
you were gonna regret it.
(both yell)
Come on!
Come on! Let's go, rich girl!
Come on! Come on!
(indistinct radio chatter)
I thought it was appropriate
to hang them side by side,
The same way they were created.
This is so exciting.
I can't believe I have...
We have our paintings hanging
in the freeman.
Exactly where they should be.
Dad would be so proud.
I know. It was his dream.
Actually, harper and I
have a surprise for you.
(indistinct chatter
in background)
do you wanna do the honors?
After you showed me
your father's work,
I knew it belonged here, too.
Harper was kind enough
to give me one
Of your favorite paintings.
I hope that's okay.
It's perfect.
You did good.
I still can't believe we got all
of the original art pieces back.
You worked hard
to make it happen.
We worked hard
to make it happen.
I don't know how I could have
gone through this last year
Without you.
You mean that?
Of course.
Your parents
would be so proud of you.