Secrets in the Fall (2015) Movie Script

(piano music)
(light music)
- Okay, let's see here.
Oh (laughs).
Wait, is that?
Yeah, okay.
There we go. Much
better (clears throat).
This video diary, or vlog, as
some of the more tech-savvy
will call it, will be
used over the course
of the Fall Youth
Retreat Weekend,
to capture all
those Kodak moments.
Isn't that right, Mr Bear?
(as bear) We're going all
those Kodak moments (laughs).
I'll be documenting all
the highs, the lows,
the drama, the old friends,
the new friends and so on.
At the end of the
week, I volunteered
to put together a special film
for next Sunday's
church service.
As a high school senior I've
spent the past three years
attending this
retreat, but this'll be
my first time as a counselor.
I'll admit I'm a little nervous,
because the past counselors
were so easy to look up to,
and I just hope I
can be as good of
a role model as
they were for me.
Of course, I am used
to being around kids,
as I am the proud older brother
of six adopted siblings.
(children laugh)
Count them.
But, this weekend will
hardly consist of kids.
I'll be surrounded by confused
freshmen and sophomores,
those juniors who
think they know better.
Students that I myself once
was in a time not so long ago.
Which brings me to
my fellow counselors.
Some friends, some strangers,
but I look forward to
spending the weekend
with each one of them.
For starters, we
have a familiar face.
MaryJake Harper.
Some might call it
an identity crisis.
Others, a crisis of the heart.
MaryJake joined our
church last year.
She changed her social
circle at school,
and began to transform
from that popular socialite
she once was into someone
completely different.
And I use the term "different"
because I don't think that
she or anyone else really
knows who she's becoming.
Along with MaryJake comes
her old friend Sydney,
who has constantly
rejected MJ's invitation
to go to youth group, but
for some strange reason
agreed to go with her into
the woods for the weekend.
Things should stay
interesting to say the least.
Then we have Bobby Cothern,
who is probably one of the
shyest guys you'll ever meet,
unless there's sports involved.
Bobby is big and buff,
and, okay, huge, and
really intimidating
for a guy like me.
There are no secrets
in a video diary.
Grayson, a college freshman
who decided to come back
for this special occasion,
is an exciting addition.
He's that guy everyone
wants to be friends with.
The cool part is,
he's friends with me.
- Who you calling an old man?
- [Grayson] I'm
calling you an old man.
- [Man] Where do you
think you got your skills?
- You know what, dad?
I'm gonna go out on a limb here.
I'm gonna say God.
- And, last but not least,
that brings me to ...
Well, me. Brant Journigan.
Certified Grizzly
Bear Scout, blogger,
vlogger and soon to
be camp counselor.
Anna, are you ready?
(video hisses)
(children laugh)
- Tell me again
why we can't come.
- Please. We'll be
good, we promise.
- [Brant] Aw, guys.
We'll be back Sunday.
It's barely two days.
You guys are gonna have a great
time here with mom and dad.
I hate missing
family game night.
- And what Brant
really means is,
we're gonna miss you too.
And Friday night Yahtzee.
- Okay, toothbrush, toothpaste,
bug spray, deodorant.
- Mom, we got it.
- [Mom] Zit cream.
I know, I know.
And I know you
guys will be good.
- We always are.
But we've gotta go.
We'll be back
before you know it.
- [Mom] Here you go.
Check mirrors.
Watch blind spots,
wear your seat belts.
- [Brant] Got it, we got it.
- (laughs) Trust me mom, he
drives slower than grandma.
(mom laughs)
Well, you do.
- [Mom] All right,
I love you guys.
- Bye, guys.
- [All] Bye.
- You said Camille's
gonna be there, right?
- Yeah. Camille and MaryJake
are both counselors.
- Good. I'm so glad
Camille's gonna be there.
- Why the sudden
fascination with Camille?
- Oh, no reason.
- Spill it.
- I just want to talk
to her, that's all.
- Oh, and you can't talk
to your big brother?
- Girl talk, okay?
Now, come on, you're
embarrassing me.
- Ooh, girl talk.
Yeah, I'll pass.
(playful music)
(doorbell rings)
- Hey!
I told you this was a
camping trip, right?
- You did.
Although I don't see what
that has to do with anything.
Are you going for
the natural look
or are you trying to look
like you just woke up?
Makeup much?
- Um, it's just
packed, that's all.
- Well, you're lucky I'm
here with a fresh supply
of lip gloss and mascara.
- (drily) What would
I do without you?
Anyways, you cannot
bring all this.
Pick and choose.
And hurry up, because we
have to catch the bus.
(light music)
- The bus?
- All right, let's load
up. Time to go, everybody.
Go on, enjoy your camper
status before you're too old
to join the back of
the bus truth or dare.
Oh, Anna!
If they dare you to eat the
gum from underneath the seat,
just say no.
(Anna scoffs)
Say no.
- Hey, look who I found
in the back alley.
Come on Cameron,
bus is loading up.
- Tyler, I meant
to talk to my dad.
(downbeat note)
I'm not feeling so great.
- [Tyler] Not feeling
great? What's wrong?
- I just don't feel good.
- Don't feel good or don't
want to go on this retreat?
Hey, it's me you're talking to.
- I just don't want to go.
- [Brant] Don't
want to go? Cameron?
Come on, give it a chance.
You're gonna have a great time.
- You don't know what
you're talking about.
- [Brant] Oh, I think I do.
I've been on this
retreat every year.
You can say I look forward to it
more than Christmas morning.
- Come on, chin up, Cam.
The best medicine
for "No feel good"
is the long bus ride, all right?
Go grab a seat, bud.
- Hey, what was that about?
- [Tyler] I think he's just
got some self-esteem problems.
You know, high school can
really do that to a kid.
- [Grayson] Yeah.
- But, how about
you talk to him?
I know he really looks
up to you, Grayson.
- [Grayson] Me?
- Yeah.
- What about Brant?
I just don't know what I'd say.
I mean, don't get me
wrong, I'm excited about
being a camp counselor
and everything.
I'm just kinda new
to all this stuff.
- You'll get this
stuff just fine.
You'll figure it out.
(bright music)
- [MaryJake] Sorry
we're late, guys.
- [Tyler] Hey, look
you decided to show up.
- [MaryJake] I know, I know.
(Tyler laughs)
- It was my fault.
I'll take all the blame.
- You must be Sydney.
- How'd you guess?
- MaryJake told me she's
bringing a friend named Sydney.
So I put the two
and two together.
(Sydney laughs)
- You're just so funny.
- Okay, come on, let's
get our stuff on the bus.
Thank you, Bobby.
- [Brant] MJ!
- [MaryJake] Hey, Brant.
(quietly) Can I talk
to you for a second?
What on earth was that?
- What?
Tyler's an attractive guy.
- How do you even
know who he is?
- I saw him that one
time you dragged me
to youth group with you, and ...
(gushes) You just
can't forget that face.
- Do not tell me
that's the reason
you agreed to come this weekend.
Because of Tyler.
- You know, ever since
you started doing
the whole church thing,
you've started sounding
a lot like my mom.
It's beginning to
become a bit annoying.
- [MaryJake] Don't say that.
I'm not acting like your mom.
All I'm saying is, you'd better
not ditch me this weekend
because you're
busy chasing Tyler.
- Are you done?
- [Bobby] All right,
guys, you're all set.
- [MaryJake] Thank you, Bobby.
Bobby, this is my friend Sydney.
Sydney, this is Bobby.
- Hey.
- [Sydney] Hey.
What's his deal?
- [MaryJake] He's shy.
He doesn't talk much, but
he's really nice, though.
- You church people
are so weird.
- Come on.
- [Woman] Guess who?
- You made it!
- [Woman] Tyler, I'm
not too late am I?
- It seems like late is
the theme of the day.
You're just in time.
- I have always
been a trend setter.
- Listen, I think
we've got a great group
of counselors this year.
Let's load up.
- [Woman] All right.
(light music)
- Okay, everybody listen up.
We've got a great weekend ahead.
Fishing, hiking,
kickball, camping,
capture the flag, and
did I mention freeze tag?
But hey, there are a few rules.
No boys in girls'
cabins, and vice versa.
No foul language, and
absolutely no cell phones.
(people groan)
Hey Camille, could you
collect those for me?
- [Camille] Mm-hmm.
- Come on guys, drop them in.
Last I heard, God does not
have unlimited texting.
All right, come on, we've
wasted too much time already.
Let's go.
(people cheer)
(bright music)
- So we find
ourselves on the bus
on the way to the mountains.
There's some familiar faces,
along with some new ones.
Let's see here.
Ah, we have Camille, the
love of Grayson's life.
Once an angry punk rocker,
the confused starlet
found herself again and became
Tyler's co-worship leader.
She graduated high
school with Grayson,
and decided college
could wait a year
while she's beginning
a career in music.
Ah, my sister Anna's along
for the first time this year.
She's always been
a very smart kid,
but you know how high
school peer pressure can be.
She's young and
naive and innocent,
and as her protective
older brother
I sure hope she stays that way.
Ah, Cameron Atkins, ninth grade.
They say he has low self-esteem,
but I know how
self-esteem issues
can be brought on
by outside forces.
I just hope Grayson
can talk to him
and remind him that outside
appearance isn't everything.
Although I'm not sure how
much that'll mean to him
coming from a guy like Grayson.
It'll be interesting to see
what unfolds this weekend.
Wonder what this weekend
has in store for me.
Brand Journigan.
(bright music)
(people on bus cheer)
- All right, everybody
grab your bags, let's go!
- [MaryJake] Come on, Sydney.
- We made it.
(people whoop)
Now campers, I'm
gonna connect you
with your counselors, all right?
So listen for your names.
With counselor Brant Journigan.
- [Brant] Hello.
- [Tyler] We've got
Mason Akers, Jeremy
Johnson, and Wallace Burns.
Counselor MaryJake
Harper, Sydney Graham,
Lizzie Bay, Ashlee
Morris and Aubrey Isaacs.
- [Both] Yes!
- Grayson Thompson, you
got Jessie and Ryan Bason,
Drew Williams and
Cameron Atkins.
Counselor Bobby Cothern.
- [Bobby] Yo.
- [Tyler] Troy Gingers
and Mikey Hannigan.
And last but not least,
Camille Saunders.
Carrie Smith and
Madelynn Bailey,
Katie Teeson and Anna
Journigan, all right?
- Hey.
- [Tyler] Hey, Sloane.
So good to see you again.
- [Sloane] You too.
- Looks like you have
some competition.
- Please.
Why would a guy like Tyler
be interested in
a girl like her?
- Everybody, this
is Sloane Berkley,
head of the facilities here,
and also resident nurse.
- Hi.
- Maybe because she's smart?
- And this is her
younger brother, Jason.
He's the head of maintenance
and pretty much head
of everything else.
(crowd murmurs greetings)
- How's it going, you guys?
- Welcome, everyone.
Our parents built this camp
when we were just little kids,
and we know every nook and
cranny of the grounds here.
So if you need any help
or you have any questions
just come find us,
we'll be around.
- And nice.
- [Tyler] Thank you,
Sloane. Thank you, guys.
I'm gonna head to the
bus and start unloading.
I'll be right back.
And campers, grab
your counselors
and head to your
cabins, all right?
Boys on the right,
girls on the left.
My cabin's in the middle
if you need anything.
Meet at the camp fire at 5:30.
Go! (laughs)
(quiet music)
- [Grayson] Hey
Camille, wait up.
You've got to wish
me luck on this one.
- You'll need a
lot more than luck.
I'll pray for you.
- All right, I'll see you soon.
- Hey Cameron, better
let me have the top bunk.
I don't wanna risk being crushed
in the middle of the night.
- [Grayson] Cameron.
Go ahead in.
Cameron, slow down.
- (sighs) I just wanna be alone.
- [Grayson] I
know. I understand.
Let's just talk for a second.
- [Cameron] There
isn't much to say.
Except I wish I'd
never come here.
- You just got here.
You haven't even given
this weekend a chance.
- I knew you wouldn't get it.
- [Grayson] Cameron.
- Well, you don't.
You're cool and popular.
Kids don't pick on you. You
don't know how it feels.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Someone's picking on you?
- Look at me. Why wouldn't they?
- Cam, you are being way
too hard on yourself.
Look, we'll figure this
out, but for this weekend,
you don't have to
worry about that.
Nobody here is gonna
be picking on you.
(Cameron sighs)
It's someone here?
(sighs) Is is Drew?
Oh, Cam.
I could say something to him,
or I can have Tyler talk to him.
That's not right.
- [Cameron] No, no.
You can't say anything.
It'll only make it worse.
- [Grayson] Okay.
Look, I'm not
gonna say anything.
Just don't let it get to you.
Just 'cause you don't
look or act like Drew
doesn't mean that there's
something wrong with you.
And he's gonna figure that out.
But until then,
I'm here for you.
(slow music)
- Thanks, Grayson.
- [Grayson] All right,
come on man, let's go.
(hopeful music)
The Lord has sworn
not to rebuke me
The mountains be
moved, his love won't be
For he has given
grace abundantly
He hasn't dealt
with me after my sin
But showed me love
over and over again
He has given grace abundantly
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to
Earn it
- Now I want this to be a very
special weekend for everyone.
Usually at these retreats
we have a certain theme.
But this time I felt
like we didn't need that.
Instead, I want everyone to
come up with their own theme.
Think of that area of your
life where you feel like
you need God's guidance,
and if you feel like
you've got it all together,
well, then use this weekend
to pray for those who don't.
Maybe your theme is loving
your neighbor, or your enemy.
Tomorrow night we're gonna
meet back at the campfire,
and I want everyone
to share their theme
and how it was
impacted this weekend.
All right, well,
let's do another one.
- [Camille] I know, I
thought that was so funny.
- [Woman] And Mrs Burgess
was looking everywhere
and she couldn't find them.
- It would have been
so cool to be there.
- I know, right?
I don't know. It would
have been a little scary.
- Of course you would
have been scared.
You used to be scared to
sleep over at my house.
- That's because you told
me that your little brother
lets his pet tarantula
out at night.
- He does!
- Well, hello, how are
things going down there?
- Going fine. Can I come up?
- Sure. Come join me.
Just watch your head.
What's on your mind?
- Oh, nothing. Just saying hi.
I figured any friend of
Brant's is a friend of mine.
- Are you sure about that?
(sniggers) Gotcha.
So, are you having fun?
- [Anna] Yeah.
- Um, is there something you
want to talk to me about?
- No, nothing to talk
about (laughs nervously).
Are you having fun so far?
- Yeah, the campfire
was a blast.
Although I'm not
sure I'll ever get
the smell out of my hair.
- Oh, me too.
But it's totally worth it.
- Agreed.
- Well, I'd better
get back down there.
We don't want the mani-pedis
getting out of control.
- Good night.
- [Anna] Good night.
- [Both] He's so funny.
(whispering and laughing)
- I didn't realize
we'd be competing
in the Miss Camp Pinnacle
pageant this weekend.
- Laugh all you want.
At least I won't
look like Sloane.
Has that girl ever
heard of a flat iron?
Speaking of, what is her name?
- Ashlee.
- Ashlee?
Poor, poor, Ashlee.
Her little piggy
tails are so pathetic
they make me want
to cry (laughs).
- Apparently someone
forgot to tell her
she's 15 and not five.
- That look would be
out for a five year old.
Poor girl.
High school's gonna
eat her alive.
Oh, she's looking (laughs).
(slow music)
- We'd better get to bed.
- [Sydney] Night.
(indistinct murmuring)
- [Woman] (quietly)
I'm so jealous.
(tense music)
(threatening roar)
- What was that?
- [Man] I don't know.
Should we go check?
- Yeah.
- Let's wake up Brant.
- Brant, wake up.
- [Brant] (sleepily)
I'm not, no.
- Brant.
- [Brant] What the?
Whoa, guys, what's going on?
I am so not cut out for this.
Okay, okay, don't freak out.
I'll go check it out.
(menacing music)
(door creaks)
Guy's, there's no one out there.
(all scream)
- [Man] (laughs)
That was priceless.
- (relieved) Anthony, you ...
Oh, you.
- Let me finish that.
"You scared me?"
Just a joke, Brant.
- Ah, a joke, you're so funny!
What are you doing here?
- Oh, counselor in training.
Yeah, I had to help my
mom so I missed the bus,
but I'm here now.
Now, which one of you campers
is going to share
their bunk with me?
Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?
Man, you guys need
to learn about
a little thing called humor.
I'm crashing in Tyler's cabin.
I just wanted to come say hey.
Catch you in the AM. Whoo.
(Anthony laughs dramatically)
- [Brant] All right,
back to bed, back to bed.
Anthony Goodwin, the slightly
frightening military son
who lost his father to
the war on terrorism.
I don't really get him.
About as much as I
don't get his jokes.
But I like him.
(light music)
I went to the levy
In a Chevy and
discovered it dry
Could have passed on the task
At the warning signs
But I had to try
Oh, I had to try
Had I run, I nearly turned
when I saw that it was you
Having everything
you wanted, being front
And the speed takes you
But I wanna help you
No, I wanna help you
- Coming to breakfast, Cam?
All right, you better hurry up.
I can't promise I'm
gonna save you anything.
- So, how do I look?
- New shoes?
- [Sydney] So you noticed.
Yes, I bought them just
for this special occasion.
But it better not rain.
The suede has not
been treated yet.
- All right, well, come on.
I can't be late for
this counselors meeting.
- Of course you can't, because
MJ follows all the rules.
- You're just jealous because
Tyler's gonna be there
and you can't come.
- Fair enough.
Now, I know I can't expect much
from a mess hall breakfast,
and I'm really not
trying to be difficult,
but do you think they'll have
a fruit and Greek
yoghurt option?
(MaryJake scoffs)
(bright music)
- [Brant] Good morning, guys.
How did everyone
sleep last night?
Do I even want to know
what's under there?
- [Man] Uh, no. (laughing)
- [Brant] Oh, Mikey.
You got something on
your face there man.
Yeah, right there.
- [Grayson] Hey Brant, look
who decided to show up.
- [Brant] Yeah, and
make his grand entrance.
- It's tough being this popular.
You guys have to understand.
- [Camille] I know, right?
- [Anthony] Camille, are you
still hanging around this guy?
I just don't know
what you see in him.
- I've gotta look
really deep down,
but he does have
some good layers.
- Or the fact that
I'm insanely charming.
- Oh all right, all right,
let's get some breakfast.
And just like a movie
- [Grayson] See you in a bit.
You're moving right
through me inside
Why did we say goodbye?
(Sloane laughs)
Why did we say goodbye?
- [Tyler] Can I help you
with anything?
- [Sloane] Only unless
you're hungry.
- [Tyler] I just ate.
But give me a little time.
I might get my appetite back.
- Hey Lizzie, want to trade?
- [Lizzie] Eww (laughs).
- [Woman with pink
hairband] That's so gross.
- All right, it's all yours.
- Yummy. (laughter)
- [Camille] Hey.
- Oh, hey. I didn't even
notice that was you.
- [Man in shirt] Tons
of bears in these woods.
- So you really think a
bear came out of the woods,
into your cabin and
took your toothbrush?
- Stranger things have happened.
- Yeah, stranger
things have happened.
Like your breath.
- Hey, Drew.
- [Drew] What's up?
Did Jessie tell
you about the bear?
- Yeah.
- See, the truth is, this
is just the first time
his mom didn't pack
his suitcase for him.
- You're such a jokester.
- Thank you, thank
you very much.
Hey Cameron, just
wanted to say thanks.
- (slowly) For what?
- Saving some for
the rest of us.
It's really very considerate.
- Don't worry about him, Cam.
He was saying something
about a bear earlier.
He's probably just mad.
- [Tyler] Attention please.
Well, good morning.
- [All] Good morning.
- Good morning!
- I hope you had a good
night and are ready
for an even better day.
Before you leave, please
clean up your plates
and help out Sloane so she
doesn't have extra work to do.
And now campers, meet at
your cabins at 10:30 today
to go over the
schedule, all right?
Don't be late, or
I'll come find you.
Counselors, meeting in
10 minutes to go over
the itinerary for the day.
Again, don't be late, or
you know what I'll do.
On a more serious note,
I just want to say
how happy I am to be with
you guys this weekend.
I'm also excited, ecstatic,
extremely pleased,
existentially happy, (laughter)
um, let's get to the point.
I'm really blessed to be here
with you guys, all right?
- [All] Aww.
- [Tyler] (laughs) No,
no, come on, come on.
All right, I love
you guys, okay?
Counselors, nine minutes.
- Hey, you must be Anthony.
- Who told you that?
- Bobby said we had this cool
new counselor, named Anthony.
- Wait, you think I'm cool?
Sounds like you've got
it all figured out.
And that must make you ...
- Yeah, how'd you know?
- That's my job.
- [Tyler] Counselors,
eight minutes.
- Gotta go, Troy.
See you at 10:30.
That was my counselor
side talking. How'd I do?
- Convincing.
- I'll take that.
- [Tyler] I'm glad to
see everyone made it
through their first night.
Any problems?
- Besides the minor cardiac
arrest I had at 1:00 AM?
(laughter) Things went smoothly.
- Speaking of trouble, I
think we all know Anthony.
He's training with
Bobby this weekend.
- And fearless
leaders we shall be.
- Hey, Sloane put together
some small first aid kids.
You guys can pass these down.
Also, here's the
itinerary for the day.
Look it over.
- Here, I'll let
you handle this.
- Kickball, all right!
Ooh, sorry ladies,
looks like you're stuck
with arts and crafts.
- It's only so we
don't show you boys up.
I hate to tell you this, but
Grayson's sport-tastic skills
begin and end with
basketball. (laughter)
- Wow.
I love how you
believe in me so much.
- Don't worry, there's
always room for you
in friendship bracelet
class, moosie.
- Aww, moosie?
- [Grayson] Stop.
- [Sydney] Morning all.
Morning, Tyler.
- Good morning.
- [MaryJake] Sydney, I
told you this meeting
was for counselors only.
- I know, I know, I know.
I'm locked out of
my cabin. Silly me.
- Here, take my key.
I'll meet you back
there in a few minutes.
- Lifesaver. See you soon.
- The way she's
moving in those kicks,
you might just beat her there.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- [Grayson] Moosie? Really?
Where'd you get that from? Her?
(quiet laughter)
- [Tyler] How's
everything going so far?
- [MaryJake] Um, fine.
- [Tyler] Everything
okay with your group?
- [MaryJake]
(unconvincing) Yeah.
- What about Sydney?
- Sydney? Why do you ask?
- You look like
something's on your mind.
- This just isn't as easy
as I thought it would be.
- Being a counselor?
- No.
Bring a Christian.
It's like everything
I try to do right,
Sydney reminds me
of how I used to be.
And we've been best
friends since we were five,
and I don't want to
stop being her friend,
but how am I supposed to change
when she keeps telling me
she likes the old me better?
It's confusing.
- Which you do you like better?
(quiet music)
- Sometimes I'm not sure.
(bouncy rock music)
- [Bobby] Go, Bears!
Let's go!
Oh, let's go, let's get that!
(people cheer)
In this world there is nothing
Better than a
good, good friend
But try to replace it
Just go on and waste your time
You'll be back in the end
(everyone cheers and shouts)
And the trick is
To be comfortable in your skin
I guess what I am saying
Is I think life's about
La, la, la-la-la-la, la-la-la
La, la, la-la-la-la, la-la-la
La, la, la, la, la-la-la
La, la, la, la, la, la
The sweetest side
Of the apple on this tree
Will always taste bitter
'Til it's better
Between you and me
- [Woman] Go get 'em!
- I'll come over there and
show you how it's done.
- [Bobby] Cam, let's go Cam!
Let's go!
Bring 'em home!
It's all you! It's all you!
- All right, bases are loaded.
Next point wins.
- [Grayson] You got
this, Cam. Just focus.
- All right Cam, here we go.
- Run Cam, you got this.
(tense music)
(slow heartbeat)
- [Bobby] Oh, yeah!
- [Grayson] Let's go let's go.
(disappointed sighs)
- Cam, Cam, Cam. Sorry, man.
We'll get them next time, okay?
- Fat chance.
- [Tyler] (quietly) Cam.
I'll go talk to him.
- No, no, no, no.
I got it. I got it.
Thanks, Grayson.
- [Grayson] Cameron.
(sad music)
Cameron, come on man.
Oh, man.
Cameron, I just
want to talk to you!
(calls out) Cameron!
- Keep going, guys.
Where's Cameron?
- That's the thing. He left.
- [Tyler] What do you mean left?
- Look, all I know is he left
a note on the bed saying,
"Gone camping. Be back Sunday."
He didn't take his pillow.
He didn't take his blanket.
And he doesn't have a tent.
I tried to find him,
but there's just
too much ground to cover.
- [Tyler] That's all right.
You did the right
thing coming back here.
I'll get a group together
to look for him, okay?
- [Grayson] Okay, good thinking.
- Thanks.
- [Grayson] Yeah.
- [Tyler] (quietly) Hey Jason,
can you help me find Sloane?
- Yeah.
- [Tyler] All right, thanks.
All right girls, I need
help from a few of you.
Wow, I like your enthusiasm.
Cameron Atkins has wandered off.
I'm gonna make sure
we can track him down.
That's where you guys come in.
You're going to need long
pants and sweatshirts.
The woods can get pretty chilly.
- In the woods?
- [Tyler] MaryJake, thank you
for volunteering.
Do you and Sydney
mind looking for him?
- Sure, not at all.
- We'll come too.
- Yeah.
- All right, now take
one phone per group,
just so we can reach each other.
Some of the groups
are gonna stay behind,
because I think there's
a pretty good chance
Cameron might come
back on his own.
I want to make sure
that he can come here.
Camille, the rest
of MaryJake's group
is gonna join with yours.
Let's plan to be back at the
sunset service at 7:00 PM.
MaryJake, Sloane can show
you where to start looking.
- [MaryJake] Okay, thanks.
- [Tyler] Let's go.
- [Sloane] Straight ahead
is the Renegade Trail.
It's one of three main trails
that lead back to the lake.
These woods are so
thick, it's not likely
Cameron's gone off the trail.
Hopefully he's
not too far ahead.
- Um, are you coming with us?
- No, I'm gonna stay behind
and get dinner ready,
but don't worry, you
girls will be just fine.
I've been on these trails
thousands of times before.
- Thanks, Sloane.
- [Sloane] Yeah.
(light music)
- Be careful.
I'm sure you'll know just
what to say when you find him.
- (sighs) I hope so.
Oh, and hold down the
fort while I'm gone.
Don't let those girls
push you around.
- I made this for you.
- (laughs) You
shouldn't have, really.
I'm never gonna
live this one down.
- Anything I can do to help you
live up to your reputation.
- Yeah.
Wish me luck on this one.
- [Camille] I know you
don't want to hear this,
but he reminds me
of a young you.
- A young me?
Come on.
- You'd better hurry if you
want me to save you any s'mores.
- S'mores? I'll be back.
All right guys, let's go.
(slow music)
- [Sydney] You know,
if Tyler had just said
he wasn't coming, I would
not be here right now.
- [MaryJake] You don't say.
- (snootily) "I've been on
these trails a thousand times."
It's like she's proud of the
fact she's a wilderness woman.
- Cameron!
- [Lizzie] Cameron!
- [Woman in light blue]
You know, I'm not surprised
he ran away.
- [Lizzie] Me either.
- Wait, what do you mean?
- People pick on him at school.
- Seems like he's always
wandering off on his own.
- What do they pick on him for?
- Everything, really.
It started with his
weight, I think.
- And then he put
these sad videos online
about how unhappy he is.
I don't think he meant
for anyone to see them.
- But everyone did.
I mean, everyone.
- And that just made it worse.
- Yeah, I feel bad for him.
- [Lizzie] Me too.
- Have you guys
tried talking to him?
- [Both] No.
- Maybe that's what
he needs, you know?
Some friends that
treat him right.
- Yeah, but if we
were his friends,
then people might start
to be mean to us too.
I mean, what would people think?
- Yeah.
- I know what you mean,
but you shouldn't let
what other people think
decide how you act.
- What are you
guys talking about?
- Nothing you would understand.
(slow music)
- And just like that,
our afternoon plans
of freeze tag and
canoeing were shattered.
Not that I mind, really.
Seems like every
year my canoe tips,
and that water is freezing.
(people call for Cameron)
Guys, after you yell you
should wait a second together
to see if we can
hear him respond.
If we're gonna be
a search party,
we're gonna have to do
this right, all right?
(light music)
Lucky for you, I can educate
you on the lay on the land.
Of course, you boys know
me as just another voice
in the Sunday morning choir,
but what I bet you didn't
know is that I'm also
a certified Grizzly Bear Scout.
Hope you boys
prepared yourselves.
Grizzly Bear Scouts
don't use trails.
We could survive in
the woods for weeks
with the training
that I've learned.
- But, we will be back in
time for dinner, right?
- Well, Mason ...
(dramatically) We might just
have to let the trees decide.
- Hey, I think I saw
something over there.
- A bit hairier than
Cameron, don't you think?
(Drew groans)
- You all right, Drew?
- Yeah.
- You know, it would
be a lot more helpful
if you would take
your headphones off.
Drew, did you hear what I said?
I said--
- I heard you, all right.
- [Grayson] Wow, okay.
Look, I'm not trying
to upset anybody here.
I'd just appreciate your help.
- But this is lame.
We were having a great
time playing kickball,
and that big baby had
to up and run away.
Why should he get to spoil
it for the rest of us?
- I think you and I both know
the reason why Cameron left.
And I want to talk
to you about that.
Guys, go on ahead.
We'll catch up.
- [Both] All right.
- [Grayson] Look, the
way you treat Cameron
really upsets him.
- Come on, I was
just messing around.
He needs to take a joke.
- Well, Drew, obviously Cameron
doesn't see it like that.
And you need to cut it out.
- Remember Jackson
Williams, in your grade?
- (slowly) Yeah,
we were friends.
What about him?
- My older brother.
He told me tons of
stories about you.
The kids you picked on,
the pranks you played.
So I know you weren't
always Mr Perfect.
Just give me a break and let
me have some fun, all right?
- You know what? You're right.
But what Jackson
probably didn't tell you
is that we hurt a lot of people.
Camille was one of
them, and I am so lucky
that she forgave me
for what I did to her,
because she's one of the best
things to ever happen to me.
Look, I'm still not perfect,
and I never will be,
but I try my best to
treat everyone right.
- I don't need this from you.
I'll go find Camper Cameron
and be back to
camp in 20 minutes.
Have fun on your nature hike.
- [Grayson] Drew.
Come on, man.
There's so much
more that you could do
You're gaining the world
but your soul you'll lose
What do they have to offer
That Jesus can do?
- All right, who's hiding
the instruction manual from me?
- [Bobby] It's right here.
- I'm a little tied up.
Can you just read
the order they go in?
- [Bobby] I don't see it.
- [Anthony] Is it
the Spanish side?
Those get me every time.
- [Bobby] No.
I don't know. Here, somebody
else take a look at this.
- Okay, Slot A goes into Slot C
while B connects to four.
That make sense?
- Why didn't you say so?
You, you, you work for me
And all the things
that I can see
If only, only you
would believe the truth
- [Brant] Of course, there
are many, many varieties.
You've got your poison
oak, poison ivy,
poison sumac.
Characteristics of the
leaves are important.
Three leaves, four
leaves, or five?
Can anybody tell me?
- The one you're
standing in has four.
(Brant screams)
(quiet laughter)
- [Brant] Come on.
Now looking at the
life you choose to lead
But I know what it is you need
Won't hold you back
but makes you bleed
I said I know what it is
You need
The Word of God
is all you need
You, you, you work for me
- [Jessie] So why do you
think Cameron ran away?
- I don't know.
But come on, you've seen
those videos he makes.
He seems a little messed up.
- Yeah, I guess you're right.
- Drew sure doesn't make
it easy for him either.
But you know Drew.
It's just how it is.
- [Jessie] Yeah.
- [Lizzie and Aubrey] Cameron!
- [Sydney] MaryJake,
my hair is wilting.
We've been out here forever.
Shouldn't we just turn back?
I'm sure one of the other
groups has found him already.
- You think so?
- [Sydney] Well, yeah.
I'm sure they have.
He couldn't have
gotten this far.
Oh, what a waste of good makeup.
The gnats have completely
eaten off my mascara.
- We need to keep
going, just to be sure.
- No, wait. How long?
(bright music)
Two minutes?
Five minutes?
Please don't say 10. Wait up.
(Sydney screams)
- Sydney, are you okay?
- Are you guys just gonna
stand there? Help me.
- [Aubrey] Here, Lizzie,
get the other side.
- [Sydney] Ow!
- [MaryJake] Okay,
Sydney, calm down.
You must have
sprained your ankle.
- We should probably
take her shoe off.
My dad's a doctor.
- That's right. Shoe off.
- [Sydney] Ow, all right, fine.
Please hurry. I think it's
swelling. (Sydney cries)
Oh no, look at me.
I look terrible.
- Give me your phone.
I'll call Tyler.
(Sydney cries)
Sydney, it's dead.
- Well, he shouldn't
have taken it
away from me in the
first place, okay?
I had a lot of
messages to answer.
- Okay, hang out here
and we'll go get help.
- No, please, no, MaryJake.
Don't leave me here alone.
Send them.
- [MaryJake] I don't know.
- It's okay, MaryJake,
we can do it.
Yeah, it's no problem.
- Okay, hurry back and bring
Tyler, or someone strong
that can help carry her.
- [Aubrey] Okay,
we'll be right back.
- [Lizzie] Right back.
- And don't you say
anything about Tyler.
This is not a joke.
(slow music)
- Hey Bobby, can I
ask you something?
- [Bobby] Sure.
- Do you know how to read?
- Of course I know how to read.
What kind of question's that?
- [Man in red] Why couldn't
you read the tent instructions?
There were only like
four steps. I saw it.
- Yeah, well you
didn't see what I saw.
- Were the letters
a little jumbled?
- I don't know what you mean.
- Or squished
together or moving?
- What are you
talking about, Mikey?
- See, the thing
is, I have dyslexia.
No big deal.
So, I started going
to this center,
learned some cool new tricks.
Stuff that helps.
- Well I don't need any help.
- Okay.
- Did you know I've
been held back, twice?
(downbeat music)
- [Mikey] No.
Well, I kind of figured.
You don't really look
like a high schooler.
- (sadly) Yeah.
Well, I've got to
graduate this year.
If I can get my grades up,
I've got a full ride to
play football at State.
- Wow, that's cool.
- Yeah, real cool.
But if they find out
I've got this ...
I don't know, problem,
then they might not
want me anymore.
That's why I just
can't go to any center.
I've got to keep faking it.
And I can't tell anybody, and
neither can you, all right?
- I won't tell anyone.
But, maybe ...
Maybe I could help you.
Like, teach you some stuff.
- What you mean?
- I go to the center every
Tuesday and Thursday.
So maybe on
Wednesdays and Fridays
we could meet up.
You could come to my house.
- And what would
you want out of it?
- Nothing.
I don't need anything.
- How about some
football coaching?
- That'd be great.
- We are to obey as
we have been told.
Our parents know
what's best for us.
- [Tyler] How are
devotionals coming, girls?
- [Anna] Great.
- We just finished
with this section.
(quietly) Has Cameron
come back yet?
- [Tyler] Not yet.
I'll try to send
one more group out,
because I want everyone
back before dark.
- Let me know if
you need anything.
I'll keep working
with the girls.
- Thank you.
- [Aubrey] Tyler!
- [Lizzie] Tyler,
we need your help!
- [Tyler] Is it Cameron?
Is he all right?
- It's not Cameron, it's Sydney.
She fell and hurt her ankle.
- She can't walk back.
She needs someone to carry her.
- Are you sure she isn't faking?
She's been following
Tyler around
like a puppy dog all weekend.
- No, I believe
her. She was crying.
- Real tears.
- Okay, she me where she is.
Can you find Sloane
and call the others?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Tyler] All right.
Come on, girls.
- [Camille] I'll be right back.
(light music)
- [Mason] Wait, haven't
we seen that tree before?
- No, that ...
That's impossible.
My Scout compass
is always right.
- Brant, this points south no
matter which direction I turn.
I think it's broken.
- That's not good.
- [Mason] Did you bring your
cell phone, like Tyler said?
- Yeah, about that, I don't
actually have a cell phone.
I didn't think we'd need one
because I had my Scout compass.
Okay, look, let's
just, let's just pray.
Just take a minute and pray.
- [Voice in the distance]
Come here, Bobby.
- Amen.
Either we found
Cameron, or we're saved.
Both good things in my
book. Follow that sound!
(fast music)
- [Anthony] Look who
decided to join us.
- [Bobby] Yeah, we needed a
few more players. Come on.
- [MaryJake] Cameron!
Hope you're happy.
Cameron's probably still
wandering around out there
and now we're stuck here,
all because you couldn't put on
a pair on tennis shoes
like a normal person.
- Give me a break.
There was a time
not too long ago
when you didn't even
own a pair of shoes
that didn't have at
least a four-inch heel,
and you would not
have been caught dead
in a pair of dirty
running shoes.
- Why do you keep doing this?
- Doing what?
Reminding you that you're
supposed to be my best friend?
Not just someone who sits there
and constantly judges
everything that I do.
- How can you even say that?
You judge everyone.
You do.
Sloane and Ashlee.
You didn't even
know Ashlee's name,
but you had something to say
about the way that she looked.
- Don't even act so innocent.
I'm not the only one who
was talking about her.
- I know. I shouldn't have.
I just ...
I'm trying to be better.
- Better than what?
Better than me?
- No, not better than anyone.
Just a better person.
I haven't liked myself
for a long time now.
- Yeah, well, that
makes one of us,
because I'm completely
happy with myself.
- No you're not.
- Excuse me?
- Anyone who is happy
wouldn't treat other people
so horribly all the time.
- Here we go again.
- [MaryJake] No,
Sydney, I am serious.
All you ever talk or think
about is the way that you look
or the way others don't look.
I keep hoping you'll change,
and I'm trying to help you,
but I don't know how
much more I can do
if you don't see
what the problem is.
You don't understand
how hard it is
for me to keep
being your friend.
- Well, I'm sorry that you
don't like me then MaryJake,
because that's just who I am.
- But you could do so
much good if you just--
- No, you don't understand.
There's nothing for
me to change into.
This is who I am.
And this is all I am.
- What are you talking about?
- I am pretty.
Not like that.
I'm just.
Just pretty.
I'm not very smart.
I don't have any real talents.
I'm not very funny.
And the only thing that
people ever notice about me
is how I look, so if
I don't have that,
I have nothing.
- That is not true.
- I know it is, and it's okay.
I'm gonna be fine.
Don't worry about me.
- No, I am worried about you.
(quiet music)
You are so much more
than a pretty face.
You're a great friend.
As much as you love gossip,
you've never told
any of my secrets.
And you're fun.
Remember that one
time in middle school
when we wanted to
have a Slip 'N Slide
but there was a drought, so
we couldn't use any water?
You had the idea to
make 23 boxes of Jell-O
and spread them on a
tarp in your front lawn.
(Sydney laughs quietly)
Your mom was so mad
and we were really sticky.
That was so much fun.
And yes, you are pretty.
But you need to use it for good.
Pretty can turn
ugly really fast.
I should know.
Rejected, abandoned
Not enough from them
I've been defeated, ignored
- So what can I do?
- Oh, I know.
Next Saturday,
I'm going shopping
with some girls
from youth group.
- Go on.
- But it's not for us.
We've raised over $2,000 for
kids in the foster care system.
It was all Anna's idea.
We're gonna go buy
brand new winter clothes
for over 50 boys and girls,
and we could really use help
from someone with
your fashion sense.
- And from someone who knows
where all the good sales are.
Count me in.
- [Tyler] MaryJake!
- Oh, no, I don't want
Tyler to see me like this.
See, I told you I
wasn't very funny.
Over here!
How long can't you see
This is what I believe?
- [Grayson] All right, thanks
for letting me know.
I'll see you soon, okay?
All right, bye.
All right, that was Camille.
Tyler wants everyone to return
to camp before it gets dark.
- Did they find Cameron?
- [Grayson] I don't think so.
She said Brant's
group was already back
and there's no sign of Drew.
Man, this isn't good.
- What do you want
to do about it?
- All right, I want you
guys to head back to camp.
I gotta find Drew and Cameron.
I feel like this
is all my fault.
Do you guys think you
could find your way?
- Yeah, no problem.
- [Grayson] Okay.
- Oh, and Grayson?
If you're looking for
Drew, try the lake.
If I know him, that's
where he'll be.
- Okay, thanks.
- [Ryan] Good thinking.
(maudlin music)
(Cameron sniffs)
(tense music)
- Help.
Can't swim.
Can't swim!
Dear God.
Please don't let me die.
Thank you.
(tender music)
What's this for?
So you can make a
fat joke about me?
- No, you're cold and
wet. Just put it on.
Cool drawing. Did you
come up with that?
- Just forget you saw it.
- Look Cameron.
I'm sorry.
- Sure, whatever.
- [Drew] This whole
thing with me and you,
it's nothing personal, really.
It has nothing to
do with you at all.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You wouldn't understand.
- Try me.
- I guess I was just trying
to forget about things.
- [Cameron] What do you
have to forget about?
Your life is perfect.
- Yeah, right. You wanna trade?
- Look Drew, I don't
know what you're up to,
but just leave me out of it.
- My mom has cancer.
- What?
- Everything is all wrong.
She keeps going
through treatments,
but they aren't really helping.
It makes me so mad.
She's back at the hospital
today for more tests.
And I'm here, having fun.
And I feel guilty.
- [Cameron] Wow, Drew.
I'm sorry.
- [Drew] It's not your fault.
I'm sorry if I
took it out on you.
You didn't deserve that.
- You know, there's
something we could do.
We could ...
Pray for her.
- My mom prays all the time,
and look how much
good that's done.
- Well, it can't hurt.
Dear Lord, watch
over Drew's mom.
Take care of her and heal her.
And, thanks for
sending him to save me.
Pretty easy, huh?
- Do you really believe that?
- Believe what?
- That I was sent
here to save you.
- [Cameron] Well, yeah.
It's not like you would've
done it on your own.
- [Grayson] Cameron! Drew!
- [Cameron] Grayson,
I'm sorry I ran off.
- [Drew] And I'm sorry
too, for everything.
- [Grayson] Guys,
it's all right.
Let's just get back to camp.
Everything all right, Cam?
- I think it's going to be.
Thanks, Grayson.
(light music)
Crack under the door
Nothing more
- [Jessie] Hey
guys, it's Cameron.
- [Bobby] What's up, Cam?
A place to hide
- Cameron, we're
glad you're back.
- Seriously, we're glad.
- Wow, thanks.
- Lizzie, Aubrey, I'm really
sorry I snapped at you earlier.
And thanks for all your help.
- Grayson Thompson,
you're my hero.
- Hey Brant, where
have you been?
I was so sure that
trusty compass of yours
would've done the trick.
- Yeah, well, we
found him hours ago.
We just didn't want
to show off, right?
- Right, right.
- [Tyler] Hey guys,
settle down, settle down.
I think we all know who was
looking out for us today.
And everyone's
gonna be just fine.
You all have one hour to
head to the mess hall.
Then back to the
campfire at 7:00 PM.
Sound like a plan?
- [All] Yes.
- Let's go.
(relaxed music)
Good to see you.
- Hey, Anna?
- [Anna] What?
- MaryJake told me about
your mission project
and I'd like to hear
a lot more about it.
- Sure.
It's gonna be so great.
- [Brant] Well, it's
definitely not perfect,
but it's pretty close.
All in a day's work.
It's not even dinnertime.
- [Sloane] Let's take a look.
- [Sydney] Please don't say
anything about my shoes.
I shouldn't have worn them
on the trails. I know.
- (laughs) I wasn't
going to say anything.
I think they're cute.
For the proper occasion.
- So, are you and Tyler close?
- [Sloane] Oh, Tyler?
We're really great friends.
We met years ago when
we were campers here.
Of course, my role
was a little different
because my parents
own the place.
He's just such a great guy
you can always be
yourself around,
and he doesn't judge anybody.
You guys are really lucky
to have him as your
worship leader.
Okay, you're not
gonna like this,
but what size shoe do you wear?
- Seven.
- You're really lucky
you weren't a size eight.
My gift to you.
I know they aren't
much to look at,
but I promise they
will make your ankle
feel a lot better real soon.
A little arch support
can go a long way.
- [Sydney] Thanks, Sloane.
Really, thanks a lot.
(happy music)
- [Camille] Hey there.
- [Grayson] Hi.
- [Camille] I figured
the hero of the day
would be too busy
signing autographs?
- [Grayson] Please.
I didn't do anything.
- [Camille] You did something.
- [Grayson] Hey, can I
walk you to the campfire?
- [Camille] Yeah,
just give me a second.
Hey girls, I'm going on ahead.
I'll meet you there.
- [Anna] Sure, see you there.
(slow music)
- Hey, can I ask you something?
- Sure.
- Have you ever stopped to think
about all the little things
you do that can affect
so many other people?
- I don't know.
Not really, I guess.
- Just talking with
Drew and Cameron.
I never thought about how much
influence we have on kids,
or anyone, for that matter.
It's kind of scary.
- It's a lot to take in.
- I know.
And when I first started
to think about it,
I got scared and worried.
Like I'd mess it all up.
But then I realized,
it's actually
a pretty awesome
opportunity, you know?
To take everything
you say and do
and then influence
someone in a positive way.
- Wow.
My man's smart.
Really, that's incredible.
- It's hurting my head just
trying to process it all.
But seriously, I realize how
much of a positive influence
I want to be on people.
- That's great, Grayson.
And I want you to
help me do the same.
Only got one chance.
- [Grayson] Yeah.
- Gotta make it count.
- We will.
Be the light
Be the light on my darkest day
When I feel so far away
Be the light
Be the light
Be the light
When I can't find
my way back home
When I feel like I'm all alone
When my heart is aching
And my spirit is breaking down
Be the light
Be the light
Be the light
Be the light in
my darkest night
When I feel like
nothing's right
Be the light
Be the light
When I can't find
my way back home
When I feel like I'm all alone
When my heart is aching
And my spirit is breaking down
Be the light
Be the light
Be the light
(solemn music)
- [Tyler] Would anyone like
to open us up in prayer?
- I can do it.
- Thanks, MaryJake.
- Dear Lord.
Thank you so much for bringing
us all together this weekend.
And just allowing us to create
some amazing friendships.
Please continue to live
in us and through us,
as we all leave this weekend
and go back home
and back to school.
And again, we just thank
you for all the blessings
you've brought into
our lives this weekend.
In your name we pray.
- Now, I know this weekend, it
wasn't all that you planned,
and that's okay.
Let that be a lesson to live by.
We make plans every day.
What we're gonna
have for dinner.
What we're gonna do
on a Friday night.
But do they always work out? No.
We need to remember that
God has a plan for us,
one that was put in motion
long before we were born
or even thought of, so
when something doesn't go
exactly according to
plan, or not your way,
know that it is part of a plan.
It's up to you to trust God
will lead you in
the right direction.
Now I know we talked
about creating
our own theme for this weekend.
I'd like to go around,
and whoever would like to,
share their theme.
You have nothing to be
ashamed or embarrassed about.
You can't be honest with God
until you're honest
with yourselves.
Would anyone like to start?
- I should focus more
on others, instead of myself.
- That's great, Sydney.
Thank you.
- Doing the right thing
is not always easy,
but it's the best.
That's what I need to remember.
- I'm not gonna care
what other people think.
I'm gonna do what
I know is right.
- Me too.
- I need to admit my problem
and accept it openly.
- I need to love my enemies,
no matter how hard it is.
And do everything in my power
to be kind of those
who wronged me.
- I need to admit
when I'm wrong.
No matter how much it stinks.
- I need to accept
that even though
something feels like
it's out of control,
it's not.
It's just part of a plan
that I don't understand yet.
- Anthony, you look like
you've got something to say.
- Well, yeah, actually.
And it has a lot to do
with the bigger picture
that you're talking
about, Tyler.
The real reason that I
came here this weekend
wasn't really to be a
counselor in training.
Although, fellas, I must
say it has been a blast.
This will be the
last youth retreat
that I get to go on for a while.
And thank you all for
making it so great
and leaving me with the message
that I really needed to hear.
I decided to join the army.
Just like my dad.
I leave for boot
camp on Thursday.
I didn't want to at first.
I fought it.
But it's what I'm
supposed to do.
So, pray for me while I'm gone.
Oh, and one last thing.
I heard something about
boot camp and about the army
that really concerns me.
I heard that don't
have any s'mores.
(quiet laughter)
I don't know
what I'm going to do.
- I think we can
take care of that.
(contented music)
- Thanks, guys, thanks.
- [Anna] Are you busy?
- Pretty busy (laughs).
Give me your overall
rating of this weekend,
on a scale of one to 10.
- All things considered, a 10.
But the fact that Sydney Graham
took interest in my fundraiser,
a 12 at the least.
- [Camille] I agree.
There are some experiences
that just can't be matched.
I promise this is the last
time that I'll ask this,
but are you sure
there isn't something
you need to talk to me about?
- Yeah, I mean, I'm sure.
It's just ...
There's something.
- I had a feeling.
- It's just it's
kind of embarrassing.
- Don't worry.
Whatever it is, I
won't tell anyone.
And you know you
can ask me anything.
That's pretty much the only
thing a counselor is for.
- Well, I wanted to know
about you and Grayson.
- Sure. What about
me and Grayson?
- I wanted to know if ...
If you have ...
You know.
Have you ...
- Oh.
Um, no.
- But you're old-enough, right?
- It doesn't have anything
to do with being old-enough.
It's something special.
It's meant for the
person that you marry.
- But don't you think you're
gonna marry Grayson some day?
- Well, yeah.
I thought that Grayson
and I might get married.
But what if we didn't?
We love each other,
but I don't know
where our lives will take us.
We talked a long time ago,
and we made a decision that
it just wasn't a mistake
that we were willing
to risk making.
So can I ask why
you wanted to know?
- Well, some people talked
about it at school and stuff.
(tender music)
Some people make it seem
like it's no big deal.
I just don't really
know what I think.
- Well, it's part of yourself
that you just can't get back.
And it's not something that
you should really throw away.
Anyone who tells you that
it isn't a big deal to them,
probably isn't
telling you the truth.
- You're probably right.
I mean, I don't have a
boyfriend yet or anything,
but I was just thinking how
cool it would be if I did.
- It's very cool.
But you should wait
to have a boyfriend
until you find one who
loves God as much as you do.
I think about something
that I heard in youth group.
You're important to God,
so you should be
important to yourself.
It's why I got this.
- Are you engaged?
- (laughs) No.
It's a purity ring.
It's a small reminder of a
special promise that you make.
I'm sure your parents would
love to help you pick one out.
They'd be really proud of
you for making that decision.
And it's a pretty cool
ring if I do say so myself.
- Thanks, Camille.
I knew I could count on you.
- See you in the morning?
- Absolutely.
- [Camille] Night.
- Good night.
- So what's your
favorite sport, all time?
- Baseball.
- [Grayson] What
position in baseball?
- Pitcher.
- [Grayson] What's your
favorite video game
(tinny music)
of all time?
- Okay, one more pair and I win.
- Well, we're playing
best two out of three,
so don't get your hopes up.
(knock on door)
- I need to see Drew.
Let's go outside.
It's about your mom.
(tense music)
- (tearfully) It's my mom.
Her cancer.
It's in remission.
- Is that good?
- Yeah.
It's really good.
(stirring music)
(slow piano music)
I won't say I'm not scared
I won't say I'm prepared
I won't say that it's easy
- MaryJake?
Are you awake?
- I am now.
Are you okay?
- So, how do you do it?
- Do what?
- You know ...
Become a Christian.
- [MaryJake] Oh.
Um, you don't really
have to do anything.
Just pray and ask God
to be your savior,
and just believe.
- So, you don't have
to sprinkle water
on my forehead or anything?
- No.
But you could get
baptized next Sunday,
and Pastor Allen would do it
in front of the whole church,
and your parents could come.
- Soaking wet in front
of the whole church?
No thanks, I'll pass (laughs).
- Well, I haven't
done it yet either,
and we could get
baptized together.
Just think about it.
- I'll think about it.
- Okay, good night.
- Night.
- The campfire was, in
layman's terms, awesome.
Out of all the years
I've been to camp,
I think this has
been my favorite.
Is it because I am now
an authority figure,
rather than a lowly camper?
Perhaps, but I
think it's because
a lot of the campers
really surprised me.
And it'll be hard for
them going back out
into the real world
and continuing to use
everything they
learned this weekend.
About as hard as it is for me
when I wear my fanny
pack in public.
You wouldn't believe the stares,
but it is totally worth it.
And I hope the campers will see
that it will be worth
it for them too.
To stick through it.
Doing the right
thing is always hard,
but that's what makes the
rewards so great in the end.
Good night.
(reflective music)
- [Grayson] Hey.
I'm proud of you, man.
- We all are.
- You're making
your dad proud too.
- Thanks, guys.
I'm really happy to call
you guys my friends.
- And we always will be.
- Wait, BFFs?
- No, BFL.
Besties for life.
- [Grayson] Bring it in, guys.
Bring it in, bring it in.
- [MaryJake] Ah,
I can't breathe.
- [Grayson] I love you guys.
- Hey Brant,
where's that camera?
- [Brant] Oh, here.
- [Tyler] All right,
get together guys.
Say "Camp Pinnacle."
- [All] Camp Pinnacle.
(bright music)
When faith has withered
Like a flower
- [Brant] Oh, this
I've gotta get.
All right, picture time guys!
(all talk excitedly)
The new seasons
always seem to change
You always pulled
to me and said
- [Both] Cheese.
- [Brant] Hey, this
big group right here.
I hold onto you
I know you're true
That's a good one.
All right, my
campers, my campers.
- [Mason] Come on.
- Ready? Ready?
- [All] Bleh.
- [Brant] Now that is
one for the bulletin.
All right, group
photo, group photo.
Everyone in!
When my world
comes crashing down
Like a tumor to the ground
- [Brant] All right, on
three, "Camp Pinnacle."
One, two, three.
- [All] Camp Pinnacle.
(phone rings)
- Hello?
Hey guys, I just got some news.
There's a big snowstorm coming.
We may be stuck
here for a while.
(dance music)
It's time to wake up
It's time to cast off
The night is finally over
The day is just begun
Gotta come out of darkness
Step into the light
I want to feel
something that's real
Something that's right
And I know I'm
gonna feel the sun
Shining on my face
And I know I want
to reflect the sun
And light up this place
It's a new day
It's a new life
Now that you live inside of me
I walk in your words
I'm doing what's right
Now that your
love has set me free
And all I do
I do for you
You give me a reason
To shout
It's a new day, it's
a new life for me
(light rock music)
I'm giving all I've got
This moment here tonight
To lift the name of Jesus high
So I'm giving up my love
Casting concerns aside
I'm setting your glory
In my sights
Even when
The evening falls
My cry
For you won't stop
'Cause you are everything
And everything is all we need
To give up so that we can be
Close to you
And my heart, take it all
'Cause there's
not a thing I want
But all I need is all my love
To be here by you
(soft guitar music)
People of God,
here's your redemption
The savior and king
Our salvation
For he has given life
So lift up your eyes
for hope is rising
There's no more suffering
And no more striving
For he has given
love abundantly
God is great
God is good
The same yesterday
Today and forever
And I'm saved by grace
Alive in faith
Freely pardoned
And my sins erased
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it
I don't deserve it
I don't have to earn it